5+ Most Expensive Ping Pong Table (World TOP Models)

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In the world of competitive table tennis, a certain prestige is associated with owning the most expensive ping pong table. However, it’s not a simple honor to be bestowed upon oneself by others.

Just like cars, anything can be purchased for a price that you want to pay. Many people buy the most expensive ping pong tables each year based on how much they enjoy their hobby or how much money they have to spend on a new hobby.

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We are sharing our review of the most expensive ping pong tables as the year ends. We have developed a list of the top five tables that may help you make your purchasing decision easier.

Most Expensive Ping Pong Table – Luxury Tables





most expensive ping pong table model rs barcelona you and me thumbnail image

Best Luxury


cornilleau park outdoor table tennis table thumbnail image

Best Ultra-Durable


most expensive ping pong table model cornilleau wood indoor thumbnail image

Best Indoor


kettler outdoor 15 table tennis table bundle with racket and balls thumbnail image

Best Table Bundle


most expensive ping pong table model killerspin revolution svr 2022 edition thumbnail image

NEW Model &  High Thickness


Table Tennis Tables by Price Range $

  1. (0-500)           Butterfly Junior Stationary Table
  2. (500-1000)   Joola Tour 2500 + Ipong robot
  3. (1000-2000)  Cornilleau Competition 540 ITTF
  4. (2000-3000)  Butterfly Centrefold 25 Blue
  5. (3000+)           Cornilleau Lifestyle White Table
  6. SPECIAL OFFER  Kettler Cabo + 2 Rackets + Balls + Table Cover

1. RS Barcelona You and Me (Most Expensive Ping Pong Table in the World)

most expensive ping pong table in the world rs barcelona you and me white model



RS Barcelona You and Me are one of the world’s most expensive ping pong tables. It is a modern table tennis designed by Barcelona’s famous design studio – Antoni Palleja Office and comes at a price tag of $6,435. It is also a fully convertible table and can be used indoors as a ping pong or conference table and outdoors as a patio table.

This luxe table arrived from Spain. It includes everything you need to play table tennis – a net, a set of 2 paddles, and a set of 6 ping pong balls. You can see this table in New York, United States (at the WeWork HQ), Amsterdam, Netherlands (at the Generator Hostel), or the Houzz headquarters in the UK.

How much does this table weigh?

The RS Barcelona You and Me table weighs 231.5 lb. That’s 105 kg.

The length of the table is 274 cm ( or 8.9 ft), the width is 152.5 cm (or 5 ft), and the height is 76 cm (or 2.5 ft).

The tabletop is constructed with a weather-resistant high-pressure laminated (HPL) surface. The high-pressure laminated top of this table is also weather-resistant.

rs barcelona you and me office table tennis table

Most regulation standard tables come with 20 – 25 mm thick tabletop, and the RS Barcelona is no different. The tabletop’s surface of the RS Barcelona You and Me table is 20 mm thick, providing a consistent bounce and spin quality.

RS Barcelona You and Me Luxury Table Tennis Table Composition

This high-end designer ping pong table is constructed with thick and sturdy materials – built to last years. The high-quality materials used in You and Me Standard construction make it suitable for indoor and outdoor settings.

You can also use this table as a breakfast table since the net post system is detachable, and even place the table anywhere – from the living room to the backyard patio. Wherever you place, RS Barcelona looks super stylish.

The HPL tabletop, steel with cataphoretic coating process structure, and iroko wooden legs supporting the RS Barcelona You and Me table are all high-quality, long-lasting materials.

RS Barcelona You and Me Table Composition two tables for home



Finally, the most crucial point – this designer convertible ping pong table comes with the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty, and if additional support is needed, you can always count on Megaspin’s support team.

2. Cornilleau Park Outdoor Tables

most expensive ping pong table for outdoors model cornilleau park main image


Priced at $4,999.99, Cornilleau Park Outdoor is an ultra-durable high-end table built to stand the testament of time. It is the most expensive Cornilleau table and is often raved about as ‘an indestructible table.’ This ping pong table comes with all the features you would expect from a high-quality table.

Excellent playability and durability are hallmarks of the tabletop surface of this table. Anti-glare MAT TOP has been applied on the 9 mm tabletop surface to mitigate its reflective properties. The tabletop’s surface doesn’t run short of providing the perfect bounce and spin you would expect from a high-end table.

Furthermore, the surface of this ultra-durable table is also shock-resistant. Even if you pound the table with Thor’s mighty hammer (no, don’t do it, but you can pound with a regular hammer, though) or play a boombox, the table’s surface won’t vibrate and won’t hamper your play. On top of that, the surface is fire-proof and flame-resistant.

cornilleau park outdoor table tennis table outside high end

Cornilleau went further with this table and made the surface graffiti-resistant. The entire table is weatherproof and constructed with rust-resistant material. A robust structure characterizes this table. The tabletop stands on a slightly arched 3 ½ inch galvanized steel frame.

Cornilleau Park Outdoor Table Features

The Park Outdoor tables also come with a steel-galvanized net, which you can convert into a traditional net if you wish. Park Outdoor weighs 362 kg with the fastening kit and 282 kg without any fastening equipment. The table can withstand 1600 kg, so you don’t have to worry about homeless people sleeping on it.

Even the most expensive table has drawbacks, and the Cornilleau Park Outdoor is no different. The only apparent issue with this table is that it is not foldable; hence you can’t play solo, nor can you fold it up and store it when not in use.

This stationary outdoor table also does not come with wheels, so no mobility is allowed with this table. However, modern manufacturing techniques, premium components, and stringent quality checks combine to make this table one of the most long-lasting.

YouTube video


For sure, the Cornilleau Park outdoor table is very pricey. But its superior construction and durability make it well worth the investment in high-traffic public spaces like parks, campuses, and sports arenas. You also must know that this table comes with the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty.

The last important piece of information is that you can try this costly table before spending your hard-earned money. There are two of these tables at Occidental Park, where you can play for free, and two at Westlake Park in Seattle.

3. Cornilleau 850 Wood ITTF Indoor

most expensive ping pong table model Cornilleau 850 Wood ITTF Indoor main image


You want the most expensive ping pong table, but you would also want it to be worth it – if that’s so, then Cornilleau 850 ITTF should be your pick. Offered at 3099.99 $ right now, Cornilleau’s latest indoor table, the 850 ITTF Wood, is state-of-the-art and often hailed for its exceptional playability.

It is also raved about as an ‘absolute stunner’ by many reviewers, including us. The table is one-of-a-kind because it combines both – superior functionality and exquisite aesthetics.

The 850 Wood effortlessly combines power and style, making it a fantastic choice for tournament play and other conventional table purposes. The table has a distinctive appearance, a gorgeous wood finish, and outstanding playability. It can be used in any setting indoors and gives the essence of a modern piece of furniture.

Excellent craftsmanship and thoughtful design make the most of the table’s wooden construction, producing a work of art that will be admired for years.

It is an ITTF-approved ping pong table with a gray tabletop of 25 mm thickness. Moreover, this ping pong table is also approved by the ITTF as wheelchair-friendly.

Most Expensive Ping Pong Table for Indoor Play cornilleau parts

This table’s 1-inch thick playing surface is constructed of high-density chipboard with a Skill Top and spin-sensitive finish. Furthermore, the surface is coated with a non-reflective and environment-friendly paint finish.

The tabletop stands on a slanted wooden frame and solid wood legs. The slanted wooden frame improves comfort, particularly for shorter games.

Most Expensive Ping Pong Table for Indoor Play – Assembly Instructions

The 25mm playing surface provides a superior bounce, rebound, and spin transmission, and the height-adjustable legs let you find the ideal playing surface no matter where you put the table.

This table may be folded up for solo play and stored in a folding position. You can be sure that it is safe to use around children thanks to the proprietary DSI locking system, which stops at mid-fall in the event of a drop.

YouTube video
Fold up your table when you’re done playing, and the net will remain in place, ready for the next game. By folding the net and posts inside, you gain 30 centimeters of storage space.

The table can also be easily rolled about thanks to its big rubber-coated caster wheels with brakes. With the aid of brakes, the instrument is also very secure.

The 850 Wood ITTF Indoor is the second most expensive ping pong table from Cornilleau and is often hailed for its unparalleled playing quality.

Cornilleau 850 Wood Indoor Table Warranty

But what’s the catch?

Firstly, the only issue is the warranty. Most of the Cornilleau ping pong tables come with 10 10-year warranty, but this table comes with 3 3-year warranty. If the warranty is an issue – we recommend the Cornilleau Park Outdoor – the most expensive ping pong table that comes with a 10-year warranty on the entire table.

Secondly, readers also need to know this is a substantial table that requires extensive set-up time. It means the table weighs 308 lbs. It will require at least two people and 2 hours to put together the table.

cornilleau 850 wood indoor table tennis table



Moreover, another issue is the fixed net system. While the fixed net design is convenient, it limits your options for replacement and comes without convenient extras like ball and racket holders.

4. Kettler Outdoor 15 (The Most Expensive Ping Pong Table with Rackets)

most expensive ping pong table model Kettler Outdoor 15 main image


Priced at $3,029, the Kettler Outdoor 15 Bundle is next on our list as the most expensive ping pong table worth buying.

Kettler Outdoor 15 Bundle comes with four paddles, six 3-star white balls, a net and post set, and a premium quality table tennis cover. It is an all-in-one table tennis bundle worth considering if you have a big budget.

The Outdoor 15 features a 10 mm weatherproof composite surface that is scratch and fade-resistant and has anti-glare technology. The tabletop sits on a sturdy galvanized steel undercarriage and heavy gauge steel legs.

If you’re playing on a terrain that isn’t relatively flat, don’t worry, the Kettler Outdoor 15 ping pong table includes leg levelers that can be adjusted accordingly.

In addition, you may stow the provided paddles and other gear in the compartment on either side of the table. You can also protect your table tennis investment with the table cover supplied with the Kettler Outdoor 15 bundle.

most expensive ping pong table bundle model kettler outdoor 15

This high-end table comes almost wholly assembled (about 95% done), and the remaining should only take 10 minutes. Setting up this ping pong table takes less than 10 minutes, and you may start playing immediately.

Kettler Outdoor 15 Table Tennis Table Dimensions

The Outdoor 15 table is 9 feet long by 5 feet wide. The height of the table is 2.5 feet and is adjustable. Kettler Outdoor 15 weighs 249 lbs. That’s approximately 113 kgs.

The table’s commercial-grade welded front crossbar, 2.4-inch-thick steel legs, and 2.4-inch-wide tubular steel profile contribute to its substantial weight and solid construction.

This is a new table from the Kettler brand, and there aren’t any reviews on this table. However one of the independent reviews on Kettler Outdoor 15 mentioned that the table has poor wheels since the wheels do not have bumpers at the edges.

kettler outdoor 15 table tennis table bundles


That said, similar to Cornilleau Outdoor tables, Ketter Outdoor 15 comes with an extended warranty. The Outdoor 15’s tabletop comes with a 10-year warranty, and the frame comes with a 3-year warranty.

5. Killerspin Revolution Classic SVR – Silver1 (2022 edition)

most expensive ping pong table model Killerspin Revolution Classic SVR main image


The Revolution Classic SVR is the most expensive Killerspin ping pong table featuring robust construction and a luxurious touch. It is a designer indoor ping pong table and a work of art.

The fourth most expensive ping pong table offers excellent functionality with superb aesthetics. This piece features a Fibonacci-inspired tabletop and a one-of-a-kind arched steel base covered in sleek Alubond aluminum paneling.

Killerspin Revolution Classic SVR meets the ITTF regulation size and standards. The table features a playing surface of 25 mm thickness, providing super-consistent bounce.

Firstly, the Killerspin Revolution SVR table is 9 feet long by 5 feet wide and weighs 432 lb. The tabletop is constructed with engineered wood (high-density fiberboard) and coated with an anti-glare finish. This MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is intended for players who want to build their tables.

Secondly, the table’s four-way height-adjustable feet, drop-down wheeled legs, and four-way levelers provide a perfectly even playing surface.

Moreover, this table is super durable and won’t shake because of the sturdy steel base and generous side skirt. The table also comes with a built-in drawer on each end for storing balls and ping pong paddles.

YouTube video
Killerspin Revolution Classic SVR comes with a blue-colored Apex table tennis net and a durable red steel post set. The premium net is a limited edition offered with the Revolution Classic SVR table.

The net is made of high-quality cotton and measures 70″ in length. The net height is adjustable, and setting up the net post set is super easy – slide the netting into the posts, and that’s all it requires.

Killerspin Revolution Ping Pong Table Price & Where to Buy

The market price of Killerspin Revolution Classic SVR is $3,449. However, this limited edition is currently on sale at $2,699 on Megaspin. But there are some facts you must know before spending your bucks even on this table.

First of all, it is a two-piece designed stationary indoor table. It has no folding system, so you can’t play solo. However, it comes with folding wheels, so it is easily movable.

Based on our in-depth market research, all the expensive ping pong tables are non-folding, stationary, and concrete. This designer ping pong table is built to tournament standards and comes with Killerspin’s 1-year limited warranty.

most expensive ping pong table from killerspin model revolution series of 2022 year


It is perfect for serious players who want the tournament experience on a regular and one of the best table tennis tables that money can buy. It is a luxury table – a step up from standard table tennis tables.

Most Expensive Table Tennis Tables – FAQs

How much does a ping pong table cost?

It is a question that comes to a buyer’s mind at first. Ping-pong tables typically range in price from $400 to $70,000. On the other hand, conversion tops cost from 300 to 600 dollars. It is a big gap, indeed. But let’s talk about ‘brand.’

For example, if you are a BTY fan, the most expensive ping pong table from Butterfly, the Centrefold 25, costs around $2,363.

In this list, we also included RS Barcelona – a modern luxe table tennis table priced at $6,435. Cornilleau, on the other hand, is preferred among those who want a big-time warranty. And the most expensive Cornilleau ping pong table costs around $3000.







Was $2,149.95


Was $1,799.99


Was $1,049.99

JOOLA ping pong tables are known to be very affordable. The most affordable ping pong table from JOOLA costs $400, and the most expensive from them, the Externa table is priced at $2,999.95.

Killerspin is the number one table tennis brand in the USA, and the most expensive ping pong table is the Revolution SVR Classic. The SVR costs around $2,2249 – $2,699. These tables have particle board on the tabletop which means that they are very solid and durable and consistently have great bouncing of the table tennis ball.

On the other hand, if you are a Rolls Royce owner, you can also spend on 11 Raven’s customized expensive table tennis tables.

They offer custom-made luxury ping pong tables, and currently, the Stealth expensive table tennis table from the brand Eleven Raven is the world’s most expensive ping pong table. It costs around $70,000; if you want to use it outdoors, you can order marine finishes for playing surfaces.

Comparison Chart On The 5 Most Expensive Ping Pong Tables


Net Weight

231.5 lbs

350 lbs

269 lbs

249 lbs

432 lbs








20 mm

9 mm

25.4 mm

10 mm

25 mm

Frame Material


Resin Laminate + MATTOP

High Density Chipboard 

Malamine composite surface  

High Density Fibreboard

Playback Mode



















The first things to keep in mind are your skill level and whether it is not too expensive a table for your budget.

11 Ravens have created a table tennis table that is sure to be the envy of table tennis enthusiasts across the globe. 11 Ravens’ price tag is valued between $26,000 and $48,000.

most expensive ping pong table in the world luxury 11 ravens main image


This table isn’t just for the highly skilled, it’s perfect for beginner and intermediate players as well. The table is handcrafted from sustainable wood with beautifully detailed features sure to leave any onlooker impressed. The design is inspired by supersonic jets formed with a damage-resistant melanin resin.

Additionally, its design causes less bounce back and gives great control to testing serves and shots from table tennis players of all skill levels. 11 Ravens takes table tennis seriously!

Most Expensive Ping Pong Table – Conclusion

Finally, these luxury ping pong tables are designed with convenience in mind. These table tennis tables come with built-in storage compartments allowing you to store all your necessary accessories, such as paddles, balls, and nets. Also, they all have a consistent ball bounce and are ITTF-approved.

Additionally, with the right choice, you have even featured automated scoring systems that allow players to keep track of scores during games without manually keeping track of every point scored on paper or with pen and paper.

If you’re looking for an edge in your game or want something stylish to spruce up your modern home decor, then investing in one of these high-end table tennis tables is worth considering.

megaspin store banner

They can be used for recreational use and have an exceptional aerodynamic design. They are built with quality and offer great convenience features, and they also come with beautiful designs, sure to garner admiration from anyone who sees them! Most of the tables you can use as a dining table or play ping pong in a modern home.

With prices starting around $3000 for these luxury models, this might be an investment better suited for a professional player or wealthy enthusiasts only! Regardless, if you have the money to spend on one of these tables, chances are you won’t regret it!






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