Cornilleau Competition 740 ITTF Indoor Table Best Review

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If you’re looking for a professional-quality table tennis table, then the Cornilleau Competition 740 ITTF Indoor is a must-have. Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) for competition play, this table offers top-notch performance and quality of play. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this table so unique.

The Cornilleau 740 Indoor ping pong table can be your best option if you want a genuinely outstanding tournament-level table. For $2500, you may acquire a superior indoor ping pong table approved by the ITTF and stand out from the competitors.

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The playing surface on the Cornilleau 740 Indoor table tennis table is 1 inch thick and high density. All your spin strokes will react and adhere to the playing surface thanks to the SKIL TOP coating on the surface.

What do you get in exchange for the $650 premium over the Cornilleau 540 Indoor?

Check out our full Cornilleau 740 Indoor table tennis review to find out more:

Cornilleau has been designing, creating, and manufacturing top-notch table tennis (ping pong) tables at their facility in France for more than 45 years. Over 75 nations around the world sell Cornilleau products.

The most excellent tables on the market are produced using cutting-edge production techniques, premium materials, and a rigorous quality control procedure.

Galvanized steel and other anti-corrosion materials create Cornilleau tables to ensure many years of use. Cornilleau 740 Indoor is an exceptionally durable table for heavy-duty use by hotels, resorts, institutions, schools, and homeowners. To prevent theft, the table can be anchored to the floor.

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For many years of trouble-free play, it includes the same quality and materials as all Cornilleau tables, including galvanized steel.

Cornilleau Competition 740 ITTF Table Tennis Table Specifications

The High-Density Chipboard Playing Surface

One of the main features that set the Cornilleau 740 ITTF Indoor apart from its competitors is its 1” high-density chipboard playing surface. This finish gives you excellent ball adherence and bounce, so you can enjoy professional-level play every time.

Not only that, but it also ensures that your table will last for years to come without needing any maintenance or repairs. It has a thorough quality control process that results in high-quality materials for a long-lasting time.

Specifications of Cornilleau Competition 740 Table Tennis Table

The Galvanized Steel Frame

The Cornilleau 740 ITTF Indoor features a 2 3/4” structural galvanized steel frame to support the playing surface, making it one of the sturdiest tables on the market today.

Cornilleau Competition ITTF Indoor also comes with 5” rubber-coated ball-bearing casters with locks so you can move your table around with ease and keep it in place when needed.

Additionally, it has a retractable net that automatically folds between the tops to protect and reduce storage space when not in use. Finally, this table comes with an impressive 3-year warranty on mate, giving you complete peace of mind when purchasing this item.

Price $2500
Net system Included
Net type Permanent and retractable
Rackets and balls Not included
Shipping time 3 to 5 days
Table material Special SKILTOP coating
Table thickness 25mm
Manufacturer’s warranty 3 years
Breaks 4
Tops color Green and blue
Table dimension 108″ L x 66 W” x 30″ H
Weight 258 lbs
Assembly time Two hours

Overview Of Cornilleau Competition 740 ITTF Indoor

You may have been looking for something like the Cornilleau Competition 740 Tennis Table. It is reliable, simple to install, and detectable even on edge balls. Plastic is used to attach post mounts and net posts to the frame.

Cornilleau Competition ITTF Indoor has a top made of premium DHS with a 25mm thickness. It is 120 kg heavier and has substantially lower storage space. For ease of storage, the table can be neatly folded up.

Although it is not nearly as compact as the Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table, it is still easily folded. The table is really useful and has a fantastic bounce. Similar to most professional tables, this one has an identical spin.

Overview Of Cornilleau Competition 740 folded and solo playback mode


The Cornilleau 740 Indoor table tennis table is an excellent choice for intensive heavy playing, as in professional clubs or international tournaments.

It weighs a total of 120 kg, and its playing dimensions are 274 x 152.5 x 76 cm, while its storage dimensions are 183 x 65 x 158 cm. The table is easily folded away for storage purposes.

This feature also allows you to use the table for individual playback, i.e., solo play. You can do so by having one half of the table upright.” However, the other 5 best Cornilleau ping pong tables are reviewed here.

Features of the Cornilleau Competiton 740 ITTF Indoor Table Tennis Table

Retractable net

These nets always have a kind of double-edged sword. You must make your own opinion about it; they come with advantages and disadvantages. In many situations, they can be quite handy.

You don’t have to take the retractable net off after each session, which is an incredible perk. Cornilleau goes a step further with this net. When not in use, the net folds inside the table for storage, so it doesn’t overhang.

retractable ping pong net for cornilleautable

As a result, it occupies less space and is less likely to sustain damage. The drawback of a retractable fixed net is that you are forced to use it. You can buy a top-quality net and replace it.

This is a significant disadvantage for certain people. But in my opinion, it’s hardly the end of the world, given that I’ve been using fixed nets on Cornilleau tables for a long time, and I feel confident in saying that I enjoy working with them.

International Table Tennis Federation Net Posts

The ITTF-approved net posts and cotton net have been designed to give you a stable place to position your table.

The net posts can be adjusted by adjusting the height and the tension so that you can adjust the size of the table according to your requirements.

Cornilleau Competition ITTF Indoor has a mechanism that keeps it in place even after repeated moving of the table or constant folding and unfolding of the table.

Excellent Warranty

Ping-pong tables get severely damaged quite often due to several factors. Even if you choose a premium model to lower your risk, your table might still receive damage since it is not invulnerable.

Nobody likes to be forced to use a broken table that isn’t playable; therefore, buying a table with an extended warranty is a huge benefit. As with all of their indoor tables, the Cornilleau Competition 740 ITTF Indoor table tennis table comes with a standard 3-year warranty.

This level of coverage is adequate and in line with what we would anticipate from a premium table.

portability and stability of the ping pong table from cornilleau brand




The Cornilleau 740 Competition is mainly a table tennis table for indoor use. It has several features that guarantee you won’t have any trouble using the table indoors.

The table features four brakes on its wheels. As a result, moving the table around your home or club won’t be a problem for you. As was already indicated, the table can be folded pretty easily and fits perfectly in a tiny storage place.

This implies that you don’t need to be concerned about the type of space it will take up if you keep it inside. Thirdly, it incorporates a DSI Locking and Safety system that keeps the table steady and entirely stable, preventing accidents.

Galvanized steel

The Cornilleau 740 Competition Table Tennis Table is marvelous for those who want a sturdy and durable table to play table tennis on.

The structure is galvanized steel, making it ideal for beginners and intermediate players. This model has an energy-absorbing game area that ensures the table’s durability, playability, and a ball return mechanism.

Table top thickness

The tabletop thickness is one of the most critical components of any ping pong table, indoor or outdoor. According to the principle, a tabletop’s thickness affects how well a ball bounces. The 25mm thick Cornilleau 740 playing surface offers the highest ball retention and bounce on the market.

Tournaments worldwide use Cornilleau tables because of their tight production regulations. The safety mechanism they utilize to open and close the table is well-known worldwide. One person can effortlessly open or close the table thanks to its 16 locking points.

As a parent, you don’t need to be concerned that your kid might get hurt, thanks to the table’s safety measures. Cornilleau created these tables to be strong, long-lasting, and safe.

ITTF-approved table size

The Cornilleau Competition 740 is an ITTF-approved full-size table with precise dimensions of 274cm x 152cm x 76cm. Featuring a skiltop finish, this table offers excellent playing conditions for enhanced performance.

The table’s compact technology allows for easy portability and storage when folded in half, measuring approximately 183cm x 156cm x 65cm. Additionally, it comes equipped with a permanent cotton net system.

Please note that assembly is required for this table. This table quality control process results in high and great bounce of the ball. Also, top competition tables have the best folding mechanism and bat protection.

16-point locking system

Tournaments worldwide use Cornilleau tables, which adhere to strict manufacturing standards. They open and close the table using a safety method that is well-known around the world.

With 16 locking points, one person easily opens and shuts the table. You have no cause to worry about your child’s safety as a parent. Cornilleau created these tables to be sturdy, long-lasting, and simple because the support system is perfect for players who use wheelchairs.

Features of the Cornilleau Competiton 740 Table wheelchair example playing ping pong

High-density surface

The Cornilleau 740 ITTF Indoor’s SKILTOP®-finished, 1″ high-density chipboard playing surface is one of the key characteristics that set it apart from other products.

You get exceptional ball adhesion and bounce from this finish that guarantees optimal speed, so you can always play at a high level. Additionally, it guarantees that your table won’t require any maintenance or repairs for years to come.

This ITTF indoor table tennis table has sturdy and easy-to-assemble and store options. This table already has a part of the French and European championships.

DSI folding system

With their DSI folding system, Cornilleau makes some of the safest tables on the market. Their higher-end versions come with the DSI system, which is superior to the Push’n Lock mechanism utilized on their entry-level tables.

While building the table, 16 locking points are included in the specific DSI folding mechanism. As a result, the Cornilleau Competition ITTF Indoor sides cannot fall while being opened, offering maximum protection.

In this aspect, DSI tables stand out from the rest. The table automatically folds in between upright positions for storage similar to outdoor tables.

Cornilleau Competition 740 ITTF Indoor Price

The Cornilleau 740 table tennis table is priced at $2500.

Is this exceptional table worth $2500?

It depends on the setting you want to use it in. We would choose the Cornilleau 500 Indoor for relaxing home use. It is less expensive and made for use in families or schools.

cornilleau competition 740 ittf indoor table cover


The high-end features of the Cornilleau 740 demonstrate that it was designed with tournament play in mind. Only experienced players will value the tabletop’s thickness, the stability of the frame, and the exceptional ball bounce. The Cornelia 740 indoor can endure for ten years or longer if properly maintained.

They have been spotted during competitions and in table tennis clubs. Professional players adore playing at these kinds of tables. So, the $2500 price tag for this table tennis table is acceptable.

Where to Buy Cornilleau Competition 740 Table Tennis Table?

Firstly, the Cornilleau Competition 740 ITTF Indoor table tennis table is one of the best-selling tables of 2022. You can purchase the table from anywhere in the world.

Secondly, the table is currently being sold online, but not all outlets are safe. If you want to purchase a Cornilleau Indoor table tennis table, I highly recommend visiting official dealerships like Revspin and Megaspin.

Moreover, my personal favorite is MEGASPIN since they provide hefty discounts and fast deliveries.

Cornilleau Competition 740 ITTF Pros & Cons


  • Cornilleau 740 ITTF Indoor delivers tournament-grade performance.
  • The table is very sturdy and durable.
  • The table has lockable wheels that keep it in place on an uneven surface.
  • It has a structural galvanized steel design which guarantees sturdy.
  • This manufacturer offers a three-year warranty with Cornilleau tables.
  • You can fold the table and use it for solo practice.
  • Competition tables have been approved by the International Table Tennis Federation.
  • Playing surface with SKILTOP smooth surface that provides excellent ball bounce.
  • ITTF high competition class table is made with top-quality water-resistant materials, which will keep it properly functioning for over ten years.
  • Competition 740 ittf indoor table takes up less storage space due to its foldable mechanism.


  • Cornilleau 740 ITTF Indoor is a quite heavy table.
  • The table doesn’t come with extra rackets, balls, or nets.

Cornilleau Competition 740 ITTF Indoor Table User Reviews

Here we are sharing some of the Cornilleau Indoor Table Tennis Table reviews by customers:

I was told about Cornilleau by a friend who has one, and he couldn’t speak highly enough of it. I ordered the 740 Competition Table, which is exceptionally well-made, easy to assemble, and robust. I recommend this table to anyone who is thinking of buying one.

We are so pleased with the Cornilleau 740 table tennis table we bought. The delivery was quick, it was easy to assemble, and it looks fantastic in our basement. We would recommend anything from this company.” Mark.

ping pong table from cornilleau brand indoors home model 740


“The Cornilleau 740 table is very well-designed, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. Assembling the table was easy, and it’s good to see that much thought has gone into the design. The green surface is visually pleasing, and it is nice to remove individual wedges if you want to play with different configurations. The pockets are deeper than they look and are much better than in the previous table. Would I recommend it? Yes, definitely!” Jeromy T.

Other great reviews for this beautiful ITTF indoor table tennis table

“For us, this table has genuinely changed the game. We spend hours playing on it, especially when guests arrive, and they also enjoy playing on it! The table feels sturdy and will last for many years. The extra-large wheels are a blessing because they make moving it across our uneven lawn for storage much simpler.” Tim.

“We ordered the Cornilleau 740 Table and then assembled it ourselves. The instructions were easy to follow, and all the bits were in the package. The table is very high quality and looks fantastic. It is also surprisingly heavy and sturdy, even when we were putting it together. My husband was pleasantly surprised by how good it was and how much he could do. I recommend Cornilleau 740 to anyone who wants a high-quality backyard table.” Nat K.

About the Cornilleau Brand

Since its first ping pong table production, Cornilleau has continued to innovate, enhance, and develop new items. However, they went beyond ping pong, and all the tables went through a quality control process.

About the Cornilleau Brand factory ping pong tables

Products should evolve as practices evolve, and vice versa. But occasionally, changes in how we play are the result of innovation. Playing outside appeared ridiculous before Cornilleau, in the late 1980s, democratized outdoor ping pong tables. People played table tennis in gaming rooms and garages.

Ping pong is now played outside more often than inside. That’s why outdoor tables are so popular. When space and other restrictions were removed, recreational table tennis underwent a complete revolution, allowing more people to play than ever before.

Overall, if you are looking for a professional quality indoor ping pong table that will last for years to come, then you should consider getting the Cornilleau 740 ITTF Indoor Table Tennis Table. In conclusion, the Cornilleau competition table has optimal speed and transmission during all the training sessions and matches.

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With its high-density chipboard playing surface and galvanized steel frame construction designed to be sturdy yet easy to handle, this is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy competition-level play right in their own home or office space!






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