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In the world of table tennis, Sun Yingsha has emerged as one of the most promising and talented female players.

Born on November 4, 2000, Sun Yingsha is a professional table tennis player from China who currently holds the top spot in women’s singles rankings worldwide.

She has captivated audiences worldwide with her exceptional skills, determination, and remarkable achievements at such a young age.

This article delves into Sun Yingsha’s profile, biography, equipment, and the numerous accolades she has earned throughout her career.

From February 2022 until the present day, Sun Yingsha has consistently held the number-one position in the world rankings for women’s singles. Her status reached as the leading player in the sport.

Sun Yingsha Player Profile table tennis playing doubles

2023 ITTF Table Tennis World Championships Finals in Durban

Sun Yingsha Won The Final Match Women’s Singles World Championship of 2023

YouTube video

Sun reached to the finals in Durban (South Africa) and took Chen Meng 4:2 for the gold medal first place.

Last time Sun lost against Wang Manyu, but this time she has overcome the biggest threat. That being said, Sun Yingsha is again Number One on ITTF Rankings.

She finished the last point with her best weapon in the game, a powerful forehand diagonal.

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Sun Yingsha Player Profile

  • Nickname: Little Devil
  • Age: 23 years
  • Current ITTF ranking: 1. st place
  • Playing style: shakehand grip – right handed
  • Height: 162 cm (5 ft 4 in)
  • Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
  • Coaches: Li Sun, Huang Haicheng
  • Equipment: Blade: DHS New Hurricane Long-5X, Rubber: DHS Hurricane 3

YouTube video

DHS New Hurricane Long-5X – PRICE!

DHS Hurricane 3 Rubber – PRICE!

Sun Yingsha Biography

Born on November 4, 2000, in Anshan, Liaoning Province, China, Sun Yingsha exhibited an early passion for table tennis.

She began playing the sport at the age of five, displaying natural talent and an unwavering commitment to her craft. Under the guidance of her coaches, she swiftly rose through the ranks, showcasing her potential to become a future table tennis star.

Introduced to the sport of table tennis at the tender age of four due to health considerations, Sun Yingsha developed a profound affinity for the game. Ultimately, transforming into a formidable player.

Sun Yingsha Biography and winning gold medal table tennis

Throughout her upbringing, Sun openly acknowledges being inspired by esteemed table tennis icons like Zhang Yining, affectionately known as the “Big Devil.” She diligently studies recordings of Zhang’s matches repeatedly.

Sun Yingsha also draws inspiration from other influential figures in the sport, including Zhang Jike, Li Xiaoxia, and Ma Long.

Sun Yingsha’s playing style is characterized by her explosive speed, incredible footwork, and exceptional hand-eye coordination. Her aggressive play and offensive approach to the game have often left her opponents struggling to match her intensity on the table.

Despite her youth, Sun Yingsha has already earned a reputation for quick footwork, mental toughness, and maintaining composure during high-pressure situations.

Sun Yingsha Equipment

Sun Yingsha, the talented Chinese female table tennis player, made a significant equipment choice in 2022. She opted for the Stiga Carbonado 45 blade. This ping-pong blade is known for its exceptional speed and power.

When it comes to her rubbers, Sun relies on the renowned DHS Hurricane 3 series. On her forehand side, she uses the DHS Hurricane 3 rubber with a blue sponge.

On the backhand side, Sun Yingsha utilizes the DHS Hurricane 3 rubber with an orange sponge. This choice grants her a balanced blend of speed, control, and stability.

Sun Yingsha Equipment dhs hurricane 3 rubbers and dhs blade ping pong

DHS New Hurricane Long-5X – PRICE!

DHS Hurricane 3 Rubber – PRICE!

Today, Sun Yingsha uses a carefully selected set of equipment that complements her playing style. A World-Class Chinese table tennis player wields a customized DHS Hurricane Long V paddle, known for its powerful shots and stability.

Her blade is paired with DHS Neo Hurricane 3 rubber on the forehand. This provides excellent spin and control, allowing her to execute devastating topspin shots.

dhs skyline 3 ping pong rubber main image


On the backhand, she uses the DHS Skyline 3 rubber, which offers a good balance between control and speed. Sun Yingsha’s equipment choice reflects her preference for a well-rounded setup. This enables her to dominate her opponents with precision and power.

Achievements and Successes (Medal Record)

Sun Yingsha’s remarkable achievements include winning gold medals in both singles and mixed team events alongside Wang Chuqin at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in October 2018.

She further showcased her talent at the Youth World Championships in 2017. Here, she secured three championship titles in singles, team, and women’s doubles, in addition to earning a bronze medal in mixed doubles.

ittf world ranking website men and women

ITTF Website NEW Rankings

The current World No. 1 on the ITTF rankings exceptional performances have also earned her multiple titles and medals at the Asian Youth Championships.

Sun Yingsha’s list of achievements is nothing short of remarkable, considering her relatively short career span. In 2015, at just 15 years old, she clinched her first gold medal first place in the Women’s World Cup. This made her the youngest champion in the tournament’s history.

YouTube video
WTT Cup Finals 2021 Singapore Singles – VIEW DETAILS

Sun Yingsha received the honor of being chosen to represent China in both the women’s singles and team events at the Tokyo Olympics.


Sun Yingsha’s titles at the Olympic games

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Sun Yingsha showcased her exceptional skills and reached the pinnacle of the women’s singles event.

In the semi-finals, she delivered an impressive performance, overpowering Mima Ito, who was considered a formidable adversary to China, with a commanding 4-0 victory.

However, in the finals, Sun faced a tough challenge from Chen Meng and ultimately settled for the silver medal, highlighting the exceptional level of competition at the prestigious event.

sun yingsha at the olympic games tokyo 2020 table tennis

During China’s Olympic Scrimmage, Sun Yingsha faced formidable opponents. In the finals of the first leg, she was defeated by Chen Meng. In the second leg’s semi-finals, she encountered Wang Manyu, who emerged victorious.

The intense competition in China’s Olympic Scrimmage served as a valuable preparation for Sun Yingsha. So, she honed her skills and gained valuable experience leading up to the Olympic Games.

The year 2018 proved to be a breakthrough for Sun Yingsha as she won the Women’s World Cup once again. This cemented her status as one of the world’s finest players. Her exceptional performances continued in 2019. Then, she secured the women’s singles title at the World Table Tennis Championships.

This triumph made her the youngest-ever winner of the prestigious tournament, surpassing the previous record held by the legendary Zhang Yining.

China Women’s National Team

In addition to her achievements, Sun Yingsha has also been an integral part of the Chinese national team’s success. She played a vital role in securing the gold medal for China in the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships and the 2019 Asian Championships.

Her exceptional talent, dedication, and consistent performance have contributed significantly to China’s dominance in international table tennis.

china women national team table tennis champions

In the 2019 World Team Cup, Sun came back from down 10–7 in the deciding fifth game to defeat Mima Ito in the finals against Japan. Mima Ito passed Sun in that precious match.

In a 2021 interview, Sun referred to this particular match as her “precious encounter.” Representing China in the Olympics, Sun commenced the year 2021 as the world’s second-ranked player.

Furthermore, Sun Yingsha’s prowess extends beyond the traditional table tennis format. In 2020, she won the Women’s World Cup in the innovative mixed doubles event, pairing with her compatriot, Wang Chuqin.

This victory demonstrated her versatility and adaptability in different formats of the game.

Sun Yingsha Female Table Tennis Player – Conclusion

Sun Yingsha’s meteoric rise in the world of table tennis is a testament to her exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. At just 22 years old, she has already amassed a collection of accolades that many seasoned players can only dream of.

She serves as an inspiration to aspiring table tennis players, encouraging them to maintain their determination and passion for table tennis.

sun yingsha and wang chuqin table tennis players from china playing doubles

Sun advises junior players not to allow obstacles to deter them from reaching their ultimate objectives. Despite the emotional impact that defeats can have, Sun Yingsha advises aspiring table tennis players not to let a loss hinder their progress. In her own words, Sun expresses,

“I try to not let one defeat or any small things influence or affect me, or make me think I’m incapable of achieving things.”

She emphasizes the importance of self-confidence in achieving success. Also, continues to impart this message to young individuals who draw inspiration from her.






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