Nittaku Violin Blade Review (Price, Comparisons & Carbon Model)

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The Nittaku Violin has been around for a long time and is one of the best all-wood blades in table tennis. Many players were excited about this blade even before I got my hands on it.

After testing it out and comparing notes with other hobbyists worldwide, I agree. The Nittaku Violin carbon inner handle is highly dependable, and the blade consistently delivers impressive power and spin.

The Nittaku Violin blade is a skillfully crafted tool for the attacking player! Nittaku used a unique binding technique initially created for the best-stringed instruments to produce table tennis blades. The natural suppleness of the wood is successfully preserved through this particular procedure.

nittaku violin blade main image


The same level of skill and craft used to create the highest caliber stringed instruments in the world is applied to every ply and step of manufacturing with special handling and inspection. Extremely quick with the most heightened sense of mastery. You will cherish and never forget the unique hitting sensation.

This series promises unmatched performance and is considered the world’s best-balanced blade and one of the most versatile blade choices. The Violin is made using an advanced plastic composite material that provides superior speed and power while still being lightweight and thin.

It is slightly slower than other blades in its class and has more control. It was made in Japan with a 30mm waist and THINNER, LIGHTER blade HEAD.

Overview of The Nittaku Violin Blade

The world’s first table tennis blade constructed using the wood board joint technique used in stringed instruments is called the Nittaku Violin.

Similar to how violins are made, the production process uses layers of top and side varnished plywood, a composite core material, and a finishing CNC laser resurfacing. The end product is a high overall string reaction with a sharp, vibrant playing feel.

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With such technology, the Nittaku Violin table tennis blade gives the player more speed while maintaining a decent grip and stability. The player’s ability to always experience the authentic feel of a blade made entirely of wood is essential. Pure wood is used in the construction of the Nittaku Violin.

Nittaku has not made details about its use of the wood public. However, the particular face material is chosen by hand. The wood of the Violin blade has a broader center and a narrower edge. The table tennis blade is of very excellent quality.

The handle’s sole drawback is that it will enlarge if sweat gets inside. However, this is not a significant problem, as you can use sandpaper to grind this down. It has the wood’s natural elasticity and a special binding method.

Compared to carbon blades, you also don’t lose much speed, which is a significant bonus. All-wood blades are frequently a little heavier and notably slower than carbon blades. This table tennis blade is well-balanced at 85g and remarkably quick for a 5-ply all-wood blade. Only offensive players of the highest caliber would criticize its speed.

Control and Looping

However, you can readily change your setup to attack the mid-range style if velocity away from the table is a priority. Any speedy rubber with a built-in catapult action will make your paddle launch off the table like a rocket. Allowing you to play far from the table while still feeling the great experience of the Nittaku Violin.

The Nittaku Violin’s control is one of its biggest strengths, as it is shared among all blades. You can feel it in every element of your game, which helps you handle pressure.

Looping is simple, and because of the modest dwell, you can generate a great deal of spin with your loops. I am confident that players who appreciate utilizing slow whirly loop openers will adore using the instrument. It has a good feel even for a new player.

Additional Information

  • Surface: Soft
  • Type: Offensive, All-round
  • Dimensions: 256 x 149mm
  • Control: 65
  • Speed: 88
  • Plies: 5
  • Weight: 85g
  • Head size: 156 x 140 mm
  • Thickness: 5.50mm
  • Handle size: 89 x 16 mm
  • Available grip: Flared handle grip

The NittakuViolin blade is unique in its composition, with the blade feeling harder than your average Limba 5 Plywood.

However, it is also very flexible, which gives it an advantage over other blades. The small handle size makes it easier to control, and the faster speed means it is less likely to be damaged by beginners.

The blade is also head-heavy, which makes it more stable and less likely to be affected by the wind. Overall, the NittakuViolin is a superior blade that is ideal for beginners.

Nittaku Violin Composition

The Nittaku Violin is a high-quality table tennis blade, the 5-ply blade that I would classify as All+/Off-. It has nice texture and regulation for all your fast-spinning and close-to-the-table play needs, making it the ideal blade for developing players.

nittaku violin blades composition more blades on the table

Its Ply composition is unique, with the blade feeling more formidable yet adaptable than standard Limba 5 Plywood. It’s great for looping and playing near the table but has much more control and pace.

As a beginner, I used this and the Yasaka Sweden Extra as my primary blade, along with Mark V rubbers, which explains why I performed so well through regular practice sessions.

Every ply and stage of production receives special handling and scrutiny, the same quality craftsmanship used for the best-stringed instruments in the world.

This special process succeeds in preserving the wood’s natural elasticity.

All in all, the blade has a very high quality of production. Consequently, it can be used with excellent results by amateurs and professionals. The quality of this table tennis blade is unmatched in today’s market.

It is a great investment for any tennis lover. The Violin blade has a unique hitting feeling to the ping pong ball and ultra-fast speed on longer points. It is a fairly unique composition to this Nittaku Violin composition.

Nittaku Violin Table Tennis Blade Package

The Nittaku Violin is packaged in a simple, large white box with red text. The blade is smaller than usual (156×149 mm) and extremely thin (5.3 mm). The material weighed in at a manageable 85 g.

The rigid outer core is made of Kiri, while the adjacent plies are made of white ash. When bouncing a ball, the blade makes a rather low-pitched noise (1157 Hz), indicating that it is smooth and slow.

the ping pong blade package

The name and characteristics are labeled in front of the blades, but there is no text on the back. The playing surfaces are exceptionally soft and gorgeous with a sloped wood grain.

The grips have three red vertical lines, a curved lens on the FH side, and a golden Nittaku label at the bottom of the blades. The Violin’s Large FL handle measures 102 mm in length, 27-33 mm in width, and 23-24 mm in height. The grips are smooth and comfortable, almost like ST grips. For comfort, the blade wings are lightly sanded.

It has original packaging from Japan and an ultimate feeling of mastery of the game. Megaspin can ship worldwide this beautiful table tennis blade. In short, an amazing blade that is used for the finest stringed instruments.

Characteristics of Nittaku Violin Blade


Because of the Nittaku Violin Blade’s elastic vibration, it is great for speed and control. It is an excellent forehand blade if you are trying to generate monstrous speed and spins.

Or, if you are using a hard rubber, such as DHS Hurricane or Butterfly Ternergy series, this blade will provide excellent control and feel similar to your favorite hard rubbers.


The Nittaku Violin blade is famous for its perfect speed, flexibility, and control. It is preferred for fast topspin drives, flicks, and loops.

The Violin table tennis blade can quickly generate high-speed topspin from the top of the table to the front wall. It is perfect for various players, including players used to set down their shots.


The topspin loop on the Nittaku violin blade is its most noticeable characteristic. A powerful yet precise loop can be executed with comparatively little effort.

Additionally, it allows you to push a low ball with a simple yet effective backspin.


The Nittaku Violin blade has a decisive counter block with good precision for advanced players. Intermediate players, on the other hand, may struggle because the blade is quite flexible.

When creating blocking loops, have reasonable control. This blade is generally suitable for looping when playing close to the table.

Nittaku Violin VS Violin Carbon

Violin vs violin carbon blade

The new Violin Carbon series offers the exact powerful and fast hits made possible by the classic Nittaku Violin blades in an improved and more durable material.

Also available in Carbon, but with a different weight balance, the Violin Carbon stringers are stiffer than Nittaku Violin wooden stringers, giving them more speed yet offering greater control to players. The Violin carbon blade is available.

The Violin is a high-quality instrument with an elegant design. The name and characteristics of both instruments are written on the front, while there’s no text for packages to see – it’s completely smooth in the finish!

With its dark grey handles kept into very light yet strong-looking wood tones (with some red vertical stripes) paired with golden tags that hang down below them like eyesore lamps from above), you’ll be able to make any music come alive through these beautiful blades.

The dimensions of the Violin’s large FL handle are:

  • length: 102 mm
  • width: 27-33 mm
  • height: 23 to 24 millimeters

Nittaku Violin Inner Carbon

The normal carbon fiber long handles have a slightly different profile with similar measurements but smaller proportions that make it a more compact feeling in your hand while playing or holding onto it for dear life during those high notes!

Thanks to Premiere Pro CS6 video editing software, both blades feel amazing. You can enjoy an artfully crafted sound from every note played on either instrument without worrying about comfort level because these handles were made just right by sensitivity.

You also know that there are countless options on the market, so finding the perfect paddle can be daunting. However, if you are looking for a fast paddle with the ultimate hitting feeling, you need to look no further than the Nittaku Violin Carbon.

This table tennis blade is made in Japan for players who crave speed without sacrificing control. The two elastic and stable carbon layers result in a noticeably faster blade. At the same time, the unique flexibility of the Violin Carbon provides an exceptional hitting feeling and never-ending production of spin.

With its sleek design and superior performance in original packaging, the Nittaku Violin Carbon will improve your hitting feeling and never forget special handling and scrutiny. It is a finely tuned instrument, and japan approved blade.

Nittaku Violin VS Acoustic 

nittaku violin vs acoustic blade comparison

The Acoustic blade is a better blade for spin, control, and grip is the Nittaku Violin. It offers a wide range of motion for consistent ball trajectory and good ball spin. Compared to the Nittaku Acoustic blade, the Violin is slower.

It is also more flexible. However, unlike an acoustic blade, the Violin has a shorter dwell time. The Nittaku acoustic table tennis blade is highly recommended for players with a solid feeling for close-to-table topspin play.

The Nittaku Violin excels in the short game, as the moderate speed of the blade allows you to take the pace off the ball in a very controlled fashion.

With appropriately soft hands, I could land very low arching, spinny, multi-bounce serve returns, and drop-shots at an above-average frequency. The feeling on flips, in contrast, was a little muddled.

I prefer blades that are stiffer and more linear for this particular stroke. The overall ultimate feeling of the blade is quite good – it’s not overly springy like some all-wood blades can be, yet it still has adequate dwell time for a satisfying touch game.

This particular model is approved by the Japan Table Tennis Association (JTTA), and production receives special handling to ensure quality control.

Nittaku is a well-respected brand in the table tennis world, and this blade is an excellent example. If you’re looking for a solid all-around blade with excellent short-game performance, the Nittaku Violin should be on your radar.

Nittaku Table Tennis Blade Customer Reviews 

“The Nittaku Violin is the perfect carbon blade for novices and experts alike. The sweet spot is large enough for looping, and the feeling is beautiful. I recommend this blade to anyone who likes a fast OFF- a blade that feels great on contact.”

“I have tried many carbon blades, including Butterfly Timo Boll ALC, Nittaku Violin Carbon, DHS Skyline 3 NEO, and others. The quality is top-notch; it’s an excellent blade with good speed and feeling. The control is good with medium hardness.

“I had a chance to test the blade for two weeks. I can say it was a perfect feeling. The speed was enough for hard smashes but not too fast for smashing around and hitting short balls. The sweet spot was huge, so it was possible to play close to the table with this blade and still feel the solid rally. I also liked the weight of the blade, which made looping much more pleasant than other blades.”

My Personal Experience With the Nittaku Violin Blade 

For me, the Nittaku Violin is my favorite type of blade. It has a massive sweet spot that produces very high amounts of spin (and power) when you hit an off-angle, but because it is slow to recover and has a very long dwell time on your opponent’s ball, it also has extreme control.

The impact can feel deep and solid, ringing with a deep tone. FH drives feel stable and consistent compared to my other blades like the Pata. I have more success with BH looping due to the blade’s longer dwell time and general stability.

This blade has a deep and vibrational feeling that provides high feedback. In addition, it helped me determine the bat angle when looping against heavy backspin. Consequently, my loops were effortless to produce a high arc over an eccentrically or slow-spinning table.

However, I found I had to work harder at times because of the moderate speed of the blade. This was particularly evident with power loops, where I sometimes overshot.

Nittaku Violin Reviews for different playstyles

The Nittaku Violin shines in the short game because you can controllably remove pace from the ball because of the blade’s medium speed. I was able to strike drop shots and set returns with soft hands that were very low curving, whirly, and multi-bounced at a rate that was above average.

Reviews for different playstyles another angle of view of th racket

I also tried performing BH chops against loops while standing far away, which worked well. The returns were steady, smooth, and spinny. Due to the slightly extended dwell time, which enables the development of high spin levels with excellent control of ball placement, the Nittaku Violin also performs well for serves.

The Nittaku Violin is a blade that I have always felt intrigued by, as it can play well with soft and hard rubbers. I had a pleasant time playing with this setup and could perform many looping shots (mostly power loops) with medium force and excellent control while maintaining spinny at high levels. The blade is relatively short, making it easy to use even on small scales.

Overview of the Nittaku Brand 

Nittaku was founded in 1920 and has been making table tennis equipment ever since. They are commemorating more than a century of accomplishments!

Making high-grade balls (Nittaku PLS 3 Star Premium) that received authorization from the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was one of the business’s first successes.

The Nittaku PLS 3 Star Premium is now utilized in all major tournaments, including the Olympic Games and World Championships, and throughout Japan!

Nittaku made it with the best quality stringed instruments, and the unique process succeeds under all the conditions. It is flexible compared to other blades from different table tennis brands.

Nittaku has applied a special binding method originally used for crafting the finest stringed instruments to produce the table tennis blade. The Nittaku Violin blade is an instrument for the offensive player that is finely tuned!

Nittaku has applied this fast blade and used it for the best offensive players. With this unique construction, Nittaku’s craftsman has succeeded in making a blade with great feeling and power.

aboutnittaku brand ping pong

The shell of the blade is made from cherry wood, which has excellent durability, while the inner ply is made from spruce wood, which gives the blade its wonderful share qualities.

Nittaku’s use of traditional superior materials and modern construction methods results in a high-quality, well-balanced table tennis racket that is perfect for the serious player.

Thanks to its impressive track record, Nittaku is one of the most respected names in table tennis.

This distinguished company produces only a limited number of blades each year, making each an actual work of art. The Nittaku Violin can please even the most discerning table, tennis player. Order yours today and feel the difference!

Nittaku Violin Blade – FAQs

How much does the Nittaku Violin cost with import taxes?

Nittaku Violin blades cost $165 in the Megaspin store.

How much does the Violin blade weigh?

The table tennis blade weighs around 85 grams.

What is the unique process of the Violin?

The special process succeeds in preserving the wood’s natural elasticity. It is a finely tuned instrument with the ultimate feeling of game mastery. The production of the table tennis blade is with quality stringed instruments.

Is Nittaku Violin worth buying?

Overall, the Nittaku Violin is a superb blade made entirely of wood. It considers both the impact of the 7-ply wood and the feel of the 5-ply wood. You could certainly argue that it lacks the speed of 7-ply wood and the spin of 5-ply wood. I have nothing against such a viewpoint.

However, compared to other 5-ply blades, the speed of the Violin blade is outstanding, and its feel is noticeable. This blade offers stability and control that other blades do not. Table tennis players who have mastered the fundamental technique of table tennis should use this blade.

megaspin store banner

It is most suitable for usage when playing at a mid or close table. You may easily make a continuous strike by adequately managing the blade. The Violin is a good weapon if you want to play with a precise drop point!

Is the Nittaku Violin built for long-range plays?

The Nittaku Violin is, first and foremost, a wood blade. The Violin features a very comfortable balance point, which makes it perfect for middle-distance games with reasonable control.

The slick surface of this blade catches a ball faster and allows you to hit harder than other blades. As with all Nittaku blades, the Nittaku Violin is designed for a precise touch and feel as your opponent comes from any position.

This blade is ideal for mid or close-table play but works equally well on both sides!

Table tennis blade production is a special binding method originally used for crafting the finest stringed and high control.

Can I deliver decent forehand drives with the Nittaku Violin blade?

The Nittaku Violin Blade has excellent control during the forehand drives. This is because of the small amount of torsion and its elastic vibration, which allows maximum feedback information to be transferred to the player’s fingers – an excellent blade for players who prefer flexible play.

Can the blade generate a good spin?

For all you players who love the feel of a wide sweet spot mid-Victorinox, this blade is for you. This blade has a wide sweet spot to make generating spin and acrobatic handling easier. It’s flexible and produces incredibly consistent ball speeds during play.

Compared to Yasaka Sweden Extra, it has flat hits and is ultra-fast with a unique hitting feeling. Every play and stage of production appreciates the unique hitting of an offensive player. The main blades of the Nittaku brand are not suitable for short-pip rubbers.

Nittaku Violin Review: The Conclusion

The Violin is a pure wood blade that combines the advantages of two materials, 5-ply and 7-ply. It has an excellent balance of speed and control, allowing you to play various shots easily.

Its high, accurate trajectory makes it suitable for players who want to attack quickly. The Violin is a versatile weapon you can use to play any style of table tennis game.

Nittaku has applied the same quality craftsmanship to the production of their table tennis blade that is typically used for crafting the finest stringed instruments.

Nittaku Violin and violin carbon table tennis blades second image


This results in a great blade that is perfect for developing players. It has a great feel and control while still being light and consistent.

Additionally, it is not too fast, giving players the perfect amount of speed without sacrificing control. Overall, it is a beautiful blade many people would benefit from using.

Consequently, Nittaku’s attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship are evident in this blade, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality table tennis blade.

Its extreme durability will help you play for a long time, so why not try out the Nittaku Violin today?






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