Power Pong Alpha Table Tennis Robot (2023 Review & Buying Guide)

Today this article will discuss the Power Pong Alpha, a table tennis robot that will give you a wonderful and anticipated real experience during your play. It is the updated version of Power Pong 2001. It has updated electronics in the main unit, and the thick parallel cords are replaced with thinner cables, unlike the Power Pong 2001, making it superior to it. Power Pong Alpha is a table tennis robot with three wheels and has similar features as the Power Pong Beta, Delta, and Omega. It is, however, the cheapest option among the four. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE ON THE FOLLOWING: MEGASPIN STORE! POWERPONG OFFICIAL SITE! Technology is the most significant aspect of our everyday life. It has also touched our sporting/gaming life and had an immense effect on the positive side. Power Pong robots are made in a Hungarian factory that manufactures table tennis robots for a famous table tennis brand. They are then maintained and supported by a reliable USA-based technical support service company. Let’s begin by looking at the robot’s specifications. Power Pong Alpha Specifications These are the comparable features and specifications that include: Physical control box. 12 pre-saved drills. 22 Memory slots for saving your favorite drills. A net to recycle balls for continuous play. Mini remote control to start/stop the robot and change ball frequency. 100 Power Pong 3-star balls (sizeable enough to put in your pocket when playing). Automatic Frequency control. Have a random (RND) mode/settings to make ball placement less robotic. Covered by Power Pong’s three-year parts and labor warranty. Robot Price: OLD – $ 1,797.00 NEW Lower Price – $ 1,297.00 on Megaspin Features of Power Pong Alpha Power Pong Alpha table tennis robot can perform highly because of its superb features and the specifications it offers. These features make it distinguishable and enable it to give unique playing characteristics that will take your skills to another level. Below are the features: CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE ON THE FOLLOWING: MEGASPIN STORE! POWERPONG OFFICIAL SITE! Weight, Net/Gross: 20.2 lb./24.0 lb. Robot Dimensions: Folded – 9.5″W x 31″H x 12.75″D Unfolded: 62″W x 33.75″H x 63″D Type of wheels: Three-4 inch foam. Power PCB: located at the base, very close to motors. Power Supply: external wall wart with Euro power cord & US plug adapter. Input: 100~240V, 50~60Hz; Output: 24V, 3A Silent Mode: there are no fans, and motors stop when ball delivery stops. Spare Parts/Tools Included: rubber bands for side nets, Wheel Adjustment Gauge, 2mm & 4mm Hex Wrenches (for replacing & adjusting wheels). Topspin Combinations: Up to 6 balls with different types and amounts of spin, speed, trajectory, and placement can be set with each drill. It can produce a no-spin ball. Pre-programmed drills are included and can be changed or adjusted. In addition to the 12 already loaded exercises, they offer you a custom-designed set of drills that match your specific requirements. The manufacturers at Power Pong are always ready to assist you, even as you start with your new Power Pong Alpha table tennis robot. Power Pong Alpha Robot – Playing Style This robot creates complex training drills that involve a serve, return of serve, and a combination of ping pong balls with no spins, underspin, sidespins, and topspins combinations. It can store up to 22 of your favorite drills, making it easy to get the practice you need. The Alpha also comes with 6 pre-programmed training drills, so you can start improving your game immediately. With its adjustable ball speed and spin, the Alpha table tennis robot is perfect for players of all skill levels. Types of shots that Alpha can produce: Side spin serve Long underspin push Topspins Lobs one with underspins and topspins Right sidespin Top/Left spin Top/Right spin About Power Pong Robots & Warranty The idea of ping pong robots was implemented by a famous USATT Hall of Famer and former national champion named Attila Malek. He was a professional table tennis player in Hungary who moved to the USA in 1978. He became part of the US national team in the 1980s and is now a professional table tennis coach in Costa Mesa, California. Attila Malek exports the Power Pong robots from Hungary every year. Power pong robots all come with a warranty that covers three years for each of the three-wheel designs and other features like a 10-day return policy. Three years parts and labor warranty Its warranty covers the first three years, including a 1-day fix or replacement service. If your robot gets spoilt, power pong will fix or replace your machine and send it back to you within 24 hours of receiving it. The labor warranty features, however, do not cover the mishandling of the product. 10-day return policy Power Pong robots can be returned within ten days after the date of purchase. However, a restocking fee of 15% of the robot’s price will be included. You must ensure that the returned robot is in the proper condition and its original packaging bag. Megaspin offers additional warranty support to resolve your issues in the shortest time possible and offers great benefits. It is supported by reliable US stores and companies such as Powerpong Official website. Comparison with the same robot brands There is not much difference between power pong alpha and omega/delta. The main differences are that Alpha has a maximum of 6 balls per drill while omega and delta have capacities of up to 8 balls per drill. Alpha has a smaller memory space than the other two, but you can still store up to 22 of your favorite drills. Power Pong offers 3 years of warranty and full support. Also, among the three, Alpha is the cheapest of them all. Power Pong Delta is a bit expensive. All of them are supported by reliable us ping pong companies. Power Pong Alpha VS. Delta & Omega PRICES: ALPHA – $ 1,297.00 DELTA – $ 1,797.00 OMEGA – $ 1,947.00 Comparison with other robot brands The distinguishable characteristic between the two is that the Alpha robot can produce spin combinations while Amicus Start produces only one type of spin at a time. Butterfly Amicus Expert is the best robot in the Amicus series as it offers plenty of advantages to the player. The Alpha robot has 12 pre-installed drills, and you can save up to 22 of your favorites, while Amicus Expert allows up to 99 drills. It also has a more significant memory compared to Power Pong Alpha. On the brighter side, the other features and quality of shots are just the same in both. Butterfly Amicus Start VS. Power Pong Alpha When it comes to complex training drills involving different types and amounts of spin, speed, trajectory, and placement, the Power Pong Alpha is far superior to the Butterfly Amicus Start. With 22 memory slots for saving drills, you can call up your favorite routines with the touch of a button. Moreover, the mobile device choice makes it easy to adjust settings on the fly. However, the Butterfly Amicus Start might be a better choice if you are looking for a simple interface and don’t need all the bells and whistles. It can accommodate up to 6 balls per drill, with left-right placement changing for each ball. The control box also works with wireless control, and you can choose memory slots to save the drills. Butterfly Amicus Expert VS. Power Pong Alpha The Power Pong Alpha has a much lower price than the Butterfly Amicus Expert, with a wide variety of features. The recycling net allows continuous play, and the 100 Power Pong 3-star balls are great for practicing. The quality of shots is just as good as the Expert, but the Alpha can produce spin much better. If you want to save money, then the Power Pong Alpha is the robot for you. With 12 pre-saved drills and 100 Power Pong 3-star balls, the Alpha also comes with a carrying bag – making it the perfect ping pong robot for players of all levels. Other features of Power Pong Alpha Table Tennis Robot It can produce good quality and a variety of spins. With so many features, it can create spin combinations for all players. The ball recycling net will help you to pick up all the balls at every training. This way, you can concentrate on practicing skills and ball placement on every part of the table tennis table. Power Pong Alpha can generate a variety of spins. It can also produce many spins, which can be applied to each ball; it could be up to even 10 balls. Both the Delta and Alpha have Power Pong Carrying Bag. All this is accomplished by the three-wheel design similar to the butterfly Amicus series of robots. Their unique design ensures they are accurate, precise, and adjustable. Alpha has less memory space than Power Pong Omega, but it can still create complex training drills. They can also use fireballs without spinning the ball-a task that not many robots can do. This makes you feel like you are competing against a strong human opponent. Omega models have more topspin combinations and pre-programmed drills. Bluetooth phone app with the latest technology This is the only feature that distinguishes it from other ping pong robots in the series (the 2001 and 3001 makes). Before this technological advancement, you could use the control box to set up exercises. Today, you can use your smartphone to modify each ball in every single drill for complete control of your conditioning program.  You can customize all the table tennis balls individually. You can even design exercises using a total of 12 balls with different speeds, spins, trajectories, and positions than other balls. With this robot, you can store as many drills as you like in just one of them. The support is continuously working on adding new drills and upgrades. This is how it works: choose a ball number and slide it on your screen to your desired location, then change the pace and spin according to your requirement. You can now comfortably begin your play. The app has a simple labeling and tagging system that makes it easier to search and identify the drills you would like to work on. You can even share these drills with others via phone, maybe your teammates or trainees. A team in the US develops and updates it regularly, making it compatible with Android and Apple applications. It has the most sophisticated control boxes for training. You can still use the advanced control box if the mobile tech is too complex. This, however, is quite limiting as it does not provide the same amount of customization and drill storage as the mobile phone’s Bluetooth technology. However, it can store a few drills, which is better than none. Power Pong Alpha Pros and Cons PROS CONS Offers a three-year warranty and a one-day policy of repair or replacement It is quite expensive A large number of drills can be stored in the mobile application Lack of “human touch,” especially while playing It comes pre-installed with 12 drills and can add more if necessary. You can control every ball’s pace, rotation, and positioning. Balls may be recycled endlessly with the high-quality ball recycling net. You get 100 free 3-star Power Pong balls when you buy the robot. The Power Pong Alpha is a new robot that can generate various spin speeds and combinations, making it an excellent tool for improving your game. It has memory slots for saving all the drills you plan to practice. It has an excellent warranty, and the updated electronics make it very user-friendly. The catch net is a great addition, as it allows you to recycle balls without having to stop and retrieve them manually. In comparison VS other brands Alpha can produce spin at a much higher level. Another great thing is based on technical support service from all the customers. The Power Pong Alpha is an excellent choice for serious table tennis players who want to take their game to the next level. Frequently Asked Questions Is Power Pong Alpha Ping Pong Robot complex to assemble? No, it is not complex to assemble. There is no assembly required for this robot. The Power Pong Alpha thrives in this area. In addition, it is suitable for all table tennis tables, including convertible top tables. Firstly, Alpha is sent pre-assembled. It also boasts a convenient fold-down design for simple storage and traveling. Furthermore, it is simple to put up, take down, keep, and move, which is a significant bonus. Secondly, it also matches all conventional ping pong tables, another significant benefit. This makes it very straightforward and guarantees that all customers are delighted. Would you recommend this robot to someone? Yes, 100%. To be quite honest, if you are searching for a one-time investment robot you expect to give you a positive outcome in your table tennis game, then this robot would be the ideal choice. For example, it provides the player with great flexibility and is particularly well-suited for rough play (attacking). The robot’s primary role is to release the balls, but you remain in control of every other game aspect. You can develop your strokes, abilities, and positioning schemes, reduce/increase speed and control the amount and type of spin. Other cheaper ping pong robots from under $ 500 are available on this page. Additionally, it goes with a one-year guarantee to ensure you are never dissatisfied, which is fantastic! So if table tennis is your sport, this robot will provide you with all you need. What kind of table tennis rackets does this robot come with? Because this robot is a single piece and does not come with any rackets, you should look at the Best Tournament Table Tennis Rackets Review if you want high-quality ping pong paddles. Aside from that, this robot includes all of the vital components. The package includes a swing ball launcher, a recycling net system with side netting to trap your rebounds and recover balls for non-stop action, an analog control center, four dozen orange Robo-Balls from 60mm, a Setup DVD, and a Training Manual, among other things. Will this robot become unresponsive after a long period of use? No, it won’t. First, Alpha has high-quality materials, which ensure its durability. This means that it is designed to endure for a long time and not be affected by minor wear and tear. Secondly, the machine is constructed in such a manner that it may be used for extended periods while still providing you with the finest possible experience and without causing you any trouble. Power Pong Robots also come with a one-year guarantee term, which is fantastic for ensuring a positive client experience. As a result, I would say that you’ll never have to be concerned about the lifetime of this robot whatsoever since it has been designed to endure. Power Pong Alpha Review – Conclusion Generally, several advantages come with having a table tennis robot for personal use. It means you do not need someone for your practice sessions; you can only work comfortably with the robot. Alpha table tennis robot is also great because it ensures that your training continues even when no human opponent exists. You can train anytime after school, during the holidays, or on weekends. It is also cheaper than hiring or having a personal coach. For example, you should be prepared to pay from 15 to 30 Euros in France if you want a personal trainer. VISIT THE ONLINE STORES FOR THE BEST PRICES: MEGASPIN! POWERPONG ORG! Power Pong Alpha robot is just as intelligent as any human; you will enjoy most parts of the game. It comes with great features, as we have seen, and will not disappoint you at any given time. The manufacturers demonstrate their care towards their customers by ensuring they can use the Power Pong Alpha in the long term and availing them of a genuine warranty and a 10-day return policy if it spoils. Moreover, if you are looking to own one, go for it before it is too late! You can have a discount on both sites. The Power Pong Alpha is a great robot for intermediate to advanced players. If you are an experienced player and are looking for a challenging robot, the Power Pong Alpha is definitely worth considering. It is worth every penny that will come out of your pocket!

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Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot Review

In this Butterfly Amicus Expert table tennis robot review, we will discuss this robot in detail. But first, let’s find out what a table tennis robot really is and how it can help improve your game. There are a variety of automated table tennis robots out there. It can get quite overwhelming when purchasing one for yourself or a friend. There are several top-quality table tennis robots from different brands, but selecting the right one for the best price value can be tricky. But don’t worry because I am about to introduce the best bang for the buck advanced table tennis robot you can get your hands on in 2022. It is called Butterfly Amicus Expert. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Introduction A table tennis robot is an essential training aid for anyone wanting to play like a professional. It’s very easy to set up, and the ball frequency and amount of spin can be easily adjusted on the remote control. It comes with a collection net which means you can continue practicing for hours without manually picking up the balls. The best part is that you will be able to switch between shots at any time, and it also allows you to select drill groups that automatically generate hundreds of different drills. The more basic units will give you control over the speed and height of the ball, while the mid-range models allow you to add spin to the ball. All ping pong robots come with a collection net as standard, allowing you to continue playing for as long as you want as the table tennis robot will pick up and place balls back into its supply. Robots are invaluable equipment if you want to improve your table tennis game. Perfectly returning each shot no matter the speed, spin, or placement, they allow you to practice a particular shot as many times as you wish, meaning you can master a specific stroke quickly. Butterfly Amicus Expert – The Magical progress in table tennis With fully customizable settings and attachment options for different balls and shots, all of our table tennis robots are easy to set up and use, making improvements to your table tennis simple. A robot is a great way to help you improve at table tennis. Set the robot to produce balls at a specific speed and angle, and practice as much as you desire. Perfect for people of all ages, robots have helped improve the game of a variety of people over time – from professional players to beginners to children. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Butterfly Amicus Expert is a high-end robot modeled on the world’s leading table tennis robot. It is enjoyed by leading clubs and coaches alike. It can simulate every shot in the game and, most importantly, allow you to practice as though you were playing a real match. You can control the robot via a wired controlled box to choose precisely what type of shots you want to practice or create your own drills. Why Do You Need a Table Tennis Robot Do you have a passion for table tennis but struggle to find players at your level? Table tennis robots for beginners are perfect for those who want to take their game to the next level but can’t find a partner or trainer to train regularly with. They can be used by anyone from beginners who are trying to realize their full potential or professional players and parents who want to practice with their kids without slowing down the pace of play.  Table tennis robots can serve endless training opportunities with various robotic features such as serving balls randomly throughout a designated area of the table, simulating drills using defined sequences of randomness and placement, or playing games such as ghosting ping-pong and table tennis lotto. An interactive scorekeeper also helps you improve your game. Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot – Program Drills The Amicus Expert ping pong robot is easy to use, intuitive and offers a variety of game modes. With up to 120 balls per minute and 10 different spinning options, you can train any stroke. The robot stores up to 99 programs with up to 7 balls each. The Quick Trajectory and Easy Spin functions quickly change the shot settings as you like. There are 20 pre-installed training programs by Butterfly coach Richard Prause that provide variety and challenge to every training session. Interval Training with Butterfly Amicus Robot  You can sample each ball within a program or use the cycle function for interval training. The Random function simulates real gameplay. The Amicus Expert is designed to provide players with the best training experience. The machine’s control panel is easy to read and simple to use when setting up shots, while 20 pre-installed drills are provided by the top coaching staff of Butterfly. In addition, the Amicus Expert’s body style has been designed to resist tipping in high winds. Whether you are a club or an individual player, the Amicus Expert is the robot for you! The most easy-to-use robot on the market, the Amicus Expert, is simply a pleasure to use. This lightweight and portable robot quickly adapt to set up and play virtually anywhere, anytime, easily attaching to and removed from any standard table tennis table. The Amicus Expert comes with 120 Butterfly Easy Balls, a free high-quality Carry Bag, and one year of tech support from the Robot Guru. The Amicus Expert is the most advanced table tennis robot available. Designed specifically for practice and training, it can produce any spin type with fantastic consistency, allowing players to focus on technique instead of picking themselves off the floor. Its unique guide plate enables fine adjustments to shot placement and up/down trajectory, and its variety of serving options can produce a consistent pace or an unpredictable mix. Most importantly, it has enough balls for 2 hours of non-stop play at speeds over 90 miles per hour. Different Ball Frequencies with Richard Prause  The Amicus Expert has an entirely new, patented delivery system. The frame ensures proper ball position and can effortlessly deliver any spin you want: heavy topspin, backspin, underspin, sidespin, or a combo of spins. It’s a unique way of turning means it never needs adjusting. The ball placement is always perfect. The Amicus’ 21 pre-saved drills make it easy for you to play table tennis alone or against a friend. Edit or replace the pre-saved drills with your own custom drills, up to 99 of them. Use Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) to make timing between shots more realistic. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that charges while plugged into AC power, giving you over 8 hours of cordless training fun. This elite table tennis robot is made from the toughest materials and built with the most durable parts to ensure an extended life. Plan your shots as the advanced microprocessor randomizes each return. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Play in a focused environment by positioning at your table’s edge, plugging into a power outlet, and pushing a button. Combined with a strict training regime, the interval trainer significantly improves physical fitness and table tennis skills. Features of Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot The ball frequency of this robot can go up to 120 balls per minute. It has a key fob-shaped remote control, which is lightweight and easy to carry. Every ball can have a different speed, spin, placement, and trajectory. The robot comes with an easy-to-use and durable thin cable. Amicus Expert can hold up to 99 drills. It can throw 7 balls on each customized drill. The robot is equipped with automatic frequency control, delivering the most realistic shot timing between drills. Amicus Expert comes with 20 pre-programmed drills created by Butterfly coach Richard Prause. The cycle function feature of the robot will assist you in interval training during your practice drills. You can also customize the pre-programmed drills to best suit your needs. The robot’s sample function feature will allow you to test out each individual ball. What is Included with the Amicus Expert Package Carry bag – This table tennis robot comes with a functional carry bag. The carry bag has enough space to hold the robot if you want to take the robot with you when you are traveling. The carry bag is made from high-quality fabrics and leather, making it a valuable piece of equipment for taking on trips. Robot control panel – You can set up drills or customize each shot with the control panel. You will also receive a manual that will guide you through the different functionalities of the control panel. The manual comes in English, German and french. 120 Butterfly balls – You will get 120 of Butterfly’s signature table tennis balls. Remote control – You will also receive a handy remote control. If you want to change the speed or spin variation of the balls or want to pause the drill in mid-session to take a break but you don’t want to walk all the way across the table to get to the control panel, then you can use the remote control to do all of that stuff. The remote is very small and lightweight. So you easily carry it around in your pocket. Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot Accessories 20 pre-programmed drills – If you get overwhelmed with all the customization options and can’t figure out what to select, then you can use the 20 pre-programmed drills until you figure everything out. These drills are created by Richard Prause himself. He is a German table tennis coach who has trained countless professional players. Ball collection net – Amicus Expert is Newgy’s flagship table tennis robot and is the perfect robot if you’re looking to take your training and practice to the next level. You can practice with up to nine different forehand and backhand combinations, saving you valuable time to practice all of your shots in a single workout. Plus, its automatic ball recycling system provides maximum coverage and durability, so one hour of training can turn into four or five with this unique feature. The Amicus Expert includes a Catch Net for catching balls for easy recycling into the shooting tray. Adjustable wheels – You will get backup wheels for your robot. These wheels are easily replaceable. And you will get additional tools like wrenches and screwdrivers, which will come in handy when it comes to replacing the robot’s wheels. Three-wheel robot head – The Amicus Expert Robot is a machine that will help you to practice and improve like never before. It features an intelligent ball launcher that can deliver a large variety of drills at various speeds and spin rates. The ball launcher has a 3-wheel drive system and can shoot 120 balls per minute. You can control it with the portable remote or the table control panel, and the Ball Bucket holds approximately 120 balls for convenience. Comparison Between Butterfly Amicus Robots Pros and Cons of Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot Pros The robot is sturdy and durable. It has a user-friendly control panel that is easy to navigate. Butterfly offers a 3-year warranty on their table tennis robots. You can get a carry bag with your robot. Butterfly will give you 120 table tennis balls with this robot. The robot doesn’t make any noise. Amicus Expert robot doesn’t weigh too much. The wheels make the robot maneuverable. The remote control will allow you to change the settings without having to the session. Amicus Expert robot has random function settings. It can deliver realistic shots. The robot can produce various spin variations. It comes with 20 pre-programmed drills. Cons It’s an expensive investment for new players. Where to Buy Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot? In an attempt to offer the best value for money, I checked out different retailers that sell the Amicus Expert table tennis robot. The retailer with the best prices for this product is by far Megaspin. They not only manufacture and distribute their own products under the brand name Killerspin, but they are also the distributors of the Butterfly brand in the USA and Canada. Another thing I like is that they often offer coupons to bring down the price even further. This saves buyers a lot of money when buying high-quality table tennis equipment online. Another reason why I recommend them is that they’re a one-stop-shop for all your table tennis needs, whether you prefer Butterfly or Killerspin products. They have a wide range of quality tables, rackets, shoes, and clothing compatible with Butterfly equipment. How Much Does a Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot Cost? The Amicus Expert is an excellent robot for developing your game. It is easy to install and simple to program, making it the perfect practice partner. The large memory capacity means that you can store all your favorite drills, giving you the flexibility to adapt and improve your game. With its ability to program spin, speed, placement, and ball change at every point during a drill, your practice will feel more realistic. The $1847.99 price tag might seem too much at first, but the features and capabilities of the robot more than makeup for the price tag. Other table tennis robots in the market have a similar price tag, but they fail to offer the functions and features of the Amicus Expert robot. Customer Reviews of Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot “We’ve been using the Amicus Expert for several months now, and we enjoy it a lot. For training only, this robot has a simple user interface that makes settings easy to control. We especially like the spin and ball frequency feature. The robot is also very quiet, which is nice because we can play table tennis at the office without disturbing others.” – Dean. J   “I’m delighted with the Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot, and I am sure that you will be too. It’s durable and built to last, with an excellent price relative to its features. Its automatic system allows it to serve balls at different speeds and trajectories so that you can practice a wide variety of strokes and shots. The setup is simple, and the robot is perfect for beginners or international level players.” – Robert. B   “I have been using the Amicus Expert table tennis robot for a week now, and I could not be more pleased with it. The robot has many features that are perfect for a beginner. They include the ability to create your own drills, adjust the ball frequency, and even change the head height. One thing is for sure, this product was definitely designed with beginners in mind! It has a wide range of spins that you can select from, and it’s very accurate. I will certainly recommend this product to my students and others at our club looking for affordable tennis instruction.” – Lenore. K About the Butterfly Brand For over 60 years, Butterfly has manufactured the highest quality table tennis equipment for players of all levels. When Butterfly products are used by top players at major competitions, the Butterfly brand is supported, and the name spreads across the world. The company name “Butterfly” expresses the founder’s wish to provide tabletop tennis players with the essential equipment so that they can bloom like butterflies flying around flowers in a garden. Every player is different and blossoms with their own style, so Butterfly keeps moving forward, developing and progressing every step. Amicus Expert Robot – Conclusion We are almost at the end of this Butterfly Amicus Expert review. So the question is, does the Butterfly Amicus Expert table tennis robot help develop spin and consistency? Yes. But it is not an inexpensive machine, so before buying it, you need to ask yourself what your needs are. Are you looking for a versatile table tennis robot with plenty of programmable options? For that, the Butterfly Amicus Expert is worth the money. The Butterfly Amicus Expert table tennis robot is one of the most popular and widely-used robots today. It is an excellent option for players looking for an all-around robot that offers outstanding value and many playing options. The Amicus Expert offers advanced ball control with exceptional spin, speed, and feed rate capabilities. While it is our top-of-the-line table tennis robot, it is also straightforward to set up and can be managed by players of all skill levels. Whether you are looking to improve your game or want to entertain a group of friends, the Amicus Expert can do it all! Butterfly Amicus Expert – FAQs Does the Butterfly Amicus Expert come with pre-programmed drills? The Butterfly Amicus Expert is a state-of-the-art practice partner that adds an element of fun to any table tennis training session. The easy-to-use interface, programmable options, and ball frequency of up to 120 balls per minute make the Amicus Expert a versatile and challenging practice partner. The machine includes 20 exercises created by Richard Prause and can store up to 120 drills of 7 balls each. Just add a table, net, and balls to make your personal training center at home. Be sure to wear good table tennis shoes to prevent injury. Can I adjust the ball delivery? The ball throwing speed is fully adjustable, between 1 and 40 balls per minute. You can randomize shots (pong, left, right, and fast) or fixate a specific setting (pong, left, and right) to get a demanding table tennis interval training workout to improve your physical condition and table tennis skills. Can I customize the drills? Creating custom training drills is easy. Simply choose a shot combination, then adjust the speed, placement, and spin for each one. Change a few shots or change them all—the choice is yours. The exercises can be as simple or challenging as you want, and saving your new drill to the robot’s memory is quick and easy. How can I purchase the Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot? To buy table tennis robots like Butterfly Amicus Expert Robot, you can go to either Megaspin or Amazon. Both of these sites are trusted and have reasonable prices. However, I found that Megaspin usually has the best deals. They offer free shipping for orders over $50, which means you can almost always get free shipping with your order. Plus, they carry a good selection of all things table tennis, so it is easy to stock up on rackets, balls, robot parts, and more with one stop at their site. If you want to buy a Butterfly Amicus robot, you should definitely check out the Megaspin store.  

power pong beta table tennis robot featured image blue color

Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot (2023 Updated Review)

Power Pong Beta Robot is a high-end training table tennis robot capable of efficiently meeting the needs of competitive players. The new table tennis robot by the Power Pong brand can be a great alternative to the Omega or Delta series. In short, Power Pong Beta does everything other robots in the market do and more. It is easy to set up and use for both advanced and novice players, allowing you to practice shots at your pace. Most importantly, one of the best features of Power Pong Beta is its extremely low price point. It achieves this by eliminating frills like fancy casing and unnecessary features. The focus here is on providing one of the most affordable high-end models that still offers all the functionality of the top models with an attractive price tag. But even so, is this table tennis robot worth it compared to Newgy Robots or others such as Power Pong Alpha? Can the Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot be the ultimate partner for any table tennis player? That’s what we will know in this Power Pong Beta review, plus answer some other important questions. Additional Features of Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot The wide variety of shots offered by the Power Pong Beta table tennis robot is bound to help you improve on a particular skill set or challenge you in ways you’ve never experienced before. The ball feed rate of this table tennis robot ranges from 10 to 70 balls per minute, while ball placement can be adjusted to serve easier shots or test your skills. Customize the robot with different spin options to replicate the play style of a foreign champion or improve your ability to return serves. You can easily debug your game with a built-in computer that records data on each practice session. Simply sync via Bluetooth® to track your progress over time. Capable of generating heavy underspin and topspin balls. Option to stop the drill at any time to take a break. 50 memory slots. It can produce spin combinations for every match situation. The Power Pong Beta is a table tennis robot designed to create realistic training drills. It features a 3-wheel head that allows you to hit combinations of backspin or topspin balls with different locations. It shares most features with its bigger brothers, the Delta and Omega. Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot vs. Other Brands  The Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot does everything the previous robots did but better. Faster and easier programming and less noise during play are just 2 of the many improvements. While typical robots can only deliver one type of spin at a time, Power Pong Beta can produce various spin combinations: no spin, medium, and heavy spin at a time. Higher-priced table tennis robots might have more memory slots than Power Pong Beta, but they all have the same basic features. In my opinion, Power Pong Beta is the better option because you don’t even need all 50 memory slots. So, spending a few hundred bucks for more memory slots is no longer necessary. Specifications of Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot  Name– Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot Manufacturer– Power Pong Control features– Has a control box connected to a cable line. Included remote control– Wireless remote Spin maneuver– Left and right spins Drill instructions– Drill videos are available on Youtube. Shot count per drill– You can take up to six shots per drill. You can adjust the spin and speed of every shot individually. Memory capacity – Memory space for saving 50 slots. The number of spin settings– Four for left sidespin, five for topspin, four for right sidespin, and four for backspin Random settings – Underspin sidespin and topspin available. Break during drills– Yes, you can pause drill sessions for breaks. Ball frequency– 5~100 per minute Ball frequency control– Uses an automatic frequency control system that provides seamless timing between shots. Spin range – Balls with no spin to high spin. The silent mode doesn’t make any sound since it has no fans, and the motor stops when you end the drill. Power supply– Input: 100~240V with Euro power cord / 50~60Hz for US plug adapter. Output: 24 V and 3A. Power PCB – You can find it in the base near the motors. Included tools– Wheel adjustment gauge, hex wrenches, and rubber bands for the side nets. Country– Hungary at a factory. The power supply, carry case, and tablet is manufactured in China. Wheel type– Three 4″ foam wheels. Unfolded dimension of the robot– 62″ width x 33.75″ height x 63″ depth Weight– 9 kg Power Pong Beta Robot – Other Specifications      Adjustable ping pong table thickness – You can screw or unscrew the rubber tips to adjust it.      Stopping the shots– You can stop the ball delivery by using the remote or the knob on the controller.      Setting break times– You cannot predetermine break times between drills.      Sampling button– It’s located on the remote.      Application language– In English.      Rotation movement– No.      Controller attachment– It has a slip-on metal bracket that you can detach from the controller.      Side net attachments– Comes with side net attachments.      Recycling net for balls– Yes.      Carry bag for attachments – Yes.      Included balls – 100 3-star power pong balls.      Elevation– Quick up and down movement with the help of deflector plates.      Shot types– Lob, slow loop, chop, push, dead block, fast loop, counter smash, flat kill with multiple spin types.      Spin types – No spin, top spin, left spin, right spin, side spin, back/right spin, and back/left spin.      Pre-programmed drills– A total of 30 drills can be modified with a fully realistic training experience.      Ball speed settings– 1 to 19      Random settings– Doable Highlights of the Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot  Three-wheel technology The Power Pong Beta is a state-of-the-art table tennis robot that can mimic all spins from backspin to topspin, push, sidespin, and spin gimmicks. Thanks to their increased stability, the 3-wheeled Beta robots can serve countless more balls of different drill sequences and drills compared to 2-wheeled cheap table tennis robots. The Power Pong robots are the only robots capable of training the player to deal with and hit three very different types of spins simultaneously and a wide range of combinations between all these 3 spins. They can be adjusted from light to heavy and from topspin, backspin, and no spin (ZH) (known as sidespin in TT). The minimum difference is .03m/s between each adjacent spin speed for each type of spin. A world-class player will hit any ball at speeds over 40m/s, but he will hit against: 1) Opponent’s heavy backspin or pushing shots, 2) His first push, 3) His topspin shots when they come back after the bounce. To deal with this situation, the robot should be set up to deliver a mix of light backspin with medium or heavy topspin shots and no spin/ZH shots. The remarkable thing in this training is that they should also have varying trajectories (depth and height), following a curve similar to the player’s loop-drive stroke. Durability Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot is much more durable than other automated practice robots in the market. The Power Pong Beta table tennis robot is a three-wheel ping pong machine that delivers an unparalleled array of serves and spin variations. The three-wheel system provides increased stability and control, which allows the robot to produce more powerful shots. Its durable, lightweight body and precision-decided wheels allow for excellent and accurate delivery of balls during training or practice. It will withstand repeated fast, spinning serves. Each ball can be placed in a different spot, making for more accurate shots. Weighing about 13 lbs, this robot is portable and compact. The Power Pong Beta Robot has 3 wheels, compared to the 2-wheel robots. These 2 wheel robots can’t handle high-speed or fast pace serves and are more likely to break down under too much pressure. Power Pong Beta Robot – Programmable features With the capacity to create 1400 different spin combinations and a variety of built-in drill programs to develop your training plans, the Power Pong Beta robots are genuinely revolutionary. The tablet that comes with the robot is just another extra feature that makes it easier to control and program. Power Pong robots are the original, top-rated table tennis robot. Each Power Pong Beta robot includes an external control box mounted on your table or a nearby wall. This allows you to program the robot without going under your table (useful when you have a heavy net installed). The robots are also programmable, allowing you to develop your training plans and store them in different memory slots for future use. Firstly, Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot is a reliable, high-quality table tennis robot for your home or club. Taking all the rally practice, you can handle is tough, which will help you improve consistency and perfect technique. Its exclusive triple wheels convert the high-speed drive into heavy topspin and give more spin diversity. Secondly, you can adjust the ball frequency from 30 to 70 balls per minute with an oscillating range of 300mm, making it simple to practice drills against heavy backspin and loops against topspin. Moreover, you can drill the forehand, backhand, or even combinations of stroke techniques with the multi-level random function. Additional Accessories of Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot  Adjustable robot wheels – You will get additional robot wheels with the whole packers. They will also provide the necessary tools to replace those wheels with 2 mm and 4 mm hex wrenches. Three-wheel robot head – The Power Pong Beta Robot uses a smart ball launcher to deliver shots during drills. The launcher has a three-wheel drive that can shoot 100 balls per minute. The ball launcher can be controlled with the portable remote or the table control panel. Rubber bands – The packages include a set of rubber bands. These rubber bands will come in handy when screwing the ball net. Ball recycling net – It features automatic ball recycling and collection systems to provide maximum coverage and durability. The robot can play with balls continuously without any intervention. The robot can play with balls continuously and be programmed with 3 different speeds for the forehand and 3 for the backhand, which gives you 9 different forehand/backhand combinations(27 in total). The ball dispenser holds around 100 balls, so you don’t need to worry about refilling the ball tray unless you’re playing for well over an hour. The packages include a catch net that will help you train with your friends or partner. Power Pong Beta Robot Control box The Beta Table Tennis robot is easy to set up and even easier. It comes with a control unit and table holder bracket, which installs in seconds to your ping pong table and connects easily to the robot. The organizer lets you write, organize, and store drills; create, categorize, and program them. However, this robot is excellent for individual practice in several areas, from basic shooting techniques to footwork, reaction speed and hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration, and mental abilities. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! 30 pre-saved drills – You can set up to 30 drills at any time. You can customize each drill to your liking. You can change every little detail, such as ball spring, speed, and rotation. Carry bag – The package will provide you with a functional carry bag. The carry bag has enough space to hold the robot in case you want to take the robot with you when you are traveling. Physical control box & Remote control – You will get a mini remote control with your robot. You can start or stop the drills using the remote. You can even change ball speed with it. 100 3-star Power Pong balls – The package includes 100 power pong balls. You can use these balls to start practicing as soon as you set up. Power Pong Beta Robot Pros and Cons  Pros –  Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot can help you become a pro in no time. You can learn all sorts of techniques and tricks using this state-of-the-art table. You can learn how to defend yourself against all types of shots. The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty deal and a 10-day return policy. You can change the speed and spin of the ball using the remote control. You can predetermine drills. It is very lightweight and has adjustable wheels, making it easily portable. You can make a wide variety of combinations with programmable features. The robot comes with a set of tools and a carrying bag. The machine doesn’t make any noise. The robot utilizes three-wheel drive tech for realistic simulation. It can produce 17 different spin shots. Cons –  It can be an expensive investment for new users. You might have to get the manual from the official online Power Pong website. Where To Buy Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robots? Megaspin is the go-to place for table tennis players and has the best prices on Power Pong Beta table tennis robots. They’ll occasionally offer a 20% discount, making their prices very attractive. Not only that, but they also don’t charge any shipping fees to get the best available price in the market. The point is if you want the best discount, you should check out Megaspin for the Power Pong Beta table tennis robot. Power Pong Beta Robot Price  The Power Pong Beta with tablet and control box is priced at $1397.00, while the Power Pong Beta with table control unit costs $1237.00. Although the price tag seems a bit too much for some, it’s worth every penny. The other expensive table tennis robot from Power Pong is Omega. Other places you can buy this robot are the best online table tennis shops. Table Tennis Robots Beta is the only multifunctional robot that allows you to practice with a partner. It comes with many different drills and training modes, allowing you to choose how to improve your game. The table tennis robot BETA includes modes such as Customized Drills, Customized Drills + Spin Training 1-4 Labels for 2 Spins, 2 labels for 4 spins, 4 labels for all the spin types (topspin, underspin), 6 tags for all kinds of shots (topspin backhand, forehand topspin, side spin) and 9 labels for 3.5/2 spin types. Table tennis robot BETA can simultaneously work in three different modes: Practice Mode (Practice yourself or with a partner) Match Mode (practice against the robot) Automatic mode (the robot can switch between practice and match mode). It also includes a 3-year warranty, 24hr local repair service, and online technical support. So, getting these features for just $1397 is a bargain deal. It might even be the deal of the century. So, don’t miss out on the chance to get a Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot for yourself. Megaspin is offering a 21% discount offer right now. Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot Reviews Here are some reviews on Power Pong Beta table tennis robots from users. “I own a table tennis club. I’ve tried many different kinds of table tennis robots, and Power Pong Beta is the best one. The shots are consistent and realistic. The machine is straightforward to set up and play against. I highly recommend Power Pong Beta to everyone who loves ping pong!” Thomas Reed. “I was really impressed with the quality of the table tennis robot. The assembly only took about 30 minutes and was super easy to do. I’ve used it for about a month and a half now, and it has been great.” Alan. “I’ve had a chance to play with a few table tennis robots, but Power Pong Beta is the best. It has a sturdy build and makes consistent shots. I would definitely recommend this to all serious table tennis players.” Ron. T. Power Pong Beta Robot – Final Verdict  Firstly, this robot can deliver consistent shots over a large range of settings with a high-quality build. As one of the most budget-friendly table tennis robots on the market today, it is easier to set up and get going than some of its more expensive counterparts. Secondly, whether you are looking for an alternative to the Power Pong Omega or need something more affordable, this robot will impress you with its quality construction, ease of use, and competitive price. Plus, it comes with everything you need, from a catching net, practice ball, tools, and a carry bag for the machine. You can master all the playstyles in a short time. Moreover, if you want to get into the pro leagues as soon as possible, your only and best option is Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot. Even the setup process is easy. Also, all the settings and adjustable programmers are listed in the manual. So, you can follow the manual and tweak the settings according to your liking. Power Pong Beta Robot Review – Frequently Asked Questions  Is Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot accurate? Power Pong Beta is today’s strongest, most accurate table tennis robot. It’s controlled by a powerful computer that makes learning and programming training sessions very easy. It focuses on basic training, accuracy, and placement. Power Pong is perfect for anyone who wishes to improve their game even further or for those who want to have fun playing table tennis with friends and family. How Does Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot work? The new Power Pong Beta table tennis robot will take your game to the next level. Using multi-wheel technology, this robot can place the ball anywhere on the table with different spins. For example, the round platform also has wheels that provide backspin, topspin, and right and left sidespin. This programmable robot also lets you store up to 30 different exercises, meaning you can now play challenge matches with a friend or the computer. You’ll be amazed by how much this ingenious product can improve your skills! How can Power Pong Beta Robot improve your skill? With the Power Pong table tennis robot, you can practice with one of our custom-made drills, have a long rally, practice against spinners and thieves, or even play a match. The robot’s sturdy design, excellent ball control, and precisely calibrated springs ensure consistent ball control. Play against the robot by yourself or with friends. Whether you need to drill your forehand loop against heavy backspin or improve your forehand drive VS side spin, you can use the Power Pong Beta robot to enhance all aspects of your game. The best part is to sharpen and refine your skills on your time. Imagine you have just arrived home from a full day of work and want to play table tennis. How much does the Power Pong Beta Robot weigh? Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot weighs 9 kg. You will get a carry bag with it, making transportation relatively easy. Where is the Power Pong brand located? The Power Pong company is located in Hungary. All the main components of the Power Pong Beta Robot are manufactured in Hungary, except for the power supply and carry bag. Those are made in China. Does the Power Pong Beta Table Tennis Robot make any noise during drills? Firstly, the Beta Table Tennis Robot doesn’t make any noise. Secondly, it doesn’t have any fans like the other drill robots. Moreover, the gears and types of equipment inside the main machine are always in stealth mode.

y&t table tennis robot featured image with remote control

Y&T Table Tennis Robot V989E (2023 Review & Buying Guide)

The Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E is the ultimate tool for any aspiring table tennis player. This robot can consistently make forehand, backhand, and serve shots to help beginners master their game based on professional techniques. I have listed the top features of this great robot in this Y&T V-989E table tennis robot review. Is it worth your investment? How does the Y&T V-989 table tennis robot compare with other brands? Here we’ll go over some facts on the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot in hopes that it will help you decide if this is the robot for you. A Brief Overview of the Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E Y&T V-989E is a two-wheel head table tennis robot that is 100% programmable, which makes it perfect for beginners to hone their skills and table tennis enthusiasts looking for a practice partner. There are many automated table tennis bots, but only a handful have programmable functions. For example, the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot can be configured and programmed to perform several moves sequences on its own. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! With the touch of a button, Y&T V-989E can smoothly adjust the playing strength to its best level. You can set it to perform specific volleys and serves by using the Y&T V-989E control box that comes with it. Thus. The Y&T V-989E robot is a great option for people who to improve their table tennis skills. Y&T V-989E was designed with the high-performance table tennis ball in mind but can play just about any ball you want to throw at it in the form of an incoming serve or a high-speed ball hit from the middle of the table. Y&T V-989E robot is the perfect robot you’re looking for if you’re worried about your kid having no time to do physical activity but want to play table tennis every day. The V-989E can rotate 360 degrees in all directions and is also fully programmable. It is a 2 wheels table tennis robot that is ready to grab your racket and challenge you anytime. Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E Features Name Y&T V-989E Table Tennis Robot Brand Y&T Type Fully programmable 2-wheel head standing table tennis robot Control Touch-based remote control box with LCD screen Oscillation spins Fully programmable with various spins Random Settings Yes Ball Capacity 50 to 100 40mm balls Ball Frequency 25-95 balls per minute Max Ball speed 90 mph (40m/sec) Min Ball Speed 8 mph (4m/sec) Ball Spins No spin to extreme spin. In total 9 types of spins. Additional Balls FREE 150 40+ balls included Ball Recycling Net 1 ball recycling net included Side Net Attachements Yes Parts & Labor Warranty 3 years limited warranty Return Policy 30-days return policy How does the Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E Work Y&T V-989E is a new generation intelligent robot that has been designed for table tennis practice. It is an affordable option to improve your table tennis skills. It has all the features of a modern robot: Automatic ball finding, Automatic ball ejection, Human player imitation, and more. Here’s an overview of the Y&T V-989E robot’s technology. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The 2-wheel head: The Y&T V-989E robot features amazing technology and design, but the most important is that it has two wheels, producing dead balls and accelerating at an incredible speed to block your shot. Two independently controlled motors drive the two friction wheels of the Y&TV-989E robot. The player can change the angle of return, spin, and speed through remote control, allowing more fun in the table tennis game. Ball capacity: The ball capacity of the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot is 100 balls (40mm balls) per minute. Ball feeding mechanism: Y&T V-989E robot comes with the ball collecting net and ball catching ner that automatically collects and returns the balls to the feeding tube. Operation: It is a plug-in table tennis robot; hence you must plug it in properly. The power switch is located at the backside of the robot. By turning the switch “on,” the robot starts operation, and after use, you simply turn the switch “off.” The input power supply is 110-240V 50Hz-60Hz 50W. Control Box Parameters: The Y&T V-989E robot can be configured by the touch-based control box, which is situated at the end of the table. The control box comes with a digital display and a simple interface, allowing you to tweak and adjust the settings, ball frequency, and other functions. You can select the long and short balls mode with the control box, known as the random function. The indicator light on the display shows the current mode. The fun doesn’t end with a robot that will play all night. The remote control also allows you to shoot balls up to 90 mph and spin them up to 3000 RPM, which is ideal for training yourself or your friends. Since this robot is so well built, it can do more than just play a game of ping pong. That said, if you’re looking for a fun way for the whole family to get involved in table tennis, the Y&T V-989E is definitely worth considering. Its simple remote controller makes it easy to use and teaches you many common table tennis strokes. Y&T V-989E Table Tennis Robot Control & Customization The Y&T V-989E table tennis robot comes with a remote control box with an LCD screen that displays all the programming options. Let’s learn more about the ways you can program the Y&TV-989E robot and customize the functions. Selecting the number of balls: The amount selection key on the control box lets you choose the number of balls you can select from 1 to 999. In total, 10 numbers are from 0-9 in each one, tens and hundreds place. Every time you press the selection key, the number will increase by one digit. Once the amount has been entered, the digital display automatically shows the number decrease one by one. Start the robot automatically to set the “infinite” ball. Customizing the speed and frequency: There are in total of 10 stages from the lowest to the highest level. The top wheel and bottom wheel of the robot can work independently or at the same time. The higher the stage is selected, the faster the ball speed will become. After all, the ball’s speed is proportional to the strength of the spin. The frequency can be adjusted by pressing the “increase” or “decrease” key. The lowest frequency stage is 25 balls per minute, and the highest is about 95 balls per minute. Memory Function: The control box also has a memory function that memorizes the current setting, which allows you to play with the same setting the next time you start the robot. Selecting spins: Firstly, you can choose from 9 different types of spins. These are: topspin, underspin, no spin, left sidespin, right sidespin, left-side topspin, left-side underspin, top-right topspin, and right-side underspin. Secondly, serving and defending the ball is one of the most challenging parts of playing table tennis. Moreover, there are many ways you can make sure you are always ready to make a quality counter-shot. The Y&T V-989E robot makes it easy to practice your reversals, topspin loops, backhand topspin strokes, cuts, and more by giving you total control to ensure you are always on the winning side of the table. Selecting the landing spot: There are 11 landing spots you can choose from by pressing the 11-digit keys at the bottom of the control box. By pressing the landing spot keys, you can create as many serving style combinations as possible. How To Set Up Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E One of the best things we liked about the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot was the easy set-up and installation on any ping pong table. You don’t require any assembly tools. The robot comes in a package pre-installed. Take the robot out of the package, simply spread the ball collection net on both sides, and you are set to practice and train with your robot. The robot rolls easily from and away from the table. This lets you easily store the robot when not in use. After finishing your training, fold bold back the net, switch off the robot, unplug and that’s it! What is Included in the Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E So, what are the things you get along with your Y&T V-989E robot? This section of the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot review will list everything that’s included with your robot. Here are the components and things that come with your Y&T robot. The pre-assembled V-989E robot The LCD touch-screen control box Net assembling parts FREE Net collection and ball recycling system; worth $16.95 FREE 150 40+ training balls Printed/hardcopy of the owner’s manual FREE shipping inside the USA 30-day money-back guarantee Three-year warranty on parts and accessories. Y&T Table Tennis Robot Pros and Cons After extensive testing, we have reviewed the Y&T V-989E and found it to be very similar to its top competitors in terms of function. However, this robot slightly beats its competitors in terms of price. For example, Power Pong Omega has a higher price. The assembly process is easy, but the instructions could use improvement in terms of clarity. So the Y&T V-989E has several advantages over other robots because of its price and better quality parts, but it does have some disadvantages, which will be discussed below. Pros This two-wheel head robot is simple yet provides a versatile function to customize serve, volley, and sequences. The robot is fully programmable. Y&T V-989E robot’s memory function stores and saves the last programmed practice settings so you can play with the same settings the next time you practice. This full-size standing robot is very easy to set up. It comes pre-assembled, which you only need to take out of the box, and it also rolls easily to and from the table. The package comes with plenty of freebies. For example, free 150 ping pong balls and ball recycling and net collection system. Along with the 3-year warranty, you will get full technical support as long as you own the robot. Cons As mentioned above, the only downside is that the instruction/the owner manual could be a bit more clear. But then again, we have discussed almost everything about this robot in this review on the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot. Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-989E Price The Y&T V-989E is the next-generation multipurpose table tennis robot by Y&T. This robot can play like a world-class spinner. But how much does the Y&T table tennis robot V-989E cost? The best part is the Y&T V-989E robot is priced at $1,051.60 only at Megaspin. This is the lowest and the best price of the Y&T V-989 E robot, and I think it is the best robot for the value. With a lifetime motor guarantee, the Y&T V-989E is the best choice for any ping pong enthusiast looking to improve their game or train like a pro. That said, it’s worth spending your money on it because it offers many advanced features to satisfy the playing needs that you cannot find in any other machine. There are many other ping pong robots and detailed reviews on our site. Y&T V-989E is built very sturdily and remains durable even after heavy usage. Additionally, the robot offers a variety of adjustable features, including spin, speed, ball serves, height, and angle, which you can set up easily all by yourself. Y&T V-989E Table Tennis Robot Where To Buy So from where can you order the Y&T V-98E table tennis robot? I would suggest getting it from a table tennis store online like Megaspin.net. After all, Megaspin is one of the most trusted places to shop for table tennis gear and equipment. Plus, getting it from Megaspin means getting it at the best and lowest price and getting Megaspin’s additional support at no extra charge. Another thing that I liked best is that Megaspin’s customer support is very friendly, helpful, and available 24/7. They take the time to discuss and resolve any issues with any item purchased from their website. Y&T V-989E Table Tennis Robot Reviews From Users Before you decide to buy the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot, it can be good to check what people who have already bought the Y&T V-989E table tennis robot think of their purchase. Therefore, several users and experts have written reviews about these expensive table tennis ping pong robots. Some of the Y&T V-989E robots reviews state that it is the best robot for the value, while others have a different opinion. If you prefer Power Pong robots such as model Alpha with a similar price, then look at our detailed review. What do actual users think about Y & T products? These Y&T V-989E reviews from users will tell you as much about the table tennis robot as any other resource on the internet. The Y&T V-989E robot reviews below (newest first, 1-star – 5-star ratings) are based on verified purchasers of the product. “We are a family of table tennis players; my father and I are the main competitors. My father is the master of spin and placement; I am the master of power and agility. The Y&T V-989E is our ultimate challenge. It is impossible to beat. If you try to play it with your own style, you will lose every time. The only way to beat this machine is to use its style against it: pure power, speed, and spin.” Mark. “It’s a great robot, can’t beat the price. I bought this robot about a year or two ago, and it is such a great product. I’ve had no problems with it at all. If you’re looking for something to help you improve your game, this is the robot for you!” Jade. T. “It was awesome to see how quickly the robot could return the ball. The robot can return shots even when the opponent is at the very edge of the table, which is a significant advantage over humans. The robot also moves faster and more precisely than any human while having no fear and hesitation.” Henry. M. Y&T Table Tennis Robot – The Final Thoughts I think Y&T is a leader in the burgeoning range of smart robots. The V-989E Table Tennis Robot is both user-friendly and easy to set up. It’s also a pleasure to play with; this robot doesn’t cheat and provides a challenge to new and experienced players. It also has plenty of room for growth, with promising features like a smart app that can be used on computers and has access to instructional videos on YouTube. The bottom line of the Y&T V-989E Table Tennis Robot review is that it is an effective robot and helps you improve your game faster. This table tennis robot provides several levels of adjustable speed so that you can control the speed according to your training requirements. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It also helps you to repeat shots accurately and analyze your weaknesses. Its price is reasonable, and customers have positive reviews, which prove that this robot is the best for value.

paddle palace s4w table tennis robot featured picture blue color on the ping pong table

Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot (2023 Review)

Is the Paddle Palace S4W pro robot worth consideration? This Paddle Place S4W Pro table tennis robot review will give you a complete insight into this table tennis machine so you can make an informed decision. In the world of table tennis, robots are a dime a dozen. So who wouldn’t want their own table tennis robot? Featuring a 3 minutes setup time and a speed of 110mph, the S4W Pro robot is one of the fastest in its price range. So no wonder you’ll get tons of Paddle Palace S4W reviews, but most of them are not direct to the facts. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! How does this table tennis robot differ from other brands? What are the programming options? What type of customizations can you choose, and how does it operate? Plus, this in-depth writing is pure gold for all table tennis enthusiasts because you’ll also know how the Paddle Palace Pro S4W table tennis robot compares with Newgy robots and Amicus Start, Prime, and every type you can think about. Overview of the Paddle Palace Robot Specs & Power Electronics Name – Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot Brand – Paddle Palace Type – Fully programmable 4-wheel head standing table tennis robot Control Touch-based remote control box with LCD screen Oscillation spins – Fully programmable with various spins Random Settings – 3 Types: Random sequence, pre-programmed sequence,  or you can program your own. Ball Frequency – 25/95 balls per minute Max Ball speed – 110mphSpeed/Spin Range – No spin to extreme spin Shot Types – All spins include low to extreme spin settings, slow loop, fast loop, counter, smash, flat kill, dead block, push, chop, lob, and serve with spin variations Additional Balls – 120 Nittaku 40+ balls included Ball Recycling Net – 1 ball recycling net included Side Net Attachments – Yes Parts & Labor Warranty – 1-year limited warranty Return Policy – 30 days return policy What is Paddle Palace S4w Pro? Paddle Palace S4W Pro is a four-wheel head table tennis robot that stands by itself and is fully programmable, allowing you to enjoy all the features you expect from a pro-level automated table tennis robot. This robot gives aspiring players many advantages. Use it with other players, or improve your skills by playing against a robot with four independently programmable heads. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This advanced table tennis robot lets you play a seamless combination of topspin and underspin (or sidespin and no-spin) shots in any practice sequence or pick any of the sequences from the 30 pre-programmed demos. Combine these shots with different throw speeds to create unlimited imaginative practice options! This exciting four-head table tennis robot is even more versatile than two-head or three-head robots. S4W also comes with a net recycling system so that you don’t need to pick the ball. With faster wheels, the ability to program more playing options, and additional memory to save drills and sequences, the S4W Pro is easier than ever to use. Paddle Palace S4W Durability What’s more, the Paddle Palace S4W table tennis robot is designed to last! It’s been designed to stand up to the frequent club and home use rigors. This self-standing table tennis robot is also portable and comes complete with an easy-to-use control box attached to the table. Just unpack it, plug it in, and play. The robot is ready to use from the moment you unbox and plug it in! It also includes a convenient control box so you can easily watch and control your play sequences from the end of the table. Having a Paddle Palace S4W Pro table tennis robot provides you with many benefits. But best of all, it becomes a perfect opponent that can test your skills under pressure and make your game more enjoyable. How Does Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Work? Here’s an overview of the technology of the Paddle Palace S4W Pro table tennis robot. The 4-wheel head: S4W features two rotating heads with 2 separately programmable throw wheels. You have the option to use only one head or both heads to produce different practice patterns. Each S4W Pro head can be programmed to perform a separate function. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! You can set one head to reproduce a realistic serve that first hits the robot side of the table, just like a human serve. Then you can use the 2nd robot head to add volleys. While one head produces topspin balls, the other can produce underspin balls. Once you select the desired spin, frequency, and speed for each head, the robot will deliver each ball to the correct landing spots specified by the user. Ball capacity: The ball capacity of the S4W Pro is 95 balls per minute (110mph), with adjustments for up to 10 levels. The balls are recycled automatically as it comes with net recycling. Ball feeding mechanism: Paddle Palace S4W Pro robot comes with the ball catching net and a collecting net that automatically feeds the balls to the feeding tube. Operation: Paddle Place S4W is a plug-in table tennis robot with the required connecting cables and the required adaptor. This robot should be powered by 120. Pre-set and random sequence mode: S4W comes packed with 30 pre-saved sequences. In addition, you can also choose the “sequence in random” function that allows S4W to pick any of the 30 sequences and rearrange the serving for a new sequence. But what’s worth considering is that the S4W can produce over 60,000 various kinds of serving sequences when you choose the “random” sequence function. Remote control box parameters: The S4W Pro robot can be easily configured via the controller box situated on the player’s end of the table. The simple design of the controller box makes it easy to adjust and tweak settings such as spin, speed, frequency, and many more functions. Best of all, it’s touch-based, meaning the controller box is equipped with a very intuitive LCD touch-screen and menu-based functions. A variety of serves or shot sequences can be selected, as well as ball speed, degree of spin, and frequency of delivery, along with several different play patterns. You can also adjust the frequency of ball delivery and the length of time you want to practice a sequence. Landing spots for the delivered balls can also be adjusted to make it easier to practice different techniques. How To Set Up The Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot? The Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot is fully assembled and ready to play right out of the box. No tools are required! Take it out of the box, place it on the table, slip the net, and you’re good to go! Assembling the net: When it comes to assembling the net, you can follow the basic procedure of just about any table tennis robot. S4W comes packed with the required hardware for net support and attachment. To assemble the Ball Catch Net: Unlock the buckle holding the Ball Catch Net together. Unfold the Ball Catch Net about 45 degrees and carefully slip it over the robot’s head. Insert the pin into the connector located on the S4W robot’s frame. Open and spread out the net completely. Unlock the wheels and carefully roll the robot to the table. Slip in the sleeves of the net over the support clamps attached to the table. Pull on the elastic band running across each support knob, locking them in place. Adjusting the head angle and height: Although you can choose the landing spots of the balls delivered via the control box, you can also adjust the heights and angles of each of the heads of the S4W Pro. All you need to do is loosen the silver head angle lock knob and adjust the head angle by rotating it. Tighten the knob when you have your desired height and angle adjustments. Powering Up: S4W has the required power cords and needs to be powered by 120 V. Plug in the power cord to the outlet securely and switch on the robot by pressing the switch at the robot’s backside. Connecting the Control Box: Fasten the control panel bracket to the table and insert the control panel. Plug your robot’s cable into the jack on the control panel. When you switch on the power supply, you’ll see that the LED lights up. The LED screen of the S4W control box is menu-based and very intuitive (I have already explained, though). Switching Off The Robot: When not in use, switch off the robot by pressing the on/off switch located on the robot’s backside. Your S4W Pro table tennis robot is also portable, and it rolls easily to and from the table when you need to put it away for storage or travel. Fold the ball catch net, lose the buckles, unlock the wheels and roll it away – and that’s all it requires. There! You are all set to practice with your S4W Pro table tennis robot. You can also read the Paddle Palace S4W Pro’s instruction manual to learn how to set up this table tennis robot. The buyers also have a quick start guide on the bottom of the SW4 Pro’s control box. I suggest you watch the YouTube demonstration if you feel like it. Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot Control & Customization & Setting Drills Not only does the S4W Pro provide you with quality shots and spins, but it also automatically returns the ball and can be controlled in a variety of ways. It has a remote control box with an LCD screen that displays all the programming options you can choose from using the simple push buttons on the screen. There is even a way to use the robot’s scoreboard as a measuring device to gain precision at every stroke. Let’s learn more about how you can program the S4W robot and improve your tactics and strokes. Customizing the ball frequency: At this point of the S4W robot review, you know that this practice partner can deliver up to 95 balls per minute, and there are 10 increments for you to adjust the ball frequency as per your choice. If you choose the slowest function, the robot will deliver 25 balls per minute, while the fastest produces 95 balls per minute. The ball container of the S4W holds approximately 100 balls; however, the robot can shoot from 1 to 999 balls. This is another of the winning functions of the S4W, as most of the high-end and advanced table tennis robots have adjustment settings for up to 4 levels only, although they feature a ball frequency of 100 balls per minute. Controlling the spin, serve, and volley sequence: This multi-function/multi-head machine can generate all kinds of spin, sidespin, and no-spin shots simultaneously or individually! This combination allows for a wide range of spin possibilities (up to 9 different types of spins for each of the two shooting heads). You also have the option to set the wheel speed, and there are 10 increments for each of the wheels, which you can assess on the control panel. The higher the wheel speed, the ball becomes speedier. Setting different speeds for the top and bottom wheels produces more spin. If you choose the “sequence in random” function, the robot will produce thousands of different sequences. Controlling the ball’s trajectory: Each head angle is adjustable manually by rotating the head, allowing you to practice different serves. The S4W robot’s oscillation is fully programmable, allowing you to program your own choice of where the ball lands. There are three options for setting the landing spot location sequence: Random, pre-programmed, or you can program your own. What Is Included With Paddle Palace S4w Pro Table Tennis Robot Package?  This Paddle Palace S4W review will go over everything included with the package, from velcro strips, and attachments to the S4W robot heads, wheels, control box, and the free assembling accessories. The S4W Pro Package comes pre-assembled for you with all the following components: The pre-assembled S4W Pro robot The LCD touch-screen remote control box Robot and ping pong net assembly parts FREE Net collection and ball recycling system FREE 120 Nittaku 40+ training balls Printed/hardcopy of the owner’s manual FREE shipping inside the USA 30-day money-back guarantee One-year limited warranty on parts and accessories Paddle Palace S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot Pros And Cons The Paddle Palace S4W Pro (read as “the Super 4 Wheel robot”) can play against you in either singles or doubles. It has a wide range of functions that allow it to prepare for the shot and respond to different types of spin. However, there are some disadvantages to relying solely on table tennis robots, and it’s essential to understand them before spending your money. That’s why here I’ll share the pros and cons attached to the Paddle Palace S4W Pro robot so you know what’s worth considering. Pros Compared to one, two, and three-wheel robots like Newgy Robo Pong, this four-wheel table tennis robot provides the greatest versatility in a volley, serve, and training sequence. Because it is fully programmable, it can do dozens of different drills at the perfect playing speed — way faster than you’ll be able to pull off on your own. This robot comes stored with 30 pre-saved landing sequences and drills. If you choose the “random sequence” function, it produces more than 60,000 serving sequences to give you the feel of realistic shots and to keep you on your feet all day long. Plus, you can program the first head to produce realistic human-like serves with a variety of spins for the 1st head and then allow the robot to complete the sequence with the 2nd head. S4W Pro Table Tennis Robot’s memory function remembers your last programmed practice setting. This means you don’t have to do it all over again when you turn the robot on for your next practice. Suppose you have different training plans requiring specific servings and return patterns. In that case, this feature will make the robot worth its purchase price over cheaper table tennis robots without a memory function. This pre-assembled robot is very easy to set up. It is a full-size self-standing robot with wheels for easy rolling to and from the table. Cons The main downside to this robot is that it costs about double the ball launchers, but it does have a lot more features, as I mentioned above. Together with your paddle, this robot makes up a full table tennis training system that can help you improve your game by leaps and bounds in just a few weeks. Paddle Palace S4w Pro Table Tennis Robot Price So, how much does the Paddle Palace S4W Pro table tennis robot cost? Paddle Palace S4W Pro is priced at $1,295.95 at Megaspin. I don’t think this is expensive compared to the three-wheelers and most high-tech ping pong robots. If you get the chance to use it for once, you’ll realize that this robot is perhaps slightly underrated compared to Newgy, Power Pong, and Butterfly even. Also, you get full support from Megaspin if you purchase from there, plus the manufacturer’s one-year warranty on the parts and accessories of the robot. Paddle Palace S4w Pro Table Tennis Robot Where To Buy From where can you order the Paddle Palace S4W Pro table tennis robot? The best place for you to get Paddle Palace S4W is Megaspin. It may take a little longer to get this table tennis robot from Amazon, and that’s why Megaspin is worth considering. Plus, they provide fantastic customer service and the fastest shipping I have ever seen. What I find most convenient about Megaspin table tennis store is its user-friendly interface. Instead of going through different websites and comparing products one by one, Megaspin offers a comparison-like page where all the Paddle Palace robots are listed according to specific criteria. You’ll see how Paddle Palace S4W compares to Paddle Palace Robot A32W Pro and also read the Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro reviews. This is by far the most effective way of finding what suits you best. Also, they can add coupons sometime in the month, which will give you huge discounts. For instance, the retail price of the Paddle Palace Robot S4W Pro table tennis robot is $1495.95. But now, with Megaspin’s 13% discount, you can get this at $1,295, plus free shipping inside the USA. Paddle Palace Robot S4w Table Tennis Robot Reviews From Users Needless to say that you will find many reviews on the Paddle Palace S4W table tennis robot. Some of the S42 Pro reviews claim it can help you achieve top-level game skills like no other robot in this price range. Here are some of the users’ Paddle Palace S4W table tennis robot reviews. “S4W Pro is a sweet unit for sure. The robot does nice dead serves and long underpins. The random sequence function makes the gameplay very immersive and fun. It seems to have a lot more capability and versatility than my Newgy robot, and I’m set to figure out more settings with my club mate tomorrow.” Mark. “One thing I liked best about the S4W robot is the easy setup for play with the robot. It is an easy on-and-off unit that takes less than 3 minutes. The quality of construction is worth mentioning also. Yes, the pre-set sequences are well thought off, but I would like to have app control of the robot via my smartphone. Perhaps, Paddle Palace Pro will make this feature available for the S4W robot. Overall, it will give you all the functions you’ll want from a table tennis robot.” Jeremy. “We are delighted with our S4W. This robot is very easy to get the hang of, with only one main setting to adjust and spin, and it will do everything for you. It picks up balls with no problem and does not miss a single-serve. The speed is amazing; at first, it was hard to adjust to, but after a week, it was almost too fast! Our club members love it, and we recommend it to anyone who wants to have a table tennis robot in their club or at home.” Loren.  The Final Thought Bottom line: Paddle Palace S4W table tennis robot has many features and solid characteristics one would expect from a high-tech ping pong robot. Aspects like spin, speed adjustment, and angle adjustment are all at your fingertips, allowing you to improve your performance. The table tennis robot is especially useful if you are busy, injured, or want to improve your table tennis skills without any killing noises and motion distractions. This write-up is intended to give you detailed information. I shared the advantages and disadvantages of the device in this Paddle Palace S4W robot review. If you are looking for results from your table tennis robot, using the Paddle Palace Robot S4W is undoubtedly one of the smartest decisions, and yes, you can give it a go. It is built to last – that you can feel right from the moment you unbox the S4W robot, so there’s no doubt it will give you enjoyable table tennis matches and practice for the years to come.  

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Butterfly Amicus Start Table Tennis Robot (2023 Review & Buying Guide)

If you are a serious table tennis player, no wonder you have been thinking of getting yourself a practice partner, perhaps the Start table tennis robot from the Butterfly Amicus series. If that’s so, you’ll find this Butterfly Amicus Start review helpful. We have been testing the Butterfly Amicus Start Table Tennis Robot for several weeks now and have found it to be a great way to improve your game. It is an affordable and convenient way to train on your own at home, in your garage, or basement. It also comes with an optional remote control to change the robot’s ball delivery speed and settings. But there’s more to it. In this Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot review, I will explain how it works, its features, and how much it costs so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!   Brief Overview: What is Butterfly Amicus Start Robot? Butterfly Amicus Start is a three-wheel head table tennis robot that attaches to any standard ping pong table, allowing you to train as long as you want. What can the Amicus Start do? Firstly, the Amicus Start’s unique three-wheel design allows it to mimic champion players’ spin placement and trajectory, with unmatchable adjustment capabilities in the table tennis robot industry. Secondly, the Butterfly Amicus Start Table Tennis Robot is great equipment for those looking to get into table tennis. The Start is an ideal table tennis robot for many players, from beginners to intermediate and even advanced players who want a challenge. It is geared toward players who wish to develop their game without a lot of technical instruction. Moreover, the simple interface and portability of the unit allow the player to train, practice or play whenever and wherever they want. This brings us to the next important question: Butterfly Amicus Start Robot Specifications Name Amicus Start Table Tennis Robot Brand Butterfly Control Wired control box and optional wireless remote Remote Control Optional wireless remote control Oscillation spins Right and left spins. Number of Shots Per Drill Up to 6  shots. Adjustable for various position Random Settings 3 Types: Random scatter, random place, randomly scatter + random place Spin Settings 6 for topspin, 4 for backspin, 5 for right sidespin, 5  for left sidespin Ball Frequency Range Customization 11-100  balls per minute Ball Projection Height 4 adjustments  (8″, 9.5″, 11″, & 12.5″) Table thickness adjustments Adjustable from 3.8’’ to 1’’ table thickness or Speed/Spin Range No spin to extreme spin Shot Types All spins include low to extreme spin settings, slow loop, fast loop, counter, smash, flat kill, dead block, push, chop, lob, and serve with spin variations. Carry/Storage bag 1 Butterfly’s carry bag Included Balls 120 3-star balls included Ball Recycling Net 1 ball recycling net included Side Net Attachements Yes Total weight 19.3 lbs approximately Parts & Labor Warranty 3 years manufacturer’s warranty and 5 years guarantee on parts availability Return Policy 30-days return policy   How does Butterfly Amicus Start Robot work? With basic settings for each shot: spin, speed, trajectory, and placement – the Amicus Start robot works as a practice partner for the players to master basic table tennis fundamentals. Here’s an overview of Butterfly Amicus Start’s technology. The 3-wheel head: The 3-wheel robot head of the Butterfly Amicus Start produces a range of spins, including topspin, backspin, left and right sidespin, and no-spin. Compared to 2-wheel head designs, the 3-wheel head has more accurate shots and a range of different types of spin without rotating the head. The deflector plate of the robot permits the oscillation movement/ball placements of left and right. Ball capacity: The ball capacity of the Amicus Start is 11-100 balls per minute with adjustments for up to 4 levels of height. The balls are also recycled automatically. Ball feeding mechanism: Butterfly Amicus Start comes with a ball-catching net and the collecting net that automatically feeds the balls to the feeding tube. Mounting mechanism: The robot is designed to mount on top of table tennis tables with the provided clamps. The Start’s control box can be easily mounted on the side of the table with the provided mounting brackets and velcro strips. Operation: It is a plug-in table tennis robot with the required adaptor and connecting cables to connect the machine. The wired control box lets you set the drills and frequency and control the robot. You also can choose a pocket-size remote control that is very lightweight and allows you to control the robot wirelessly. The parameters: The Start’s simple menu system of the control box allows you to select basic shot parameters for the first drill and add up to five additional shots, with placement and spin changes. You get to make your table tennis robot more human-like by randomizing the shots simply by holding the control panel’s random button. Butterfly Amicus Start was created to help players practice their strokes quickly, learn faster, and become better at the sport. How to set up Butterfly Amicus Start Table Tennis Robot? The robot is simple to set up and operate and can quickly move from one place to another. Here I am explaining how to set up the table tennis robot. Assembling the robot and the net: Place the robot on your table tennis top by carefully removing it from the transport bag. Lower bars hold the net on both sides about halfway around 45 degrees. Rotate the curved tubular support legs towards you, as in outwardly. Slide in the curved tubular support legs under the table frame using your hands. Pull both sides of the net down entirely so that the corners of the net match the table’s corners. Attaching the side net to the ping pong table: Pull the sides of the collecting net over the sides of the table and connect the rubber loop under the net with the central screw of the net post. Connect the velcro strips on the robot’s net to the corner brackets. Adjusting the height: Turn the robot’s head forward by 180 degrees by loosening the screw on the back of the tube. Tighten the screw after adjusting the height, but do not overturn the screw. Powering up: Connect the power supply to an outlet and connect the power cable to the connector on the side of the base. Connect the robot hand’s cable to the robot base. Connecting the Control Panel: Mount the control panel’s bracket onto the table and insert the control panel. Connect the cable of the robot to the control panel. The LED of the control box will light up once you turn on the power supply. There! You are all set to practice table tennis with the Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot. For a visual explanation of setting up the Amicus Start table tennis robot, you can visit amicusstart.pdf (butterflyonline.com) Butterfly Amicus Start Robot Control & Customization With the Amicus Start robot, you get to practice both strokes and tactics without relying on your partner’s skill level; the robot never tires and is always ready to challenge you with high-quality shots and spins. Let’s learn more about the Amicus Start Robot’s control and customization. Customizing the ball frequency: As previously mentioned, the Butterfly Amicus Starts’ robot head can deliver up to 100 balls per minute and is programmable for up to 6 shots per drill of various ball trajectories. You can adjust the increment of the ball frequency from 11, 50, and 70 to 100 balls per minute from the ball/min knob of the control panel. By rotating the ball/min frequency to 0, you can stop the ball delivery of the Amicus Start robot. There are six placement knobs for each of the six balls, with eight indicator marks on each of the placement knobs. Setting the knob at the 12:00 o’clock position dictates the robot throw the ball down the center. You can choose different increments for each of the six balls for variable placements. You can delete the ball program by pressing the “Erase ball” button. Butterfly Amicus Start Robot – Control Box CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The spin, speed, and sidespin: You can adjust the speed, spin, side spin, and trajectory of the ball from the control panel. There are 11 spin adjustment increments, which can be controlled by rotating the spin knob. Rotating the spin to 0 means no spin. There are 22 levels of speed adjustments, which can be controlled by rotating the speed knob. There are nine sidespin increments, which can be controlled by rotating the sidespin knob. Rotating the sidespin knob to 0 means no sidespin. Rotating it to the left increases the degrees of the left sidespin and vice versa for the right sidespin. Controlling the ball’s trajectory: The trajectory knob of the Amicus Start’s control panel allows you to increase or decrease the ball’s trajectory or the throwing angle. There are nine increments marked on the trajectory knob with 15 steps of angle in between each of the increments. This means there are 165 steps of adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune the trajectory. Ball projection height: Butterfly Amicus Start offers four different adjustments for the height of the head ( 8″, 9.5″, 11″, & 12.5″), allowing the player to adjust the simulation of the game. Random Function: The random function of the Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot allows you to practice table tennis by choosing any of the three types of randomizations as follows: The Scatter: This option increases the spread radius of the balls delivered by the robot from 13cm to 40cm. Place: This option lets the robot deliver the ball in unpredictable orders. Place + scatter: This option challenges you to practice landing shots delivered with random placement and random spread radius. What is Included in the Butterfly Amicus Start Table Tennis Robot Butterfly Amicus Start is a full-fledged programmable table tennis robot and comes with everything you need to set it up and practice. Here’s included in the Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot’s package. Amicus Start control box Remote control (if you choose the option) Ball recycling/catching net Ball collecting net Robot and net assembly parts, including the velcro straps and rubber bands for fastening the screws of the net. Control panel cables Control panel mounting brackets Wheel adjustment parts, including the hex wrenches and tubes Extension cord 24V 3A adapter AC cable for adapter 120 three-star Butterfly training balls Butterfly Amicus robot carrying bag Printed/hardcopy of the Butterfly Amicus Start manual in English, German, and French. Butterfly Amicus Start Table Tennis Robot Pros and Cons No wonder Butterfly Amicus Start is a pretty awesome table tennis robot that does all the hard work for you, from returning serves to determining spin. It’s perfect for intermediate and advanced players who want an advantage over their opponents by practicing and perfecting their shots. But, as you might imagine, it isn’t without its flaws, and that’s exactly what we will discuss today in this Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis review. Pros The solid and functional construction of the robot includes the ball collection and catching net. The control panel’s user-friendly and simple interface allows you to adjust the parameters easily. The height of the ball delivery is adjustable to stimulate realistic serves and lobs. Random functions (random scatter, random placement, combo random) allow you to improve technique and footwork. The optional remote control allows you to change the robot’s settings on the fly without stopping your play. Weighing only 13.2 lbs., the robot is very lightweight and portable. The robot is not at all noisy; it operates in silent mode. Includes multiple accessories. Free 120 three-star Butterfly training balls to start playing from the moment you set it up. Includes the Butterfly carrying/storage bag for easy storage and portability. It is covered with a full two-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 5-year guarantee of part availability. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Cons No pre-programmed drills or exercises: Amicus Start comes with pre-programmed drills for random ball placement but has no saved exercises or memory for saving the drills. No function for interval training: There is no interval training functionality or function to delay serves or pause in between each service, like the Butterfly Amicus Expert and Butterfly Amicus Prime. However, you can easily upgrade your Amicus Start to Amicus Prime or Expert with a $699.99 Upgrade Kit with all the amenities you would ever want to experience. The kit includes an easy-to-install motherboard that lets you enjoy the cycle function, interval training, an android tablet controller to control with Bluetooth, and save drills in the micro SD card. Butterfly Amicus Start Table Tennis Robot Price So, how much does the Butterfly Amicus Start Table Tennis Robot cost? Two factors come into play with the price of the table tennis robot: the cost of the Amicus Start robot and the price of the optional wireless remote control. The other best budget ping pong robots are under 500 dollars. The Butterfly Amicus Start robot is priced at $1,289.99 at Megaspin, and the optional remote control is priced at $49.99. Butterfly Amicus Start Table Tennis Robot Where to Buy Where can you order the Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot? The best place to get the Butterfly Amicus table tennis robot is at Megaspin, though you can also find it at Amazon. In searching for the best prices on the Butterfly Amicus table tennis robot, I always find that Megaspin comes ahead. Best of all, they offer a 14% discount. You get the Megaspin warranty plus support assisting you in dealing with the Butterfly’s warranty, refunding policy, and support for the availability of the parts and maintenance. Butterfly Amicus Start Robot – Reviews From Users The Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot is one of the most popular table tennis robots on the market, and for a good reason. Nearly every review of this machine says it is worth the investment. In this section, I’ll outline exactly what makes the Amicus Start robot a great practice partner, with three exclusive reviews from actual product users. “We have been using the Amicus Start for about six months now. We use it mostly for training purposes. I like it because you can program it to play in different ways, such as using different spins on the ball, playing backspin, topspin, etc. The simple user interface also makes it easier to control. The machine is also relatively quiet compared to other robots that I’ve seen.” Aaron. T. “I eventually decided to go for the Butterfly Amicus Start Table Tennis Robot because it is one of the most economical robots on the market. It appears to be a very good value for money. I am an international-level coach, and this is a great product to help players of all abilities. It’s also very good fun for the family. I had it set up in just a few minutes. It’s very well made and robust, and I’m sure you will enjoy it for years to come!” Mike. G. The three-wheel head table tennis robot “When I first played with the robot, I was immediately very impressed. You can create your custom drills, adjust the ball frequency, and even change the head height to the way you want. One thing is for sure, and that is it’s meant for starters and perfect for youngsters who want to perfect their skills. It has a wide range of spins that you can select from and is very accurate. I will certainly recommend it to my students and the other patrons of the club I teach.” Dan. W.   The Final Thoughts Many ask if the Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot is worth the investment. The answer is yes because it is an all-around table tennis robot bound to improve your table tennis skills. The Butterfly Amicus Start is a budget-friendly robot that offers excellent value to anyone looking to practice table tennis skills. Hence, it is a great choice if you look for a first robot that will not break the bank and still give you decent spin and speed. Its design is similar to its pro competitors (Expert and Pro) and has the same size and weight making it capable of hitting balls with very good precision. It is designed to help you practice your backhand, forehand, and serve. You also choose random settings, which challenge you by firing different shots with different spins, even if you have slower or faster table tennis rubbers on your racket. Another of the best features of the Amicus Start is the control panel’s simple interface that lets you easily adjust the speed, spin, and trajectory of the balls. What’s more, you can also control the robot on the fly with the Butterfly Amicus Start’s remote wirelessly. In addition, it is covered with a full two years manufacturer’s warranty and 5 years guarantee of the parts availability, plus FREE 120 three-star balls and a sturdy carrying bag! Butterfly Amicus Start Robot Frequently Asked Questions Why would you need the Butterfly Amicus Start robot? The Butterfly Amicus is a table tennis robot that will allow you to improve your strokes and practice your techniques and footwork. The Start from the Butterfly Amicus table tennis robot series is designed for table tennis players of any level, from beginner to pro. You can program it to have the robot simulate any opponent, which makes this robot an excellent training tool. Also, you can use it to help teach table tennis to younger players. Furthermore, it is also a budget-friendly option among the table tennis robots available on the market. Imagine you get home from work one day and feel like playing table tennis. Since you have the Butterfly Amicus Start robot, you can fire up the robot and play a game of table tennis as you catch your favorite sitcom. How much does the Amicus Start robot weigh? Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot weighs 19.3 lbs with the net and comes with a sturdy carrying bag for easy transportation and storage. This way, you can use it in your backyard for playing on outdoor ping pong tables. Does the Amicus Start robot produce any loud noise? The Butterfly is deemed one of the best brands for manufacturing industrial table tennis gears and equipment. The Start robot does not make any noises. It works in silent mode, as no fans are attached to produce noise. Where is the Butterfly Amicus Start robot manufactured? Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robots are manufactured in Hungary; however, the power supply and the carrying case are manufactured in China. What is the Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot’s refund policy? You can return the Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot within 30 days if you purchase from Megaspin online store. What are the spin options for the Amicus Start table tennis robot? You can set backspin, topspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, top/left spin, top/right spin, back/left spin, back/right spin, or no spin with the Amicus Start table tennis robot. How many drills and exercises can you program with the Amicus Start robot? You can set a sequence of 1 to 6 shots that can be programmable to various trajectories. Is the Butterfly Amicus Start robot battery-powered? The Amicus Start table tennis robot is a plug-in model—you’ll need to connect it to a power source of 100 – 240 V to run it. It delivers more powerful shots than battery-powered alternatives and comes with the required cables and the 24V 3A adopter. How does the Amicus Start robot stop the ball delivery? By turning the knob of the controller to the off position, you can stop the ball delivery. Also, by rotating the ball/min frequency to 0, you can stop the ball delivery of the Amicus Start robot. You can also stop the ball delivery by pushing the red stop button of the remote control. How much does the Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot cost? The price of the Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot is $ 1,289.99 at Megaspin.  

power pong omega table tennis robot with three head function featured image

Power Pong Omega Robot Review (2023 New Drills & App)

This Power Pong Omega Robot review will give you insights into why you should get a robot like this, what it offers, how it works, and the massive difference between having one available for your table tennis training. Developed and built by the Hungarian table tennis champion in collaboration with professional California-based coaches, Power Pong has been breaking the stigma of table tennis training aids and robots since 2012. Power Pong robots aren’t just capable of enhancing your game — they’re capable of improving it. With the significant number of features and impressive list of specifications, I was pretty intrigued with their newest addition, the Power Pong Omega robot. REGULAR PRICE: $ 2,397.00 – NEW PRICE: $ 1,947.00 – SAVE $ 450 What type of customizations can you select, and how do you operate the power electronics? Is Power Pong Omega worth the investment? Some reviews claim it to be the most budget-friendly professional table tennis robot, but how does it work? What is the difference between Power Pong Omega and Butterfly Amicus Prime robot? Firstly, when it comes to Power Pong Omega vs. Amicus Prime, both the robots have similar features and electronics, but the main difference lies in their price tags. Secondly, the two robots are similar in appearance but have different sets of drills and features. Power Pong Omega has an easier-to-use interface and better videos for those who want a tutorial on how it works. Because of its outdated technology, Butterfly Amicus Prime’s app store equivalent can be challenging. Another difference between these products is the upgraded electronics-driven wireless connection instead of connecting via a control box or Bluetooth connectivity like we used before with other brands. Omega $ 2,097.00      Amicus $ 2,063.99    Since both robots are programmable, you must also consider the user interface. In this case, the Amicus app comes with 4.5 stars out of 5, whereas the Power Pong Omega has 5-star ratings on the App Store. Power Pong Omega VS Beta VS Delta VS Alpha Comparison Overview of the Power Pong Omega Robot Specs & Power Electronics Name Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot Brand Power Pong Control Includes Android tablet Or Download the App to any iOS or Android Device Remote Switch Included Wireless Remote control included Oscillation spins Right and left spins. Drill Videos Yes viewable from the app Number of Shots Per Drill Up to 8 shots. Adjustable for each shot, speed, speed, height, and position Memory Capacity Unlimited with 6GB included on supplied tablet (you can also extend storage with a Micro SD card) Random Settings 8 Types: Sector, Scatter, Place, Type, Scatter+Place, Scatter+Type, Place+Type, Scatter+Place+Type Spin Settings 7 for topspin, 5 for backspin, 6 for right sidespin, and 6 for left sidespin. Interval Training Yes. You can program custom play/break periods. Ball Frequency Range Customization 5–120 balls per minute Ball Frequency Control Individual Frequency Control (IFC) allows players to adjust the timing between two programmed balls individually. Speed/Spin Range No spin to extreme spin Shot Types The spins include low to extreme spin settings, slow loop, fast loop, counter, smash, flat kill, dead block, push, chop, lob, and serve with spin variations. Mirror drills Includes the mirror button, with which you can reverse all shots’ left and correct placement. Carry Bag 1 Carry Bag Included Balls 100 3-star balls included Ball Recycling Net One ball recycling net included Parts & Labor Warranty Three years warranty, including fixing or replacing your machine Return Policy 10-days return policy The Three-Wheel Technology: An essential innovation in the Power Pong robot is the 3-wheel head robot design. When we asked players who had used robots with 2-wheeled heads, they always said that the 3-wheeled head was better because it allowed multiple spin variations. Power Pong robot uses the revolutionary 3-wheel head design to simulate unique conditions. For example, the robot can deliver shots with different spin speeds and trajectories. This ability helps players practice classic combinations of shots that are otherwise nearly impossible to replicate accurately. You can create drills and simulate an actual match situation by practicing a loop against heavy backspin and then counter against an incoming topspin. A lot of the training you do is based on these two things, and these can be done without any physical adjustments as these are handled by the robot. Thanks to their increased stability, the 3-wheeled Omega robots can serve countless more balls of different drill sequences and drills compared to 2-wheeled ping pong robots like Newgy Robo pong. Sturdy and Durable: Compared to Power Pong 2-wheel robots, 3-wheeled Omega robots are more durable than other cheap table tennis robots because they are less likely to break when forced to serve fast, spinning opponents. Having three wheels also increases accuracy because you can set each ball in a different place. Weighing just about 13 lbs., the Power Pong Omega robot is also very lightweight. Fully Programmable: The Power Pong Omega robots are also programmable, allowing players to develop their training plans. Another notable feature that all players would love is that the robot can be controlled wirelessly by the Power Pong app from your smartphone and the supplied tablet that comes with it. This is another of the most significant changes in the Power Pong robots. I was incredibly impressed with the Power Pong tablet that comes with the package, which is very touch-responsive. Connecting the tablet to the robot via Bluetooth or the Power Pong app installed on your mobile is easy. The simple tablet bracket included in the package is also an excellent gesture that you will find helpful in securely mounting the tablet to the table. Although there are 40 pre-programmed drills, you can create your drills and training exercises directly inside the app and share them with coaches and players. Many more helpful app features make the Ping Pong Omega robot more user-friendly, which we will learn in the next section. Power Pong Omega Robot New Drills Having a new drill can help you improve your spinning skills. You can practice spinning the ball in both directions and combining two balls. The new drill will also help you transition from backspin to topspin. All of these skills are essential for becoming a better player. The videos below show how the new power pong drills can help you improve your game. You can also improve the forward and backward spinning. However,  practicing two ball combinations and backspin topspin transition balls. High Backspin – High Topspin This drill variation will help you improve your footwork on higher balls and estimate the rotation of the opponent’s backspin. Finally, move up to the net and hit volleys over the backboard. As you become more comfortable with the drill, try switching different shots. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to handle anything your opponent throws at you. Backspin – No Spin Variety One crucial factor in table tennis is the speed of the ball. A slow loop means the ball will take longer to return to your side, so you must be prepared to move quickly. The other ball is deep to the backhand side, so you must prepare for backward spinning. These new drills can be manually adjusted to improve specific skills. By changing the speed and depth of the ball and the angle of spin, players can work on their weaknesses and become better table tennis players overall. Two-Ball Combination In table tennis, the two-ball combination means you must prepare for one spinning ball on the forehand side, with another no-spin but faster ball on the backhand side. Secondly, the no-spin ball on the forehand side will be with another spinning ball on the backhand. The first ball you hit is usually a forehand stroke, but you can choose any stroke you wish. Remember to aim lower than the first ball when hitting the new ball because the second ball is generally faster than the first. If you are not prepared for the speed of the second ball, you may miss it entirely. Following these simple tips, you can successfully execute a two-ball combination and win your table tennis game. Backspin-Topspin Transition Balls It is one of the essential drills in table tennis. This is the actual game situation. From the left side, you have backspin-topspin from the middle of the table, the same, and finally, from the forehand side. You can adjust the speed of the ball according to the player’s level and age. The ball placement is very precisely adjusted. That way, you can practice the exercises with the first two balls in the actual game. Backspin Floater The backspin floater is very hard to hit. That’s because the ball is higher and with a lot of backspin. So, it would be best if you moved close to the table and hit the ball in the highest possible position. Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot App Control & Customization As previously mentioned, the Power Pong Omega includes a tablet with preloaded software that updates automatically. You can control your table tennis robot with your Android or iPhone. Since the table tennis robot is built to perform for a long time, the Power Pong app is continuously updated with new features and bug fix updates. You can download the app for yourself and consider reading the app reviews. Although, the gist is that the interface of both app versions is neat and clean. REGULAR PRICE: $ 2,397.00 – NEW PRICE: $ 1,947.00 – SAVE $ 450 The Power Pong app provides many training options, which are essential for helping you improve your game. You can best set the ball’s placement by dragging it on the app screen. Consider the maximum number of shots you can use on one surface if investing in a robot. For example, Power Pong Omega gives you the choice of 8 different shots and 40 pre-programmed drills to hone your skills. I can go on and on about the app interface and how you can customize your drills. But the mirror button is another fantastic feature of the Power Pong app that I must note. However, you can use the Mirror button to alternate between right and left-handed drills, which is convenient for opposite-handed players.  Also, you can store as many customized programs as your device can hold and share the drills with your couch and other Power Pong players. What is Included in The Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot Package? As I said, this is the most comprehensive table tennis robot in the market, including more than you can expect. Here are the things and components included with your Power Pong Omega table tennis robot package. The 3-wheel robot head: This smart ball launcher has three wheels that can use up to 120 balls per minute. This innovative table tennis robot can be controlled using your device. Also, it will improve your game by adding variety to your training regime. Android Tablet/Control Box (if you choose the option): The Ping Pong Robot package includes an Android tablet that you can use to configure the robot’s settings. You can group drills, categorize them, and program them. The Drill Organizer also lets you set the speed and rotation of each ball individually. The table holder bracket and product manuals are also included in the package. Ball Recycling Catch Net: The Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot can play with balls continuously without any intervention. The catch net included in the package helps to practice your serves or with friends. Power Pong is the only robot that can recycle balls. However, the ball collection system provides maximum coverage. Let it work; it will maintain an empty ball tray for you. Never worry about running out of balls again! Forty pre-saved drills: While there are 40 pre-saved drills and 40 pre-programmed exercises from Samson Dubina TTA, you can program each ball individually. Here are also the mirror drills for opposite-handed players. 100 Power Pong 3-star balls: The package also includes 100 3-star balls so that you can practice right from the moment you set it up. Power Pong Carrying Bag: You would want to take your Power Pong robot to the court where you practice, and for that, the package comes with Power Pong carrying bag for easy transport. Remote Control Each package includes a mini remote control the size of a car fob that you can keep in your pocket while playing. The remote control is digitalized to start/stop the robot and change the ball frequency. 24 V Adopter & Charging Cable: The connecting cable and adopter is included in the package. However, the machine can only be connected to a 100 – 230 V current per the Power Pong Omega setup instructions. The warranty is valid for three years for both the robot and the included parts. Velcro Pieces: The package includes velcro straps to secure the robot to the table. Spare rubber bands: A set of extra rubber bands is included in the package for fastening the screws of the table tennis net. Wheel adjustment parts: The package includes 2mm and 4mm hex wrenches and black tubes. You’ll use the hex wrenches (included in the package) to replace and adjust the robot wheels. Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot Pros and Cons Power Pong Omega has the same design and features as Butterfly Amicus Prime. We also compared Power Pong Omega with some of the best table tennis robots other than Amicus Prime, like Hui Pang. And just like every table tennis training robot, Power Pong also has its drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons attached to it. Pros Full-fledged table tennis robot, including everything you need to fine-tune your training. Tablet supplied and wireless remote to control wirelessly via Apple or Android device. Provides precise control over speed, spin, and trajectory It can produce sidespin and all types of frequency and trajectory Pre-programmed drills to keep you on your feet The three-wheel drive delivers realistic shots State-of-the-art ball feeding Utilizes silent mode mechanism Unlimited memory, recycle balls automatically. Includes spare parts, 100 power pong balls, and a catch net Very lightweight and comes with a carrying bag for easy transport 3-year warranty and 24/7 live customer support Cons Power Pong is a better table tennis robot if you have a larger budget. It does not come with a hard copy of the product manual, but you can get it online or below. How To Set Up Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot? Setting up the Power Pong Omega robot is easy. Firstly, assemble the parts of your robot on top of a table tennis table. When ready to use the robot, fold the two halves of the net upward on your table. Then loosen the ball tube, rotate the robot’s head, and rotate its legs outwards in one action. Secondly, extend the robot’s head by pulling on it until the silver ring of the head is aligned with the silver ring on the base unit. Then tighten the knob to hold them in place. Thirdly, open the cable from the head and connect it to the serial connector on top of the Base unit. To better secure the Power Pong robot on a table, please use the Velcro strips included with your robot. Place the plastic Corner Brackets of the net on those parts of your table that you want to use as the boundaries of the playing area. Power Pong Omega Robot – Set up programming The Power Pong Omega table tennis robot comes standard with the gear motor base, screw for securing the net, rubber bands, hooks, ties, 1 set of net clips, and 4 Velcro straps to attach to your table. You need to attach the Side Net to the clamp screw holding the net onto the table. I suggest you watch YouTube demonstrations to get better ideas on using the velcro strips for better attachments. Now, You will need to plug the Power Supply into a power outlet, then into the Power jack on the side of the Base unit. To activate a new drill, just tap the plus icon in the right corner. Most table tennis robots have a fixed head height, but the Power Pong robot allows you to set 4 different head heights. The heights are easy to adjust. To do this, grab the ball tube from behind the net and loosen the large black knob. You can push it down or pull the tube up to adjust the head height. Only remember to lock it in place by tightening the black knob. There! Your Power Pong robot is set up, and you must connect your Power Pong app and test drills! Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot Price Power Pong Table Tennis Robot is a great practice partner and will be a great tool to improve your game. It is the best professional table tennis robot that money can buy; this I can tell. But how much does the new Power Pong Omega robot cost? Power Pong Omega with tablet and control box is priced at $2,497, while Power Pong Omega without tablet costs around $1,897 approximately. Omega’s price tag might sound expensive, but it’s an excellent value for a high-performance table tennis robot. These robots are programmed to do many complex shots by increasing the swing speed, making it harder for your opponent to anticipate your play. The best thing about these robots is that they can do impressive feats and are made with durable materials. Likewise, many table tennis club owners are now switching to Power Pong Omega table tennis robots. You can’t find the ability to control and consider the different spins and placements and the customized shots anywhere else. Also, they provide the best warranty in the industry (+3 years), including 24 hours fix or replacement service. It fixes directly to developers. So rest assured you know that your investment for table tennis training is secured for the upcoming years, and there’s also 24/7 live customer service from the Power Pong team. Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot – Where to Buy So, from where can you order Power Pong Omega table tennis robot? The go-to place for table tennis players is Megaspin, and the next option is Amazon or other online shops. I’ve searched far and wide for the best prices on Power Pong Omega table tennis robots, and Megaspin always comes up on top. Occasionally, they’ll offer a 20% off coupon, which will make their prices unbeatable. They also have free shipping, so you know you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Best of all, there are no compromises regarding their products. They carry table tennis brands recognized worldwide for their quality. Power Pong Omega Robot Reviews From Users With 5-star ratings from every table tennis category, you’ll find many reviews online on the Power Pong Omega table tennis robot. But here I am sharing three of the Power Pong Omega reviews explaining how it is a great practice partner worth the investment. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! “I have been using the Pong Omega for over a month now. I love the robot; it is a great tool for improving table tennis strokes. It has a strong motor and is very accurate with its return shots. I have played with the unit against my friends at the club with a $3500 robot, and this one will play with them all day long.” Joe W. “The robot is a great addition to our table tennis club. It has been a great tool for table tennis training and matches. The sensor is very accurate and fast, and you can control it without any problems. The robot can play many different games, and you can adjust the difficulty. Altogether, I am extremely happy with my Omega. I recommend this unit to any serious ping pong player or club.” Aaron. T. “Power Pong Omega is a joy to play on and has improved my game – it’s a little addictive – I just played 5 hours of continuous games – brought out all the old paddles and balls from the back of the cupboard, as well as dusted off the table tennis table!” Bernard. G.  Power Pong Omega Robot – The Final Verdict The base price of a quality ping pong robot starts at around $1000, and the Power Pong Omega robot is priced at $1,997 approximately. Many ask if Power Pong Omega is worth the money, and the answer is yes. In addition, simply because it is an all-rounder table tennis robot in the market designed to meet every type of player’s need. One of my favorite things about this robot is its ability to work with iPhone and Android apps. Also, it comes with everything, including the catching net and a sturdy carrying bag to carry just about anywhere you want to practice. The fact that you can control it from your phone is a great option, and on top of that, you can also share your drills with the couches and your club members right from the app. The robot can also produce multi-directional spins that human players can’t do and not spin to the extreme amount of spin combinations that most other designs on the market can’t do. What else might you want to wish for? Sure there are cheaper options, but none can compare with this one’s functions and engineering, so Power Pong Omega should be worth your consideration!  Why choose the Power Pong Omega robot? Looking for a product that you can trust? Look no further than Power Pong! With 3-year parts and labor warranty, you can feel confident that your robot will last. And with our reliable US-based technical support service, you know you’re always supported. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Power Pong has the perfect level of challenge for you. Plus, their products are made in Hungary, and the app is made in the USA. So you know you’re getting the best when choosing Power Pong, even if it’s Omega, Beta, or Alpha table tennis robot. They offer a 10-day return policy and guaranteed parts availability for five years. Also, their robots are always in clean, resalable condition when you return them. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase at Power Pong. If, for any reason, you’re not happy with your robot within ten days of receiving it, send it back, and we’ll refund you in full, no questions asked! Other Interesting things to consider when choosing Power Pong Omega Robot Adjust the ball placement to random. This way, you can improve your footwork and reflexes. Also, you can adjust the ball count to 50, so every player will practice with the same amount of ping pong balls. The pre-programmed drills are great for intermediate players. Power Pong app users can share the drills and talk about their experiences. If you are in a hurry or have many children in training, use the mini remote control to start and stop the robot’s functions. The 3-star power pong balls are included and great for practice. The training drills are great for interval training. If you need additional exercises to save, this beautiful robot has unlimited memory slots so that you can add your favorite drills. Table Thickness Adjustable means you can adjust the robot on any ping pong table. Using the robot at home, you can set the drills for any family member. Power Pong Omega Robot Frequently Asked Questions How does the Power Pong Omega table tennis robot work?                                                   Power Pong Omega is the new top-of-the-line programmable table tennis robot featuring state-of-the-art technology, bringing table tennis to another level. It can adjust the time intervals between balls with varying spin and speed, offering the unique possibility of performing complete ball sequences with variable landing positions. The system also lets you program up to 40 memory slots for saving exercises you can perform by simply pressing a remote control button. This ingenious product comes with a rotating platform that can give the ball any spin you desire.  Whether you play against a computer or human opponents, you will be amazed at how realistic this experience is! And nothing is a more stimulating experience than playing challenge matches with an AI robot. So, in short, it is a programmable three-wheel table tennis robot that produces any spin with multiple trajectories. It can also be called a digital table tennis robot, programmed to do exactly what you want and how you want to practice. Why do you need the Power Pong Omega table tennis robot? Firstly, the Power Pong Omega is the best table tennis robot you can invest in to practice your table tennis skills. The Omega robot from Power Pong is a revolutionary table tennis training gear that allows you to practice your game. Using the robot, you can challenge a friend or family member to a match. Secondly, you would need the Power Pong Omega robot to develop your game to an elite level. Also, you need the three-headed robot head if you are a serious player. Imagine you have just arrived home from a full day of work and want to play table tennis. Moreover, you bust out the Power Pong robot, retreat to the living room, and play a different opponent between sets of your favorite program on TV. What does the Power Pong Robot app look like? The Power Pong Robhases with a friendly user interface to control your Omega robot. When you open the app, it provides a good tutorial on creating drills, connections, and settings. You can easily connect your app with the Power Pong Omega by enabling Bluetooth. The app will scan and pair it automatically. There are 40 pre-set drills, but you can also create your own in the app. How much does the Power Pong Omega weigh? The Power Pong Omega table tennis robot is lightweight and weighs approximately 6 kg (13 lbs.). So it is easy to carry. The package also includes the Power Pong carry bag for easy transportation. Can you share Power Pong Omega drills with other players? The app provides a drag-and-drop interface for creating drills and training exercises. Additionally, the app allows you to share drills with other users and receive feedback. Where is the Power Pong Omega robot manufactured? Power Pong Omega robot is manufactured in Hungary. The carry case and power supply of the Power Pong Omega are manufactured in China. Does Power Pong Omega robot produce loud noise? No. The Power Pong robots are considered one of the best table tennis brands manufacturing industrial table tennis gears and equipment. The Omega robot is not at all noisy. It works in silent mode, and no fans are attached to produce any noise. The motor stops when ball delivery stops, so it is not noisy. Is the Power Pong Omega table tennis robot battery-powered? First, it is a plug-in table tennis robot delivering more powerful shots compared to battery-powered alternatives. Power Pong Omega comes with the connecting cable and an adopter, and you will need to connect the machine to a power supply of 100 – 230 V current to operate. What is the difference between Power Pong Omega and Power Pong 5000 robots? The Power Pong Omega robot is updated with special electronics and is a more advanced table tennis robot than the Power Pong 5000. You can randomize drills for playing with human-like and less robotic balls. The main difference is that the Power Pong 5000 comes with a control box. In contrast, the Omega robot has a tablet with which you can control the robot wirelessly or even operate it with your mobile device using the Power Pong app. Why does Power Pong table tennis robot come with an additional tablet when you can control it through the app from any smartphone? Firstly, the Power Pong Omega comes with a free-charge tablet. You can control the robot and customize the drills and ball frequency by installing the Power Pong app on your smartphone, but the connection may break if you call or perform other tasks on your mobile device. Secondly, there are many advantages to owning a tablet solely for training with your Power Pong Omega robot, which comes free of charge with each package. Also, the Power Pong tablet comes with 6GB of memory capacity to save your desired drills, and also you can extend the storage with Micro SD. How to use the Power Pong Omega robot? After setting up the Omega robot as per the manual, you only need to connect it to the Power Pong app from your smartphone or the supplied tablet. The tablet already has installed the Power Pong app, so I am explaining how to use the Power Pong robot with it.   Pair it with the app: Start the tablet by holding the power button at the top, and you’ll see the Power Pong logo on the screen. Press the menu icon and select the Power Pong app to start it. Press the “connection” button to pair the tablet with the robot. You can create drills directly on the Android APP. Ball settings: You can set different parameters for ball settings individually and by dragging the ball on the app’s screen. You can also adjust the speed, delays, and spin with the buttons from the app setting. By clicking the “add ball” button, you can add a ball and set your parameters. You can select the “Sample” button to test your selections. If you like your test settings, you can press the “Play” button to start your exercise. Adding new drill variation or exercise: Press “+” on the bottom-right of the app to add new exercises. Doing this will open the menu parameters to set for your new drills. Press the save icon from the … Read more

Top ping pong robot Newgy 2040+

Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ Ping Pong Robot (2023 Review & Price)

The Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ is the top ping pong robot on the market. With its advanced features, it has set the standard for other robots to follow. This blog post will review the robot and give you a breakdown of its pricing options. Are you ready to practice and progress with an opponent who doesn’t make mistakes and doesn’t get tired? Newgy Robot Comparison Chart of 3 Best Robots 1. Robo-Pong 1040+ is a beneficial robot for players who want to practice table tennis at home. Instead of going to the gym or fitness club, you can very well practice table tennis with this beautiful robot from Newgy. However, it does not have a ball recycling system, so it is more intended for people who are not professionals but want to improve their game and movement in table tennis. The price is very affordable, but the possibilities are limited. It currently costs $ 349. 2. Robo-Pong 1055 is a more advanced version with which you get a recycling system and an approximate capacity of 200 table tennis balls. This robot can move from multiple angles to improve moves on shorter and longer balls and with more and less rotation. The price is a bit higher considering the possibilities it provides and currently costs $ 499. Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ VS 1055 VS 1040+ 3. Top Ping Pong Robot – Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ It is a more advanced level that will provide pleasure and progress in the game to all table tennis players. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced top table tennis player, this model has many choices and options for everyone. It has a recycling net system and many options for adjusting the type and speed of the balls, as we described in the article dedicated to this wonderful product. Contains: 1. Ball thrower with oscillation, 2. Recycling net system, 3. Analog control box, 4. Transformer, 5. Rubber tips packet, 6. Plastic clips, 7. Pong Pal (the US Only), 8. Orange 40+ mm Robo-Balls (48 balls), 9. Quick start guide, 10. Warranty / Tell A Friend Form. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Firstly, this is the choice that brings the most important functions of the game and movement. Secondly, designed by the leading ping pong robot manufacturer Newgy. Moreover, you get a recycling net that you set up at the table, and the ping pong balls always come back into the robot, so you can play as much as you want, even at home. Ping Pong Robot Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN There are many robots, from the most basic to professional. However, I would single out the Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ robot because it provides many features that perfectly suit beginners and people who are playing ping pong for fun. This ping pong robot can even use by professionals for a good workout and preparations for important matches and tournaments. Newgy Robo Pong 2040 Manual & Features The option to adjust the speed, frequency of the balls, and oscillation. You can turn the head that throws the balls in several ways, so you get a clean ball, spin, cut, and spin on the side. It comes with 48 2-star 40+ balls. However, you don’t need to buy more balls because this is enough to start with. A ball bucket with an extension cage contains approximately 200 balls. Practice returning services, the robot serves you, and you return the service. This way, you can practice moving by placing a program of balls all over the table and gradually moving from left to right or vice versa. You can also adjust the robot’s head so that it throws high-lob balls. Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ is easy to set up and remove from the table, and most importantly, it meets all the standards of ping pong tables. Control box Ball speed means how fast an individual ball is, essentially, how long it takes for the robot head to reach you. Ball frequency means how often the robot throws the balls, the time between the first and second balls, and so on. Oscillator speed means how fast the robot’s head turns from left to right and throws balls all over your table. Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ Review & Service return You can practice returning the service if you set the ping pong robot’s head as in the picture. The service can be cut, cleaned, or have sidespin. I recommend that you start with a combination in which Robo-Pong serves one short ball on the forehand and one on the backhand. This way, you will learn to return the service very quickly on both sides of the racket and automatically move and be active. Adjust the oscillator speed to a higher level than the ball frequency. This way, the ping pong robot’s head divides the balls from left to right faster than it throws them out. However, you will be able to return all the balls, and you will improve the movement of your legs. When you want to improve your reflexes, then increase the ball frequency, and you will have to react faster because the balls will reach you faster and more often. Easy to set up You don’t need assembly or tools for the Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ ping pong robot. As you can see, the net shrinks and folds easily in minutes. It is then ready for transport and, at the next table, it can work again when it is set within a few minutes. Generally, the parts are factory prepared and tested before user use. So, you have no reason to worry or complications about installation. You also get an elementary manual. In addition to the instructions for use, you also have a few simple exercises that you can do with Robo-Pong. Here are exercises to move, serve and return certain balls. According to our recommendation, the most important thing is to adjust the head angle and connect cables to the control box. Next is to attach the control box to the ping pong table, and you can start enjoying the game. What to consider before buying the Newgy Robo Pong 2040? What is certain about any ping pong robot is that it will have a basic ball-throwing options. This means an ordinary ball, a cut ball, and possibly a change in the ball’s direction. The most important thing is knowing your play level and needs. Here are the most important things to look for before choosing your robot: Firstly, the size of the robot and the capacity of the balls. You can place the robot on your table at home or at your table tennis club where you train. It must meet the tables’ standard dimensions. It should also be mentioned the number of balls it can contain. Moreover, they do not constantly replenish with balls during the game and often interrupt training because of that. It will help a lot if the ping pong robot comes with a ball catcher net. Then, although the capacity is smaller, the balls will automatically gather in the robot’s container and return to the game. Our selection of Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ comes bundled with a catcher net. Secondly, the functions provided by the robot. The most advanced have many functions: throwing the ball, rotating, and programming certain points on the table where you want to get the ball. Your level of play depends on how advanced a robot you want. We think our selection provides quite many features for mid-quality players. AC/DC adapter for Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ Thirdly, the power supply mode. There are two types, ping pong robots that work on AC power and those powered by a battery. Sure, both will do the job properly, but if you want more power and speed in the mode, you need to opt for AC ones. Moreover, the level of variation and the flexibility of turning the robot’s head are among the most important when choosing. With our selection of the best ping pong robot, you can turn the robot’s head to throw clean, cutting balls and side rotation. However, it is already enough to practice most table tennis strokes. We recommend robots with many more programs and functions to professionals, but they also cost 2 to 3 times more. Ball capacity of the Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ and why is it important? You certainly don’t want to collect balls all the time, so play a little and take a break to return the balls to the robot. That is why this feature is very important when choosing a ping pong robot. Newgy Robo-pong 2040+ has a capacity of 200 balls plus the option of extending the bucket. Another thing about balls is that this model has been improved for 40 mm balls that have been current for several years. With these balls, table tennis players will play in the future. To start training right away, this model gives you 48 two-star balls. Later, depending on your needs, you only add as much as you need. Above all, you will enjoy it in any way when you practice alone, with family and friends, or if you are preparing for an important competition. This beautiful ping pong robot can be used on any table, but we recommend installing it on a table tennis table with 25mm of thickness. About Newgy Brand for Ping Pong Robots Joseph E. Newgarden originally started working on Robo-pong as a hobby, and later it became his business, and he founded Newgy Industries. A table tennis robot is suitable for everyone, from beginners and players who play a hobby to professionals preparing for national competitions. Over 100,000 athletes use Robo-pong today. It just says how much the company has perfected the product for all needs and all player profiles. The company is located in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Today they are constantly innovating and adapting to the current needs of athletes. The company’s primary goal is to change the way players practice and learn table tennis skills in this beautiful sport. By the way, Newgy robots are very easy to use. When you unpack it from the box, it sets up very quickly and is ready to play. Many clubs and individual players do not have adequate partners to play with. This is where Robo-Pong performs with its characteristics and satisfies the needs of players around the world. How to use the Robo Pong 2040+ Table Tennis Robot CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Ping Pong Robot Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ FAQs Can a ping pong robot help you improve your game? Of course, it can. Firstly, you can’t always get to training, or you’ve worked longer, so you’re late for your appointment. Then the Ping Pong robot means a lot to you, it is in your house, stored in the garage on the table, and you need to turn it on and practice for at least half an hour. Photo: New York Times (Novelties: Robots That Are All Serve and No Volley) Secondly, you can’t always practice leg work and return service in the gym with opponents, and with your favorite robot, you can do whatever you want. Table tennis is such a game that you invest in yourself little by little. This week you will practice a few things, the next something else and when you appear in the match, all your opponents will be surprised how you have progressed. Moreover, if you are very tired, you can practice the service without collecting the balls you served in the robot. So, in the end, you don’t have to worry about collecting balls, and yet you have practiced one of the special services. Are ping pong robots worth the money invested? Ping pong robots are definitely the essential table tennis equipment for every serious player. You can watch my matches in the first league of Serbia and training here. Just keep in mind that a ping pong robot cannot solve all your flaws during the game. It would be best if you combined playing with a robot and matches with different players. Then the full effect would come to the fore because you would improve the exercises and reflexes, and you would have the experience you need during the matches with your opponents. This way, the robot will surely help you improve your game. After all, due to your fitness and physical activity, it can’t affect you in any way. Moreover, you will unconsciously have more strength and energy for other activities during the day. All in all, looking at a ping pong robot can only bring good for everyone’s health, and how someone will use it is everyone’s choice. Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ Ping Pong Robot – Customer Reviews “OK. I’ve owned the Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 Table Tennis Machine for about a month now. I’ve purposely waited to review the product so that I could get all of the kinks out that others are experiencing. We have also found 3 things that are easily fixable that will pretty much eliminate all ball jams. First off, this machine is great. The quality is good, and the instructions are easy to understand. They even include a video, which is even easier because it tells you EXACTLY how to set the machine up and use it. Regarding modes, it would be nice to have a memory mode and have shots altered more. That being said, I don’t feel like spending another $1,300 right now to get the competitor’s brand but perhaps down the line.” “So, to dive right in. Let me make it clear. You do need to wash the balls. However, I am starting to believe that people who don’t think they are washing the balls enough are the reason they are getting ball jams. That’s not entirely accurate. First off, Newgy’s balls aren’t the best. Secondly, they don’t give you enough (48). Third, they are harder to wash than the other balls. If you buy this machine, absolutely 100% make sure that you buy 100 or more KEVENZ balls. These balls work perfectly with the machine (more on that later). For now, here are the 2 things I have noticed that will make the balls jam. The Newgy balls are temperamental and need to be cleaned extremely well to be used. Once they have been used in the machine roughly 15 times, they are fine. However, get yourself some of the KEVENZ balls.” Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ Accessories “So, in the end, this is a really good Table Tennis Machine. It has a lot of variety and will give you a workout. Just follow the steps above, and it’s doubtful you’ll return the unit. Instead, you’ll have the fun and challenge you expected when you bought it first.” “My husband bought this Robo Pong and is enjoying his retirement to the fullest. It’s the greatest thing for his new ping pong room. It came with a broken piece, but they gave him a new one very quickly so he could keep on ponging!! The video shows how much fun he and his friends are all having with it. He is now getting lots of practice in and is still the champ! Whoever buys this will love it. It doesn’t only throw it straight ahead. You can change it to go side to side, etc. YOU are the one with the controls. Enjoy the funny video which was bought at Amazon.” “I purchased my Newgy 2040 robot at least 5 years ago and have used it for many hours. I estimate my machine is probably 10 years old and still works perfectly. We have had to replace a few parts which I have ordered from the company for a very reasonable cost. The other reviewer said his unit did not work out of the box, which could be because he had the wrong-size balls. Prior to 2000, ping pong balls were 38 mm, and whenever my Newgy encountered one, it would get stuck as the machine is designed for 40 mm table tennis balls. I would recommend this machine and think the customer support is excellent as well.” Top Ping Pong Robot – Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ Summary What we love most about Robo-Pong 2040+ are its features and ease of use. Analog control box that allows you to change the way and speed of throwing balls even during the game without interruption. The recycling network system that came with it. Keep in mind that not all models provide a recycling net and additional costs are required for others. Ease of setting up at tables and later packing and carrying elsewhere. There are more advanced ping pong robots of course. But, with an affordable price of robots compared to others you get everything you need to practice various moves and improve your movements in table tennis.