Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot (2023 Review)

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Is the Paddle Palace S4W pro robot worth consideration? This Paddle Place S4W Pro table tennis robot review will give you a complete insight into this table tennis machine so you can make an informed decision.

In the world of table tennis, robots are a dime a dozen. So who wouldn’t want their table tennis robot? Featuring a 3-minute setup time and a speed of 110mph, the S4W Pro robot is one of the fastest in its price range. So no wonder you’ll get tons of Paddle Palace S4W reviews, but most of them are not direct to the facts.

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How does this table tennis robot differ from other brands?

What are the programming options?

What type of customizations can you choose, and how does it operate?

Plus, this in-depth writing is pure gold for all table tennis enthusiasts because you’ll also know how the Paddle Palace Pro S4W table tennis robot compares with Newgy robots and Amicus Start, Prime, and every type you can think about.

Overview of the Paddle Palace Robot Specs & Power Electronics

  • Name – Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot
  • Brand – Paddle Palace
  • Type – Fully programmable 4-wheel head standing table tennis robot
  • Control Touch-based remote control box with LCD screen
  • Oscillation spins – Fully programmable with various spins
  • Random Settings – 3 Types: Random sequence, pre-programmed sequence,  or you can program your own.
  • Ball Frequency – 25/95 balls per minute
  • Max Ball speed – 110mphSpeed/Spin Range – No spin to extreme spin
  • Shot Types – All spins include low to extreme spin settings, slow loop, fast loop, counter, smash, flat kill, dead block, push, chop, lob, and serve with spin variations
  • Additional Balls – 120 Nittaku 40+ balls included
  • Ball Recycling Net – 1 ball recycling net included
  • Side Net Attachments – Yes
  • Parts & Labor Warranty – 1-year limited warranty
  • Return Policy – 30 days return policy

What is Paddle Palace S4w Pro?

Paddle Palace S4W Pro is a four-wheel head table tennis robot that stands by itself and is fully programmable, allowing you to enjoy all the features you expect from a pro-level automated table tennis robot.

This robot gives aspiring players many advantages. Use it with other players, or improve your skills by playing against a robot with four independently programmable heads.

best table tennis robot characteristics and info about using


This advanced table tennis robot lets you play a seamless combination of topspin and underspin (or sidespin and no-spin) shots in any practice sequence or pick any of the sequences from the 30 pre-programmed demos. Combine these shots with different throw speeds to create unlimited imaginative practice options!

This exciting four-head table tennis robot is even more versatile than two-head or three-head robots. S4W also comes with a net recycling system so that you don’t need to pick the ball. With faster wheels, the ability to program more playing options, and additional memory to save drills and sequences, the S4W Pro is easier than ever to use.

Paddle Palace S4W Durability

What’s more, the Paddle Palace S4W table tennis robot is designed to last! It’s been designed to stand up to the frequent club and home use rigors. This self-standing table tennis robot is also portable and comes complete with an easy-to-use control box attached to the table.

Just unpack it, plug it in, and play. The robot is ready to use from the moment you unbox and plug it in! It also includes a convenient control box so you can easily watch and control your play sequences from the end of the table.

Having a Paddle Palace S4W Pro table tennis robot provides you with many benefits. But best of all, it becomes a perfect opponent that can test your skills under pressure and make your game more enjoyable.

How Does Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Work?

Here’s an overview of the technology of the Paddle Palace S4W Pro table tennis robot.

The 4-wheel head: S4W features two rotating heads with 2 separately programmable throw wheels. You have the option to use only one head or both heads to produce different practice patterns. Each S4W Pro head can be programmed to perform a separate function.

YouTube video


You can set one head to reproduce a realistic serve that first hits the robot side of the table, just like a human serve. Then you can use the 2nd robot head to add volleys. While one head produces topspin balls, the other can produce underspin balls. Once you select the desired spin, frequency, and speed for each head, the robot will deliver each ball to the correct landing spots specified by the user.

Ball capacity: The ball capacity of the S4W Pro is 95 balls per minute (110mph), with adjustments for up to 10 levels. The balls are recycled automatically as they come with net recycling.

Ball feeding mechanism: The Paddle Palace S4W Pro robot comes with the ball catching net and a collecting net that automatically feeds the balls to the feeding tube.

Operation: Paddle Place S4W is a plug-in table tennis robot with the required connecting cables and the required adaptor. This robot should be powered by 120.

Pre-set and random sequence mode: S4W comes packed with 30 pre-saved sequences. In addition, you can also choose the “sequence in random” function that allows S4W to pick any of the 30 sequences and rearrange the serving for a new sequence. But what’s worth considering is that the S4W can produce over 60,000 various kinds of serving sequences when you choose the “random” sequence function.

Remote control box parameters:

The S4W Pro robot can be easily configured via the controller box situated on the player’s end of the table. The simple design of the controller box makes it easy to adjust and tweak settings such as spin, speed, frequency, and many more functions.

paddle palace s4w table tennis robot control box with all the functions explanation

Best of all, it’s touch-based, meaning the controller box is equipped with a very intuitive LCD touch-screen and menu-based functions.

A variety of serves or shot sequences can be selected, as well as ball speed, degree of spin, and frequency of delivery, along with several different play patterns.

You can also adjust the frequency of ball delivery and the length of time you want to practice a sequence. Landing spots for the delivered balls can also be adjusted to make it easier to practice different techniques.

How To Set Up The Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot?

The Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot is fully assembled and ready to play right out of the box. No tools are required! Take it out of the box, place it on the table, slip the net, and you’re good to go!

Assembling the net: When it comes to assembling the net, you can follow the basic procedure of just about any table tennis robot. S4W comes packed with the required hardware for net support and attachment.

To assemble the Ball Catch Net:

  • Unlock the buckle holding the Ball Catch Net together.
  • Unfold the Ball Catch Net about 45 degrees and carefully slip it over the robot’s head.
  • Insert the pin into the connector located on the S4W robot’s frame.
  • Open and spread out the net completely.
  • Unlock the wheels and carefully roll the robot to the table.
  • Slip in the sleeves of the net over the support clamps attached to the table.
  • Pull on the elastic band running across each support knob, locking them in place.

Adjusting the head angle and height: Although you can choose the landing spots of the balls delivered via the control box, you can also adjust the heights and angles of each of the heads of the S4W Pro. All you need to do is loosen the silver head angle lock knob and adjust the head angle by rotating it. Tighten the knob when you have your desired height and angle adjustments.

assembling the robot instructions 5 steps

Powering Up:

S4W has the required power cords and needs to be powered by 120 V. Plug in the power cord to the outlet securely and switch on the robot by pressing the switch at the robot’s backside.

Connecting the Control Box: Fasten the control panel bracket to the table and insert the control panel. Plug your robot’s cable into the jack on the control panel. When you switch on the power supply, you’ll see that the LED lights up. The LED screen of the S4W control box is menu-based and very intuitive (I have already explained, though).

Switching Off The Robot: When not in use, switch off the robot by pressing the on/off switch located on the robot’s backside. Your S4W Pro table tennis robot is also portable, and it rolls easily to and from the table when you need to put it away for storage or travel. Fold the ball catch net, lose the buckles, unlock the wheels, and roll it away – and that’s all it requires.

There! You are all set to practice with your S4W Pro table tennis robot. You can also read the Paddle Palace S4W Pro’s instruction manual to learn how to set up this table tennis robot. The buyers also have a quick start guide on the bottom of the SW4 Pro’s control box. I suggest you watch the YouTube demonstration if you feel like it.

Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot Control & Customization & Setting Drills

Not only does the S4W Pro provide you with quality shots and spins, but it also automatically returns the ball and can be controlled in a variety of ways. It has a remote control box with an LCD screen that displays all the programming options you can choose from using the simple push buttons on the screen. There is even a way to use the robot’s scoreboard as a measuring device to gain precision at every stroke.

Let’s learn more about how you can program the S4W robot and improve your tactics and strokes.

the ball trajectory explanation of table tennis robot

Customizing the ball frequency: At this point of the S4W robot review, you know that this practice partner can deliver up to 95 balls per minute, and there are 10 increments for you to adjust the ball frequency as per your choice. If you choose the slowest function, the robot will deliver 25 balls per minute, while the fastest produces 95 balls per minute.

The ball container of the S4W holds approximately 100 balls; however, the robot can shoot from 1 to 999 balls. This is another of the winning functions of the S4W, as most of the high-end and advanced table tennis robots have adjustment settings for up to 4 levels only, although they feature a ball frequency of 100 balls per minute.

Controlling the spin, serve, and volley sequence:

This multi-function/multi-head machine can generate all kinds of spin, sidespin, and no-spin shots simultaneously or individually!

This combination allows for a wide range of spin possibilities (up to 9 different types of spins for each of the two shooting heads). You also have the option to set the wheel speed, and there are 10 increments for each of the wheels, which you can assess on the control panel.

The higher the wheel speed, the ball becomes. Setting different speeds for the top and bottom wheels produces more spin. If you choose the “sequence in random” function, the robot will produce thousands of different sequences.

Controlling the ball’s trajectory: Each head angle is adjustable manually by rotating the head, allowing you to practice different serves. The S4W robot’s oscillation is fully programmable, allowing you to program your own choice of where the ball lands.

There are three options for setting the landing spot location sequence: Random, pre-programmed, or you can program your own.

What Is Included With Paddle Palace S4w Pro Table Tennis Robot Package?

 This Paddle Palace S4W review will go over everything included with the package, from velcro strips, and attachments to the S4W robot heads, wheels, control box, and the free assembling accessories. The S4W Pro Package comes pre-assembled for you with all the following components:

  • The pre-assembled S4W Pro robot
  • The LCD touch-screen remote control box
  • Robot and ping pong net assembly parts
  • FREE Net collection and ball recycling system
  • FREE 120 Nittaku 40+ training balls
  • Printed/hardcopy of the owner’s manual
  • FREE shipping inside the USA
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • One-year limited warranty on parts and accessories

Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot Pros And Cons

The Paddle Palace S4W Pro (read as “the Super 4 Wheel robot”) can play against you in either singles or doubles. It has a wide range of functions that allow it to prepare for the shot and respond to different types of spin.

However, there are some disadvantages to relying solely on table tennis robots, and it’s essential to understand them before spending your money. That’s why here I’ll share the pros and cons attached to the Paddle Palace S4W Pro robot so you know what’s worth considering.


  • Compared to one-, two-, and three-wheel robots like Newgy Robo Pong, this four-wheel table tennis robot provides the greatest versatility in a volley, serve, and training sequence.
  • Because it is fully programmable, it can do dozens of different drills at the perfect playing speed — way faster than you’ll be able to pull off on your own.
  • This robot comes stored with 30 pre-saved landing sequences and drills.
  • If you choose the “random sequence” function, it produces more than 60,000 serving sequences to give you the feel of realistic shots and to keep you on your feet all day long. Plus, you can program the first head to produce realistic human-like serves with a variety of spins for the 1st head and then allow the robot to complete the sequence with the 2nd head.
  • S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot’s memory function remembers your last programmed practice setting. This means you don’t have to do it all over again when you turn the robot on for your next practice. Suppose you have different training plans requiring specific servings and return patterns. In that case, this feature will make the robot worth its purchase price over cheaper table tennis robots without a memory function.
  • This pre-assembled robot is very easy to set up. It is a full-size self-standing robot with wheels for easy rolling to and from the table.


  • The main downside to this robot is that it costs about double the ball launchers, but it does have a lot more features, as I mentioned above. Together with your paddle, this robot makes up a full table tennis training system that can help you improve your game by leaps and bounds in just a few weeks.

Paddle Palace S4w Pro Table Tennis Robot Price

So, how much does the Paddle Palace S4W Pro table tennis robot cost?

Paddle Palace S4W Pro is priced at $1,295.95 at Megaspin. I don’t think this is expensive compared to the three-wheelers and most high-tech ping-pong robots.

If you get the chance to use it for once, you’ll realize that this robot is perhaps slightly underrated compared to Newgy, Power Pong, and Butterfly even. Also, you get full support from Megaspin if you purchase from there, plus the manufacturer’s one-year warranty on the parts and accessories of the robot.

Paddle Palace S4w Pro Table Tennis Robot Where To Buy

From where can you order the Paddle Palace S4W Pro table tennis robot?

The best place for you to get Paddle Palace S4W is Megaspin. It may take a little longer to get this table tennis robot from Amazon, and that’s why Megaspin is worth considering. Plus, they provide fantastic customer service and the fastest shipping I have ever seen.

What I find most convenient about the Megaspin table tennis store is its user-friendly interface. Instead of going through different websites and comparing products one by one, Megaspin offers a comparison-like page where all the Paddle Palace robots are listed according to specific criteria.

You’ll see how Paddle Palace S4W compares to Paddle Palace Robot A32W Pro and also read the Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro reviews.

This is by far the most effective way of finding what suits you best. Also, they can add coupons sometime in the month, which will give you huge discounts.

For instance, the retail price of the Paddle Palace Robot S4W Pro table tennis robot is $1495.95. But now, with Megaspin’s 13% discount, you can get this at $1,295, plus free shipping inside the USA.


Paddle Palace Robot S4w Table Tennis Robot Reviews From Users

Needless to say you will find many reviews on the Paddle Palace S4W table tennis robot. Some of the S42 Pro reviews claim it can help you achieve top-level game skills like no other robot in this price range. Here are some of the users’ Paddle Palace S4W table tennis robot reviews.

“S4W Pro is a sweet unit for sure. The robot does nice dead serves and long underpins. The random sequence function makes the gameplay very immersive and fun. It seems to have a lot more capability and versatility than my Newgy robot, and I’m set to figure out more settings with my club mate tomorrow.” Mark.

“One thing I liked best about the S4W robot is the easy setup for play with the robot. It is an easy on-and-off unit that takes less than 3 minutes. The quality of construction is worth mentioning also. Yes, the pre-set sequences are well thought off, but I would like to have app control of the robot via my smartphone. Perhaps, Paddle Palace Pro will make this feature available for the S4W robot. Overall, it will give you all the functions you’ll want from a table tennis robot.” Jeremy.

“We are delighted with our S4W. This robot is very easy to get the hang of, with only one main setting to adjust and spin, and it will do everything for you. It picks up balls with no problem and does not miss a single-serve. The speed was amazing; at first, it was hard to adjust to, but after a week, it was almost too fast! Our club members love it, and we recommend it to anyone who wants to have a table tennis robot in their club or at home.” Loren. 

The Final Thought

Bottom line: The Paddle Palace S4W table tennis robot has many features and solid characteristics one would expect from a high-tech ping pong robot. Aspects like spin, speed adjustment, and angle adjustment are all at your fingertips, allowing you to improve your performance.

The table tennis robot is especially useful if you are busy, injured, or want to improve your table tennis skills without any killing noises and motion distractions.

This write-up is intended to give you detailed information. I shared the advantages and disadvantages of the device in this Paddle Palace S4W robot review. If you are looking for results from your table tennis robot, using the Paddle Palace Robot S4W is undoubtedly one of the smartest decisions, and yes, you can give it a go.

It is built to last – that you can feel right from the moment you unbox the S4W robot, so there’s no doubt it will give you enjoyable table tennis matches and practice for the years to come.






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