Joola United Pro 15 VS 25 Ping Pong Table Review

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Joola United Pro 15 VS 25 are two-piece recreational tables offering MDF surfaces built for durability and quick response time.

Each table includes a 15 mm and 25 mm charcoal-painted MDF surface, built-in ball holders, a scorer, adjustable feet to level the table, and flips for compact storage.

While the Joola United Pro 15 has been designed for convenient setup and brilliant portability, the Joola United Pro 25 is slightly larger, allowing it to accommodate taller table tennis players better.

Joola United Pro 15 VS 25 Table Comparison Chart

Joola United Pro 15 VS 25 Table Comparison Chart

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Best Offer Overall


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Joola United Pro 15 Ping Pong Table Review

Joola United Pro 15 Ping Pong Table Review main image


Table Surface & Playback Mode

The table features a 15mm (5/8 inch) charcoal-painted MDF, which gives it superior durability over other tables on the market.

It also has two halves, allowing easy mobility and compact storage when not in use. Best of all, it’s compatible with playback mode, allowing you to practice playing solo against yourself!

Assembly Time

This durable table comes partially assembled from the box and can be assembled in less than 20 minutes.

It has a 30 x 30 mm white undercarriage that automatically folds up when not in use and has four locking casters on each half for easy transport.

The ping pong table also has an anti-tilting device for increased safety and adjustable feet to ensure it is completely level when playing. For convenience, the ball storage accessory is installed in each table corner, storing up to three balls each.

It also includes a magnetic abacus-style attachable score counter and a ready-to-go table net set.

Price & Warranty

The Joola United Pro 15 retails for around $550, making it one of the most affordable tables on the market today.

It also has a 3-year limited warranty and increased safety precautions for durable playing.

joola united pro 15 vs 25 ping pong tables model 15mm surface


Joola United Pro 15 Specifications

  • Package dimensions: 63″ x 57″ x 4.5″
  • Package Weight – Net: 137 lbs
  • Playing surface: 15 mm
  • 2 Table halves for solo practice: Yes
  • Time to assemble: 15 minutes
  • Automatic folding legs: Yes

In conclusion, if you’re looking for top models of Joola tables that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Joola United Pro 15.

This table is perfect for recreational use and solo practice with its durable construction and convenient features. The United Pro series has an anti-tilting device, adjustable feet, ball holders, a scoreboard, and a ready-to-go net set included in the package.

Plus, with its 3-year limited warranty and unbeatable price point of just $550, what more could you ask for?

joola united pro 15 vs 25 table tennis tables review model 15 assembled

All these combined factors make this one of our top recommendations for clubs or family fun when shopping for ping-pong tables!

Joola United Pro 25 Ping Pong Table Review

Joola United Pro 25 Ping Pong Table Review main image


The Joola United Pro 25 is slightly more advanced than the 15 version. It features all of the same components as its predecessor. This ping pong table includes adjustable rubber feet with four locking casters per half.

Also, it is fully equipped with four ball holders in each corner that can store up to three balls, an anti-tilting device for increased safety. The United Pro 25 features four corners, a double anti-tilting device, and the thickest table surface at 25 mm.

Design & Quality

The Joola United Pro 25 ping pong table has a competition-grade matte surface similar to ITTF-approved tournament 25mm tables.

This ensures you get consistent bounces on the ball with every shot. It also comes with an ultra-strong frame and legs for ultimate durability.

Additionally, its four locking casters under each table half, along with the adjustable rubber feet, help to level the table on any surface. Plus, it comes with four 4″ black wheels, which provide easy maneuverability when setting up or storing away your table.


This two-piece folding system allows you to easily switch from playing to storage mode in no time. The automatic folding legs feature a double anti-tilt device for increased safety when storing or playing on this table.

One of the best ping pong tables has a regulation size of 108 in L x 60 in W x 30 in H. Also, ensures that you will be able to enjoy playing on this full-size regulation-sized ping pong table without sacrificing space in your home or club room.

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Like its predecessor, the United Pro 25 has a magnetic abacus-style scoreboard and four ball holders for storing accessories.

Joola United Pro 25 Specifications

  • Package dimensions: 64″ x 58″ x 8″
  • Package Weight – Net: 246 lbs
  • Table playing surface: 25 mm
  • 4-inch black wheels
  • Warp-resistant frame
  • 2 Table halves for solo practice

The Joola United Pro 25 ping pong table is excellent for a tournament-grade quality play experience without breaking the bank.

Its ultra-strong frame and legs provide superior stability. In contrast, its competition-grade bounce gives players reliable control over their shots every time they hit the ball across the net!

If you like to play ping pong and need an ITTF-approved durable table that can withstand hours of competitive play without showing signs of wear and tear, this one may be just what you need!

Joola United Pro 25 Specifications assembled ping pong table


With so many great features and benefits, it’s easy to see why many people choose these indoor tables over other available options today. It is almost the same price as the model 15.

Joola United Pro 15 VS 25 Pros and Cons

Joola United Pro 15 PROS:

  • Table top thickness of 15 mm
  • JOOLA Tournament grade net set included
  • Lighter table with a weight of 137 lbs
  • Great price for recreational centers

Joola United Pro 15 CONS:

  • It’s not an outdoor table
  • Not for professional tournaments

Joola United Pro 25 PROS:

  • Tabletop thickest table surface of 25 mm
  • The most durable table from the United Pro series
  • 4-inch black wheels and protective corners
  • Table tennis table for tournaments and recreational centers

Joola United Pro 25 CONS:

  • The only issue is that it’s not for all weather conditions, like the outdoor tables

Joola United Pro 15 VS 25 Ping Pong Tables FAQs

1. Which table tennis table is more affordable, the Joola United Pro 15 or the Joola United Pro 25?

The Joola United Pro 15 is priced at $ 550, while the model 25 costs $ 650. Both tables have built-in ball holders and are great for clubs. The most expensive table tennis tables are reviewed here.

2. Which ping pong table is better for professional players, the Joola United Pro 15 or the Joola United Pro 25?

For every table tennis enthusiast, the model United Pro 25 is better, but in comparison to, for example, Joola Motion, the model 15 is still great. Both tables have leg levelers and can fold easily. Professionals may like more the United Pro 25 ping pong tables.

Reviews from Users & Conclusion

“Save yourself time and stop looking – you’ve arrived at the best table….from the best retailer. Megaspin’s customer service is beyond anything I’ve received from an online merchant. Their assistance before, during, and after the sale was beyond expectations. Responses to questions were received within 24 hours – frequently during off-business hours. I did have a problem with damage upon delivery, and Megaspin was on top of it!”

“This table met my needs and expectations perfectly. I wanted something easy to assemble, sturdy, good quality, easy to set up, and with compact storage. The shipment arrived on time and in good condition. (The shipment is heavy, with everything in one box. 200+lbs.) Once delivered, I was able to unpack and assemble the table myself. My husband helped me to stand each side on its legs when the assembly was completed.”

joola united pro 15 vs 25 bundle package with ipong robot


Both Joola United Pro tables offer great features, making them ideal choices for recreational play. These ping pong tables have a magnetic abacus-style scoreboard and leg levelers.

However, if you’re looking for extra stability or want more room due to the height or size of the play area, then you may want to consider opting for the upgraded 25mm version over its 15mm counterpart.

Another excellent indoor ping pong table is the Cornilleau 740 Competition ITTF model.

Each table half is equipped with ball holders with three balls so you can play table tennis matches and don’t pick up the balls every time. Recreational centers will surely be satisfied with the prices of these durable ping pong tables.

Whichever you choose, though – you won’t be disappointed!





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