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7 Best ping pong paddles under $ 100

By reviewing many paddles on the market through analysis and experience, we came to a shortlist of the 7 best ping pong paddles under $ 100. It does not mean that they are the most expensive and the best, but it is important to adjust the ping pong racket according to the style of your game and the level you are at now. As a beginner, it is not recommended to have the fastest and most expensive paddle, but with work and effort, to reach a level that will later require more expensive table tennis equipment. Before you take a closer look at the analysis, you have below our list of top-rated paddles. 1.Killerspin Jet800 Speed N1 with storage case CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Definitely one of the best ping pong paddles under $ 100 for attacking players. If you’re a player who prefers a style of playing with topspins and ball reinforcement at the table, this is definitely a racket for you. The blade consists of 7 layers, of which two layers are carbon composite material. Killerspin made a ping pong paddle that retains control of the ball and, at the same time, has extra pop for an aggressive style of play. Dual-Carbon technology allows for higher speed when hitting from the table or “spin on spin” when hitting from a distance. Also, this is an ITTF approved ping pong paddle with Nitrx-4Z rubbers that allow for extra ball control. Killerspin Jet800 Speed N1 – Racket specifications Firstly, all functions of the Killerspin paddle are covered in terms of ball control, spins, and ping pong rubbers that are adequate for the attacking style of play players. Secondly, we can even say that this is a paddle for more advanced players who want to improve their game. You have exceptional control of the service, and the plus with ball blocks is exact. Thirdly, with a combination of 2 layers of carbon plus 5 layers of wood and Nitrx-4Z professional class rubbers, you get a top-quality and long-lasting ping pong racket. The Jet 800 is at the forefront of table tennis racket technology. Moreover, you also get a memory book for your match notes so you can write down everything you’ve played or coached. The Nitrx-4Z rubbers that come with the racket are approved by the ITTF and have an excellent grip on ball impacts, making it easier to turn at service and blocks. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The handle of the paddle is made so that it does not slip and ensures proper holding. The shape is Ergonomic Flared Handle. 2.Butterfly 603 High speed and spin paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If we compare the ping pong rackets from other manufacturers with the Butterfly 603, we can say that it is of better quality in terms of ball control and longevity. Firstly, it is an excellent racket for beginners or those players who play recreational table tennis but already know specific skills and techniques. It is heavy enough and has an excellent grip in hand due to the shakehand style and the wider handle at the bottom. Secondly, both sides are Butterfly Wakaba rubbers approved for competitions by the ITTF and are 2.1 mm thick. It is a thickness that suits top competitors, and the rubber has enough softness to perform pimpling, topspin, and various sidespin strokes with a lot of control. Thirdly, you get a racket storage case from Butterfly and a 30-day warranty, which again gives you the security to see if it suits you. The decorative box also comes in order, so you will be able to take it anywhere and keep it from being damaged. In conclusion, premium ping pong blades and rubbers took separately, and assembled racket cost several hundred dollars together. In this case, it is combined in one Butterfly blade and rubber that suit average players at a very reasonable price. Butterfly 603 – Racket specifications The combination of this blade with Butterfly Wakaba rubbers gives a feeling of pretty good control of the ball and turning. Service, pimpling, and changing sides from forehand to backhand and vice versa will surely be effective with this beautiful racket. So, if your style of play is focused on changing the rhythm and transferring as many balls on the table as possible, this is the right choice. If you are an attacking player with fastballs, after all, your racket will be slower. The quality and longevity of the paddle are not in question at all, but the way it behaves during the game. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Therefore, if your way of playing and your intention to control the ball as well as possible without too many hard strokes match, then the Butterfly 603 paddle will surely be a good choice. 3.Idoraz Professional Set of 2 Ping Pong Paddles CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Although the Idoraz brand is not well-known in table tennis, this racket is very well made. In our opinion, the perfect combination for recreational users. It has very good construction, and ping pong rubbers 2.0 mm thick, which are competitive and approved by the ITTF. Ball control is the primary goal of this racket. Therefore, if you are a player who plays table tennis several times a week or even once a week, this paddle will surely improve your game. It is suitable for the type of players who play from a short distance from the table and often change sides, so they use both forehand and backhand. Firstly, you get a racket carrying case anywhere, and you have two of the same rackets in your order. It will be good for you and your partner with whom you train or play matches. So, it is also suitable as a gift for someone who loves this sport because it also has a beautiful box design that comes with a 30-day warranty. Secondly, it is not heavy, a total of 0.4 pounds per racket. Rubbers are soft, and with that, recreational or beginner players will find it easier to master the pimpling of the ball, the entry of the topspin with more rotation, and easier turning of the sides. Moreover, it is not a racket for professional players and those for whom higher speed and strength of the ball is a priority. They definitely need a faster blade and even faster rubbers. However, in this article on the best ping pong paddles under $ 100, our opinion is that this racket is exceptional for the type mentioned above player. Idoraz Proffesional Set – Racket specifications All in all, you get the racket in a very complex and professional package. So, rubbers cost a couple of 75 dollars when bought separately. Here are assembled in the whole racket, and the price is more affordable overall. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!In conclusion, it takes a few workouts to get used to the racket, but then you will surely love it. 4.Joola Infinity Overdrive Ping Pong Paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Another top racket from the manufacturer Joola, a brand that has a tradition of over 60 years. Right at the beginning, we should say that this is a ping pong paddle for attacking players. Both blade and rubber are composed to give you a feeling of strength and speed during an aggressive style of play. The Joola Infinity Overdrive comes with a smooth inverted surface, providing better performance and speed for both children and more advanced older players. The best materials in the blade are Hinoki, Koto, Ayous, and Carbon Kevlar’s layers. Therefore, when playing spins and stronger blocks close to the ping pong table, you will feel greater strength during the game. The rubbers on the racket are the Joola Micron 48 on both sides. These are professional table tennis rubbers that allow for more spinning and fast topspins. Also, even if you step away from the table and return the high balls, you will have a sense of strength. In the package, you have several options, such as Magnetic ball holders and 10 3-star balls. However, we have only described a review of one of the best ping pong paddles under $ 100. Joola Infinity Overdrive – Racket specifications Firstly, the features you get with this choice of racket are top-notch for attacking players. Hinoki material and Carbon especially give the racket speed and good ball balance. Secondly, the handle is adjusted so that it does not slip out of your hands, and the soft rubbers Micron 48 bring you softness in the game on short balls. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Thirdly, and most importantly, approved by the ITTF and the Joola brand, producing high-performance paddles for many years. This allows you the safety and longevity of the racket at a completely correct and affordable price. 5.Stiga Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The most sought-after and best-selling ping pong paddle on the market. However, it is in 5th place on our list because it is not a racket for every player. This is a completely offensive blade that has 7 layers, of which 2 are carbon. It has extreme power and spin effect with slightly less ball control. So, we recommend it to table tennis players who train at least 4 times a week and want to speed up their current level of play. Also, it is very light, only 165 grams, but still heavy enough compared to other slower rackets. Rubbers are Stiga S5 on both sides, 2.0 mm thick. They give a lot of control when pimpling and returning service, but you should still train to achieve maximum results with this racket. So, one of the best ping pong paddles under $ 100 has been approved by the ITTF. Its design, technology, and materials provide speed, elasticity, impact strength, and ease of reaction to various balls. For instance, with topspins near the table, fast blocks on the opponent’s entrance by rotation, and long cutting pimps, this beautiful racket will show its true power. On the other hand, with short balls and cutting balls during service or defense, it will be a little more complex but still feasible if you step up your training. Stiga Pro Carbon – Racket specifications There are many reasons why the Stiga Pro Carbon is a great racket for modern table tennis players. For example, players who are not professionals but play several times a week already have some experience. Also, players who want to improve attack and speed in their game do not want to buy particularly expensive rubbers and blades. However, for players who defend or are more passive, it is better to combine slower rackets, or if they like Stiga blade, we recommend taking thinner rubbers of 1.5 or 1.7 mm. In other words, they will be able to achieve the effect they want when pimpling or defensive blocks. In conclusion, a very good paddle is among the fastest ping pong paddles under $ 100. Service, topspin, a faster block from the table is perfect. With good training and movement exercises, you will surely be happier with this paddle. 6.Butterfly Nakama P6 Japanese Penhold paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The first paddle on our review with the Penhold grip blade. So, it belongs to a completely different style of holding the racket, preferred mostly by Japanese and Chinese table tennis players. But, it is not excluded for others who have learned that style of playing. Firstly, the paddle is very lightweight, and the focus is on turning the sides and on the spins with more rotation. Secondly, very good for players who prefer to control and keep as many balls on the table as possible. Therefore, the speed is slower than our previously described models. Thirdly, it comes with a 1.7mm Red Flextra rubber and 2 40+ plastic balls with which tournaments are now played. Moreover, it is approved by the ITTF, and the blade construction is 5-ply Wood. Butterfly Nakama P6 – Racket specifications Penhold’s style of play completely changes the rhythm of playing table tennis. This means, first of all, the complete domination of the game over the opponent in the sense that with rackets like this, you need to take the initiative. For example, you share balls all over the ping pong table and make the opponent move more and make mistakes. If your opponent is prone to attacking with topspins, you need to stay close to the table and react with blocks as quickly as possible. This allows the construction of this paddle so that it is light, and you can react quickly on both sides, from forehand to backhand and vice versa. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It is ideal for mid-level players and those who prefer to play from the wrist. In particular, it gives priority to service and returns service. 7.Killerspin Jet600 Penhold Ping Pong Paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Another Penhold paddle in our selection of the best ping pong paddles under $ 100. Firstly, if you want the most balanced ping pong racket and prefer the Penhold game style, this is the right choice. This means that it is adapted for attacking, defensive, and playing with more rotation and pimpling. Secondly, it is made for advanced players with an exceptional blade thickness of 5 layers of wood. Since the density of the wood is high, this is the lightest paddle in the Killerspin Jet series. Moreover, the rubber is perfectly chosen for this racket and is 2.0 mm thick with competitive features. It is the Nitrx-4Z that provides exceptional grip and good control on serves, spins, and ball blocks all over the ping pong table. Otherwise, this ping pong paddle is intended for advanced players who want extra ball control and a perfect attacking style. Don’t forget the extended handle, which further strengthens the handle and gives you stability and safety with every move. Killerspin Jet600 Penhold – Racket specifications You also get a racket storage case and a storage box for things like balls or something important to you. The ITTF has approved this beautiful ping pong racket for international competitions. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Our final opinion is that if you want to improve the speed and control in your game, you should try this paddle, and you will not regret it. Killerspin, as a company, is based in Chicago and produces world-class table tennis equipment. It is generally concentrated on the American market, but now their equipment is appreciated worldwide. Killerspin’s story began in 2000 by Robert Blackwell Jr., who then sponsored the ping pong festival in Chicago. Since an incredible number of people were interested in table tennis, in 2001, he founded a company that produces table tennis equipment and helps build communities, and involves as many people as possible in the sport. Why should I buy ready-made ping pong paddles? There are several reasons and several advantages and disadvantages of ready-made ping pong paddles. The reasons are primarily if you are a beginner and if you have a limited budget of money. The first reason means that the rackets from our list are well connected with rubbers, and thus you get almost something that will surely help you learn the basics of table tennis. Another reason is that it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money until you see what style you’re going to play ping pong over time. Whether you decide to attack, block or defend from a distance from the table. Until then, it’s good to take a ready-made ping pong paddle that has enough speed and control for your basic moves, you know. On the other hand, the disadvantages of ready-made rackets are that they will not suit all types of players and will be too slow for some. Another drawback is with the professionals because they are used to rackets that they glued themselves and made according to their style and game. If a professional who trains 5 or 6 hours a day still plays with the finished racket, he will not be able to reach his full potential, no matter how hard he tries. Because of that, in the beginning, it is important to practice, train moves, footwork, and find your style of play. Then you will be able to choose special blades and special rubbers, and thus make your favorite racket. Until then, we recommend that you choose one of the ready-made ping pong paddles for under $ 100 because it is not a big investment, and you will be satisfied with the choice. Conclusion We hope you have read enough information to find your best choice. Of course, there are many more ping pong paddles under $ 100 and even those under $ 30, but in our list, we looked to get the best quality for the correct price. Many people think that there is no difference between $ 10 or $ 20 rackets and those $ 100. However, the difference is huge, so we analyzed our shortlist in detail. The cheapest ready-made rackets have almost none of the characteristics we described in the article. They are generally much slower, and the ball falls apart every time you don’t catch a good angle of impact. Therefore, in conclusion, we want to help you choose a racket that will not spoil your punching technique or teach you wrong, especially if you are a beginner. Finally, let’s remember what is most important when choosing. Firstly, a blade that can be made by a famous player, his speed, control, and composition. Secondly, the rubbers that are on it are faster, slower, thicker, pips-out, and so on. Thirdly, the shape of the handle is extremely important, which means that you choose the one that fits best in your hand. Moreover, the overall ratings and durability of the ping pong paddle. Ready-made table tennis racket & things to consider In any case, count on the finished racket to be a springboard for further progress in table tennis. It should be something that will help you develop your style of play and teach you the right moves and good movement at the table. After all, if you occasionally play table tennis for fun, then there is no point in throwing a lot of money at expensive blades and rubbers, but this kind of ping pong paddles under $ 100 will be quite useful for you, and you can enjoy the game. This way, you practice moves and footwork, and over time you will get better and better.  

Ping pong paddle Zhang Jike

Top ping pong paddle

Ping pong paddle that best suits your level of play. Are you a beginner, or do you play as a hobby and want the best complete racket? See why we chose this as the best combination of ball control, soft rubber, enabling a high rotation. In other words, blade Zhang Jike, which is fast enough for your needs. Ping pong paddle for beginners and advanced players This racket will be fast enough for your needs as a beginner. As a result, you will have control over the ball and will be able to perform all the shots that exist in table tennis with full effect. If you practice several times a week or play ping pong as a hobby, this is the ideal combination of blade and rubber combined in one racket. Why was this one chosen as the best? See the most important benefits. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Ping pong paddle composition 5-layer wooden construction + 2-layer carbon fiber Flextra rubber 2.1 mm thick Gift set containing a racket case Carbon fiber strengthens the racket and adds speed to it. In other words,  achieving a perfect balance between spin and stroke. Flextra rubber is known for its durability and, on the other hand, has excellent ball control. Ping pong paddle characteristics Rubber Speed: 8.25 Spin: 8.75 Hardness: 3.2 Blade Speed: 9.2 Spin: 8.5 Control: 5.5 To make it easier to understand the whole racket’s characteristics, it is listed separately for rubber and blade. However, when it comes together as you get with this racket, you have a combination of speed and softness. Firstly, you will have a completely balanced game, from basic movements for beginners to spins and blocks that more advanced players need. Secondly, The racket has a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty, and the elasticity and turning are perfect for the average player. So, you have the security of a refund, and you can try the racket and feel the full effect through the game and matches. Thirdly, and most importantly, it has very good ball control compared to many of the table tennis paddles we did the analysis. Spin, pimples, ball blocks will surely improve depending on what racket you played with before. Table of benefits Connection of the world brand and the top player The world’s most famous manufacturer of table tennis equipment is Butterfly. For decades, it has been known that their equipment is of exceptional quality, be it rackets, tables, or clothes. Two-time world champion and gold medalist at the London Olympics, Zhang Jike. The blade you get in this set is made after him. In addition, he is an athlete sponsored by Butterfly, whose Flextra model rubbers are on this beautiful racket. Although Zhang Jike realized his dream in 2012 when he managed to win the “Grand Slam.” He is still a top player today. The player earns the “Grand Slam” when he wins the World Championship, World Cup, and Olympic Games in the individual competition. His statement says that it is important to play and keep a certain level for as long as possible, so we associate that with the ping paddle we describe. It is similar to the racket, the longer and the better it can serve you. Since he is the type of player who plays with topspins on both sides, such as the racket made, if you prefer an attacking game with topspins but a specific dose of control, this paddle is really suitable for you. Why choose Butterfly ping pong paddle? The main reason for that is the exceptional quality of their products. Because they sponsor world players, clubs worldwide,  tournaments, and training camps. Butterfly managed to get renowned world players to sign contracts with them. However, this is why you can be sure that you have made the proper hit by choosing this racket. The Flextra rubbers on it are long-lasting, soft enough, and you will be able to achieve the maximum effect with all moves in table tennis. In addition, Butterfly offers the largest selection of table tennis equipment in the world. Of course, not every ping pong paddle can be the best and fastest, but the quality of workmanship and what is written in the instructions is certainly like that. Some rackets are slower for beginners, and some are very faster for real professionals. However, not every brand has the longevity and precision in making the racket material. If Zhang Jike ping pong paddle is intended for mid-speed players, then it will surely fulfill all the pleasures during all the moves in the game of such players. Secondly, Butterfly rubbers are longer lasting and achieve the effect without damage for a much more extended period than others. Of course, it also depends on how often you train, but for example, with three workouts a week, rubbers will last you a year. About Butterfly as an equipment manufacturer The company was founded in 1950 in Japan by the then table tennis player Hikosuke Tamasu. “I want to make better rubber. I want to make the ideal table tennis rubber with my own hands”,  says Tamasu. Until 1997, the brand began to grow, and the branch office based in Tokyo changed. Butterfly opened a factory for the production of rackets. Therefore, Butterfly also opened a subsidiary in Moers, West Germany, called “Tamasu Butterfly Europe.” Firstly, there were 62 brands as equipment manufacturers. Now are over 120 of them, which means that the competition is much more significant. Butterfly as a brand is still the best to this day. So, they expanded to the European market, and they showed more and more how high quality and always innovative they are with their products. From 1997 until today, they continue to provide top quality and innovation. In 2003, they opened a Shanghai subsidiary office, establishing production and sales in the Chinese market. In 2008, the rubber that is currently the most famous in the world and used by professionals at the world competitions “Tenergy 05” was published. The new head office building was finally completed in 2018. With all this in mind, you can be sure that you can’t go wrong with Butterfly. Above all, the only thing that matters is that you understand what style of play you have and how often you play table tennis. Therefore, the goal of this review is to help you find yourself a racket that is top quality and, at the same time, suits your needs if you are a beginner or a player with a few training a week. About Zhang Jike as a world table tennis player Born on February 16, 1988. A Chinese table tennis player. He won the Grand Slam in 445 days, making him the fastest player ever to do so. Therefore, he won the World Table Tennis Championship 2011, the World Cup 2011, and the Olympic Games in London 2012 firstly. After that, he won the World Table Tennis Championship 2013 and the World Cup 2014, so he is a two-time world champion. You can see the current ranking on the website of the International Table Tennis Federation ITTF. His game boils down to attack combined with fast topspins and loops. He makes perfect use of his backhand, often playing in the middle of the table. It succeeds because it is set very low on the ball, giving it good movement and returning to the old position. When playing under pressure, Zhang Jike is the best then. Above all, he has exceptional mental strength in key moments. Frequently Asked Questions 1.Can I use the Zhang Jike blade with other rubbers? Of course, you can. If you like the blade and its characteristics, you can later glue other rubbers to the racket. Who wants an even faster game and to use the control and the feeling of blade can put other rubbers. The procedure for gluing the racket we described in detail on the page How to assemble a table tennis racket. 2.Is Zhang Jike paddle favorable for defensive players? Not specifically for choppers. But for defensive game players waiting for an opponent’s mistake, yes. That means if you play near a ping pong table with more pimples and wait for the opponent to attack. So, you can beat him with blocks. For defenders who go further than the table, this paddle is not recommended. 3.How do I get used to the racket if I had a much slower one before? My recommendation as an experienced coach is to do exercises that involve transferring as many balls as possible to the table. Try the capabilities and strength of the racket but don’t make it your priority, at least in the beginning. So, ask your partner to do pimpling with you all over the table and after 3,4 balls to practice topspin entry. Another exercise can be to play two backhands and two forehands and then strengthen with a strong topspin after ten balls. So, you will get a racket feeling through a few training sessions and then hit those real strong balls. What to consider when choosing a ping pong paddle Since each racket has six important parts in its entirety, we will briefly clarify what is most important when buying a ping pong paddle. Handle and blade as one whole, forehand sponge and rubber as another whole, and backhand sponge and rubber as a third whole. Firstly, how do you hold a paddle? Aside from Asian players who like the Penhold grip, the vast majority of players use a shakehand. Therefore, it means that you have three options, flared, straight and anatomical. Anatomically or flared style is perfect for beginners. We recommend a straight handle for more advanced players who hold the racket tighter. Although this mainly depends on your taste and older habits. Secondly, the composition of the wood is fundamental. Beginners should choose slower ping pong blades with less carbon in the composition. In contrast, while more advanced and professional ping pong players need faster blades and more material layers in the composition. That is why Zhang Jike is our choice as a top ping pong paddle. This paddle has enough control of the ball and the speed to play at the middle level. Sponge and rubber type Thirdly, sponge on the rubber. The thickness of the sponge depends a lot on the speed of the game. Most players prefer thicker and faster rubbers, but the rubbers should be thinner if you are a defensive player. The Flextra rubbers that come with our selection of rackets are 2.1 mm and are approved by the International Table Tennis Federation for tournaments. The fourth and most important, the type of rubber that is on the racket. As much as the blade affects the game, we can say that rubber also affects it. With the choice of rubber, you can change a lot in the way you play. Harder ping pong rubbers are more for attacking players, while softer for players who like to wait for an opponent’s mistake or attack with lighter topspins and more rotating balls. We need to say that the Flextra rubbers in our Top ping pong paddle selection are perfect for mid-range style players. Moreover, this means that you have enough control of the ball with them, and they are fast enough if you play with topspins with more rotation. You can see many rubber models and manufacturers on the site in the table tennis rubbers section. Ping pong paddle – Summary Firstly, I have years of working as a coach and tried many rackets. Secondly, I have seen that beginners and advanced players but non-professionals have to use middle-speed ping pong paddle. However, as a professional, you need faster and harder rubbers, but that means you will achieve control by training 3 to 5 hours a day. Beginners need softer rubbers and slower blades to have better ball control. With that in mind, Butterfly Zhang Jike’s complete racket is my best choice and recommendation based on all the analyzes. In conclusion, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the most expensive rubber and blade unless you are a professional. This choice is the best combination of price, quality, and durability. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!