Zhang Jike T5000 Review (Table Tennis Blade + Proline Racket)

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In this review, we delve into the world of the Zhang Jike T5000 Table Tennis Blade and its counterpart, the Proline Racket.

These two components have gained recognition among players for their exceptional quality and performance.

For those who favor short games and rely on their touch play, this ping pong blade shines brightly. Its ability to deliver quick and accurate shots in close quarters is remarkable.

Furthermore, its speed, good control, combined with a low throw angle, creates a dynamic playing experience.

Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000 Table Tennis Blade

Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000 Table Tennis Blade main image


Composition and Build

The Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000 Table Tennis Blade is a result of meticulous engineering and craftsmanship. It is named after Zhang Jike, a prominent Chinese table tennis player known for his explosive playing style.

The blade is constructed using a combination of high-quality wood and cutting-edge technology to provide players with an edge on the table.

It’s a notably thin blade that consists of seven layers, carefully selected and arranged to optimize balance, speed, and control. The core is typically composed of a softwood, which contributes to the blade’s control and touch.

zhang jike t5000 review package and ping pong blade

This core layer is then surrounded by layers of increasingly harder wood, enhancing the blade’s stiffness and power. The outermost layers are designed to enhance ball grip and it is good for explosive power.

Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000 Specifications

  • Class: OFF
  • Style: Attack
  • Plies: 5W+2T5000
  • Thickness: 5.6mm
  • Head Size: 157x150mm
  • AN Handle Size:102 x 24mm
  • FL Handle Size: 100 x 25mm
  • ST Handle Size: 100 x 2 mm
  • Weight: 91g
  • Reaction: 126
  • Vibration: 113
  • Made in Japan


  • Speed and Power: One of the standout features of the Zhang Jike T5000 Blade is its exceptional speed and power. The combination of its Tamca 5000 layered composition and quality wood materials allows players to generate explosive shots with minimal effort. Whether you’re engaging in rapid rallies or unleashing powerful smashes, this blade can accommodate a variety of playing styles.
  • Control and Precision: Despite its impressive speed, the Zhang Jike T5000 Blade doesn’t compromise on control. The softwood core and carefully selected intermediate layers contribute to excellent touch and finesse. Ping pong players can execute delicate drop shots and accurately place the ball on the table.

ping pong blade three handle types from zhang jike tamca 5000


  • Spin Generation: The outer layers of the blade are designed to grip the ball effectively, enabling players to generate significant spin. Whether you’re imparting topspin, backspin, or touch play, the Zhang Jike T5000 Blade can enhance your spin game and add unpredictable trajectories to your shots.

Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000 Proline Racket

Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000 Proline Racket main image



The Zhang Jike T5000 Proline Racket is designed to complement the Zhang Jike T5000 Blade, creating a well-balanced and high-performing combination. This pre-assembled racket comes with rubbers already attached, saving players the hassle of customizing their equipment. Let’s explore some of its notable features:

  • Optimized Combination: The Proline Racket comes with rubbers that are carefully selected to complement the characteristics of the Zhang Jike T5000 Blade. This combination ensures seamless compatibility and maximizes the racket’s overall performance. Players can enjoy a harmonious blend of speed, control, and spin, making it an excellent choice for both intermediate and advanced players.

zhang jike tamca 5000 proline racket with tenergy 25 rubbers

  • Consistency and Durability: The Proline Racket offers consistency in play and enhanced durability. The rubbers are designed to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay, maintaining their performance over extended periods. This ensures that players can rely on the racket’s responsiveness and characteristics even during prolonged practice sessions and matches.

Tenergy 25 Table Tennis Rubbers

An integral aspect of any table tennis racket lies in the rubber used on its surface. The rubber on a racket plays a pivotal role in determining the spin, speed, and control a player can achieve.

The Zhang Jike T5000 Proline Racket, thoughtfully configured for top performance, incorporates the Tenergy 25 table tennis rubbers.

These Tenergy 25 rubbers featured on the Proline Racket are renowned for their high-quality composition and tacky texture, which empowers players to generate remarkable spin on the ball.

The term “tackiness” signifies the rubber’s capacity to grip the ball effectively, facilitating enhanced spin generation and spin control.

Furthermore, these rubbers are meticulously designed to harmonize with the blade’s characteristics, producing a synergistic effect that elevates a player’s overall gameplay to new heights.

Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000 Very Good Feedback

One of the standout features of the Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000 is its very nice control. Whether you’re a seasoned player aiming for pinpoint accuracy or a beginner looking to improve your game, this racket and blade combination offer the kind of control that can elevate your performance.

The balance and design of the blade make it easier to guide the ball exactly where you want it to go.

Great Ball Dwell Time

For players who value great ball dwell time, the Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000 is a fantastic choice. The longer the ball stays on the racket, the more you can strategize and execute your moves with precision. This quality is a game-changer for those who thrive on strategy and the ability to adapt to their opponent’s shots.

Explosive Power When Attacking

The Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000 excels in delivering explosive power when attacking the ball. Whether you prefer a swift offensive strategy or rely on powerful smashes, this racket and blade combination won’t disappoint. It provides the extra boost you need to make your attacking shots truly formidable.

Such an Amazing Blade

The table tennis blade is often considered the heart of the racket, and the Zhang Jike T5000 doesn’t disappoint. The craftsmanship and engineering that have gone into creating this blade are truly remarkable.

With seven layers of high-quality wood, it’s no wonder that players often describe it as such an amazing blade.

Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000 – Conclusion

In the world of table tennis, equipment plays a pivotal role in shaping a player’s style and performance. The Zhang Jike T5000 Table Tennis Blade and its counterpart, the Proline Racket, offer a winning combination of speed, control, and spin.

The meticulously crafted blade’s composition and features provide players with the tools needed to dominate the table, while the Proline Racket’s pre-assembled design ensures optimal compatibility and durability.

Whether you’re a seasoned player aiming to enhance your skills or a beginner looking for high-quality equipment, the Zhang Jike T5000 Blade and Proline Racket deserve serious consideration.

proline racket and ping pong blade from chinese player zhang jike



Their ability to deliver powerful shots, precise control, and impressive spin make them a dynamic duo that can elevate your table tennis game to new heights.

Experience the fusion of craftsmanship and technology and elevate your gameplay with the Zhang Jike T5000 and Proline Racket combination.






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