Cornilleau Lifestyle Table Tennis Table Review (Black, White)

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The article you’re about to read reviews one of the best home table tennis tables on the market, the Cornilleau Lifestyle.

Are you searching for a chic table tennis table for your home? If you are, look no further.

Cornilleau is one of the best table tennis goods manufacturers in the world. The company manufactures the most stylish and best-quality table tennis tables globally. This article reviews the brand new Cornilleau Lifestyle model table tennis tables, the best home-use tables.

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Whether you’re a professional, a casual player, or even a beginner, you can’t go wrong with new Cornilleau tables. The table is an elegant one that makes for a perfect addition to home decor.

Its stylish design makes the room or outdoor space look much classier. The tables are suitable for players of all levels and are made according to International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF guidelines), so you can buy a tournament-quality table for your home.

Keep reading this Cornilleau Outdoor Lifestyle Table review to know more about this amazing table tennis table and if you should buy one for your home. Here you will learn about some of the best features of the table, customer reviews, benefits, and more.

Overview Of Cornilleau Outdoor Lifestyle Table Tennis Table

Cornilleau’s Lifestyle ping pong table is the most stylish and elegant table tennis table you’ll find anywhere. It is a high-end, professional-grade table made for home use. The outdoor table tennis table is made to enhance the elegance of the space it’s in.

It’s designed to only take up a little space but still give you a professional table tennis experience at home. It is a great decorative addition to your home. This distinguished style will make it stand out and work as a conversation starter.

The Cornilleau Lifestyle table is made for both indoor and outdoor use. It works as well indoors as outdoors, as it is weather-resistant and can withstand almost all weather conditions. But of course, you shouldn’t leave it out in the open during a storm, and a little rain or too much sun shouldn’t cause too much damage to it.

Overview Of Cornilleau Lifestyle Table Tennis Table indoor and outdoor

The outdoor table tennis table uses high-durability material to extend its lifetime and give its users high-end service for years. Its solid core laminates the top of the table, and its sturdy stainless steel structure is coated with epoxy paint. The stainless steel screws used to assemble the table make it highly equipped for indoor and outdoor use.

High-End Ping Pong Table for Indoor & Outdoor

The legs of the Cornilleau Lifestyle ping pong table are made from the tropical wood Moabi. This wood is extremely weather-resistant, which means it can withstand almost any weather condition, making it ideal for outdoor use.

ping pong table legs made by tropical wood Moabi




The Cornilleau Lifestyle outdoor table has everything you need in a ping pong table. It’s a perfect table to practice at home or warm up before playing table tennis important match.

Since it’s a high-end ping pong table, it costs a little money, but one thing I can bet – you won’t find any other ping pong tables of this caliber in this price range!

Specifications of the Cornilleau Lifestyle Table Tennis Table

  • Table size L x W x H: 274 cm x 167 cm x 76 cm.
  • Surface: Laminated with resin.
  • Surface thickness: 6mm.
  • Coat: MATTOP.
  • Weight (table): 168 lbs.
  • Color of plastic: Black.
  • The frame (structure): Steel.
  • The frame (Color): 38mm Aluzinc Black, so it can withstand any outdoor conditions
  • Legs – tropical wood feet: Spindle Moabi wood, varnished.
  • Dimensions of the legs: 732 m x 50 m x 45 m.
  • Table Tennis Net: You can choose either a removable or fixed net
  • Ball Storage: 6 standard balls can be stored on the table.
  • Racket Storage: You can store two rackets inside the table.
  • Corners: Black plastic corners.
  • Class: EN 14468 – CLASS C.
  • Approved by: FFTT Leisure Practice – Download the Catalog
  • Country of manufacture: France.
  • Price: $3,999.

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Cornilleau Outdoor Lifestyle Table Review Features

Steel Frame    

The Cornilleau Lifestyle outdoor table is built with a strong and steady steel frame. The steel frame gives it an aesthetic look, making it look more elegant and stylish than other ping pong tables of 2023.

A steel frame is stainless steel, making it anti-rust to maintain its aesthetic qualities even if you use it outdoors for an extended time. The steel frame is also the reason it’s so sturdy.

Sophisticated design

The Cornilleau Lifestyle ping pong table has a unique, stylish look that no other table tennis table has. It isn’t just the perfect table to practice and an amazing decorative addition to your home.

It makes the space it’s in look more elegant and classy without compromising playing quality.

cornilleau ping pong table steel frame and design

Made with Durable Materials

The table has a very sturdy structure to make it durable. It’s so sturdy that you can practice on it day and night without causing any damage to the table.

The materials used to make the table are durable and can endure almost all weather and environments.

Cornilleau Lifestyle Tropical Wood Feet

The legs of the Cornilleau Lifestyle table have legs made from tropical wood. They are made from Moabi wood, which is highly durable and weather resistant. The legs are reinforced with an anti-UV finish to make it last a long time, regardless of its environment.

Excellent Rebound Quality

The Cornilleau Lifestyle ping pong tables resin laminated 6mm-thick surface gives you the best playing experience at home that money can buy. As any experienced table tennis player will tell you, the thicker the surface, the better bounce you’ll get off the surface.

wooden legs of a table tennis table from brand cornilleau

The Cornilleau Outdoor Lifestyle table has just the right thickness to help professionals practice for a professional tournament or help beginners practice the game. It has a very good rebound quality for tournaments.

MTTOP Finish

The Cornilleau Lifestyle table is made with an MTTOP mat finish to reduce glare from all kinds of light sources. No matter how bright your surroundings are, you won’t have to worry about facing glares coming off the table.

Sufficient Storage

One of the biggest annoyances you may face while playing ping pong is finding where you put your bat and balls. This outdoor lifestyle table allows you to store your ping pong equipment on the table and play whenever needed.

You can store up to 6 ping pong balls and two rackets on the table along with the net.

6 ping pong balls and two rackets on the table along with the net

Non-slip and Swivel Legs

The Cornilleau Lifestyle ping pong table’s Swivel legs give you the luxury to play or practice on almost any surface. Its swivel legs can be adjusted to any terrain and uneven grounds.

Not all ping pong tables will give you the advantage of adjusting the legs on uneven surfaces. The legs are also made not to slip. The last thing you’ll want during a game of ping pong is the legs slipping and bringing down the entire table.

Cornilleau Lifestyle table has sturdy legs that prevent it from slipping and gives you a much better playing experience.

Detachable Net

The Cornilleau Lifestyle ping pong table has a metal net that can be detached. If you need to move the table or want to use the table without the net, you can take it out of its supports and store it in the table.

Again, when you need to play a game, you can take out the net and reattach it to your table.

Rackets and standard balls

The Cornilleau Lifestyle table has a pair of Nexeo X70 ping pong paddles. You only have to buy an extra pair if you plan to host a tournament. Ping pong paddles are built for speed and are resilient.

nexeo x70 ping pong paddles with balls

The paddles are suitable for both beginners and professionals. The table also comes with 6 outdoor balls that are made to give you the best playing experience outdoors. They cost separately £23.95 according to Cornilleau UK.

The balls on the table are lightweight, stay on their trajectory, and are mostly weather resistant.

About Cornilleau Table Tennis Brand

Cornilleau is one of the world’s leading Ping Pong and sports table manufacturers. The company is based in Bonneuil-les-eaux, France, and they have been making high-end ping pong tables since the early 80s.

Cornilleau was one of the first manufacturers to democratize ping pong and make table tennis tables available to the general public worldwide.

One of their most revolutionary ideas was to make outdoor ping pong tables for the general public. They were one of the first sports companies to make low to mid-budget ping pong tables to be played outdoors.

cornilleau lifestyle ping pong table about the brand

Before Cornilleau made its first outdoor ping pong table, ping pong games were usually played inside game rooms or gyms. Only some professional games and tournaments were held outdoors. But ever since Cornilleau made its outdoor tables, the general public has been able to afford them.

The Cornilleau Company has become a renowned brand name in the sporting world. Now they make all kinds of sporting tables, from billiards to ping pong; if you’re looking for classy, elegant, and professional quality game tables, you should buy a Cornilleau product.

Is Cornilleau Lifestyle Table Tennis Table Worth Buying?

Well, that depends; if you’re looking to buy a premium high-end ping pong table to either practice or play friendly games with, then yes, you can go right with buying the Cornilleau Lifestyle ping pong table.

One thing’s for sure – the price may put you off if you’re looking for a low-end ping. But if you’re dedicated to learning or enjoying the true essence of playing ping pong, you will definitely find the Cornilleau table worth the price.

Other high-end ping pong tables are out there, but the really good ones cost over five thousand dollars. If you plan on investing in a ping pong table, you got to choose the one that comes with a quality practice surface and also looks amazing, and that’s what this table is about!

cornilleau lifestyle table tennis table near the pool luxury house




That said, I also played a few games on a new lifestyle table at a friend’s house and was very impressed. I felt like a pro while playing on it, making my friend’s house look more elegant. So, if you ask me, the Cornilleau Lifestyle ping pong table is worth buying. It has a unique and stylish look and a superior quality when playing.

Cornilleau Lifestyle Ping Pong Table User Reviews

Here I am sharing some of the reviews on Cornilleau Lifestyle table tennis table from customers:

“I am a semi-professional ping pong player. I enjoy playing the game and like to keep my skills sharp. So I kept an open space right beside my backyard when I bought my home for a ping pong table. So I started looking for a ping pong table that would go with my home’s decor and give me the best playing experience.

While looking for the most affordable tables, I found the Cornilleau Lifestyle table. I was familiar with the Cornilleau brand but didn’t know they had a new model of ping pong table that’s more affordable and made for home and outdoor use.

lifestyle table black color user reviews

So without wasting any more time, I placed an order for it and received a delivery directly from Cornilleau within two days. I was pleased to receive the table, as it made my house look even better. I started playing on it, and it took me back to my ping pong days. Now I practice my ping pong skills every day. It’s one of the best tables I ever used.”

James K.

Ping Pong Table Reviews by Professional Players

“Being a professional table tennis player, I learned quite a few things about the Cornilleau Lifestyle table. I like how much bounce it causes, as it is one of the most important features of a good table tennis table.

I also loved how its surface is made. The surface doesn’t cause glare and is very smooth to touch, meaning the ball can perfectly bounce and skid off the surface. The table is also very suitable for beginners, as I taught some of my friends how to play ping pong using it.

If you’re looking for a good ping pong table for your home, you should buy the Cornilleau Lifestyle table.”

cornilleau lifestyle table tennis table review with rackets and ball storage

Chirs J.

“Well, I am a newbie in ping pong, but I have always been interested in learning to play the sport. So, since I bought my big house, I have been planning to buy a ping pong table.

Since I only knew a little about ping pong tables, I asked my more experienced ping pong player friends. They told me about this new lifestyle ping pong table. I thought it would take up a lot of space, but I was surprised to find out it only took up a little.

So I bought the table for my home, which makes my house look even better. Now I practice ping pong daily, which has become one of my favorite hobbies and pastimes. I can attest that it’s the perfect choice for beginner Ping pong players like me. I absolutely love it.”

Amanda B.

Cornilleau Lifestyle Review – Summary

Ping pong has become one of the most popular sports and pastimes. More and more people are getting into the game and learning how to play it.

Because of the sport’s rise in popularity, more people are selling and buying ping pong equipment to practice, learn, or just keep in the house as decoration pieces.

But before you go out looking to buy a ping pong table, you should first know what makes a good table, what a reasonable price is, and what else you need to consider before buying one.

megaspin store banner

In this Cornilleau Lifestyle review, I have shown you all the details about the table. I have also explained that it is best for all players, from beginners to professionals.

The table has a surface that provides the right bounce, allowing beginners to control the ball and professionals to practice in a tournament setting. Also, it has a metallic structure for long-lasting play.

Once again, I must say that it might appear a little pricey, but you will not find any other table of this caliber anywhere else. You can practice with a great quality your forehand and backhand shots.

Cornilleau Lifestyle Review - Summary detachable net and legs

So, you can’t go wrong with the Cornilleau Lifestyle ping pong table. The table is also designed to only take up a little space, allowing it to blend perfectly with your interior decor.

If you’re looking for a quality table to practice ping pong, learn the game, or just want a showpiece for your home, you should buy the Cornilleau Lifestyle Ping Pong Table.





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