Table Tennis Equipment List (Names, Measurements 2023)

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Why is table tennis equipment essential?

What equipment is used in table tennis?

Where to buy table tennis equipment online?

In this post, we’ll give you a list of the primary table tennis equipment you’ll need to get started. We’ll also recommend some products to help you get the most out of your game.

There are basic things you need to have to play table tennis and accessories that are not necessary but can help you improve the quality of the game.

Finally, we will suggest a few tips to make it easier to use table tennis equipment and avoid making mistakes when choosing. Table tennis equipment is just as essential as hard and valuable training. Take a look at the basics.

Basic Table Tennis Equipment List





table tennis equipment the racket thumbnail image

$ 20-150

ping pong tables cornilleau blue color thumbnail image

$ 500-2500

table tennis equipment the ball white nittaku brand thumbnail image

$ 5-50

ping pong bag butterfly black model thumbnail image

$ 20-150

ping pong robot ipong model with balls thumbnail image

$ 100-2000

The List of Important Table Tennis Equipment

You need many different things to play table tennis: a table tennis racket, ping pong balls, a table tennis table, and clothes. The racket includes the ping pong blade and table tennis rubbers.

We reviewed the best rubbers for control, spin, chopping, and more. Especially the best ping pong rubbers for backhand are reviewed in detail.

There are many models of table tennis rackets and tables. We will list the essential criteria to meet the game’s rules.

It is also advisable to have adequate clothing and footwear for the sports hall unless you play outside or backyard.

1. The Table Tennis Racket

Our primary competition means an essential piece of equipment is undoubtedly the racket.

Today, there are many different table tennis rackets, but the main criteria are as follows. It is composed of a blade and two rubbers, one of which must be red and the other black. Some blades are either with additives such as carbon. This is the most important equipment.

table tennis equipment the racket with red rubber

With rubbers, it should be said that the differences are in thickness, types, defensive, offensive, more complex, softer, and pips-out rubbers. The handle can be straight, anatomical, flared, or penhold. Racket prices range from the cheapest, from $ 10 to the most expensive, over $ 300.

Firstly, pay attention to what type of racket fits best in your hand, by which we mean the weight and shape of the handle.

Secondly, if you are a striker who prefers to play with topspins, choose faster table tennis blades and rubbers of maximum thickness. Depending on the game’s speed, you will choose harder rubbers, for example, Gewo, or play more with rotation than softer ones.

Thirdly, always keep the racket in a paddle case that is also an integral part of the table tennis equipment, and re-glue the ping pong rubbers every few months to have the full effect of bouncing the ball.

Premade Vs. Custom Table Tennis Rackets

If you’re serious about table tennis, you’ll want to invest in a custom-made racket. Premade table tennis rackets might be cheaper and require less effort to set up, but they offer far less flexibility in terms of both playing style and quality of components.

When you assemble your own bat, you can choose each part to suit your strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, side tape is placed around the racket to protect it from hitting the table. This usually happens with pimps or short balls when you can attach them, so it would be good to have side tape to make your racket last as long as possible.

table tennis equipment list pre made vs custom made rackets

Premade table tennis rackets have several advantages over custom-built rackets. For one thing, you can select the rubbers or blades that best suit your playing style.

If you find that you’re not getting the results you want with a particular racket, you can upgrade the rubbers or blade without having to buy a whole new racket.

Additionally, the overall quality of the components tends to be higher with premade rackets. This means that they’ll last longer and perform better than lower-quality custom-built rackets.

2. The Ping Pong Tables

There are many ping pong tables, from recreational players to the highest quality and professional. Also, outdoor ping pong tables have been made to play in the backyard.

According to the International Table Tennis Federation ITTF, the table tennis tables should be 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and placed 30 inches above the ground.

Firstly, the tabletop thickness, which ranges up to 30 mm for the best, is essential. This gives you the ability to have a good and accurate bounce of the ball while playing. With a smaller plate thickness, the ball jumps incorrectly and may slip. The cheap table tennis tables have a lower thickness. The tournament play table price is around $ 1000.

Secondly, the table tennis net that separates the two halves of the table is also essential. It is also part of the table tennis equipment and can significantly affect the quality of the game. There are many table tennis net manufacturers, but we will list the rules each must meet here. It needs to be six inches high.

table tennis equipment ping pong table double fish blue

The height from the table surface to the top of the net should be 15.25 cm. Also, it should be very tight so that the ball does not often end up with “net” kicks. In addition, you can also unfold the ping pong table and pack it when you are not playing, so you should keep this in mind when choosing.

Table Tennis Equipment Price of the Tables

This is also the most expensive investment for table tennis equipment and a very long-lasting one. A cheap table costs under $ 500. Once you decide to buy a ping pong table, you can have it for life if you choose and store it correctly. We have described the indoor and outdoor ping pong tables in more detail on the following pages:

Official table tennis tables from Joola Brand.

Outdoor Tables with reviews in detail.

Other table comparisons: 

3. Ping Pong Balls

Without ping pong balls, this sport would certainly not be as beautiful as it is, as many other ball sports are.

Some rules have changed during the history of table tennis, including the table tennis ball, which used to be smaller and made of a different material than today.

Earlier, the ball had a diameter of 35mm, and today only 40mm is used. The material was celluloid, and today all ping pong balls are made of plastic. Those changes happened because table tennis became a high-speed game due to the interestingness of following sports and fair play in the sense that creativity comes to the game, not just the speed and explosiveness of the ping pong balls.

nittaku and butterfly balls white and orange of 40mm diameter

In addition, there are different types of table tennis balls from other manufacturers, from cheaper ones for training to competitive ones and somewhat more expensive ones. Balls can be white or orange.

You can find training balls for $ 5 to $ 15 per pack of 12 or 15 pieces. Competition ping pong balls have a better rebound and tend to last longer. Their range is from $ 20 to $ 40 per pack of 3 or 6 pieces.

4. Table Tennis Gear (Clothing & Shoes)

The last basic things in table tennis equipment are clothes and table tennis shoes.

Some players play recreationally in a tracksuit, but it is recommended that you play in shorts and a T-shirt. There are specially branded T-shirts and table tennis shorts, but here we are talking about the fact that it is essential to play in them, regardless of the manufacturer.

butterfly shoes yellow and red one


Table tennis shoes are entirely different from others for other sports. They are made so that they do not slide so much. At the same time, your foot is light in them so that you can move faster. Soles are the most important when choosing table tennis shoes. Take a look at our reviews on Butterfly Shoes.

That’s because they are made to be flexible so as not to lose balance. Also, table tennis shoes still protect you from injury. If you play in different shoes not intended for this sport, you can seriously worsen your footwork.

What is special about table tennis shoes?

Table tennis shoes are vital for anyone who wants to play the game at a competitive level. They are designed to reduce friction and provide a good grip, making it easier to move around the table.

In addition, table tennis shoes have a thin sole that helps to prevent injuries. While other pieces of equipment, such as table tennis bats, are important, table tennis shoes are essential for anyone who wants to play the game at a high level.

However, if you are playing on a hard concrete floor, the lack of shock absorption in your shoes can lead to joint problems. Therefore, it is advisable to wear table tennis shoes with thicker soles if you are playing on concrete.

What is special about table tennis shoes four pieces of equipment

Another disadvantage of table tennis shoes is that they don’t provide much grip. This can be a problem if you are playing on a slippery surface, as you may find it difficult to keep your footing.

In addition, the shoes can also be slippery on the sole of your opponent’s shoe, making it difficult to get a good grip on their shoe for a serve or return.

Finally, table tennis shoes can be quite expensive, especially if you are looking for a top-of-the-range pair. However, if you are serious about playing table tennis, then investing in a good pair of shoes is worth the money.

Accessories for Table Tennis Equipment

The accessories that need to fill your table tennis equipment are desirable but unnecessary. It should only make your training and matches easier.

These include:

  1. Table tennis glue
  2. Towel
  3. Water bottle
  4. Cleaners
  5. The bag
  6. Ball holder
  7. Net gages
  8. Ball picker
  9. Table covers
  10. The barriers
  11. Umpire scorers
  12. The most important but also the most expensive are Table Tennis Robots.


1. Table Tennis Glue

If you choose a special blade and rubbers, you only need this accessory the first time you glue your racket. If you buy a ready-made racket, you don’t even need glue.

butterfly gluing tool clip sponge

When choosing a good-quality glue, getting sponges and a sponge gripper in the package is vital. This allows you to apply the glue correctly on the surface of the blade and rubber. Then when it dries, it is essential to use either a roller or by hand to properly distribute the rubber on the blade to keep the surface smooth and clean.

You can see more details about how to glue a table tennis racket on the following page on our website: How to assemble a table tennis racket?

You can also find more detailed information about various types of glue, their characteristics, prices, and manufacturers on the following page: Best Table Tennis Glue – Top 5.

2. Towel

In our opinion, a table tennis towel is one of the essential accessories because players sweat a lot during the game, especially those on a professional level. During training, wear a towel every time. So, between exercises, use it to wipe yourself, and along the way, it is an excellent way to take a break.

You can use other towels, but those intended for table tennis are made to absorb water and sweat better. The towel is essential for one special reason when it comes to matches. According to the rules of the ITTF, for every 6 points, you have the right to use the towel and take a short break.

table tennis equipment butterfly red blue towel

Many players and I will tell you that from experience, almost everyone does it. The reason is that even though you may not need a towel at that moment, you gain precious moments to think about the next point. It can also be an excellent tactic to stop an opponent if he makes an extensive series of points in a row.

3. Water Bottles

This is especially important for players who train a lot and are more prolonged than an hour. Through play, you lose a lot of fluids and can become dehydrated if you do not drink water occasionally. That is why, in our opinion, a water bottle is listed as an addition to the table tennis equipment.

Especially on hot summer days, it is recommended to have a water bottle with you at every training or match. As with towels, drink a little water between sets or between workouts. This will mean a lot to you at the end of the training because you have not lost any fluid from your body. Water bottles are pieces of equipment for every player.

4. Rubber Cleaners

If you want to keep your table tennis racket as long as possible, it is recommended to have a rubber cleaner. It consists of a rubber foam cleaner and a care sponge.

Occasionally apply foam to the rubber and rub slowly with a sponge to clean it nicely and extend its lifespan. Another thing is that the effect of contact with the ball will last longer if the rubber is carefully and occasionally cleaned.

rubber care cleaners with a sponge


Rubber cleaners can be found at very affordable prices, and in any case, they help maintain the racket. Consider this only as an addition to your equipment if you have invested a lot in your racket, so it would be wrong not to clean and maintain it.

5. Table Tennis Bag

It is essential to take all your table tennis equipment in your bag. Both in training and tournaments, bags are significant. To save the racket and other equipment, keeping it in a holster and a bag is crucial.

When you change T-shirts between matches at a big tournament, it would be good to put them in a particular part of the bag. On the other hand, a racket, shoes and a towel in another special part. High temperatures or water can damage your racket, and at the same time, it is nice to have a bag like a genuine athlete.

table tennis equipment joola carry bag


There are many types of table tennis bags. Firstly, from smaller ones for training to large ones where you carry a lot of equipment. Secondly, the prices are very affordable, so we recommend each player have at least one bag that they will keep only for table tennis.

6. Ball Holder

This is unnecessary, but it is nice when the players keep their balls in the holder. The same goes for a bag because the balls are wet or mixed in a bag with a T-shirt and shoes. After that, it may not have the same effect when playing.

They will last longer and always be clean if you put them in the ball holder after each training. There is another type of holder, and that is the ball box. It keeps the balls at the height of the table and next to the table while you play.

This is especially important for coaches but also for players in training. Then you don’t have to collect one ball at a time every moment. Hold several balls in the ball box and train the exercise at full speed until you have used up all the balls.

You can see an example of such training in the video below, where I train with my friend and do exercises with balls from the ball box.

YouTube video

7. Net Gauge

All the umpires in the world use the net gauge to measure the height of the table tennis net before starting any competitive match.

Its purpose is to check that the table tennis nets are well-tightened and meet ITTF standards. As we said before, the height of the nets should be 15.25 cm. So, the net gauge is placed, and see if it is correct. It’s not wrong to have it with you in your bag. For example, check the net to ensure that the height is good when you train.

net gauge megaspin butterfly

You will always get used to a good height and adjust your exercises and points accordingly. This is the cheapest addition to table tennis equipment, but it is not insignificant.

On the contrary, many matches where one point decides the winner ended with a point close to the net. For example, even happens that the ball does not pass by 1 mm. That millimeter is essential when the grid is measured correctly with a net gauge.

8. Ball Picker

These are essential products for big pieces of training. Coaches mostly use ball pickers and players who work with many balls to help them collect.

It is vital to have a ball picker to make it easier to collect the balls and keep your back from bending every time you take the ball off the floor. They have an ergonomic shape and a piece of net. That allows you to take a lot of balls off the floor at once and put them back in the box.

table tennis equipment ball picker with net


First, this speeds up your training because you do not waste time picking the balls. Secondly, you save your back and do not get tired further. They also have an affordable price, and it is not wrong to have them as an addition to table tennis equipment.

9. Table Cover

It is essential to have a table cover if you use an outdoor ping pong table.

They are more exposed to the sun and rain, so they should be preserved and covered. Table covers are not used in a sports hall where you train every day or even twice a day. That’s because you are nonstop active, and the tables are inside.

However, if you play in your backyard or don’t often play, dust is possibly gathering on the tables, so it is essential to have a table cover. Their most important characteristic is water resistance.

table cover joola megaspin

They are made of weather-resistant nylon and have handles and fasteners. Zippers on both sides allow fastening if the wind blows, thus opening when you want to play table tennis.

10. Table Tennis Barriers

Barriers to preventing the ball from going to another court are most important when the sports hall has multiple tables lined up for play. They mark your part of the field where you play. Also, they often prevent the ball from going to the following table to disturb other players.

table tennis equipment joola barriers

In large tournaments, 40 and 50 table tennis barriers indicate the brands that produced them. Their construction is usually made of steel pipe and solid PVC with foil to protect them from scratches or cracks.

11. Umpire Scorers

Table tennis would not be interesting if there were no competitive spirit and counting points during the match.

umpire scorers megaspin butterfly


That’s why umpire scorers are relatively small in size and display points and sets preferably have time-out add-ons. Firstly, they are very light and can be worn anywhere.

Secondly, when unfolded, they have the shape of a triangle that is placed on an umpire table.

12. Boosters

table tennis booster for gluing the racket performance

Boosters are substances players use in table tennis to improve the speed and spin of the ball. Boosters can be either water-based or oil-based, and they are typically applied to the rubbers on the paddle.

Table Tennis Boosters can significantly improve a player’s performance, and professional players often use them. However, boosters can also be dangerous, increasing the risk of injuries.

Falco Tempo Long Booster is an excellent option if you’re looking for a safe and effective booster. It provides a long-lasting speed glue effect without the risks associated with other products.

Table Tennis Robot (What is Included?)

The table tennis robot is included in the accessories because you can practice without it, but if you can afford to have it, it will help a lot.

Firstly, it contains a robot head, a remote device, and a net that collects the balls.

Secondly, you can set the time, frequency, speed, and places where the ball will arrive.

Thirdly, it is easy to set up and remove from the table, taking it anywhere. Besides, they are pretty expensive but worth the investment, because once you take them, you will see that you will always want to play table tennis with them.

There are ordinary table tennis robots that range from around $ 500, and the most expensive ones are over $ 2,000. The difference is in the way and the options they provide.

Cheaper variants do not have a collection net and do not have a lot of programs for various exercises. You place them on the table and throw balls from there. Their other name is Desktop Robots.

table tennis equipment butterfly table tennis robot amicus prime


This most expensive equipment and high-level models have many options and digital wireless remote controls. You can also memorize the exercise you practice and repeat it every time you train.

They can throw ordinary balls, topspins, pimps, and even serve. Who has the opportunity to buy, I recommend taking a table tennis robot and thus significantly improving their game by practicing with it.

Advice on using table tennis equipment

Here are some tips when choosing table tennis equipment to ease your doubts. In addition to our list, we think that users should also have support and advice when deciding to buy. The essential thing is cleaning the rubber surface so you can produce more spin by playing in training and tournaments.

Choosing ping pong rubbers and blade

The first and foremost thing about choosing a table tennis racket is to select the correct rubbers and blades that suit you. Liu Guoliang once said that “the most expensive blade is not the best, but the one that suits you.”

Therefore, you should keep in mind what type of player you are, attacker, or defender, and play more on ball control or pimp. Look at blades according to composition, speed, control, and handle shape. You can see more about the right racket on our page: How to choose a table tennis racket?

Of course, pips-out rubbers are best for passive players who want to confuse their opponents with the effect of shortening the ball. See descriptions and features of the best table tennis rubbers on our next page: Table Tennis Rubber Reviews.

Which table tennis shoes, T-shirts, and towels should I choose?

Firstly, table tennis shoes can greatly affect your training and matches. That is why it is important to choose light, soft ones. Also, when selecting a number, do not take the ones that are correct for your number so that they do not tighten you and do not get blisters on your fingers.

butterfly shirts usa red color main image


In my experience, it is best to take shoes half number size bigger than usual because they will tighten over time, your foot will be loose, and you will quickly move around the table along the way.

Secondly, the T-shirts of most table tennis companies are all good and quickly absorb sweat. The only thing that is important here is not to take white ones for matches because that is forbidden due to the interference of the ball, which is also white.

Moreover, towels are essential, so it would be good to take one of the medium sizes.

table tennis equipment killerspin table with rackets and balls bundle megaspin


Secondly, balls are not a significant investment, but there is a big difference between training and competitive ones. If you are a coach and work with children, you should know that they can often tread balls. That’s why you need training balls in larger quantities.

They will last longer, but you will have a competitive effect in training with them. Many players use balls marked with three stars regardless of the manufacturer.

How necessary is table tennis equipment to me?

It is just as important as proper training and warm-up. With the right equipment, you automatically raise your level of play, mobility, and good feeling. This is the equipment you’ll need.

It doesn’t matter if you play on a worse table tennis table with constantly cracking balls and a racket that is not good for your style of play. It is essential to warm up well before each training session or match not to injure yourself.

Secondly, it is essential that you do the exercises correctly and technically improve your game.


And thirdly, it is essential to choose the equipment that suits you best, which is long-lasting. You don’t want to invest money in equipment constantly, so make sure you find what you need when choosing. You will feel comfortable during the game or training with the right equipment.

How and when to use a table tennis robot?

Since this is the most expensive equipment, we paid little attention to choosing and using robots. Use it as an addition and enhance your workouts. Never use it nonstop without playing with players.

You should practice the exercises you miss in matches with a table tennis robot. The next move is where the robot can help you the most because he doesn’t make mistakes and can share balls at high speed that players can’t otherwise.

YouTube video
If you have chosen one of the more expensive robots, take advantage of all its possibilities. Adjust the exercises and save them in memory. When using it, always make sure that it is well and firmly placed on the table first. Then provide a sufficient number of balls so that the robot does not work in space.

And lastly, measure each time how much you work or the number of balls. You will always have a clear picture of how tired you are and how much you have ordered.


We hope that you are sufficiently informed when choosing table tennis equipment and that you will enjoy this wonderful sport.

What is the most expensive piece of table tennis equipment?

The most expensive table tennis equipment is the robot, costing up to 2000 dollars. If you’re looking for a high-end table tennis robot, the price can range from around 1000 to 2000 dollars.

YouTube video
Table tennis tables can cost up to 1500 dollars. Some people might think that it’s a bad investment because you only use them once, and then they’re just sitting around collecting dust!

The blade of a table tennis player can cost up to 400 dollars, but there are blades out now that top-of-the-line manufacturers have made for less than 50 bucks!

Table Tennis Equipment Measurements

Measuring your table tennis equipment? First, make sure you have the correct dimensions for a successful game.

The dimensions of a table tennis table must be 2.74 meters (9 feet) long and 1.525 wide, with the height designated at 15 centimeters or 6 inches – this may also overlap onto parts on top if it’s not too high off ground level.

The height of table tennis nets is 15.25 centimeters or 6 inches tall, with a 2-inch margin on either side to fit under the table’s surface, making them easy to remove when necessary without damaging anything else in sight. Here are the official dimensions of table tennis tables:

ping pong table dimensions and measurements blue color

Before 2000 when this Olympic standard was first implemented, most were much more significant than today. The ball must be no less than 2.7 grams in weight and have a diameter of 40 millimeters, or 1.57 inches, around its circumference.

A table tennis blade is 17 centimeters long and 15 wide, made of different types of wood to make the best quality possible. The average size for a paddle at an ITTF standard can be expected between 6-7 inch blades, but they vary depending on what type you want or need it to, such as heavier ones used by servers in exchange services matches while other players use lighter weights.

The table tennis paddle is often referred to as the “racket.” By International Table Tennis Federation ITTF standards, at least 85% must be made from natural wood like balsa or cypresses.

Table Tennis Equipment – Conclusion

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced table tennis player, we hope this equipment guide has helped you. I hope that this guide will help you understand the many different types of table tennis equipment available and what might be the best choice for your needs. The table tennis tables and paddles are essential.
If you want to improve your game, take a look at the 7 tips to improve table tennis fast page.
Remember to consider your budget, playing style, and the surface of the ping pong tables you will be playing on when making your purchase. The good quality 3-star ping pong balls are important to choose from. And most importantly, have fun! Thanks for reading!

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