Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Blade Review (Inner & Outer Comparison)

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This article brings you a complete review of the powerful Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade. Nittaku has constantly competed with the Butterfly brand. They have produced high-quality equipment like rubbers, balls, accessories, and table tennis blades.

Ma Long, a professional Chinese table tennis player, regarded as the greatest table tennis player of all time, used this blade. Ma Long has won several world table tennis competitions using this table tennis blade.

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Are you looking for the perfect blade for your offensive play?

You will see the main parts of the blade (inner vs. outer), its features, similarities, differences, pros, and cons.

At the end of this review, we will enlighten you on why you need to have such a blade for your gaming needs. Here are the features of the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Blade:

Nitttaku Acoustic Carbon Features

The standout features of this blade are:

  • Style of play: Attack (defensive)
  • Weight: 85 g
  • Thickness: 5.5 mm
  • Hardness: 6.4
  • Consistency: 8.0
  • Reaction: 10.8
  • Vibration: 10
  • Speed: 9.5
  • Great Control: 8.5
  • Spin: 7.5
  • Stiffness: 6.0
  • Nittaku Acoustic Carbon has 5-ply wood and 2 FE carbon.
  • Head dimension: 157 x 150
  • Thicker wood for better handling
  • FL handle dimension: 157 x 150
  • Feel: hard
  • Made in Japan

Nittaku Acoustic Blade Composition

The Carbon blade is an improved version of the Nittaku Original Acoustic blade. There was a need for improvement because the acoustic blade did not fulfill many customers’ needs on some features like speed.

You will experience increased speed and power with the new carbon acoustic blade. This blade is made from premium wood. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon uses the Japanese FE carbon material technology that raises its performance (details of the technology will be discussed below).

Nittaku Acoustic Blade Composition inner

Although the Nittaku acoustic carbon blade is an improvement of an acoustic blade, their structures are slightly different. The carbon blade has an additional carbon layer which makes it distinct. It has a different handle design, a light yellow shade, and a larger grip.

The blade has excellent defensive stability when it comes to blocking or attacking. It also carries the characteristics of a traditional carbon blade. This special wood lamination technology makes a solid feeling during playing attacks.

Details of the Technology Used

The blade is built with string instrument manufacturing technology known as Feel carbon (The new FE carbon material). This technology gives the blade a perfect soft touch, just like the ALC carbon blade.

FE carbon improves the overall rigidity and supporting force of the blade.

Believe it or not, this thicker wood is the first-ever Nittaku blade to be incorporated with such technology. Nittaku was careful enough to ensure the production of a high-standard blade, thus addressing the needs of various players. The blade has features of the traditional carbon blades that give it a good sense of stability when defending and tackling.

technology used in blade nittaku acoustic carbon

The technology provides every player with balanced delivery enhancing their ping-pong skills and passion for the game.

It is one of the recent trends in the Nittaku series and contains carbon features. It emerges as one of the most powerful carbon blades in the Nittaku series.

The Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade is an improvement of the Nittaku Acoustic blade. Their structure and materials are somewhat similar; the significant difference is the new FE carbon material in the Acoustic carbon blade.

Rubber Recommendations for Nittaku Acoustic Blade

There is not much information on rubber pairings with this blade. Some users believe this blade works best with Nittaku Fastarc G1 and Fastarc C1 (generally, the Fastarc series).

Rubber Recommendations for This Blade nittaku fastarc g1 and c1

Fastarc G-1 priced $ 48 + Fastarc C-1 priced $ 48 + Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Blade priced $ 180 = $ 276 AMAZING TABLE TENNIS RACKET!

The truth is, it is alright to pair the blade with any rubber you have, as long as you master the skill of using it. It is compatible with most rubbers.

You can use the hybrid tacky rubber for a good spin and control the ping pong balls on the table. With the Butterfly series of rubbers, you will have excellent control and high speed on attacks.

To play better loops, pair this blade with Ternergy 05 or Ternergy 64 rubbers for exceptional results. You can also use medium to hard rubber such as Andro Hexer Power Grip and Donic Blue Fire M1 table tennis rubbers.

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Inner vs. Outer

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon mainly distinguishes itself from other Nittaku blades in that it has a thicker layer. Inside this thicker layer is a carbon outer layer, a slimmer inner layer, and a third layer.

The function of the inner layer is to hold the FE Carbon, while the outer layer serves as a thicker layer that causes a buffer every time the ball comes in contact with the blade. This ensures enough control and prevents the ball from bouncing forcefully.

The Nittaku Blade’s inner layer is slimmer to compensate for the rigid carbon layer. The buffering in the outer layer is essential because it increases the ball control ability and prevents fast and forceful bouncing of the ball caused by the carbon layer’s rigidity.

This way, you will have a good feeling and a low throw angle during the topspins. With an original acoustic blade, you didn’t have such a performance. Here is a comparison with one of the best Butterfly blades.

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon vs. Viscaria Super ALC

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon vs Viscaria Super ALC blade comparison

Acoustic Price: $ 180Viscaria Price: $ 270

The Butterfly Viscaria blade has several similar characteristics to the Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade. They are both made of wood material. Both have various handle options to suit the various needs of the users. Butterfly and Nittaku blades both have a good amount of control and moderate speed, making them the best table tennis blades for beginners.

The table tennis blades are also used to playing offensively and work well with Tenergy rubbers, especially when looping.

They also differ in some factors; the Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade contains two Feel Carbon layers while Viscaria has two Arylate Carbon layers. The acoustic carbon blade is also less tender than Viscaria ALC.

Viscaria blades are more flexible and have a super elastic feel, unlike the Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade, which is less flexible and stiff. Nittaku blade has wood lamination technology originally used in stringed instrument production.

This construction creates a solid feeling and excellent control over the ball. Compared to Viscaria or Jun Mizutani ZLC, the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon has a medium bounce and power.

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Table Tennis Blade – Pros and Cons

This table shows a list of the pros and cons of the Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade:

Pros Cons
It has good control elements It is heavyweight
It is not a fast blade but has two layers of carbon It is expensive
You can use it together with many rubbers

Has a crisp sound when hitting the ball

It is a consistent blade that offers excellent performance.

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Blade Price

It is sold at a pocket-friendly price considering all its features. The blade goes for $ 179.95, from which a 5% discount is included. It is also a long-lasting piece of equipment because it is made of high-quality material. Therefore, the blade will give you good value for your money.

This amazing blade is worth buying with this nice combination of wood and carbon, especially compared to other expensive Butterfly ZLC blades.

Rush to the Megaspin website and grab a racket with this blade before the discount deal is over!

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Table Tennis Blade Customer Reviews

Here is a highlight of some verified customer reviews from Megaspin.

“I have used Gergely Classic black tag, Amultart, Innerforce ZLC, Photino, Jun Mizutani ZLC (OLD), Jun Mizutani ZLC (NEW) and Timo Boll ZLC. I Thought Butterfly blades were the best, but I was wrong when I used the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon (NAC) blade.

“Used by the sponsored Nittaku players, this is among the best. Fast as hell, the carbon lies close to the outer ply. This doesn’t bother me, but maybe more people would have bought it if the carbon had laid further down the blade. But a world-class blade it is!”

I have finally found the feel, control, and speed I have been looking for in NAC for a very long time. The only thing I don’t like is the WEIGHT of this blade, but you can put lightweight rubbers to compensate for it. I loved this blade the 1st time I used it, and I immediately sold my Timo Boll ZLC because I finally found the blade I was looking for. I used Tibhar MXS FH and MXP BH. Must the try blade for keeps. And it’s way cheaper than any Butterfly ZLC blades.”

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Inner Features Breakdown

Nittaku brand has made the blade available in Flared handles, straight handle, and large-sized flared handle that is a little bit thicker and wider than the regular flared handle.

The blade has a comfortable grip. You will play accurate topspins with your backhand and forehand and suffer no injuries while playing. It is very smooth, making it easy to handle.

It has some aspect of stiffness that simplifies driving and making smashes. This beautiful ping pong blade offers good ball retention, whereby you can feel the ball’s impact when it hits the racket.

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Inner Features Breakdown


The Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade is very fast, but not as quickly as other blades like the Hinoki series. Nonetheless, we can say that overall, its speed is better than some carbon blades.

Since it is a moderate-speed blade, its great control offers smooth play. Faster blades usually have a problem with control. They have a high vibration level and thus cannot focus on control. The Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade experiences little to no vibration upon hitting a ball.

This blade doesn’t offer much flexibility but is slightly more flexible than the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC blade. It is one of the stiffest blades in the Nittaku series.

Thanks to the wooden layer, the blade produces a high amount of spin. You will need to strike the ball with low to medium power to get a good and consistent amount of spin.

Style of Play with the Blade

The best playing style for this blade is spin shots. You will feel more incredible feedback on the hand when the racket receives a hard shot. The acoustic carbon blade spins well like the original Nittaku Acoustic blade.

It is the ideal option when you want to do return backspin serves. The blade will help you gain control, achieve equality, and attack tactfully.

It also performs powerfully when blocking shots when playing with both backhand and forehand. The preferred position to play with this blade is close to the table with topspins.

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon – Frequently Asked Questions

Which Blades Give Much Better Results, Heavy or Lightweight?

They all give great results. It usually narrows down to the player’s skill and how they combine the blade with a rubber.

Heavyweight blades give more power to the ball, while lightweight blades enable easy switching from forehand to backhand.

Which is the Best Racket Handle Size for a Beginner?

It always depends on the player. When buying, you should feel the handle size that is comfortable on your hand. However many professionals would recommend flared handles for beginners. Your choice may change with time as you gain more skills and experience.

The straight handle is used mainly by players who occasionally change their grip while playing. Also, you have to choose a large handle version if you’re a professional.

What Table Tennis Blades do Professionals use?

Many professional table tennis players these days use carbon blades. Carbon blades have the right balance of speed, stability, precision, and flexibility. They are also faster than wooden blades.

Other athletes, especially those who have been playing this game for a long time, prefer wooden blades that give better spin and control.

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon – Conclusion

From the information above, you can understand that the Nittaku acoustic carbon blade is an improved version of the Nittaku acoustic blade. It has proven to be better because it has a better texture and control. With it, you will have a better balance and produce more powerful shots.

It is the best blade that any all-around player can have. The Nittaku Acoustic carbon table tennis blade is also the perfect choice for any beginner because it is not so fast and produces just the right amount of spin. It is important to note that a blade predicts the trajectory of the table tennis ball.

nittaku ping pong blade conclusion


However, it also has its downsides. It is a heavy blade. It may be hard for a beginner to use. You can use other lighter rubbers with the blade for it to provide you with enough comfort and control. But if you can perform well even with this blade and a heavier rubber, you are at an advantage.

Remember to care for your blade by storing it correctly and subjecting it to proper use. You can add a soft grip tape to enhance comfortability and side tapes to protect the blade from damage.

Ensure you research thoroughly on the right blade that would otherwise work for you. Do not rush into selecting blades because while some would work for you, others will not.

If you feel this is the perfect blade, visit this online store to buy one.

You can become a top-notch and professional table tennis player by using the Nittaku acoustic carbon blade.

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