Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade (Review, Comparison)

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Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade certainly applies to the conditions. Every player has their playing style, but what matters most is to have a racket that you can feel confident with on the table tennis court.

This is a blade designed for the professional player; to give you an edge in all competitions with a larger sweet spot, meaning greater control over your strokes and killer shots. Zhang Jike Super ZlC is one of the best blades to stroll with power, confidence, and control in the court, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

Is Super ZLC worth the money?

How does the Zhang Jike Super ZLC compare with other Super ZLCs from Butterfly like Viscaria?

Is the Super ZLC blade suitable for you, or should you choose a budget-friendly option?

There are many questions to answer, but here’s an all-inclusive Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade review, plus a guide for you to make an informed decision.

butterfly zhang jike super zlc table tennis blade main image


Overview of the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Technology

Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade is the culmination of Butterfly’s latest carbon technology and expertise development. It’s the first model with a Super ZL-Carbon blade that has achieved an explosive level and makes power and control.

The exclusive ZL-Carbon material and new manufacturing technology deliver a stiffness and strength increase five times greater than the regular blade series, bringing a higher level of power and control never before seen in racket sports history.

Overview of the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Technology table tennis blade

Endorsed by Zhang Jike, one of the top pros in the tennis game, this blade is highly versatile. By using Super ZL-Carbon, Butterfly has achieved high performance with more tensile strength and vibration absorption than existing ping pong blades and made it even more powerful and better controlled by using the latest developments in Super ZL carbon fiber arrangement.

This blade has ZL fiber for more elasticity and strength than existing blades. The table tennis blades with ZL fiber are twice as dense as regular ones. Butterfly blades succeeded in achieving a better reaction. Thanks to this, the blade gives more power and control simultaneously.

You’ll also find that the Super ZLC blade is heavier than the regular ZLC, so keep that in mind when choosing a blade. If you’re looking for extra power without sacrificing control, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC is an excellent option. The best power and control possible from Butterfly succeeded in achieving a high reaction area.

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Composition & Appearance

I came across one or two Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade reviews suggesting that the weight is a particular drawback. But here are the facts. The Zhang Jike Super ZLC series is lighter than other carbon blades and offers more control for touch shots.

Zhang Jike Super ZLC is the only blade globally with a high-strength fiber composition of carbon and Zylon. Zhang Jike Super SZLC blade shows a much larger leaf-like motif around the center of the blade face, which signifies a larger sweet spot creating quick contact on the ball. The Zylon weave fiber is twice as denser than the ALC and ZLC series enhancing the overall performance.

YouTube video
The average weight of the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade is 90 grams, with a blade thickness of 5.6 mm. it comes with five wood plies and two layers of super ZL Carbon material. The flared handle is very comfortable to hand and makes it easy to release the wrist into the ball. Another option is the Zhang Jike ping pong blade for penhold, which is reviewed here.

The color scheme of the Super ZLC blade is golden, with the Olympic Champion Zhang Jike’s signature inscribed on the surface and the green bean on the back, which represents the refined craftsmanship of Japanese artisans.

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade Features & Specifications

Class style type Offensive Shakehand
Play type Cross punch/ Attack
Weight 88-89 grams (without rubber).

90-91 grams (with rubber)

Reaction property 12.3
Vibration property 11.1
Number of plies 5W 2SZLC
Outer surface Koto wood
Head dimension 157×150 mm
Blade thickness 5.6 mm
Handle Size Flared handle: 100×25×34 mm

Straight handle: 100×23×28 mm

Anatomic handle: 100×24×32 mm

Manufacturer Butterfly
Country of Origin Japan
  • Balance & Control: Zhang Jike Super ZLC offers a speedy and hard-hitting feeling. At the same time, you feel it’s sturdy and solid, making it easy for you to hit at short distances on the table and far away from the table. Short-distance control is okay, but added friction makes it hard to get a feel for the ball. Dominant players will be able to compensate for this.

In addition, it is a hard carbon-fiber structure but still has a certain degree of softness on the surface. This will provide a softer bounce when hitting the ball and, at the same time, will give you a stronger wood feeling.

  • Speed: The speed of Butterfly Zhang Super ZLC table tennis blade feels similar to Timo Boll ALC; however, it provides greater control during backhand and forehand combinations. Regarding spin, the stiffness of the Super ZLC blade from the Zhang Jike series produces fast and powerful flying flicks to the ball. Timo Boll blades don’t have a large sweet spot and a high reaction area like the Super ZL blades.

With a soft touch, this is a fast and bouncy premium blade in terms of blocking. The speed comes from the core when it passes through the surface. In case of attack, the speed is fast enough to finish a point. The Super ZL has the koto wood outer layer making looping and countering faster. It has the expansion of the high reaction area.

Spin And Power

  • Spin: Zhang Jike Super ZLC is the very first model from Butterfly Blades with a solid, stiff blade with a partial arc that provides strong support and relies on rubbers and bend of the blade to create spin. The blade isn’t so stiff that it can give a better feel. When it comes to Zhang Jike Super ZLC VS Mizutani Jun Super ZL Carbon, the ZL-SLC drives backspin with stronger rotation.
  • Power: In addition to the bigger head and the 5.6 mm thickness, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC spin is also extremely powerful. It has plenty of power to use at close range when you are far away from the table. The power of Zhang Jike Super ZLC comes from both high-quality materials and superior technology. That means the speed is fast, and the topspin capability is really good, giving you better control and spinny topspin drives.

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade Pros and Cons

The Zhang Jike Super ZLC’s composition is similar to the ZLC series and Viscaria FL but with advanced fiber compositions. On the other hand, the feel, touch, and control are similar to Mizutani Jun SZLC.

What’s different is the brand-new composition. Because of the flexibility and the lightness of the “Super” ZL woven fiber, this blade is the most popular model in the ZLC series, and every player would want it in their collection.

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade Pros and Cons

Based on Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Vs. Mizutani Jun SZLC, here are the pros and cons that you’ll want to consider.


  • It comes with a huge sweet spot providing greater control when hitting the ball with precision and consistency.
  • Woven with a high-quality carbon fiber arrangement known for superior tenacity, durability, and remarkable stability.
  • Provides good control near the table, most effective for middle and near table shots.
  • It comes with three variations of grips. The shakehand grip is firm and most suitable for powerful topspin attacks. Also available are flared handles and straight handles.
  • Fast, speedy, and provides more explosive power. The dwell time is longer.
  • Made for players who seek more powerful attacks.


  • The Zhang Jike Super ZLC is heavier than usual for those who prefer a slightly lighter racket. But, it is a very flexible racket and will suit someone who wants to add some “oomph” to their shots.
  • The blade performs too fast from close range, meaning you’ll need to master a good topspin stroke away from the table.
  • Expensive.

zhang jike super zlc blade vs mizutani jun vs lin yun ju

Zhang Jike Super ZLC vs. Mizutani Super ZLC

zhang jike super zlc blade vs jun mitzutani blade comparison

The Zhang Jike Blade is known for its crispness and elasticity, while the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC provides excellent dwell time and ball control. The Jike Super ZLC features incredible power and compatibility with multiple technologies, making it easy to drive.

Also, its speed is fast and has a strong topspin ability. If you’re looking for a racket with average power but great rotation and shape change, the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is a perfect choice. This super ZLC Butterfly blade is softer than the Zhang Jike Super ZLC, making it easier to push and block.

Additionally, the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is more challenging to generate backspin, meaning that you’ll have an easier time controlling the game. On a short ball, both blades have average control. The reaction is better than all other existing blades from Butterfly.

Zhang Jike Super ZLC vs. Lin Yun Ju Super ZLC

Zhang Jike Super ZLC vs Lin Yun Ju Super ZLC comparison

The Lin Yun Ju beats the Zhang Jike in speed, stability, and control. It also has a better and larger sweet spot. As a result, it is easier to generate power and spin with Lin’s Super ZLC Butterfly blade.

But this blade is lighter than Zhang Jike Super ZLC. It’s a fast and premium blade from Butterfly. These two table tennis blades are very similar in spin and reaction. Both have the same price of $ 399.99.

The Zhang Jike Super ZLC and the Lin Yun Ju blade have handle types: straight handle flared and anatomic.

The main difference between these two table tennis blades is the spin and reaction. The Zhang Jike Super ZLC has more spin and is more reactive than Lin’s Butterfly blade. This makes it a better choice for players who want more control over their game. However, the Lin Yun table tennis blade is more forgiving, especially on a short ball.

Why Would You Need The Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade?

First of all, if you prefer an ultra-responsive blade to gear your racket, nothing comes close to Zhang Jike Super ZLC. The superb control and spin capability make these rackets ideal for close to mid-distance drives.

With a large sweet spot and a lot of power on tap, the Super ZLC is ideal for close-to-the-table players with fast playing styles.

The blades are usually considered ideal for people with fast, attacking styles for table tennis. This can be derived from the historical performance of players using this type of racket.

YouTube video


Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade is the top choice for professional players seeking a competitive weapon. It features Super ZL carbon material, which provides superior speed and power while maintaining a steady level of control. It gives you both power and control over your loops, drives, and soft-touch pushes. Perfect for all styles of table tennis.

So, who is it most suitable for?

The Super ZLC blade from the Zhang Jike is most suitable for attacking players who like to play mid-distance and close to the table. It has been created to respond to the needs of the new generations of fast-attack players who value lightness.

The blade features an outstanding balance between speed and control, allowing players to dominate the points and create winning opportunities. However, a good technique and mastery of handling the blade serve maximum attacking shots at closer range and short ball.

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade Price

Zhang Jike ZLC table tennis blade is deemed a super expensive one, but there are reasons you want to consider this one. For years, most quality spin-oriented blades had higher throws than the popular power blades.

Now, this high-tech blade has higher power than any other similar blade. With the more significant sweet spot and a combination of high topspin with high speed on power shots, you can effortlessly blast your way past your opponents with this one.

So, how much does the SZLC cost? The cost of Super ZLC is not cheap, but it will suit your needs perfectly.

Currently, Zhang Zike Super ZLC is priced at $399.00 approximately at online table tennis store – that’s a lot of money, but for many of us who buys a new blade and a couple of Tenergy rubbers every three years, this one is durable and built to withstand years.

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade Where To Buy

A Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade will cost you a lot. But, I reckon, Butterfly players are always on the hunt to get the year’s bargain by opting for second-hand or knock-offs.

But is it even worth it to try to save money by buying a fake Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade?

We’ve teamed up with trusted retail partners (Megaspin and the only authorized Amazon retail partner) to provide you with the best pricing, free gear, and advice from experts.


Purchasing it from Amazon inside the US means same-day delivery, while Megaspin provides free shipping and the best discounts with each purchase, which allows you to save even more money.

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade Reviews From Users

Deemed the most expensive table tennis blades, you’ll find many reviews on Zhang Jike Super ZLC online, sharing user opinions. Here I’m sharing three Zhang Jike Super ZLC reviews explaining it all.

“Zhang Jike SZLC is a decent blade with good control. It is better than Timo Boll ZLC, but it’s too expensive. If you lack power in your game, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC is a good option as the large sweet spot is bound to give you the precision.” Jesse. D.

“The performance was amazing against all types of spin, but there’s a catch. I had a lot of missed loops against my opponent’s fast loops with the Super ZLC carbon fiber blade, but when I slowed down, I could play a great attack game. But I would say the Super ZLC is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a great looping blade and an extra bit of spin.” Liam. M.

zhang jike player in red shirt playing topspin


“Indeed, it is powerfully made. A friend had this blade, and I played with it for an hour. It has excellent power from all distances and a smooth-feeling FL grip, but it needs sanding to smooth out the sharp edges. I’ve been using ZJ SZLC for over a month now, and I enjoy it very much. I like how it’s not too fast or too slow. Everything feels good on this blade (at least for my taste).


The only problem with the blade is that since I’m using it in a defensive style, this blade doesn’t come with power. But with proper technique, this still works for me. I would recommend this blade to anyone who likes to play an offensive defense or counter-attack. Even when I put heavy topspin on shots, it didn’t feel like I had lost any control. The feeling you get from this blade is finesse, which I haven’t had for a long time.” Brian. F.

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade – Play Test Match

It’s important to remember that not every table tennis blade is suitable for every playerBecause different players have different preferences, we test BTY blades with various testers.

We have two testers for the Zhang Jike Super ZLC review: Joe, a defense-style player, and Walt, who plays as a baseline grinder. Here’s their feedback on how Butterfly SZLC works with their style.

Forehand & Backhand:

Walt found that his Super ZL Carbon Blade was easy to hit. He didn’t have to work all that hard, and he was able to get good timing. He said, “I enjoy the feel of this blade for groundstrokes, and it’s easy to hit with a lot of power.

Joe stepped up, saying that he feels like he can generate a lot of spin with the Super ZLC. He feels like the ball is heavy, but he doesn’t feel this will affect his shots. He adds, “The ball felt light when I struck it, and it felt like it was going to fly into the air, but I knew that I would control it with a bit of a maneuver.”

YouTube video

Smashes & Volleys:

Walt appreciated the power generated from the sweet spot. “I felt very comfortable with the SZLC,” Walt said, “especially, I felt easy power I could generate on my smashes and volleys.” Joe then says, “It had a perfect feel, crisp and clean. The weight is distributed so well that I can generate more power. As for overhead smashes, it felt like the weight is giving some extra power.”


Joe found that the blade had more heft than the ones he was used to, which helped him hit harder and more accurately. He said, “I was surprised with SZLC. The Super ZLC blade is heavier than many other blades when it comes to spin. I’m accustomed to heavier spin, which makes my follow-throughs more powerful.”

Walt notes, “This racket is good for serving because it was easier to focus on ar movements when making contact with the ball. I can make a lot of spin with the natural movement of my wrist and arm.” Back to baseline,

We asked Walt and Joe if the Zhang Jike Super ZlC suited their style.

Zhang Jikes Super ZLC Blade & Xiom Hayabusa ZXI

Zhang Jikes Super ZLC Blade & Xiom Hayabusa main image comparison

Compared to Xiom Hayabusa, the Jike Super ZLC blade has a high reaction area when putting the same rubbers on both blades. The Xiom Hayabusa ZXI has 7-ply Zephylium X Carbon, and that’s why we compared our Super ZL Carbon blade to it.

It is made with a powerful synergy of wood and composite material. This blade provides exceptional control and feel. The carbon in the third layer gives the Xiom ZXI a sensibly sharp. But, an unbelievably softer feel than most other composite blades, making it the perfect choice for players who demand the best of both worlds.

This blade is also ideal for players who want accessible and continuous top spins with extra power with its flexible design.

Walt concluded by saying: “I feel the blade is nice for counterpunch attack. I was able to get a lot of topspin and to get fairly deep shots, which fit my game well. I prefer a defensive style, so this was effortless for me.” Joe said that he found it difficult to adjust at first but then got used to it.

He says: “I think I was just getting used to the slightly heavier weight because it did feel a little more effort, but I think it’s just a matter of getting used to it. The Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade is expensive, but it’s worth the money well spent if you have the cash. It’s a high-quality racket that you can rely on.”

Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade – The Final Verdict

Some people will say that the Super ZLC blade is a spin monster, but every player has different opinions. Given the hefty price tag, would I recommend Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC? Here’s my personal experience. For a long time, finding a blade with high spin and great away-from-the-table power has been a struggle for me, and this blade combines both of these characteristics.

made in japan blade for table tennis

The larger sweet spot and premium feel can make this blade your winning weapon in your next dwell. It is overpriced, but the final peace of mind is that with the Zhang Jike Super ZLC, you never have to worry if there’s a better one out there that your opponent may be using.

Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade – FAQs

1. What type of blade is the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC?

The Super ZLC is a high-reaction blade with a completely new shape and the best balance between attack and defense. It’ll help you produce more power from each stroke, but unlike the existing blades, it’ll also enable accurate placement of those shots.

This guarantees more fantastic spin and control. It is also known for its greater sweet spot, which is greater than existing blades. It is a shakehand blade with a high-strength ZL fiber (carbon and Zylon) arrangement, most suitable for offensive players.

2. What type of rubber pairs well with the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade?

The Tenergy or Dignics rubbers would pair nicely with the Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade. But, Chris Burner from Bowmar Sports recommends the following options:

Zhang Jike Super ZlC Rubber

rubbers to pair with zhang jike super zlc blade

  • For more spin – Tenergy 05 & Dignics 05
  • Tenergy 64 & Dignics 64 – for more speed
  • Tenergy 80 & Dignics 80 – for a balance of speed and spin
  • For play close to the table – Tenergy 25 is better suited
  • Butterfly Tenergy 19 is the newest rubber in the Tenergy series. It offers a little more speed and spin than Tenergy 05.

3. What makes the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade different from other carbon blades?

The new carbon blades from Butterfly are equipped with Zylon and carbon-dense fiber arrangement resulting in super high-quality protection, excellent power, and incredible control.

The larger sweet spot and the premium feel let you play close to the table with confidence. The ZLC blades also ensure better precision and a consistent return (not to mention more incredible spin and speed) than previous models.

4. How to assemble the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade?

Assembling the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC table tennis blade is pretty straightforward. You should be gluing the blade just as you would with the other Butterfly models as Viscaria.

Start by applying an even and thin glue on the blade, and then place the rubber on the blade. Use a roller to distribute the glue evenly. Repeat the process with the second blade and trim the excess rubber accordingly.

zhang jike super zlc blade with rozena rubbers red

5. How much does the Zhang Super ZLC blade weigh?

The weight of the Zhang Super ZLC blade is similar to the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC, which is approximately 90 grams.

6. What is the vibration property of Zhang Jike Super ZLC?

The vibration speed of this Zhang Jike Super ZL Carbon is 12.3. This means that the ball will bounce less after bouncing off the blade, allowing more control.

7. What is the reaction property of the Zhang Zike Super ZLC blade?

The reaction property of this blade is 11.1, and most players (including most professional players) agree that it is the best reaction among most stiff and large-sized blades.

8. What are the drawbacks of Zhang Jike Super ZLC?

Zhang Jike Super ZL Carbon is a one-of-a-kind high-end table tennis blade with undesirable aspects. For one, players at their developing stage might find the speed and the agility challenging to maneuver. Secondly, the outer layer is Koto wood, not Limba, which may not be preferable to many.

9. Is the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade worth the money?

There’s no denying that the Super ZL Carbon from the Butterfly Zhang Jike series is superior because of the advanced carbon fiber and the larger sweet spot. With the Zhang Jike Super ZLC, you can get a better response and more power for a killer game in league matches and divisions.

10. How is the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade different from Innerforce ZLC?

The Zhang Jike Super ZL Carbon blade is entirely different from the Innerforce ZLC in speed, control, feel, and power. Zhang Jike Super ZLC has greater reaction and vibration properties than Innerforce ZLC, meaning higher impact, a harder feel, and a high reaction area of the blade in contact with the ball.

Also, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade comes with a Koto top layer, while the Innerforce ZLC features Limba. The most crucial difference is the greater sweeter spot, which gives more control and confidence in dwell matches.

Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade – Conclusion

Finally, if you are looking for a Super ZL Carbon blade with great speed and control, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC ($399.99) would be great. It is composed of top-quality materials and offers many features that will improve your table tennis game.

However, it is also one of the more expensive blades on the market. If you are looking for a similar option for existing blades, consider the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC ($399.99) or Lin Jun Yu ($399.99). Both Super ZLC blades offer good speed and control at a fraction of the cost. The cheaper model is Super ZL Carbon Xiom Hayabusa ZXI ($139.00).

When testing, we chose the same rubbers for all the Butterfly blades. The overall performance is impressive for all of them. The model with super ZL makes power and control and has a better reaction than existing Butterfly blades.

Whichever blade you choose, we hope this article provides you with enough information to make an informed decision.






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