Y&T Table Tennis Robot V989E (2023 Review & Buying Guide)

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The Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E is the ultimate tool for any aspiring table tennis player. This robot can consistently make forehand, backhand, and serve shots to help beginners master their game based on professional techniques.

I have listed the top features of this great robot in this Y&T V-989E table tennis robot review.

Is it worth your investment?

How does the Y&T V-989 table tennis robot compare with other brands?

Here we’ll go over some facts on the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot in hopes that it will help you decide if this is the robot for you.

A Brief Overview of the Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E

Y&T V-989E is a two-wheel head table tennis robot that is 100% programmable, which makes it perfect for beginners to hone their skills and table tennis enthusiasts looking for a practice partner.

There are many automated table tennis bots, but only a handful have programmable functions. For example, the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot can be configured and programmed to perform several move sequences on its own.

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With the touch of a button, the Y&T V-989E can smoothly adjust the playing strength to its best level. You can set it to perform specific volleys and serves by using the Y&T V-989E control box that comes with it. Thus. The Y&T V-989E robot is a great option for people who to improve their table tennis skills.

Y&T V-989E was designed with the high-performance table tennis ball in mind but can play just about any ball you want to throw at it in the form of an incoming serve or a high-speed ball hit from the middle of the table.

Y&T V-989E robot is the perfect robot you’re looking for if you’re worried about your kid having no time to do physical activity but want to play table tennis every day. The V-989E can rotate 360 degrees in all directions and is also fully programmable. It is a 2 wheel table tennis robot that is ready to grab your racket and challenge you anytime.


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Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E Features

Name Y&T V-989E Table Tennis Robot
Brand Y&T
Type Fully programmable 2-wheel head standing table tennis robot
Control Touch-based remote control box with LCD screen
Oscillation spins Fully programmable with various spins
Random Settings Yes
Ball Capacity 50 to 100 40mm balls
Ball Frequency 25-95 balls per minute
Max Ball speed 90 mph (40m/sec)
Min Ball Speed 8 mph (4m/sec)
Ball Spins No spin to extreme spin. In total 9 types of spins.
Additional Balls FREE 150 40+ balls included
Ball Recycling Net 1 ball recycling net included
Side Net Attachements Yes
Parts & Labor Warranty 3 years limited warranty
Return Policy 30-days return policy

How Does the Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E Work

Y&T V-989E is a new generation intelligent robot that has been designed for table tennis practice. It is an affordable option to improve your table tennis skills. It has all the features of a modern robot: Automatic ball finding, Automatic ball ejection, Human player imitation, and more. Here’s an overview of the Y&T V-989E robot’s technology.

y&t table tennis robot features and specifications with control box


The 2-wheel head: The Y&T V-989E robot features amazing technology and design, but the most important is that it has two wheels, producing dead balls and accelerating at an incredible speed to block your shot.

Two independently controlled motors drive the two friction wheels of the Y&TV-989E robot. The player can change the angle of return, spin, and speed through a remote control, allowing more fun in the table tennis game.

Ball capacity: The ball capacity of the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot is 100 balls (40mm balls) per minute.

Ball feeding mechanism: The Y&T V-989E robot comes with the ball collecting net and ball catching ner that automatically collects and returns the balls to the feeding tube.

Operation: It is a plug-in table tennis robot; hence you must plug it in properly. The power switch is located at the backside of the robot. By turning the switch “on,” the robot starts operation, and after use, you simply turn the switch “off.” The input power supply is 110-240V 50Hz-60Hz 50W.

Control Box Parameters:

The Y&T V-989E robot can be configured by the touch-based control box, which is situated at the end of the table. The control box comes with a digital display and a simple interface, allowing you to tweak and adjust the settings, ball frequency, and other functions.

You can select the long and short balls mode with the control box, known as the random function. The indicator light on the display shows the current mode.

The fun doesn’t end with a robot that will play all night. The remote control also allows you to shoot balls up to 90 mph and spin them up to 3000 RPM, which is ideal for training yourself or your friends. Since this robot is so well built, it can do more than just play a game of ping pong.

That said, if you’re looking for a fun way for the whole family to get involved in table tennis, the Y&T V-989 is extremely worth considering. Its simple remote controller makes it easy to use and teaches you many common table tennis strokes.

Y&T V-989E Table Tennis Robot Control & Customization

The Y&T V-989E table tennis robot comes with a remote control box with an LCD screen that displays all the programming options. Let’s learn more about the ways you can program the Y&TV-989E robot and customize the functions.

pingpong machine yt model 989e all the specifications

Selecting the number of balls: The amount selection key on the control box lets you choose the number of balls you can select from 1 to 999. In total, 10 numbers are from 0-9 in each one, tens and hundreds place. Every time you press the selection key, the number will increase by one digit.

Once the amount has been entered, the digital display automatically shows the number decrease one by one. Start the robot automatically to set the “infinite” ball.

Customizing the speed and frequency: There are in total of 10 stages from the lowest to the highest level. The top wheel and bottom wheel of the robot can work independently or at the same time. The higher the stage is selected, the faster the ball speed will become.

After all, the ball’s speed is proportional to the strength of the spin. The frequency can be adjusted by pressing the “increase” or “decrease” key. The lowest frequency stage is 25 balls per minute, and the highest is about 95 balls per minute.

Memory Function:

The control box also has a memory function that memorizes the current setting, which allows you to play with the same setting the next time you start the robot.

Selecting spins: Firstly, you can choose from 9 different types of spins. These are: topspin, underspin, no spin, left sidespin, right sidespin, left-side topspin, left-side underspin, top-right topspin, and right-side underspin. Secondly, serving and defending the ball is one of the most challenging parts of playing table tennis.

Moreover, there are many ways you can make sure you are always ready to make a quality counter-shot. The Y&T V-989E robot makes it easy to practice your reversals, topspin loops, backhand topspin strokes, cuts, and more by giving you total control to ensure you are always on the winning side of the table.

Selecting the landing spot: There are 11 landing spots you can choose from by pressing the 11-digit keys at the bottom of the control box. By pressing the landing spot keys, you can create as many serving style combinations as possible.

How To Set Up Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E

One of the best things we liked about the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot was the easy set-up and installation on any ping pong table. You don’t require any assembly tools. The robot comes in a package pre-installed.

Take the robot out of the package, simply spread the ball collection net on both sides, and you are set to practice and train with your robot. The robot rolls easily from and away from the table.

This lets you easily store the robot when not in use. After finishing your training, fold back the net, switch off the robot, unplug and that’s it!

What is Included in the Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E

So, what are the things you get along with your Y&T V-989E robot? This section of the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot review will list everything that’s included with your robot. Here are the components and things that come with your Y&T robot.

  • The pre-assembled V-989E robot
  • The LCD touch-screen control box
  • Net assembling parts
  • FREE Net collection and ball recycling system; worth $16.95
  • FREE 150 40+ training balls
  • Printed/hardcopy of the owner’s manual
  • FREE shipping inside the USA
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Three-year warranty on parts and accessories.

Y&T Table Tennis Robot Pros and Cons

After extensive testing, we have reviewed the Y&T V-989E and found it to be very similar to its top competitors in terms of function.

However, this robot slightly beats its competitors in terms of price. For example, Power Pong Omega has a higher price. The assembly process is easy, but the instructions could use improvement in terms of clarity.

So the Y&T V-989E has several advantages over other robots because of its price and better quality parts, but it does have some disadvantages, which will be discussed below.


  • This two-wheel head robot is simple yet provides a versatile function to customize serve, volley, and sequences.
  • The robot is fully programmable.
  • Y&T V-989E robot’s memory function stores and saves the last programmed practice settings so you can play with the same settings the next time you practice.
  • This full-size standing robot is very easy to set up. It comes pre-assembled, which you only need to take out of the box, and it also rolls easily to and from the table.
  • The package comes with plenty of freebies. For example, free 150 ping pong balls and ball recycling and net collection system.
  • Along with the 3-year warranty, you will get full technical support as long as you own the robot.


  • As mentioned above, the only downside is that the instruction/the owner manual could be a bit more clear. But then again, we have discussed almost everything about this robot in this review on the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot.

Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E Price

The Y&T V-989E is the next-generation multipurpose table tennis robot by Y&T. This robot can play like a world-class spinner.

But how much does the Y&T table tennis robot V-989E cost? The best part is the Y&T V-989E robot is priced at $1,051.60 only at Megaspin. This is the lowest and the best price of the Y&T V-989 E robot, and I think it is the best robot for the value.

With a lifetime motor guarantee, the Y&T V-989E is the best choice for any ping pong enthusiast looking to improve their game or train like a pro.

That said, it’s worth spending your money on it because it offers many advanced features to satisfy the playing needs that you cannot find in any other machine. There are many other ping pong robots and detailed reviews on our site.

Y&T V-989E is built very sturdily and remains durable even after heavy usage. Additionally, the robot offers a variety of adjustable features, including spin, speed, ball serves, height, and angle, which you can set up easily all by yourself.

Y&T V-989E Table Tennis Robot Where To Buy

So from where can you order the Y&T V-98E table tennis robot?

I would suggest getting it from a table tennis store online like Megaspin.net.


After all, Megaspin is one of the most trusted places to shop for table tennis gear and equipment. Plus, getting it from Megaspin means getting it at the best and lowest price and getting Megaspin’s additional support at no extra charge.

Another thing that I liked best is that Megaspin’s customer support is very friendly, helpful, and available 24/7. They take the time to discuss and resolve any issues with any item purchased from their website.

Y&T V-989E Table Tennis Robot Reviews From Users

Before you decide to buy the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot, it can be good to check what people who have already bought the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot think of their purchase. Therefore, several users and experts have written reviews about these expensive table tennis ping pong robots.

Some of the Y&T V-9robotbots reviews state that it is the best robot for the value, while others have a different opinion. If you prefer Power Pong robots such as model Alpha with a similar price, then look at our detailed review.

What do actual users think abY&T & T products?

These Y&T V-989E reviews from users will tell you as much about the table tennis robot as any other resource on the internet.

The Y&T V-989E robot reviews below (newest first, 1-star – 5-star ratings) are based on verified purchasers of the product.

“We are a family of table tennis players; my father and I are the main competitors. My father is the master of spin and placement; I am the master of power and agility. The Y&T V-989E is our ultimate challenge. It is impossible to beat. If you try to play it with your style, you will lose every time. The only way to beat this machine is to use its style against it: pure power, speed, and spin.” Mark.

“It’s a great robot, can’t beat the price. I bought this robot about a year or two ago, and it is such a great product. I’ve had no problems with it at all. If you’re looking for something to help you improve your game, this is the robot for you!” Jade. T.

“It was awesome to see how quickly the robot could return the ball. The robot can return shots even when the opponent is at the very edge of the table, which is a significant advantage over humans. The robot also moves faster and more precisely than any human while having no fear and hesitation.” Henry. M.

Y&T Table Tennis Robot – The Final Thoughts

I think Y&T is a leader in the burgeoning range of smart robots. The V-989E Table Tennis Robot is both user-friendly and easy to set up. It’s also a pleasure to play with; this robot doesn’t cheat and provides a challenge to new and experienced players.

It also has plenty of room for growth, with promising features like a smart app that can be used on computers and has access to instructional videos on YouTube.

The bottom line of the Y&T V-989E Table Tennis Robot review is that it is an effective robot and helps you improve your game faster. This table tennis robot provides several levels of adjustable speed so that you can control the speed according to your training requirements.

pingpong machine on the desk in the backyard assembled


It also helps you to repeat shots accurately and analyze your weaknesses. Its price is reasonable, and customers have positive reviews, which prove that this robot is the best for value.

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