Power Pong Alpha Table Tennis Robot (2023 Review & Buying Guide)

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Today this article will discuss the Power Pong Alpha, a table tennis robot that will give you a wonderful and anticipated real experience during your play.

It is the updated version of Power Pong 2001. It has updated electronics in the main unit, and the thick parallel cords are replaced with thinner cables, unlike the Power Pong 2001, making it superior to it.

Power Pong Alpha is a table tennis robot with three wheels and has similar features as the Power Pong Beta, Delta, and Omega. It is, however, the cheapest option among the four.

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Technology is the most significant aspect of our everyday life. It has also touched our sporting/gaming life and had an immense effect on the positive side.

Power Pong robots are made in a Hungarian factory that manufactures table tennis robots for a famous table tennis brand. They are then maintained and supported by a reliable USA-based technical support service company.

Let’s begin by looking at the robot’s specifications.

Power Pong Alpha Specifications

These are the comparable features and specifications that include:

  • Physical control box.
  • 12 pre-saved drills.
  • 22 Memory slots for saving your favorite drills.
  • A net to recycle balls for continuous play.
  • Mini remote control to start/stop the robot and change ball frequency.
  • 100 Power Pong 3-star balls (sizeable enough to put in your pocket when playing).
  • Automatic Frequency Control.
  • Have a random (RND) mode/settings to make ball placement less robotic.
  • Covered by Power Pong’s three-year parts and labor warranty.
  • Robot Price: OLD – $ 1,797.00 NEW Lower Price – $ 1,297.00 on Megaspin

Features of Power Pong Alpha

Power Pong Alpha table tennis robot can perform highly because of its superb features and the specifications it offers. These features make it distinguishable and enable it to give unique playing characteristics that will take your skills to another level. Below are the features:

power pong alpha control box and customization





  • Weight, Net/Gross: 20.2 lb./24.0 lb.
  • Robot Dimensions: Folded – 9.5″W x 31″H x 12.75″D
  • Unfolded: 62″W x 33.75″H x 63″D
  • Type of wheels: Three-inch foam.
  • Power PCB: located at the base, very close to motors.
  • Power Supply: external wall wart with Euro power cord & US plug adapter. Input: 100~240V, 50~60Hz; Output: 24V, 3A
  • Silent Mode: there are no fans, and motors stop when ball delivery stops.
  • Spare Parts/Tools Included: rubber bands for side nets, Wheel Adjustment Gauge, 2mm & 4mm Hex Wrenches (for replacing & adjusting wheels).
  • Topspin Combinations: Up to 6 balls with different types and amounts of spin, speed, trajectory, and placement can be set with each drill.
  • It can produce a no-spin ball.
  • Pre-programmed drills are included and can be changed or adjusted.

In addition to the 12 already loaded exercises, they offer you a custom-designed set of drills that match your specific requirements. The manufacturers at Power Pong are always ready to assist you, even as you start with your new Power Pong Alpha table tennis robot.

Power Pong Alpha Robot – Playing Style

This robot creates complex training drills that involve a serve, return of serve, and a combination of ping pong balls with no spins, underspin, sidespins, and topspins combinations.

It can store up to 22 of your favorite drills, making it easy to get the practice you need. The Alpha also comes with 6 pre-programmed training drills, so you can start improving your game immediately. With its adjustable ball speed and spin, the Alpha table tennis robot is perfect for players of all skill levels.

Types of shots that Alpha can produce:

  • Side spin serve
  • Long underspin push
  • Topspins
  • Lobs one with underspins and topspins
  • Right sidespin
  • Top/Left spin
  • Top/Right spin

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About Power Pong Robots & Warranty

The idea of ping pong robots was implemented by a famous USATT Hall of Famer and former national champion named Attila Malek. He was a professional table tennis player in Hungary who moved to the USA in 1978.

He became part of the US national team in the 1980s and is now a professional table tennis coach in Costa Mesa, California. Attila Malek exports the Power Pong robots from Hungary every year.

Power pong robots all come with a warranty that covers three years for each of the three-wheel designs and other features like a 10-day return policy.

Three years parts and labor warranty

Its warranty covers the first three years, including a 1-day fix or replacement service. If your robot gets spoilt, Power Pong will fix or replace your machine and send it back to you within 24 hours of receiving it.

The labor warranty features, however, do not cover the mishandling of the product.

power pong alpha table tennis robot warranty and site support

10-day return policy

Power Pong robots can be returned within ten days after the date of purchase. However, a restocking fee of 15% of the robot’s price will be included. You must ensure that the returned robot is in the proper condition and its original packaging bag.

Megaspin offers additional warranty support to resolve your issues in the shortest time possible and offers great benefits. It is supported by reliable US stores and companies such the as Powerpong Official website.

Comparison with the same robot brands

There is not much difference between power pong alpha and omega/delta. The main differences are that Alpha has a maximum of 6 balls per drill while Omega and Delta have capacities of up to 8 balls per drill.

Alpha has a smaller memory space than the other two, but you can still store up to 22 of your favorite drills. Power Pong offers 3 years of warranty and full support.

Also, among the three, Alpha is the cheapest of them all. Power Pong Delta is a bit expensive. All of them are supported by reliable us ping pong companies.

Power Pong Alpha VS. Delta & Omega

comparison of powerpong robots with the same brand


ALPHA – $ 1,297.00

DELTA – $ 1,797.00

OMEGA – $ 1,947.00

Comparison with other robot brands

The distinguishable characteristic between the two is that the Alpha robot can produce spin combinations while Amicus Start produces only one type of spin at a time.

Butterfly Amicus Expert is the best robot in the Amicus series as it offers plenty of advantages to the player. The Alpha robot has 12 pre-installed drills, and you can save up to 22 of your favorites, while Amicus Expert allows up to 99 drills. It also has a more significant memory compared to Power Pong Alpha.

On the brighter side, the other features and quality of shots are just the same in both.

Butterfly Amicus Start VS. Power Pong Alpha

Butterfly Amicus Start VS Power Pong Alpha ping pong robots comparison

When it comes to complex training drills involving different types and amounts of spin, speed, trajectory, and placement, the Power Pong Alpha is far superior to the Butterfly Amicus Start.

With 22 memory slots for saving drills, you can call up your favorite routines with the touch of a button. Moreover, the mobile device choice makes it easy to adjust settings on the fly.

However, the Butterfly Amicus Start might be a better choice if you are looking for a simple interface and don’t need all the bells and whistles. It can accommodate up to 6 balls per drill, with left-right placement changing for each ball.

The control box also works with wireless control, and you can choose memory slots to save the drills.

Butterfly Amicus Expert VS. Power Pong Alpha

Butterfly Amicus Expert VS Power Pong Alpha ping pong robot comparison

The Power Pong Alpha has a much lower price than the Butterfly Amicus Expert, with a wide variety of features. The recycling net allows continuous play, and the 100 Power Pong 3-star balls are great for practicing.

The quality of shots is just as good as the Expert, but the Alpha can produce spin much better. If you want to save money, then the Power Pong Alpha is the robot for you.

With 12 pre-saved drills and 100 Power Pong 3-star balls, the Alpha also comes with a carrying bag – making it the perfect ping pong robot for players of all levels.

powerpong carrying bag

Other features of Power Pong Alpha Table Tennis Robot

It can produce good quality and a variety of spins. With so many features, it can create spin combinations for all players. The ball recycling net will help you to pick up all the balls at every training. This way, you can concentrate on practicing skills and ball placement on every part of the table tennis table.

Power Pong Alpha can generate a variety of spins. It can also produce many spins, which can be applied to each ball; it could be up to even 10 balls. Both the Delta and Alpha have Power Pong, Carrying Bag.

All this is accomplished by the three-wheel design similar to the butterfly Amicus series of robots. Their unique design ensures they are accurate, precise, and adjustable. Alpha has less memory space than Power Pong Omega, but it can still create complex training drills.

They can also use fireballs without spinning the ball task that not many robots can do. This makes you feel like you are competing against a strong human opponent. Omega models have more topspin combinations and pre-programmed drills.

Bluetooth phone app with the latest technology

This is the only feature that distinguishes it from other ping pong robots in the series (the 2001 and 3001 makes).

Before this technological advancement, you could use the control box to set up exercises. Today, you can use your smartphone to modify each ball in every single drill for complete control of your conditioning program.

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You can customize all the table tennis balls individually. You can even design exercises using a total of 12 balls with different speeds, spins, trajectories, and positions than other balls.

With this robot, you can store as many drills as you like in just one of them. The support is continuously working on adding new drills and upgrades.

This is how it works: choose a ball number and slide it on your screen to your desired location, then change the pace and spin according to your requirements. You can now comfortably begin your play.

The app has a simple labeling and tagging system that makes it easier to search and identify the drills you would like to work on. You can even share these drills with others via phone, maybe your teammates or trainees.

A team in the US develops and updates it regularly, making it compatible with Android and Apple applications.

It has the most sophisticated control boxes for training.

You can still use the advanced control box if the mobile tech is too complex. This, however, is quite limiting as it does not provide the same amount of customization and drill storage as the mobile phone’s Bluetooth technology.

However, it can store a few drills, which is better than none.

Power Pong Alpha Pros and Cons

Offers a three-year warranty and a one-day policy of repair or replacement It is quite expensive
A large number of drills can be stored in the mobile application Lack of “human touch,” especially while playing
It comes pre-installed with 12 drills and can add more if necessary.
You can control every ball’s pace, rotation, and positioning.
Balls may be recycled endlessly with the high-quality ball recycling net.
You get 100 free 3-star Power Pong balls when you buy the robot.

The Power Pong Alpha is a new robot that can generate various spin speeds and combinations, making it an excellent tool for improving your game. It has memory slots for saving all the drills you plan to practice.

It has an excellent warranty, and the updated electronics make it very user-friendly. The catch net is a great addition, as it allows you to recycle balls without having to stop and retrieve them manually.

In comparison to other brands Alpha can produce spin at a much higher level. Another great thing is the technical support service from all the customers.

The Power Pong Alpha is an excellent choice for serious table tennis players who want to take their game to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Power Pong Alpha Ping Pong Robot complex to assemble?

No, it is not complex to assemble. There is no assembly required for this robot. The Power Pong Alpha thrives in this area. In addition, it is suitable for all table tennis tables, including convertible top tables.

Firstly, Alpha is sent pre-assembled. It also boasts a convenient fold-down design for simple storage and traveling. Furthermore, it is simple to put up, take down, keep, and move, which is a significant bonus.

Secondly, it also matches all conventional ping pong tables, another significant benefit. This makes it very straightforward and guarantees that all customers are delighted.

Would you recommend this robot to someone?

Yes, 100%. To be quite honest, if you are searching for a one-time investment robot you expect to give you a positive outcome in your table tennis game, then this robot would be the ideal choice. For example, it provides the player with great flexibility and is particularly well-suited for rough play (attacking).

The robot’s primary role is to release the balls, but you remain in control of every other game aspect. You can develop your strokes, abilities, and positioning schemes, reduce/increase speed, and control the amount and type of spin. Other cheaper ping pong robots from under $ 500 are available on this page.

Additionally, it goes with a one-year guarantee to ensure you are never dissatisfied, which is fantastic! So if table tennis is your sport, this robot will provide you with all you need.

What kind of table tennis rackets does this robot come with?

Because this robot is a single piece and does not come with any rackets, you should look at the Best Tournament Table Tennis Rackets Review if you want high-quality ping pong paddles. Aside from that, this robot includes all of the vital components.

The package includes a swing ball launcher, a recycling net system with side netting to trap your rebounds and recover balls for non-stop action, an analog control center, four dozen orange Robo-Balls from 60mm, a Setup DVD, and a Training Manual, among other things.

Will this robot become unresponsive after a long period of use?

No, it won’t. First, Alpha has high-quality materials, which ensure its durability. This means that it is designed to endure for a long time and not be affected by minor wear and tear.

Secondly, the machine is constructed in such a manner that it may be used for extended periods while still providing you with the finest possible experience and without causing you any trouble.

Power Pong Robots also come with a one-year guarantee term, which is fantastic for ensuring a positive client experience. As a result, I would say that you’ll never have to be concerned about the lifetime of this robot whatsoever since it has been designed to endure.

Power Pong Alpha Review – Conclusion

Generally, several advantages come with having a table tennis robot for personal use. It means you do not need someone for your practice sessions; you can only work comfortably with the robot.

Alpha table tennis robot is also great because it ensures that your training continues even when no human opponent exists. You can train anytime after school, during the holidays, or on weekends.

It is also cheaper than hiring or having a personal coach. For example, you should be prepared to pay from 15 to 30 Euros in France if you want a personal trainer.

power pong alpha ping pong robot assembled to the table for playing





Power Pong Alpha robot is just as intelligent as any human; you will enjoy most parts of the game. It comes with great features, as we have seen, and will not disappoint you at any given time.

The manufacturers demonstrate their care towards their customers by ensuring they can use the Power Pong Alpha in the long term and availing them of a genuine warranty and a 10-day return policy if it spoils.

Moreover, if you are looking to own one, go for it before it is too late! You can have a discount on both sites.

The Power Pong Alpha is a great robot for intermediate to advanced players. If you are an experienced player and are looking for a challenging robot, the Power Pong Alpha is worth considering. It is worth every penny that will come out of your pocket!






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