Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Rubber Review

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In this comprehensive review, we will explore the features, benefits, and performance of the Xiom Jekyll & Hyde rubber, enabling you to make an informed decision when upgrading your table tennis equipment.

Xiom, a renowned brand in the world of table tennis, has released its latest creation: the Xiom Jekyll & Hyde rubber. Designed to bring out the best of both worlds, this unique rubber promises to deliver exceptional performance for players of all skill levels.

Extremely swift, remarkably accurate, and inherently offensive. When measured against several other hybrid rubbers like Stiga Dragon Grip and Tibhar K3, it distinguishes itself. There’s no adjustment period required; you can seamlessly use it right after attaching it to your blade.

XIOM Jekyll & Hyde Series

The crucial performance parameters, including speed and control, or speed and spin per distance, naturally exhibit opposing traits, mirroring the dual nature of “Jekyll & Hyde” in processing.

It’s a widely recognized fact that, due to limitations in general rubber manufacturing technology, it’s practically implausible for each criterion to reach peak performance concurrently.

Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Rubber v52 table tennis main image


  • Speed: 91
  • Spin: 87
  • Control: 89

However, in the realm of the new generation, Jekyll & Hyde has pushed the boundaries, harnessing spin energy-based innovation and technology, akin to tensor rubbers, to achieve the highest levels in both areas.

Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Rubber series x50 table tennis


  • Speed: 84
  • Spin: 91
  • Control: 89

Much like the stark contrast between solid ice and blazing fire, XIOM has ingeniously embedded various elements into the rubber, elements that are individually potent but conventionally struggled to achieve their optimal value simultaneously.

Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Rubber z52 model table tennis


  • Speed: 89
  • Spin: 93
  • Control: 96

Pioneering research efforts aimed at the future have unveiled unforeseen and astounding outcomes, confidently marking the introduction of Jekyll & Hyde.

Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Rubber – Dual Personality

The Xiom Jekyll & Hyde rubber derives its name from its dual personality, encapsulating two distinctive playing characteristics within a single rubber.

The Jekyll side represents controlled play, providing excellent spin generation and superior ball placement. The Hyde side, on the other hand, represents a more aggressive approach, emphasizing speed and power.

This innovative design allows players to switch between the two sides of the rubber, adapting their game to different opponents and situations.

High-Quality Construction

Xiom has utilized state-of-the-art technology and premium materials to ensure the Jekyll & Hyde rubber delivers top-notch performance.

The rubber surface is designed for maximum grip, enabling players to generate exceptional spin on their shots. The sponge layer beneath the surface is carefully engineered to provide optimal control and feel, allowing for precise shot placement.

The distinction in speed becomes palpable when employing both rubbers on the same blade. Given that the rubber’s grip tends toward the grippy rather than tacky side, I opt for executing topspin shots that make greater contact with the sponge.

Whether executing delicate drop shots or powerful smashes, the Xiom Jekyll & Hyde rubber offers the perfect balance between spin, speed, and control.


When put to the test, the Xiom Jekyll & Hyde rubber truly shines. On the Jekyll side, players will appreciate the controlled nature of the rubber. It excels in generating spin and allows for precise placement, making it ideal for players who prioritize strategic play.

The ball stays on the rubber longer, providing increased dwell time and greater control over shots.

ping pong racket and rubber from brand xiom together

On the Hyde side, the rubber unleashes its aggressive nature. The increased speed and power enable players to execute powerful attacks and quick shots, overwhelming opponents with relentless offensive play. The Hyde side is perfect for players who prefer an aggressive style and want to take control of the game.

The transition between the two sides is seamless, allowing players to adapt their game strategy on the fly. Whether you need to switch to a more defensive or offensive approach, the Jekyll & Hyde rubber accommodates your style, enhancing your overall performance on the table.

Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Rubber Versatility and Adaptability

One of the standout features of the Xiom Jekyll & Hyde rubber is its versatility and adaptability. Regardless of your playing style or skill level, this rubber offers a wide range of possibilities.

It caters to both defensive and offensive players, allowing them to explore different playing techniques and strategies.

For defensive players, the Jekyll side provides excellent control and spin, enabling them to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm with deceptive returns and defensive strokes.

On the other hand, offensive players will find the Hyde side to be their weapon of choice, providing the speed and power necessary to dominate the game.

Things To Consider Before Buying Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Rubber

  • Nonetheless, the “V” rubber of the new generation has ushered in a fresh paradigm, one that enables sufficient ball drag while still providing elevated energy output. Why the choice of Jekyll and Hyde? Power and Precision, the two vital aspects of sports performance, often pull in opposite directions. In the realm of table tennis, increased spin production frequently translates to greater difficulty in maintaining control.
  • Upon inspecting the rubber sheets, the Z type appears to possess a somewhat tacky surface, while the H type is equipped with a protective sheet, as it is labeled a hybrid rubber with a tacky top layer. The weight of the rubber cutouts amounted to 54 grams for the Z variant and 51 grams for the H version.
  • These rubbers are of high speed, and to some extent, both the X and V iterations are speedier when compared to the Omega 7 Pro and Euro rubbers. These fast rubbers share similar technology and sponge composition but differ from other rubbers in their surface design.
  • Jekyll Hyde rubbers have a higher repulsive energy typically results in reduced ball dwell time on the rubber’s surface.
  • Quick, close-to-the-table, and short strokes yield significant spin, making banana flicks exceptionally potent. All in all, it’s the ideal rubber for your backhand, skillfully blending speed and spin while retaining impeccable control.

Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Rubber – Conclusion

The Xiom Jekyll & Hyde rubber truly represents a breakthrough in table tennis equipment. Its dual personality, high-quality construction, and exceptional performance make it a standout choice for players seeking versatility and adaptability.

all the rubber series from brand xiom model jekyl and hyde red


Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting your table tennis journey, the Xiom Jekyll & Hyde rubber has the potential to transform your game.

Embrace the power of duality and unleash your full potential on the table with Xiom’s latest innovation.






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