Top 10+ Best Table Tennis Shoes of 2023 (New for Men)

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In this top 10 best table tennis shoes review, we’ll look at seven of the best table tennis shoes on the market, discuss some of the key features, and help you decide whether it’s worth spending money on specialized footwear.

While you can get away with regular trainers as a beginner or intermediate table tennis player, if you’re looking to take your game to the next level, it’s time to invest in a pair of shoes designed for the movements specific to table tennis. There’s no doubt that you’ll need a decent pair of shoes to play table tennis.

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New models + Top 7 best table tennis shoes of 2023

New Shoe




best table tennis shoes new model joola


new ping pong shoe xiom model


best table tennis shoes new model joola pro blast pink






best table tennis shoes model Butterfly Lezoline Rifones shoes thumnail image

Best Overall


best table tennis shoes model Butterfly Lezoline Groovy Series thumbnail image

Best Speed


joola 126 ping pong blue shoe thumbnail image

Best Comfort


Butterfly Lezoline Mach Shoes ping pong thumbnail image

Best Absorbing Sponge


best table tennis shoes model Butterfly Lezoline Trynex thumbnail image


Butterfly Lezoline Gigu White Silver thumbnail image


joola cucko blue orange ping pong shoe thumbnail image


Butterfly Table Tennis Shoes Infographic Chart

butterfly shoes infographic chart

Source: Megaspin

 1. Butterfly Lezoline Rifones shoes

best table tennis shoes model Butterfly Lezoline Rifones shoes main image


Butterfly table tennis shoes are known for their durability and flexibility. They improved the quality by introducing their newest and paraphrasing their best shoe in the series – Butterfly Lezoline Rifones. These premium quality shoes come in 4 different colors:

  1. Butterfly Lezoline Rifones black
  2. Butterfly Lezoline Rifones navy
  3. Lezoline Rifones lime green
  4. Lezoline Rifones pink

The Butterfly Lezoline Rifones shoe is the top line of shoes for table tennis players. This shoe has the best possible balance of maximum performance and sports style. This shoe is currently one of the most expensive available on the market. Still, this price is justified by its quality and outstanding performance – it is built primarily for professional players.

Its unique design and sturdiness add to the durability of this shoe. It comes with a removable insole, providing extra comfort and ventilation features. The low-profile sole gives you good stability while playing, and the lateral elastic reinforcement offers excellent support while playing fast shots.

These mens table tennis shoes are made up of synthetic leather and rubber gum soles with X-GEL technology that makes them abrasion resistant and increases grip at the same time.

The Lezoline series is geared towards providing all-around comfort for long-time play and after-effects. The B-Armor upper material supports the forefoot portion of the foot with an added hardness to the shoe and allows for strength during high-impact lateral movements.

The most comfortable table tennis shoes

Butterfly Lezoline Rifones series table tennis shoes all four model images

The midsole features a new design of flexible cushioning technology that absorbs shock, making this one of the most comfortable shoes. The low-cut design makes for a very comfortable fit around the ankle region, allowing maximum performance during competitive matches.

Experience a refined play with Lezoline Rifones, sporting STB-Power that makes this shoe the envy of any table tennis scene. Boasting revolutionized B-Ridge sole. Your stability is improved by leaps and bounds while playing a ping pong game on any surface.

Butterfly Lezoline Rifones Table Tennis Shoes – Material

The sole specific to table tennis incorporates unique microfiber material called Ball-Bridge that gives a firm support feel and absorbs shocks during footwork movement. The combination of B-Ridge sole and LZR-line upper is designed to produce the feeling of “flying” while playing, even a Pickleball sport. This shoe offers outstanding stability and comfort.

The Lezoline Rifones feature high-quality synthetic leather and mesh upper for comfort and ventilation. The shoe’s outsole has a wingtip design.

This design gives the player a high level of grip, which helps them react faster to tough shots. Wingtip design can also improve the player’s footwork movement, allowing the player to switch between positions more smoothly. This unique design suits offensive players who like to rush their opponents.

Butterfly Lezoline Rifones – Features & Specifications

  • Weight – 0.6 lbs
  • Colors – 4 (black, navy, lime green, and pink)
  • Size – 4-12 in the US, 34-49 in Europe
  • Lifespan – 1 to 1.5 years
  • Materials – Air mesh, synthetic leather, and anti-skid KPU
  • Grip – 8.8
  • Comfort – 9.8
  • Durability – 9.0
  • STB torsion shield
  • B absorber shock-absorbing midsoles
  • B armor protection


  • The sole wingtip design provides additional grip and footwork support
  • These shoes are shock resistant.
  • Suitable for sliding into position.
  • Comes in 4 different colors.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Has an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • Quite comfortable to wear.


  • The Lezoline Rifones shoes are the best in their class. So, these shoes are costly.



2. Butterfly Lezoline Groovy Series

Butterfly Lezoline Groovy Series black matt color main image shoe


You live in your kicks (sometimes 24/7) if you’re like us. In that case, we humbly welcome the Butterfly Lezoline Groovy Shoes to your life. These groovy-inspired table tennis sneakers are comfortable enough to wear around the clock and stylish enough to be worn everywhere. For example, if we talk about a hardworking match made in heaven.

The Butterfly Lezoline Groovy shoes are intended for exceptional performance at the highest levels of competition and training.

It is the right shoe with a stylish, non-marking outsole and a super-thin sponge EVA midsole. It is the ideal shoe for players who prefer a reliable grip in a shoe that offers precision and feel. Before use, you must try on footwear on a carpeted surface; wear on smooth surfaces may diminish appearance and performance.

Groovy Shoes are uniquely designed for pro players who focus on intense footwork. The extra-thin midsole of the shoe provides excellent grip and stabilization, which allows players to ‘feel’ the court, making it perfect for speed and quickness.

The mesh toe has been replaced with solid material for extra durability in the table tennis game.

Best mens table tennis shoes for flexibility

Butterfly Lezoline Groovy shoe all models colors

Butterfly has taken the next leap in improving the overall feel of table tennis shoes. The Lezoline groovy provides an entirely different grip sensation that lowers stress on your joints while allowing you to move around quickly and maintain contact with the floor.

This combination of groove and shock absorption is a complete game-changer. These shoes are an excellent choice for flat-footed people.

According to many people, the Butterfly Lezoline Groovy is a good table tennis shoe and one of the top choices for indoor shoes. This footwear has been fitted with four-way go flex technology, which allows for more flexibility when using the shoes.

Besides, the upper mesh construction is breathable and flexible simultaneously. It can significantly enhance your performance on the court. The cushioning of this model has been improved compared to other lines before.

Butterfly Lezoline Groovy Table Tennis Shoes – Colors

Users can now get more energy and bounce with each step they take. Runners can ensure they will never suffer from stumbling or falling while playing their favorite sport.

The Butterfly Lezoline Groovy shoes come in 5 different colors:

Butterfly Lezoline Groovy – Features & Specifications

  • Euphoria coloring
  • Thin midsole
  • Five color choices
  • Weight – 1.2 lbs
  • Size – 4.5-11.5 in US and 36 to 45 in Europe
  • High traction
  • Comfort – 9.3
  • Grip – 8.7
  • Durability – 9.1
  • Shock absorption support


  • World-class grip and excellent stabilization
  • Stylish design.
  • Vibrant color choices.
  • Great for players with a high footwork rate.
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • It might wear off faster on rough surfaces.
  • A bit pricey for beginners.


3. Joola 126 Blue Table Tennis Shoes

Joola 126 Blue shoe ping pong main image


If you are looking for high-performance Joola table tennis shoes, then Joola 126 blue might be the right choice.

The JOOLA 126 blue is a high-performance table tennis shoe for competitive tennis players. This table tennis shoe offers flexible midsoles to accommodate the footwork of quick offensive and defensive play while still providing enough ankle support to prevent injuries in energetic approaches to the table.

Mesh lining on the sides and mid/outer soles ensures dry feet for comfort, minimizing slipping around the table surface. This lightweight shoe with a slightly shiny finish makes it aesthetically pleasing and sturdy enough for quick, sideways movements. The JOOLA 126-Blue table tennis shoe has a thin sole and is the perfect entry-level athletic shoe.

Joola 126 Shoes – Technology & Material

The JOOLA 126’s modern design, combined with technology and high-quality materials, is ideal for your performance table tennis needs. The top of the shoe is made of high-quality synthetic leather material. This durable, semi-soft material gives outstanding comfort in a sleek design.

One of the best table tennis shoes features a low sole profile and a multidirectional herringbone tread pattern for quick and flexible footwork. The lateral cushioning supports your feet when moving sideways to return shots.

In addition, it has an inner toe grip which helps your foot from sliding forward inside the shoe. Breathable mesh on the inside also ensures that your foot stays cool and dry while playing table tennis.

Joola 126 Blue – Features & Specifications

  • Size – 4.5 to 11.5 in the US, 36 to 45 in Europe
  • Weight – 1lb
  • Material – Fabric and mesh
  • Flexible midsole
  • Low sole
  • Herringbone treading
  • Colour – Blue
  • Durability – 8.9
  • Grip – 8.5
  • Comfort – 9.4


  • They have a great choice of entry-level players.
  • Works well for both offensive and defensive styles of play.
  • Affordable compared to other high-performance shoes.
  • Very breathable.
  • Keeps the feet dry during intense plays.
  • Has decent flexibility.
  • Made from high-quality materials.


  • Mediocre shoe design.
  • Only one color choice.

Joola 126 Blue second image foot view shoe



4. Butterfly Lezoline Mach Shoes

Butterfly Lezoline Mach Shoes two types blue color main image


The Lezoline Mach shoes are very underrated in the Butterfly series lineup. These shoes are very cost-effective. If you are new to table tennis, I recommend starting your journey with Lezoline Mach.

The Butterfly Lezoline Mach shoes come in two colors:

  1. Butterfly Lezoline Mach Black edition
  2. Butterfly Lezoline Mach Blue edition

Both designs are slick, and I found the color combination very breathtaking. The Lezoline MACH table tennis shoes are high-performance shoes capable of meeting top players’ demands.

Designed with a new digital pattern for the sole and upper body. These competition ping pong shoes are lightweight and flexible, giving you top-grade performance.

With cutting-edge looks, the Butterfly table tennis Lezoline Mach men’s or women’s sneakers feature the B-Absorber, which absorbs shocks and preserves its elasticity to comfortably protect your feet.

This footwear’s specially shaped outer sole supports blade grip, prevents slipping, and stabilizes foot movements while playing. These shoes are engineered with a unique shock absorption system. The midsole has been perfected to reduce adverse effects on the athlete’s joints which may be caused by running or jumping during those high-speed rallies on the table tennis court.

B-absorber shock-absorbing technology shoes

Butterfly Lezoline Mach Shoes asporbing technology two models blue and pink

While designing this model, emphasis was laid on providing comfortable and well-fitting footwear to a player. These shoes come with additional features such as Double-layer toe material to protect your feet against sudden shocks and an Asymmetric collar.

However, it has a half bootie to deliver better cushioning and an anti-torsion system that prevents your feet from twisting, Lace-up closure for a secure fit.

The Butterfly Lezoline Mach table tennis shoe is cut-resistant KPU material, while the heel and back counter provides excellent stability. The midsole offers torsional rigidity, while the EVA replacement insole offers optimal cushioning. The outsole is made of a highly wear-resistant rubber compound.

Butterfly Table Tennis Shoes Lezoline Mach  – Best for durability

If you’re looking for a shoe that moves with your feet, the Lezoline Mach is perfect. With their lightweight material, these shoes will help give you more speed and flexibility on the court.

At the same time, they are so durable that even most professional athletes can use them without worrying about wear and tear. The specially-designed air chambers in the heel and forefoot add extra comfort to let you move quickly no matter where you go or what you’re doing.

These mens table tennis shoes will keep your feet comfortable from start to finish, whether up, down, or across the court.

Butterfly Lezoline Mach – Features & Specifications

  • Two-color choices.
  • B-absorber shock-absorbing technology
  • Wingtip support
  • STB distortion
  • B-ridge shaped midsole
  • US size – 4.5 to 12
  • Europe size – 34 to 49
  • Weight – 4lbs
  • Material- synthetic and leather
  • Durability – 9.1
  • Grip – 8.8
  • Comfort – 9.0


  • Stylish design.
  • Protects the player’s feet from damage or strains.
  • Supports high work rate.
  • Built from high-quality synthetic materials.
  • Allows for stable footwork.
  • Supports sliding motions.
  • The sponge between the soles provides flexibility.
  • Has excellent ground resistance.


  • You might need time to get used to it.



5. Butterfly Lezoline Trynex Shoes

Butterfly Lezoline Trynex ping pong shoe blue color main image


Now available for less than $95, the Butterfly Lezoline Trynex Table Tennis Shoes are suitable for men and women, optimized for speed and comfort.

Wear the perfect footwear for an intense game of table tennis with the Butterfly Lezoline Trynex ping pong shoes. These featherweight and flexible sneakers are high-performance shoes with good foot support for fast and lateral movements. They have good support to protect the foot when landing and jumping.

The shoes have a tight fit compared to other table tennis shoes of the same size range. However, they are easy to take on and off and can be worn comfortably with shock-absorbing insoles.

Butterfly Lezoline Trynex – Colors

There are two distinct models of Butterfly Lezoline Trynex available in the market:

There aren’t any differences performance-wise. Only visual changes. The Butterfly Lezoline Trynex has been a go-to choice in table tennis.

The sporty, slick design coupled with the high-quality materials, excellent grip, and the fact that they’re incredibly comfortable place them among the top choices for players worldwide. The cushioned sole uses EVA sport foam memory for unrivaled foot support. Copious amounts of mesh throughout the shoes make them highly breathable.

Best budget table tennis shoes

best budget table tennis shoes butterfly trinex model red and blue

The Butterfly Trynex is one of the best table tennis shoes made with synthetic leather on the outside of the shoe for durability and ventilation to ensure your feet can breathe. This is important as it helps wick away moisture to keep your feet dry.

The editor’s choice features sole. A non-marking and slip-resistant sole keeps you from slipping on the floor as you move back and forth across the table during gameplay. Inside the shoe, you’ll find a soft footbed for comfort and cushioning so that your feet won’t hurt after playing for hours.

It is made with a premium leather lining and a padded collar. These shoes promise to keep you comfortable as you play your best. With a classic style, they will also look great too. Various colors are available, so even the most colorful players are sure to find something to match their style.

The Butterfly Lezoline Trynex is an excellent choice for intermediate players looking for a classic shoe for casual and club play at a reasonable price.

Butterfly Lezoline Trynex – Features & Specifications

  • Perfectly cushioned EVA memory foam colors are available
  • Breathable mesh
  • Gum rubber outer sole layer
  • Multiple color choices
  • Weight – 1.2lb
  • US size – 4.5 to 12
  • Europe size – 34 to 48
  • Durability – 8.8
  • Grip – 8.9
  • Comfort – 9.2


  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Made from high-quality components.
  • Very sturdy and durable.
  • They are cheaper than most pro-level table tennis shoes.
  • Provides maximum airflow to the feet.
  • The rubber sole provides stability and high traction.
  • Comes with a free bag.
  • Stylish design.


  • Shoe Leases are short.
  • Inaccurate size options.


6. Butterfly Lezoline Gigu White/Silver

Butterfly Lezoline Gigu White Silver ping pong shoe main image


The Butterfly Lezoline Gigu table tennis shoe is excellent for serious players. The harmonically curved sole gives you the best stability and maximum movement. The STB support gives you an extra-strong base for footwork that helps you manage that next shot.

The stylish and comfortable upper part of these sneaker-style shoes will be your favorite shoes at the club and off the table. Its innovative inner construction helps reduce weight while enhancing stability and comfort.

This results from years of research and development in cooperation with professionals like Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov. You will achieve excellent performance with these high-quality indoor shoes for table tennis. It is a good choice for players who want to improve their game style.

Ping Pong Shoes Butterfly Lezoline Gigu – Shock Absorbing Sponge

The Butterfly Gigu Lezoline table tennis shoe is designed to provide athletes with the most support and comfort possible. Outside the actual game, the shoes need to be light and comfortable, but the highest level of performance must be attainable when coaching or playing.

The Butterfly brand introduced the thickest sole they’ve ever used in their professional shoe lineup to achieve this. An extra-thick sole allows for excellent shock absorption, resulting in more foot stability. In addition, the shoe also features a shock-absorbing sponge that gives extra soft cushioning to the feet.

The elevated heel provides a more comfortable and natural position for planting your weight. This is one of the best table tennis shoes that will help your feet feel as good at the end of the day as they did at the beginning of playing table tennis.

Butterfly Lezoline Gigu – Features & Specifications

  • Shock absorption support
  • Thickest sole
  • B-absorber between the sole layers
  • STB support
  • The Wingtip
  • Two-color choices
  • Materials – Synthetic rubber, fiber, and leather
  • Weight – 1.32lbs
  • US size – 4.5 to 12
  • Europe size – 34 to 48
  • Durability – 9.1
  • Comfort – 8.9
  • Grip – 8.7


  • Made from the best synthetic materials.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Excellent grip and handling statistics
  • Sponge protects players from shock or high impact.
  • Supports the player’s swift movement.
  • Beautiful color combination.


  • Pretty expensive

best table tennis shoes lezoline gigu from butterfly second image



7. Joola Cuckoo Ping Pong Shoes Blue/Orange

Joola Cuckoo Shoes Blue Orange ping pong shoe


The JOOLA Cuckoo Table Tennis Shoes are great for players of all ages and skill levels. With comfortable insoles and grippy outer soles, this lightweight shoe supports your feet and ankles as you run around the table.

These shoes are also very affordable, making them suitable for beginners and intermediate players. The Joola Cuckoo shoes are lightweight, providing freedom of movement for players that require quick reactions and pivots.

The one-piece sandwich mesh construction makes the shoe airy, breathable, and anti-deformation. The anti-torsion shanks are made of a TPU plate reinforced with a 0.10cm leather layer to regulate the torsional stress transmitted from the foot to the sole and vice versa, ensuring maximum flexibility without hindering the foot muscles and tendons during intense movements.

Best Ping Pong Shoes for Value & Comfort – Joola Cuckoo

Joola Cuckoo shoes are highly comfortable and can be worn outside competition, thanks to their modern design. They are high-end shoes made with a grippy soles.

The lightweight mesh upper allows air to circulate and breathability to keep your feet cool when things heat up. The shock-absorbing midsole eases pressure on your feet, while the secure fit reduces slippage so you can focus on the task.

Joola Shoes Cuckoo – Features & Specifications

  • Perforated toe box
  • Shock absorbing midsoles
  • Wingrip for stabilizing
  • STB support
  • Materials – fabric and mesh
  • Weight – 0.5lbs
  • US size – 4.5 to 11
  • EU size – 36 to 45
  • Durability – 8.8
  • Grip – 8.9
  • Comfort -9.1


  • Very cheap.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Amazing foot support.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Good grip.
  • High flexibility and breathability.


  • Lacks durability.
  • Imaginative design choice.

best table tennis shoes model Joola Cuckoo Shoes Blue Orange


Other Ping Pong Shoes You Should Consider for 2023

In addition to the right pair of table tennis shoes, you should also consider other sports shoes for indoor ping pong. These include running shoes, cross trainers, and court shoes.

Running shoes are designed for impact and shock absorption, making them ideal for playing ping pong. Cross trainers are also designed for impact and shock absorption, providing stability and support for lateral movements. When you buy table tennis shoes, paying attention to the outer and middle sole, high-heel caps, and flat feet is essential.

These shoes can provide the right amount of support and stability for playing ping pong.

Men’s Table Tennis Shoes

If you’re looking for the best men’s table tennis shoes, our editor’s choice is the Yasaka Jet Impact. This shoe features a sole designed to provide excellent traction and support, making it ideal for indoor courts.

The best table tennis shoes for sale are available in various sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. They have been specifically designed for indoor sports.

Another excellent option for men’s table tennis shoes is the ASICS Men’s Upcourt 4 Indoor Sports Shoes. It is the best table tennis shoe from ASICS. These shoes are also designed with a sole that provides excellent traction and support, and they are available in various sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.

In addition, the ASICS Men’s Upcourt 4 Indoor Sports Shoes feature a breathable mesh upper that helps keep your feet cool and dry during play.

Finally, we have the Mizuno Unisex-Adult Wave Exceed Tour CC Tennis Shoe. This shoe is designed with both men and women in mind and features a sole that provides exceptional traction and support.

8. Yasaka Jet Impact

Yasaka Jet Impact shoe


When choosing table tennis shoes, it is essential to find a pair that offers stability and comfort. The Yasaka Jet Impact shoe is designed to meet these needs, with a rubber sole that provides good traction and a comfortable fit.

The shoe’s upper part is made of durable and breathable microfiber. Additionally, the large pore mesh allows for good ventilation, making this an ideal choice for indoor play. The Yasaka Jet Impact shoe is an excellent choice for any table tennis player with its combination of features.

The best shoes are designed for indoor sports like table tennis for quick lateral movements. It is a difference when buying regular shoes and table tennis equipment.

The Yasaka Jet Impact shoe sizes are 6.5, 7.5, and 9. The price of one pair of shoes is only $ 59.95.

9. ASICS Men’s Upcourt 4 Indoor Sports Shoes for table tennis

best table tennis shoes model ASICS Men's Upcourt 4 Indoor


Asics Men’s Upcourt 4 indoor are sports shoes for those newer to the game. They are constructed with synthetic leather overlays that promote better support and stability during abrupt transitions and braking, while the breathable mesh paneling delivers plenty of airflows.

These are also some of the lightest table tennis shoes for sale on the market, making them ideal for players who want to move quickly around the court. So, if you’re looking for a good pair of table tennis shoes, the Asics Upcourt 4 should be at the top of your list.

Compared to Asics Gel Rocket and Butterfly shoes, the Asics Upcourt is lightweight and has flexibility and better support. It also has a superior grip and thick soles.

10. Table Tennis Mizuno Shoes

table tennis mizuno shoes for men and women main image

The table tennis Mizuno shoes bring an outstanding balance of comfort and technology. The best shoes provide superior cushioning through the MIZUNO WAVE Plate. Mizuno has so many volleyball shoes you may consider. The other shoes can be found on Amazon store.

For every table tennis enthusiast, U4icX Strobel Lasting Board ensures a comfortable underfoot feel. The Anti-collision toe cap provides additional physical protection against shock and impact while one is lunging across the court.

The solid gluing technology and careful line design make the right table tennis shoes strong and durable enough to withstand intense games.

best table tennis shoes 2022 how to measure toe length



With eight years of verification and iteration, you can expect reliable performance when wearing shoes.

If you have flat feet, this is perhaps the right table tennis shoe to help enhance your performance capabilities while providing ample supportive features.

Women’s Shoes for Table Tennis in 2023

What difference between regular sports shoes and table tennis shoes

The main difference between table tennis shoes and sports shoes is their soles. Table tennis shoes have soles explicitly designed for short distance starts and stops required in table tennis.

The rubber will also be grippier than a regular trainer, giving you more traction when you make quick changes in direction. Better maneuverability, helping you become a faster and stronger player.

Some shoes also feature non-marking rubber, which is okay to use on indoor courts without marking the floor. The upper part of the shoe is also different from a trainer. Most table tennis shoes have mesh uppers, which allow air to get in.

Why do we need table tennis shoes?

The first thing to note is that table tennis is played indoors on a hard surface, so that you will want shoes with a good grip on smooth flooring. Without traction, making quick footwork changes in your movement around the court is harder.

You’ll also need good support for your ankles and feet, so avoid any shoe with a too-wide base or heel that can easily roll out from under you.

You might also find your preferred shoe style varies depending on what side of the table you play on. In general, aggressive players who make wide sweeping motions during play prefer low-cut shoes with better flexibility for quick stops and starts.

Defensive players who stay in one spot for extended periods prefer high-top shoes for added ankle support and stability when sliding across the floor to return shots.

Best Table Tennis Shoes for Sale – Conclusion

I used to play in my regular running shoes when I was still new to the game. After playing, my feet were always sore, and I didn’t think anything about it.

It wasn’t until I upgraded to a pair of specialized table tennis shoes that I realized how much better they could help me play. It might sound minor, but specialist shoes are worth investing in when you take your game seriously.

For those who like to play table tennis or even those who play professionally, you want to ensure that the shoes you wear during a match are quality and comfortable. Also, they allow you to move quickly to get in position for every shot.

butterfly shoes on player wearing

The seven pro-level shoes I’ve mentioned in this review are the best table tennis shoes available today. Also, they are designed with high-quality materials to last over time.

These shoes feature non-marking soles, so they don’t leave marks on the floor. This gives you extra comfort while also protecting your back when making quick movements. They have a breathable upper mesh, so your feet won’t overheat during an intense match. These are great quality shoes, and we highly recommend them to anyone.

Many table tennis shoes for sale are expensive, but these from our list are budget-priced and very durable.

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