Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ Ping Pong Robot (2023 Review & Price)

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The Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ is the top ping pong robot on the market. With its advanced features, it has set the standard for other robots to follow. This blog post will review the robot and give you a breakdown of its pricing options.

Are you ready to practice and progress with an opponent who doesn’t make mistakes and doesn’t get tired?

Newgy Robot Comparison Chart of 3 Best Robots

1. Robo-Pong 1040+ is a beneficial robot for players who want to practice table tennis at home. Instead of going to the gym or fitness club, you can very well practice table tennis with this beautiful robot from Newgy.

However, it does not have a ball recycling system, so it is more intended for people who are not professionals but want to improve their game and movement in table tennis. The price is very affordable, but the possibilities are limited. It currently costs $ 349.

2. Robo-Pong 1055 is a more advanced version with which you get a recycling system and an approximate capacity of 200 table tennis balls. This robot can move from multiple angles to improve moves on shorter and longer balls and with more and less rotation.

The price is a bit higher considering the possibilities it provides and currently costs $ 499.

Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ VS 1055 VS 1040+

Newgy Robots Comparison Chart

3. Top Ping Pong Robot – Newgy Robo Pong 2040+

It is a more advanced level that will provide pleasure and progress in the game to all table tennis players. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced top table tennis player, this model has many choices and options for everyone.

It has a recycling net system and many options for adjusting the type and speed of the balls, as we described in the article dedicated to this wonderful product.


1. Ball thrower with oscillation, 2. Recycling net system, 3. Analog control box, 4. Transformer, 5. Rubber tips packet, 6. Plastic clips, 7. Pong Pal (the US Only), 8. Orange 40+ mm Robo-Balls (48 balls), 9. Quick start guide, 10. Warranty / Tell A Friend Form.

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  • Firstly, this is the choice that brings the most important functions of the game and movement.
  • Secondly, designed by the leading ping pong robot manufacturer Newgy.
  • Moreover, you get a recycling net that you set up at the table, and the ping pong balls always come back into the robot, so you can play as much as you want, even at home.

Ping Pong Robot Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ Review

Top ping pong robot Newgy 2040+


There are many robots, from the most basic to professional.

However, I would single out the Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ robot because it provides many features that perfectly suit beginners and people who are playing ping pong for fun.

This ping pong robot can even be used by professionals for a good workout and preparation for important matches and tournaments. Another robot for professional players is the Power Pong Omega reviewed here.

Newgy Robo Pong 2040 Manual & Features

  1. The option to adjust the speed, frequency of the balls, and oscillation. You can turn the head that throws the balls in several ways, so you get a clean ball, spin, cut, and spin on the side.
  2. It comes with 48 2-star 40+ balls. However, you don’t need to buy more balls because this is enough to start with. A ball bucket with an extension cage contains approximately 200 balls.
  3. Practice returning services, the robot serves you, and you return the service. This way, you can practice moving by placing a program of balls all over the table and gradually moving from left to right or vice versa.
  4. You can also adjust the robot’s head so that it throws high-lob balls.
  5. Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ is easy to set up and remove from the table, and most importantly, it meets all the standards of ping pong tables.

Control box

Ping pong robot Robo pong control box

  • Ball speed means how fast an individual ball is, essentially, how long it takes for the robot head to reach you.
  • Ball frequency means how often the robot throws the balls, the time between the first and second balls, and so on.
  • Oscillator speed means how fast the robot’s head turns from left to right and throws balls all over your table.

Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ Review & Service Return

Ping pong robot serve return

You can practice returning the service if you set the ping pong robot’s head as in the picture. The service can be cut, cleaned, or have sidespin.

I recommend that you start with a combination in which Robo-Pong serves one short ball on the forehand and one on the backhand. This way, you will learn to return the service very quickly on both sides of the racket and automatically move and be active.

Adjust the oscillator speed to a higher level than the ball frequency. This way, the ping pong robot’s head divides the balls from left to right faster than it throws them out. However, you will be able to return all the balls, and you will improve the movement of your legs.

When you want to improve your reflexes, then increase the ball frequency, and you will have to react faster because the balls will reach you faster and more often.

Easy to set up

Newgy robopong packed

You don’t need assembly or tools for the Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ ping pong robot. As you can see, the net shrinks and folds easily in minutes. It is then ready for transport and, at the next table, it can work again when it is set within a few minutes.

Generally, the parts are factory-prepared and tested before user use. So, you have no reason to worry or complications about installation. You also get an elementary manual. In addition to the instructions for use, you also have a few simple exercises that you can do with Robo-Pong.

Manual for robo-pong 2040+

Here are exercises to move, serve, and return certain balls. According to our recommendation, the most important thing is to adjust the head angle and connect cables to the control box. Next is to attach the control box to the ping pong table, and you can start enjoying the game.

What to consider before buying the Newgy Robo Pong 2040?

What is certain about any ping pong robot is that it will have basic ball-throwing options. This means an ordinary ball, a cut ball, and possibly a change in the ball’s direction.

The most important thing is knowing your play level and needs. Here are the most important things to look for before choosing your robot:

Firstly, the size of the robot and the capacity of the balls. You can place the robot on your table at home or at your table tennis club where you train. It must meet the tables’ standard dimensions. It should also be mentioned the number of balls it can contain. Moreover, they do not constantly replenish with balls during the game and often interrupt training because of that.

Robo-pong 2040+ with control box and net catcher

It will help a lot if the ping pong robot comes with a ball catcher net. Then, although the capacity is smaller, the balls will automatically gather in the robot’s container and return to the game. Our selection of Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ comes bundled with a catcher net.

Secondly, the functions provided by the robot. The most advanced have many functions: throwing the ball, rotating, and programming certain points on the table where you want to get the ball. Your level of play depends on how advanced a robot you want. We think our selection provides quite many features for mid-quality players.

AC/DC adapter for Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+

Newgy robopong ac/dc adapter

Thirdly, the power supply mode. There are two types, ping pong robots that work on AC power and those powered by a battery. Sure, both will do the job properly, but if you want more power and speed in the mode, you need to opt for AC ones.

Moreover, the level of variation and the flexibility of turning the robot’s head are among the most important when choosing. With our selection of the best ping pong robot, you can turn the robot’s head to throw clean, cutting balls and side rotation.

However, it is already enough to practice most table tennis strokes. We recommend robots with many more programs and functions to professionals, but they also cost 2 to 3 times more.

You certainly don’t want to collect balls all the time, so play a little and take a break to return the balls to the robot. That is why this feature is very important when choosing a ping-pong robot. Newgy Robo-pong 2040+ has a capacity of 200 balls plus the option of extending the bucket.

Another thing about balls is that this model has been improved for 40 mm balls that have been current for several years. With these balls, table tennis players will play in the future.

To start training right away, this model gives you 48 two-star balls. Later, depending on your needs, you only add as much as you need.

Above all, you will enjoy it in any way when you practice alone, with family and friends, or if you are preparing for an important competition. This beautiful ping pong robot can be used on any table, but we recommend installing it on a table tennis table with 25mm of thickness.

About Newgy Brand for Ping Pong Robots

Joseph E. Newgarden originally started working on Robo-pong as a hobby, and later it became his business, and he founded Newgy Industries.

A table tennis robot is suitable for everyone, from beginners and players who play a hobby to professionals preparing for national competitions. Over 100,000 athletes use Robo-pong today.

It just says how much the company has perfected the product for all needs and all player profiles. The company is located in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Today they are constantly innovating and adapting to the current needs of athletes.

Their most advanced and expensive model is Newgy 3050XL with an app device control.

The company’s primary goal is to change the way players practice and learn table tennis skills in this beautiful sport. By the way, Newgy robots are very easy to use. When you unpack it from the box, it sets up very quickly and is ready to play.

Many clubs and individual players do not have adequate partners to play with. This is where Robo-Pong performs with its characteristics and satisfies the needs of players around the world.

How to use the Robo Pong 2040+ Table Tennis Robot

YouTube video


Ping Pong Robot Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ FAQs

  • Can a ping pong robot help you improve your game?

Of course, it can.

Firstly, you can’t always get to training, or you’ve worked longer, so you’re late for your appointment. Then the Ping Pong robot means a lot to you, it is in your house, stored in the garage on the table, and you need to turn it on and practice for at least half an hour.

New York times post a kid play with top ping pong robot Newgy Robo PongPhoto: New York Times (Novelties: Robots That Are All Serve and No Volley)

Secondly, you can’t always practice leg work and return service in the gym with opponents, and with your favorite robot, you can do whatever you want.

Table tennis is such a game that you invest in yourself little by little. This week you will practice a few things, the next something else, and when you appear in the match, all your opponents will be surprised at how you have progressed.

Moreover, if you are very tired, you can practice the service without collecting the balls you served in the robot. So, in the end, you don’t have to worry about collecting balls, and yet you have practiced one of the special services.

Are ping-pong robots worth the money invested?

Ping-pong robots are the essential table tennis equipment for every serious player. You can watch my matches in the first league of Serbia and training here.

Just keep in mind that a ping-pong robot cannot solve all your flaws during the game. It would be best if you combined playing with a robot and matches with different players. Then the full effect would come to the fore because you would improve the exercises and reflexes, and you would have the experience you need during the matches with your opponents.

This way, the robot will surely help you improve your game. After all, due to your fitness and physical activity, can’t affect you in any way. Moreover, you will unconsciously have more strength and energy for other activities during the day.

All in all, looking at a ping pong robot can only bring good for everyone’s health, and how someone will use it is everyone’s choice.

Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ Ping Pong Robot – Customer Reviews

“OK. I’ve owned the Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 Table Tennis Machine for about a month now. I’ve purposely waited to review the product so that I could get all of the kinks out that others are experiencing. We have also found 3 things that are easily fixable that will pretty much eliminate all ball jams.

First off, this machine is great. The quality is good, and the instructions are easy to understand. They even include a video, which is even easier because it tells you EXACTLY how to set the machine up and use it. Regarding modes, it would be nice to have a memory mode and have shots altered more. That being said, I don’t feel like spending another $1,300 right now to get the competitor’s brand but perhaps down the line.”

“So, to dive right in. Let me make it clear. You do need to wash the balls. However, I am starting to believe that people who don’t think they are washing the balls enough are the reason they are getting ball jams. That’s not entirely accurate.

First off, Newgy’s balls aren’t the best. Secondly, they don’t give you enough (48). Third, they are harder to wash than the other balls. If you buy this machine, absolutely 100% make sure that you buy 100 or more KEVENZ balls. These balls work perfectly with the machine (more on that later). For now, here are the 2 things I have noticed that will make the balls jam.

The Newgy balls are temperamental and need to be cleaned extremely well to be used. Once they have been used in the machine roughly 15 times, they are fine. However, get yourself some of the KEVENZ balls.”

Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ Accessories

newgy robo pong 2040 accessories
“So, in the end, this is a really good Table Tennis Machine. It has a lot of variety and will give you a workout. Just follow the steps above, and it’s doubtful you’ll return the unit. Instead, you’ll have the fun and challenge you expected when you bought it first.”

My husband bought this Robo Pong and is enjoying his retirement to the fullest. It’s the greatest thing for his new ping pong room. It came with a broken piece, but they gave him a new one very quickly so he could keep on ponging!!

The video shows how much fun he and his friends are all having with it. He is now getting lots of practice in and is still the champ! Whoever buys this will love it. It doesn’t only throw it straight ahead. You can change it to go side to side, etc. YOU are the one with the controls. Enjoy the funny video which was bought at Amazon.”

I purchased my Newgy 2040 robot at least 5 years ago and have used it for many hours. I estimate my machine is probably 10 years old and still works perfectly. We have had to replace a few parts which I have ordered from the company for a very reasonable cost. The other reviewer said his unit did not work out of the box, which could be because he had the wrong size balls.

Before 2000, ping pong balls were 38 mm, and whenever my Newgy encountered one, it would get stuck as the machine is designed for 40 mm table tennis balls.
I would recommend this machine and think the customer support is excellent as well.”

Top Ping Pong Robot – Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ Summary

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