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Published on March 5, 2021 Last Updated on July 19, 2021 by Sorin Petroj

Are you looking for a ping pong table that provides the characteristics of a competition table?

Or are you looking for a top model that has the best value for money?

The best choice of price-quality ratio from the renowned manufacturer Joola is this model Tour 2500.

Ping pong table Joola Tour 2500 review

Ping pong table Joola tour 2500 unfold


The table unfolds easily and moves easily due to the wheels, as you can see in the picture. Thickness is significant when choosing a table because it depends on how the ball will bounce and behave when hitting.

Do you want to use it for your own needs or for the needs of your club where you practice?

Whether it is for your house or a certain club, it will surely last a long time, and you should keep certain characteristics in mind.

From all the ping pong tables, I would single out the Joola Tour 2500 because it shows the best ratio of quality and price. Also, you will get the quality that players feel in top competitions.

Table characteristics

This model is 25mm thick, and keep in mind that official tournaments are played on tables between 22 and 25 millimeters thick. You also get a set of nets of the same quality as used in tournaments. The 50 mm metal frame is solid and durable. To clarify, you will have a very long-lasting and high-quality table tennis table.

1"(25mm) Thickness

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2"(50mm) Metal frame

Top ping pong table OK button

15min Assembly time

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Tournament table

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Include net set

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Just indoor table

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Table weight (250lbs)

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In addition to the standard 25 mm painted surface, it also contains a 40 mm metal base coated with black powder.

When it comes to the safety feature, we must mention that there is also a double device for protection against tilting. This additionally gives you the safety and strength of a ping pong table. The model is shipped from a warehouse in California or Maryland.


What is important to say about the table’s thickness is that the price also depends on it the most. Greater thickness means a better bounce of the ball.

This ping pong table has a maximum thickness and a relatively good price. Here is a brief reference to the thickness of the table:


Ping pong table thickness

  • 12mm and 16mm, terrible rebound, and they are the cheapest. In this case,  you notice a difference immediately, and it is not worth investing in them.
  • 19mm, bad bounce for professionals. Minimally good for amateurs because the longer you play, you will notice the difference.
  • 22mm, clubs often use and are quite good, and the bounce is 90% as on the most expensive 25mm tables.
  • 25mm, the best tables in the world. The most important competitions have tables with this thickness, and that is why my recommendation is as the best table Joola Tour 2500.

Metal frame

One of the most important parts of ping pong tables is the metal frame. So, you can see in the previous picture, this frame protects the table and gives it strength.

It is not the most important part, but it gives the longevity of the table. It is made of steel which adds great strength to the table. Then it was coated with powder, and so the table gained additional strength.

Assembly time (10-15 minutes)

The good news is this ping pong table comes pre-assembled 90%. So, the first time you put it together, you have very little to do. All you have to do is invite your opponent to the game. In other words, everything is ready for your first workout on your table.

I recommend that you put together a table. You have the brackets and a few screws you need to fasten, and the ping pong table is ready.

Once you connect it, you won’t have to disassemble it anymore. Wheels that have automatic brakes are made to make the table stand firmly on the ground.

When you want to move it in a room or a sports Hall, release the brakes, and it moves easily anywhere.

Size of the table

The dimensions of the Joola Tour 2500 are by all standards of the official ITTF table tennis rules.


2.74 m (9.0 ft)


1.525 m (5.0 ft)


76 cm (2.5 ft)

Other features

If you are a member of a table tennis club and you choose the Joola Tour 2500 for those needs, you certainly have a lot of players or children who train. That is why this feature is very important.

During group training, they may hit the table or move. That is why Joola devised a system of double security locking devices and thus provided additional stability.

Another important thing is the adjustable height and screws that allow you to adjust the height of the ping pong table as needed. The same goes if children and beginners train to adjust the table to their needs.

Comparing 3 Joola Tour Tables

The main difference between the tables and, therefore, the Joola models is the thickness of the tabletop. Therefore, the price varies, but you get a significant quality. Players who know table tennis well will very quickly feel the difference between table tennis tables with smaller and larger tabletop thicknesses.

1.Joola Tour 1500 is more for recreational centers and home use, but due to the 15 mm tabletop thickness, the effect of bouncing the ball is not at the top level. The advantage is that it folds faster than other models. It only takes 15 minutes.

From the accessories, it contains only a net set with handles for installation. The price is, therefore, lower and currently costs $ 500.

2.Joola Tour 1800 is a slightly better model in terms of the effect and feel when bouncing the ball. It is also intended for more recreational centers and schools, although we recommend that you also use it for training.

It is very suitable if you will place a ping pong robot on it and practice strokes and movements. The thickness of 18 mm enables a better bounce of the ball, but still not on a professional level. When assembling, it should also be said that it is fast and efficient. The price is a bit more expensive and currently costs $ 540.

Charts - joola tour ping pong tables

3.Top ping pong table Joola Tour 2500

It is a real competitive ping pong table, and as we have described it, we can say that it is the best in its category. The thickness of 25 mm provides a fantastic bounce of the ball, it folds quickly, and it has additional safety options.

There is exactly a big difference in quality for tournaments and other matches. The price is a bit higher than the previous two models, but not as much as you get in terms of quality and durability. It currently costs $ 645.

Tournament ping pong table approved by USATT

United States Association of Table Tennis has approved this great ping pong table for top competitions and schools. As a result, Joola has overcome the need for recreational gaming with this model and reached a competitively high-quality level and individuals’ needs.

Wonderful design and good quality give you the feeling of playing in a competition, whether you are training or playing matches.

Since each half of the table has its own system of carriers with wheels, it is effortless to transport from one room to another. You can also transfer it from one part of the sports hall to another in a few minutes and use it for daily training and on weekends for matches.

Video review of Joola Tour models (1800-2500)


The official sponsor of the US Open is also Joola and the Olympic equipment supplier. It just shows great respect and trust towards this exceptional table tennis brand.

Today in 2021, Joola also has a nice collaboration with North American teams. For example, the best table tennis players worldwide gather every year for the North American team championship.

Due to the situation with COVID-19, the championship in 2020 was postponed. Above all, they say on the official website that Joola and North American table tennis decided to play the tournament for the Thanksgiving weekend in 2021.

What to consider when choosing a ping pong table?

Firstly, the table’s purpose is important, whether it is for personal use or a club. Also, what is your level of play? You are a professional who wants to perfect the game and feel like in tournaments while training. However,  maybe you’re an enthusiast who plays with friends and looks at table tennis as a hobby.

Secondly, thickness and assembling time. The bounce of the ball extremely depends on the table’s thickness, so you will decide whether you want the highest play level. Or maybe play for fun, so it is not so important to you. Assembling is also related to your intention. If you will install it once or twice a year, that time does not matter. But if you plan to move the ping pong table several times a year, then you should take that into account.

Third, and for some people, the most important thing is the budget. There are ping pong tables that cost over $ 1000, but if you are looking for individual purchases for you personally, then there is no need to spend that much because there are very high-quality tables at affordable prices. That is why we singled out Joola Tour 2500 as the best choice and price-quality ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are table surface colors allowed?

Earlier, most ping pong tables had a green color, and today, mostly dark blue is preferred.

The ITTF only approves green and blue tables. What is important is that the playing surface must be uniformly dark in color or matte. The surface pigment is such that it does not reflect the color of the ball.

Otherwise, about 8% of Caucasian men are blind to green and red, so the ITTF usually prefers to use blue. That happened in 2016 when such a decision was made.

How do I protect my ping pong table when I’m not playing for a long time?

There are table covers that are very important for protecting the table when you are not playing for a long period of time. Several important factors that affect the safety and durability of the table are the following:

1.To keep your table always clean. Of course, when playing, you need to clean the table surface periodically. But if it stays longer, it is desirable to have a table cover so that it does not get dirty from standing.

2.External factors such as sun and rain. If you have used it outdoor, it is especially important to have a table cover to not damage the surface from natural disasters over time.

3.Scratches that can occur if you keep a table in the house with other things nearby. When a table is scratched, it can never be the same as it was at the beginning, nor can that material be corrected. This is the third reason why table covers are essential to protect a ping pong table.

top ping pong table joola table coverJoola Table Cover

What is the size of a table tennis net?

The height of the table tennis net should be 15.25 cm or 6.0 inches. This is important when you set up the net on the table to make an adjustment with the circles that you will rotate when you attach it to the table.

Net assembly means setting up suspension and supporting posts. The lower part should be as close as possible to the table surface.

Table tennis net types can be “spring-loaded clips” that can be quickly placed and removed from the table. The second type is the “screw clamp,” which is the most common because it can be nicely adjusted and fastened. The third type is “permanently affixed,” which are completely fixed to the ping pong table and are most commonly used for outdoor tables.

net gauge from butterfly at megaspinButterfly Net Gauge

Use a net gauge to measure the required height. Umpires at top world matches do the same, so that is the best way to check. The principle is to place a net gauge on both sides of the table and in the middle. After that, make sure the height is good every time.


Ping pong table is an investment that, in most cases, happens once in a lifetime, and that is why it is important to choose well. Although you are a recreational player and think that a cheaper table is enough for your needs, you never know, and you may progress over time, so it is better to take a real competitive ping pong table.

This is our opinion because for a small difference in the price you get a big difference in quality.

  • Firstly, you have an excellent brand that supplies the American national team.
  • Secondly, the quality and characteristics we have described meet the best standards today.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, that you feel good while playing and that your table lasts a long time.

In conclusion, thickness, dimensions, ease of movement, and durability are the main benefits of the Joola Tour 2500.

After that, I will tell you that the price is quite affordable if we compare everything you get with this model relative to other manufacturers.

Joola tour 2500 assembled and not assembled


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