Stiga Premium Compact Table (2023 Ping Pong Tables Review)

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If you’re looking for a quality table tennis table that doesn’t require a lot of space, the Stiga Premium Compact Table is perfect.

This ping pong table is designed to be both space-efficient and durable, making it the perfect option for anyone looking for a quality table tennis experience without breaking the bank. Check out our review below to learn more about this top-rated table!

stiga premium compact table tennis table blue color with net sheet


There are a lot of available options to choose from. But if you don’t know what you are looking for, you might end up with a lousy product.

Firstly, a poor-quality table will completely ruin your table tennis match. Even the pros have a difficult time playing on these tables. But don’t worry; in this review, I will highlight the best and the highest-rated ping pong table of 2023.

Secondly, I’ve analyzed and reviewed more than 30 ping pong tables, and the one I’d put on the top pedestal is the Stiga premium compact table. I’ve considered all factors, like the price, stability, durability, quality of the materials, composition, and features.

Moreover, the Stiga premium ping pong table got the highest average score in all the factors. Suppose you are a new player trying to learn more about this game or a seasoned veteran looking to improve your skills. Even more, the Stiga compact table might be the perfect choice for you.

Overview Of The Stiga Premium Compact Table

Looking for a compact table?

Tired of downgrading to a recreational table to save some space?

Then we have the perfect product for you! The Stiga Premium Compact Table Tennis Table is the most compact. When opened, it instantly transforms into a tournament-level table.

So, without any assembly required! It will be delivered 100% pre-assembled and ready to use. Also, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on 22 inches for a commercial-grade table. Yes, you read that right.

The Stiga Premium Compact is the most compact full-sized table tennis table available. The patented design allows you to store this professional-level ping-pong table. Also, in a space as small as any other ping pong table on the market.

However, what better way to play table tennis than with Stiga’s premium compact tables with unbeatable prices and premium quality?

surface of the pingpongtable blue color with net post

The Stiga Premium Compact table applies advanced technology. The state-of-the-art design and premium quality materials offer a professional level of seamless gameplay.

It’s 22 inches deep and 100% pre-assembled. So you can enjoy the very best of the game without hassle. Its commercial-grade pistons will keep you anchored during your most intense rallies. Win, lose, or draw; the goal is to have fun!

Firstly, the STIGA premium compact ping pong table is a tournament-level table for your use at home. The ITTF approval will ensure the tournament-level performance of the Stiga premium compact table.

Secondly, thanks to the MDF surface, the table gives a top-class bounce. The table has a sleek and classy design, complemented by its blue and yellow color scheme. It has a tournament-approved steel frame, thick legs, strong trimming, and an elegant-looking bright blue.

Assembly Instructions

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When it comes to the home, everyone wants a little more space. That’s why the manufacturer went back to the drawing board.

The Stiga Premium Compact Table is a stylish, space-saving table quickly converted from play to storage. Its 1″ top surface, rock-solid construction from surface to ground, and innovative design that converts into a fully functioning ping pong table.

Moreover, the Stiga Premium Compact Table is designed for fun, convenience, and high productivity. It is a very durable, space-saving table, ideal for small spaces such as offices, recreation rooms, and more.

It is the perfect choice for recreational and administrative use compared to, for example, the best Kettler ping pong tables. The STIGA Premium Compact Table is easy to use and affordable.

This lightweight table features carry handles with upper support for transporting and easy snap leg assembly. The durable powder-coated metal frame is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Also, the satin finish top can easily be removed for storage or to fold the table away.

Stiga Premium Compact Table Specifications

  • Weight – 310 lbs
  • Storage size – 5ft x 30” x 5ft 2”
  • Ball-bearing casters – 5”
  • 4 leg levelers
  • Steel legs – 2.25” x 1.75”
  • Steel apron – 2-⅖”
  • Post set and Stiga premium VM net included
  • 1-inch tournament quality top
  • ITTF approved
  • Pre-assembled
  • No playback feature
  • Folded dimension – 62” height x 60” width x 30” depth

Stiga Premium Compact Ping Pong Table Features

Stiga creates this table with top-notch quality product materials. The ultimate table design is convenient for all types of table tennis players. The unique features are tailored to enhance playability and deliver a remarkable experience. The super quick and easy piston-based folding system will allow you to fold up the entire table within seconds.

With Stiga’s premium compact table, you can get ready for a game in seconds. All while getting the feeling of being in a professional tournament. This table features large 5-inch wheels at the bottom of the table to make transportation easy. Along with being easy to assemble, this table also features all-weather durability. For example, you don’t have to worry about ruining your game.

Acclaimed for its top-quality workmanship and superb functionality, Stiga Premium Compact Table has been a global favorite. Its compact folding system is designed to save space and make storage easy.

Now you can enjoy perfect table tennis games right in the comfort of your own home with this sectional twist board. The compact storage depth is around 22 inches, the height is 62 inches, and the width is 60 inches.

The new Stiga Premium Compact table tennis table is an excellent option for families and playing partners who have limited space but still want a high-quality, reliable club-level table.

Stiga Premium Compact Table Piston-Based Folding System

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The Premium Compact is one of the only tables designed with the convenience of fast opening in mind. Pressure on the center bar raises the tabletop while pressure on the outside edge lowers it in one smooth motion.

Once extended to its full height of 26′, this Premium Compact table has a playing area 10% larger than the 18′ competition. Also, it is built to last until you’re ready for an upgrade.

The Stiga Premium Compact Table is perfect for home or serious players. It comes with a 1″ thick surface with an elasticity rating of 13 and checks all regulations the International Table Tennis Federation sets.

Including, but not limited to:

  • ITTF Surface Thickness Regulation,
  • Indoor Surface Table Dimensions Regulation,
  • ITTF Net & Post Regulation,
  • International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) New Table Regulation.

The table also features a lined ‘banded’ playing area to avoid friction between the ball and the playing surface.

stiga premium compact table blue color

Finally, a high-quality emerald green cloth is custom-fitted to the top of the table to finish it off.

Stiga premium compact table can provide solid and smooth gameplay performance even on an unstable surface. The heavy-gauge steel legs of the compact table will always maintain the game’s flow and transition. Even on an irregular surface.

You don’t get to see this technology on regular ping-pong tables. All four legs of the Stiga premium compact table are created using heavy gauge steel legs. These heavy-duty legs support the rock-solid base of the table. Table tennis is a sport that requires an equal amount of mental and physical skill, which is why it’s often called the chess of sports.

Stiga Premium Compact Table – The folded option

folded option of the ping pong table

The Stiga Premium Compact Table Tennis table provides you with all the essentials to get started, with a two-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. The table has all the features you need to improve your game. For example, the net for practice, a spacious playing surface for individuals, and fun tournaments with friends.

The Stiga Premium table is compact, folding, and easy to store. This table offers an integrated score counter/net post in a package with a straightforward design. Breathtaking game presentation is guaranteed by Stiga’s silky screen printing technology. This will ensure a seamless, professional play surface and offers you all the components needed to play table tennis.

A 2-2/5 steel apron together with screws enables the assembling quickly and easily. The foldable joints allow you to keep your table in top condition even during long-term storage. If you are looking for a high-quality table tennis table, look no further than the Stiga Premium Compact Table.

The Undercarriage And The Frame of The Stiga Premium Compact Table

The premium compact table is tough, highly stable, lightweight, and incredibly mobile. The chassis is strong enough to support the table’s weight but can still be handled by one person.

The compact table also features a double-lift mechanism with a double handle for ease of opening and closing. It is built with 5″ high-quality ball-bearing casters to allow mobility in any direction regardless of how much the table is filled.

The Stiga premium compact table has been made with materials like steel leg levelers and a 2.5″ steel apron. This makes it a perfect choice for tournament-level performance in some indoor locations. The self-opening and closing legs add up to the safety and convenience factor.

A polyester tablecloth with a thickness of 120mm has been installed on the table to make it look stunning. The frame of this table is 100% steel. Thus, it can withstand weight up to a maximum of 1500 pounds.

The quality material and perfect look

The Stiga Premium Compact Table is made from a top-quality material that imparts a professional look and feel while the top surface is even. The table uses an aluminum chassis and firm leg levelers, which help in providing stability and a smooth roll-on play.

The table is backed up by an 8mm MDF top which is non-glare, making it perfect for playing in public. No product description is considered to be complete without mentioning the product’s price. It is important because users may have a budget they have set themselves. This will help them compare prices as well as features, given that most people are unwilling to pay more than they need to.

half assembled blue color ping pong tabletop

This is a high-quality table tennis table that you can use indoors and outdoors. Some of its unique features include a large playing surface when fully assembled. But, still easy to stow away as it is foldable and has a sizeable rolling castor wheelbase. Also, it offers exceptional stability due to the commercial-grade piston used for closing the table.

In addition to these features, the Stiga premium compact table tennis table also has some general characteristics similar to other ping pong tables available on the market.

However, these include steel floor protection caps and an adjustable height playing surface with shock absorbers. An incredible 5″ ball bearing casters for smooth transportability and other high-quality polypropylene materials are used in manufacturing it.

Pros & Cons of Stiga Premium Compact Ping Pong Table


  • This table doesn’t require too much space.
  • Commercial grade piston folds the table in one quick motion.
  • The quality material makes the table highly durable.
  • Stiga premium tables are ITTF-approved.
  • These tables are still used in many international tournaments.
  • Thanks to the stylish design of the table, it allows it to fit into all types of backgrounds.
  • Thanks to its incredible weather resistance, you can use the table for outdoor plays.
  • Stiga premium compact tables can provide a tournament-level experience for more than 10 years.
  • The table is delivered pre-assembled.
  • The table is easy to maneuver.


  • The table is quite heavy compared to standard ping-pong tables.
  • You won’t get any table tennis blades or balls with this table.

The Stiga Brand – Overview

STIGA has a long tradition of producing high-quality table tennis products from its unique blade factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. With a rich history that dates back to the 1940s, STIGA has developed many world-famous championship-winning products. Also, it is one of the world’s most respected blades, tables, and rubber brands.

Stiga steel blades and tables are made in their factory in the Stockholm area, employing the best lacquer finishers. For more than 60 years, Stiga has improved its products and procedures to ensure that products remain of the highest quality.

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Stiga’s tables and blades are manufactured using the most advanced techniques, and the brand has a long tradition of precision craftsmanship. If you decide to buy a STIGA table tennis blade or bat, you will also become part of a unique community.

Millions of players worldwide use Stiga products every day. Thanks to the user’s constructive feedback, the Stiga brand is constantly developing new designs and features. Get the best playing experience with STIGA table tennis blades, bats, and rubbers.

However, Stiga products are produced in close cooperation with top players and Stiga’s R&D group of experienced experts. All STIGA products are tested at the highest Swedish national league levels before they are sold, ensuring that you always get the best possible performance. True craftsmanship!

Stiga Premium Compact Ping Pong Table – Final Verdict

Firstly, Stiga Premium Compact is a player’s dream come true! It’s an upgraded version of the Pro Compact series featuring the professional table tennis features that an excellent ping pong table should have. The Stiga Premium Compact has everything small-scale table tennis enthusiasts need to enhance their playing experience.

Secondly, its design and compactness will help you play with confidence, fun, and passion every time. The cost of the Stiga Premium Compact is pretty suitable for its value.

Moreover, if you want a professional table tennis table in your home, then this is something I can certainly suggest.

Stiga Premium Compact Table Price!


During the pandemic and harsh cold winter, most of us stay indoors. The new Omicron surge has put many states under complete lockdown. I know staying at home for weeks doing the same stuff repeatedly can be pretty dull.

Fortunately for us, an indoor game will keep us physically and mentally active. It has excellent entertainment values, plus the game’s challenging nature can increase your productivity rate. The game I am talking about is table tennis.

For some, table tennis is just a game. However, some passionate about it consider it more than just a sport. Table tennis is regarded as a lifetime sport.

However, that’s because this game has endless possibilities and endless excitement. For example, when you play in the right environment with your family, friends, and co-workers.

Table Tennis has many benefits. It is a fun game you can play with friends and family. Also, something that you can do on your own to help relieve stress from work or school.

Stiga Premium Compact Table FAQs

Does the Stiga premium compact table come with a net?

A premium quality VM net is added with the Stiga premium compact table. You can use this net in tournament plays.

How thick is the Stiga premium compact table?

The width of the table is 60 inches. The height of the table is approximately 62 inches, and the depth is around 22 inches thick.

Does Stiga’s premium compact table have good bounce?

The table has an excellent bounce rate. The silkscreen stripping, tournament top surface with a 2-⅖” steel apron creates a smooth and flawless bounce every time the ball hits the table surface.

Will I get a table tennis blade and balls with the Stiga premium compact table?

No, the table doesn’t come with blades or balls. It would help if you bought them separately.

Can I fold Stiga premium compact tables?

The Stiga premium compact table comes with commercial-grade pistons. These pistons will help you quickly open and fold the table. For example, the piston mechanism will allow you to open up the whole table in just one motion. You have to pull the lever downwards to fold it and pull it upwards.

Is Stiga Premium Compact Table ITTF approved?

Firstly, the ITTF approves the Stiga premium compact table. It is a professional-grade tournament-level table. The table follows all the regulations administered by the ITTF.

Secondly, Stiga products have been used in national and international tournaments for more than 60 years. Moreover, Championship-winning players endorse Stiga blades and tables.

  • Is it too hard to assemble?

There is no need for assembling. The Stiga table comes 100% pre-assembled from the Stiga factory in Stockholm.

  • Does the table have multiple cross-beam support?

Yes, the table has multiple cross-beam support.

  • Does the table have a playback feature?

No, the Stiga premium compact table doesn’t have a playback feature.

Stiga Premium Compact Ping Pong Table – Conclusion

Firstly, if you are in the market for a quality table tennis table, the Stiga Premium Compact is an option that you should consider. This table is well-constructed and has many features that will make your gameplay enjoyable. The price point is also very reasonable, making this table an excellent value for your money.

Secondly, this table is easy to assemble and folds up nicely for storage, perfect for small spaces. It also features a built-in ball holder. Also, it comes with two paddles and three balls, similar to the Stag Stealth Indoor reviewed here.

Thirdly, if you’re in the market for a new tabletop game to add to your home rec room or want to give the gift of fun this holiday season, the Stiga Premium Compact table tennis table should be at the top of your list.

Overall, we highly recommend this table for anyone looking for a quality product. If you decide to purchase one, use our exclusive discount code: STIGAPREMIUM10 for 10% off your order!

We highly recommend the Stiga Premium Compact table tennis table if you are looking for a top-quality product.

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