Donic Delhi 25 Ping Pong Table Review

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The Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table is one of the best tables for beginners to practice on. The table is compact and designed to take up less space, so any beginner ping pong player can buy it and easily use and store it without wasting much space.

This Donic Delhi 25 table review contains all the information you need to determine if this is the right ping pong table for you. Also, you get an indoor playing surface and excellent bounce of the ball.

If you’re a beginner table tennis player or just need a ping pong table to practice at home, the Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table is the best choice. Keep reading this Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table review to learn more about it.

Donic Delhi 25 Review

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Donic Delhi 25 is the product of Donic, a German-based table tennis equipment manufacturer with over 25 years of legacy behind them.

Donic is among the world’s top table tennis, blades, and rubber brands. They have a legacy of making tables used in various ITTF World Tournaments. All equipment produced by Donic is top quality International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF approved), and tournament ready.

Donic made the Delhi 25 ping pong table with the convenience, needs, and quality required for both beginner and experienced table tennis players in mind. The ping pong table is a moveable, compact, and quality performance table made for players who want a table in their home to either practice or host their tournaments.

The table is built to give its user a tournament-quality playing experience while keeping the table compact, convenient to move around, and keeping the frame sturdy.

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This beautiful Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table has been used in multiple German and Austrian ping pong tournaments and has received positive reviews from the players.

The table has a 25-millimeter-thick top to maintain the bounce’s consistency while keeping the surface’s integrity intact. Its five-inch wheels are made of rubbers, and its latching system keeps it steady while playing even the most intense games.

The ping pong table also has square 2.25-inch square legs made from steel that are adjustable to level the table on an uneven surface.

The Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table is all-purpose for professional and amateur ping pong players. It’s a tournament-grade, ITTF-approved table for practice in homes and tournaments.

What Are The Specifications Of Donic Delhi 25?

What makes a ping pong table good or bad is its specifications. What materials have been used to make the table, its proportions, its surface thickness, design, compatibility, and where it was made?

Also, many more factors are considered when looking for the right specifications for a ping pong table. Its folded position has the dimension of 60X63X18.5 inches.

table tennis table for donic brand blue tabletop and assembled

In this section of the Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table review, we can conclude by evaluating the specifications that the table is the best choice for a beginner or professional ping pong player looking to perfect their game with home practice.

Donic Delhi 25 Table Tennis Table Features

  • Type: Indoor
  • Folded Measurement (inches): 60″ x 63″ x 18.5″
  • Required storage space: W x H x D: 1525 x 1600 x 470mm
  • Tabletop surface: 25mm (1 inch) wood
  • Frame: 50 x 20mm with galvanized steel tube
  • Legs: 2.3 inches square
  • Steel raining: 2 inches
  • Wheels: 125 mm, four wheels for steering, rubber tires, with two brakes.
  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes
  • Solo play-back: No
  • Pre-assembled: Yes
  • Design: Unique design with set up the legs made from flat silver 50 x 3mm galvanized steel
  • Approval: ITTF-approved; Made according to European Norm – EN 14468-1
  • Made in Germany

Pros and Cons of Donic Delhi 25

Now that you know all the facts and specs of the Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table, it’s about time we evaluate the pros and cons of the table to cover all the bases. You can decide about the table through this list of Donic Delhi’s 25 ping pong table pros and cons.


  • Made by Donic, which is one of the world’s leading table tennis equipment manufacturers.
  • The table is wheelchair accessible, making it the best choice for disabled athletes. The list of Donic Delhi 25’s pros and cons are as follows:
  • Easily to move around, so you can conveniently switch positions.
  • The legs are with flat silver galvanized steel tubing.
  • The Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table is ITTF-approved.
  • It is the most affordable tournament-quality ping pong table on the market.
  • The Donic Delhi 25 table frame is strong and long-lasting.
  • It gives you consistent bounce for as long as you use it.
  • The table is suitable for both beginner and expert players.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • It doesn’t have a fold-up playback mode.
  • A bit heavy, weighing 298 lbs.
  • It might not be budget-friendly for some of us.

Donic Delhi VS Donic Persson 25

persson 25 table tennis table compared to donic



The Persson 25 is another product from Donic that’s quite similar to the Delhi 25 ping pong table. Some small differences exist between them, such as size, mobility, and affordability.

The Donic Persson 25 ping pong table costs slightly less than the Donic Delhi 25 table. The Donic Person 25 table is smaller in size compared to Delhi 25. It weighs a few lbs less than the Delhi 25 and comes delivered fully assembled as well.

Donic Persson 25 also has a fold-up play feature, making it the perfect choice for people who want to practice their serves and strokes at home. The Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table is made for tournaments and home practice, making it a more premium quality ping pong table.

The Donic Persson 25 ping pong table is for beginners looking for a tournament-quality ping pong table to hone their skills. On the other hand, the Donic Delhi 25 table is suitable for amateurs, professionals, and tournaments. It is also made in Germany.

Finally, the Persson 25 is much more popular compared to the Delhi 25. It comes with 5 out of 5-star ratings and all the reviews are super positive on Megaspin. Speaking of which, let’s find out what others are saying about the Donic Delhi 25.


Donic Delhi 25 Ping Pong Table User Reviews

The Donic Delhi 25 table has received many positive customer reviews from the Megaspin online store. To make these Donic Delhi 25 reviews, I sifted numerous customer reviews of the table. I wanted to represent the truth about the table and not misrepresent any aspects.

Many living in apartments or homes with limited space have bought ping pong tables. Some have said it’s the perfect ping pong table for them as it only takes up a little space.

They have said that it doesn’t take up much space and that once it’s folded, it practically doesn’t take up any space. Some have said they put the Delhi 25 table on their balcony or backyard and loved how easy it was to move around.

donic delhi 25 ping pong table review assembled and legs



Some have said that they love the table because of its build quality. They claim that the sturdiness and firm wheels of the table are ideal for a game on an uneven surface. Some users have reported hosting tournaments using the Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table. The table didn’t suffer a scratch afterward.

People have also loved how good the table surface is on the Donic Delhi 25 table. The professional quality of each game is consistent since the surface is 24mm thick and made from quality.

Where Can I Buy The Donic Delhi 25 Table?

The Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table is in high demand, so if you want to buy one for yourself, you will have to hurry. You can buy the table right now from MEGASPIN.

The Donic Delhi 25 table is shipped pre-assembled, so you will not have to take the trouble of assembling it when you receive it; you will only have to unpack it and start playing.

How Much Is The Donic Delhi 25 Table?

Every quality ping pong table is manufactured with premium-grade materials to give optimal performance to the players; this causes the price of a ping pong table to rise significantly.

Currently, the Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table costs $1,995. For some newcomers, the Donic Delhi 25 table tennis table seems expensive, but I can assure you that the table costs less than any other alternative you will find anywhere.

The Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table is made for people who want a ping pong table in their homes to practice or host their tournaments. Its price has been kept within the most affordable range for the general public.

Is Donic Delhi 25 Worth The Price?

Quality ping pong tables cost a lot of money; a premium-quality table usually costs two thousand to five thousand dollars based on factors such as brand, size, design, and performance. Previously, only the top-ranked ping pong players could afford to buy quality table tennis tables.

The amateur players always had to make do with low-end and sub-par ping pong tables. Usually, buying a table tennis table to practice at home is only affordable for some ping pong players.

donic delhi 25 table review vs persson 25 two tables blue and green

The Donic Delhi is among the first high-end tournament-quality ping pong tables sold at an affordable price for amateurs. It may still be pricey. Yet, it’s more affordable than any other ITTF-approved, tournament-quality ping pong table worldwide.

The table can be used for a long, long time, and it won’t be damaged. You can use it to practice your game and even host tournaments. It can be easily moved from one location to another without hassle.

So, judging by how convenient it is to carry it and have it around the house and its utility, you won’t find a better table tennis table at this price. So yes, the Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table is worth the price.

Donic Delhi 25 Review Summary

Finding the right equipment to practice on is important if you want to develop your skills. There’s no point in buying an overpriced ping pong table for your home if you’re not going to use it for big tournaments.

This is why I believe the Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table is the best choice for anyone who wants a table to practice in their home. The table is less expensive than other premium-grade ping pong tables.

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In this Donic Delhi 25 review, I have listed everything there is to know about the ping pong table and how it can assist amateur and professional ping pong players in practicing and perfecting their skills.

You may find other ping pong tables out there that will last you only a short time, and they will begin to lose the integrity of their surface and even their structural integrity.

As we can see, the cheaper ones will eventually cost you your hard-earned money. On the other hand, the Donic Delhi 25 ping pong table will be an investment for your table tennis career and will last you a lifetime.






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