Lin Yun-Ju Table Tennis Player Profile (Equipment, Ranking)

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Anyone who follows the world table tennis scene knows who the “silent killer,” Lin Yun Ju, is. If you don’t know who he is, it’s about time you learned about him if you’re just getting into international table tennis.

He is one of the best professional athletes in the world right now. Lin Yun Ju is one of the best table tennis players ever. Lin has participated in many global table tennis tournaments, winning most of them in his professional career thus far.

In this article, you will be introduced to this amazing young athlete and learn more about him. If you’re a table tennis player or an enthusiast, Lin Yun Ju can be a good role model.

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Studying his background and playing techniques can teach new table tennis players much about the game and how they should approach it. Keep reading this Lin Yun Ju player profile to learn more about this young table tennis superstar.

A Brief Overview Of Lin Yun Ju

Lin Yun Ju is a world-champion table tennis player from Taiwan. He was born on August 17, 2001, in Yuanshan, Yilan County, Taiwan.

The Taiwanese player began playing international table tennis tournaments in his teenage years. Lin Yun Ju is known as the “silent killer” in the international table tennis community because he plays every match calmly and collectedly and brings home the win without losing his composure.

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Lin Yun Ju entered the international table tennis circuit in his early teenage days in 2016. After his initial debut, he went on to win his first major tournament in 2018 at the age of only 18 years old and then went on to win two ITTF global tournaments in 2019.

To win his first two tournaments, he had to beat the likes of Ma Long, Timo Boll, and DimitrijOvcharov. Lin Yun Ju was trained in China and played for the national Chinese table tennis team from 2020–2021.

Lin Yun Ju Playing Style

Lin Yun Ju is one of the world’s top 10 table tennis players because he applies different techniques every time he steps up to the table. He is a left-handed player and normally uses the shakehand grip technique.

His service is very impressive, and his combination of backhand banana flicks, relaxed strokes, and elegant counters make him an unstoppable force no matter who he’s playing against.

Lin Yun Ju Playing Style backhand banana flick showing

Another reason Lin Yun Ju has become a force to be reckoned with in international table tennis is because of his unbelievably cool head.

Lin Yun Ju hardly shows any expressions or emotions while playing a match, which rattles his opponents psychologically, earning him the nickname “silent killer” in the international table tennis scene.

Lun Yun Ju Player Career Summary

Lin Yun Ju is ranked 8th on the international table tennis players list. The Taiwanese player began his career in 2016 when he was just 15 years old. His former coach was Qi Ge from the Chinese national team.

He made his professional debut in the International Table Tennis Federation senior circuit and won multiple international tournaments. Lin has already beaten some of the biggest contemporary names in table tennis.

ovtcharov vs lin shake hands ping pong players

That said, Lin Yun Ju’s career is a short one, but he has a big career ahead of him. And what hat he achieved in his short professional table tennis career shows how exceptionally good he is. We will definitely see more big achievements from the young table tennis superstar.

As young as he was and a new face in international table tennis, no one could have predicted that he would become one of the biggest names in table tennis.

Lin Yun Ju was among the youngest contestants in the 2018 ITTF World Tour Hungarian Open. Lin Yun Ju won the Men’s Singles title at the tournament. That win solidified him in the minds of all table tennis fans worldwide.

Lin Yun won his next two titles back in 2019 at the age of 18 years. He had won the ITTF Challenge Plus Oman Open’s men’s singles by defeating the Swedish table tennis player Mattias Falck by 4-2.

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Then Lin defeated the more experienced former Chinese table tennis champion Fan Zhendong in the T2 Diamond Malaysian tournament. Later that year, he won the 2019 ITTF World Tour Czech Open singles tournament.

Successes in ITTF Tournaments

Lin defeated Dimitrij Ovtcharov of Germany 4-1 to win the Czech Open singles tournament. He was also the first runner-up in the men’s single category in ITTF World Tour Japan Open, runner-up in the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals men’s double, and the second runner-up in the mixed doubles category.

He also won the ITTF Tour Hong Kong Open mixed doubles and the ITTF World Tour China Open in the same category.

Lin won the mixed doubles category in the WTT Contender Doha tournament 2021; he was the runner-up in the men’s singles category in the same tournament.

He also won the mixed doubles bronze medal in the 2020 Olympic Games, going as far as the semifinals before his team lost to the German Olympic table tennis team. In 2021, he got the second runner-up spot in the World Table Tennis Championships Finals.

mixed doubles at olympics in tokyo bronze medal chinese players

2022 was a little more eventful for Lin, as he participated in and performed better in several events and tournaments. He became one of the first runners-up in the WTT Singapore Smash tournament.

He won the Mixed Doubles trophy in WTT Contender Doha 2022. he then went on to win the WTT Contender Zagreb 2022 Men’s Single Championship along with the Men’s Singles’ first runners-up. Also, the Men’s Doubles, and Mixed Double trophy at the WTT Contender Almaty 2022 championship.

Lin Yun Ju Ranking

Lin Yun Ju is the world’s 8th-ranked best table tennis player. He was ranked has occupied the 8th position in the international table tennis player ranking list since October 2022 till now.

Lin Yun Ju Ranking table tennis player

He had previously occupied the 7th position from July 2022 until he was overtaken. Before that, he held the 6th position from September 2021 to January 2022. His highest rank was the 5th on the list from August to September 2021.

He was only sometimes at the top of the list, but Lin Yun Ju has been on the rise since his debut. He has already overtaken many of his seniors. Judging by his trajectory, we may see him at the No.1 position in days to come.

Lin Yun Ju Equipment

Lin Yun Ju is currently sponsored by one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers of table tennis blades, Butterfly. The Butterfly Lin Yun Ju blade is one of the world’s state-of-the-art table tennis blades.

The offensive shakehand blade is the official blade of Lin Yun Ju, made to accommodate his playing style. After getting the sponsorship from Butterfly, Lin Yun Ju said:

“I’m overjoyed to have a blade with my name on it. By his statement, we know that the blade is made for agile players like Lin to help him perfectly execute flip shots and give him better control of the blade as well. I believe that by working hard over the years, I have been recognized and achieved success.

Because I’m still young, I use bright colors for the handle to both inspire others and keep myself motivated. I believe the equipment I’m using now allows me to easily play banana flicks. In my game, I frequently use banana flicks, and this is my most effective technique.”

Lin Yun Ju’s official blade is the Lin Yun Ju Super ZLC. The blade is made with high-density, coven carbon, and ZL fiber. This Super ZLC ping pong blade is designed to produce better bounce than regular table tennis blades. With its wide high-reaction area, the blade gives its users enough control to handle the bounce.

The Super ZLC Blade & Dignics Rubbers

Lin Yun Ju Equipment proline racket with dignics rubbers


The blade perfectly reflects the personality of Lin Yun Ju with his signature wing marks on the blades to the colors. So, everything about the blade exudes his youthful energy.

Here are the features of Lin Yun Ju’s official Butterfly Lin Yun Ju Super ZLC blade are as follows:

  • Type: Offensive shakehand
  • Handle size: 100×25×34 mm, 100×23×28 mm, 100×24×32 mm
  • Reaction property: 12.3
  • Vibration property: 11.1
  • Blade size: 157×150 mm
  • Blade thickness: 5.6 mm
  • Blade structure: 5-ply wood + 2 Super ZL-Carbon
  • Country: Japan

Butterfly Lin Yun Ju Table tennis blade and player playing backhand shot


Lin Yun Ju VS Ma Long

In his career thus far, Lin Yun Ju has faced off against the biggest names currently in international table tennis. He has defeated world champions and lost to some with very narrow margins. One of Lin’s biggest rivals right now is the world’s current 2nd best table tennis player, none other than the one and only Ma Long.

Ma Long is one of the biggest names in international table tennis; he became the 2022 WTT Cup champion by defeating Lin Yun Ju.

Lin Yun Ju Vs Ma Long is one of the world’s most discussed contemporary table tennis rivalries. The two A-list athletes of the table tennis world have faced off 8 times from 2018 to 2022. Lin Yun had come out victorious two times in their encounters, losing others to very small margins.

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The two giants of the table tennis world first met head to head back in 2018 in the World Tour German Open, where Lin lost the match 3-2. The scores clearly show that the two rivals were destined to clash with each other and give the world some of the best table tennis matches in current history.

Later that year, they again met in the World Tour Chian Open, once in the Super 32 round of the tournament, and again met in the quarterfinals, where Lin again lost both times 3-0 and 4-0.

After the crushing defeats in 2018 against Ma Long, Lin, and Ma would meet again in 2019 at the ITTF ATTU Asian championship. In the men’s singles division where Lin again lost to Ma 3-1.

At the youth Olympic games he lost a bronze medal match against Kanak Jha.

His First Victory Against Ma Long

Lin saw his first victory against Ma Long in 2019 when he beat Ma Long 3-4. Even though it was a victory by a thin margin for the bronze medal match, it showed that Lin was not someone to be taken lightly.

It showed Lin is more than capable of beating the big names in the international circuit. Lin again beat Ma at the T2 Diamond, where he won the match with authority beating Ma by a huge margin of 4-2.

After their face-off at the World Championships, the two rivals again met face-to-face in the 2022 Singapore Smash Quarterfinals, where Lin again lost to Ma Long 3-2.

His First Victory Against Ma Long of the taiwan table tennis player

The two with meet again in two different tournaments, one being the European Summer Series – WTT Star Contender Men’s Double Quarter Finals and the 2022 WTT World Cup Men’s Singles Quarter Final, losing both by 3-1 and 3-2.

Ma Long is one of our time’s best table tennis players. He is currently ranked the 2nd best in the world, just behind his countrymate Fan Zhendong. Other rivalries of Lin Yun Ju include some of the top players in table tennis, such as Fan Zhendong, Mattias Flack, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, and Xiang Peng.

Even though Ma Long has come out on top in most of their encounters, their matches have always been entertaining. Some of their rivalries have become exciting in contemporary table tennis history.

Lin Yun-Ju Table Tennis Player Profile – Summary

The world of table tennis is an exciting and competitive one. There are many big names in the sport, and Lin Yun Ju has already become one of them.

The young boy from Taiwan has now become a household name in the internal table tennis community. His left-handed shakehand technique is a challenge for even the best.

A very small number of athletes can create such a big name for themselves at the international level in their age range. Lin Yun Ju may just become the future of international table tennis.

Lin Yun Ju The young boy from Taiwan has now become a household name in the internal table tennis community

He began playing table tennis at the age of 9 and has now become the winner of four international men’s singles titles. Also, Lin won many mixed and doubles titles and a few first and second runners-up titles in his career of 6 years.

Even though he isn’t at the top of the list of best table tennis players in the world right now, he surely has the potential to make it to that list very soon.

We may hear more about this amazing athlete in the future. Especially in the upcoming Olympics and other international table tennis events.




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