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Pigeons Playing Ping Pong (PPPP) is a dynamic and exhilarating funk band that has been captivating audiences with their high-energy performances and infectious grooves. Formed in 2009, the Baltimore-based quartet has gained a dedicated fan base and a reputation for their electrifying live shows. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, exploring their music, unique style, frequently asked questions, and why they have become a must-see act in the music scene.

  1. The Origins and Musical Style of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong: a. Formation and Early Days b. Influences and Genre Fusion c. Signature Sound and Jam Band Aesthetics
  2. Exploring Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s Discography: a. Studio Albums and EPs b. Notable Songs and Fan Favorites c. Evolution of Sound and Musical Growth
  3. The Unforgettable Live Experience: a. Energetic Performances and Audience Engagement b. Improvisational Jams and Extended Sets c. Memorable Moments and Showmanship
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pigeons Playing Ping Pong: a. How did Pigeons Playing Ping Pong get their name? b. Who are the members of the band? c. What sets PPPP apart from other funk bands? d. How does the band approach songwriting and improvisation? e. What is the significance of their fanbase, known as the “Flock”?
  5. The Impact and Influence of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong: a. Community Building and Flock Culture b. Contributions to the Funk and Jam Band Revival c. Collaboration and Cross-Pollination with Other Artists
  6. Pigeons Playing Ping Pong: A Must-See Act: a. Why You Should Attend a Live Show b. Connecting with the Band and the Flock c. What the Future Holds for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Tour 2023

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is known for their extensive touring schedule, bringing their electrifying performances to venues across the United States and beyond. The band’s tour schedule for 2023 promises to be an exciting journey for fans. With their infectious energy and improvisational jams, attending a Pigeons Playing Ping Pong concert is a fantastic way to experience their music firsthand. Keep an eye out for tour dates in your area and make sure to grab your tickets early, as their shows tend to sell out quickly.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Setlist

One of the things that makes Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s live shows so exhilarating is their diverse and ever-changing setlists. The band takes pride in curating unique and engaging performances, blending fan favorites with deep cuts and surprises. While their setlists vary from show to show, you can expect a mix of their original compositions, extended improvisational jams, and occasionally, creative covers of well-known songs. Each concert offers a different musical experience, making it exciting for both longtime fans and newcomers.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Live

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong truly comes alive on stage. Their live performances are characterized by their infectious energy, engaging stage presence, and ability to connect with the audience. The band members feed off the crowd’s enthusiasm, creating a symbiotic relationship that results in an electric atmosphere. From the captivating guitar solos to the tight rhythm section and the charismatic stage banter, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong delivers an unforgettable live experience that leaves fans wanting more.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – Psychology Vinyl

“Psychology” is one of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s most critically acclaimed albums, released in 2016. The album showcases the band’s funky and high-energy sound, featuring catchy melodies and impressive musicianship. The vinyl edition of “Psychology” is a prized possession for many fans and collectors. With its vibrant artwork and pristine audio quality, the vinyl version allows listeners to immerse themselves fully in the band’s music and appreciate the album in a tangible and nostalgic format.

Greg Ormont Wife

Greg Ormont, known for his charismatic stage presence and lead vocals in Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, keeps his personal life relatively private. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no public information available about Greg Ormont’s marital status or his wife, if he is married. The focus remains on the band’s music and their performances rather than the personal lives of individual members.

Greg Ormont Age

Greg Ormont, born on December 8, 1988, is currently in his early thirties. Known for his vibrant personality and dynamic stage presence, Greg brings an infectious energy to Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s performances. His youthful exuberance and passion for music contribute to the band’s lively and engaging live shows.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Tickets

Securing tickets to a Pigeons Playing Ping Pong concert can be highly sought after due to their dedicated fan base and reputation for energetic performances. Tickets are typically available through various outlets, including the band’s official website, ticketing platforms, and authorized resellers. Due to the band’s popularity, it is advisable to purchase tickets as soon as they become available to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness their incredible live shows.

Pigeon Ping Pong

“Pigeon Ping Pong” is a playful reference to the band’s name, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. While the term itself does not have a specific meaning related to the band, it has become a humorous phrase used by fans and within the Pigeons Playing Ping Pong community. It embodies the lighthearted and fun-loving spirit that the band brings to their music and performances. The phrase is often seen on fan-made merchandise or used as a playful hashtag on social media to celebrate the band’s unique and vibrant presence in the music scene.


Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s fusion of funk, rock, and jam band aesthetics has propelled them to the forefront of the live music scene. Their electrifying performances, memorable melodies, and infectious energy make them a must-see act for music enthusiasts of all genres. Through their dedication to their craft and their connection with their fanbase, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong continues to redefine what it means to be a modern funk band. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to their music, attending a PPPP concert guarantees an unforgettable experience that will leave you craving more. So, join the Flock, immerse yourself in the funky vibes, and get ready to groove to the infectious beats of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong.


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