Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot (2023 Updated Review)

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Power Pong Beta Robot is a high-end training table tennis robot capable of efficiently meeting the needs of competitive players. The new table tennis robot by the Power Pong brand can be a great alternative to the Omega or Delta series.

In short, Power Pong Beta does everything other robots in the market do and more. It is easy to set up and use for both advanced and novice players, allowing you to practice shots at your own pace.

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Normal Price

NOW on sale!


100 3-star balls

 $ 1,777

 $ 380

100 3-star balls

 $ 1,777

 $ 380

Most importantly, one of the best features of Power Pong Beta is its extremely low price point. It achieves this by eliminating frills like fancy casing and unnecessary features.

The focus here is on providing one of the most affordable high-end models that still offers all the functionality of the top models with an attractive price tag.

But even so, is this table tennis robot worth it compared to Newgy Robots or others such as Power Pong Alpha?

Can the Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot be the ultimate partner for any table tennis player?

That’s what we will know in this Power Pong Beta review, plus answer some other important questions.

Additional Features of Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot

The wide variety of shots offered by the Power Pong Beta table tennis robot is bound to help you improve on a particular skill set or challenge you in ways you’ve never experienced before.

The ball feed rate of this table tennis robot ranges from 10 to 70 balls per minute, while ball placement can be adjusted to serve easier shots or test your skills. Customize the robot with different spin options to replicate the play style of a foreign champion or improve your ability to return serves.

power pong beta robot control box customization

You can easily debug your game with a built-in computer that records data on each practice session. Simply sync via Bluetooth® to track your progress over time.

  • Capable of generating heavy underspin and topspin balls.
  • Option to stop the drill at any time to take a break.
  • 50 memory slots.
  • It can produce spin combinations for every match situation.

The Power Pong Beta is a table tennis robot designed to create realistic training drills. It features a 3-wheel head that allows you to hit combinations of backspin or topspin balls with different locations. It shares most features with its bigger brothers, the Delta and Omega.

Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot vs. Other Brands 

The Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot does everything the previous robots did but better. Faster and easier programming and less noise during play are just 2 of the many improvements.

While typical robots can only deliver one type of spin at a time, Power Pong Beta can produce various spin combinations: no spin, medium, and heavy spin at a time. Higher-priced table tennis robots might have more memory slots than Power Pong Beta, but they all have the same basic features.

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Normal Price

NOW on sale!


100 3-star balls

 $ 1,777

 $ 380

100 3-star balls

 $ 1,777

 $ 380

In my opinion, Power Pong Beta is the better option because you don’t even need all 50 memory slots. So, spending a few hundred bucks for more memory slots is no longer necessary.

Specifications of Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot 

  • Name– Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot
  • ManufacturerPower Pong
  • Control features– Has a control box connected to a cable line.
  • Included remote control– Wireless remote
  • Spin maneuver– Left and right spins
  • Drill instructions– Drill videos are available on YouTube.
  • Shot count per drill– You can take up to six shots per drill. You can adjust the spin and speed of every shot individually.
  • Memory capacity – Memory space for saving 50 slots.
  • The number of spin settings– Four for left sidespin, five for topspin, four for right sidespin, and four for backspin
  • Random settings – Underspin sidespin and topspin available.
  • Break during drills– Yes, you can pause drill sessions for breaks.
  • Ball frequency– 5~100 per minute
  • Ball frequency control– Uses an automatic frequency control system that provides seamless timing between shots.
  • Spin range – Balls with no spin to high spin.
  • The silent mode doesn’t make any sound since it has no fans, and the motor stops when you end the drill.
  • Power supply– Input: 100~240V with Euro power cord / 50~60Hz for US plug adapter. Output: 24 V and 3A.
  • Power PCB – You can find it in the base near the motors.
  • Included tools– Wheel adjustment gauge, hex wrenches, and rubber bands for the side nets.
  • Country– Hungary at a factory. The power supply, carry case, and tablet is manufactured in China.
  • Wheel type– Three 4″ foam wheels.
  • Unfolded dimension of the robot– 62″ width x 33.75″ height x 63″ depth
  • Weight– 9 kg

power pong beta robot table tennis assembled at training

Power Pong Beta Robot – Other Specifications

  •      Adjustable ping pong table thickness – You can screw or unscrew the rubber tips to adjust it.
  •      Stopping the shots– You can stop the ball delivery by using the remote or the knob on the controller.
  •      Setting break times– You cannot predetermine break times between drills.
  •      Sampling button– It’s located on the remote.
  •      Application language– In English.
  •      Rotation movement– No.
  •      Controller attachment– It has a slip-on metal bracket that you can detach from the controller.
  •      Side net attachments– Comes with side net attachments.
  •      Recycling net for balls– Yes.
  •      Carry bag for attachments – Yes.
  •      Included balls – 100 3-star power pong balls.
  •      Elevation– Quick up and down movement with the help of deflector plates.
  •      Shot types– Lob, slow loop, chop, push, dead block, fast loop, counter smash, flat kill with multiple spin types.
  •      Spin types – No spin, top spin, left spin, right spin, side spin, back/right spin, and back/left spin.
  •      Pre-programmed drills– A total of 30 drills can be modified with a fully realistic training experience.
  •      Ball speed settings– 1 to 19
  •      Random settings– Doable

Highlights of the Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot 

Three-wheel technology

The Power Pong Beta is a state-of-the-art table tennis robot that can mimic all spins from backspin to topspin, push, sidespin, and spin gimmicks. Thanks to their increased stability, the 3-wheeled Beta robots can serve countless more balls of different drill sequences and drills compared to 2-wheeled cheap table tennis robots.

The Power Pong robots are the only robots capable of training the player to deal with and hit three very different types of spins simultaneously and a wide range of combinations between all these 3 spins. They can be adjusted from light to heavy and from topspin, backspin, and no spin (ZH) (known as sidespin in TT).

The minimum difference is .03m/s between each adjacent spin speed for each type of spin. A world-class player will hit any ball at speeds over 40m/s, but he will hit against:

1) Opponent’s heavy backspin or pushing shots,

2) His first push,

3) His topspin shots when they come back after the bounce.

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To deal with this situation, the robot should be set up to deliver a mix of light backspin with medium or heavy topspin shots and no spin/ZH shots. The remarkable thing in this training is that they should also have varying trajectories (depth and height), following a curve similar to the player’s loop-drive stroke.


Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot is much more durable than other automated practice robots in the market. The Power Pong Beta table tennis robot is a three-wheel ping pong machine that delivers an unparalleled array of serves and spin variations.

The three-wheel system provides increased stability and control, which allows the robot to produce more powerful shots. Its durable, lightweight body and precision-decided wheels allow for excellent and accurate delivery of balls during training or practice. It will withstand repeated fast, spinning serves.

Each ball can be placed in a different spot, making for more accurate shots. Weighing about 13 lbs, this robot is portable and compact.

The Power Pong Beta Robot has 3 wheels, compared to the 2-wheel robots. These 2 wheel robots can’t handle high-speed pace serves and are more likely to break down under too much pressure.

Power Pong Beta Robot – Programmable features

With the capacity to create 1400 different spin combinations and a variety of built-in drill programs to develop your training plans, the Power Pong Beta robots are genuinely revolutionary. The tablet that comes with the robot is just another extra feature that makes it easier to control and program.

Power Pong robots are the original, top-rated table tennis robot. Each Power Pong Beta robot includes an external control box mounted on your table or a nearby wall. This allows you to program the robot without going under your table (useful when you have a heavy net installed). The robots are also programmable, allowing you to develop your training plans and store them in different memory slots for future use.

power pong beta on the table blue color table tennis robot

Firstly, the Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot is a reliable, high-quality table tennis robot for your home or club. Taking all the rally practice, you can handle is tough, which will help you improve consistency and perfect technique. Its exclusive triple wheels convert the high-speed drive into heavy topspin and give more spin diversity.

Secondly, you can adjust the ball frequency from 30 to 70 balls per minute with an oscillating range of 300mm, making it simple to practice drills against heavy backspin and loops against topspin.

Moreover, you can drill the forehand, backhand, or even combinations of stroke techniques with the multi-level random function.

Additional Accessories of Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot 

Adjustable robot wheels – You will get additional robot wheels with the whole packers. They will also provide the necessary tools to replace those wheels with 2 mm and 4 mm hex wrenches.

Three-wheel robot head – The Power Pong Beta Robot uses a smart ball launcher to deliver shots during drills. The launcher has a three-wheel drive that can shoot 100 balls per minute. The ball launcher can be controlled with the portable remote or the table control panel.

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Rubber bands – The packages include a set of rubber bands. These rubber bands will come in handy when screwing the ball net.

Ball recycling net – It features automatic ball recycling and collection systems to provide maximum coverage and durability.

The robot can play with balls continuously without any intervention. The robot can play with balls continuously and be programmed with 3 different speeds for the forehand and 3 for the backhand, which gives you 9 different forehand/backhand combinations(27 in total).

The ball dispenser holds around 100 balls, so you don’t need to worry about refilling the ball tray unless you’re playing for well over an hour. The packages include a catch net that will help you train with your friends or partner.

Power Pong Beta Robot Control box

The Beta Table Tennis robot is easy to set up and even easier. It comes with a control unit and table holder bracket, which installs in seconds to your ping pong table and connects easily to the robot. The organizer lets you write, organize, and store drills; create, categorize, and program them.

However, this robot is excellent for individual practice in several areas, from basic shooting techniques to footwork, reaction speed and hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration, and mental abilities.

control box of the ping pong robot beta model


30 pre-saved drills – You can set up to 30 drills at any time. You can customize each drill to your liking. You can change every little detail, such as ball spring, speed, and rotation.

Carry bag – The package will provide you with a functional carry bag. The carry bag has enough space to hold the robot in case you want to take the robot with you when you are traveling.

Physical control box & Remote control – You will get a mini remote control with your robot. You can start or stop the drills using the remote. You can even change ball speed with it.

100 3-star Power Pong balls – The package includes 100 Power Pong balls. You can use these balls to start practicing as soon as you set up.

Power Pong Beta Robot Pros and Cons 

Pros – 

  • Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot can help you become a pro in no time.
  • You can learn all sorts of techniques and tricks using this state-of-the-art table.
  • You can learn how to defend yourself against all types of shots.
  • The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty deal and a 10-day return policy.
  • You can change the speed and spin of the ball using the remote control.
  • You can predetermine drills.
  • It is very lightweight and has adjustable wheels, making it easily portable.
  • You can make a wide variety of combinations with programmable features.
  • The robot comes with a set of tools and a carrying bag.
  • The machine doesn’t make any noise.
  • The robot utilizes three-wheel drive tech for realistic simulation.
  • It can produce 17 different spin shots.

Cons – 

  • It can be an expensive investment for new users.
  • You might have to get the manual from the official online Power Pong website.

Where To Buy Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robots?

Megaspin is the go-to place for table tennis players and has the best prices on Power Pong Beta table tennis robots. They’ll occasionally offer a 20% discount, making their prices very attractive.

Not only that, but they also don’t charge any shipping fees to get the best available price in the market. The point is if you want the best discount, you should check out Megaspin for the Power Pong Beta table tennis robot.


Power Pong Beta Robot Price 

The Power Pong Beta with tablet and control box is priced at $1397.00, while the Power Pong Beta with table control unit costs $1237.00. Although the price tag seems a bit too much for some, it’s worth every penny. The other expensive table tennis robot from Power Pong is Omega.

Other places you can buy this robot are the best online table tennis shops.

Table Tennis Robots Beta is the only multifunctional robot that allows you to practice with a partner. It comes with many different drills and training modes, allowing you to choose how to improve your game.

The table tennis robot BETA includes modes such as Customized Drills, Customized Drills + Spin Training 1-4 Labels for 2 Spins, 2 labels for 4 spins, 4 labels for all the spin types (topspin, underspin), 6 tags for all kinds of shots (topspin backhand, forehand topspin, side spin) and 9 labels for 3.5/2 spin types.



Normal Price

NOW on sale!


100 3-star balls

 $ 1,777

 $ 380

100 3-star balls

 $ 1,777

 $ 380

Table tennis robot BETA can simultaneously work in three different modes:

  • Practice Mode (Practice yourself or with a partner)
  • Match Mode (practice against the robot)
  • Automatic mode (the robot can switch between practice and match mode). It also includes a 3-year warranty, 24-hour local repair service, and online technical support.

So, getting these features for just $1397 is a bargain deal. It might even be the deal of the century. So, don’t miss out on the chance to get a Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot for yourself. Megaspin is offering a 21% discount offer right now.

Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot Reviews

Here are some reviews on Power Pong Beta table tennis robots from users.

“I own a table tennis club. I’ve tried many different kinds of table tennis robots, and Power Pong Beta is the best one. The shots are consistent and realistic. The machine is straightforward to set up and play against. I highly recommend Power Pong Beta to everyone who loves ping pong!” Thomas Reed.

“I was impressed with the quality of the table tennis robot. The assembly only took about 30 minutes and was super easy to do. I’ve used it for about a month and a half now, and it has been great.” Alan.

“I’ve had a chance to play with a few table tennis robots, but Power Pong Beta is the best. It has a sturdy build and makes consistent shots. I would recommend this to all serious table tennis players.” Ron. T.

Power Pong Beta Robot – Final Verdict 

Firstly, this robot can deliver consistent shots over a large range of settings with a high-quality build. As one of the most budget-friendly table tennis robots on the market today, it is easier to set up and get going than some of its more expensive counterparts.

Power Pong Beta Robot - Final Verdict attached to the blue table tennis table

Secondly, whether you are looking for an alternative to the Power Pong Omega or need something more affordable, this robot will impress you with its quality construction, ease of use, and competitive price. Plus, it comes with everything you need, from a catching net, practice ball, tools, and a carry bag for the machine. You can master all the playstyles in a short time.

Moreover, if you want to get into the pro leagues as soon as possible, your only and best option is the Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot. Even the setup process is easy. Also, all the settings and adjustable programmers are listed in the manual. So, you can follow the manual and tweak the settings according to your liking.

Power Pong Beta Robot Review – Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot accurate?

Power Pong Beta is today’s strongest, most accurate table tennis robot. It’s controlled by a powerful computer that makes learning and programming training sessions very easy.

It focuses on basic training, accuracy, and placement. Power Pong is perfect for anyone who wishes to improve their game even further or for those who want to have fun playing table tennis with friends and family.

How Does Power Pong Beta Robot Work?

The new Power Pong Beta table tennis robot will take your game to the next level. Using multi-wheel technology, this robot can place the ball anywhere on the table with different spins. For example, the round platform also has wheels that provide backspin, topspin, and right and left sidespin.

This programmable robot also lets you store up to 30 different exercises, meaning you can now play challenge matches with a friend or the computer. You’ll be amazed by how much this ingenious product can improve your skills!

How can Power Pong Beta Robot improve your skills?

With the Power Pong table tennis robot, you can practice with one of our custom-made drills, have a long rally, practice against spinners and thieves, or even play a match. The robot’s sturdy design, excellent ball control, and precisely calibrated springs ensure consistent ball control.

Play against the robot by yourself or with friends. Whether you need to drill your forehand loop against heavy backspin or improve your forehand drive VS side spin, you can use the Power Pong Beta robot to enhance all aspects of your game.

The best part is to sharpen and refine your skills on your time. Imagine you have just arrived home from a full day of work and want to play table tennis.

How much does the Power Pong Beta Robot weigh?

Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot weighs 9 kg. You will get a carry bag with it, making transportation relatively easy.

Where is the Power Pong brand located?

The Power Pong company is located in Hungary. All the main components of the Power Pong Beta Robot are manufactured in Hungary, except for the power supply and carry bag. Those are made in China.

Does the Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot make any noise during drills?

Firstly, the Beta Table Tennis Robot doesn’t make any noise.

Secondly, it doesn’t have any fans like the other drill robots.

Moreover, the gears and types of equipment inside the main machine are always in stealth mode.

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