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Tenergy VS Dignics Table Tennis Rubbers (6 Best Comparisons)

What’s the difference between Tenergy Vs. Dignics rubbers? How do they compare to each other in quality and performance? In this article, I will help you make the best choice between Butterfly Tenergy and Dignics rubbers by comparing their primary technical and key playing characteristics. There are a few different table tennis rubbers available on the market today. While some manufacturers will combine two or three technical elements to create other variants, I believe there is a limited selection of rubbers that provide excellent performance and speed at affordable prices. One of these rubbers comes from the brand Butterfly, which has a solid presence in the table tennis community. 1. Tenergy 05 Vs. Dignics 05 rubbers – which one should you choose? BUTTERFLY TENERGY 05 PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON BUTTERFLY DIGNICS 05 PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Both rubbers are great, but there is a slight difference between them. The Tenergy is primarily known as a non-tacky rubber. Dignics, on the other hand, is popularly known as sticky/tacky among professional and recreational players. With both rubbers, one thing that stands out is the durability. The Tenergy 05 lasts longer than the Dignics 05 and has a better spin. This means you can play more rallies on the same amount of energy compared to your opponent who uses the Dignics 05. My personal opinion: Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05 are two of the most popular rubbers on the market. Both have strengths and weaknesses, but I favor Tenergy 05 for backhand and Dignics 05 for forehand. One reason is that I prefer surface hardness and speed over tackiness. The second reason is ball speed and spin potential, which are weapons that help me in my game. Now there are two options for you when it comes to choosing a Tenergy 05 rubber. One is the Tenergy 05 Hard, and the other is Tenergy 05 FX. In the upcoming section, we will compare these versions with Dignics rubber. 2. Tenergy 05 Hard Vs. Dignics 05 BUTTERFLY TENERGY 05 HARD PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON BUTTERFLY DIGNICS 05 PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Tenergy 05 Hard is an updated series of the Butterfly Tenergy rubbers. The new series 05 was created as a direct response to feedback from world champion Timo Boll. Boll had been unhappy with the feel of older Tenergy rubbers and requested that they be improved. This led to the development of Tenergy 05 Hard, a new version of multiple Tenergy products. Based on feedback directly from world champion Timo Boll, the Tenergy 05 Hard rubber is a unique product that changes the traditional feel of Tenergy. Compared to T05, it comes with a harder and stiffer sponge. That’s why it falls in the Butterfly’s category of high friction pimples-in rubber. Here’s a side-by-side comparison between D05 and T05 Hard. As you can see from the above Butterfly rubber matrix chart, D05 is slightly speedier than T05 Hard. But the most significant difference is the hardness of the sponge. T05 Hard rubber comes with a harder and stiffer sponge compared to D05. However, controlling the Dignics 05 is much easier and has sufficient power and friction compared to the Tenergy 05 Hard rubber. Tenergy 05 Hard Vs. Dignics 05: Playing Impression Close to the table, T05 Hard is faster, while the Butterfly Dignics 05 provides better control and impact mid-distance. As for backspin, Dignics 05 has a higher arc and is suitable for forehand loops. It’s true that based on the Butterfly rubber matric chart, D05 comes with a less hard sponge compared to T05 Hard. However, both the rubbers give different feelings based on the playing style. The feeling is more obvious with the Butterfly Dignics 05 rubber. Table tennis enthusiast who loves to play with more power and a higher arc looping should use the Butterfly Dignics 05. It has more friction in contact with the plastic ball. Also, it is a very spin sensitive rubber. 3. Tenergy 05 Hard Vs. Dignics 09C BUTTERFLY TENERGY 05 HARD PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON BUTTERFLY DIGNICS 09C PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Tenergy 05 hard was released in 2018, and the Dignics 09C was released in 2020. Butterfly D09C is more elastic and provides more excellent resistance than Tenergy rubbers. The T05 Hard is described as a high friction rubber, and the D09C is described as a high tension rubber. Highly advanced and professional players use Dignics 09C as forehand rubber and Tenergy 05 Hard as backhand rubber. Compared to Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05, the 09C is a harder-sponged rubber and provides a better sensation of holding the ball. If you want to improve your forehand techniques, counter-drives, and play close to the table, you will go for the 09c. Compared to D05, the 09C provides a slightly lower throw angle but creates more spin and power on the countering. That’s why this rubber is preferred among those who play close to the table. Tenergy 05 Hard Vs. Dignics 09C: Playing Impressions The T05 and the D09C are two rubbers with different properties. The Tenergy 05 Hard is a more versatile rubber designed for players who rely on a springy BH but want some blocking and smacking capabilities without compromising their weaker stroke. The Tenergy 05 is also a popular choice as a backhand rubber. The D09C is more suited to block aggressively, smash, and chop, as it has more of a solid chopping feel overall. Due to its low trajectory, this table tennis rubber is also great for counter topspin. If you’re looking for a balanced rubber with some depth and power, then the Butterfly T05 or the Dignics 09C may be the best choice. Both rubbers are similar in their looping and crushing abilities, but the T05 is more springy, which allows for more control over your movements in the short game, while the D09C has more speed and is more stable when smacking forehands. Butterfly Rubbers Spring Sponge Technology Its spring sponge and high tension top sheet offer a unique feel that is perfect for players looking for high-quality loops. However, the T05 does have its downsides. The spring sponge can be difficult to control, and the high tension top sheet can make it difficult to produce low-effort loops.  Also, the T05 is still the best choice for players looking for high-quality rubber. The Dignics 09C is an advanced version of the T05 that offers a more controlled feel. The spring sponge is softer, making it easier to control, and the high tension top sheet is replaced with a textured surface that allows for more spin. The Dignics 09C also has a slightly higher throw angle, making it perfect for players who are looking for an aggressive rubber. 4. Tenergy 05 FX Vs. Dignics 05 BUTTERFLY TENERGY 05 FX PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON BUTTERFLY DIGNICS 05 PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Whether you are a beginner or advanced table tennis player, knowing the difference between each type is essential before you invest your money. It is also helpful to understand why one rubber may cost more than another though their performance may be the same. So here, I have compared the Dignics 05 and Tenergy 05 FX table tennis rubbers for you: Compared to the T05 Hard, the T05 FX comes with a softer sponge layer. But how is it different from the Dignics 05 rubber? Both T05 FX and D05 produce the same speed. However, the D05 generates more spin and rebound and comes with a more sponge hardness compared to the T05 FX. Based on Dan Ives from TableTennisAcademy reviews, the T05 FX is easier to use and control than the D05 rubber. Many players pair their blade with T05 Fx on the backhand and the Dignics 05 on the forehand or vice versa. This setup provides an optimum feel and improves the strokes. 5. Tenergy 05 Vs. Dignics 80 BUTTERFLY TENERGY 05 PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON BUTTERFLY DIGNICS 80 PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON When it comes to Tenergy 05 Vs. Dignics 80 it’s a battle of near-perfect table tennis rubbers that every serious looping player must consider. As you can see from the above side-by-side comparison, Dignics 80 is speedier and slightly spinnier than Tenergy 05. But the most significant difference is the surface hardness. D80 comes with a harder sponge and is also a popular choice as a backhand rubber. Compared to D09C, Dignics 80 is also slightly speedier. You won’t regret pairing your blade with D80 as a BH rubber. According to Jixing Wang, the Butterly coach and 2015 U.S. Open Champion, Dignics 80 feels softer and generates more power and spin than the Tenergy 05 rubbers. Although both Tenergy 05 and Dignics 80 have exceptional topspin loops and control, I personally prefer the forgiving nature of the D80. While Dignics 80 is undoubtedly a great choice for looping, its hardness makes it significantly more forgiving than Tenergy 05. D80 maintains the qualities of a soft sponge ping-pong rubber. More importantly, blocking is easy and precise with this rubber. Finally, it’s hard not to make a case for Tenergy 05. This rubber easily wins over the other options as it’s just a bit softer than the different brands and has better flex than most. However, if you are looking for rubber with the same qualities as Tenergy 05 but with the bonus of looping control, then Dignics 80 is right for you. 6. Tenergy 64 Vs. Dignics 05 BUTTERFLY TENERGY 64 PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON BUTTERFLY DIGNICS 05 PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON T64 from the Tenergy series is one of the best rubbers for speed, spin, and control. It is described as a high friction rubber. Tenergy 64 and Dignics 05 are great ways to improve your game. Both the rubbers produce roughly the same speed. But D05 generates slightly more spin. Compared to T05, Tenergy 64 provides a softer feeling and slight tackiness. Dignics 05 is easier to use, control, and handle than T64 rubber. That said, Tenergy 64 is best recommended as a backhand rubber. In terms of comparison, I would say it’s best to compare Tenergy 64 with Dignics 64. D64 is a very fast rubber and is most recommended for countertops and power spins. D64 in the Dignics series provides the lowest throw angle and has a longer and higher trajectory than the T64. That said, the Dignics 64 and Tenergy 64 are considered the best backhand rubbers of all time! Butterfly Rubbers Big Difference Dignics is more expensive rubber than energy. Dignics is a high-end rubber that professional players use. With both, you can achieve powerful strokes. However, dignics will require more expensive equipment to get the full potential out of the rubber. Also, professional players should use these two butterfly rubbers to ensure they get the most out of their game. The plastic ball is much lighter and bouncier than the celluloid ball, so players who are used to playing with it often have trouble generating enough spin and power when they switch to a celluloid ball. However, butterfly rubbers are designed to provide excellent performance with both plastic and celluloid balls. With butterfly rubbers, you can generate plenty of spin and power, making it easy to play an aggressive game. Butterfly Table Tennis Rubber Comparison Chart Rubber Surface Category Speed 1 -15 Spin 1 – 15 Hardness 1 – 50 Dignics 05 Inverted High tension pimples in rubber 13.50 12.00 40 Dignics 09C Inverted High tension pimples in rubber 13.00 13.00 44 Dignics 64 Inverted High tension pimples in rubber 14.00 11.00 40 Dignics 80 Inverted High tension pimples in rubber 13.75 11.75 40 Tenergy 05 Inverted High tension pimples in rubber 13.00 11.50 36 Tenergy 05 FX Inverted High friction pimples in rubber 13.00 11.50 32 Tenergy 05 Hard Inverted High friction pimples in rubber 13.00 11.50 43 Tenergy 64 Inverted High friction pimples in rubber 13.50 10.50 36 Conclusion The fundamental difference between Tenergy and Dignics is how you use them. Tenergy is preferred as a backhand rubber, while Dignics is a forehand rubber. Finally, who doesn’t love an unbeatable battle? I do! And so does Butterfly. Source: Butterfly Markop Serbia That’s why they made these two gold standard rubbers (Tenergy and Dignics), so you can enjoy some epic ping-pong battles. I hope you found the above information helpful. I recommend using the Viscaria Blade for full performance. With the Tenergy series, professional players will improve their counter looping and overall spin ratings. With Butterfly Dignics 05, you can achieve more spin from a mid distance from the ping pong table and a high arc top spin. Lastly, don’t forget that you must choose energy and Dignics depending on the competitive edges and attributes you want. They make all other racket characteristics shine through, like speed, spin, control, etc.

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7+ Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Chopping (Chopper Equipment Review)

This article is intended for defensive players, and we have selected the five best table tennis rubbers for chopping. Since the beginning of this beautiful sport, defense in table tennis has been known. Today, due to new manufacturing technologies, there are various rubbers with which you can bring your opponent into trouble. Before analyzing the different rubbers, look at the table with ratings and prices. Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Chopping Selected by The Author What are the best rubbers for a chopper? There are two main types of table tennis rubbers for chopping. Firstly, inverted rubbers have a smooth surface with a sponge layer underneath, while pips-out rubbers have protruding plastic ‘pips’ on the surface. Secondly, choppers typically use inverted rubbers to generate maximum spin and speed on their forehand strokes. In contrast, pips-out rubbers are more commonly used on the backhand side to create unpredictable spin. However, it is ultimately up to the individual player to experiment with different rubber combinations to find what works best for them. 1. Butterfly Feint Long III (Best Backhand Chopping Rubber) CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Beautiful ping pong rubber designed for a slightly more aggressive chopper style. It belongs to the type of long pimpled rubber. You can shorten the balls or make long awkward pimp balls with it. One of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping uses a modern defender. Due to the sponge technology, with one of the five best rubbers for chopping, you can slow down the game’s pace and make your opponent a mistake. As a defensive player, you will slow down the ball on the opponent’s attacks so that he will have to return to pimping in some situations. In that case, you can attack him later with another rubber on the forehand side. This is best if you have a Feint Long 3 on the backhand side and rubber on the forehand side, which is primarily fast and intended for an attack. Next, you can do pimples as much as you want and later absorb the opponent’s topspin when he starts attacking. The rubber behaves in such a way that it can also neutralize rotations. For example, if the opponent serves a cut ball, you, with Feint Long 3, can return the ball with the same movement, and the opponent gets a neutralized empty ball. Butterfly Feint Long III Features Class: Long Pips-Out Surface: Pips-Out Style: Long Pimpled Rubber Speed: 60 Spin: 40 Hardness: 25 Firstly, Butterfly Feint Long 3 is not rubber for blocks but mainly for chopping and pimping. This should be kept in mind when choosing to know what type of player you are and what you can expect. Secondly, it has a softer and more flexible top layer combined with a soft sponge, resulting in a long pips-out ball and thus confuses opponents with uneven ball paths. Also, an ideal rubber with specific training for turning and changing sides at the table. Thirdly, it is ideal even for players who play the defense system from a distance from the table. So, if you are defending yourself and your goal is to return as many balls cut as possible and pushed, this will suit you perfectly. Moreover, of the world’s most famous players who use Feint Long 3, we would single out Ruwen Filus, whose matches and moves you can watch in the video below. The rubber is best suited in combination with the following blades: Petr Korbel, Gionis Carbon, Victas Koji Matsushita Special, or Donic Defplay Senso V3. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZONThis is a favorite rubber for all defenders and those sponsored by the Butterfly brand. 2. Tibhar Grass D-Tecs (Best Rubber for Distance Chopper) CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON With this beautiful rubber defense, you can confuse your opponent for several reasons. The first reason is that Tibhar has developed a new D-TecS technology that gives an additional effect when cutting the ball. Secondly, the sponge is softer than the previous models from the five best table tennis rubbers for chopping. Because of that, you also have better ball control at a table nearby. This means that you can get better and pimple the ball while waiting for the opponent to attack with topspins as a defender. The following reason is that it has a tensor sponge at the bottom and in the upper part, enabling better chopping of the ball at a distance. This is very inconvenient for attackers when you move away from the table and cut the ball like a real chopper. With Tibhar D-Tecs, it is only essential to practice the racket’s opening and closing angle during training. The rest will do the rubber as far as the ball’s trajectory is concerned. We recommend ALL + table tennis blades perfectly fit the rubber with a specific ping pong blade speed. Also, you have enough speed if the opponent picks up the ball so that you can finish the point. As for the service, you can make a chopped and pushed ball with the same movement. This will confuse your opponent by not seeing the effect of your serve. Tibhar Grass D-Tecs Features Class: Long Pips Surface: Pips-Out Style: Defense Rubber Speed: 56 Spin: 80 Hardness: Medium-Hard Firstly, one of the most popular 5 table tennis rubbers for chopping in the world. Of the Tibhar brand, undoubtedly the most famous. Compared with the first two rubbers on our list, this one has a remarkably stronger spin. Secondly, defending from a distance from the table has a better turn and control. This way, you can return more balls and make the opposite mistake. Thirdly, we recommend a slightly faster blade to get up to speed when attacking. You can also play aggressively from the table with Tibhar Grass if you return the pimp ball with a flip or a pushed ball through the middle of the table. Moreover, due to the long pips, you affect the ball’s trajectory by hitting and setting a good angle of the racket. In addition to many attacking rubbers, Tibhar has developed one of the five best table tennis rubbers for chopping. The D-TecS technology means that it is a dynamics technology with Vladimir Samsonov. Since we all know that Samsonov plays with a lot of control and then strengthens the balls when the opportunity arises, this rubber is intended for a style with a lot more control than usual. The top layer is more elastic, and you have a better catapult effect. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON We recommend putting it on the backhand side with a table tennis blade OFF – or ALL + speed. 3. Butterfly Flextra (One of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping – Pimples-in Inverted) CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Unlike the first three rubbers from our list, Flextra is unique. It is the best rubber for value and price. Firstly, this is inverted and pimples-in rubber, suitable for defensive players and beginners learning table tennis moves for the first time. It has superior control and is not too fast, allowing beginners to adapt to other skills slowly. Secondly, it has a soft sponge and a flexible top layer that Butterfly made for ease of use and a good feel in the game. It is also suitable for easy turning and soft topspins with rotations. Thirdly, speed is not the trump card of this rubber, but that’s why the control is increased. Table tennis players who plan to play aggressively should not use Flextra. However, it is also among the five best table tennis rubbers for chopping. See the page Best Ping Pong Rubbers for attacking and faster rubbers – Top 5. Moreover, it often comes in combination with ready-made rackets. If you choose it, especially without a blade, then put it on the forehand side and on the backhand to have some pips-out rubber. That would be the perfect combination for a real table tennis chopper. Butterfly Flextra Features Class: All Round Surface: Inverted Style: Defense Pimples-In Speed: 82.5 Spin: 87.5 Hardness: Medium-Soft For example, you are a defensive player who wants to have rubber on one side with which he can occasionally attack. Perfect, because Butterfly Flextra is suitable for that. Contact with the ball is a bit longer, and therefore there is better control. It is perfect for services, pimps, and cut balls from a distance from the table. However, it is slower with ball blocks and a speed boost. We recommend sticking it to the racket also with Butterfly’s Free Chack. As for blades, it works best with All Round ping pong blades or, for example, Timo Boll Allround, Stiga Allround Classic, or Gewo Allround Classic. Over time you can change the rubber on the backhand side but the forehand. We recommend you have Flextra. The thickness of the sponge can be 1.7, 1.9, or 2.1. Therefore, for players who are more experienced, we recommend a thicker sponge and the thinnest for beginners. Also, thinner rubber is better for choppers that move away from the table. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Those players who play near the table are better off thicker because of the speed. 4. Xiom Vega Defense CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON So, we have the slowest table tennis rubber on our list, but it is pretty good for defense. Xiom produced this rubber to improve the game of defensive players and thus focus on pimping, cutting the ball and sometimes attacking with rotations. It is also perfect for blocks when you want to slow down an opponent’s attack. So, this is a very elastic rubber with a hard sponge, which allows a lot of turning and returning the balls from a distance from the table. Vega Def has a Hypo Elasto-Top-Layer, which means that it contains an additional catapult effect in the impact and good friction when pimping. On the other hand, the more you try to increase the blows, the more rotation there will be. This is the construction material, and keep in mind that you can surprise and confuse your opponents with this beautiful ping pong rubber. Spin and control are a priority, while the hardness of the sponge also allows rotation. Xiom Vega Def Features Class: Defense Surface: Inverted Style: Defense Pimples-In Speed: 77 Spin: 89 Hardness: Hard-Dampening Sponge Firstly, it is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and is made to last a long time, so by investing, you will have rubber for a more extended period. Modern defensive rubber is made, especially for plastic table tennis balls. Secondly, the thickness is 2.0 or max, which means you can also attack with topspins but only with rotations. There is no speed like attacking rubbers. It is also on our list of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping. Thirdly, we recommend combining it with All Round blades or OFF – to achieve maximum effect. You can put pips-out rubber on the other side of the racket, and then you will be a complete defensive table tennis player. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZONMoreover, this is spinny rubber, and you can use it even if you are a mid-speed player who likes rotations. Services can also be inconvenient for you with it and blocks, as we have already said. 5. Butterfly Tackiness Chop II (Best Forehand Chopping Rubber) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Butterfly Tackiness Chop is a great choice for players looking for a good forehand rubber. This rubber provides good spin and excellent control, perfect for players who want to keep the ball in play. The Tackiness Chop also has a high friction coefficient, making it ideal for players who want to generate a lot of spin on their shots. This table tennis rubber is a great choice for players looking for an all-around good forehand. A chopper who wants a good answer on spinning balls will have great control and more underspin to the strokes. Top choppers like Anna Gaponova from Ukraine use the Tackiness rubber. The sponge of the rubber is harder, but the sheet is soft with more surface area for the user to grip the ball, and the tacky surface helps keep the ball in place when hitting it. The rubber is also very durable, making it ideal for competitive games. Overall, the Butterfly Tackiness Chop II is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance table tennis rubber. Butterfly Tackiness Chop II Features Class: Inverted chopping Style: Chopper defender high friction Spin: 100 Speed: 75 Hardness: 41 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It belongs to the class of slow rubbers. Butterfly Tackiness should not be used as backhand rubber. It has the thinnest sponge compared to other slow rubbers. The classic defender will be delighted with it. 6. TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If you’re looking for the ultimate short pip chopping weapon, look no further than TSP Superspinpips Chop 2. This unique table tennis rubber is designed for maximum chopping power, and it comes with a very special sponge that helps cushion your opponents’ attack shots. The super-soft sponge provides excellent grip and control, while the top sheet produces incredible spin. As a result, TSP Superspinpips Chop 2 is the perfect choice for short pip chopping players who want maximum performance. Finding the right chopping equipment for the casual table tennis player can be a daunting task. This rubber combines an excellent pimple surface with a controlled, slightly slower sponge. This combination strengthens the pimples effect and gives significantly better control. Additionally, like with all Spinpips rubbers, individual spin variations are possible. So, if you’re looking for a chopping rubber that will give you the good control and spin variation you need, the TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2 is a great option. TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2 Features Rubber type: Pips out defender Spin: 90 Speed: 80 Hardness: 23 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If you have the Butterfly Tackiness on the forehand side, on the other side should be TSP Super Spinpips. It has short pips and is very suitable for a modern defender. 7. Joola Octopus (One of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping – Value & Price) CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Like the previous rubber, this is perfect for defensive players with reasonable control and the ability to slow down the ball. Ideal rubber for topspin and rotations when you want to get your opponent out of the game’s rhythm. Many variations can be done, from chopping the ball to depreciating the blocks and attacking the short balls. One of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping is recommended by the two best defensive players in the world. These are Chen Weixing and Latin American Champion Liu Song. The Joola Octopus was also developed in cooperation with these two world table tennis players. As for the sponge, you should note that it is very hard. But on the other hand, because of that, you have better control of the ball. Therefore, we recommend rubber for players who want to keep the ball safely on the table as much as possible. Octopus is good for defending away from the table regarding player types. So if you are a real chopper who goes a meter or more from the table and defends, this will be a super table tennis rubber for you. But if you are such a player that you like to place and share balls at the table, then it is not recommended. Joola Octopus Features Class: Long Pips-Out Surface: Pips-Out Style: Defense Rubber Speed: 53 Spin: 60 Hardness: 50 Firstly, excellent rubber if used with a sponge thickness of 0.5 because then you can occasionally attack during the game. Services can also be very awkward with the opponent because the turn is perfect. Secondly, our best choice for value is the affordable price and very longevity and quality. Defensive table tennis players who put Joola Octopus can be calm for a long time because they will not wear out. Thirdly, you can confuse the opponent with good practice, and he cannot see the ball’s direction. This is because Octopus has a wobble effect due to the thickness of the sponge. Moreover, you have nothing to worry about when you run the game. The only problem can arise when returning the service and when the opponent aggressively attacks with topspins. That’s why players need to practice more on the opponent’s attacks. In any case, rubber is very modern and current among the world’s defensive players. Joola as a brand has made something that will significantly help players who opt for chopping. Also, the name Octopus is because the ball trajectory looks like an octopus. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON It would be best to put it on the backhand side and on the forehand side to have some inverted rubber with which you can attack the opponent or cut stronger balls. What to consider when choosing table tennis rubbers for chopping? The first question is, are you a standard defensive player or a universal defender who attacks the opponent when he has the opportunity? The table tennis player returns from the table, and forces were pimping and defense in classic defense. It is desirable to have pips-out rubber on one side of the racket and inverted. Modern players who move more and use good balls to attack need more training. Second, you need a faster table tennis blade to enter with topspins occasionally. Is another question the thickness of the rubbers you want? The thinner the rubber, the better you cut the balls and the control you have. If you take a thicker sponge, then it is assumed that you will use the entrance to the ball and occasionally blocks. There is also a defensive player who stays close to the table and thus places balls with both rubbers to confuse the opponent. A modern defender should combine short pips rubbers with inverted ones on the FH side. The most important thing is to combine two different ping pong rubbers and practice keeping the ball on the table as much as possible. You will find adequate for your defense style from the previous list of the five best table tennis rubbers for chopping.  

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TOP 17+ Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Control of 2023

This blog post will look at the best table tennis rubbers for control and allround playstyles. If you want more control and precision in your shots, you will need to choose firmer and slower rubbers than usual. Whether you play with fast loops or prefer defensive blocking strategies, these rubbers will help take your game to the next level. Our Winner for 2023 New Table Tennis Rubber with the Highest Control Rating of 100 Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Control Selected by The Author Ball control is a relative issue because it is also related to the amount of training you do. Each table tennis rubber in 2023 has some control, but you must understand how you play. If you play primarily with keeping as many balls on the table as possible, you need rubbers with an additional control option. So let’s look at our list’s features and degree of control. Table Tennis Rubber for Control Price Comparison Chart 1. Gewo Hype XT Pro 40.0 CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON For several reasons, our favorite from the list of 17 best ping pong rubbers for control. We highly recommend this choice for players who want soft rubber with enough elasticity and, at the same time, enough strength and speed. Since ball control is a priority, we should say that the degree of hardness is 40. This gives Gewo Hype a unique contact when exchanging points. Indeed, speed is not left out because, with fast points, you will not have a problem with an equal opponent. Due to the material, the balls will not slip as with some models, but you will catch a good rotation at every opportunity. By the way, rubber is not so light but not too heavy. It’s enough to fit with any ping-pong blade. We recommend an offensive blade of medium weight in combination with it. It is very effective on short balls and blocks from the table regarding precision. With it, you can be a complete player in all aspects of the game. Particular emphasis should be placed on its incredible sound during a heavy spin, which leaves every player feeling enjoyment. The best combination for players looking for good control with an attacking style of play with multiple rotations. Gewo Hype XT Pro 40.0 features Speed: 113 Control: 105 Spin: 124 Sponge hardness: Medium soft Firstly, it is an offensive table tennis rubber with a dynamic sponge and a unique speed feature. It is made in Germany according to the latest technologies of longevity and quality of workmanship. Due to its softness, you have perfect contact with the ball, and if we add a sufficient number of training sessions, you will have a full effect in matches. Secondly, this is the table tennis rubber for topspin players on both sides of the racket who want complete control of the ball to dictate the level of play. For even better control and lower speed, we recommend taking the Gewo Hype XT Pro, but 1.9 mm thick. Thirdly, the price is quite affordable compared to the competition. Gewo generally does not have high product prices, but the quality is top-notch. Plus, they make new evolutionary products. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Moreover, a slight drawback would be certain explosiveness for those who want faster attacks from one or two balls. However, we are talking about rubbers with the best control in this case, so we assume that such players are looking for this choice. 2. Killerspin Fortissimo CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN This is our best choice of all the best table tennis rubbers for control in manufacturing technology. Namely, it contains modern sponge technology and a hybrid top sheet. The soft and elastic mixture gave more turns and unique contact with the ball for control. The sponge is made in Japan to achieve strong ball strokes. Players on control and aggressive topspin attacks can use this beautiful ping pong rubber. On the other hand, table tennis rubber Killerspin Fortissimo features ‘Torqsion Technology’ made in Germany. This means it is significantly tightened to increase reasonable control and performance further. The rubber is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation ITTF and is specially protected with a plastic bag. Otherwise, the term Fortissimo means a musical term for playing louder. That is why the name of this beautiful rubber is associated with the exceptional sound it produces when in contact with the ball. Especially if you play with topspins, you will feel their power and beautiful sound. We recommend medium offensive or offensive table tennis blades to achieve the full effect of this table tennis rubber. It has an excellent price-quality ratio and is intended for primarily professional or at least active players. Killerspin Fortissimo features Speed: 106 Control: 94 Spin: 94 Sponge hardness: Medium Weight: Average Top sheet hardness: Hard Firstly, if you are a table tennis player who prefers attack with controlled balls and precision of shots, this is the suitable rubber for you. Top technology and softness adorn this rubber, making it a class above others. Secondly, its composition is equal to components of synthetic and natural rubber. That is why it is very elastic, and we can freely say that it is long-lasting. The red and black rubbers have the same features. Thirdly, we highly recommend it for topspins and enjoying the game with extra sound, as the name Fortissimo itself says. Durability is excellent since tension-type rubbers are prone to cracking or damage. However, Killerspin Fortissimo has a more complex top layer, making it more impact-resistant. Moreover, the most well-known rubber is Butterfly Tenergy 05, but Killerspin Fortissimo has a higher bow at spins and better control. The Tenergy 05 is hard rubber; on the other hand, it is more powerful in fastballs and power. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN So, this beautiful table tennis rubber meets all the standards a player expects when controlling. In conclusion, rubber alone cannot achieve control if you do not train enough. So, if you are active, you will get both control and the power of rotation, so it is up to you to enjoy table tennis. 3. Stiga DNA Pro S CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Many players use this beautiful table tennis rubber produced in Germany with the latest technologies for all players’ ages. It is recommended for the youngest beginners to whom it would be on their first racket to professionals who want to step up attack and topspins. It was developed in cooperation with the Chinese and Swedish national teams. In this way, an optimal balance between power and control is achieved. Stiga DNA Pro S is an offensive table tennis rubber with a special emphasis on achieving a large arc when entering the first ball. It is made of natural and synthetic rubber, so you don’t have to worry about its durability. It will last you like the others depending on the amount of training. DNA Pro is on our list of the 17 best table tennis rubbers for control because it is hard rubber of 42.5 degrees, and at the same time, it does not lose the effect of centrifugation and is very fast. We recommend you stick it on a ping pong blade with the same offensive characteristics. You can see an analysis of them on our page, The Best Ping Pong Blades – Top 5. The sponge (ESC) technology is an abbreviation for Enlarged Sponge Cells. This means that the sponge has larger pores and a more significant distance. Because of that, you have a better feeling while playing, and catapults’ effect and rotation are more critical. Stiga DNA Pro S features Speed: 95 Control: 70 Spin: 97 Sponge hardness: Medium Weight: Average Top sheet hardness: Medium Firstly, the sponge is orange transparent and optimized for better contact with your ping pong blade. The hand’s effect and feel are better when the sponge is well fixed to the blade. Secondly, this is a very fast table tennis rubber, and we can freely say it could fall into the category of rubbers for the topspins we have on the next page. However, it is there because, despite its speed, it has perfect ball control. Of course, you will feel it with a certain level of training. Thirdly, it is very strong also for playing away from the ping pong table. For example, the spin on spin shots or reinforced balls on backhand strokes will not disappoint you when the opponent moves away. It will probably be too fast for some players. For those who train regularly every day, we warmly recommend it because speed and strength will mean a lot to them. Moreover, the retention time of the ball on the racket during contact has been extended. This means a lot for those who play modern table tennis and balls short to short, where the retention time is essential. So you have that part of a second to decide whether to play a flip or place a pimp on a specific side of the table. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON In any case, the focus should be on strength and spin because the Stiga DNA Pro S has a unique pimple geometry for an aggressive style of play. 4. Andro Rasanter V42 CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN We can say that Andro produced table tennis rubber faster than the others. However, one should not underestimate his control among the 17 ping pong rubbers for control. It is one of the best backhand rubbers. The precision when pimping and blocking are exceptional, which enables 42 degrees. Excellent turning during service. Especially if you are a player who likes to combine different benefits, we highly recommend it for players who often use topspins in the game. For example, if you like to attack and simultaneously strive to keep as many balls on the table as possible, Andro Rasanter V42 will undoubtedly serve well. The sweet spot is increased compared to previous models, even at higher impact speeds. Since the ball was increased to 40mm, Rasanter developed a new technology for players to overcome the disadvantages of slowing down the game due to the volume of the ball. That’s why it’s a bit fast, and that’s how you compensate for the ball’s slowness with the rubber’s speed. The other thing is that the sponge is thicker and thicker, which gives a catapult effect. It is produced in Germany using the latest technologies to adapt to new game conditions. Andro Rasanter V42 features Speed: 120 Control: 90 Spin: 124 Sponge hardness: Medium Weight: 66 grams (Uncut), 48 grams (Cut) Top sheet hardness: Medium Firstly, you can choose the thickness of the sponge to your liking depending on the game mode. We recommend the thickest sponge for professionals and a slightly thinner sponge for intermediate levels. Secondly, the speed in the game will improve you by at least 30%. Rasant in German means speed. This shows that they focused next on the control and the speed of the blows. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN Moreover, for some players, perhaps the most essential item is endurance. It is very well made so that you and in any case, the price is quite correct concerning quality. 5. Joola Energy X-Tra CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON For a start, a particular emphasis on game control was introduced by Joola with this beautiful product. Energy X-tra is a table tennis rubber model that promises quality and performance. At the same time, we must not forget the highly soft sponge, which is 37.5 degrees. So, it allows for a high spin and good rotations for those who play with topspins. On the other hand, if you are a predominantly passive player, you will have a good feeling of keeping as many balls on the table as possible for backhand strokes. This forces the opponent to make mistakes thanks to your precision of shots. With this product, Joola introduced a new gluing technology called Green Power. Many players use this technology that enables the effect of the ball bouncing and the sound when freshly gluing the racket. This means that you don’t have to wait for a while, but automatically, you can start playing as you glued the table tennis racket. Using a more complex and faster table tennis blade would be best. Then you will achieve the best performance and feel the effects of Energy X-Tra. This rubber performs a heavy spin and good catapult effect. Joola Energy X-Tra features Speed: 83 Control: 87 Spin: 88 Sponge hardness: Soft Weight: 75 grams (Uncut), 55 grams (Cut) Top sheet hardness: Medium-Soft Firstly, one of the slower table tennis rubber from our list of 7 best table tennis rubbers for control. Therefore, we recommend it to more passive players and beginners. It should not be used by attackers who mostly like faster attacks and an aggressive style of play. Secondly, the sponge is very soft, so you should concentrate on ball control and pimping. Even defensive players who use this rubber will be good on the forehand side. It will be ideal if they have pips-out rubber on the backhand side. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Besides, Joola is a well-known table tennis brand that you will not go wrong with, and the price is more than affordable. 6. Donic Acuda Blue P3 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This is Donic’s table tennis rubber with the latest sponge technology. It is a blue sponge with medium-sized pores. The geometry of the pimples is thin with an extra gap which allows for maximum control in the game. Secondly, it is a highly soft rubber with excellent sound when in contact with the ball. It’s not slow, but it’s not in the class of the fastest attacking rubbers. Entirely suitable for topspins, especially the precision of blocks and pimps. Acuda is one of the best rubbers for counter-attacking style. Thirdly, you can score perfect return balls with it. If the opponent attacks with strong blows, this rubber is ready to counterattack with the same strength. After all, with slow and pimp balls, you can also fight back in a controlled and the same way. Moreover, Donic Acuda Blue P3 is the latest generation rubber with the latest manufacturing technologies. It was produced in Germany, and the brand was specially sponsored by the winner of the bronze medal at the last Olympic Games in Tokyo, Dimitrij Ovtcharov. Donic Acuda Blue P3 features Speed: 90 Control: 80 Spin: 106 Sponge hardness: Medium-Soft Weight: 86 grams (Uncut), 65 grams (Cut) Top sheet hardness: Medium-Soft First of all, we should say that Donic has been a brand of table tennis equipment in this business for more than 25 years. They lead research and development with top Swedish professional players like Jan Ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson. Due to their reputation and verification, you can be sure of the quality of the Acuda Blue P3. In conclusion, we recommend combining it with a harder ping pong blade to restore balance. You can choose the rubber thickness between 1.8mm and up to the max version, as with the others. This way, you will have a great ping pong paddle. Characteristics for player use are from Allround to OFF-. It is a very fast rubber for the attacking style of play with high speeds near the table. So, that doesn’t mean it’s slow, and you won’t be able to attack with the spins of a suitable ball. It implies no speed, as they have the fastest ping pong rubbers globally. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! However, it is on our list of the 13 best table tennis rubbers for control. The primary goal is to find a rubber that would give you maximum control and feel of the ball. 7. Andro Plasma 380 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! One of the best table tennis rubbers for control is ultra-soft and elastic, allowing for precise ball placement, ideal for beginner to intermediate players. Its low-speed level makes it easy to control even in difficult situations. If you prefer to spin the ball, see our article on the following rubbers. This revolutionary new rubber is perfect for less experienced players. Its ultra-soft and elastic surface provides exceptional ball control and helps you stay in control even in difficult situations. If you are a new player, jump on the Plasma bandwagon and experience table tennis like never before! Table tennis is all about controlling the ball, and with the Andro Plasma 380 rubbers, you’ll be able to do just that. With Andro Plasma, you will be more prepared for an incoming spin than ever. With integrated speed glue power, the best rubbers will give you an edge over your competition. It is a very spinny rubber, and 70% of the potential performance addition of maximum speed gluing is permanently built-in so that you can hit harder and faster than ever. Don’t miss out – order your Andro Plasma 380 rubbers today! 8. GEWO Return Pro CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Control your game and dominate the table with GEWO Return Pro. This rubber has been designed for modern all-around table tennis players who want to control top-spin play. The extremely easy-to-handle nature of this rubber provides excellent control and a good feel while still providing all-around/offensive speed. Suitable for mid-level players, this high-speed rubber allows you to easily play every type of stroke. With a forgiving sponge that reduces the catapult effect, GEWO Return Pro is perfect as a backhand rubber for those who want to take their game to the next level. A softer sponge reduces the catapult effect for a more forgiving playing experience, letting you stay in control and dominate your opponent. This 2.0mm version gives you precise shots, even to heavy spin at slow to medium speeds, while the 1.8mm and 1.6mm versions provide even more control. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Many players use defensive strokes that are now easier than ever with the extended contact time on the ball – giving you that extra edge over your opponents. 9. Yasaka Mark V XS CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If you are a table tennis enthusiast and your playing style has more spins without losing speed, then the Mark V XS is the best rubber. You can produce more spin and rotation on the racket’s forehand or backhand side. Great rubber for defensive players, having pips-out on the other side. This ping pong rubber has been designed for speed and spin. The balance of raw materials for the top sheet was changed, and some new chemicals were added to improve production. The result is D.A.T. or Double Acceleration Technology. This means that the rubber offers superior spin characteristics without sacrificing speed. Whether you are a competitive player or enjoy playing for fun, the MARK V XS is a great choice. Features The dwell time is a bit longer, so you will have enough speed and spin on the contact. There are many different types of Yasaka rubbers, but we chose this one as the best for control. Amateur players can try one of the best ping pong rubbers when they need these medium-soft sponges. Speed: 94 Spin: 91 Control: 81 It’s not a spinny rubber, but you can do pimples and use it for backhand rubbers. The sponge thickness is standard 2.0 mm. If you need fast rubbers, you shouldn’t consider Yasaka Mark V. You can use the different blades with this rubber, but we recommend the Stiga Allround Classic. 2 X 35.90 (Mark V XS) + 1 X 44.99 Stiga Allround = $ 116.79 COMPLETE RACKET   10. DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Designed with top players like Ma Long in mind, the Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial is a high-quality upgrade of the original Hurricane 3 Neo. This powerful rubber delivers enhanced spin, speed, and control compared to its predecessor, making it the ideal choice for advanced players. Truly one of the spinniest rubbers on the market today, this premium rubber is a must-have for any serious player looking to elevate their game to the next level. The tacky rubber provides excellent grip, and the lack of bounciness makes it easy to control your strokes. It’s ideal for the backhand side because it’s softer rubber. DHS Hurricane 3 National is one of the best ping pong rubbers with outstanding control. The rubber thickness is 2.15 mm. Ma Long uses this beautiful rubber on his forehand side. A thicker sponge is better for an offensive playing style. 11. Butterfly Tenergy 25 FX CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This innovative rubber is powered by Spring Sponge Technology, which creates dynamic attacks and heavy topspin play close to the table. With pimples of a larger diameter than other rubbers, it’s easy to see how this rubber got its name! The Butterfly Tenergy 25 FX table tennis rubber is the perfect choice for players who want speed and power in their game. This rubber provides excellent spin and speed, ideal for attacking play. Hard-hitting players will love how this rubber responds to their shots, producing consistent results that give them an edge over their opponents. The Butterfly Tenergy 25 FX is also very durable, making it an excellent choice for players looking for a long-lasting table tennis rubber. If you want the fastest possible game with maximum power and spin, then the Butterfly Tenergy 25 FX is the perfect table tennis rubber. Butterfly Tenergy 25 FX Features Speed: 132.5 Spin: 110 Hardness: 32 Control: 89 Compared to Tenergy 05, these are softer rubbers with thinner sponges. Butterfly Tenergy series are the most durable rubbers today. The rubber has reasonable control for pimples near the table. You can do a quicker stroke when the opponent enters with an incoming spin. We recommend the Butterfly Tenergy 25 FX for advanced players who prefer more speed and spin in the ping pong game. 12. Tibhar Evolution MX P CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If you’re looking for the best table tennis rubber that can provide strong spin and speed, the Tibhar Evolution MX P is a great option. This rubber has been specifically designed to offer players maximum dynamic performance, making it a great choice for those who want to take their game to the next level. In addition, the MX P is also well-suited to any playing style, meaning that anyone can benefit from its high-performance capabilities and good control. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, the Tibhar Evolution MX P is an excellent option for anyone looking to improve their game. Tibhar Evolution MX-P Features Speed: 98 Spin: 96 Control: 67 It’s designed for experienced players who have strong stroke techniques and want to combine speed and power. The rubber provides excellent spin and control, making it a great choice for advanced players. It’s worth checking out because of its durability and high level of control. The MX P stands for a max spin without losing a good feeling. With this excellent rubber, you can execute unpredictable spins and strokes like the top players. 13. Butterfly Rozena Table Tennis Rubbers CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This rubber employs the innovative rose-dyed Spring Sponge technology, which gives it incredible power and control. The newly developed top sheet also utilizes High Tension technology, making it even more responsive to your swings. With Rozena, you’ll be able to compensate for subtle racket angles and directional swing errors, creating a sense of stability. It’s genuinely a rubber of high tolerance! Rozena is the best for ball bounces and controlled playing styles from all backhand rubbers. Butterfly Rozena Features Speed: 130 Spin: 108 Hardness: 35 Playing styles: Attack and Allround Class: Pimples in the spinniest rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! 14. Victas V>15 Extra CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Victas V>15 Extra is the best table tennis rubber for control from the Victas brand. This high-end offensive rubber is designed for aggressive players who want to dominate their opponents in topspin rallies. With its innovative 47.5° offensive sponge and spin-optimized top rubber sheet, this rubber provides unlimited potential for players who demand the best performance from their equipment. One of the best ping pong rubbers is also very responsive for over-the-table touch shots, making it ideal for players who want to maximize their spin and power on the backhand side. With its moderate tackiness and direct pimple alignment, the Victas V>15 has more spin and better control for any table tennis player looking for maximum performance. Victas V>15 Extra Features Spin: 96 Speed: 98 Control: 75 The ball bounces: Better due to its hardness Throw Angle: 55 Consistency: 92 The German-Japanese designers made the series “V,” which stands for maximum power and balance. If you want to choose the best rubber with high speed and high levels of control, the Victas V>15 Extra is an excellent choice. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! 15. Joola Rhyzen Ice Review CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This modern all-around rubber features a soft sponge that produces a brilliant sound and feels, making it unpredictable for your opponents. The sensitive top sheet also offers exceptional control and stroke reliability. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, the Joola Rhyzen Ice is a perfect choice. With strong spin and excellent control of this rubber, you’ll be able to keep a cool head and freeze up your opposition. The red sides are very soft sponges, so control is everything with this rubber. Joola Rhyzen Ice Features Spin: 95 High Speed: 95 Control: 100 The hardness of the rubber sponge: Medium Tackiness: 20 Consistency: 100 16. Stiga Boost TX CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Stiga’s Boost TX rubber is one of the best for players who want strong spin and excellent speed. The rubber’s red sides help create a tremendous amount of friction, allowing for maximum acceleration. The sponge formula TTS Trans Tension Sponge also provides excellent resilience and catapult effect. As a result, Boost TX is the perfect choice for players looking for the best possible performance without speed glue. The Trans Tension Sponge TTS is the latest innovation in ping pong technology. This sponge generates maximum tension, providing high acceleration returns for a fast spin and speed game. The sponge has medium hardness, making it the perfect choice for attackers with good technical know-how. The Boost TX is recommended for highly trained attackers who want to take their game to the next level. With its unique ability to generate maximum tension, the Trans Tension Sponge TTS is sure to become a top choice for serious ping pong players. Stiga Boost TX Features Spin: 90 Speed: 93 Control: 85 Durability: 78 Consistency: 85 17. Sanwei Gear Hyper CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This is the latest table tennis rubber released by Sanwei. First, we should say that they made the manufacturing technology last a long time. The upper surface is specially treated, providing safety and additional ball control. Regardless of the low price, Gear Hyper deserves to be on our list of the 13 best table tennis rubbers for control. When choosing this beautiful rubber, keep in mind three hardness options. For new players who already want the power of the blows, I recommend a more complex, and for those who prefer to control and keep more balls on the table, a softer variant. The hardness of the rubber sponge can be 37, 38, or 39 degrees. Unlike similar rubbers in this category, Sanwei produced a model that better controls blocks and balls that are short when pimping. It has a lower speed than a few rubbers from our list but a better feeling in the hand and precision. Therefore, we recommend Gear Hyper for beginners or recreational players who do not want to invest much and still need more professional table tennis rubber. Its flexibility and feel are significant at high-topspin rotations. Sanwei Gear Hyper features Speed: 80 Control: 100 Spin: 90 Sponge hardness: Soft Weight: 68.5 grams (Uncut), 50.6 grams (Cut) Top sheet hardness: Medium Firstly, it is perfect for a heavy spin with a high arc and rotations. It will be much easier to draw topspin on cut balls than on quick exchanges of strokes. Also, players who pimp more will have top and precise balls all over the ping pong table. Secondly, The Mid-hole cake sponge has firm support and provides extra elasticity to this rubber. This means that the sponge is specially made to stick better to the ping pong blade; thus, you get more controlled balls with each stroke. Thirdly, Sanwei is a professional table tennis company founded in 1993 with headquarters in Beijing, China. They produce equipment for all types of players, from beginners to professionals. In this case, Sanwei Gear Hyper is a professional, long-lasting, and affordable ping pong rubber emphasizing ball control. Moreover, the price is more than affordable, and if you are a new player of this style of play with mostly soft and rotating balls, then Gear Hyper will delight you. We also recommend defensive players who, for example, have pips-out rubbers on the backside and occasionally want to attack with topspins on the forehand. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Such a combination where Sanwei Gear Hyper would be on the forehand side and some other pips-out ping pong rubbers on the backhand would be perfect. Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Control – Buying Guide When buying table tennis rubbers, the three most important things to look for are spin, speed, and control. The spin is determined by the amount of friction between the rubber and the ball and is affected by the hardness of the rubber. The harder the rubber, the more spin it will generate. Speed is determined by the thickness of the rubber and how much spring it has. The thicker the rubber, the faster it will be. Control is determined by how grippy the rubber is. The grippier the rubber, the more control you will have. In general, softer rubbers are better for control, while harder rubbers are better for speed and … Read more

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7 Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Spin (Attacking Style of Play 2023)

Are you playing an attacking-style game with rotations and want to choose one of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for spin? Don’t worry, because we have selected the ones that best suit your style. See the table with ratings and prices before a detailed description. Our Rubber for spin – Winner of 2023 Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Spin Selected by The Author 1. Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN This is an improved version of the already well-known Tenergy rubbers. It is specially designed for topspins for both sides, forehand and backhand. Because of the hardness that the name itself says, you also have incredible power when playing counter spins from a distance from the table. On the other hand, they are incredibly gentle and easy to maintain. We recommend you clean it regularly with a sponge and foam to have the full effect every time. For several reasons, our favorite and best of the 7 table tennis rubbers for spin. Firstly, it is extremely durable and will last long, unlike many ping pong rubbers that change after a few months. This is thanks to the Butterfly production technology, but the price is higher. Secondly, the rubber features Spring Sponge technology which allows for extra ball angle at topspins. For a simple example, with ordinary Tenergy rubbers spins that would hook the net, or the ball does not cross very little, you can cross it with 05 Hard. Moreover, you must learn the game technique well to feel the power and difference of this beautiful rubber. Top players such as Timo Boll, Tiago Apolonia, Marcos Freitas, and many others already use Tenergy 05 Hard. Of course, we recommend it to players who train less, but they should know the basics of rotated topspins. Attacking Style Rubber – Tenergy 05 Hard features, pros & cons Class: Super Speed Surface: Inverted Speed: 130 Spin: 115 Density: 43 The most important advantages are a more accessible performance of the counter loop, even on shorter balls. Then, due to the hardness, you can work the blocks of the ball on the opponent’s attack more easily. Let’s say you like backhand spins. Then you’ll find it easier to perform a rotating entry and even a “banana” flip on a short ball. There is a powerful feeling for a spin on spin shots from a distance of the ping pong table, and the ball gets extra acceleration. Even with service, the ball’s rotation is increased regardless of whether you serve a cut or a side-rotated serve. The special technology “Spring Sponge” is a unique combination of material and air inside the sponge. This allows for a fantastic feeling of “catching” the ball and more control and precision on where you place the balls. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN If you are not well trained or play table tennis only a few times a month, the disadvantage would be. Then the Tenergy 05 Hard will be too good for you, and you will not feel good about its speed. However, it is a matter of the individual. You will feel its power and strength if you intensify the training a little. Either way, you must have a fast enough table tennis blade to perfectly fit the combination. I suggest you look at our selected selection of the best ping pong blades. This way, you can make a complete and new racket. 2. DHS Gold Arc 8 – 47.5 Hardness (Best Chinese Attacking Style Rubber) CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN Very elastic table tennis rubber gives strength and high rotation with each ball. It is equally suitable for forehand and backhand, depending on your style of play. Also, the power and speed are outstanding and minimal effort with good technique to perform high-quality punches. Gold Arc 8 is the most elastic rubber in this list of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for spin. It was developed by DHS and the R&D center with German experts in consultation with Wang Liqin, the world champion. The highest quality rival of this rubber is the Butterfly Dignics 09c which is also made for high arc and rotations. The most important thing is that it is specially made for topspins and large rotations. The outer part of the sponge is incredibly soft, which allows the ball to have friction during contact. On the other hand, the inner part of the sponge is harder, and thus you get the strength and power of the ball. Due to this feature, Gold Arc 8 is suitable for both table tennis ball blocks and short games. The price is quite affordable, but there is no need to doubt the DHS company’s production quality. World players are increasingly using DHS equipment. According to our analyses, it is immediately in second place according to the rotation strength and the arc you achieve. DHS Gold Arc 8 features, pros & cons Class: Super Speed Surface: Inverted Hardness: 47.5 degrees Speed: 93 Spin: 94 Control: 69 Firstly, the essential advantages of DHS Gold Arc 8 are the grip surface and the speed of the sponge. With each ball, allows you to achieve a good bow and topspin height. Getting flips on short balls or tops when you go on the attack will be much easier. Secondly, the hardness of 50 degrees is just enough to control the ball on the blocks or pimples. However, we should not forget the power of these beautiful ping pong rubber shots. If you want full strength, choose the one with 50 degrees of hardness. On the other hand, if you play slower and your maximum priority is on rotations, then we recommend one of 47.5 degrees. If you play against the best table tennis robots, you will see the advantage of this rubber. In any case, the elasticity comes from the robust pimple geometry. And from a medium and long distance from the table, you get enough speed and strength to return the ball. As a disadvantage, we can say that it needs to be changed more often than Butterfly table tennis rubbers. The effect will be the same, but it will be spent sooner if you train a lot. Suppose we look at the price-quality ratio. Then you are not at a loss anyway. Another thing is that it has a little less control than the Tenergy 05 Hard. However, these are small nuances. With intensified training, you can balance ball control and gain security. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN If you are switching to DHS for the first time, we recommend that you start with a hardness of 47.5, and when you adjust the rubber, the next one should be with a 50-degree hardness. 3. Nittaku Fastarc G-1 (Best Japanese Attacking Style Rubber) CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN This is the best-selling and best of their spin rubbers of all the Japanese table tennis rubbers. It is very fast and has a strong bow, so it achieves top rotation. We should primarily emphasize the hardness of the sponge of 47.5, which gives excellent power when hitting the ball. If you are looking for the best Japanese rubber, this is the right choice from our list of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin. It contains a built-in tension power sponge that gives the ball extra speed. Nittaku put his focus on speed along with a combination of rotation. The speed alone cannot surprise the opponent as much as the rotation. But together, you have extra power as an attacking player. We highly recommend it to intermediate and advanced players. A special reason is that it takes enough training to feel the real power and speed of the racket containing Nittaku Fastarc. Otherwise, the rubber is very soft to the touch and helps when turning with the backhand on the forehand side and vice versa. This is a suitable rubber if you are a competitive player and want to get the most out of tournaments. It would not be ideal for a beginner to put on Nittaku Fastarc right away. So, with a certain level of knowledge and style of play with rotations on both sides, they will surely match your racket. We recommend an offensive table tennis blade with it. On our next page, you can look at even cheaper but offensive table tennis blades on blades under $ 100. Nittaku Fastarc G-1 features, pros & cons Class: Medium-Speed Surface: Inverted Speed: 95 Spin: 96 Control: 68 Hardness: Medium – Hard This beautiful rubber’s three most important characteristics are speed, spin, and a reasonable price. They are durable, so you don’t have to worry about changes and spend them often. The catapult effect is smaller, which is good when playing near a ping pong table. Firstly, speed comes to the fore when you get a little away from the table and when you need to punch an opponent with strong balls. Secondly, the high trajectory of the ball allows for highly spinny attacking strokes and the precision of their trajectory. Due to the high bow, you can also do nice flips on short balls. Moreover, the price is quite affordable for such quality rubber. Perhaps the best price-quality ratio of all 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin from our list. The disadvantage would be a very fast rubber for beginners. We would not recommend Nittaku Fastarc to those who play passively and wait for the opponent’s mistake. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPINAnother thing that can be annoying is when playing spin on a spin. There can be less controlled strokes, but you can also improve that with intensified training. 4. Joola Dynaryz ZGR (Best Table Tennis Rubber for Spin in Europe) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Extremely powerful table tennis rubber with the most modern technology and a strong catapult effect. Especially since switching from celluloid to plastic balls, players needed the extra speed that rubber could provide. Thus, Joola, a world-famous brand, produced Dynaryz ZGR, representing an evolution for attacking-style players. Hyper Traction Surface and Hyper Bounce Sponge give players a unique possibility of dynamics and spin. Dynaryz ZGR is a very hard rubber with as much as 57 degrees and a shorter retention time. Therefore, more significant acceleration is required to obtain rotation. But on the other hand, when you do that, you get a much bigger bow and rotation than with other rubbers. It is ideal for loops and also controls short balls and blocks well. The innovation that exists with this ping pong rubber is Pips Geometry. This means that pips’ size, width, and range are carefully and precisely determined. In this case, it is: Height: 0.8 mm Width: 1.5 mm Spacing: 0.9 mm We highly recommend this beautiful table tennis rubber to more advanced players and those who play an attacking style. That means aggressive and fast entry to the ball with topspins and even often with flips on short balls. The service is also powerful because you achieve fast and strong rotation with cut balls and those that turn from the side. Joola Dynaryz ZGR features, pros & cons Class: High Speed Surface: Inverted Speed: 100 Spin: 105 Trajectory: 75 Hardness: Hard Firstly, Joola Dynaryz features the Hyper Traction Surface, which has optimal energy transfer. As a result, energy is not lost or absorbed but is directly transferred to the ball, increasing acceleration. Secondly, the sponge is designed to transmit potential energy, called the Hyper Bounce Sponge. It is a unique technology that gives the sponge more elasticity and a higher ball bounce. This gives you more impact power. Thirdly, it contains medium-sized pores, which give the complete rubber a better centrifuge and more significant ball acceleration. Moreover, fantastic and the most advanced technology of all 7 best table tennis rubbers for spin from our list. It is essential to say that training is needed to get used to this beautiful rubber. However, this will not be a problem for players who already want to speed up and improve their game. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The price is also very affordable, considering what you get from Joola. The only drawback is that it takes a long time to feel the effect of spin and speed. The control at the beginning will differ from any other rubber you have played. However, once you get used to it, you will always want to have Dynaryz ZGR on both sides of your racket. 5. Tibhar Evolution MX-D CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN Very fast and modern table tennis rubber from Tibhar’s offer. It is intended for attacking games with topspins on both sides of the racket. It is specially designed to support suitable centrifuge, speed, and performance. Due to its powerful contact when performing, looping is on our list of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for spin. By the way, the Evolution series has been made for several years, but the MX-D is an upgraded version. On the other hand, it should be emphasized that the ball has an extended retention time. This is thanks to the new “Red Energy Sponge” technology. This makes the top layer softer and more compatible with contact balls. Although on the other hand, rubber is very hard in general. For example, the catapult effect is perfect, and the softness of short balls comes to the fore. You feel good control when you block and keep the ball on the table. If you move away from the ping pong table and play faster balls, the MX-D will give you the strength to overpower your opponent. Tibhar MX-D features, pros & cons. Class: Offensive Surface: Inverted Speed: 95 Spin: 96 Control: 87 Sponge Hardness: 50 – 53 Firstly, the advantage is the dynamics in the game which means you will always have good contact and faster balls when making shots. Thanks to the sponge technology we have already mentioned, the MX-D creates a feeling of good contact and a more precise ball placement all over the table. Secondly, perfect grip and high rotations on topspins. If you are a player who does not amplify the game but works more on the looping technique, this is the right choice. Thirdly, it is similar to the Tibhar MX-P we described on our page about the best table tennis rubbers in 2021. Therefore, we can compare it to the Butterfly Tenergy 05 class of rubbers. Moreover, the disadvantage may be that it is not really for beginners. Especially not for children learning table tennis. It will be a little weighty for their hand, but already when they come to the junior rank, we warmly recommend it. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN Another disadvantage is that the rubber is very hard, so players who are used to soft ones will need longer to adjust. In any case, the price justifies the funds, and we think it is entirely correct. 6. Donic Bluestorm Z3 Table Tennis Rubber CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN A unique series of Donic rubbers that have higher ball acceleration. At the same time, they retain the characteristics of a centrifuge and good rotation. The speed is highly improved, so you get extra on an aggressive game with topspins with this choice. The rubber has high tension and a thicker sponge, and the top layer is thinner. As a result, Bluestorm gained strength and vigor. Unlike the others from our list of top 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin, Bluestorm has a lower hardness, only 42.5 degrees. Therefore, it is very soft and allows an extensive and penetrating rotation. Even by the sound, you can conclude that these are strong rotations. The attack is characterized as a thunderbolt, after which this beautiful rubber got its name. I would highly recommend it to players who like constant play with rotations. That means not for those who want to finish the point after the first entry with a topspin. The thickness of the sponge that other rubbers have as “max” marked with this rubber is a bit thinner. It is also suitable for somewhat more passive players who pimple more and surprise their opponents with heavily cut balls. Donic Bluestorm Z3 features, pros & cons Class: Offensive Surface: Pimple-in Hardness: Soft+ Speed: 91 Spin: 97 Control: 73 Firstly, since the rubber is much softer than the others, it gives you extra ball control. Fans of playing table tennis in the style of saving points and patiently waiting for the opponent’s mistake will be delighted. Secondly, this beautiful rubber’s rotation is really strong in quality and sound. This can lead opponents to confusion and confusion at your first entrance. Thirdly, it relies mainly on the racket’s centrifugal effect and the retention time precisely because of the thinness of the top layer. That’s why you need a ping pong blade that has good control. Moreover, it is produced in Germany in the city of Volklingen. Donic has an excellent reputation and has made top-quality table tennis equipment for over 25 years. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPINThey are led by the world-famous table tennis player Jan Ove Waldner in research and development. They are currently sponsoring the winner of the silver medal as a team and the bronze medal individually at the Olympics in Tokyo, Dimitrij Ovtcharov. 7. Yasaka Rigan Spin Rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! A unique combination by Yasaka to gain control and speed of the ball. Modern technology has been applied while retaining the classic rubber. From our list of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for spin, this is the best in terms of value for money. It has very high durability, so you will not change it often. At the same time, the characteristics of the centrifuge and spin, as the name suggests, are excellent. It is not recommended for beginners but is executable for users who often change the forehand and backhand sides. The hardness is 45, which gives the ability to play it safe. Not too hard rubber but enough to attack and start playing with topspins. In addition to other Yasaka table tennis rubbers such as Mark V and Rakza, Rigan Spin has been upgraded and uses “Hybrid Energy” technology. That’s why it has the highest speed and is a superpower in punches. Yasaka Rigan Spin features, pros & cons Class: Allround-Offensive Surface: Inverted Hardness: Soft Speed: 89 Spin: 95 Control: 91 Firstly, you have an exceptional convenience with cut balls and serves due to their medium thickness. Rotation with not too much force is the main advantage of this beautiful rubber. Secondly, unlike others, we recommend it to beginners and children who learn spins from scratch. Since the rubbers are not too fast, they will learn the movements and the game of rotations nicely. In addition, game control is the third and most important advantage of this rubber so that recreational players can adapt nicely. As a disadvantage, they would cite the lower penetrating power. If you want to score and finish a point from one or two balls, you will need a lot of strength and good technique. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! We hope you have found all the necessary information in this article and the right choice from the best rubbers for a spin list. Any option will improve your topspins. It’s about how offensively you play and what kind of ping pong blade you have. The goal was to guide you to find the right choice as best you could.  

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TOP 13+ Best Table Tennis Rubbers in 2023 (Buying Guide)

In this blog post, we’ll review the top 13 best table tennis rubbers in 2023, dominating the world of the offensive game style. After careful research and testing, we made this list based on certain advantages of fast-paced gameplay, such as topspin, control, speed, durability, and spin. The list includes the best of the Butterfly, Tibhar, Stiga, JOOLA, DHS, and Donic. Many professional players use these rubbers because they are excellent for an offensive, aggressive, and powerful style. Our Winner & Best Overall for 2023 But first: when you look at the top table tennis players today, such as Ma Long, Timo Boll, and Dimitrij Ovtcharov, you will notice that they all have ultra-fast rubbers. They use two types of rubber on the FH and BH of their racket, and we will single out all of these high-performance table tennis rubbers in this list. New Table Tennis Rubber (Speed & Spin – 102, 105) Yasaka’s Rakza 9 is intended for an attack-playing style. It is one of the most popular rubbers among intermediate players. With its Hybrid Energy system technology, Rakza 9 is the fastest table tennis rubber from Yasaka Brand. Best Table Tennis Rubbers in 2023 Selected by The Author All of the rubbers below are designed to suit different playing styles. Although some are more versatile than others, it is safe to say that these rubbers have been designed for attacking players. This guide identifies seven of the best table tennis rubbers in 2023 recommended for hard hitters, smashers, and aggressive players. These rubbers have dominated several years of tournament wins and will undoubtedly give you the competitive edge over your opponent and the ones you’ll need to feel supreme. Xiom Vega Table Tennis Rubber Series XIOM VEGA ASIA PRICE! XIOM VEGA X PRICE! XIOM VEGA PRO PRICE! The Xiom Vega series is designed with speed performance in mind for offensive players. Its deep ball-dragging at the surface allows for more spin, and its matching sponge provides fast repulsion for even more speed. This balanced combination helps players open larger safe zones over the net by providing a higher ball trajectory. Xiom offers four different options in its Vega series that cater to different needs and preferences. The Xiom Vega X rubber is perfect for those looking for maximum spin, while the softer Vega Asia offers more speed. For those seeking control, there’s the softest option of all, Vega Pro, which provides extreme control. And if you’re looking for something in between, then look no further than Vega Europe, which offers both softness and control. The Xiom Vega series is designed with durability in mind, so it won’t wear down or become ineffective after just a few uses or games. When properly cared for, these rubbers can last up to several years before needing replacement—making them an excellent long-term investment! In conclusion, if you’re an offensive player looking to take your game to the next level in 2023, then you should definitely consider investing in a set of Xiom’s Vega table tennis rubber reviews. Xiom Vega Series Rubbers Features Xiom Vega Asia: Speed: 130, Spin: 100, Hardness: Hard 47.5 degrees Xiom Vega X: Speed: 91, Spin: 92, Control: 91 Xiom Vega Pro: Speed: 87, Spin: 89, Control: 73 Their unique design allows them to provide both speed performance and spin-innovation Hyper Elasto. Also, being incredibly durable over time. Compared to Tenergy table tennis rubbers, Xiom is softer and better for looping, while Tenergy is durable and great for blocks. With their variety of options available, there’s sure to be one that fits your playing style perfectly! So don’t wait any longer – get yourself a set of these rubbers today and see what they can do for your game! XIOM VEGA ASIA PRICE! XIOM VEGA X PRICE! XIOM VEGA PRO PRICE! Xiom Vega rubber is a less expensive table tennis rubber than the Butterfly series. For backhand and forehand pushes, they are excellent, and beginners will be surely satisfied. 1. Butterfly Dignics 05 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Dignics 05 rubber is a high-performance rubber preferred most among offensive players with a focus on speed and spin. It is a viable rubber suitable for both backhand and forehand. Depending on how you pair this rubber onto your blade (forehand, backhand, or both sides), it allows you to expand the possibilities and become a more advanced player. The weight of Dignics 05 is 569 grams. The rubber has a firm and elastic top sheet. The top sheet of the rubber is very grippy, which is why the ball will stay on the paddle providing you more dwell time. The Spring Sponge X of Dignics 05 has a hardness of 40 degrees, which sits between the hardness of Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 05 Hard rubbers. It is a high-speed table tennis rubber with a MAX sponge thickness. The thickness of the sponge is 2.1 mm (1.9 mm is also available). A thicker sponge means the rubber provides a soft feel and more spinny, making it a good choice for the fast player. This rubber performs superbly, whether you rely on closeup counterattacks or love to do aggressive flicks. Players who seek power mid-distance from the table and use banana flicks will also love the excellent holding capacity of the rubber’s grippy top sheet. The best table tennis players with Dignics 05 are Harimoto Tomokazu and Lin Gaoyuan. Butterfly Dignics 05 Performance & Key Features Speed: 13.5 Spin: 12.0 Rubber Hardness: 40 The speed and spin of Dignics 05 are more than Tenergy 05 rubber sheets, while the hardness is in between. Also, Dignics 05 provides 3.4% more power and 22% more arc than Tenergy 05 rubber sheets. It uses spring sponge technology for modern players. But the most notable feature of this rubber is that it’s incredibly spinny, yet due to the grippy top sheet, it provides excellent safety and control both close to and from the mid-distance of the table. This rubber is most favored among players who shoot supper spinny loops. When executing topspin strokes, the ball travels further, higher over the net, and deeper on the table. This provides an advantage to players who play with less strength. The rubber generates enough power to drive the ball deeper into the opponent’s court, away from the table. All these attributes make it a fabulous choice for opening. Butterfly Dignics 05 Service, Return, and Block When serving, the Dignics 05 generates a lot of spin with ease. Although spinny, the rubber provides excellent control during the service and receive. That’s because the surface of the rubber is very grippy, making it hold the ball longer and allowing you to produce a lot of rotation to the ball for backhand flicks.  The rubber’s low trajectory and dwell time will give you more control during the counterattacks. The superb control of the rubber makes it perform fantastic at blocking. When you are under pressure and need to block, you’ll find the grippy top sheet of the rubber extremely useful. It doesn’t require much adjusting when blocking shots, and the ball will go over to your opponent sharp and effectively. Butterfly Dignics 05 Pros and Cons Pros Dignics 05 provides excellent offensive advantages like solid impact, excellent spin, and super responsiveness. It is a super-grippy rubber. It grabs the ball amazingly well, whether offensive or defensive. The rubber is very spinny yet provides enough control to play confidently and attack with power. It is a very durable rubber. The edges won’t break easily. It would play like a new one, and its performance will stay intact even after a year. Cons Players who like smashing on forehand might find the rubber too bouncy as it gives off a lot of power. This may smash the ball out, so it’s better to pair the forehand of your paddle with a less spinny rubber (Tenergy 05 or Tenergy 05 Hard) and use Dignics 05 on the backhand for superb backhand flicks. As with most of the Butterfly rubbers, Dignics 05 might seem pricey. But it’ll be worth your money because it lasts longer than other rubbers. Best Table Tennis Rubbers in 2022 – Butterfly Dignics 05 Review: Our Verdict Dignics 05 is a fantastic rubber that provides more spin, high speed, and powerful topspin. This high-performance rubber will improve your attack ability. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The only thing Butterfly could work on is perhaps they could lower its price so that more players could try it out and advance their attacking skills. 2. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Playing with Stiga DNA Dragon Grip rubber will be a great experience. This rubber is for players seeking control and spin in a loop-oriented game. Its specially formulated Dragon Grip Sponge offers effective control, good speed, and high spin potential. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip is preferred among players who want to improve their game and make the most of their paddle. It is also a good choice for players who wish to unleash their true potential of offensive game style. Stiga developed the sticky surface of this rubber to deliver high control and maximum rotation. When Stiga launched its first table tennis rubbers, it opened a new era in Table Tennis. Where the ball hit on a Stiga rubber is only clearly perceptible when the ball bounces off one of these rubbers. Ever since that, it’s been known that Stiga is at the cutting edge in developing table tennis technology. This time too, Stiga has broken new ground by introducing a new construction: Dragon Grip. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip rubber sponge has a firm, non-slip surface and hardness of 55 degrees. It is extra hard than Digics and Tenergy rubber sheets and 5 degrees more than the DNA Platinum H. The thickness of the rubber is 2.3 mm. The influence of the rubber on your play has never been more direct or even more immediate than with Dragon Grip – a unique feature is that you can control ball placement immediately and intuitively! Stiga DNA Dragon Grip Performance & Key Features Speed: 88 Spin: 99 Control: 71 Hardness: 55 Stiga DNA Dragon Grip provides a balanced level of control, optimal outstanding spin, and high arc ball rotation. The tensor technology of the rubber’s surface offers you an unbeatable grip and high elasticity, which means you can play with maximum comfort. It’s fast and spinny, but not too fast and spinny. This means you can use it as a backhand rubber and forehand rubber. Technically, it is a good rubber for those who want to adjust their offensive game style or for players who wish to unleash their true potential in the attack. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip Service, Return, and Block The extra hard sponge of Stiga DNA Dragon Grip allows you to release maximum energy at the moment of impact in the serving or return your hard shots. Swiping this rubber will feel smooth and soft, regardless of serving or receiving it. It is suitable for players who want to generate precise spin and speed at the ball for an offensive game style.  A player’s strengths are not a direct result of their speed but rather several factors. Some lead blades sometimes end up giving your opponent the upper hand. The Dragon Grip from Stiga DNA rubber is an innovative sheet that balances powerful spin without compromising control and speed. The rubber provides a distinctive sound. While playing, the sound gives you immediate feedback on the stroke’s timing and style. For example, whether it was played too early or late in the incoming ball, whether you had to close the angle due to poor timing or not hitting the ball enough, and whether you played it on the forehand or backhand side. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip Pros and Cons Pros The Stiga Dragon is good at unbalancing your opponent; it is fast and has a higher arc and spins potential. You will love this rubber if you are a fan of sensation (e.g., the distinctive smash and hit sound) and immediate feedback. You’ll also love Stiga DNA Dragon Grip if you look for rubber with a top-quality grip and seek more spin from a drive, loop, and service return. Cons The rubber can be a bit vulnerable to cut shots and ball sensitivity. It might feel a bit harder and heavier than Dignics and Tenergy rubber sheets, but this is an excellent choice to unleash the true potential of squash and smash players. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip Review: Our Verdict In a nutshell, DNA Dragon Grip rubber is a fast attack-top spin rubber. It is ideal for players who have mastered the basic technique and have a strong attacking and offensive game style. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! And if you use it on the right blade, you can even push to win over the table. 3. JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! With JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR, you’ll have the competitive edge to win! This rubber is an excellent choice for hard hitters and offensive players who want to play with more timing and powerful shots. The Rhyzen ZGR is the most powerful rubber in JOOLA’s Rhyzen line. This rubber will let you take your game to the next level, featuring a Hyper Traction Surface and kinetic energy Balance sponge. The rubber surface is tacky and great for faster table tennis paddles and the best blades. This innovative design features small pips for improved grip and control and a medium spacing that allows you to generate massive amounts of spin. Moreover, the BALANCE SPONGE ensures precise shots and excellent control. The pimple structure and balanced sponge combine to create a rubber that is easy to use and produces a massive spin. JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR Performance & Key Features Speed: 8.5 Spin: 11 Trajectory: 7 Precision: 8.5 Hardness: Hard+ (54 to 55 degrees) This innovative and one of the best table tennis rubbers in 2023 is designed to give you the competitive edge you need to take your game to the next level. With its superior grip and speed, you’ll be able to dominate your opponents and win every match. This design combines JOOLA’s smallest-sized pips with medium-spacing to enhance the top sheet’s tacky grip and make it easier to generate massive spin. Also, this rubber offers excellent control value and produces precise shots. JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR Service, Return, & Block If you want to block your opponent’s shots with a lot of power and smash your serves at full speed, the JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR rubber is your weapon of choice. This top-of-the-line table tennis rubber is designed for maximum energy transfer, so you can quickly increase ball rotation and achieve impressive speed. The JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR rubber has very high catapult properties (touch-type), which deliver a considerable amount of kinetic energy quickly. With the Rhyzen ZGR rubber, you can dominate your opponents on the court due to the enormous speed and power generated when releasing your strokes. JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR Pros and Cons Pros It is the most budget-friendly professional rubber of choice in 2023. This rubber creates a controlled and quick kinetic energy transfer from the player’s racket to the ball’s surface. The unique sponge of this rubber provides an impressive effect and significant speed, so critical for your devastating shot. You’ll get a pack of 18 free Joola paddle wipes from Megaspin. Cons It is a hard sponge rubber designed for professional table tennis, and you’ll require to master basic skills to unleash its full potential. Harder to play against players who have anti-spin rubber. JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR Review: Our Verdict For players looking for a looping topspin rubber with a special catapult effect, the Rhyzen ZGR is a perfect choice. With Rhyzen ZGR, you’ll experience impressive speed without losing control and enjoy a good sense of stability and exceptional stopping ability. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It is also one of the best rubbers for someone who does not want to change their setup often because of its reasonable price tag and durability. 4. BUTTERFLY DIGNIGS 09C CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Exciting and different table tennis rubber compared to all rubbers from this brand. It feels like DHS Hurricane 3 in terms of feel, but it’s faster. It was first released on April 1, 2019. The Dignics 09c has a smooth and s very sensitive surface. When buying this rubber, you have a protective layer not to damage the rubber quickly. This is the most rigid Butterfly rubber, and it has 44 degrees. The cube, 74 grams, and the heaviest rubber among the best table tennis rubbers in 2023. The first rubber of this company is where the ball can stick to the racket when you press the ball. In addition to the Dignics 09c, there are also Dignigs 05, 64, and 80, which are 40 degrees, but different from this one. The characteristics are more similar to the Tenergy series. The thickness of 1.9 and 2.1 mm can be found on the Dignigs 09c market. Timo Boll, in cooperation with the company Butterfly, made this rubber. The best players who play with this rubber are Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov. Speed and Spin Speed: ​​130 Spin: 130 Rubber hardness: 44 Unique table tennis rubber, its highest characteristic is spin. Although it is a very hard rubber, it stays on the racket longer and can produce much more rotation than others. Butterfly Dignics 09c has a large bow, and when opening the game, you get a heavy first spin that is uncomfortable to return. After Hurricane 3, this is the rubber with the most spin but not making a big difference. This kind of rubber had to be produced because changing the plastic balls lost many rotations. In terms of speed, it is a bit slower than the Tensor rubbers. For example, it is not too fast in the first meter or two from the table. Still, it accelerates significantly after the bounce, making it inconvenient for its opponents. So, to pull a quality spin, you have to play much more directly, and putting a little more energy into the shot is necessary. After all, the quality of the rotation is much higher. Service, Return, and Block It is necessary to enter more energy during service with spin, but the spin is much higher than the other table tennis rubbers. When receiving service, it is perfect. Because the ball stays on the racket a little longer, the service can return much easier than with other rubbers. It is also suitable for opening a backhand flip game. Interestingly, Dignics 09c has excellent control. It is not demanding when looking for angles, such as Tenegy 05. Because it stays on the racket a little longer, you have time to change the racket angle to return the ping pong ball well, making it perfect for a counter spin. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Cons Since European players are used to the rubber tensor, it isn’t easy on Dignigs 09c. If you try this rubber a couple of times, you probably won’t like it. It has a different feeling when playing. So, if you are not used to playing with Chinese rubbers. It is necessary to play with it for 2 to 3 months to feel comfortable with this rubber. The downside of Dignigs 09c is the price itself because it is costly.   5. TIBHAR EVOLUTION MX-P CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Tibhar’s most popular rubber will be among the best table tennis rubbers in 2022. They are made exclusively for plastic balls and are very high-quality rubber. Interestingly, they have a powerful smell when unpacking. It is interesting because of the loud sound of the rubber when hitting the ball, which many table tennis players like. With this rubber, it is impossible not to notice its speed. The players who popularized Tibhar Evolution are Vladimir Samsonov, Bernadette Szocs, Paul Drinkhall… The cube weighs 73 grams, and the cut one weighs 49 g. The hardness of the rubber is 45.7 degrees. The Evolution series, in addition to the MX-P, FX-P, and EL-P, which are softer table tennis rubbers, the MX-S, which is slightly harder than the MX-P, and the MX-P, Hard, whose hardness is 50 degrees. Speed and Rotation Speed: ​​98/100 Spin: 96/100 Control: 67/100 Rubber hardness: 45.7/100 High ball speed can be achieved with just a little effort when hitting. This is important because the rubber has a catapult effect. For the rubber to be perfect and the strength and rotation of the rubber itself, it is essential to have solid control. This table tennis rubber fulfills everything. Tibhar Evolution MX-P has a catapult effect. With a bit of effort, you can play a quality shot. This rubber, in addition to speed, has excellent rotation. It is perfect for opening the game and brings a significant advantage because you can constantly send spins at the table’s end. When playing more aggressively, the rubber doesn’t lose much on rotation. It is direct and does not have a big bow when hitting. The best rubber is played from half distance, and then it can reach its full potential. It is needed by players who lack speed in the game, which this rubber can undoubtedly provide. Service, Return, and Block Due to its solid control, it is suitable for good return service. It is perfect for opening the game with a backhand flip, and because of its speed, it is very awkward for her opponent. The rotation when serving is felt well. It is perfect for pimpling the balls. You can return the spin continuously, precisely, and with quality with a short movement. It is also suitable for a block. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Cons This table tennis rubber is very high quality. Although it has a solid rotation, you cannot compare it to the Tenergy 05 or Hurricane 3 because it does not produce much rotation. With this rubber, the first ball after opening can be critical. The MX-P is very fast and straightforward and travels to the end of the table when struck, and if a good enough angle is not made, mistakes are possible. This table tennis rubber does not forgive mistakes.   6. STIGA DNA PLATINUM H CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON The latest Stiga product and a newer version of the Stiga DNA Pro. It is much faster and has a more pronounced catapult effect than the previous version. There is an improvement over the earlier version. It is the best table tennis rubber in the Stiga collection. Although Stiga is a Swedish company, this rubber, like the DNA Pro, was manufactured in Germany. This rubber was designed and developed in close collaboration with the Chinese national team members. When looked at a little better, DNA is a combination of STIGA Genesis and Mantra rubber. It has similar speeds to the Mantra and rotations as Genesis rubber. The young future star of European and world table tennis, Truls Moregard, is currently playing with this beautiful rubber. You can find 1.8, 2.0, and 2.2 mm thicknesses on the market. The rubber in the cube is 71 grams. In addition to DNA, Platinum H, M, and S versions are softer rubbers and XH, which is more challenging and is 52.5 degrees. Speed and Spin Speed: ​​164 Spin: 140 Control: 74 Rubber hardness: 50 Although it has a lot of speed, the rubber is not too demanding and has reasonable control. Cut balls are easy to return, so you can easily open the game with this rubber. An excellent bow is created during topspin since it is a fast table tennis rubber. One of the best table tennis rubbers in 2023 for advanced players who play close to the table. To choose the thinner rubbers, you should consider this Stiga DNA model. However, this rubber has a nice rotation, and its principal characteristic is speed. It is also good from a distance. It is suitable for spin-to-spin play. This rubber is made by PCS technology (Power Sponge Cell), allowing for more aggressive play with many spins. Stiga DNA Platinum H is suitable for the ball to travel longer to the end of the table with higher speed and rotation and be able to make angles to defeat your opponent. Service, Return, and Block One of the best table tennis rubbers in 2023 gives excellent control and stability in the game. You can efficiently perform rotation during service. However, it is fast rubber and easy for the serves to return without significant problems. It is very good with the block, the ball is easily kept on the table, and you can control the game. When taking heavier blows, you can find a suitable table angle. This rubber was created for a counter spin. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Cons In general, it is difficult to find a defect in this rubber. It can’t be said to be the fastest, have the most spin, or have the best control, but it is at the top in all those segments. We can say that this is a very high-quality table tennis rubber.   7. DHS HURRICANE 3 NATIONAL CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Hurricane 3 National is the most favored smooth Chinese table tennis rubber. Players use it mostly only on the forehand side. Specially made for plastic balls. When plastic balls appeared, little was lost on the rotation. So, with the creation of Hurricane 3, the DHS has enabled players who play with this beautiful rubber. So, I do not feel this disadvantage much. It is interesting when buying this rubber that there is a protective foil that keeps this rubber sticky. Almost all Chinese national team players play with this manufacturer’s table tennis rubber or similar rubbers. You can find the rubber thickness in sizes 2 and 2.15 mm. It is a very hard, 50-degree rubber and not flexible. That’s why many players who play with one of the best table tennis rubbers in 2021 use a booster to soften this rubber and give it extra speed. Speed and Rotation Heavy: 2.15, 2 Speed: ​​12/12 Spin: 11/12 Control: 12/12 Rubber hardness: 50 Speed ​​is not a characteristic of this rubber, although it may be. To reach a reasonable speed, you must hit it with strong blows. What makes DHS Hurricane 3 National unstoppable is the spin. Abnormal rotation that drives every opponent crazy. During strong blows, a very high-quality rotation remains. When the topspin is pulled, this rubber produces a very heavy rotation. Very good rubber to open the game. The high arch strikes the ends of the table and enables excellent consistency in the game. Service, Return, and Block Because it stays on the racket for a long time, this rubber has excellent control and is suitable for all types of servers. However, it is better for a reception to quickly neutralize the opponent’s service and send the ball to the desired place. It is ideal for pimples, and it can be controlled and perfectly do pimples on each ball, spin, and even the one with the highest rotation, without problems. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Cons When we mention the wrong sides of this rubber, it is speeding, although the Chinese have shown us that this is not the case. You must train with this table tennis rubber for a long time to learn all the advantages and disadvantages. That bothers those not used to training with Chinese rubbers the most. As another flaw is a spike (lob ball). It is impossible to hit a high ball hard with this rubber. Other Great Table Tennis Rubbers in 2023 You Should Consider 8. BUTTERFLY TENERGY 05 CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON When the best table tennis rubbers in 2023 are mentioned, it is impossible to omit Butterfly Tenergy 05. Although it was produced in 2008, it is still one of the most popular rubbers among many table tennis players. It is the first original rubber from the Tenergy series. Players who popularized this rubber were Timo Boll, Michael Maze, Kalinikos Kreanga, and Dimitrij Ovtcharov. Until the appearance of plastic balls with these rubbers, played by Ma Long and many others. The cubes are 69 g, and the cut ones are 49 g. The hardness of the rubber is 36 degrees. The thicknesses of the rubbers you can buy are 1.7, 1.9, and 2.1 mm. In addition to the Tenergy 05, there are the Tenergy 19, 25, 64, 80, and Tenergy 05 Hard versions of this rubber. In addition to them, you can find the FX version of all these table tennis rubbers on the market, which is a little softer and is 32 degrees. Speed and Spin Speed: ​​130 Spin: 115 Rubber hardness: 36 It has a catapult effect, which means it is a very fast rubber with an extremely high spin. The outer layer of rubber makes excellent contact with the ball, giving a perfect speed and spin when hitting the ball. The rubber is not too hard. It does not have to hit the hardest to get a quality kick. Although the Tenergy 05 has a good speed, the highest quality and the main feature of this rubber is that it can produce a lot of rotation. This rubber can create a lot of spins, even with cut balls, which makes it perfect for opening the game itself. Players who use this rubber gain an advantage over the opponent at the beginning of the point. The shot quality gives many players great self-confidence, which is why many players decide to use this beautiful rubber. Service, Return, and Block The Tenergy is one of the best table tennis rubbers in 2022 and excellent with serving because it produces a lot of rotation, but it is terrific when playing flip due to speed and rotation. It is inconvenient to receive the service because the rubber is fast and at an excellent angle to neutralize the service opponents and return them to their field. … Read more

Best ping pong rubbers - Top 5 - teneregy-dignics-yasaka-joola

11+ Best Backhand Ping Pong Rubbers (Beginners & Intermediate)

Are you ready to improve your game and want to choose the backhand ping pong rubbers that best suit your playing style? We’ve compiled a list of the best backhand ping pong rubbers for beginners and intermediate players. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for speed, spin, or control. So, check out our list and find the perfect rubber for your game! Our Winner & Best Backhand Rubber Overall Best Backhand Ping Pong Rubbers Selected by The Author Backhand Table Tennis Rubber Price Comparison Chart 1. Butterfly Tenergy 05 High-Speed Backhand Rubber CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Our favorite and the most popular backhand rubber on the market. Professional players use it because it has exceptional characteristics and speed. Timo Boll, one of the world’s best players and European champion, uses Tenergy rubbers on both sides of the racket. If you are not a beginner, I recommend this rubber because of its speed, spin effect, the way it absorbs the ball, and durability. We know that the rubber is consumable, but in this case, Tenergy 05 proved to be a more durable and long-term rubber that provides its performance even after a long time of playing and wear. Sponge and high-tension technology Players can select the rubber’s thickness in 3 options: 1.7, 1.9, and 2.1. The most commonly used is the known max size of 2.1. For example, the thicker the sponge layer, the more balls you can control in the game and send to your opponent. The thinner the layer, the more control you will have and the slower balls. Offensive players use a thicker sponge layer to have more power when hitting. The sponge on the rubber has another essential thing: its hardness. With the same rubber model, you have several different levels of hardness. The racket absorbs the ball better when the layer is softer so the control is better. We should also emphasize that topspins are easier to report with more rotation if the sponge is more delicate. Our chosen model, Tenergy 05, is suitable for spins, while Tenergy 064 is much faster and has less control. Meanwhile, as a third Tenergy model for comparison and a better understanding of how much the sponge affects the rubber. So, we will list the Tenergy 80, between 05 and 64 models. Tenergy 05 Rubber Features Type: Inverted Class: Super speed Speed: 130 Spin: 115 Hardness: 36 If you are a player who prefers to attack in your game, I recommend this rubber because you will feel the quality and speed during the first training session. Combining it with a ping pong blade is best, which is faster and more offensive. Here are the best blades selected by the author. But if you have your favorite and want to change the backhand rubbers, you will feel the difference by putting Tenergy 05 on the racket. Using a protective foil on the rubber is also recommended when you are not training and storing it in the racket case. The best glue for all Butterfly rubbers is Free Chack II. The gluing method is shown below under the Racket assembly video. Another important thing is that the Tenergy series was the first to use “Spring Sponge” technology, providing the ball with a more extended hold. This way, you achieve better control when pimping and serving. All in all, the best overall backhand rubber of my choice. I have been using it on my racket for several years, and it has always shown quality and longevity. Butterfly Tenergy rubbers are generally suitable for players who prefer speed. 2. Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft (Best Value-Budget Backhand Rubber) CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON This particular Yasaka model is on our shortlist because the Rakza 7 model is softer rubber than the previous model. This rubber has improved control, and the ball block is excellent. You have a better sense of precision when you hit the ball because it will be easier to hit the part of the table you want. The combination of the new “Power Sponge” top sheet partly provides turning power and better grip. Returning short balls and service is much better than with other fast rubbers. It has a medium-hard sponge and is excellent for a short backhand stroke. However, we should say that this rubber belongs to the slower category and focuses primarily on spin and ball control on the table. If you are familiar with Butterfly rubbers, Rakza 7 soft is similar to the Sriver FX model. Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft Rubber Features Type: Inverted Class: OFF-style Speed: 93 Spin: 96 Hardness: 42 Firstly, the rubber sponge is primarily designed for players with more ball rotation. Secondly, if you are more passive in the game style, have more pimples, wait for the opponent’s mistake, or place the balls precisely in certain parts of the tables, this is one of the best backhand rubbers. Yasaka Rakza 7 has a unique integrated speed-gluing effect, which means that its sound is reminiscent of rubbers that ping pong players glued in the past with old glue. You will feel it best when you move a little away from the table, play spin on a spin with your opponent, or hit the high ping pong ball harder. Excellent rubber durability, perfect for the game’s current rules with a plastic ball and control of the ball during the game. The dimensions you can choose are 1.8, 2.0, and max. I recommend choosing “max” to achieve the full effect in the game. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Overall, our best value-budget ping pong rubber. The price is quite affordable for players who want to improve their racket with suitable soft backhand rubbers. Moreover, players who wish to enter with topspin, the first ball by rotation or backhand entry, and later keep safe balls on the table. 3. Butterfly Dignics 05 – Best Backhand Rubbers for Intermediate CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON New offensive weapon in table tennis! The best backhand rubber is currently on the market for strong topspins and attacking play. We recommend it for professional players or players who train a minimum of 5 workouts per week. Butterfly has made a rubber with the latest technology that raises each player’s play level. A combination of “Spring sponge X” has more excellent elasticity and reinforced abrasion. It is currently used by world-class players such as Harimoto Tomokazu and Lin Gaoyuan. Dignics vs. Tenergy Rubber Comparison The difference between Dignics 05 and all previous Butterfly rubbers is their performance and quality. Firstly, you get 22% more arc when you spin. When you perform a topspin with the same strength as another rubber, for example, Tenergy, you will get a 22% better spin. Secondly, you will feel more power in the impact of this beautiful table tennis rubber. Players who train regularly will feel the difference in the first training sessions. That is why it is recommended for advanced and professional players. I would especially like to point out how Dignics 05 behaves on short balls. A more significant ball effect was obtained when entering with a flip or the famous “banana flick.” A more considerable ball effect was obtained. A better spin and a stronger ball will come to the opponent, so you are then forcing him into a passive position. Butterfly Dignics 05 Rubber Features Type: Inverted Class: High-offensive Speed: 135 Spin: 120 Hardness: 40 Another technology applied to Dignics rubbers is “High-Tension.” This means better turning and higher ball speed. This creates extra strength when hitting short balls at the flip entrance. New generation rubber – Dignics 05 Hit is effective for spinning spin points away from the table. This is where you can see the real power of this beautiful rubber. Try to imagine the situation in which you play an important match, and with the result 2: 2 in sets, it is essential to start the last 5th set well. As a striker, you must not play passively but continue your already famtightme. Many players prefer a medium throw angle, so with Dignics, you will achieve that without effort. It is aan excellentoffensive backhand rubber. It would be best to have more power and spin on your strokes. When playing with plastic balls In a few moments, the first or second topspin decides. Then matters if your spin will go in the middle of the table or at the end near the white line. And also matters if it will be with a good arc of rotation. Then Dignics 05 rubber will bring you an advantage and maybe a decisive result. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Overall, a professional table tennis rubber of the best quality today. In our opinion, the price is justified for reasons of innovation and quality. Not for beginners, but for professionals indeed, one step further in the future of table tennis. 4. Yasaka Mark V (Best Backhand Ping Pong Rubbers for Beginners) CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON It’s time to recommend the backhand table tennis rubbers for beginners and players who train several times a week. Yasaka Mark V is perfect for that level of play and rubber that has been on the market for many years and shows quality and longevity. In short, it is amazing how durable it is and how much it provides the full effect of ball control even after a long time of playing. Yasaka Mark V will meet the expectations of all players who learn table tennis and slightly more advanced players who train several times a week. The ball’s control is excellent and keeping the ball on the table up to a certain speed is quite good. We should note that we do not compare it with today’s fastest rubbers, which show a more significant effect. This is about the average speed needed when learning powerful starting moves in table tennis. Yasaka Mark V Rubber Features Type: Inverted rubber Class: Offensive – allround Speed: 90 Spin: 90 Hardness: 46 The rubber composition is a mix of synthetic rubber and natural rubber. This gives the entire racket perfect ball control and dynamics in the game. We can say that the best ping pong rubbers are for playing near the table and with short balls. You will have the feeling that you can always pimple a short ball and at the same time long and cut one when you decide to do so. Yasaka a,s brand is one of the oldest in table tennis. They are generally known for the longevity of table tennis equipment, and rubber Mark V proves just that. We recommend trying the Mark V rubber, and you will not regret it. It is adaptable to any ping pong blade you have. The price is low, but that does not mean the quality is worse. On the contrary, the Mark V model has existed for many years, but Yasaka has tried maintaining a high production level. I recommend it to beginners and players who do not play very offensively. Also, one of the greatest backhand rubbers for outdoor playing. 5. Joola Express Ultra Pips-out (Best Backhand Ping Pong Rubbers for Choppers) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! A real-time rubber for defensive players. Our selection is the best for players who prefer defense or passive table play. For example, it is mainly used on the backhand side to amortize the game. If we look in this direction, you will make the opponent’s mistake because he gets a different ball rotation than he expects. Joola Express ultra has a soft sponge Balance and Tensor technology. This means an additional effect of the ball with rubbers glued with old glue and a different ball speed. Extremely suitable rubber for short balls and pimples. Even for block balls with counter-rotation, it is good. For years, players who play defense or passive play have known that such a short-pip rubber means a lot when confusing opponents. Joola Express Ultra Rubber Features Type: Pips-out Class: Defensive Speed: 75 Spin: 90 Hardness: 40 Firstly, when returning the service, the rubber is very effective, you can return any service rotation nicely, and the opponent will get a completely different rotation than expected. Secondly, it is perfect for blocking balls, no matter how strong the rotation of the opponent’s spin is. And when you happen to want to push the ball or attack, you can also do it with this rubber, and you will be surprised how many strange and rotated balls you will send. Sponge balance In conclusion, as a user of the Joola Express rubber, the goal is for you to have balance in the game and make your opponent lose his sense and precision. Due to the high density and short-pip rubber, you “depreciate” the balls of any rotation. For example, attackers and players who play fast will “slow down” the balls and bring the game to your proper place.   Overall, looking for a suitable rubber for defensive players, we recommend you stick it on the backhand side to report topspins with the forehand and stop or slow down the game with the backhand.   Other Backhand Ping Pong Rubbers You Should Consider If you’re a table tennis enthusiast, you know that the quality of your rubbers can make a big difference in your game. That’s why we’re always looking for the best new products. And that promising new ping pong rubbers scare is already scheduled to be released in 2022. Here are a few that we think are worth paying attention t0to6. GEWO Hype KR Pro 47.5 Backhand Ping Pong Rubbers CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! READ OUR FULL REVIEW ON GEWO RUBBERS! This dynamic new rubber was developed in cooperation with Korean table tennis legend Yoo Nam Kyu and is perfect for spin-reliant attackers looking for maximum power and spin. The super-dynamic pink GEWO sponge provides an incredibly spinny top sheet to help you unleash your best shots, so if you’re willing to put in the required training, pick up a Hype KR Pro 47.5 today. This innovative product is designed for spin-relying attackers looking for maximum power and spin. With its super-dynamic pink sponge and spinny top rubber sheet, this rubber can help you dominate your opponents on the table tennis court. Gewo Hype KR Pro Features Speed: 124 Spin: 121 Control: 92 Hardness: 42.9 With its unique DGC40+ “Dynamic Grip Concept” and surface texture, this rubber provides more precision on all strokes, making it perfect for players. The new GEWO Hype KR Pro 47.5 rubber results from this experience and offers a unique playing sensation. The top rubber sheet provides good spin without losing speed, while the soft sponge allows excellent ball control. 7. JOOLA Maxxx 500 Backhand Ping Pong Rubbers CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Introducing the JOOLA MAXXX 500 – the next step in rubber technology! After a year of research and development, we’ve created a rubber composition that provides maximum power, spin, and control. The Maxxx 500 is perfect for aggressive players looking to dominate clclose-to-mid-distancelay. With its superior grip and speed, you’ll be able to unleash your best shots quickly. Try the new JOOLA Maxxx 500 today and take your game to the next level! This rubber is perfect for aggressive loopers and players focusing on close and mid-distance play. The Maxxx 500 is our advanced player who wants speed and spin. With a hard 50-degree sponge, this rubber delivers high throws and fast spins. Joola Maxxx 500 Rubber Features Speed: 117 Spin: 116 Control: 70 Hardness: 50 Just be warned – this rubber is not ideal for those looking for a passive game. Durability may be an issue, as this product tends to wear down quickly with regular usage. This fast and spinny rubber is perfect for close-to-table plays. However, it’s not as good for varunstabletuations or passive plays. So, this is the perfect rubber if you want to take your ping pong skills to the next level! Durable and built to last, the JOOLA Maxxx 500 will help you dominate your opponents on the table! 8. Joola Rhyzm P CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Joola Rhyzm P is one of the market’s best backhand ping pong rubbers. The Rhyzm-P is ideal for aggressive players who want to play an aggressive game with extreme speed and spin. The GeoGrip-Power-Technology used in the Rhyzm-P develops significantly more ball grip for more spin due to an intense friction surface structure. This results in a lower throw angle and higher spin, making it the perfect choice for professional players. Joola Rhyzm P is a ping pong rubber that focuses on backhand strokes. The surface of the rubber has been precisely worked upon to create more grip. This allows for more spin to be generated and better control. Inverted rubbers are usually more challenging to control, but Joola has maimprovedhis with their Rhyzm P product. It offers better control, but it is also more durable than other rubbers on the market. If you are looking for a rubber that will improve your backhand strokes, then Joola Rhyzm P is ideal. Joola Rhyzm P Rubber Features Enough spin: 120 More speed: 121 Great feel with a control: 80 Hardness: 45 It’s not so hard rubber, so that you can know the backhand flick and short pimples. Nicely The sponge thickness is from 2.0 to max in both colors. Because of the softer sponge, you can efficiently perform blocks from the backhand side. This way, the opponent will go away from the ping pong table. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!   9. Butterfly Tenergy 80 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Butterfly Tenergy 80 is a backhand rubber known for its high speed and spin. This offensive rubber is very popular among competitive players because it perfectly balances speed and spin. The Tenergy 80 is also faster than the Tenergy 05 and offers the same speed as the Tenergy 25. Tenergy rubbers enable topspin play, attack, and counterattack in modern table tennis. It’s a high-tension rubber ideal for intermediate players. You can use it on both sides to have an excellent forehand stroke. It can generate spin even on short balls. The Tenergy Series generally has a good balance and high durability. Tenergy 80 Backhand Rubber Features Very spinny rubber: 112.5 Good control: 90 High speed: 132.5 Tacky rubbers: 2.2 slightly tacky Hardness: 54 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This Tenergy rubber is one of the best backhand ping pong rubbers in the new generation rubbers. The most popular rubber in the last few years. It’s more durable than Yasaka’s Mark V, Xiom Omega, or other BH rubbers. 10. Andro Rasanter R47 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Andro Rasanter R47’s medium-hard sponge gives it plenty of power, while its medium arc makes it ideal for looping shots. When paired with a carbon-arylate or all-wood flexible blade, the R47 provides exceptional performance. It’s a good backhand rubber for offensive topspin players. It has a harder sponge with a hardness of 47 degrees. This can be perfect for looping with a lower throw angle. The Rasanter models are the best-selling rubbers from the Andro table tennis brand. Andro Rasanter R47 Rubber Features High spin: 126 Great control: 85 Speed: 120 Durability: 47 Consistency: 95 Tensor rubber: Yes Spring sponge: No CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!   11. Xiom Vega Def (Backhand Rubber for Defense) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Xiom Vega Def is a defensive backhand rubber on end regarding spin production. You can perform serves, chops, and pushes with a dampening sponge. While its apparent strengths are in backhand defensive strokes, Xiom Vega can still provide backhand topspin-based attacks when it needs speed and control. Compared to other backhand rubbers on the market, such as Joola Rhyzm or Butterfly Tenergy, Xiom Vega Def provides a softer feel that many players prefer for backhand rubbers. It is a Chinese rubber with a very grippy top sheet. Xiom Vega has a Hypo Elasto-Top-Layer for generating an extra catapult effect. Xiom Backhand Ping Pong Rubbers Features Spin: 89 Control: 84 Speed: 77 Hardness: Dampening sponge (Hard) Tackiness: 23 Weight: 80 Hyper Elasto is a modern technology in table tennis that provides high tension, more speed, more spin, and a unique feel of grabbing the ball. The best table tennis rubber for defense style of play should have this technology. With a softer feeling, you can control the ball on incoming spin and respond to your opponent reasonably. With this backhand rubber, you have a lot of dwell time on the backhand shots. It is a good choice even for an amateur player. 12. DHS Skyline 3-60 Mid-Hard (Best Chinese Backhand Ping Pong Rubbers) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Skyline 3-60 table tennis rubber has a unique sponge and resilient synthetic blend that provides flick ball response. These Chinese rubbers have a high throw angle for a plastic ball and are great even for a backhand flick. This makes it ideal for fast attacks with high elasticity, which requires little effort. The soft elasticated 60% polyurethane sponges combined perfectly with its pliable rubber create an excellent feel when striking the surface of any service or returned shot. For example, it provides ultimate control during gameplay. This Skyline 3-6 is the perfect blend of classic and modern design. With its soft elastic sponge, this product offers increased comfort for players working to generate a strong spin on their backhand side. It is a very popular rubber among Chinese players. It is a cheaper but more durable rubber than Butterfly Dignics or Butterfly Tenergy. The best option is to have the Skyline on the backhand side and another medium-hard rubber on the forehand side. DHS Skyline Chinese Rubber Features Hardness: 37 degrees Speed and Spin: 86 & 95 Control: 70 Tackiness: 62 Consistency: 91 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The procedure of gluing rubber to the racket This is the perfect way to glue. The best backhand ping pong rubbers in the world and all the others are glued according to the same procedure, so watch the video. It is not difficult to do that at all, and I would advise from personal experience: 1. Wait for the ping pong glue to dry well. Sometimes it’s 20 minutes, sometimes more than half an hour, and you’ll know when the white color on the rubber is lost. 2. Do not glue the racket often. With the new gluing technology, the racket will have the same effect after a few months. That is why it is essential to have quality and rarely glued rubbers. I recommend every six months if you don’t often play or every three months if you are a professional. What to consider when choosing the backhand ping pong rubbers? Firstly, you need to consider what style you are playing. You will choose a fast rubber with a thick sponge if you are an attacker. Whether you attack more with rotations or fast and aggressive balls, you know whether you are looking for the rubber to be softer or more complex. Secondly, if you are a more passive player waiting for an opponent’s mistake, you will take a slower rubber or a pips-out rubber, as described in our selection of Joola Express ultra. Thirdly, the sponge’s thickness is essential because it is not the same whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player. Beginners prefer a thinner sponge, and we recommend 1.9. For more advanced players and professionals, definitely “max” thickness. Moreover, the price also plays an important role. However, in our description of the best ping pong rubbers, we have selected the ones with a long shelf life. Calculate that the price of one rubber is shown, and you may take them in pairs for both sides of the racket. You will feel good in the game with the new and best backhand ping pong rubbers on the racket, and you will feel a big difference compared to the old one. Best Backhand Ping Pong Rubbers – Conclusion Firstly, if you are looking for the best ping pong rubber to help take your game to the next level, we hope this article was of some help. While no perfect rubber will work for everyone, these five rubbers should give you a good starting point. Secondly, remember that a new generation of rubbers will be released in 2022, so stay tuned and update your equipment when the time comes. We’ve covered you. You’re looking for the best ping pong rubbers to up your offensive game. All of the rubbers on our list are designed to help you put more power behind your shots and take control of the table. Moreover, we recommend the Butterfly Tenergy 05 or the Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft for an attacking player. These rubbers offer reasonable control and spin while providing extra speed if needed. We hope this guide has helped you choose your next backhand ping pong rubbers. That’s all for now. We hope you found this article helpful and informative. Be sure to check back soon,s we will release a new generation of rubbers in 2022. In the meantime, don’t forget to comment below and let us know which rubber is your favorite for your ping pong paddle.