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7+ Best Nittaku Table Tennis Rubbers (Fastarc, Hurricane – New Review)

This blog post will look at the best Nittaku table tennis rubbers and discuss their features and benefits. We’ll compare and contrast different rubbers to help you choose the right one for your playing style. Did you know that Nittaku has the longest-running table tennis magazine with almost 900 months of publication? This is just part of the enlightenment that this article is about to give you. We will now look at the five best Nittaku table tennis rubbers you should consider purchasing. Best Nittaku Rubbers Selected by The Author Nittaku Rubbers Price Comparison Chart The best Nittaku table tennis rubbers are not so expensive. Their quality and durability are impressive. Here are the prices from Megaspin and Amazon. 1. Nittaku Fastarc C-1 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Fastarc series is described as “Fast” with an “Arc,” hence the resulting name. C-1 combines a ‘tension spin’ top sheet with a ‘soft strong’ sponge. It is because of its slightly softer sponge and a tight and catchy top sheet. This combination creates an incredible grip and speed to allow players to compose artistic shots. This rubber acquires its superb features from Nittaku Fastarc G-1 and S-1. It is manufactured in red 2.0 color and thickness and black 2.0. One of the best Nittaku rubbers will give you the perfect control that you can generate much backspin with. The sponge and top sheet work in great harmony to offer this sense of control to the player. The top sheet has narrow pips and intermediate pip separation (13 pips per 5 cm in the horizontal direction and 21 pips per 5 cm in the vertical direction). Nittaku Fastarc C-1 Features However, I wouldn’t recommend this rubber for beginners, but it would work best for experienced players aiming at scoring by utilizing medium-fast and spinny topspins. You can use it too if you are using active but safe topspin strokes or need a little bit more control on your backhand. Speed: 96 Spin: 95 Control: 68 Hardness: Medium Verified Customer Review “Great all-round rubber. Slightly faster than a non-tensor rubber-like Butterfly Sriver but not too quick. Great for close to the table and mid-distant. Can loop, drive, hit, push, block and flick. Not too sensitive to incoming spin. The service is average but good enough. This will be a good choice for those wanting to try tensor rubber, but I’m afraid it is too fast for them to handle. If you can play with Sriver, you can play with this rubber and have more speed.” CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Fastarc C-1 is the spinniest rubber from the Nittaku brand and has the highest durability. If you want to replace your old rubber with a C-1, it will be a great choice to maintain reasonable control and better looping. 2. Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo – Blue Sponge CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Nittaku has manufactured it in black 2.0 only. It is a valuable rubber that combines Japanese and Chinese technology. Its tacky/sticky top sheet made in China is combined with a dense, more complex, high-quality, and elastic sponge made in Japan. This rubber has Nittaku’s active charge (AC) technology, improving speed and performance. Many people like comparing Turbo-Blue sponge with the Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange series because they possess similar characteristics. We can say that Turbo-Blue is the exact opposite of Turbo-Orange. Turbo-Blue has a harder sponge and gives extra power compared to Turbo-Orange. It is also bouncier, softer, and more dynamic than Turbo-Orange. It can easily loop the ball and gives a player more control during a short game. The only disadvantage of this rubber is that it is heavy because of the hard and dense sponge. Not all players can play with it because it causes severe fatigue on the wrist. Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Features Turbo-Blue is a forehand rubber for high-level players who are able and willing to swing through the ball with a fast swing and excellent timing and technique. It offers an advantage in the fast, close-to-the-table, counter-looping game with minimal concessions on opening loops. Speed: 94 Spin: 99 Control: 69 Hardness: Hard Verified Customer Review “A very hard, tacky rubber that is extremely spinny. Best for players familiar with Chinese rubbers as much of the technique required to loop the ball involves brushing the ball to allow the tacky top sheet to grip the ball. This rubber is HEAVY and is great for those looking to add weight to their racket. I bought another sheet (I have used the first sheet for over a year) to go with my new Nittaku Acoustic Carbon. This rubber is best used for the forehand, as it isn’t the fastest of rubbers and requires the power of the forehand to impart the speed and spin on an excellent power loop.” CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If you’re looking for more spin and a competitive advantage on the table tennis court, then the Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo is a great choice. With its increased rubber thickness, the Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo provides more spin and power than its predecessor, making it an excellent option for competitive players. Also, the table tennis rubbers in 2022 are intended for extremely offensive players. In addition, the Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo’s unique surface texture helps to create more friction with the ball, resulting in even more spin. 3. Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo – Orange CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! One of the best Nittaku rubbers is available in red 2.0 and black 2.0. Turbo-Orange uses the top sheet from the iconic DHS Hurricane 3 combined with a new Japanese “high-reaction” sponge. The resulting combination has produced a version of Hurricane 3 with a familiar tacky top sheet that will give you the excellent feel and sensation of a fast and elastic sponge. This sponge is slightly softer than the regular or Neo versions of DHS Hurricane 3. This table tennis rubber has increased power at longer distances, improving upon a fault in traditional Chinese rubbers that are unboosted. Thus, the rubber is described as “fast with active charge,” having more speed than ever, and “ready for 40+ plastic balls”. The top sheet, which is covered with a thin protective foil, is very thick, glossy, and sticky. An exciting feature of this rubber is its sweet booster smell from its tiny pores. This usually captures many players’ interest in this rubber. One disadvantage of this table tennis rubber is that it is one of the heaviest rubbers (weighs 5-8 grams) that a player can use. It means that the rubber produces moderate speed on flat hits. Nittaku Rubber Hurricane Turbo Orange – Features Turbo-Orange would be an ideal choice for players who are used to traditional tacky Chinese rubbers. The tacky top-sheet and dynamic sponge work well together in anything topspin-based, for example, opening flips, opening loops, quick counter loops, or loops from mid-distances. Speed: 93 Spin: 98 Control: 70 Hardness: Hard Verified Customer Review Here is a particular review from Mima Ito, who was the 2017 World Championships Women Bronze Medalist: “With Hurricane Pro III Turbo Orange, it is easy to spin, and the quality of service, receive and drive is high. Moreover, it does not feel harder than the sponge hardness, making it easy to do smashing and blocking, and you can draw out various ball types. It is my favorite rubber because I can use the characteristics of my playing style, but I also think any player can succeed with this rubber, so I recommend it.” CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If you want to choose a suitable Nittaku rubber for your attacking style of play, then the Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange is the best option. It provides excellent speed and spins without feeling too hard, making it easy to do smashing and blocking. Plus, it comes in various colors to match your paddle and blades. 4. Nittaku Fastarc G-1 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Nittaku Fastarc G-1 is part of the Fastarc series. The G-1 means “Grip First.” This rubber is high on spin and has excellent power. It has a powerful top sheet with a build-in tension power sponge that produces the best ball speed and arc combination. This highly rotational rubber is the absolute number one among modern tensors in Japan. It is usually referred to as a “real killer rubber” because even the popular Tenergy series cannot match up to this rubber. It has a tight and catchy top sheet that will enable you to perform powerful and dangerous topspins. The G-1 series has immense dynamics and acceleration profile, resulting in precise and extremely dangerous attacking strokes. If you are an offensive attacker, you should go for it. It will take your skills to another level. This beautiful rubber has a grip-type top sheet with wide pips and narrow pip spacing. The top sheet offers the right grip feeling and strong spin created by a unique chemical formula. It has an orange-colored sponge with a 47.5 degrees hardness. The strong sponge produces a powerful feeling when striking. The Fastarc G-1 is the best rubber for advanced and professional level players who play aggressively and strategically. It can exploit the rubber’s lack of spin sensitivity to open up the table with well-placed shots. Nittaku Fastarc G-1 Features Nittaku recommends it like a forehand rubber that emphasizes “spin-drive” performance. The spin from your opponents is translated to exhibit a low catapult effect during passive games. It is available in Red 2.0, Black 2.0, Red Max, and Black Max. Speed: 95 Spin: 96 Control: 68 Hardness: Medium-Hard Verified Customer Review “I gave up with H3 Neo. Too many troubles with this mess of different versions factory-tuned/not factory-tuned. The quest to find a powerful but controlled backside to suit my play style has ended with G1. As a modern defender, I need lots of grips, many gears, no awful catapult effect (to perform safe chops and pushes), and a high amount of power for topspins. All of this has been found with Fastarc G1 (and Evolution MX-S, which is the same rubber, by the way^^)” CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! 5. Nittaku Fastarc P-1 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The P-1 in Nittaku Fastarc P-1 stands for ‘Power First.’ This rubber was designed for the plastic poly ball. It has a tension power top sheet and a strong sponge of 47.5 degrees hardness, making it quite firm to the touch. This rubber will give you great power and spin combination. Firstly, the P-1’s top sheet demonstrates a slightly increased catapult effect compared to the G-1. The top sheet is sometimes referred to as being “plastic-ready.” It has narrow pips and intermediate pip separation. Secondly, the P-1 series can be described as a medium-soft all-around rubber with high-spin potential. It generates high angles on forehand loops providing plenty of arc and safety when looping heavy backspin balls over the net. It is also a fast and bouncy rubber that performs well on attacks, especially during games at mid-distances. Moreover, its flexible top sheet does not forgive easily but rest assured that you will get a good feeling for the ball and pleasant ball feedback. It is ideal for the forehand, but the ball deeply penetrates the rubber, delaying it. P-1 has perfect control on serves but limits the amount of spin produced. Nittaku Fastarc P-1 Features One of the best Nittaku table tennis rubbers is suitable for intermediate to advanced players who use a wide range of strategies, particularly those who prefer clean open games without too much emphasis on spin. Speed: 97 Spin: 95 Control: 68 Hardness: Medium Hard Verified Customer Review “To be honest, the rubber is good but has pros and cons. If you are looking for something quick, this is your rubber, but it isn’t easy to do topspin because it does not absorb the ball well at the time. I recommend this rubber for FH, I use this rubber with the blade TB ALC, and most of the balls were thrown off the table with a high projection angle and a great velocity. More than all this rubber is to play away from the table to appreciate all its power.” CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! 6. Nittaku Hammond Power Table Tennis Rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Nittaku Hammond Power table tennis rubber is one of the best table tennis rubbers on the market. It has a non-tacky, grippy top sheet that is quite glossy. It’s not a new rubber, but still great for increasing the control of your racket. The indentations of the underlying pips are visible under the top sheet surface. The sponge is medium-hard with very small pores and has a grey-purplish color. The suggestion is to use Hammond on the backhand side. Nittaku Hammond rubber has a sweet booster smell and weighs 47 g when cut to a 151×152 mm size (the test sheet was smaller than usual, leaving a gap above the table’s edge). This rubber provides excellent spin and dwell time and is thicker than most other table tennis rubbers on the market. As a result, it is perfect for players who want to maximize their spin potential. Nittaku Hammond Features Spin: 90 Speed: 92 Control: 92 Sponge Hardness: 67 Durability: 88 It can be used for backhand strokes just as well as forehand strokes. The main difference between the two strokes is that backhand strokes are generally slower than forehand strokes. With this rubber, you can get good power behind your backhand stroke without having to swing too hard. That being said, this rubber is not designed for players who focus more on speed and power. You’ll probably want to look elsewhere if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for a rubber that can do a little bit of everything, Nittaku Hammond Power is worth considering. 7. Nittaku Moristo Sp Pimples Out Rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Pips out players have been waiting for the best rubbers to come out, and Nittaku Moristo Pimples Out rubber is one of the best. This rubber has super-elasticity, which enables players to have a swift attack. When blocking, this rubber is impressive. Forehand and backhand strokes are also deadly accurate with this rubbers pips out. If you are looking for a pips-out rubber that will give you the best performance, look no further than Nittaku Moristo Pimples Out rubber. Nittaku Moristo Features Spin: 76 Speed: 87 Control: 84 Sponge Hardness: 39 Deception: 50 Consistency: 94 Durability: 83 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Nittaku Rubber Protection Cover The Nittaku rubber protection cover is an excellent idea to protect rubbers in a case. Easier to use than plastic sheets, it does not keep oxidation from destroying tackiness, but it is a loose covering to protect from scratches. Dust can settle in folds and does not keep oxygen away, but this bag type protects cover. I suggest all the players protect rubbers this way. After training at your table tennis club, put the protection cover and increase the durability of the rubbers. It did not cost so much money but will make higher longevity of the rubber. You can buy it on Amazon or other stores. Color: Translucent blue Material: Soft plastic film + antibacterial Size: 190 × 190 (mm) Made in Japan will do the job well. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! About Nittaku Brand Nittaku Production Company for table tennis products was founded in the 1920s. It is located in Tokyo, Japan. The production of table tennis products began in 1947 and is still going up to date. Nittaku products are of the highest quality. They have been used as the official ball provider during 3 Olympic Games and 7 European Championships. Nittaku has also played an active role in sponsoring many Asian table tennis players such as Mima Ito, Hitomi Sato, Masataka Morizono, Hina Hayata, and Kasumi Ishikawa. It is one of the many brands that sponsor the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) – the world governing body of table tennis sport for all table tennis national associations. The best production of Nittaku so far is the Nittaku PLS 3-star premium ball. Among the company’s earliest achievements, it earned a certification from ITTF. This premium quality ball is still being used in Japan’s World Championships, European Championships, and Olympic Games. Best Nittaku Table Tennis Rubbers – Conclusion From the information above, we can see the key features of various quality table tennis rubbers produced by Nittaku. These are just some of the rubbers. You can check other rubbers from this website. Remember to remember if a rubber promises to be durable so that you know how long you will be using it. Also, a saying goes, “cheap is expensive.” Do not purchase a rubber because it is cheaper, but rather, look at all the existing features and see if they conform to the initial price stated and if they satisfy your needs for the game. Nittaku is considerate enough to provide you with high-quality, durable, and the best type of table tennis rubbers.  

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9+ Best Joola Table Tennis Rubbers (Dynaryz, Rhyzer – 2023 Reviews)

This blog post will break down some of the best Joola table tennis rubbers on the market and explain why they may be perfect for your game. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, read on to learn more about some of the best table tennis rubbers available today. Today, Joola produces over 50 different rubbers. Some of Joola’s table tennis rubbers are Joola Rhyzer Pro 45, Golden Tango PS, Dynaryz ZGR, and more. We shall discuss some of the outstanding Joola table tennis rubbers you should consider using. With that ironed out, let us proceed. Best Joola Rubbers Selected by The Author 1. Joola Dynaryz ZGR CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It is another high spin table tennis rubber. It is available in the market in red and black colors only, and these are red 2.0, red max, black 2.0, and black max. This rubber features a combination of the finest components of table tennis rubbers produced. It successfully merges a tremendously grippy and tacky surface and a powerful spring-loaded sponge. You know that Joola Dynaryz ZGR is for you because it features a hyper traction surface and hyper bounce sponge. These two are fused to expand the players’ range of gears and enable them to unlock new thresholds of dynamic power. The hyper traction surface, in particular, is exceptionally grippy. It allows the player to increase ball rotation with utmost precision. It also doubles the energy transfer and has a heavy topspin. The hyper-bounce sponge holds a lot of potential energy released when the ball comes to contact with the sponge to generate explosive power for each stroke. Joola Dynaryz ZGR has a hyper-bounce sponge with medium to large pores. They allow efficient energy transmission to increase the ball’s spin and speed. Speed: Extreme Spin: Extreme Hardness: Hard CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Joola Rubber Reviews by Verified Customer “ZGR is hard (57 degrees) with an extreme catapult effect. It has a grippy top sheet with only a slight tackiness like many newer hybrid tensors. It is similar to O7C Guang. Compared with Butterfly Dignics 09c or Tenergy, ZGR is less tacky and has a significantly shorter dwell time due to its catapult effect, so it requires more acceleration to get the same level of spin, but ZGR has more potential. I felt it was fantastic for serving and short games. It is great for blocking, but it takes effort to slow the ball down. For attacking, I felt it was excellent for looping and counter-looping from mid-table and beyond – I feel there is a great margin for error, and I can get the balls to the baseline with ease. However, I did not find the same level of safety closer to the table. All in all, it is an excellent rubber that requires advanced techniques and a lot of effort. There are better options for most players, like Rakza Z or Dignics 09C, or options with more tackiness: Xiom Vega China or Tau II.” 2. Joola Golden Tango PS CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This is a high spin table tennis rubber. It is softer than Golden Tango rubber. Intermediate and professional players can use it. Such professional rubbers as Golden tango PS incorporate innovative and reliable technologies that players need to higher their skill set. One of the best table tennis rubbers features a middle-pored tensor sponge that records 50 degrees for its hardness. The tensor technology imitates the functioning of a stretched rubber band. This propels the value of its rubber in comparison to Golden Tango and has even more control. Sticky Rubber Technology (SRT) has also been employed on Golden Tango PS as it was in Golden Tango. The pink sponge gives back excellent feedback that puts the player at an advantage by giving them extra control in complex situations. This makes it a perfect table tennis rubber for high-spin shots. Cost is nothing to worry about, given the high quality and accommodating technologies that Golden Tango PS features. Speed: 113 Spin: 131 Hardness: 50 Joola Rubber Reviews by Verified Customer “I never cared for Chinese rubbers because they were always too slow. Joola came out with this Chinese / European hybrid, and I decided to try it. The top sheet is very tacky, and the throw angle is high. It is slower than I was used to but still much faster than the typical Chinese rubbers I’ve tried. I played with it on my BH, and my loops were loaded with Topspin! After playing with it a while, I decided to boost it to speed it up, so I used the boost sold by Zeropong and put two layers of boost on it. The first layer I let dry for about 14 hours. After that, I put another layer on and let it dry for another 12-14 hours. The rubber curled up a little, but I had no problem putting it back on the blade. The boost gave it the extra speed I wanted, and I continued playing with it for several months. This rubber is very good, especially for the BH. Your serves, loops, and pushes will be loaded!” “Good for backhand. It is not a fast rubber, but you can control the game. Good for blocking and easy to spin the ball because it is tacky. It feels softer than 50 degrees.” 3. Joola Rhyzer Pro 45 Table Tennis Rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This offensive rubber has unique dynamics. Its origin is traced back to Germany. Currently, the manufacturers have stocked the market with red max, black 2.0, and black max. Joola Rhyzer Pro 45 is the ideal table tennis rubber for high spin and speed and boasts a pleasant feel to the touch. Its sponge structure has been engineered to have wider pimples crammed closer together. This powers up the dynamic medium pored sponge. As if that is not enough, the genius brains behind this product incorporated three rubber technologies. These technologies include; the Advanced Rubber Construction concept (ARC), geo grip power, and tensor, which boosts spin and speed performance. The advanced traction surface of this table tennis rubber performs better in propelling the ball as a player delivers a stroke because it increases the spin and maximizes control. Joola Rhyzer Pro 45 is undoubtedly one of the best Joola table tennis rubbers. It could be a good investment because it is of exceptional quality and meets the need of its users if it falls into the right hands. Speed: 126 Spin: 126 Hardness: 45-degree pink sponge Verified Customer Review “Feels harder than the other 45-degree rubbers I tried. Well fits with outer Carbon blades. This is not an easy-to-use rubber. Faster, heavier, and spinnier than Donic Acuda Blue P2. So I do not recommend this for beginners. Maybe a good choice for intermediates, especially on the forehand side. Very durable. This is my backhand rubber, and I prefer this overall energy rubber I tried.” 4. Joola Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Joola Dynaryz AGR is an offensive Joola table tennis rubber designed and made in Germany. It embodies outstanding quality and comes in red, black, and purple colors of 2.0 mm thicknesses. Professional table tennis players with high skill sets generally use this rubber. The signature purple hyper-bounce sponge is the star of the flawless dynamics of this product. The sponge has massive energy potential that the purple color represents. It is created specifically to minimize any kinetic energy loss and optimize the speed glue effect when playing. This particular sponge also maximizes ball feedback, enabling the player to develop a precise feel for the ball and facilitating successful passive shots. The result of combining all these vital properties is a dynamic sponge that packs powerful strokes from far distances from the table. The Dynaryz AGR Review From Joola Team CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This rubber also features the enhanced traction surface technology that serves several purposes, such as: Preventing sliding of the ball by increasing friction between the ball and the rubber surface. This enables the player to use a lower trajectory when delivering counterspy shots Improving players’ control of spins and hits Creating a higher ball trajectory by enhancing ball contact. It allows the player to deliver and control spin shots quickly. With the consequent increase in control and precision, manipulating the angle of your shot will be a piece of cake, and you will be able to execute your shot in favor of your strategy. The sponge of this Joola table tennis rubber has a dynamic pimple geometry. It uses small pimples and thick sponges to develop a significant ball rebound effect. The hyper-bounce sponge holds potential energy released explosively when the ball comes into contact with it. Thanks to the medium-large pimples on the hyper-bounce sponge, energy can be effectively transferred to generate and increase spin and speed. With all this said, it would be a complete letdown to fail to give Joola Dynaryz AGR a try. Speed: 130 Spin: 120 Hardness: 52.5 degrees Joola Rubber Reviews by Verified Customer “After a few hours, I tried Joola Dynaryz AGR on my DHS Hurricane Long 5 off+ blade. It feels bad if I don’t give a review because this rubber is indeed extraordinary. I have never hit a smash and topspin as powerful as this before. Lifting backspin is almost effortless and very easy, and the results are staggering to opponents. As Tom Lodziak said:” my topspin shots had more spin and more speed than usual. It just feels so effortless, but with great spin output. The push is very good, able to generate a lot of backspin with low and sharp trajectories. Huge amount of backspin service. The Block of the incoming topspin was easy and very fast with a low trajectory. The advantages of this rubber are not worth the price. Thank you, Joola. I bought the black one with an uncut weight of 70.6 grams. I stuck it on the forehand side with a thin layer of WBG. Joola Dynaryz AGR Rubber Sponge CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Just a little bit of notice, the greatness of the hyper bounce of this purple sponge turns out to have weaknesses. It is very fragile. If you are not careful when pilling out of used glue, it can make the sponge pockmarked. Overall this rubber is an amazing cause of Hyper Bounce Sponge and Advance Traction Technology performances.” “This table tennis rubber is my new arsenal for forehand. Looping (deadly spins), flat hitting, lifting underspin, blocking, and counter-attacking are easily achieved on this beast. Faster than T05. But if your rating is only 1600 and below, it might be difficult for you to tame this beast, but if you can control it, you will love this rubber for a long time. My current combo is Joola Dynaryz AGR for FH and Joola Dynaryz ACC for BH. Deadly combo. Try it, guys.” 5. Joola Rhyzm 425 Table Tennis Rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It is one of the high-speed products of Joola table tennis rubbers. It is readily available in red with a thickness of 2.0. The Rhyzm model 425 table tennis rubber creates a middle ground for players who cannot do without the competency of an exceedingly hard sponge but still want the best ball response. The advanced Rhyzm surface assures extreme spin, dynamics, and fun when executing different spins. It unveils its true potential, especially in topspin rallies. The medium-density momentum that the rubber features ensures extra control. Speed: 104 Spin: 105 Hardness: 42.5 degrees Verified Customer Reviews “This is a great rubber for a spin attack. It is very spinny, with excellent control when blocking, pushing, and driving. When engaging the sponge during a hard loop, it does accelerate the ball very aggressively and so loses a control point there. But its response is very consistent overall. I am using it in Max on my forehand and will probably drop back to 2.0mm next time to add more control to loops.” “Lots of speed and spins. I love this rubber when played with the JOOLA Viva.” 6. Joola Rhyzm Tech CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Did you know that Joola Rhyzm Tech is the fastest of all the Rhyzm rubbers? Jorg Rossokopf, a world champion, and Germany’s national table tennis coach, greatly influenced the birth of this high-speed Joola table tennis rubber, which turned out to be a massive success. It was made to meet the needs of the aggressive competitor. It is made to have an elastic and grippy top sheet and a layer of firm sponge. This enables it to have the tremendous force and spin. Joola Rhyzm also features technology that allows players to remain in steady control even in challenging positions that call for the finest skill and touch. Its powerful momentum sponge amplifies its spin, force, and dynamics. This rubber is available at affordable prices. Therefore, you should buy one and see how well it works for you! Speed: 119 Spin: 120 Control: High Hardness: 42.5 degrees CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Verified Customer Reviews “This was a part of my first pair of custom-made combos. I used this on my BH side and donic sonex JP Gold on my FH side on joola rosskopf emotion. The rubber is very consistent with pushes and backhand topspin. It is capable of generating nice backspin on backhand pushes and nice topspin on the backhand. I felt it was really easy to lift backspins with this on the backhand side. I suggest this for amateurs to intermediate players who like to refine their BH style. It does anything you throw at it while playing close to the table.” “I agree that this rubber can offer control in passive play, whether in a short touch game over the table, chopping, opening loops, or offensive topspin game, but this rubber’s most important potential is to “attack and counter.”The weight is ok, not so heavy, and the durability is good. This is a truly great rubber from Joola.” 7. Joola CWX Ping Pong Rubbers CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This rubber is a compilation of refined playing components brought together to make it a successful defender. The manufacturers of Joola CWX worked with the defending champion Chen Weixing to create a long pimple rubber that ticks all the boxes for modern defensive table tennis. Joola table tennis rubbers with pimples give room for characteristics such as flexibility and defense from half the distance. This special rubber is available in Red OX, Red 0.9, Black OX, and Black 0.5. The pink sponge features tensor technology. This allows the player to make undercut strokes while at a distance from the table and maintain control of shots close to the table at the same time because of the flat trajectory and sponge hardness. The pimple heads of this rubber have been engineered to have a grippy structure, while the narrow pimples are said to be flexible. These aspects allow extreme defense for players while guaranteeing maximum control. This table tennis rubber is highly recommended for defensive players. Speed: 64 Spin: 58 Hardness: 50 degrees   Verified Customer Reviews “This pip has a nice pink color sponge. Consistent return for mid and close-table play. It has similar characteristics to Spinlord Dornenglanz (1st month) and Saviga Monster 77, but with better control and durability.” 8. Joola X-Plode Rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Joola X-Plode table tennis rubber is a high-speed rubber that is perfect for aggressive mid-distance play. It features a medium-high throw angle and good control, making it ideal for advanced players. The dense sponge provides plenty of speed and spin, while the porous surface helps to increase grip and control. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to speed glue or want a high-performance rubber, the Joola X-Plode will exceed your expectations. The Joola X-Plode Rubber is an ideal choice for backhand play. It provides spin and speed for table tennis. The forehand’s bounce is hard to control, making it difficult to push short balls. The Joola X-Plode Rubber is a great rubber for backhand and close table attacks. It performed better than Butterfly Tenergy 64 on the backhand side. It is hard to control for the forehand because it is too bouncy and hard to push short balls without making mistakes getting the ball deep out. Joola X-Plode Table Tennis Rubber Features Good control: 85+ Speed and Spin: 97/95 Hardness: 47.5 Playing style: Allround & Offensive Great for blocks and service return 9. Joola Samba Plus CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Joola Samba Plus table tennis rubber results from development and testing by a team of rubber developers led by table tennis legend Jörg Rosskopf. The new rubber provides the optimum feeling, speed, and rotation composition with phenomenal sound and effect. The Joola Samba plus sets new standards in developing soft rubbers with incredibly fast loops, making it the best choice for many players. The Joola Samba Plus table tennis rubber is one of the most popular rubbers. It’s known for its soft sponge, which provides a great deal of control and spins the ball well. The Samba Plus is also a trendy rubber for players who like to play with a lot of speed and power. It’s available in two different hardness levels: hard and soft. The hard version is excellent for players who want more speed and power, while the soft version is better for players who want more control. Either way, the Samba Plus is an excellent choice for any player who wants a top-quality table tennis rubber. Joola Samba Plus Table Tennis Rubber Features Speed and Spin: 78/100 It has more control: 80 Rubber hardness: 35 Softer sponge: Highly elastic Playing style: Defensive (medium soft) About Joola Brand Joola was founded in 1952 by Karl Fred. Joola Company initially manufactured ping pong tables only and extended its scope of products in 1973. They began to manufacture rubbers, balls, blades, and other table tennis accessories. Joola has factories in both Germany and Hungary. The factory in Germany, Godramstein, was built in 1973. However, they still have production ongoing in China, Japan, and Sweden. Did you know that the name Joola comes from the first letters of the department name (Jooss) and the location name (Landau) = Joola? This company has an established reputation as a world-class brand. True to this, the company had the honor of issuing the official ping pong table for the Summer Olympics three times in a row, 1996, 2000, and 2004. This kind of recognition is enough proof of the company’s good work. Every year Joola produces 25 new table tennis products. They use a colored scale to rate spin, speed, and control and say that rubbers rate higher than the previous year. Joola Table Tennis Rubbers – FAQs 1. How does the sponge thickness affect performance? Answer: Generally, if the thicker sponge is (more than 2.0 mm), the more it lies on the offensive side. 1.5mm to 1.9mm are used mainly by all-around players or who have precise control. Lower numbers are common for rubbers with long and short pimples. 2. If sponge thickness affects speed, why do rubber sheets still have speed ratings regardless of the chosen thickness? Answer: The sponge allows the rubber sheet to impart friction onto the ball, maximizing the spin. This would not be possible without the sponge. When classifying Joola table tennis rubbers according to spin and speed, they are not rated with regard to their sponge thicknesses. This is simply because the effect of the sponge is relative to the player’s technique. Some playing styles have the sponge absorbing the impact and slowing down the ball, for example, a soft swing. Other techniques, such as a complex loop, may speed up the shot. 3. Why is the hardness of a table tennis rubber sheet crucial? Answer: Usually, hardness ranges from 30 to 45. A lower number for hardness represents a soft sponge, while a higher number represents a more rigid sponge. Softer sponges give higher spins at lower speeds, whereas firmer sponges give higher spins at higher speeds. Many professional players tend to prefer firmer sponges as compared to beginners. 4. What is a tensor/ pre-tensed/ high-tension rubber sheet? Answer: These are rubbers whose top sheets are stretched before attaching them to the sponge during manufacturing. Initially, VOC-based glues were used, but they were later banned. They had the effect of stretching the top sheet beyond what was possible during the manufacturing process. Different brands had to innovate ways to bridge the gap. 5. What is anti-spin table tennis rubber? Answer: This is a specialty rubber that does not generate any spin. It is engineered to reverse the spin shot towards you. The top sheets of such rubbers are generally hard, while their sponges are medium to extremely soft. This is what causes the ball to slow down. This effect is so amplified for some anti-spin rubbers that a ball barely bounces when dropped on the rubber. There is a difference between anti-spin and pips-out rubbers. The two main players who use anti-spin rubbers are the modern defender and combination bat players. When playing, the speed changes can take a toll on opponents. Joola Table Tennis Rubbers – Conclusion Joola table tennis rubbers are most definitely worth trying because they are high-quality products that feature a fusion of the latest technologies in table tennis. Selecting the best table tennis rubbers that work for you should no longer be troublesome with the guidelines. Each of these ping pong rubbers has its strengths and weaknesses, so it is essential to find the one that will fit your playing style. Keep in mind that these rubbers require a certain amount of practice and skill to use effectively. With a little hard work and determination, we are sure you can find the perfect rubber for your game and start winning matches. Joola offers a variety of rubbers to fit the needs of any player. Whether you’re looking for more speed, spin, or control, Joola has a rubber that will help take your game to the next level. We hope this article helped provide some insight into the different types of rubbers available from Joola and gave you the information you need to make an informed purchase. Thanks for reading!  

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7+ Best Andro Table Tennis Rubbers

This blog post will look at some of the best Andro table tennis rubbers on the market today. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each type of rubber so that you can choose the one that is right for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started! Every Andro rubber is enough to scale up every serious player to another dimension in their table tennis game. Some of the advantages that come with purchasing Andro rubbers online are: Best prices and pocket-friendliness Free shipping if you purchase products worth over $50 Fast order processing and shipping (contiguous US shipping takes 2-3 business days for Andro products). Best Andro Rubbers Selected by The Author 1. Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This offensive Andro rubber is available in black and red colors of 2.1 mm thicknesses. It has high levels of spin, speed, and control. The top sheet is made of 100% original table tennis rubber. This rubber helps create a magic spin by allowing maximum spin and trajectories to take place altogether. Andro Hexer Powergrip will give you maximum control during the game. It is a hard rubber made of a sponge of 42.5 degrees hardness. It is well equipped with small-sized pores providing a high failure tolerance and consistency in all shots. The Andro Hexer table tennis rubbers are easy and enjoyable to play with, especially for top spins. It is also very comfortable as it balances all elements (grip, speed, and spin). Hexer Powergrip is considered Andro Hexer grip’s sibling. This is because they have several similarities. This rubber is recommended for all kinds of table tennis players to help them with spin, control, and stability. If you are a beginner, you would want to start with a Hexer grip as you progress toward the power grip. Hexer grip is slightly slower, with a higher arc and the best control. On the other hand, the power grip is faster and sharper with a lower arc. Andro Hexer Powergrip Features The power grip is not as lenient as the hexer grip because it doesn’t easily forgive mistakes. These are the main distinguishing characteristics of the two. The rubber is lighter. It has perfect balance and high spin potential. The deeper the contact is between the ball and the rubber, the more control you get. This rubber will increase your confidence levels. Speed: 94 Spin: 92 Control: 71 Density: Medium-High CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!         Verified Customer Review “Hexer Powergrip, black, a max sponge on the backhand, mounted on Tibhar balsa defense 25 blades, R53 on forehand. An excellent rubber, reasonably fast, great spin, control, and good feeling, the sponge is medium hard 47.5, similar to Tibhar MXP and MXS, more so the MXS for the overall feel. I have changed from the MXS on my backhand to the Hexer Powergrip (HPG). I feel that the difference between the two rubbers is hardly noticeable. They both play very similarly. The softer sponge on the HPG gives more feel than the R53. Spin is equal to the R53, and speed is less but still plenty quick enough. HPG is more forgiving than the R53. Spin is good on serves, pushing and chops are good with excellent control, blocking can be fast and positive, or you can reduce the speed for a soft block. Blocking heavy spinning opening loops requires good technique. Backhand loops/top spins are good. With good spin, drives have to be played slightly more cautiously as the catapult effect from the sponge starts to kick in with more complex shots, and balls can go off the end of the table. The technique requires a slightly more closed face. Andro has produced another great rubber that is up there with the MXPs and MX. If you had an unmarked or blank sheet of MXS and HPG, you might struggle to tell the difference!!!” 2. Andro Rasanter V47 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This is a high-speed Andro rubber. It is the fastest Rasanter table tennis rubber in this series. It’s the best rubber you can use for smashing and driving. It also works best in counter-looping, middle and far distances from the table. When used on the backhand, it spins quickly and is stable compared to punching it. You can quickly work with it against top spins, as the rubber is not sensitive to incoming spins. The sponge hardness is 47 degrees for maximum control. It is manufactured in red 2.0, black 2.0, red UltraMax, and black UltraMax. It’s fast and renowned for exceptional performance in short and quick topspins. It also has a high grip and speed performance. Rasanter V47 will give you great rotation. This rubber’s speed is added to stability so you can attempt a win or attack on your opponent. Great backhand rubber even for flicks or blocking. Andro Rasanter V47 Features You might want to consider it if you are an advanced or high-level player. Its spin is high, but this rubber is more loop-driving instead of using it for pure spinny loops. I would recommend it to players who like speedy rubbers with increased rotation. Speed: 126 Spin: 124 Control: 87 Hardness: 47 degrees (Medium Sponge to Hard) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Verified Customer Review “The V47 and the R47 have a distinction or two from each other, which is speed and spin. The V47 is the faster one, and it is very bouncy. I can compare the speed at the level of a TIbhar MX-P, but the V47 feels much more firm than Aurus. The V47 is purely more on hitting, smashing, and counter-driving. I would choose Counter driving as its best asset, and this is a medium to far distance from the table. It is easier to counter with this version than the R47 because it has lesser spin sensitivity and a fast speed. I could put it at par with MX-P or Joola Rhyzm 48 in terms of lower speed with spin. The R47, however, has it all – spin, speed, and control. I think even without the V47, the R47 will still be preferred by more players since it has more spin and can almost do everything the V47 can do. The R47 is good both inside and far from the table. You can flick well with it and do drop shots while maintaining control. V47 = 68grams; R47 = 69grams” 3. Andro Rasanter V42 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Andro Brand has manufactured the Rasanter series into two groups. Rasanter rubber was developed to allow all ambitious and skilled table tennis players to overcome the physical disadvantage of the 40+ ball. The top sheet compensates for this disadvantage. The top sheet is relatively thin. It is combined with a pimple that provides a large surface area to produce enormous spins even at a lower speed. The V series includes two rubbers, and the R series consists of four rubbers. V stands for Velocity, while R stands for Rotation. The difference between these two rubbers is that the V series are smaller and have more distant-placed pimples that maximize the catapult effect. In contrast, the R series is thicker, with tightly arranged pimples that maximize the contact area with the ball and allow for stronger surface tension. Rasanter V42 is a high-speed Andro rubber, available in red 2.0, black 2.0, red UltraMax, and black UltraMax. This table tennis rubber is lightweight, and it weighs around 64g. It is the fastest version of the R42 and has a much harder overall feel. Rasanter V42 table tennis rubber will work well for you if you prefer smashing and driving rather than looping. It has a medium-low arc when looping with an above-average spin. Andro Rasanter V42 Features These Andro rubbers are quite outstanding blocking rubbers for both backhand and forehand. The sponge layer is thicker with a medium-hard sponge of 42 degrees. It has a small cell structure which means that the catapult effect is high, and there is an increased power potential. You can take the high risk of fast strokes with this rubber, describing today’s offensive semi-distance play. It will increase your sweet spot, minimizing scatter losses even at high speed. Speed: 120 Spin: 124 Control: 90 Hardness: 42 degrees (Medium Sponge Hardness) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Verified Customer Review “The rubber Adam Bobrow (in 2019) chooses to use on both wings. I tried it on my Nittaku Acoustic blade and Andro Wanokiwami AO OFF. Spin is similar to Vega Europe with a slightly lower throw angle, but V42 is faster and has a thicker sponge. Lifting heavy backspin, I’d prefer a higher throw, but if you’re after a lower/medium throw angle, descent control, med/soft sponge with good speed, then it’s a solid choice. Possibly plays a bit like Hexer+ but with a thicker sponge and thinner top sheet – more zing. However, it’s been a few years since I’ve used Hexer+ on a different blade. I agree with ‘Alvinspin’s review about it being enjoyable for smashes and any form of well-struck top spin counters. The top sheet is of very high quality and likely harder than a Hexer+ top sheet, so durability shouldn’t be an issue, while the sponge seems solid enough for its hardness of 42 degrees. The V42 and R42 are almost similar rubbers with just a few differences. Both have the same softness even if the top sheet is considered together with the sponge. Basically, both rubbers are medium soft. Both are bouncy and fast, and I would put the speed faster than a Xiom Vega Europe. In a way, the R42 is a notch spinnier than the XVE. This is best suited for the backhand (both V42 and R42). Intermediate players can use it for some time to further develop their strokes and skills. Both rubbers are at low to medium height in the arc when looping. The best strokes for this rubber are either smashing or blocking. V42 = 64 grams uncut; R42 = 66grams uncut” 4. Andro Hexer + CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The plus (“+”) stands for more spin, speed, precision, and a slightly elevated sponge hardness compared to the original Hexer rubber. It has a medium+ sponge and a spinny surface. It is usually red in the middle between the Hexer and the Hexer HD. This is a high spin table tennis rubber available in black color of thickness 1.9 mm only. It is the second-fastest table tennis rubber in this series. The strength of this rubber is ball feedback. It has great speed that will give a lot of pressure on your opponent. Andro Hexer+ is a very accurate rubber. Some of its features include an upper layer combined with progressive pips geometry that gives it a strong trampoline effect and a comfortable flat ball rebound angle. Thus the ball can make its way to the target faster. This enables the player to generate more pace while less energy is needed (called pace performance). The hexer sponge of the fourth tensor generation provides the dynamics you search for, and strokes from all table distances will be routine. Andro Hexer + Rubbers Features It will work best for you if you are an offensive player. You can genuinely feel the catapult effect with this rubber. You’ll have to hit the ball just a little, but the speed it will produce is immense. It is suitably used at half distance. The tensors (pace performance) will enable a fast game with high precision. Note that Andro Hexer+ does not forgive as many times. Speed: 109 Spin: 108 Control: 79 Sponge Hardness: Medium Soft Verified Customer Review “This rubber is very similar to my previous backhand, Joola Express 1. However, this is a toned-down version, meaning a little less speed but a little more spin. I have the red 2.1 version. Maybe because I bought it used (2-3 months old), the spin is not where I’d like it to be. It is okay to open the loop on the backhand side, but making consecutive loops from the backhand corner is hard. I often had to twiddle my forehand rubber, Tenergy 05, for a continuous backhand loop situation. Again, it might be better if it was new. When I look for a backhand rubber, in terms of spin capability, it needs to be at par with Yasaka Rakza X or Donic Bluefire JP01. This one feels lacking compared to those two. However, it goes fast when you punch/smash/power loop the ball! So you need to adapt to this characteristic of the rubber. I know it did. I have had this rubber for a year now on my backup racket (used for 4-5 months sporadically), and it looks very similar to the condition when I received it. This rubber works well for lobbying and fishing, which is a big part of my game. It has tons of control in these departments. It also works fine for chopping, but I only do it when I am out of position. Luckily, it saved my butt many times. In summary, give this rubber a try if your backhand game is generally pretty flat (block/drive/smash) with occasional loops. It may work well for your game.” 5. Andro Plaxon 450 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Andro Plaxon 450 is a recent rubber generation that uses older generation tensors. It contains a compact, energized sponge combined with a top sheet that gives immediate feedback with the plastic ball. Thanks to four versions in varying sponge hardness grades, it is suitable for each player type. This rubber is easy to use because of its balanced speed and many other features. Andro Plaxon 450 is an all-around rubber. It will offer you high energy, speed, and the best ball control. It has impressive features making it perform exceptionally. These Andro rubbers have a classic tensor feel that gives you a sense of control over all types of shots. It is elementary to loop, and its high arc reduces errors. It has a newly developed table tennis rubber surface that grips the ball and avoids any loss of energy or preciseness during the stroke. Features Andro Plaxon 450 has a compact medium sponge with speed reservoirs for aggressive and precise offensive play. This capability will make you become a very competent offensive player. It brings the ball right to its goal without any diversions. This rubber will give you little influence on the opponent’s rotation. It is also relatively easy to receive, smash, counter and block. Plaxon 450 is a very forgiving rubber. If you are learning to play table tennis, you might consider it. This rubber literary decreases your error ratio while increasing the fun factor! Ensure you have one of your own! Speed: 110 Spin: 105 Control: 75 Sponge Hardness: Medium CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Verified Customer Review “I bought this rubber to replace an old andro Plasma 430. I hoped it would be a bit harder due to its name (450), but I was disappointed. This rubber is even softer than Plasma 430! Maybe the sponge is of identical hardness, but the pimples are longer, so the overall feeling is very soft. As long as you hit the ball gently, everything is fine, and you can play nice loops. Even blocking is ok. But if you hit harder, the pimples bend, and you lose everything: no spin, no additional speed, no control, and high arc. The rubber also produces less spin than the Plasma rubber. I used the rubber on a Stiga Allround Classic blade which is very soft by itself, so maybe you can get better results using the rubber on a harder and stiffer blade.” 6. High-Speed Andro Rubbers – The Rasanter R53 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If you’re looking for a rubber that will give you more power and spin, the Rasanter R53 is a perfect choice. This rubber provides a highly dynamic energy transfer with a high-speed andro Energy Cell sponge, making it ideal for hard and fast topspins. The 53° sponge offers immediate feedback on perfect ball contact, giving you the control and feeling you need to dominate your opponents. This high-speed table tennis rubber is perfect for competitive and young players who demand the best performance from their equipment. The R53 is non-tacky, making generating lots of spin on strokes and services accessible. The Chinese rubbers may be a bit springier, but the R53 makes up for it in terms of control and feel. Short game and pushes are nice with this rubber, and you’ll have total control when playing further away from the table. The soft top sheet provides a controllable feel that is perfect for precision play. Andro Rasanter R53 Features Speed: 129 Spin: 127 Control: 89 Hardness: 53 Consistency: 94 Durability: 95 Tackiness: Slightly tacky The R53 is the first rubber with the newly developed andro ENERGY CELL sponge that charges every topspin with outstanding dynamics. The perfect mixture of speed, spin, and medium hardness makes R53 the all-around weapon for ambitious tournament players. Get ready for your best performance yet – with RASANTER R53! CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! 7. Andro Rocket Medium CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Andro Rocket Medium table tennis rubber is the best option for young players and recreational beginners. This rubber is designed to provide an acute stroke for spin-offensive players, giving you the edge you need to win. The Andro Rocket is the benchmark for all classic pimples inside rubbers with improved surface structure. Our recommendation for all class players to act with middle fast arm movements, this rubber provides a powerful sound with speed gluing. The medium density of the pimples inside also provides consistent ball contact, making it perfect for players of all levels. Also, the young players will increase the power of their strokes at training. So, if you’re looking for a table tennis rubber to help you take your game to the next level, be sure to give ROCKET MEDIUM a try. You won’t be disappointed. Andro Rocket Medium Features Spin: 100 Speed: 97 Control: 87 Sponge: Medium Hardness CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! About Andro Brand Andro is a Germany-based company that prides itself on high-quality German craftsmanship for all its equipment and accessories. It is strategically located in Dortmund. Andro has been in existence for over 25 years now. The brand is exceptional as it has dedicated over three decades to developing high-performance table tennis equipment. Andro rubbers are well-known for their speed, spin, and versatility. A lot of research has shown that Andro consistently delivers products for those individuals who demand the most from their table tennis equipment. Andro has a long list of professional quality rubbers. One of them is the Andro Rasanter series. It is a famous rubber used by many professional table tennis players. The Hexer series is on the cutting edge of offensive rubbers. For pips-out players, check out the Andro Blowfish and Chaos rubbers. Andro rubbers will give you the best results in your next tournament. Try out one rubber. For sure you will not be disappointed! Once known only in Europe, Andro has established a worldwide presence, and its products have been seen at all international table tennis events. Their corporate logo clearly shows their efforts to utilize the latest research and technologies for their manufacturing processes, including an essential focus on ensuring no harmful substances that damage the environment are found in their products. Andro Events & Rubbers Innovation Andro highly values the development of its players as much as it values the kind of equipment it produces. This brand devotes significant attention to players moving up through the ranks from adults to juniors to kids. One special event is the annual Andro Kids Open. In 2018, they went with a new approach and condensed their blades down from 60 to a handful. The popular series of their blades are Treiber, Kanter, and Ligna. Ligna blades are made from the same wood violins, and the craftsmanship that goes into making these blades is just as thorough as that of making a violin. Each blade is a fine instrument. The Ransanter line introduces new rubber technological innovation with maximum velocity or spin profile choices. When you combine this with small-cell sponge technology, the new UltraMax sponge (Max/2.3 mm) results in multiple levels of sponge density. Andro Table Tennis Rubbers – Conclusion You can tell from the information above that Andro rubbers are worth spending your money on. We’ve also highlighted some notable differences in the same series of rubbers but different versions, like the Rasanter V and R rubbers. It is essential to keep these differences in mind to identify the suitable rubber you need to enable you to scale up and become an exceptional player. Go ahead and visit the Megaspin to purchase rubber from the Andro brand that will suit your game needs.  

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Gewo Table Tennis Rubber Reviews (The Top 7 of 2023 Comparison)

This blog post will review seven different types of Gewo table tennis rubber. We will discuss the pros and cons of each kind of rubber and help you decide which one is best for you. This article is written to enlighten you and give you knowledge about some of the GEWO rubbers available in the market if not all. GEWO brand is renowned for its exceptional table tennis products. Their products face a lot of competition from other brands, especially the rubbers. Best Gewo Table Tennis Rubbers Selected by The Author Gewo Table Tennis Rubber Comparison Chart Source: ITTF shop Russia Source: ITTF shop Russia 1. GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This offensive rubber is equipped with a good spin, control, speed, and grip. The GEWO Nexxus series is part of the modern-day offensive table tennis sponge. It is designed mainly for a high spin in the table tennis game. The Nexxus El Pro 48 is a high spin rubber with an elastic power. Also, you will have a good feeling on short balls, which many players expect. Consider this Gewo table tennis rubber as an innovative revolution if you play close to the table. Features of GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 rubbers It is very elastic and offers direct feedback. Nexxus El Pro 48 is fully gripped and spin-oriented It’s the best option for offensive players who want to feel the grip It’s the best option for tennis players who aim to win the game through accurate ball placement and spin variants without focusing on speed. The flexible sponge is equipped with FLEX-TEC technology that causes it to produce immense speed. The DGC40 (Dynamic Grip Concept) and the top sheet ensure consistent and reliable coupling when the bat hits the ball. This technology forms the speed-elastic middle of the GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 and proves to be strong in variant-rich, spin attacking situations. You do not have to find a perfect rubber, but find that one that meets all your needs and will satisfy you. Thus, you will be good to go. Advantages of GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48: Safe opening Maximum ball feedback because of the soft touch in attacking and passive play Many spins and swerves in serve or return because of the spiny top sheet Speed:118 Control:96 Spin:128 Hardness: Medium-Hard Euro 48, Japan 36.0 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Gewo Table Tennis Rubber – Verified Customer Review “I’m an intermediate player and don’t have extensive expertise with rubbers. Gewo has a pretty accurate description for this rubber. It generates a great spin and has a good catapult. I’m using it on BH on a 5-ply all-wood blade with a limba outer layer.” “Remind me of Andro Rasant Turbo, but with a better spin ability. Quite fast, you need time to tame it!!! But despite the speed, it blocks well! Just be careful with your choice of blade.” In conclusion, the GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 is a high speed rubber new on the market. It does not suit beginners playing style, which is primarily based on quick movement and spin. The ball does not sink into the top sheet, and the dwell time is pretty short. However, this rubber might be good for people who are used to hit harder and are good at generating spin. 2. GEWO Proton Neo 450 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! GEWO Proton Neo 450 is a high-performance offensive rubber. It is efficient in providing spin and speed and is quite elastic, thus, guaranteeing a more extended and higher bounce. These rubber values control all aspects. Some of this rubber’s capabilities include aggressive attacks, blocking dangerously, counter-attacks, having variable spins, and smashing viciously. It’s a deadly choice of rubber that will leave your opponent astonished and helpless. It is also versatile, as many tasks can be accomplished using it. It has a medium-hard sponge making it the high-end variant for powerful attacking. Features of GEWO Proton rubbers GEWO Proton Neo 450 is the hardest and fastest rubber in this series. Speed:108 Control:96 Spin:105 Sponge hardness: Medium+ Gewo Table Tennis Rubber – Verified Customer Review “Soft and elastic rubber, great control” “Just tried on a friend’s blade, surprisingly, softish rubber. The ball very quickly interacts with the sponge. Versatile and good control, though.” 3. GEWO nanoFLEX FT 40 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It’s an ideal rubber for offensive play. GEWO nanoFLEX FT 40 is flexible and soft rubber. It will give you an unexplainable feeling whereby you will be in control throughout the game. You may probably hear a swish sound while playing with it a topspin stroke. This sound is a clear indication of the power it holds. This Gewo table tennis rubber has a softer sponge and provides a wow effect. This means it’s an innovative revolution for excellent control and incoming spin. The nanoFlex FT 40 is the best choice for top players seeking a good feel with spin combinations in difficult situations. If your style of play is with many topspins with a high arc, this beautiful gewo table tennis rubber with surely satisfy your needs. Features of GEWO nanoFLEX rubbers It has a tacky surface with a soft and great dynamic sponge. This sponge produces a powerful spin play for all rubber variations. There is a complete balance between the flexible nanoFLEX surface and the soft sponge, making it an ideal rubber for table tennis players who make high-risk attacking strokes from the middle distance. It has an extensive safety window. Believe it or not, this is the best weapon with flexible high tension technology. GEWO nanoFLEX FT 40 is a premium rubber with the latest high state-of-the-art technology. Speed:108 Control:99 Spin:115 Sponge hardness: Soft+ 40 degrees CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Verified Customer Review “A great rubber without the tackiness, so it does not suffer from particles sticking to it and maintains a consistency that gives you the confidence to go for your shots. I use it on a 2.1mm with a Yinhe T11+ carbon bat, which gives me great spin and looping shots that suit my play style. “Very good rubber! A lot of spin and speed but also fantastic control. I use it on the forehand and backhand sides. I love this rubber!” The GEWO nanoFLEX FT 40 table tennis rubber is excellent for advanced players. It is very linear and not very sensitive to incoming spin, making it a great choice for most players. It can be very fast and has a good spin, making it a great choice for advanced players. However, it is also very durable and has a good value, making it an excellent choice for most players. Therefore, the GEWO nanoFLEX FT 40 table tennis rubber is the best choice for advanced players. 4. GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 series are available in Red and Black with thicknesses of 1.9 and 2.1. It combines explosive power spin and a drastic increase in speed. It is specifically developed for professional table tennis players who prefer playing with harder sponges. These GEWO rubbers release high power transmission and also forgive greatly. Features of GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 rubbers It has a newly developed surface structure designed for the new lower bounce ABF ball. It consists of DGC40+ (Power Tension Boost) and CPI (Clean Power Inside) that support the individual characteristics of GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 The GEWO Hype has a hard sponge of 47.5 degrees. GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 is one of the fastest and most dynamic rubbers of the Hype El series. It has fantastic offensive qualities, for example, high dynamics on impact, and is equipped with a super spin-producing surface. It will give you good value for money. Speed:122 Control:92 Spin:120 Sponge hardness: Hard+ (47.5) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Verified Customer Review “One of the best rubber I used. My friend bought the medium to soft version (42.5). I tried it out, and I loved it, so I bought the harder version. This rubber certainly requires a good technique.” “Would not recommend it for beginners. The angles are a big thing to note when buying this rubber. Your angle has to be precise. It took me two weeks to get used to the angle (more of the closed blade).” “There is nice forward momentum on the ball when it is struck well, so even if you play a light ball with this rubber, you can almost be guaranteed the ball to still be in play.  It has a nice spin on service, but it requires a more flat contact on fast service. It is a beautiful rubber (I use it on my forehand). Overall it is best suitable for aggressive style players.” The high speed rubber for table tennis enthusiast whose playing style is offensive. These are not classic rubbers. Instead, they provide more spin and medium soft control for mid level players. 5. GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40 is a high spin rubber manufactured in red 1.5, red 2.1, black 1.5, and black 1.9 variations. It guarantees an optimum performance during a table tennis game. This rubber will give you the b of versatility and playability and offers total forgiveness. It comes with a newly developed sponge with a grippy surface and a new pips arrangement. It has an Eco-boost (Etec) that ensures accurate placement, fun, and control in all situations. Other variations of the GEWO Neoflexx eFT series include; eFT 48 and eFT 45. Features of GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40 rubbers It has a very grippy and transparent DGC40+ surface of medium hardness. The top sheet is also grippy and has superb dynamics such as high trajectory, great ball rotation, and a wide range of spin and stroke variations. Yes! It’s a versatile and flexible type of rubber. The Eco (nomic) boost has high spin ratings and absorbs arriving spin. This feature enables it to offer high reliability and control, which is the main aim of manufacturing this rubber. It has a soft sponge of 40 degrees hardness to maximize the touch play and spin without losing any power. It would be the perfect option for all levels of players relying on an offensive, all-around play. If you are a beginner and want to take your skills and techniques to another level, you must consider using this rubber. The NEAS spin absorbing feature is integrated into the sponge to increase speed during offensive play. The Eco-boost package offers an excellent spin or speed ratio, high versatility, reliability, and consistent playing characteristics. The DGC40+ and the top rubber sheet have made all these possible. DGC40+ also facilitates a reliable ball coupling when it hits the bat. Comparing the Neoflexx FT40 with other GEWO rubbers GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40 is a softer rubber than others in the GEWO Neoflexx eFT series. It, therefore, means that it generally focuses on spin while the others focus on speed. The NEAS (New Efficiency Active System) spin absorbing feature in the sponge provides sufficient speed in all offensive strokes. GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40 surface texture prevents the (poly) ball from slipping and energy loss when the ball leaves the rubber. Get yourself a GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40- an Eco (nomic) boost for your match to take your skills and performance to another level. Speed:93 Control:100 Spin:110 Hardness: Soft 40 Degrees CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Verified Customer Review “I love it so much, GEWO, but 9.9 in control and 9.9 in spin, it’s crazy! And on the other side, 6.4 in speed and the very low gears are too low. These numbers are far from the comparative characteristics numbers of the other backsides released by this same manufacturer! So I voluntarily changed these numbers (exaggerating with a very high speed and very gears, lower control, and even lower spin) to restore ‘ if possible’ a realistic average and more objectivity for the compulsive testers of new backsides…” “Good all-round or defensive rubber, high control in every situation, but it’s quite slow.” 6. GEWO Hype XT Pro 50.0 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! GEWO Hype XT Pro 50.0 is a contemporary high spin and speed offensive table tennis rubber suitable for attacking. It will enable you to perform several attacking techniques due to its high tension and grip. These GEWO rubbers are designed to play against the new ABS 40+ Ball. It is a new rubber with so much speed that it takes the ball into new dimensions. Features of GEWO Hype XT Pro 50.0 rubbers It has a new “Flex-Tech” technology that provides maximum precision in any attacking situation. This rubber will give you unbelievable control for passive ball blocking and opening flips. The DGC40+ top sheet guarantees constant and reliable coupling when the bat hits the ball. They are an ideal option for professionals/ higher-level table tennis players. It has a high catapult effect and high trajectory because of the maximum surface tackiness and great power with optimum energy transfer for point-winning topspin rallies. It has a hard sponge. This rubber is very user-friendly and fun to play with. Its main agenda is to focus on forgiveness without compromise regarding speed, control, and spin. As a result of its hard sponge and tacky surface, it provides the best control for modern spiny serve or return play. This rubber is a new standard in the modern table tennis game and will give you great value for your money! Speed:125 Control:93 Spin:122 Sponge hardness: Hard+ CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Gewo Hype XT Pro – Verified Customer Review “I have used this rubber for a month now, and I can provide an update. This Gewo is a very good quality rubber, and it plays more like a Tihbar ELP, but the wt. is lighter and cheaper. I use it on a Bty Taksim, and it works well on the ALC blade. If you can buy it on sale, try it!” “My paddle is Game Sports Pro 5 layer all wooden paddle. My rubbers are Yasaka anti-spin 1.5 black and GEWO Hype XT 50.0 Pro red. Ok, I’ve been using this rubber for now almost a month and have had great success with it. The speed of this rubber is so fast. I’ve never had a rubber where I serve, and my opponent looks amazingly impressed and helpless. The spin on this rubber because of its hardness is also like wow. The Ark and the hard English you can get with this rubber will have you trying many different types of serves. Now what I like second to now is the control of this rubber. If someone smashes or hits a tricky spin, you can bring it back with the right angle. The rubber has that forgiving feel to help you bring back those crazy smashes or tricky spins. This rubber should try if you like medium-hard or a little heavy rubber. It is worth your money.” 7. GEWO Table Tennis Rubber – Mega Flex Control CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! GEWO Mega Flex Control is an all-around rubber that allows long ball contact giving a player an excellent ball feeling. This rubber absorbs any opposing spin and develops its spin with controlled power. It majorly focuses on control. It is specially designed for a controlled, modern, all-around table tennis player. GEWO manufactures it in Red 2.0 and Black 2.0 variations. Features of GEWO Mega Flex rubbers It has a thicker sponge of 1.5-1.8 mm, suitable for a controlled offensive strategy. These strategies are blocking, counter-attacking, and final shots. However, final shots are made using a thinner sponge of 1.3 mm thickness for controlled play strategies such as driving and disordering. It has a soft sponge. This rubber will give you the security you need while playing the game. It is an excellent choice for beginners and very affordable. Speed:88 Control:99 Spin:97 Sponge hardness: Soft Gewo Table Tennis Rubber Mega Flex – Verified Customer Review “Paired Gewo Mega Flex Control on my Stiga Infinity VPS cPen. Gewo Mega Flex Control gives you a super ball feeling due to extended ball contact. It absorbs the opposing spin and develops its spin with controlled power. Gewo Mega Flex Control is very similar to “the old” sriver EL, very controllable, and an excellent rubber for a controlled looping game. Besides, suits for most European or Japanese players; style, as it is not tall and very good value for money!” “It’s good for a beginner, on. You should buy something faster or more  when you move on a spin.” About GEWO Brand GEWO brand came into existence in 1898. This company’s location is in Germany in a city called Gelnhausen. The founder of the GEWO brand was called Peter Wolf, and he was a saddler. In 1956, GEWO started producing table tennis tables. This business thrived so well. They had become the leading table tennis table producer in Europe in approximately ten years. Their table tennis tables business then started slowing down in the coming years until Frank Koschnick and Wolfgang Sohns took over leadership positions in the brand in 1991. They worked tirelessly to ensure GEWO is one of Germany’s biggest table tennis bran. The Gewo Brand also made this progress made within ten years. This company decided to produce a wide range of table tennis products, from rubbers to blades, balls, bats, and even a clothing line. Rest assured that you will only purchase products from GEWO of the highest possible quality. This brand has never been held back since its outburst in 1991. So many top-notch table tennis players opt to buy GEWO products. Gewo Table Tennis Rubber – FAQs What is the difference between Stickiness, Tackiness, and Grip in playing table tennis? It’s a little confusing since sometimes these terminologies mean the same thing. Answer: Stickiness and tackiness are used interchangeably to mean the same thing. It is the feel of the rubber. The grip can be slightly different as the surface grip is not necessarily the only key but the amount the ball will grip onto the rubber when you play a stroke. What are the positives/negatives of a hard sponge compared to a soft sponge when playing table tennis? Answer: The hard versus soft sponge is a bit of preference for you. The harder sponge means you can have a more horizontal stroke and brush the ball more, whereas the more delicate sponge requires more of a vertical bat angle to grip the ball with the sponge rather than just the top sheet. Gewo Table Tennis Rubber Reviews – Final Thoughts We can see some of the GEWO rubber types and their unique features from the information above. Remember that you do not have to go for the best rubber. Just identify that which completes you. A rubber that completes you helps you go the extra mile and stand out. It should also cause you no strain and give you the focus you need. GEWO table tennis rubbers are an excellent option for players of any skill level. They offer unmatched quality and performance at affordable prices. If you’re looking to pick up some new equipment, we highly recommend considering the GEWO line of products! GEWO table tennis rubbers come in various styles and are made with the best quality materials. These top-quality products can help you win your match no matter what style or skill level.  

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10+ Best Yasaka Table Tennis Rubbers (Mark V, Rakza, Rigan & more)

Which Yasaka table tennis rubbers are the best for your game? This is a question that many players have, and the answer can vary depending on your skill level and playing style. This blog post will look at some of the best Yasaka table tennis rubbers available on the market today. Whether a beginner or an experienced player, we can help you find the perfect rubber for your needs. So let’s get started! Best Yasaka Table Tennis Rubbers Selected by The Author 1. Yasaka Mark V HPS Rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This is a fast Yasaka table tennis rubber. It is portrayed as a super-performance rubber. The HPS stands for Hybrid Power Sponge. It is available in two colors with varied thicknesses; red max, black 2.0, and black max. Mark V HPS is equipped with the right features for offense play. Yasaka Mark V HPS is of the most recent Japanese technology- the Hybrid Power Sponge. This technology gives the rubber the following advantages: Increased spin Increased speed Improved dynamics in the sponge Mark V HPS is unique in its way because of such features. Another thing is it has a medium sponge which suits aggressive play limited only to nearer the table. Speed: 100 Spin: 100 Control: 60 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Yasaka Table Tennis Rubbers – Verified Customer Review “The best rubber ever produced. Topspin machine. Awesome spin and enormous control. Very lightweight. Excellent in all aspects except durability, which is slightly less than average. So easy to use for beginners to advanced users. Highly recommended to any offensive or all-around players.” “Mark v has good spin, speed, and control. Good with T-11+ or TB all. Helps in rallying. The rubber’s topspin can be blocked easily by other rubbers. Rubber for people who like to keep the ball in play.” 2. Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It is believed that Yasaka Rakza rubbers diversify innovation. It is so because the presence and shape of the pimples provide a strong balance between spin and speed. Rakza rubbers use Hybrid Energy to provide synergy between the top sheet and the sponge providing remarkable elasticity for power and control. Therefore, Yasaka Rakza 7 soft is a high spin rubber. Yasaka brand manufactures it in black and red colors with 1.8, 2.0, and max thicknesses. It is one of the best rubbers to be used by beginners because it is easier to use. It has the perfect grip and is very good for backhand and forehand if you’re learning topspin. The Rakza 7 Soft also has a soft sponge which gives the rubber more sound and a build-in glue effect. This feature is incomparable to the Rakza 7 rubber, making it exceptional. Its softness enhances control characteristics while playing. Yasaka uses natural rubber gum for the top sheet that boosts the level of spin and power. The Top sheet is combined with the new power sponge, and they collaborate well, forming this Hybrid Energy rubber.  If you’re worried about the cost, Yasaka Rakza 7 soft will be worth that cash you’ll spend purchasing it. It is also long-lasting. Speed: 93 Spin: 96 Control: 68 Hardness: 37-42 Yasaka Rakza 7 soft rubber sheet provides more control and better looping for advanced players. Compared to Butterfly Tenergy, it is much cheaper and softer. So, you can play ping pong with allround style. Yasaka rubber provides softness and great touch with the ping pong ball. That way, you gain confidence in pimples and blocks. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Yasaka Rubber Verified Customer Review “I have been playing table tennis for four years. I think Yasaka Rakza 7 soft is a very good rubber for beginners. It is very soft, forgives a lot, and has a good grip. This is a typical rubber for all-around games. I have already tried a few rubbers. Very good for learning topspin. “It is good for blocking, slow loop, flicking underspin, flicking side spin. Not for speed if you play Rpb attack. Quality rubber. I wish I had used it in my earlier development as being Penholder. I feel this rubber performs like a much, much softer H3 somehow. Good for beginners wanting to get into H3. Light rubber, tacky, soft. Good grip for a spin.” 3. Yasaka Anti-Power Table Tennis Rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Yasaka Anti-power is a spin and a speed rubber. It can stop any kind of speed and spin. It is available in red and black colors with thicknesses of 1.5 and 2.0 for each color. A sound mechanism accompanies it. You will hear it as you play your offensive position. The top sheet is slightly grippy and has an elastic sponge. Yasaka anti-power 1.5 red is slower and easier to control compared to the others. It is the best option for classical defense since it is lightweight. Yasaka anti-power 2.0 is preferably used closer to the table during offensive play. Also, you can use it to set the tempo in the game before using your attacking side to finish the point. It is the versa because you can block and attack simultaneously at the table. Yasaka Anti-Power’s features are combined s of Mark V, Rakza, and the characteristics. Making it unique and equipping you with the right qualities to help you become a dangerous offensive player. When you get an opportunity of attacking your opponent, you should make sure you identify their weakness and use it to your advantage. This rubber could be the ideal one to help you accomplish that. Generally, Anti-power rubber neutralizes the spin. It is carried out by the lower rubber that reduces the rate of friction and moderation qualities. I recommend this rubber to offensive combi players because of its attacking mechanism. It’s usually better to use a spin rubber because they work well together. Speed: 62 Spin: 28 Control: 73 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Yasaka Anti-Power Verified Customer Review “The first time I used it, I was shocked at how it could effortlessly return serve. It is the best for that. However, keep it low as it doesn’t generate much spin. Super easy to control and helped my game considerably when I switched from conventional. Still, I stopped using it because it doesn’t generate enough spin with chops (but can certainly generate some). For me, the trade-off between being insensitive to the opponent’s spin vs. not generating much spin is too extreme, and I prefer short pips as the exchange is lesser.” 4. Yasaka Rigan Spin CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Yasaka Rigan spin rubber combines the advantages of classical rubbers and modern technology rubbers. This kind of advancement makes the rubber enter a new level of increased ball control and speed. It also results in a very user-friendly rubber that is easy to handle for professional and specialized players. Yasaka rigan spin contains high spin. This rubber is of excellent quality, therefore durable and capable of serving you for the longest time possible. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this rubber for beginners or first-timers. It could be difficult for them to handle or work with. It’s better to try out other rubbers that favor first-timers than, after gaining some experience, you can now work with Yasaka Rigan spin rubber. Yasaka Company Limited manufactures Rigan spin in different colors and thicknesses. They include a red 1.8, red max, black 2.0, and black max. This rubber is bouncy because of its high sponge thickness. As you can tell, its thickness begins from 1.8, unlike other rubbers covered here. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The above features make it a very fast rubber with greater spin and control. Speed: 89 Spin: 95 Control: 91 Yasaka Table Tennis Rubbers – Verified Customer Review “Good rubber for the price!! Suitable for players who know how to control spin, not for beginners or first-timers! Quite bouncy, using 1.8 sponge thickness (because higher sponge-like 2.3 or max are too fast). Around 40-45 degrees hardness, in my opinion, is quite sensitive to incoming spin. So, as I said already, not for a beginner, can suit an amateur player that plays for a couple of years even if he never trained with a coach just like me🤩 I am using it on a Yasaka Sweden extra and I love it!!! “Mark V with more speed and spin. Very balanced rubber. Good for looping. 10% more spin than Rigan standard but 10% less speed.” 5. Yasaka Mark V M2 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Yasaka Mark V M2 has the highest possible speed with greater thickness. It is available in the market in black and red colors only, and the thickness is increased; at 2.0, the hard outer sheet and sponges. It also has a sharper sponge. Yasaka Mark V M2 is the most recent addition to the Mark V program. Like all other Mark V rubbers, Mark V M2 has proven to be very fast and of high spin. It was manufactured to create a variety of Mark V rubbers in the market with different features and advantages. This rubber would work well for an experienced player. They can bear the high speed and sharper spin that it has. However, you cannot use it for chopping. Chopping is an underspin shot that would cause it to chip fast. Yasaka Mark V M2 rubber is balanced on speed, control, and spin. The thicker variations (max) would work better for the forehand. It is very soft rubber and thus chips easily. While playing, keep these few things in mind to preserve your rubber by subjecting it to the correct use by always taking precautions. It makes the rubber durable and worth the amount you spent on it. Ensure you check this rubber online and buy one if it has the desired qualities that you are looking for in a table tennis rubber. Go ahead and recommend this rubber to some of your friends and relatives who play table tennis. They would surely love it! Speed: 92 Spin: 91 Control: 80 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Yasaka Mark V M2 – Verified Customer Review “This rubber is a solid rubber on the forehand if you hit the ball with your forehand harder than your backhand. I would choose a rubber thickness between 1.7 and max for the forehand. Generates a good amount of spin on the ball. Can handle spin pretty well but don’t try to chop. On serves, you need to try to put a lot of spin on the ball b/c sometimes, you won’t get the spin you are looking for. It is consistent with hitting the table and very good rubber.” “A fast rubber, but others say that this rubber depends its speed on its blade. You can smash at a good speed and deliver the ball slow but very spinny. You can feel the ball when spinning. Not good for chopping. Take care of it because it can be chipped off quite easily.” 6. Yasaka A-1 Pips Out Rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Yasaka A-1 is a hard bat rubber. Its characteristics are short pips(hence the term pips-out) and no sponge. It has a fiber backing that has a simplified glue application. This beautiful rubber is mainly used by US classic hard bat players and defensive players. It is the best rubber for a hard bat. Yasaka hard bat rubber works well with defensive blades like Yasaka sweeper and Donic Defplay Senso-3. For effective performance, you have to consider the type of blade used with the rubber. Do not just use any blade because not all blades collaborate well with a specific rubber. This rubber is versatile. You can use it for chopping and blocking. You can also use it for a drop shot (a shot made very close to the net at the table). It is a durable rubber, giving you good value for money. Speed: 58 Spin: 46 Control: 92 Yasaka Table Tennis Rubbers – Verified Customer Review “I wouldn’t use any other rubber for my hard bat. This is great. It gives me perfect control when I want it (most of the time), neutralizes a fair by opponents’ spin, and lets me put a little spin on serves when I want to. Great all-around versatile hard bat rubber. BTW, I recommend using glue sheets to install.” “Very good rubber for hard bat. Seems a bit faster than BTY Orthodox DX. I was able to topspin ferociously with it on a tony hold blade. Really puts the attack and playback into hard bat. Seems to be long-lasting, typical of Yasaka products. Highly recommended.” 7. Yasaka Phantom 0012 Infinity CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It is a pocket-friendly rubber considering the number of characteristics it possesses. It is a no-sponge rubber, unlike the Phantom 0011 infinity, which has a sponge. Yasaka 0012 infinity is part of the phantom series. This rubber is long and has a soft pimple. The soft pimple’s function is to help in attacking/offensive play. Its other desirable features include improved spin and speed, increased variation, stable control, stable attack power, and a high knuckleball effect. Yasaka 0012 infinity is one of the fastest rubbers in the phantom series. Playing with this rubber will make your work easier since it is easy to manipulate effects and gives a good reversal. It is only available in no sponge black type and color. The lack of a sponge in the rubber also means a lack of an inbuilt effect. It is durable when subjected to proper use. Speed: 40 Spin: 43 Control: 51 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!   Verified Customer Reviews “Took me only one session to trust 0012 completely. Excellent control for an LP. Compares well with Galaxy Neptune. I use both of them in competitions. Glued on Stiga Hybrid NCT 729 Aurora+Phantom 0012 OX.” “I like this rubber very much. I think it is easy to manipulate effects, has very good reversal, and is easy to play with. Also, I have it in red.” If you compare anti-spin rubbers, you will see that the thicker sponge of the Yasaka rubber is better for choppers and defensive players. It has long pips that you can manipulate on short and pimple balls. The Yasaka rubber is also suitable for anti-spin players who want to return spin balls. However, if you are an allround player, you might find that the thinner sponge of the other anti-spin rubber is better for you. It all depends on your style of play. 8. Yasaka Rakza Z CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Rakza Z rubbers feature a new production method that gives them incredible grip and spin. This makes it easy to hit powerful strokes with lots of topspin. Whether you’re serving or returning short balls, you’ll be able to do so with precision and power. The Rakza Z rubbers are a perfect choice if you’re an attacking player. Whether you play close to the table or from the middle distance, Yasaka Rakza will gain more spin. Two rubbers of Yasaka Rakza Z make for a great ping pong paddle for an attack. This model is making contact better than ever before. This rubber sheet is available in 2.0 and max thickness. Having two rubbers ensures that you will be able to make contact with the ball more often than with just one rubber. This will result in a Ping-Pong game that is more enjoyable and one in which you are more likely to win. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Two rubbers also allow you to change the thickness of your rubber sheet, which can be helpful depending on the game situation. If you are playing against someone with a lot of power, you may consider using the thicker sheet. 9. Yasaka Fusion CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This innovative table tennis rubber combines three different synthetic rubbers with natural rubber, resulting in exceptional performance across all areas. The sponge fusion also contains a certain synthetic rubber level, providing an excellent speed glue effect. Yasaka’s Fusion rubber will give you the edge you need to perform at your best, whether you’re an aggressive attacker or a more defensive player. Table tennis players looking for more energy and speed should try it. For example, Fusion has a greater control and catapult effect in every situation. If you’re an intermediate table tennis player looking to improve your game, you might consider using Yasaka Fusion rubber on your racket. This type of rubber is designed to provide good spin and speed, making it ideal for players who have mastered the basics and are ready to take their game to the next level. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! In addition, Yasaka Fusion rubber is also relatively easy to control, meaning you won’t have to worry about making too many mistakes as you strive to improve your skills. 10. Yasaka Rising Dragon CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Yasaka’s brand new Rising Dragon table tennis rubber is here, ready to take your game to the next level. This top-of-the-line rubber is a hybrid of euro/jap/china rubbers, giving it the best of all worlds in terms of spin, speed, and touch. And with its small tackiness composition, you’ll get the right amount of grip for those killer shots. The Rising Dragon series has soft sponges and less control. But, with a lot of practice, you will like it on one side of the racket. If you’re thinking of trying out a tacky rubber for the first time, the Yasaka Rising Dragon is a great option. It’s one of the less expensive options on the market, so you don’t have to invest significantly to find out if you like this type of rubber. The Rising Dragon is also great for certain styles of play. If you’re a looping player, you’ll find that this rubber allows you to load up on the spin. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Also,  if you’re an all-around player who likes to keep your opponents guessing, the tackiness will give you some extra deception on your shots. Achievements & History of Yasaka Here are some of the achievements that this brand can proudly list since its existence till today: 2021- Mattias Falck and Christian Karlsson became the first Swedish payers to win Houston’s world championships since 1991. This was the latest world champion title with Yasaka. 2020- Yasaka produced world blades to the world: Falck Carbon and Falck W7. This company added Rakza 7 and Rakza z Xtra to the successful Rakza family. 2019- Mattias Falck became the silver medalist in men’s singles at the world championships in Budapest. He achieved this with Yasaka Falck carbon blade, Rakza PO on the forehand, and Rakza X on the backhand side. 2014- High-quality Rakza X was introduced with a power sponge and a top sheet with excellent grip. 2012- Yasaka introduced the third version of Hybrid Energy Rubbers, the Rakza 9. 2010- Yasaka Rakza 7 was introduced and generated a lot of sales for the company. An increasing number of players are still opting for the Rakza 7 and Rakza 7 soft rubbers. 2008- Ma Lin, a Yasaka player, managed to win a gold medal in the Olympic games held in Beijing. 1992- Yasaka began blade production in Trantas, Sweden 1993- The first successful blade, Yasaka Extra, was introduced to the world. 1969- Yasaka revolutionized the table tennis rubber technology and introduced the Mark V, a popular table tennis product in the market. Mark V later won the European championship in 1970 and the world championship in 1971. 1950- Yasaka developed fast with a close connection with Japanese players who took over the leading positions in the championships. 1947- Mr. Hirosi Yaoita birthed the Yasaka brand. Did you know that the name Yasaka emerged from part of the founders’ names? (YAoita + SAKAmoto= YASAKA) Why Choose Yasaka rubbers? Yasaka rubbers could be your luck at becoming the best version of a table tennis player that you have always dreamt of becoming. They have many distinct features that you would like in a table tennis rubber. These features are listed below: They are of great quality, hence durable Has a top layer that offers high accuracy The underlying sponge layer boosts acceleration They give you great value for money They are manufactured in a wide range of thicknesses (from 1 cm) and color preferences. About Yasaka Brand Yasaka brand is one of the world’s best table tennis rubbers and blad manufacturers. It was formed in 1947 by a table tennis player and his colleague. They aim to provide tennis players with high technical competence equipment and superior performance. The location of Yasaka is in Tokyo, Japan. Their blades manufacturing plant is found in Tranas, Sweden. The brand has immense experience and skill set in manufacturing table tennis rubbers since it has been doing it for the longest time. Through its accurate processing, it ensures that it continually generates high-quality products. Their employees are fully equipped with the knowledge and techniques to produce top-notch products. Yasaka has a close relationship with renowned table tennis players and coaches, such as Olympic champion – Ma Lin. Such interactions give them a basis for the company to ensure better products are on the market. It gives them a better angle as consumers to state their needs to achieve their expectations. Yasaka Table Tennis Rubbers – Conclusion Yasaka is famous for its Mark V rubber. It is the first-ever Yasaka rubber used. It was used in the 1970 and 1971 table tennis World Championships where it emerged as the winner in both years. With the information provided above, it is easier to distinguish the capabilities of the different Yasaka table tennis rubbers and identify the one that suits you. Yasaka table tennis rubbers provide your game’s speed and spin. They make the perfect addition to any player’s equipment bag, whether you play recreationally or competitively. We recommend that players experiment with different types of rubber to find their optimal balance between speed and spin – an essential component of every game! Have you tried using a new type of Yasaka rubber lately? What was it like? Let us know in the comments below!