Cornilleau 700X Outdoor Review (High-Performance Table)

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If you are an avid table tennis player who loves playing outdoors, the Cornilleau 700X Outdoor Review of the table tennis table should be at the top of your list.

This Cornilleau 300X outdoor review delves into its remarkable features, assembly instructions, and specifications. Also a frequently asked question, and provides a comprehensive conclusion on this outstanding table tennis table.

This table is made in France, comes with a warranty of 10 years, and will undoubtedly satisfy European standards, meeting all your needs as a ping pong enthusiast.

Cornilleau 700X Outdoor Overview

With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to durability, this outdoor ping pong table is expertly crafted to deliver an unparalleled playing experience.

Its 8mm resin laminate playing surface, engineered to perfection, guarantees an exceptional ball bounce. Also, it grants players consistency and pure enjoyment during each match.

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With its durable frame and robust legs, the Cornilleau 700X outdoor leisure table is purposefully crafted to endure the most challenging weather conditions.

From scorching sunrays to heavy downpours, this outdoor ping pong table stands resilient and unyielding, guaranteeing years of uninterrupted play in any outdoor setting. Whether you envision hosting friendly family tournaments or challenging seasoned competitors, rest assured, that this table will be your loyal companion, supporting you through every exhilarating moment.

Embrace the genuine essence of outdoor table tennis and elevate your gaming sessions with the Cornilleau 700X. Its anti-corrosion coating ensures longevity. So, it is a reliable choice for those seeking a table that performs at its best, even under harsh outdoor elements.

cornilleau 700x outdoor review ping pong table outside in the backyards

Experience the sheer joy and excitement that converge in perfect harmony with this remarkable outdoor ping pong table, as it sets the stage for memorable matches and cherished moments with loved ones.

Assembly Instructions

Assembling the Cornilleau 700X Outdoor is straightforward and hassle-free. The package includes clear instructions and all the necessary tools for assembly. Follow these steps to set up your table:

  1. Begin by unpacking all the components and ensuring you have everything required.
  2. Start with the frame assembly, attaching the legs securely.
  3. Once the frame is assembled, carefully position the playing surface on top.
  4. Ensure that all connections are secure and the table is stable.
  5. Finally, attach the net and adjust it to the correct tension.

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The best overall ping pong table is equipped with a practical transport handle featuring brakes for seamless relocation and storage position changes.

To optimize your playing ping pong experience and enhance safety, the 700X ping pong table comes with corner padding, minimizing sharp edges and providing cushioning against accidental knocks or bumps.


  • Outdoor playing surfaces: 8mm resin laminate for excellent ball bounce.
  • XL frame: Durable and weather-resistant with a corrosion-resistant finish.
  • Leg Levelers: Adjustable leg levelers for stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Wheel type: Double Wheels Outdoor Oversize
  • Locking System: DSI (16 points)
  • Leg Type Dimensions: Tapered (120~80-80mm)
  • Safety Features: Corner protection pads and double locking mechanism for added safety.
  • Playback Feature: Allows solo play by folding one side of the table up.
  • Storage: Folds easily for compact storage and comes with large wheels for easy transportation.
  • Dimensions: Regulation size (108″ x 60″ x 30″) when unfolded, and compact dimensions when folded.
  • Ping pong table weight: 89kg/196lbs
  • Warranty: Cornilleau offers a 10-year warranty on the playing surface.

additional features and specifications for the cornilleau ping pong table model 700

Additional Features

  • Adjustable leg pad: 3D adjustable/104mm diameter
  • Coating: MATTOP (Anti-glare x10)
  • Frame height: 60mm – Aluminum and zinc are known for their excellent anti-corrosion properties.
  • Eliminate the need to search for balls during the game by simply retrieving a new ball from the conveniently located dispenser.
  • Net posts type: Retractable and automatic fold into position.
  • Storage and ball dispensers: on the table’s sides to store your paddles, balls, smartphone, and any other belongings you might have in your pockets.
  • Corner protection pads: Yes
  • Additional accessories: 2 point counters, 2 storage compartments, 2 cup holders, 2 ball dispensers, 1 carry-over handle, 8 hubcaps.

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Cornilleau 700X Outdoor Pros & Cons


  1. Compact Folding System: The Cornilleau 700X outdoor ping pong table boasts a user-friendly and space-saving folding system, making it easy to store and transport.
  2. XL Frame: The table features an extra-large frame. This provides exceptional stability and durability for long-lasting performance.
  3. High-Quality Materials: Crafted with top-notch materials, this table ensures robustness and resilience even in challenging weather conditions.
  4. Special Locking System: Equipped with a secure locking system, the table remains firmly in place during play. Also, eliminates any unwanted movements.
  5. Practical Transport Handle with Brakes: The built-in transport handle with brakes adds convenience, enabling smooth relocation and secure positioning of the table.

cornilleau 700x outdoor review ball dispencers to the ping pong table


  1. Higher Price Point: One drawback of the Cornilleau 700X is its relatively higher cost compared to other outdoor ping pong tables. The 700X table has an original price of $2,799.99.
  2. Limited Color Options: The table may come in a limited range of color choices, limiting personalization options for some users.

Durability and Performance

The Cornilleau 700X Outdoor ping pong table is engineered with unparalleled durability, ensuring it remains a reliable investment for years to come. With a 10-year guarantee and a promise to be repairable for up to 20 years, this table showcases its long-lasting construction and commitment to customer satisfaction.

durability and performance of the cornilleau 700x table on the beach

The table’s frame is crafted from a corrosion-resistant alloy, featuring steel, aluminum, and zinc, renowned for its extreme sturdiness and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. For example, heavy rain and exposure to the elements.

Additionally, the 700X table comes equipped with an innovative ultra-simple adjustable feet system, enabling users to customize and level the table to their desired height and stability.

Unmatched Playing Surface

The Cornilleau 700X ping pong table boasts an unmatched playing surface with compact technology, ensuring one of the most durable tables available.

This ensures one of the most durable tables available, great bounce, and a thick resin laminate playing surface.

Experience competition standard rebound quality and great bounce with its 8mm resin laminate surface, delivering consistent and enjoyable gameplay.

Tension Adjustable Automatic Net

The Cornilleau 700X outdoor table comes with a tension-adjustable automatic net, making setup and adjustment a breeze.

tension adjustable ping pong net to the cornilleau table tennis tables

As a competition table, players can enjoy the convenience of effortlessly attaching the net, ensuring it’s taut and ready for play.

Whether you’re practicing or engaging in intense matches, this innovative new system enhances your playing experience. You can focus on the game and fully enjoy every moment.

Cup Holder

The Cornilleau 700X outdoor table is not only equipped with great storage features like storage and ball dispensers but also includes a convenient fold-away cup holder accessory.

cornilleau 700x outdoor review cup holder as an accessory

This cup holder provides the perfect spot to keep your drink within reach while you indulge in thrilling ping-pong matches. Stay hydrated and focused on the game with this thoughtful addition. You will make your outdoor table tennis experience even more enjoyable and convenient.

Cornilleau 700x Outdoor Table Tennis Table FAQs

Is the Cornilleau 700X suitable for outdoor use?

Absolutely! The 700X is designed specifically for outdoor play and can withstand various weather conditions. Also, the Cornilleau 700X ping pong table is highly suitable for outdoor use.

It is designed with a corrosion-resistant alloy containing steel, aluminum, and zinc, ensuring its durability and ability to withstand various weather conditions. The table’s construction allows it to withstand the sun’s rays tenfold compared to standard outdoor tables. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor environments.

Can I fold and store the table easily?

Yes, the table folds effortlessly, allowing for convenient storage in a compact space. Its large wheels enable smooth transportation.

The Cornilleau 700X, like other of Cornilleau’s outdoor tables, features a compact folding system, making it incredibly easy to fold and store. Whether you want to switch between playing positions or store the table when not in use, the convenient folding design ensures effortless maneuverability and hassle-free storage.

Is the net included in the table?

Yes, the Cornilleau 700X comes with a high-quality net and adjustable tension system. It features a tension-adjustable automatic net. This allows for easy setup and adjustment.

The retractable and adjustable net ensures you can quickly get your game started without any hassle.

Cornilleau 700X Outdoor Table Conclusion

The Cornilleau 700X Outdoor Table Tennis Table undoubtedly sets the bar high when it comes to outdoor table tennis. With its durable construction, superior playing surface, and user-friendly design. This beautiful 700X table offers an outstanding playing experience for beginners and seasoned players alike.

The ease of assembly, foldability, and weather-resistant features make it a practical investment for outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re passionate about table tennis and enjoy playing outdoors, the Cornilleau 700X is a table you won’t regret purchasing.

In conclusion, the Cornilleau 700X outdoor ping pong table stands as a remarkable choice for any ping pong enthusiast. Also, seeking a top-tier outdoor playing experience.

With its innovative ball storage and practical features like the retractable adjustable net, this table showcases its commitment to enhancing convenience and gameplay. The 8mm thick resin laminate surface ensures unrivaled playing quality. This offers consistent ball bounce and precision shots.

half folded ping pong table from brand cornilleau model 700x


Despite its higher price point, the 700X proves to be a worthwhile investment, guaranteeing longevity and resilience with its durable construction. If you’re looking to elevate your outdoor ping pong sessions to new heights, the Cornilleau 700X is undoubtedly the table of choice, promising endless hours of joy and memorable matches for players of all levels.

Take your table tennis game to the next level with the Cornilleau 700X Outdoor Table Tennis Table. Experience the joy of playing in your backyard or any outdoor space with a premium table that guarantees hours of fun and excitement.






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