Joola Inside 25 VS Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table Review

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In this Joola Inside 25 VS Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table Review article, we will look at these two models and compare their features.

When choosing between Joola Inside 25 and Stiga Advantage ping pong table, not everything is black and white. Each model has pros and cons, and it cannot be easy to pick the one that best suits your needs.

This blog post will compare the Joola Inside 25 VS Stiga Advantage ping pong tables to help you make an informed decision. We will look at the size, weight, construction, price, and other factors that make each table unique.

Joola Inside 25 VS Stiga Advantage Comparison Chart

Joola Inside 25 VS Stiga Advantage Comparison Chart


Joola Inside 25 Review

Joola Inside 25 VS Stiga Advantage main image of the joola table




Joola Inside 25 is one of the top-selling table tennis tables partly because it is USATT-approved and meets the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF approval). It is constructed for aspiring professionals who want to take their skills to the highest level.

The indoor ping-pong table is a great option to improve your ping-pong skills. It offers some of the most valuable features that you find compelling.

This review will teach us some of the secrets behind the Joola Inside 25’s distinctive design. The playability of this ping pong table is excellent. This Joola ping pong table has the perfect surface to make it a fantastic training facility.

Additionally, this indoor table has a sturdy steel frame that helps it last very long. Even better, both novices and specialists can use this product. You may hone your abilities with its unique characteristics tailored to your tastes, enabling the champion in you to shine through.

Continue reading this review to learn more beneficial information about these ping-pong tables.

Joola Inside 25 VS Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table Review solo playback joola

Tabletop Thickness

It comes with the thickest tabletop – 25 25-inch wooden composite tabletop surface, and we all know the wider the surface is, the better performance you will get from the table. Blue silk-screen stripping provides a smooth surface finish, and the entire surface is covered with scratch-resistant and anti-glare coating.

On the other hand, there are three models of Stiga Advantage, and their tabletop thickness ranges from 12 mm, 16 mm to 19 mm. Hence, it is pretty apparent you won’t get the consistent quality bounce identical to the Joola Inside 25 from the Stiga Advantage table tennis table.

The Frame and Undercarriage

The 1″ thick wood composite tabletop of Inside 25 rests on a 1.2″ resin tube apron and sturdy undercarriage with a dual trolley system. The 25 mm thick wood composite tabletop sits on a durable 1.5-inch resin apron and 1.5-inch diameter powder-coated steel legs.

Weighing 284 lbs and with a sturdy undercarriage, Joola Inside 25 is indeed heavier compared to the Stiga Advantage. It’ll require two people to raise the table in half and fold this table.

joola inside 25 table The Frame and Undercarriage

However, Inside 25 has a durable anti-tilt system, spring-loaded safety latch, and dual locking mechanism, allowing you to fold and unfold the table safely. If you plan to play solo, press the locking casters of each half of the table for playback mode.

Compact and Foldable

Joola Inside 25 table is foldable and allows solo playback mode. The separable nesting halves of the table and a sleek frame provide a compact storage solution.

Joola Inside 25 Assembly Instructions

Arrives 90% assembled       

The Joola Inside 25 table tennis table’s rapid and straightforward setup is another appealing feature. Setting up the table takes approximately 10-15 minutes. The procedure is simple and quick if you have a crescent wrench. This is a beautiful contrast to the labor-intensive and complicated assembling process other tables usually require.

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Includes Joola Inside Table Tennis Net and post-set

Joola Inside 25 comes with a tournament-quality screw-on clamp net set. The ping pong net set meets the tournament grade regulation size (72″). The older models of Joola Inside used to come with a clip-on net, which wasn’t very convenient to attach to the table.

The New Joola 25mm ping pong table model has a convenient screw-on clamp net and post system that’s easily attachable. It fits most standard-sized tables of 9 ft x 5ft and with 1.5-inch tabletop thickness. The height and tension capability of the net is also adjustable.

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Durability and Replayability 

Joola has improved its well-liked Inside models with a black powder-coated steel frame. Because the table’s legs are solid and measure 1.2 inches (30 mm), you can play at any angle without worrying that it will topple over.

You can lower or elevate the playing surface using the height adjusters on each leg to provide the best stability.

Joola Inside 25 Specifications

  • Solo playback mode: Yes
  • Tabletop thickness: 25mm MDF playing surface
  • Weight: 284 lbs.
  • Surface dimensions: 9ft x 5 ft x 2.5 ft
  • Ping pong net included: Yes
  • Wheels: 4–inch caster wheels
  • Construction of the table’s surface: MDF tabletop, resin apron, and 1.5-inch steel legs
  • Assembly time required: 15-20 minutes.
  • Price includes curbside shipping: $874.95 on the Joola website and $644.95$ on Megaspin.

This ping pong table has premium rubber pads that ensure a uniform bounce of your ball wherever it lands, so you no longer have to worry about playing on a flat surface. Playback and storage positions are available on the Joola ping pong table 25 mm. It is the best option for indoor ping pong.

joola inside 25 ping pong table indoor blue color




It implies that you can fold the table in half and relocate them farther apart. By folding up one half of the table and using solo-play, you may also play ping pong by yourself. Other great indoor ping pong tables are reviewed here.

Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table Review

Joola Inside 25 VS Stiga Advantage the stiga table main image


As a budget-friendly entry-level ping pong table, the STIGA Advantage offers a good playing experience for someone on a budget. It is a standard 5/8″ thick MDF top made of wood composite material and features silk-screen stripe graphics, making it great for kids or home use.

The quick-and-easy assembly process means that you can get started playing right away. It has a heavy-duty, rugged frame that makes it durable in all weather conditions to handle years of use.

We’ll learn more of its essential features in this section of the review on Stiga Advantage ping pong tables.

Tabletop Thickness

The MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) table surface on the STIGA Advantage table tennis table is 5/8″ thick and properly coated using an automated roller coating process.

Joola Inside 25 VS Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table Review the stiga solo playback mode

This procedure produces a dark blue playing surface with silk-screened lines that are attractive and sturdy.

It is important to note that Stiga Advantage comes in three types of tabletop surface thickness, and the most preferred is 16 mm or 5/8 inches. This could disadvantage the player who likes the conventional one-inch thickness that most veteran players practice and play on.

Although rival models, like the Joola Inside, provide the recommended one-inch thick playing surface, this Stiga model significantly outperforms the Joola Inside table in terms of price. The Advantage can be purchased for a much lower cost.

The Frame 

30 mm steel material legs support the Stiga Advantage ping pong table available. Additionally, the identical legs benefit from a superb coating with matte black powder, giving it a magnificent appearance. Even better, the legs on this tennis table are a little fuller.

The layout is advantageous since it can bear more weight due to the thicker surface. It is sturdy in part because of its 38mm legs. To make it easier for the user to adjust the level to their needs, each leg incorporates convenient height adjusters. It can be changed till it ultimately comes flat.

The Undercarriage of The Table 

This table is made to stand out thanks to its 3-inch lockable casters. Since they are more significant than usual, moving the table for setup and storage is simple. This makes it possible to assemble and disassemble the table in 10 minutes when combined with zero gravity balance technology.

stiga advantage review The Undercarriage of The Table

Although the table is held together using a latch on the net line, when the chassis is locked, it appears to be comprised of a single, solid piece, which may need to be clarified for some individuals.

The nearly 180 lb. weight of the sturdy structure and the high-end surface finish of Stiga’s designs make them no laughing matter. When building or getting ready to pack away, the zero gravity balance makes it seem weightless, a fantastic feature of this table.

The Net and Post Set 

The net and post with the table are incredibly simple to put up and remove. The accessories that come with the table are high-quality. It’s encouraging to see that Stiga includes a strong clamp net and post set that meets professional standards.

When you spend decent money on a table tennis table and then get a useless net, that is one thing about many table tennis tables that annoys us!

Fortunately, Stiga didn’t compromise on the net and provided quality tournament-grade posts and net. You would likely pay $30–$40 for a net of this caliber.

Stiga Advantage Assembly

Fast Set Up and Assembling 

The STIGA Advantage table is 99% pre-assembled, and according to STIGA, the complete installation process only takes 10 minutes. This feature is referred to as “QuickPlay.” The procedure involves tightening bolts and fastening the caster wheels to the frame.


The top-notch material used to construct the Stiga Advantage Table gives it a polished appearance, feel, and smooth top surface. The table boasts a sturdy leg leveler and an aluminum frame, contributing to its stability and easy roll-on play.

The table has a 16mm MDF surface that is non-glare and supports it, making it ideal for playing in public.

Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table Specifications

  • Solo playback mode: Yes
  • Tabletop thickness: (12, 16, or 19) mm MDF playing surface
  • Tabletop material: MDF
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Surface dimension: 108″ L x 60″ W x 30″ H
  • Ping pong net included: Yes
  • Wheel size: 1.6–inch caster wheels
  • Assembly time required: 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Price includes curbside shipping: Very affordable price of $529.99 on the Stiga US website.

You may play table tennis on this top-notch table both inside and outside. It has a sizable playing area, among other distinctive qualities, when fully assembled.

However, it is still simple to store away due to its foldability and substantial rolling castor wheelbase. Additionally, the commercial-grade piston utilized to close the table provides remarkable stability.

Joola Inside 25 VS Stiga Advantage Pros and Cons

Both the tables share many standard features, but the plain truth is that you won’t get a competition-level bounce from the Stiga Advantage.

Also, the Inside 25 meets the ITTF regulation size of table tennis tables and is USATT-approved. But let’s get to know each of the tables’ pros and cons; that way, you will understand the minute similarities and the main differences between the Joola Inside 25 and the Stiga Advantage.

For now, here are the pros and cons of the former:

Joola Inside 25 Pros

  • The table comes with a thicker tabletop compared to Stiga Advantage and provides better bounce.
  • Offers a compact storage solution and s safety latch system.
  • Joola Inside table halves can be folded up separately for playback.
  • Includes hassle-free screw-on net and post set.
  • The dual-locking and anti-tilt mechanism of the table provides additional safety when folding the table.
  • The table arrives 90% assembled.

Joola Inside 25 Cons

Stiga Advantage Pros

  • Similar to Joola Inside 25, the table arrives 90% assembled.
  • Includes clamp-style net and post system.
  • Stiga Advantage table is foldable and offers a compact storage solution.
  • It is lighter in weight compared to Joola Inside 25 and, therefore, easily portable.
  • Stiga Advantage models are equipped with protective corner edges and a safety latch system.

Stiga Advantage Cons

  • The table comes with a thinner surface compared to Joola Inside 25, affecting the bounce quality negatively.
  • The undercarriage, as well as the legs, are not sturdy and durable enough as Joola.


Joola Inside 25 VS Stiga Advantage – Conclusion

The Joola Inside 25 and the Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table are two of the best indoor sports tables available in the market today. Stiga Advantage VS Joola both perform at an elite level.

However, they serve two very different markets. So which one is right for you?

All in all, I’d have to say that the clear winner of this competition is the Joola Inside 25. It is always good to have variety, but the Inside 25 Table Tennis Table from Joola offers top performance for $874.95. You can get this 25mm table tennis for sale at $644.95.

Firstly, their table outshines Stiga’s Advantage in every aspect. The quality of their craftsmanship, the competition-grade 1-inch-thick tabletop, the durable construction, and how it elevates kids’ interest in the game. Even if you’re not looking for a high-end table, you should still give Joola Inside 25 a try.

On the other hand, if you are very tight on your budget, you may go for a recreational ping pong table like the Stiga Advantage. Between these two table tennis tables, the Advantage has an affordable price.

Whether a beginner or an experienced table tennis player, you need to buy the right ping pong table to practice and improve your skills. Also, for recreational play, these two tables are amazing.

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