Top 10 Table Tennis Shirts From Andro & JOOLA (Best 2023)

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This top 10 list features the ultimate collection of best table tennis shirts from Andro and Joola 2023 Edition. From t-shirts that came straight out of Germany to the USA made in collaboration with world table tennis players, you are guaranteed to find a t-shirt that will meet your expectations.

Gain insights on your favorite Andro and Joola shirts, including the style guide about table tennis clothing as well as resell prices inside this jam-packed list of table tennis shirts and jersey goodness.

New Table Tennis Shirts in 2023

New Shirt




andro joola shirts table tennis model JOOLA Sygma Competition Polo Shirt thumbnail image


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1. Andro Pro Line Malton Shirt

andro joola table tennis shirts andro model pro line malton


If you want a high-performance table tennis shirt that’s also sustainable, look no further than the Andro Malton. The Andro shirts from the Pro-Line Malton series combine top functionality and sustainability. It is engineered and designed for ambitious table tennis players who desire high performance, design, and sustainability.

These black and lime-yellow contrast t-shirts feature broad zig-zag geometrical patterns with sharp edges all over the front of the table tennis tees. The left chest bears the Andro logo sitting on top of the gray.

For example, the round collar is woven with comfortable lime-yellow linning, while the side mesh inserts provide greater comfortability during a heated game.

The color contrast of black and lime-yellow graphics all over makes it a vibrant table tennis shirt. Altogether these table tennis shirt is an excellent combination of color, pattern, sustainability, and functionality.


  • This is a vibrant table tennis shirt that’s made for performance.
  • It is constructed with eco-friendly fabric that makes it ideal for table tennis training or enjoying a match with your clubmates.


  • These table tennis shirts are only available in black/yellow, and certainly, we would want to see more color offerings.


andro malton model tshirt black color

Material: Polyester Microfabric, Recycled Indoor Dry Functional technology. Color: Black/Yellow

Collar design: Jersey collar. Logo/markings: The Andro signature logo on the chest. Price: $39.99

2. JOOLA Trinity Shirt 19 

andro joola shirts model joola trinity 19 black main image


This Joola shirt from the Trinity series is soft and comfortable, making it a good option for everyday wear. Made with an 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex blend that wicks moisture away, this lightweight and breathable shirt features a subtle trinity pattern design on the front.

The table tennis shirt design looks great on and off the court. The black trinity pattern on the front contrasts with the yellow stripes at the collar and sides for a masculine design. It is available in two color options.

The blue Trinity shirt with yellow-lime accents is always a popular choice, while the black shirt is more of a classical option that is forever in style.


  • This shirt is an ideal option for any level of play, from recreational to competitive.
  • The soft blend of the spandex and polyester material helps you dry while keeping you comfortable.


  • More color options would have been better.


trinity 19 tshirt man blue color wear profile

Material: 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex blend. Color: Blue with yellow-lime accents. Patterns: All over embossed trinity pattern and yellow accents on the side and collar. Collar design: Crew neck/ Ribbed collar. Logo/markings: JOOLA logo on left chest and sleeve. Price: $34.95

3. JOOLA Synchro Shirt 

joola synchro shirt table tennis blue color megaspin


If you want to make a statement with your style, this table tennis shirt is the ultimate statement from Joola’s high-performance line. It features a rounded neck and several Sublimation stripes that show off your style.

These Joola shirts make playing effortless, are super durable, and are designed to be long-lasting. The shirt is both fashionable and functional and sure to have you cruising through the court with your racket.

The fabric of the JOOLA Synchro Shirt is Constructed with Elastofit technology, meaning it will stretch and fit the shape of your body during intense matches. It keeps you dry from sweat and lets your skin breathe.

The neckline is rounded, so no irritation occurs when you play, and sublimation printing allows the gradient stripe design to stay vibrant even after years of wear and wash.


  • The high-quality sublimation of the print provides maximum color depth, so the color will stay vivid but never lose its shape.
  • The comfortable rounded neck and Elastofit technology ensure maximum freedom of movement.


  • It is available in only navy/lime print as of now.


table tennis shirts joola andro model joola blue color men

Material: Polyester with Dry Play/Elstofit technology. Color: Navy/Lime. Patterns: Gradient stripes. Collar design: Round

Logo/markings: JOOLA accented Trinity logo in white on the left chest and emblem logo in black on the hem. Price: $34.95

4. Andro Hayton Table Tennis Shirts

andro hayton shirt table tennis clothing megaspin picture


We need our shirts to be lightweight, breathable, and mobile for quick reaction time in the game of ping pong. Then after a long day of competing or practicing, we want it to be comfortable enough to wear around town at tournaments or meetups with other local players.

And if that’s what you want, then you can never go wrong with these black and coral best-selling Andro shirts. Andro Hayton is the shirt you would love to wear and play in every weekend. It is made from functional Dry ECO fabric, an innovative material with moisture-absorbing properties and increased breathability.

The front features black coral, and the back part is uni-colored black making it perfect for printing your name or logo on it. This table tennis shirt is the top budget pick and the most recommended unit of the Andro shirts.


  • This t-shirt has all that and more: moisture management, so you don’t get overly sweaty during a hard match, AND inhibits bacteria growth (no smell!).
  • Plus, the super quality of the sublimation print looks great too!


  • Fits can differ. That’s why make sure to check the Andro size guide.


andro hayton model tshirt back man black color

Material: Polyester Microfabric. Color: Coral graphics and linings with black sleeves and hem. Collar design: v-cut. Logo/markings: The Andro signature logo on the chest.

Price: $29.99

5. Andro Harris Blue Shirts 

harris blue shirt from megaspin main image


Andro Harris cotton table tennis shirt gives you color and comfort, with a bit of style too, featuring high contrast applications and dynamic print design on the front. It’s the shirt people notice when you’re out there playing.

Your Andro Harris shirt will keep you looking great, from hard-fought club matches to training sessions! Its shape-retaining properties ensure that you will look good year after year.

The Harris shirts from Andro are very comfortable because the active cotton fiber provides good ventilation and mobility in the game. All in all, this should be your top pick if you are looking for quality cotton table tennis t-shirts.


  • It is constructed with indoor dry intelligence fiber that has moisture management for optimal comfort during action-packed games!
  • The material is also soft, smooth, and easy to care for after use.
  • Strategic cutouts provide airflow to keep you cool on the course. Slim, double-piping details create a classic silhouette.


  • The dynamic print of Andro Harris might not be preferable to all. 


andro joola table tennis shirts blue color model harris

Material: Polyester Microfabric. Color: Blue/dark blue with a red panel on sleeves white linings and diagonal stripes

Collar design: Polo. Logo/markings: The Andro signature logo on the chest. Price: $39.99

6. JOOLA Spire Table Tennis Shirts

spire model shirt red color man main image


If you want a stylish-looking but well-performing shirt, the JOOLA Spire table tennis shirt will be your best choice! The Joola Spire Competition Polo Shirt was designed with you in mind.

This shirt features a lightweight microdot fabric and stylish Trinity design and is the perfect match between you and your game. This classic polo shirt has a flattering collar and a design that allows maximum movement.

With moisture-wicking Dryplay and breathable Meshtex technologies, this Joola polo shirt is guaranteed to keep you cool even during the most intense matches. Best of all, you can get ever-so-popular Joola T-shirts online on Megaspin even with no shipping charge.


  • The stretchy material of the shirt helps keep your swing stable while you find your groove.
  • These table tennis polo shirts also feature a 3-button placket, which gives a sporty look and makes it easier to wear when you have to undo a few buttons at halftime.


  • The color choices are rather limited if that isn’t your style.


joola model spire shirt table tennis red color man

Material: Polyester Microdot. Color: Red/Solar red. Patterns: Spiral graphics. Collar design: Polo collar with a 3-button placket

Logo/markings: Accented Trinity logo on chest and right sleeve. Price: $44.95

7. Andro Doyle Shirt

andro doyle table tennis shirt silver color


Andro Doyle is a performance-enhanced table tennis shirt suitable for elite training. It is made with moisture-managing functional fabrics.

This shirt’s Sporty v-neckline and cross-elastic functional fiber provide increased breathability and comfort. Comfortable and cool in a sporty design, these shirts are the perfect choice for an active table tennis lifestyle. The progressive design of these Andro shirts is developed by a high-quality sublimation printing process that won’t peel or fade.


  • The high-quality moisture-regulating fiber material ensures that the shirt dries quickly and is an excellent choice for training or even a workout.


  • The shirt’s short sleeves have a rather large and sporty cut, which may not be preferable to some.


doyle model tshirt silver with green colors man

Material: Polyester Microfier. Color: Black and neon

Patterns: Reflective and geometry all over. Collar: Polo neck

Price: $39.99

8. JOOLA Nightfall Shirt

nightfall tshirt men blue color


Finding an affordable and comfortable shirt for an activity such as table tennis can be a hassle and sometimes very hard. It will be easy to find a shirt that offers all of these things. All these qualities come in one shirt- the Joola Nightfall shirt.

These comfy Joola shirts are ideal for many activities such as casual sports, including table tennis, or just hanging out with friends. It is also great for traveling and going out on a date.

The shirt is made with high-quality materials, so it will last for a long time without any problems with tearing or cracking. The material is almost like silk and feels cool to the touch.


  • Heavenly soft material with good wicking properties; a classical choice for laid-back table tennis practice sessions.


  • The shirt is very easy to maintain and afford; however, it is rather a delicate item because of its lightness.


joola navy blue tshirt men second image

Material: 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Color: Navy

Patterns: Reflective all over. Collar: Insert Crewneck. Logo/markings: JOOLA logo. Price: $9.98

9. Andro Teslin Green/Black Shirt

andro model teslin green black man shirts main image


There’s nothing like the feeling of a brand-new shirt. And when it’s a table tennis shirt from Andro’s Team Line series, you know that feeling is even better!

The Andro Team Line Teslin fabric, regardless of whether it’s after a match or simply in the middle of the day, is engineered to always keep you cool and odorless. But more importantly, you’ll love the wing shape on the chest with contrast linings all over.

Pros: This novelty table tennis t-shirt will look great and make you feel comfortable.

Cons: There are only a few color options in this line.


table tennis clothing andro joola shirts model andro the best black back color

Material: Polyester Microfabric. Color: Black/green

Collar design: Polo. Logo/markings: The Andro signature logo on the chest. Price: $34.95

10. Andro Campell Green Table Tennis Shirts

men tshirt yellow and black color brandandro megaspin main image


Unique to the sport is the Andro Campell – a new line of modern table tennis shirts for men and women.

Lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric makes this shirt perfect for athletic performance during table tennis sessions or just hanging out afterward over a few beers (or glasses of lemonade).


  • These shirts are made with light, functional fabric with moisture absorption properties, ensuring you stay comfortably cool and dry.
  • Plus, these are unisex table tennis t-shirts suitable for both ladies and gents.


  • Campell shirts are ideal for practice but not always for the tournament.


andro tshirt black yellow color back image

Material: Polyester Microfabric. Color: Black all over with lime sleeve and shoulder

Collar: v-neck. Logo/markings: Andro logo in contrast on the chest. Price: $39.99

Andro And Joola Table Tennis Shirts Price

How much do table tennis shirts cost?

For sure, you want to get a basic idea about the price of these Andro and Joola table tennis shirts. The good news is both brands carry t-shirts and table tennis jerseys at a very reasonable price.

All the Andro shirts are priced at $39.99, while the price of the Joola shirts differs on the particular line.

Here is the list of the Joola Table Tennis T-Shirt Price List:

Here is the list of Andro Table Tennis T-Shirt Price List:

Where To Buy Andro And Joola Table Tennis Shirts?

The problem is that players have no idea where to find a good quality table tennis shirt. Plus, shopping for Table Tennis Shirts on Amazon means being overwhelmed with a lot of options, and when you’ve decided on one, finally you’ll see it is always out of stock!

But this time, you don’t need to face all these hassles because all the above-listed Joola table tennis shirts and Andro shirts are available on Megaspin.

Shopping from Megaspin means you get the ultimate peace of mind that you are getting legit Joola and Andro shirts, not some replicas. No wonder it’s always a good feeling when you find a lower price for table tennis clothes you are looking for, but finding that great sale can often be difficult and annoying.

If you’re shopping for a specific brand such as Andro, Joola, or Butterfly, then look no further than Megaspin. grants access to the largest selection of table tennis brands and cool table tennis shirts at competitive prices, with shipping available worldwide. It is also one of the most trusted places for table tennis gear and equipment.

So, it is a great choice whenever you are shopping for anything related to table tennis.

Table Tennis Shirt Reviews

If you’re looking for a quality table tennis shirt to take your game to the next level, you’ll want to read what others are saying about the top-rated TT shirts. Here you’ll find the table tennis shirt reviews on Joola and Andro.

“I have a lot of different kinds of shirts, but they are not as good as the Joola shirts. One reason is that they have a very good touch and feeling when you play. And finally, there is the price. They cost less than my other shirts but still have the same quality. If you choose the right size, it is comfortable.” J.T 

“The quality and the material of the shirt are top-notch, and so is the design. My Andro shirt was a big hit at the tournament. I plan on getting more of these for my team.” Ashton.

“For a good many years now, I have been looking for the best table tennis shirts to wear while playing, and finally, I got these Joola shirts from Megaspin. I like the design and the quality of the Andro shirts, especially the collar. It is not a big deal, but I much prefer the design of Joola’s shirt. The material itself is good, and it looks like it will last for a long time.” Mike. J

Wrapping Up

Don’t underestimate the importance of clothing. Playing table tennis while wearing the right t-shirt can help you improve your game indeed, and that’s why I shared this article on top-performance table tennis shirts. But, among Andro Vs. Joola shirts: which one should choose, right?

See, both Joola and Andro shirts are stylish, durable, and functional, and you won’t ever be wrong with any of these shirts. However, Andro Malton features the shirt of choice by the WTT contender Simon Gauzy and is something you would want if you are seeking table tennis shirts that a pro wears.

Priced at $39.99, the Andro shirts might feel expensive to some, and if that’s the case, then you can pick something more budget-friendly like the Joola Trinity shirt.

butterfly timo boll spirit blade megaspin sale

However, if you can spend a little more, our recommendation would be to choose the Joola Spire shirt, which is designed for competition, or perhaps the Andro shirts from the Teslin line.

Andro and Joola table tennis shirts: Frequently Asked Questions

What are table tennis shirts made of?

Quality table tennis shirts worn by professionals and table tennis champs are made of 100% polyester. Table tennis shirts made of Lycra mix and microfiber are also tournament-quality t-shirts and are preferable.

That said, there’s a reason why some of the Joola shirts, like the Spire t-shirt, are called the Joola competition t-shirt, and that’s because these are made of 100% polyester and are designed to provide players maximum comfort and freedom of movement when training or when on a tournament.

The same goes for the Andro shirts. All of the ten above-listed Andro and Joola shirts meet the rules stated by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

What to look for in a quality table tennis shirt?

Attire is crucial to your success, and Table Tennis clothing as the equipment is no exception to this. Always wear a shirt that is designed and engineered for table tennis. A good shirt will help cool you down. So choose a shirt with sweat-wicking properties and breathability, especially if you are playing in hot weather.

Here are the 5 table tennis shirt characteristics and things to look for:

  • The Material: Pay attention to the blend of the material. Most of the table tennis tournament shirts worn by professionals are made of 100% polyester. However, some table tennis tee shirts that are made with cotton blend are also preferable for training and during hot weather.
  • The Collar design: Table tennis shirts are available in different collars. From Hanley collars, round necks, and v-cut, to polo – you can find table tennis t-shirts and jerseys of different collars. But what matters is to choose the one that you’re comfortable wearing.
  • The Color: Table tennis players are known to be picky and opinionated! Whether you play casually or competitively, you may want to pay attention to the color. For example, Joola shirts from the Synchro line feature the most versatile color, while the Trinity shirts are one-tone and suitable for casual wear and a table tennis match. On the other hand, the Andro Hayton carries a coral print, which you may like.
  • The Size: You have to have the right table tennis shirts to get the best performance out of you, and your game and size matter.
  • The Price: Last but never least, what’s your budget for table tennis shirts? If you are a regular table tennis player, you need to set aside a budget for your wardrobe.

What are the best table tennis brands for apparel?

Following are the 7 best table tennis brands you can rely on for your table tennis clothing:

  1. Butterfly
  2. JOOLA
  3. Andro
  4. Gewo
  5. Donic
  6. Victas
  7. Stiga

How to choose table tennis shirts?

How you choose to dress while playing table tennis is not just about looks. There are particular table tennis shirt rules that you must follow as per the ITTF guidelines.

For sure, men’s table tennis shirts need to be short-sleeved. Women’s table tennis shirts can either be sleeveless, full-sleeved, or short-sleeved shirts. One may also wear a tracksuit in official tournaments if the referee permits.

The color of the table tennis shirt must be different from the ping pong ball and that of the opponent’s, except for the sleeve and the collar. The table tennis shirt design must not be offensive. All the above Joola and Andro table tennis shirts meet the ITTF requirements.

Finally, choosing a table tennis shirt doesn’t have to be rocket science. At least, that’s my personal opinion. If it were, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of trying so many table tennis shirts over the years!

Just browse through this article, and you will find my honest take on all 10 of the best table tennis shirts from Joola and Andro this year.

stiga premium compact ping pong table on megaspin store





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