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This Power Pong Omega Robot review will give you insights into why you should get a robot like this, what it offers, how it works, and the huge difference between having one available for your table tennis training.

Developed and built by the Hungarian table tennis champion in collaboration with professional California-based coaches, Power Pong has been breaking the stigma of table tennis training aids and robots since 2012.

Power Pong robots aren’t just capable of enhancing your game — they’re capable of actually improving it. With the significant number of features and impressive list of specifications, I was quite intrigued with their newest addition, the Power Pong Omega robot.

power pong omega robot main picture of the heads



Normal Price

NOW on sale!



 $ 2,397

 $ 500

Tablet & Control Box

  $ 2,497

 $ 400


 $ 2,397

 $ 500

Tablet & Control Box

  $ 2,497

 $ 400

What type of customizations can you select, and how do you operate the power electronics?

Is Power Pong Omega worth the investment?

Some reviews claim it to be the most budget-friendly professional table tennis robot, but how does it work?

Overview of the Power Pong Omega Robot Specs & Power Electronics

NamePower Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot
BrandPower Pong
ControlIncludes Android tablet Or Download the App to any iOS or Android Device
Remote Switch IncludedWireless Remote control included
Oscillation spinsRight and left spins.
Drill VideosYes viewable from the app
Number of Shots Per DrillUp to 8 shots. Adjustable for each shot, speed, speed, height, and position
Memory CapacityUnlimited with 6GB included on supplied tablet (you can also extend storage with a Micro SD card)
Random Settings8 Types: Sector, Scatter, Place, Type, Scatter+Place, Scatter+Type, Place+Type, Scatter+Place+Type
Spin Settings7 for topspin, 5 for backspin, 6 for right sidespin, 6 for left sidespin.
Interval TrainingYes. You can program custom play/break periods.
Ball Frequency Range Customization5–120 balls per minute
Ball Frequency ControlIndividual Frequency Control (IFC) allows players to adjust the timing between two programmed balls individually.
Speed/Spin RangeNo spin to extreme spin
Shot TypesAll spins include low to extreme spin settings, slow loop, fast loop, counter, smash, flat kill, dead block, push, chop, lob, and serve with spin variations.
Mirror drillsIncludes the mirror button, with which you can reverse the left and correct placement of all shots.
Carry Bag1 Carry Bag Included
Balls100 3-star balls included
Ball Recycling NetOne ball recycling net included
Parts & Labor WarrantyThree years warranty, including fixing or replacing your machine
Return Policy10-days return policy

The Three-Wheel Technology:

The most important innovation in the Power Pong robot is the 3-wheel head robot design. When we asked players who had used robots with 2-wheeled heads, they always said that the 3-wheeled head was better because it allowed multiple spin variations.

Power Pong robot uses the revolutionary 3-wheel head design to simulate unique conditions. For example, the robot can deliver shots with different spin speeds and trajectories. This ability helps players practice classic combinations of shots that are otherwise nearly impossible to replicate accurately.

power pong omega table tennis robot th three head function on the table

You can simulate a real match situation by practicing a loop against heavy backspin and then counter against an incoming topspin. A lot of the training you do is based on these two things, and these can be done without any physical adjustments as these are handled by the robot.

Thanks to their increased stability, the 3-wheeled Omega robots can serve countless more balls of different drill sequences and drills compared to 2-wheeled robots.

Sturdy and Durable:

Compared to Power Pong 2-wheel robots, 3-wheeled Omega robots are more durable than other cheap table tennis robots because they are less likely to break when forced to serve fast, spinning opponents.

Having three wheels also increases accuracy because you can set each ball in a different place. Weighing just about 13 lbs., the Power Pong Omega robot is also very lightweight.

Fully Programmable:

The Power Pong Omega robots are also programmable, allowing players to develop their training plans. Another notable feature that all players would love is that the robot can be controlled wirelessly by the Power Pong app from your smartphone and the supplied tablet that comes with it. This is another of the most significant changes in the Power Pong robots.

drills conection setting of the app features

I was especially impressed with the Power Pong tablet that comes with the package, and it is very touch-responsive. It is easy to connect the tablet to the robot via Bluetooth or the Power Pong app installed on your mobile. The simple tablet bracket included in the package is also an excellent gesture that you will find useful to mount the tablet to the table securely.

Although there are 40 pre-programmed drills. So, you can create your drills and training exercises directly inside the app and share them with coaches and players. Many more helpful app features make the Ping Pong Omega robot more user-friendly, and that’s what we will learn in the next section.

Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot App Control & Customization

As previously mentioned, the Power Pong Omega includes a tablet with preloaded software that updates automatically for ease of use. You can control your table tennis robot with your Android or iPhone.

Since the table tennis robot is built to perform for a long time, the Power Pong app is continuously updated with new features and bug fix updates. You can download the app for yourself and consider reading the app reviews. Although, the gist is that the interface of both the app versions is neat and clean.

tablet functions for the best table tennis robot in the world



Normal Price

NOW on sale!



 $ 2,397

 $ 500

Tablet & Control Box

  $ 2,497

 $ 400


 $ 2,397

 $ 500

Tablet & Control Box

  $ 2,497

 $ 400

The Power Pong app provides lots of training options, which are essential for helping you improve your game. Best of all, you can set the ball’s placement just by dragging it on the app screen. If you’re investing in a robot, consider the maximum number of shots you can use on one surface. For example, Power Pong Omega gives you the choice of 8 different shots and 40 pre-programmed drills to hone your skills.

I can go on and on about the app interface and the different ways you can customize your drills. But, the mirror button is another amazing feature of the Power Pong app that I must note. However, you can use the Mirror button to alternate between right and left-handed drills, convenient for opposite-handed players.

Also, you can store as many customized programs as your device can hold and share the drills with your couch and other Power Pong players.

What is the difference between Power Pong Omega and Butterfly Amicus Prime robot?

Firstly, when it comes to Power Pong Omega vs. Amicus Prime, both the robots come with almost similar features and electronics, but the main difference lies in their price tags.

Secondly, the two robots are similar in appearance but have different features.

Power Pong Omega has an easier-to-use interface and better videos for those who want a tutorial on how it works. Butterfly Amicus Prime’s app store equivalent can be difficult at times because of its outdated technology.

Another difference between these products is the upgraded electronics-driven wireless connection instead of connecting via control box or Bluetooth connectivity like we used before with other brands.

power pong omega vs butterfly amicus prime

Omega $ 2,097.00     

Amicus $ 2,063.99   

Use the Coupon Code: SORINPETROJ and get an additional 5% discount on Powerpong.org

Since both the robots are programmable and you must also consider the user interface. In this case, the Amicus app comes with 4.5 stars out of 5, whereas the Power Pong Omega comes with 5-star ratings on the App Store.

Power Pong Omega, Beta, Delta, Alpha Comparison




Prog. Drills

SALE price



Unlim. (6 GB)



Control Box

99 Memory Slots



Control Box

50 Memory Slots



Control Box

22 Memory Slots


What Is Included In The Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot Package?

As I said, this is by far the most comprehensive table tennis robot in the market that includes more than you can expect. Here are the things and components included with your Power Pong Omega table tennis robot package.

what is included in package of power pong omega robot

  • The 3-wheel robot head: This smart ball launcher comes with three wheels that can use up to 120 balls per minute. This innovative table tennis robot can be controlled using your device. Also, it will improve your game by adding variety to your training regime.
  • Android Tablet/Control Box (if you choose the option): The Ping Pong Robot package includes an Android tablet that you can use to configure the robot’s settings. You can group drills, categorize them, and program them. The Drill Organizer also lets you set the speed and rotation of each ball individually. The table holder bracket is also included in the package.
  • Ball Recycling Catch Net: The Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot can play with balls continuously without any intervention. The catch net included in the package helps to practice your serves or with friends. Power Pong is the only robot that can recycle balls. However, the ball collection system provides maximum coverage. Just let it work, and it will maintain an empty ball tray for you. Never worry about running out of balls again!
  • 40 pre-saved drills: While there are 40 pre-saved drills and 40 pre-programmed exercises from Samson Dubina TTA, you can program each ball individually.
  • 100 Power Pong 3-star balls: The package also includes 100 3-star balls so that you can practice right from the moment you set it up.
  • Power Pong Carrying Bag: You would want to take your Power Pong robot to the court where you practice, and for that, the package comes with Power Pong carrying bag for easy transport.

Remote Control

  • Each package includes a mini remote control the size of a car fob that you can keep in your pocket while playing. The remote control is fully digitalized to start/stop the robot and change ball frequency.
  • 24 V Adopter & Charging Cable: The connecting cable and adopter is included in the package, but the machine can only be connected to 100 – 230 V current as per the Power Pong Omega setup instructions. The warranty is valid for three years for both the robot and the included parts.
  • Velcro Pieces: The package includes velcro straps to secure the robot to the table.
  • Spare rubber bands: A set of spare rubber bands is included in the package for fastening the screws of the table tennis net.
  • Wheel adjustment parts: There are 2mm and 4mm hex wrenches and black tubes included in the package. You’ll be using the hex wrenches (included in the package) for replacing and adjusting the robot wheels.

Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot Pros and Cons

Power Pong Omega roughly has the same design and features as Butterfly Amicus Prime. We also compared Power Pong Omega with some of the best table tennis robots other than Amicus Prime, like Hui Pang.

And just as every table tennis training robot out there, Power Pong also has its set of drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons attached to it.


  • Full-fledged table tennis robot, including everything you need to fine-tune your training.
  • Tablet supplied and wireless remote to control wirelessly via Apple or Android device.
  • Provides precise control over speed, spin, and trajectory
  • Can produce sidespin and all types of frequency and trajectory
  • Pre-programmed drills to keep you on your feet
  • The three-wheel drive produces realistic shots
  • State of the art ball feeding
  • Utilizes silent mode mechanism
  • Unlimited memory, recycle balls automatically.
  • Includes spare parts, 100 power pong balls, and a catch net
  • Very lightweight and comes with a carrying bag for easy transport
  • 3-year warranty and 24/7 live customer support


  • Power Pong is a better table tennis robot if you have a larger budget.
  • It does not come with a hard copy of the product manual, but you can get it online or below.

How To Set Up Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot?

Setting up the Power Pong Omega robot is easy. Firstly, assemble the parts of your robot on top of a table tennis table. When you’re ready to use the robot, fold upward the two halves of the net that’s on your table. Then loosen the ball tube, rotate the robot’s head, and rotate its legs outwards in one action.

Secondly, extend the robot’s head by pulling on it until the silver ring of the head is aligned with the silver ring on the base unit. Then tighten the knob to hold them in place. Thirdly, open the cable coming from the head and connect it to the serial connector found on top of the Base unit.

In order to better secure the Power Pong robot on a table, please use the Velcro strips included with your robot. Place the plastic Corner Brackets of the net on those parts of your table that you want to use as the boundaries of the playing area.

Set up programming

The Power Pong Omega table tennis robot comes standard with the gear motor base, screw for securing the net, rubber bands, hooks, ties, 1 set of net clips, and 4 Velcro straps for attaching it to your table.

You need to attach the Side Net to the clamp screw holding the net onto the table. I suggest you watch YouTube demonstrations to get better ideas on using the velcro strips for better attachments.

Now, You will need to plug the Power Supply into a power outlet, then into the Power jack on the side of the Base unit.

Most table tennis robots have a fixed head height, but the Power Pong robot allows you to set 4 different head heights. The heights are easy to adjust. To do this, grab the ball tube from behind the net and loosen the large black knob. You can push it down or pull the tube up to adjust the head height as you like.

Only remember to lock it in place by tightening the black knob. There! Your Power Pong robot is set up, and now all you need is to connect your Power Pong app and test drills!

Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot Price

Power Pong Table Tennis Robot makes for a great practice partner and will be a great tool to improve your game. It is the best professional table tennis robot that money can buy; this I can tell.

But how much does the new Power Pong Omega robot cost? Power Pong Omega with tablet and control box is priced at $2,497, while Power Pong Omega without tablet costs around $1,897 approximately.

Use the Coupon Code: SORINPETROJ and get an additional 5% discount on Powerpong.org

Omega’s price tag might sound expensive, but it’s a great value for a high-performance table tennis robot. These robots are programmed to do many complex shots by increasing the speed of the swing, making it harder for your opponent to anticipate your play.

robots for the future of ping pong

The best thing about these robots is that they are capable of doing impressive feats and are made with durable materials. Likewise, many table tennis club owners are now switching to Power Pong Omega table tennis robots for this reason. You can’t find the ability to control and consider the different spins and placements and the customized shots anywhere else.

Also, they provide the best warranty in the industry (+3 years), including 24 hours fix or replace service. So rest assured you know for sure that your investment for table tennis training is secured for the upcoming years, and there’s also 24/7 live customer service from the Power Pong team.

Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot Where To Buy

So, from where can you order Power Pong Omega table tennis robot? The go-to place for table tennis players out there is Megaspin, and the next option is Amazon. I’ve searched far and wide for the best prices on Power Pong Omega table tennis robots, and Megaspin always comes up on top.

Occasionally, they’ll offer a 20% off coupon, which will make their prices unbeatable. Not to mention they also have free shipping, so you know you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Best of all, there are no compromises when it comes to their products. They carry only the table tennis brands recognized worldwide for their quality.

megaspin sale equipment

Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot Reviews From Users

With 5-star ratings from every table tennis category, you’ll find many reviews on Power Pong Omega table tennis robot online. But here I am sharing three of the Power Pong Omega reviews explaining how it is a great practice partner worth the investment.


“I have been using the Pong Omega for over a month now. I love the robot, and it is a great tool to improve your table tennis strokes. It has a strong motor and is very accurate with its return shots. I have played with the unit against my friends who play at the club with a $3500 robot, and this one will play with them all day long.” Joe W.

The robot is a great addition to our table tennis club. It has been a great tool for table tennis training and matches. The sensor is very accurate and fast, and you can control it without any problems. The robot can play a lot of different games, and you can adjust the difficulty. Altogether, I am extremely happy with my Omega. I would recommend this unit to any serious ping pong player or club.” Aaron. T.

“Power Pong Omega is a joy to play on and has really improved my game – it’s a little addictive – just played 5 hours of continuous games – brought out all the old paddles and balls from the back of the cupboard; as well as dusted off the table tennis table!” Bernard. G. 

The Final Verdict

The base price of a quality ping pong robot starts at around $1000, and the Power Pong Omega robot is priced at $1,997 approximately. Given this fact, many ask if Power Pong Omega is worth the money, and the answer is yes. In addition, simply because it is an all-rounder table tennis robot in the market designed to meet every type of player’s need.

One of my favorite things about this robot is its ability to work with both the iPhone and Android apps. Also, it comes with everything, including the catching net and a sturdy carrying bag to carry just about anywhere you want to practice.

power pong omega table tennis robot remote control on android placed on the table

The fact that you can control it from your phone is a great option, and on top of that, you can also share your drills with the couches and your club members right from the app. Plus, the robot can also produce multi-directional spins that human players can’t do and not spin to the extreme amount of spin combinations that most other designs on the market can’t do.

What else might you want to wish for? Sure there are cheaper options, but none can compare with this one’s functions and the engineering, and that’s why Power Pong Omega should be worthy of your consideration, indeed! 

Why choose Power Pong?

Looking for a product that you can trust? Look no further than Power Pong!. With a 3-year parts and labor warranty, you can feel confident that your robot will last. And with our reliable US-based technical support service, you know you’re always supported. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Power Pong has the perfect level of challenge for you.

Plus, their products are made in Hungary, and the app is made in the USA. So you know that you’re getting the best of the best when you choose Power Pong.

They offer a 10-day return policy and guaranteed parts availability for 5 years. Also, their robots are always in clean, resalable condition when you return them.

At Power Pong, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If, for any reason, you’re not happy with your robot within 10 days of receiving it, just send it back, and we’ll refund you in full, no questions asked!

Other Interesting things to consider

Adjust the ball placement to random. This way, you can improve your footwork and reflexes. Also, you can adjust the ball count to 50, so every player will practice with the same amount of ping pong balls.

The pre programmed drills are great for intermediate players. Power Pong app users can share the drills and talk about their experiences. If you are in hurry or have many children in training, use the mini remote control to start and stop the robot functions.

The 3-star power pong balls are included and great for practice. The training drills are great for interval training. If you need additional drills to save, this beautiful robot has unlimited memory slots, so you can add your favorite drills.

It is Table Thickness Adjustable which means you can adjust the robot on any ping pong table. If you are using the robot at home, you can set the drills for any family member.

Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Power Pong Omega table tennis robot work?                                                  

Power Pong Omega is the new top-of-the-line programmable table tennis robot featuring state-of-the-art technology, bringing table tennis to another level. It can automatically adjust the time intervals between balls with varying spin and speed, offering you the unique possibility of performing complete ball sequences with variable landing positions.

The system also lets you program up to 40 exercises that you can perform by simply pressing a remote control button. This ingenious product comes with a rotating platform that can give the ball any spin you desire.

Whether you play against the computer or human opponents, you will be amazed at how realistic this experience is! And nothing is a more stimulating experience than playing challenge matches with the AI robot.

So, in short, it is a programmable three-wheel table tennis robot that produces any spin with multiple trajectories. It can also be called a digital table tennis robot, meaning it can be programmed to do exactly what you want and how you want to practice.

Why do you need the Power Pong Omega table tennis robot?

Firstly, the Power Pong Omega is the single best table tennis robot you can invest in for practicing your table tennis skills. The Omega robot from Power Pong is a revolutionary table tennis training gear that gives you the opportunity to practice your game. You can also challenge a friend or family member to a match using the robot.

Secondly, you would need the Power Pong Omega robot to develop your game to an elite level. Also, you need the three-headed robot head if you are a serious player. Imagine you have just arrived home from a full day of work and really want to play table tennis. Moreover, you bust out the Power Pong robot, retreat to the living room, and play a different opponent between sets of your favorite program on TV.

What does the Power Pong Robot app look like?

The Power Pong Robot app comes with a very friendly user interface to control your Omega robot. Right when you open the app, it provides you with an adequate tutorial on how to create drills, connections, and settings. You can easily connect your app with the Power Pong Omega by enabling Bluetooth.

The app will scan and pair it automatically. There are 40 pre-set drills already set up, but you can also create your own in the app.

How much does the Power Pong Omega weigh?

The Power Pong Omega table tennis robot is very lightweight and weighs approximately 6 kg (13 lbs.). So, it is easy to carry. The package also includes the Power Pong carry bag for easy transportation.

Can you share Power Pong Omega drills with other players?

Yes, the app provides a drag-and-drop interface for creating drills and training exercises. Additionally, the app allows you to share drills with other users and receive feedback.

Where is the Power Pong Omega robot manufactured?

Power Pong Omega robot is manufactured in Hungary. The carry case and power supply of the Power Pong Omega are manufactured in China.

Does Power Pong Omega robot produce loud noise?

No. The Power Pong robots are deemed as one of the best table tennis brands manufacturing industrial table tennis gears and equipment.

The Omega robot is not at all noisy. It works in silent mode, and there are no fans attached to produce any noise. The motor stops when ball delivery stops, so it is not noisy.

Is the Power Pong Omega table tennis robot battery-powered?

First of all, it is a plug-in table tennis robot delivering more powerful shots compared to battery-powered alternatives. Power Powen Omega comes with the connecting cable and an adopter, and you will need to connect the machine to a power supply of 100 – 230 V current to operate.

What is the difference between Power Pong Omega and Power Pong 5000 robot?

The Power Pong Omega robot is updated with special electronics and is a more advanced table tennis robot compared to the Power Pong 5000.

The main difference is that the Power Pong 5000 comes with a control box. In contrast, the Omega robot comes with a tablet supplied with which you can control the robot wirelessly or even operate it with your mobile device by using the Power Pong app.

Why does Power Pong table tennis robot come with an additional tablet when you can control it through the app from any smartphone?

Firstly, the Power Pong Omega comes with a tablet included free of charge. For sure, you can control the robot and customize the drills and ball frequency by using the Power Pong app installed on your smartphone, but the connection may break if you call or perform other tasks on your mobile device.

Secondly, that is why there are many advantages to owning a tablet solely for training with your Power Pong Omega robot, which comes free of charge with each package. Also, the Power Pong tablet comes with 6GB of memory capacity to save your desired drills, and also you can extend the storage with Micro SD.

How to use the Power Pong Omega robot?

After setting up the Omega robot as per the manual, you only need to connect it with the Power Pong app either from your smartphone or the supplied tablet. The tablet already comes with the Power Pong app installed, so I am explaining how to use the Power Pong robot with it.


  • Pair it with the app: Start the tablet by holding the power button at the top, and you’ll see the Power Pong logo appear on the screen. Press the menu icon and select the Power Pong app to start it. Press the “connection” button to pair the tablet with the robot.
  • Ball settings: You can set different parameters for ball settings individually and by dragging the ball on the app’s screen. You can also adjust the speed, delays, and spin with the buttons from the app setting. By clicking the “add ball” button, you can add a ball and set your parameters. You can select the “Sample” button to test your selections. If you like your test settings, you can press the “Play” button to start your exercise.
  • Adding new exercise: Press “+” on the bottom-right of the app to add new exercises. Doing this will open the menu parameters to set for your new drills. Press the save icon from the top bar to save your desired settings to the tablet’s memory.

You will find the drill demonstration video link for each pre-set drill on the app’s interface. Finally, I recommend you to download the Power Pong app from the play store yourself and give it a try for a better understanding.

How does the Power Pong Omega robot stop the ball delivery?

For example, you can start or stop the ball delivery by pressing the button on the mini remote controller.

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