Power Pong Delta Table Tennis Robot Review

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Power Pong Delta Table Tennis Robot is a three-then design robot made in Hungary. It has emerged to be the best innovation of the last few years when it comes to table tennis ball machines.

It is also quite affordable considering all the features that it has. The factory in Hungary is the sole developer and manufacturer of this technology and they also make robots for a popular table tennis brand.

The Power Pong Delta is an updated or rather, improved version of the Power Pong 3001. Some of the upgraded parts include the electronics in the main unit and the thick parallel cord that is replaced with a thin cable.

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It also comes with a physical control box from which you can control your robot rather than having to use the app for your phone or tablet.

These are just some of the great features of this robot. We are going to learn more about the robot in depth as we read through the article. Make sure you stay till the end.


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Power Pong Delta Robot Package

  • Physical control box
  • Catch Net to recycle balls for continuous play.
  • Memory slot for 40 pre-saved drills
  • Grouping feature to play multiple drills one after the other or randomly. Each drill can start with different serves.
  • 100 Power Pong 3-star balls (Nittaku)
  • Power Pong Carrying Bag
  • Mini remote control to start/stop the robot and change ball frequency (the size of a car fob that fits well in your pocket as you play)
  • Power Pong 3-year parts and labor warranty

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Power Pong Delta Specifications

  • A physical control box that lets you be in control
  • Can produce a no-spin ball
  • Pre-programmed drills
  • All spin combinations
  • 100 free Nittaku J-top balls
  • Different types and amounts of speed combinations
  • Covered by our three-year parts and labor warranty
  • Parts are guaranteed to be available within the first 5 years of purchase
  • Have a random (RND) mode/setting to make ball placement less robotic
  • 99 Memory slots for saving your favorite drills.
  • 10 cluster memory slots
  • Comes with a ball recycling net for continuous play

Features of Power Pong Delta Table Tennis Robot

Here are some of the features that make Power Pong Delta perform wonderfully:

  • Weight-Net: 20.2 lb.
  • Gross: 24.0 lb.
  • Robot Dimensions-Folded: 9.5″W x 31″H x 12.75″D
  • Unfolded: 62″W x 33.75″H x 63″D
  • Type of wheels: Three 4″ foam.
  • Power PCB is located at the base very close to the motors.
  • Power supply – External wall wart with Euro power cord & US plug adapter. Input: 100~240V, 50~60Hz; Output: 24V, 3A
  • Silent mode – There are no fans, and motors stop when ball delivery stops.
  • Spare parts/tools included – rubber bands for side nets, wheel adjustment gauge, 2mm & 4mm hex wrenches (for replacing & adjusting wheels).

Features of Power Pong Delta Table Tennis Robot head image

Playing Style

Power Pong Delta table tennis robot can generate realistic drills with various sorts of serves, multiple stages of spin, and varying speeds than other competitors’ one or two-wheel designs. It is more competitive compared to the Power Pong Alpha, Omega, and Beta series of Powerpong robots. The great accessory for combining with Delta is the FastPong Training System reviewed here.

The spins and serves have varying degrees of rotation. Some of the shots produced include blocks, lobs, pushes, and cuts.

Another good thing about this robot is that it can produce serves with varying levels of underspin, sidespin, and topspin simultaneously or at random.

Some of the people who have come to love and embrace this robot say that it generates more topspin and underspin/sidespin returns than almost any model in the market.

Distinctive design

You will almost feel like you are playing with a real human being. Delta robot will give you a thrill even as you practice with it. The Delta table tennis robot has a three-wheel design and it will give you realistic drills.

The robot achieves various speed and spin variations by utilizing the highest form of technology that swiftly twists the wheels forward or backward and raises or decreases the efficiency of the wheels.

Powerpong robots ping pong on the table assembled





The presence of a ball recycling net that ensures endless playing

The net functions to return balls to their correct location once released by the robot. They usually end up being collected at the edges of the net.

The robot on the other hand is very reliable in that it continues with the play as long as there are balls inside it. The balls will be released according to the frequency you set in terms of speed, trajectory, spin, and timing.

Power Pong Delta table tennis robot also has a feature that allows the balls to be selected at random.

Added controlling features

While you can control the Delta table tennis robot using a remote control, you can also install its application on any other Android device and modify the robot’s functionality however you want.

You can specify the number of balls to be released each minute and the robot will do exactly that.

A ten-slot memory array storing 33 drills per slot

This Power Pong robot will provide you with up-to-date features. You can choose to classify your drills and program them later. This is a great feature for your entire training session.

Another great option is a ball speed with extreme spin and speed combinations, so you can practice blocks or counter topspin combinations.

The Delta table tennis robot can also choose to play the games at random (at any time it wants and how it desires fit e.g. releasing balls with/without spin or with a high or low trajectory).

Other functionalities can be controlled by a remote

You can key in your specifications to the robot using the remote control if you do not want to use the app. Unfortunately, this robot does not support Bluetooth connectivity.

All table tennis players can choose between multiple drills or storing drills thanks to a lot more memory space.

Other Features of Power Pong Delta Table Tennis Robot

Power Pong Delta offers plenty of features to any user.

You can change the pace, rotation, side rotation frequency, and waiting time till the following ball. All of these features you can quantify on the control box.

The ball’s location on the tablet screen shows where the ball will land on the table, allowing you to decide and program each one independently every time.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you can see the ball’s trajectory, which indicates how the ball will loop and land on the other side of the table. The trajectory also determines if the ball will have an orbit or if it will come straight and right as if the opponent was striking a clean ball in your direction.

Power Pong Delta Table Tennis Robot Control Box Explained

power pong delta table tennis robot control box explained in detail

Power Pong provides a three-year parts and labor warranty, as well as a one-day repair or replacement option and a 10-day return policy for any robot from the day of purchase. Customers can return Power Pong robots within ten days of purchasing them. A 15% restocking fee will be added to the robot’s purchase price.

If your Power Pong table tennis robot suddenly breaks down or malfunctions, Power Pong will repair or replace it and return it to you within twenty-four hours of acquiring it.

It even gets better with Megaspin because they offer additional support in case you need it at no extra fee. All issues are sorted out fast and are geared towards your most gain. The parts are guaranteed to be available in the first 5 years after purchase.

The warranty however does not apply if the product has been misused or mishandled by the user.

If you are planning to return a Delta table tennis robot, ensure that it is in its original packaging and is neatly packaged, in a good returnable condition that will make it acceptable.

When comparing the three-wheel design of the Delta model to the one or two-wheel designs of other models, the three-wheel design has a great ball placement system that offers a superior solution for delivering realistic drills with different types of serves, spin amounts, and speed combinations.

You would never experience these with the one or two-wheel design robots in the market.

Pros and Cons of Power Pong Delta Robot

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the robot:

Ability to specify the frequency of ball release and to take ownership of the whole robot by being in control It is quite expensive
It is user-friendly. Anyone can use the robot, from amateurs to mid-level players and experienced players Does not support Bluetooth technology
Offers a good warranty to all users
A three-wheeled ball regeneration net is present to capture balls. This reduces the time and effort that would otherwise have been used to collect them
It is very convenient as it includes 100 balls and a cordless remote control.
Presence of the 99 memory slots that you can save your favorite drills
Easily portable
Has no fans. It plays on a silent mode and the motors stop when the ball delivery stops

Power Pong Delta VS 5000/Omega

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The Power Pong Delta is the upgraded version of the Power Pong 3000-3001 and has many similarities with the Power Pong Omega/Power Pong 5000 compared to the other Power Pong robots, the Beta and Alpha robots.

One of the main differences between the Power Pong Delta and Omega is the Bluetooth technology that the Omega has as opposed to the Delta robot which is controlled by a physical control box. If you prefer using the control box then the delta robot would be an ideal choice.

The control box’s user-friendliness makes it easy to increase or decrease the amount of speed, spin, and height of each shot and to set up combination drills that would suit each beginner, mid-level, and high-level player. All this can be achieved with just a click of a button.

Power Pong Delta vs Alpha

powerpong robots comparison delta vs alpha models

DELTA PRICE: $ 1,797

ALPHA PRICE: $ 1,297


They both have a silent feature and produce the same types of spin. Both are controlled using a control box, have the same type of warranty, and the power PCB and supply location is similar.


Power Pong Delta Table Tennis Robot Power Pong Alpha Table Tennis Robot
Has a ball frequency of 5-120 balls per minute Has a ball frequency of 5-100 balls per minute
It has highly programmed drills Has lower programmed drills
It can group drills and sequence them Cannot group drills and sequence them
Produces a high-ball speed Produces a lowball speed
The balls produced have more spin The balls produced have less spin
It allows for interval training. The cycle can pause and restart automatically and breaks can be programmed It does not have such a feature
Has a high memory capacity of 99 memory slots Has a small memory of 22 slots
It allows for service delay Does not offer to serve a delay

Power Pong Delta Robot FAQs

What exactly is included in this bundle?

The items in the bundle include a physical control box, an Android tablet that lets you specify your gaming needs, 40 pre-programmed drills for practice, a catch net to collect balls for continuous play, and 100 Power Pong 3-star Nittaku balls.

Also, this package includes one Power Pong carrying bag, a remote control to start or stop the robot, and a 3-year parts and labor warranty with 24/7 live chat support available.

powerpong carrying bag for robots


Is there a control panel included? Does it also come with a tablet?

Yes, there is a physical control box present that you can use for all your controlling needs. In the absence of a control box, Power Pong Delta allows the player to operate and program the robot using the tablet.

The tablet eliminates the need to utilize an iOS or Android smartphone to play the game. This tablet also gives you control over the ball frequency, trajectory, amount of spin and speed, schedule group drills, classify them, and program them similarly.

Power Pong Delta Review – Conclusion

As we have seen, you can now tell that the Power Pong Delta robot is superior in the table tennis world and one of the best table tennis robots today. It portrays so many features that will help you excel in your game.

It also makes a good practice partner when you have no one to train/ practice with. Power Pong Delta table tennis robot is very user-friendly, it doesn’t matter what level of player you are.

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Its high-tech and app-controlled capabilities make it the most preferred robot in the market. One of its remarkable capabilities is creating drills straight from the app. You can select a variety of strokes using a computer program that is usually customized.

On the side of manufacturers, it offers great features and modifications to them, allowing them to construct a program tailored to every user’s needs.

You can purchase this robot for just $ 1797. It could seem costly but it’s worth every penny you put in!






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