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5 Best Yasaka Table Tennis Blades (Falck Carbon, Sweden)

To help make your shopping experience easier, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on some of the best Yasaka table tennis blades from 2023. This article will give a closer view of some of the latest and high-quality blades from Yasaka. With so many different brands, types, and styles of blades on the market, it can be challenging to decide which is right for you. Here we list our picks for the best Yasaka blades and compare each blade’s features and pros/cons. Best Yasaka Table Tennis Blades Selected by The Author 1. Yasaka Falck Carbon CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It is available in Megaspin in the flared handle option only. Yasaka Falck carbon blade is perfect for a demanding player searching for the latest table tennis blade technology. This is a specialized blade from Mattias Falck, a professional table tennis player who recently used the Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon blade that raised his world ranking consistently. However, the Ma Lin blade was not as fast as he liked or rather preferred. He then requested Yasaka develop a faster blade with as much ball feel as possible. So Yasaka constructed a blade with Japanese Premium Carbon (JPC) and four wooden veneers in exact thicknesses. However, the only challenge that presented itself on the blade was the gluing method. A few months before the world table tennis Championships in 2019, Mattias started using the new blade, and luckily, his result was good. He proceeded to be using this offensive blade in all of his games. Yasaka Falck Carbon Blade Features Speed – 102 Control – 90 Plies – 5 wood and 2 carbon Weight – 90 g Head thickness – 6 mm Sweetspot – superlarge Grip style – Flared CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This blade can be recommended to any experienced table tennis player out there. It greatly balances speed and feels for any attacking player. These Yasaka blades would be a perfect option, especially if you love fast blades. With as little as $ 139.75, you can get one for yourself. 2. Yasaka Sweden Extra CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The original name of this blade is Yasaka Gatien Extra. It is manufactured in flared and straight handle types. Yasaka Sweden Extra is a traditional all-round blade with a new design and extra control. It is much heavier and offers more power. And yes, these Yasaka blades are a part of the Yasaka Extra series made in Sweden. This offensive blade has five wood veneers which are why it is heavy and quite thick. The classical veneer structure consists of 5 plies of natural wood that are high quality making the blade more offensive. The blade will give you perfect control and a superb feeling! It has a variety of spin variations which is also part of its many advantages. A similar model but slower and with good control is the Yasaka Sweden Classic. YASAKA SWEDEN CLASSIC PING PONG BLADE PRICE! The blade has a medium sweet spot occurring from the soft surface veneers that give the player a good feeling. It works really well, especially if your opponent is using serves. This blade exhibits high control and sufficient speed reserves when making forward-oriented offensive moves to put more pressure on your opponent. Another world champion, Jean-Philipe Gatien, won the world champion title in singles in 1993 using this blade. This blade is actually named after him. Yasaka Sweden Extra blade helped him reap massively and beat all his competitors. Yasaka Blades Sweden Extra Features Speed – 82 Control – 71 Plies – 5 made of wood Weight – 88 g Sweetspot – medium Grip style – Flared, Straight, Chinese penhold REGULAR BLADE PRICE! CHINESE PENHOLD PRICE! If you would love to experience the constant amount of control in every stroke you give, the variability of spins, and high precision during an offensive game, this is the blade to go for! Sweden Extra blade will give you excellent output you would never have imagined! The blade costs $ 39.95. It is one of the best Yasaka blades that you can ever own. 3. Yasaka Goiabao 5 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! CHINESE PENHOLD BLADE PRICE! Yasaka Goiabao 5 is available in flared, straight and Chinese Penhold handle types. ‘Goiabao’ is a Chinese word that means “nice wood.” This blade is made from the perfect type of wood, which is of the highest quality. If you look at the blade, you will see how spectacular it looks, made from the finest wood. It is very appealing and modernized. It is a very fast 5-plywood blade with a hard outer veneer and a relatively thick middle veneer. The second veneer is hand-selected Scandinavian pine. It has a lacquer finish. This is the Yasaka blades veneer structure: Hard outer ply-hand selected second ply-thick core Yasaka Goiabao 5 was first released to the Chinese market in the winter season in the year 2015. After seeing how well it performed in the Chinese table tennis market, the manufacturers thought it would be readily acceptable in the European market and perform well too. Luckily, it did. It is now one of the most preferred blades in the European market. These Yasaka blades are excellent for playing from far distances from the table and have very good control. Yasaka Goiabao 5 Features Speed – 92 Control – 63 Plies – 5 Weight – 90 g CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! CHINESE PENHOLD BLADE PRICE! This blade is made for fast attacks near the table or in mid-distances. The combination of the plies is ideal for great offensive play, including fast drives. Goiabao 5 has a sealer from the factory for easy rubber removal when the need arises. It is not recommended for defensive players. 4. Yasaka Max Carbon 3D CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Max carbon Yasaka blades are available in flared and straight handle types. It has seven wooden veneers and two carbon layers. Two of the wooden veneers are complex, while the rest are soft. It also has the Yasaka 3D technology that results in a powerful blade with a large sweet spot, hence the title Max Carbon 3D. It is also lacquered and has the new table tennis glue regulation. Yasaka Max Carbon 3D blade is one of the best because of its incredible speed. In the table tennis market today, faster blades seem to gain more popularity compared to slow ones. Table tennis players are constantly looking for a faster blade because they give much higher performance. Besides the speed, it is also a very accurate blade. It is the ideal weapon for fast attacks and blocks. The 3D technique gives flexibility to rigid plywood. Yasaka Max Carbon 3D Features Speed – 100 Control – 69 Weight – 90 g Plies – 7 (5 wood and 2 carbon) Grip style – Flared, straight handle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Some of the best players have recommended that the perfect rubber combination with this blade is the soft Yasaka rubbers with higher throw angles since it shows aggressive properties. Soft rubbers will help balance the elements of the racket. This ideal blade costs $ 59.95. 5. New Yasaka Blades – Synergy CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It is manufactured in anatomic and straight handle types. It is the newest blade in the Yasaka Blade series, with 11 plies of wood. Many people would assume it is undoubtedly a heavy blade, but this is not the case. The blade’s concept has changed. The Swedish wood maker uses Balsa wood for inner and thin outer plies. They could produce beautiful wood with a small weight of 82 grams. The wood plies are nine, and the remaining two are synthetic fibers. The wood veneers have a thickness of less than 0.15 mm. They are combined with a composite material with high torsional strength. The blade is a powerhouse designed for the 40 mm ping pong ball. You will experience a great deal of speed with this offensive blade! When you use synergy during your play sessions, you will immediately feel the difference from traditional constructions and enjoy playing table tennis. The sweet spot is extra large, giving it a good surface area. Yasaka Synergy Blade Features Speed – 98 Control – 69 Weight – 82 g Plies – 11 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The blade has a neutral response on medium impact compared to other balsa blades and has a general medium hardness. Best Yasaka Table Tennis Blades FAQs 1. What is the difference between all-wood and composite blades? A composite blade combines wood veneers and other materials like carbon fiber. According to International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF rules), the required tournament blade must be at least 85% weight of wooden material. The carbon layers make the blade stiffer, giving it more speed and a larger sweet spot. Some players prefer all-wood blades because they feel the ball better and have better control. However, there are many different carbon materials and constructions, and some carbon blades have a really good ball feel. You will also find some pure wood blades that are very fast. 2. What does the sound of a blade mean? (Higher pitch vs. Lower pitch) A higher pitch means that a blade is fast. A lower pitch is just the opposite. However, this is not always true. For example, a “balsa blade” can have a high pitch and, in some plays, feels fast, but when hitting very hard, the blade is not as fast. (Top players hardly use “balsa blades.”) 3. How does the number of wood layers affect play? A blade with more numbers of wood veneers is generally faster. However, it is essential to note that the blade’s gluing method also affects the speed and ball feel. 4. How does blade weight affect performance? Why would a player prefer a light or heavy blade? Many heavy blades have proven to be much faster than lighter blades. Most top players prefer a heavier blade, while beginners often want lighter-weight defensive blades, from which they can advance to heavier ones once they are more familiar with the game. 5. Which performs better, an all-wood blade or a carbon blade? A carbon blade has to be changed more often than a pure wooden blade. The carbon material wears off more often when it is frequently used, and the blade loses some of its speed characteristics. 6. Do you recommend adding varnish or lacquer to seal the blade? Why? How often? Does this affect the playing characteristics of the blade? In Yasaka’s factories, most of the blades are varnished. It does not affect the playing characteristics much (in theory, it is a little bit faster), but it protects the outer veneers when changing the rubbers. This is the actual purpose of varnishing/lacquering. You can varnish your blade not so often, only when you feel it is wearing or needs the service! 7. What kinds of wood are used to make table tennis blades? How does the various wood affect the performance of a blade? (Could you be specific in naming woods?) Yasaka manufacturers use many kinds of wood with other characteristics (weight, hardness, toughness, appearance) and different thicknesses. Examples include abachi/ayous, limba, koto, different kinds of pine, walnut, wenge, santos, anegre, and balsa. Outer walnut veneers give a faster table tennis blade than limba if the construction and thickness are the same. 8. What is new regarding table tennis blade technology, and which trends do you see in the future? The trend over many years is that more players are using composite blades. New carbon material might be available, and different gluing methods might develop. 9. What does it mean when a blade is “fast” or “offensive,” and how does it affect play? “Fast” means the speed is fast. “Offensive” is aggressive. A faster blade is much more aggressive compared to a slow one. 10. What does it mean when a blade is “slow” or “defensive,” and how does this affect play? A slow/defensive blade is not as aggressive and gives you good game control. About Yasaka Table Tennis Blades – Brand & Production Yasaka is one of the world’s leading table tennis equipment manufacturers, like blades and rubbers. Throughout the years, they have gained remarkable experience and skills in developing top-notch table tennis blades. Yasaka’s accuracy has facilitated these blades to maintain a consistently high-quality product through their skilled personnel with excellent knowledge and experience, mainly in the blade production process and the close cooperation with high-class players and coaches (for example, Olympic champion Ma Lin). Yasaka’s headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan, and the blades factory is in Tranas, Sweden. Many players have succeeded in using Yasaka products. For example, the latest World Champion in 2021 – Mattias Falck, won the gold medal in men’s doubles with Yasaka. His partner was a Swedish player called Kristian Karlsson. This was in the world championships that took place in Houston.  In 2019, Mattias also won a Silver medal in the men’s singles at the World Championships in Budapest. He achieved this by using the Falck Carbon blade and Rakza rubbers from the Yasaka brand. He became the first non-Chinese player to reach finals since 2003. Yasaka began its blade production in 1992 in Tranas, and their first ever successful blade was Yasaka Extra, produced in 1993. Their blade production continued, and in 2020 they introduced two world-class blades; the Falck Carbon and Falck W7. Best Yasaka Table Tennis Blades – Conclusion These are just our opinion of the best Yasaka table tennis blades people should try in 2023. From their defensive to offensive blades, Yasaka table tennis has you covered with the latest and most innovative ping pong technology. With over 70 years of experience in manufacturing table tennis products, they have produced some of the top-selling blades on the market, like the Sweden Extra and Ma Lin Carbon, and continue to be a very popular choice among blade users. If you have another superior blade in mind, do let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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Best Selling Butterfly Blade (TOP 5 Most Popular Blades)

Are you on a quest for the best-selling Butterfly blade money can buy? Whether you are a pro table tennis player or an amateur, finding the right paddle is essential for enhancing your game. Butterfly has succeeded in establishing itself as the world leader in table tennis. Here, you’re about to discover the top 5 best-selling Butterfly table tennis blades available on the market. At a Glance – Best-Selling Butterfly Blade on The Market 1. Butterfly Fan Zhendong ALC Table Tennis Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Butterfly Fan Zhendong ALC is the best-selling table tennis blade from the brand Butterfly. Named after the World’s Number 1 TT player, Fan Zhendong, this blade has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and 4.3 out of 5 stars on Megaspin. It’s been described as “the best table tennis blade out there” in several independent reviews. It is a 7-ply high-quality wooden table tennis blade featuring Viscaria’s plywood structure. The blade features a big head (157 x 150mm) and is 5.8 mm thick with a big sweet spot and less control. The outer layer of this 7-ply wood blade is Koto, and the inner core is made with Limba and Kiri. It has a fantastic bounce, making it easy to execute spin shots and loops. Butterfly Fan Zhendong ALC Blade Features Type: Offensive shakehand Blade construction: 7-ply (5 Wood + 2 SALC) Ping Pong Blade thickness: 5.8 mm Blade’s head size: 157×150 mm Handle types: Flared and Straight Weight: 87 grams Reaction: 118 Vibration:103 The best table tennis blade is particularly best for attack-oriented gameplay; however, it is also suitable for both beginners and advanced players. It’s made with an Arylate-carbon composite material that provides excellent flexibility, durability, and speed, and it can handle heavy use without compromising quality. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The blade weighs 87 g, so it is a medium-heavy blade, and you can use it for long periods without feeling any strain on your wrists or shoulders. The weight of this carbon blade is similar to Timo Boll Spirit and Harimoto Innerforce ALC. Fan Zhendong ALC features 103 vibration properties meaning it offers fast vibration of the blade on the ball’s contact and provides a stiffer feel. One of the best table tennis blades is also a super speedy blade with 118 reaction properties. Butterfly Fan Zhendong comes in two handle styles: a flared and a straight handle version. The blade has been designed to provide maximum power, speed, and spin. This beautiful table tennis blade also has a very low weight, which makes it easier to control on the court. Butterfly Fan Zhendong ALC Pros It is a beautifully varnished blade featuring World Number 1 on the ITTF ranking, Fan Zhendong’s signature, and logo. The best table tennis blade is suitable for professional and advanced-level players who want to improve their game. The blade is also very durable and will last a long time if you take care of it properly. Provides excellent speed, power, and spin. Butterfly Fan Zhendong ALC Cons It comes with a high price tag. Beginners might find this blade too fast to control, and it will take at least 5-6 months to adapt to its speed.  Priced at $184.99 on Megaspin, Butterfly Fan Zhendong ALC might seem expensive but let me tell you this – it’s worth every penny. It is often compared to Viscaria, but according to reviews, this blade performs better than Butterfly Viscaria and pairs well with almost all types of medium to hard ping pong rubbers like Donic Baracuda or DHS Long 5 on both FH and BH of the table tennis blade.   2. Butterfly Amultart ZLC (Best-Selling Butterfly Blade with ZL Carbon) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Amultart ZLC is the best seller of the Butterfly ZL Carbon blades featuring the lightness and flexibility of the supreme ZL carbon material. Amultart is a five-ply carbon-based wood blade with a three-ply wood veneer and two ZL carbon fibers. The outer ply of these table tennis blades is constructed with Hinoki, and the inner core is constructed with Kiri. It is a direct offensive-style fast blade with tremendous smashing capabilities and is one of the best Butterfly blades for advanced players. The blade is 7.1 mm thick, and the combined power of carbon and ZL fiber produces explosive power and heavy topspin. Amultart ZLC comes with two handle options: Flared and Straight incline. The flared handle option is available now on Megaspin. Butterfly Amultart ZLC Blade Features Class and Style: Offensive and Attack Blade construction: 5-ply (3 Wood + 2 ZLC) Ping Pong Blade thickness: 7.1 mm Blade’s head size: 157×150 mm Handle types: Flared Flared handle size: 100x25mm Straight handle size: 100×24 mm Weight: 84 grams Reaction: 122 Vibration:137 Now you might be wondering why Amultart ZLC is the best-selling Butterfly blade. There are a couple of reasons why. Firstly, it provides flexibility, repelling solid force, and is lightweight all at once. This is one of the best table tennis blades for players with an offensive mindset seeking flexible control and fast speed.     CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Second, the blade comes with 4.8 out of 5-star ratings, over 53 reviews on Megaspin, and 5.0 out of 5-star ratings on Amazon. This table tennis blade has been designed specifically for professionals and is often regarded as the best blade for looping. One reviewer who owns almost all Butterfly ping pong blades states Amulart ZLC breathes Fire! Another avid table tennis player mentioned the blade’s gorgeous manufacturing quality in a Butterfly blade review. Most importantly, Butterfly Amultart ZLC weighs only 84 grams, which is very lightweight compared to the Fan Zhendong ALC. This means that you can play for extended periods with this blade without worrying about fatigue. According to Amultart ZLC reviews, this blade provides better control, is faster than Butterfly Innerforce, and offers incomparable spin. It is the fastest ZLC blade for offensive players. As for rubber recommendations, Butterfly recommends opting for Dignics 09C for Amultart ZLC. On the other hand, the blade pairs well with Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05 for the close-to-the-table attackers, as this combination will provide short and high trajectories over the table. Butterfly Amultart ZLC Pros This ZLC blade imparts heavy topspin on the ball, making it perfect for hitters and loopers. Because of the 5-ply construction and the Hinoki wood, it is super lightweight, providing a medium-soft feeling. One of the best table tennis blades is suitable for aggressive-minded players seeking to play offensive and attack games. Butterfly Amultart ZLC Cons One of the best blades is indeed very expensive. It is not for beginners; you will need sound fundamental skills to control it. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Mid-distance attackers can equip Butterfly Amultart ZLC with Tenergy 80, which will offer a good balance between power and spin. Finally, given that it is an expensive blade, consider adding side tape to the blade, as this will protect the wood from hard hits on the table and increase the racket’s longevity.   3. Butterfly Timo Boll ALC CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It has been over eight years, and Timo Boll ALC is still the best-selling Butterfly blade and a classical model in the Butterfly arylate carbon line-up. Over the years, this particular blade has built an enormous fan base worldwide. Timo Boll ALC comes with 4.8 out of 5-star ratings and a boatload of reviews both on Amazon and Megaspin. After all, it is Timo Boll’s blade of choice, offering heavy topspin strokes and a balanced combination of control and speed. The blade is named after table tennis legend Timo Boll and has a 7-ply wood constructed with 5-ply of wood and two layers of ALC composite. The outer layers of the blade are made with Koto, and the inner layers are made with Limba wood. Weighing approximately 86 grams, the blade feels stiff and natural when playing. Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Blade Features Class and Style: Offensive and Attack Blade construction: 7-ply (5 Wood + 2 ALC) Table Tennis Blade thickness: 5.8 mm Blade’s head size: 157×150 mm Handle types: Flared, Anatomic, Straight Flared handle size: 100×24 mm Straight handle size: 100×22 mm Weight: 86 grams Reaction: 118 Vibration:103 It has three handle styles: flared, straight, and anatomic – all the handles feel very comfortable. Adding a thin grip tape makes it ultra comfortable. You can unleash the real power of Timo Boll ALC by equipping it with Tenergy 05 on FH and Tenergy 64 on BH. Close to the table, Timo Boll offers good power, great topspins, and smashes, making it suitable for chops, flicks, and blocks. Most Timo Boll ALC reviews say it is the best table tennis blade for counter topspin and looping. Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Pros It is suitable for playing close, medium, or long distances from the table. The blade offers perfect weight balance and a great feeling. Extra offensive blade serves intermediate players to develop their techniques. Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Cons Good choice, but it is pricey. The blade is super fast and produces a lot of spins. As such, you might need some time to practice controlling it. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! That said, it is a dream blade for ambitious players. The high price tag is an issue, but it is a keeper, and you are bound to see the big difference that everyone is talking about if you can lend one and play a session with it. Another improved model is the Timo Boll ZLF which is currently priced at $ 193.49.   4. Butterfly Primorac Carbon Table Tennis Blades CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Primorac Carbon is the best-selling carbon blade from Butterfly, featuring irresistible power and incomparable speed. It is named after Zoran Primorac, the Croatian legend competing at seven Olympic games and was a two-time winner of the World Cup. It has been an all-time favorite blade among professionals. Currently, it comes with 4.9 out of 5-star ratings on Amazon and 4.3 out of 5-star ratings on the Megaspin online store. Butterfly Primorac Carbon is a 5-ply wood constructed with three cypress wood veneers and 2 TAMCA carbon fiber composite. The outer layer is built with cypress ply and balsa center ply, providing the feel and control needed to balance and blade. Butterfly Primorac Carbon Blade Features Class and Style: Offensive and Attack Blade construction: 5-ply (3 Wood + 2 T5000) Ping Pong Blade thickness: 7 mm Blade’s head size: 157×150 mm Handle types: Flared and Straight Flared handle size: 100×25 mm Straight handle size: 100×23 mm Weight: 88 grams Reaction: 125 Vibration:133 Although this popular blade weighs 88 grams and has a thickness of 6.9 mm, it does not feel that heavy. Primorac comes with two handle options: flared and straight. According to reviews, the blade gives Hinoki a wood feel and feels very comfortable when playing. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! That said, Primorac Carbon has been one of Butterfly’s longest-standing best sellers. They have given you the following rubber recommendations for Primorac Carbon according to play style and performance needs: For high-degree spin shots: Dignics 09C For mid-distance control shots: Tenergy 80 Long-distance power play: Tenergy 64 FX Long-range high-speed: Bryce high speed Pairing Butterfly Primorac Carbon with Dignics 05 offers the highest trajectory and is bound to land your shots the shortest distance on the table. This blade is suitable for all play styles and professional players, and you will see the difference by equipping it with the right rubber. Butterfly Primorac Carbon Pros It is the best budget-friendly choice from Butterfly’s best-selling line-up. It pairs well with almost all types of rubbers. The blade provides fantastic top spin, ball trajectory, and unbeatable speed. One of the best table tennis blades is suitable for beginners to professionals. Butterfly Primorac Carbon Cons It is one of the fastest blades from Butterfly; hence, beginners will need to choose a slower rubber to tame the beast. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!   5. Butterfly Korbel SK7   CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Petr Korbel blade, model SK7, is the best-selling all-wood 7-ply Butterfly blade offering a soft and controlled feel. It is a Shakehand offensive blade delivering heavy topspin. The blade is named after the Czech table tennis player Petr Korbel. Currently, Butterfly Korbel SK7 comes with 5 out of 5-star ratings on Amazon and 4.3 out of 5-star ratings on Megaspin. Korbel SK7 is a 7-ply wooden blade constructed with Limba outer and Ayous inner layers. This all-wood blade weighs 93 grams, but the weight is distributed evenly, making it very manageable and well-balanced during play. The blade is most popular among offensive and all-around players because it delivers a very good spin. Butterfly Korbel SK7 Table Tennis Blade Features Class and Style: Offensive and Attack Blade construction: 7-ply wood Ping Pong Blade thickness: 6.8 mm Blade’s head size: 157×150 mm Handle types: Flared, Straight, Anatomic Flared handle size: 100×24 mm Straight handle size: 100×24 mm Anatomic handle size: 100×24 mm Weight: 92 grams Reaction: 111 Vibration: 93 That said, this versatile blade is often referred to as the jack of all trades. Since it is an all-wood blade, you can expect extra stiffness during play. According to Korbel SK7 reviews, the blade pairs well with Tenergy 05 on the forehand and Tenergy 64 on the backhand. Altogether, it is a well-controlled blade providing good consistency both during looping or blocking or when counter-driving. Best of all, it is one of the fastest wooden blades and is also very affordable. Butterfly Korbel SK7 Pros It is a well-balanced and versatile good-speed blade suitable for beginner and advanced-level players. It is one of the fastest all-wood blades from Butterfly. Korbel SK7 is a super affordable Butterfly blade. Butterfly Korbel SK7 Cons It is a heavy flexible blade in the Butterfly’s line-up of best sellers. If you are a fan of carbon blades, you may find it slow and difficult to adjust to this all-wood blade. The flared and straight handle option is unavailable; however, you can choose the anatomic handle from Megaspin.   CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!   Best Selling Butterfly Blade – Final Words All things considered, the best choice for you as an intermediate/advanced player would be to start with Timo Boll ALC. This is based on both its performance and optimal price. New players just starting should also consider this blade for its hard carbon construction, making it durable and suitable for learning. On the other hand, if you are a professional looking for a high-performance offensive blade, then the Butterfly Fan Zhendong ALC and Amultart ZLC are among the best options. But if you are tight on budget, then you can go for Primorac Carbon and the Korbel SK7 – two of the most budget-friendly blades from Butterfly’s best sellers. All round blades can be found on this page.

Best Modern Defensive Table Tennis Blade (Top 7 Reviews)

If you prefer to defend, you may be looking for the best defensive table tennis blade. This article covers the seven best modern defensive table tennis blades. These are the most preferred choice among professionals and are also recommended by coaches. At a Glance – Best Defensive Table Tennis Blade What is a defensive table tennis blade? Table tennis modern defense requires blades mainly designed for the playstyle, like the above blades we listed. A defensive table tennis blade is very different than an offensive blade. Defensive blades usually have a larger head designed to be used when the player wants to keep the ball close to their body and out of danger. The defensive player will use this blade to block and deflect incoming offensive shots, which can be difficult for opponents to handle. It is designed to keep the ball in play and block or hit it back over the net. This type of blade is generally a little bit heavier than an offensive blade and has a larger head, making it easier to chop and block. 1. Victas Koji Matsushita Defensive CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Victas Koji Matsushita is one of the best defensive ping pong paddles. The paddle/blade was designed by a four-time Olympic competitor and one of the most fierce defenders, Koji Matsushita. The blade is made out of five piles of fine mahogany. Victas Koji Matsushita is one of the top-of-the-line modern ping pong blades hand-made in Victas Japanese workshop. The Koji Matsushita has been designed to be a highly effective defensive blade. The blade’s 5-ply wooden structure provides excellent control in away-from-the-table defensive action. This defensive-style blade also helps you execute passive shots. Victas Koji Matsushita Blade Features Style: Defensive type. Plywood: five-ply hard and soft veneer. Shape: round, with a large head. Soft sensation. Weight: 83g Speed: 52.5. Control: 94.5. Price: $87.99. The Victas koji Matsushita gives your strokes enough power to attack successfully and the flexibility to defend almost any server. The Koji Matsushita blade helps you block attacks and fluently serve your won attack. That said, this blade is currently priced at $87.99 and comes with 4.5/5 star ratings on Megaspin and 9.4/10 on the  Revspin website. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! You can choose either flared or straight grip. Most reviews are about the blade’s quality workmanship, outstanding balance, and excellent control. The Koji Matsushita blade pair well with offensive rubbers on both sides. 2. Butterfly Innershield Layer ZLF CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Innershield layer ZLF is one of the best of the Butterfly defensive blades. It is a high-tech 7-ply blade designed for modern defensive gameplay. This revolutionary defensive ping pong blade uses ZL fibers which professional players love. The Butterfly ZLF blade is the first defensive ping pong blade manufactured by Butterfly, which is also one of the best. Currently, it is taking the scene by storm. The ZL fibers used to make the Innershield defensive blade allows it to be a sizeable lightweight blade and helps players to chop and serve countertops. It is different from other blades, especially if you like to play with long pimples. The reason it’s different is that it not only helps you to defend amazingly, but it also gives you perfect control to serve a counter loop. Butterfly Innershield Table Tennis Blade Features Style: DEF class. Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 ZLF composite) Thickness: 5.1mm. Manufactured in Japan. Size of the head: 166x155mm. Size of the flared handle: 100x24mm. Straight Handle Dimensions: 100x23mm. 84g in weight 49 vibrations. Price: $170.99. Butterfly Innershield Layer ZLF is priced at $170.99 and comes with 4.5/5 on Megaspin and 8.6/10 on the Revspin website. It comes in flared and straight handles, and needless to say, it is one of the best defensive penhold blades. According to most of the reviews on this blade, it pairs well with Mark V HPS and Tibhar Grass D Tecs rubbers for chopping. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Butterfly suggests using the Dignics 09C rubber with it if you want the blade to generate more spin or rubber with a tacky top sheet like the Spring Sponge X. 3. Yasaka Sweden Classic Defensive Table Tennis Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Yasaka’s Sweden Classic is one of the best modern defensive table tennis blades and is super affordable. It is an amazing ping pong blade manufactured in Sweden’s Tranas table tennis factory. It has all the characteristics you would want in a modern defensive table tennis blade. It’s stiff (flexible with longer dwell time), lightweight, durable and consistent. This makes it ideal for playing against a faster opponent. The result is that you can keep your focus on the game and not worry about the blade. Most defensive ping pong players look for the best soft touch of the ball and good control and feeling. The Sweden defensive blade is softer and has a slightly larger head than other defensive blades. Yasaka Sweden Classic Blade Features Style: Defensive. Speed: 68. Control: 92. Weight: 82g. Ply 5. Made in Sweden. Price: $42.95. The Yasaka Sweden blade’s superior feeling and control make it perfect for players who use both technical attacks. It is the best blade to play near short spin shots at short distances from the table. Moreover, the Yasaka Sweden Classic blade is appropriate for all players and styles. The blade is suitable for both beginners and professional defensive players. It has a large ST grip, which makes it feel amazing to hold and gives it control. This defensive blade helps perform inverted combinations that are useful for close-to-the-table plays. The blade also has excellent build quality, ideal for mid-range games, and is suitable for both beginners and intermediate players. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Yasaka Sweden Classic is priced at $42.95 and has 4.5/5 star ratings on Megaspin and 8.7/10 on Revspin. It comes with performance ratings of 68 for speed and 92 for 100. It is a super lightweight blade weighing only 82 grams. 4. Stiga Defensive Pro Table Tennis Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Stiga Defensive Pro is a seven-ply defensive ping-pong blade with offensive capabilities. The blade also provides the user with significantly more control. Stiga Defensive table tennis blade is best for players looking to attack, chop, and serve attacking strokes. This defensive-style blade has a slightly larger head than other traditional blades. This particular blade was made in collaboration with the master defensive player, Masato Shiono. Stiga Defensive Pro Blade Features Style: Defensive type. Speed: 80. Control: 77. Plies: 7 Swedish design. Weight: 80g. Price: $84.95. Almost all the reviewers report that Stiga Defensive Pro is the best choice for counterattacking and defensive players. It is compared most to the Koji Matsushita blade, but it is lighter in weight and feels easier to swing. Also, the carbon layer of this blade is similar to the Matsushita blade. The larger head of Stiga and the two carbon layers give the players a sweet spot to hit the ball. The Stiga Defensive Pro modern defensive table tennis blade is suitable for all players, whether a beginner or a professional. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Like Butterfly Innershield ZLF, Stiga Defensive Pro pairs will use Dignic 09C rubber and Tenergy 05 FX on the forehand. As for the backhand, Feint Long III is the most recommended rubber for Stiga Defensive Pro. 5. Donic Defplay Senso V3 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Donic Defplay Senso V3 ping pong blade is made for all-around performance for players of all styles. The blade is best for players who like to switch between offensive and defensive game plays. This modern defensive table tennis blade is made from a five-ply construction, with two outer dampening plies of Gabon elastic and Anegre wood. And the dampening effect is facilitated by the unique sensor technology and the V3’s following engineering. The head of the blade is 3 mm bigger than regular blades. Donic Defplay Senso V3 Blade Features Defensive kind. Wood: 5 plies. Thickness: 5.5. Speed: 63. Control rate: 94. Weight: 74 lbs. Price: $49.95. The Donic Defplay Senso V3 blade is perfect for the modern player who likes to switch techniques when they play. The blade has the world’s best five-ply all-around veneer and two dampening elastic outer piles. It is suitable for defensive choppers and those looking for a quality hard bat. The speed and the vibration of the Donic blade are lessened by increasing the size of the blade. Donic Deflay Senso V3, defensive style blade, is priced at $49.95 and comes with 4.5/5 star ratings on Megaspin and 8.9/10 on Revspin. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Weighing only 74 lbs, it is the most lightweight defensive blade offering great flexibility for swinging and pure playing excitement. Also, it is the most budget-friendly defensive table tennis blade. 6. Joola Chen Defender CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Joola Chen Defender is a modern defensive blade designed by the world-class defensive player – Chen Weixing. It is a 7-ply blade featuring a huge sweet spot for superior control and playing aggressively. It offers excellent ball control and a slim profile that’s also comfortable to hold. The Joola Chen Defender also comes with an excellent balance point, so you can feel confident in your ability to play defense with this blade. The blade is constructed with two Samba veneers and an Enzo layer. The Enzo layer between the two Samba veneers provides a fantastic feel of the ball. Joola Chen Defender Blade Features Type: Defensive and All-round Plies: 7 Plies Head size: 165 mm x 159 mm Thickness: 7.7 mm Weight: 90 g Speed: 55 Control: 104 Price: $54.95 The Chen Defender is the most sold defensive blade. It is priced at $54.95 and has a 4.7/5 star rating on Megaspin. If you want more feel and longer dwell time, consider using softer rubber, and if you want more control, we recommend using hard rubbers. However, Joola recommends pairing the blade with Golden Tango rubbers for All-rounders and CWX rubbers for defenders. 7. Der-Materialspezialist Defensor CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If you want a modern carbon defensive blade, look no further than the Der Materialspezialist Defensor. The Defensor is a great option for those looking for an easy-to-use defensive blade with a proven anti-loop design. It features incredible speed and stability, and its long pips allow it to handle offensive attacks as well. It is a modern defensive blade with a huge sweet spot equipped with 2 carbon fiber layers. With the carbon layer, the 7-ply blade feels hard and stiff. It is designed to offer extreme backspin and create effective counterattacks. Der-Materialspezialist Defensor Blade Features Type: Defense Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Carbon) Speed: 68 Control: 99 Weight: 79 g Blade thickness: 6.3 mm Price: $77.43 Der Materialspezialist Defensor is priced at $77.43 and comes with 4.8/5 star ratings on Megaspin and 8.8/10 on Revspin. It is one kind of defensive blade made particularly to disrupt offensive shots. The downside to the Defensor is its somewhat slow handle, which may be a bit too long for some players. However, players with larger grip sizes will likely find that this helps them achieve a reasonable balance on their forehand. That said, the Defensor is an underrated blade that is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a defensive option. Best Modern Defensive Table Tennis Blade – Summary There are many ping pong blades for you to choose from. Whether new to the sport or a professional, picking the suitable blades to suit your style can be confusing. To make choosing the right blades easier, we have prepared this list of the best defensive style ping pong blades just for you. The blades we reviewed here are top-of-the-line blades manufactured by the best ping-pong blade manufacturers in the world. Brands such as Stiga Defensive Pro, Butterfly, and Victas Koji Matsushita Blades are created in collaboration with the world’s best table tennis players. These blades are made to suit all players and give them the flexibility to play defensively and offensively simultaneously. These blades are also very cost-effective and won’t cost a fortune. You can use these blades to practice or even play in professional tournaments.

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5 Best Ping Pong Blades for Penhold (2023 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Here we have listed the 5 best ping pong blades for penhold players to help them take their game to the next level. Keep reading this article to learn more about the penhold technique and the best penhold blades (2023). The penhold is an Asian-style grip for holding a racket. The head of the paddle faces down and is held like a pen or pencil. Many players are now using the backside as well. Shakehand blades have a more extended handle than Penhold blades. A round racket with a short handle is used in the Chinese penhold style. This allows for better flexibility in adjusting the table tennis racket angle by pushing in either direction with the thumb and increases the wrist’s range of motion. These are the primary factors that give this serving style an advantage. Most players who use this style have extremely quick footwork, allowing them to play most balls with their forehand. The 5 Best Penhold Table Tennis Blades Selected by The Author What are the 5 Best Ping Pong Blades for Penhold Grips? This article will look at the top 5 table tennis paddles for the pen-holding technique. A blade is not a penhold blade unless it has a short grip that lets players easily control it with their thumb. Some of the best-reviewed blades online are the five penhold blades we listed. The Butterfly brand, of which we have listed 3 blades, is among the best for Penhold-style play. Let’s look at the top five ping pong blades in 2023! 1. Butterfly Fan Zhendong Super ZLC CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Butterfly Fan Zhendong Super ZLC ranks as one of the best ping pong blades for penhold players. This blade offers excellent bounce with Super ZL-Carbon, a high-density carbon, and a ZL-fiber weave. And combined with the expansion of the high-reaction area, it allows for powerful shots and stability. This penhold blade’s design and construction are inspired by World’s No.1 table tennis player, Fan Zhendong’s attack-oriented playstyle. This good blade features the highest reaction properties (12.3 on a scale of 1 to 13) and 11.1 vibrations (on a scale of 1 to 12), making it one of the best ping pong blades for penhold players. Butterfly Fan Zhendong Super ZLC Features Ping pong paddle plies: 5W+2SZLC. 5.6mm Blade Thickness. Size of blade: 161x150mm. Size of CS Handle: 82x24mm. Response: 12.3. Vibration: 11.1. Penhold racket weight: 85g. Penhold grip origin: Japanese. Price: $399.99. If you are wondering where to buy Butterfly Fan Zhendong Super ZLC, it is available on Megaspin’s online store. Some butterfly blades, such as Korbel and Grubba, are manufactured in factories in both Europe and Japan, giving them two variations. Megaspin always stocks the Japanese version of a blade when a European-made version is available.   2. Victas Dynam 10.5 Japanese Penhold CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Dynam is a powerhouse with a great feel, made to meet experienced players’ demands. The attacking Ping pong blade, the Victas Dynam 10.5 Japanese Penholder, is made from superior Kiso Hinoki one-ply wood, 10.5 millimeters thick. Kiso Hinoki wood is used to make the Victas Dynam 10.5. That said, Victas Dynam 10.5 features all the characteristics of a quality penhold blade. It is a super resilient table tennis blade. The blade is constructed to withstand the rigors of being hit at high speeds. Victas Dynam 10.5 Penhold Blade Features Penhold paddle style: Offensive Plus speed. Veneer made of a racket (Kiso). Square-shaped penhold paddle. Made for hard-hitting shots. 10.5mm of racket thickness. Size of Racket: 145 mm x 135 mm. Grip Dimensions: 90 mm x 20 mm. Speed: 100. 99g in weight. Produced in Japan. Price: $229.99. This means that it will stay in shape even when it takes a beating during play. According to Victas Dynam 10.5 reviews, the blade is flexible enough to bend and twist when adjusting your grip or position on the table. It is intended for intermediate players who prefer an extra spin and good control when playing close to the table. If you are an offensive player, the Victas Dynamo will be a great ping pong racket for your needs. Victas Dynamo 10.5 is available on Megaspin and is priced at $229.99.   3. Butterfly Falcima Chinese Penhold CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Another budget-friendly option for penhold players is the Butterfly Falcima. The Falcima is the latest 5-ply all-wood blade from BTY. The Falcima has an outstanding balance of stability and bounce, which is why it is a good option for table players with a penhold grip. The Butterfly Falcima blade is suitable for beginners and those who want better maneuverability and speed. It is simple to swing and generate power with this blade because its moderate weight is neither too light nor too heavy. Butterfly Falcima Penhold Blade Features Ply 5 Wood. The blade is 6.0mm thick. Blade Dimensions: 161 x 150 mm. Size of Handle: 82×23 mm. Response: 109. 97 vibrations. It weighs 84g. Produced in Japan. Price: $73.99. The Butterfly Falcima is the best ping pong paddle for attacking ping pong players. For players who prefer the penhold technique, it is excellent because the paddle provides good grip and comfort while still being lightweight and easy to swing. The Falcima also has an increased grip with the Soft Grip Tape, providing comfort to the racket handle. To extend the longevity of your racket, consider adding side tape to the blade, protecting the wood in the event it hits the table. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! For those who are just getting into table tennis, this blade pairs well with the Sapphire rubber from Butterfly. For those who want good speed, Butterfly Roundell and Rozena rubber are suitable high-tension rubbers that pair well with them. 4. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ZLC CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ZLC is one of the best Chinese penhold blades. The Harimoto ZLC is a significant advancement in blade technology. Adding this blade technology to the ZLC could make this blade an instant favorite in the Chinese Penhold market, similar to the success of the Harimoto ALC. The ZLC fibers of the Harimoto Innerforce ZLC excel as an attacking blade for two particular characteristics. The first characteristic of the high rebound area is that it improves overall contact in the sweet spot for better control and feels soft when held but produces powerful shots. The second characteristic is the dynamic feedback produced by the blade layers’ construction. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ZLC Features Style of play: Attack style. Pen hold paddle plies: 5W + 2ZLCx. The blade is 5.7mm thick. 161x150mm blade size. Size of CS Handle: 82 x 24 mm. 85g in weight. Reaction: 105. 95 vibrations. Produced in Japan. Price: $242.99. The Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ZLC is a Chinese Penhold table tennis blade that is great for competitive ping pong games. The Dignics 05 rubber is recommended for this blade, as it has the highest trajectory and shortest travel path on the table. Overall, this is a great choice for those looking for a Penhold racket to help them win their next competitive ping pong game. By making it like this, the manufacturer ensured that the player would feel at the top of their game when using it. Harimoto Innerforce ZLC Chinese Penhold has a 5 out of 5 stars rating on Megaspin. It is readily available on Megaspin at $242.99.   5. Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special ranks as the best-budget penhold blade in 2022. It is perfect for players who want better control and speed. The Extra Special Yasaka Ma Lin comes with a 7-ply constructive wood blade. This ping pong blade for penhold is perfect for competitive close-to-the-table players. Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special Features Speed: 90. Maintain control is 74. Plies: 7. Weighs 88g. Made in China. Price: $74.95. Due to the unique feel of pure wood, many elite players prefer the all-wood construction of Yasaka Ma Lin blades. Yasaka’s skilled woodworkers combined the blade’s inner surface with the slightly softer middle surface. Because of the mix, the Yasaka Ma Lin can hit with the desired power without shaking. The Yasaka Ma Lin extra offensive table tennis blade is a great option for professional ping pong players. It has a good dwell time, speeds away from the table, and has excellent control. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The only downside is that it is a bit heavy, but that is to be expected with a professional-grade ping pong paddle. I would also recommend sanding the neck of the paddle to make it more comfortable for your fingers if you are playing with a penhold grip. Overall, this is a great option for professional players looking for a solid penhold paddle.   Table Tennis Penhold Tips The best ping pong blades for penhold in China have a short handle and a round head. On the forehand, the thumb should rest along the side of the racket handle, roughly parallel to it, and the index finger should wrap partially around the handle’s end. The middle, ring, and little fingers are turned outward on the back of the paddle. The penhold ping pong racket can provide enough speed and faster reaction when switching the sides from forehand to backhand and vice versa. The table tennis racket’s angle can be easily adjusted by moving the thumb in either direction and increasing the wrist’s motion range. Because the player is not worried about striking the table with his hand, these techniques give this serving style a clear advantage, such as faster attacks over the ping pong table. What types of Ping pong paddles are there? Your preference for a handle and how you hold your bat will determine your suitable type. Ping Pong paddles come in the following varieties: Penhold style paddle: This paddle is only permitted for penhold grip players. The penhold paddles are available in Chinese and Japanese styles, which impact the handle’s length and roundness. In this post, we have listed the five best penhold paddles, so give it a read. Flared paddles: The handle that is most frequently used is flared. The center is the thinnest, and the end is the widest. It decreases the likelihood that your bat will escape from your control. Anatomic paddles: Anatomic handles have a bulge in the middle when held in the palm. Since it fits perfectly in the player’s palm, it is much simpler to control while playing. Straight paddle: The straight paddle handle is uniformly wide throughout. Straight handles can be square or rounded. Paddle Sets: They consist: The racket, paddle case, ping pong balls, and net set. What makes a good Ping pong paddle? A good Ping pong paddle should have all of the desirable characteristics that make a Ping pong paddle effective. The blade and rubber of ping pong paddles significantly impact the bat’s operation. Pro players pick their blades and rubbers to suit their technique, so you should become familiar with your paddle’s parts. The list of Ping pong paddle features will help our readers understand what to look for when purchasing a Ping pong paddle. The following elements contribute to the effectiveness of a Ping pong table: Table tennis blade: The blade is essential to a ping pong paddle. It is the rigid portion of the bat where you attach your rubbers and grip it while playing. The blades provide most of the sensation you feel from the ball, which is essential when adding spin to your shots. They are made of thin, glued-together layers of wood. Typically, blades have five to seven plies, with some cutting-edge blades having more layers. Rubber top sheet: The top sheet of rubber is the outermost layer, usually red or black. There are many types of top sheets, including inverted, short pimples, long pimples, and anti-spin. The majority of ping pong rubbers, however, have inverted pimples. As a result, we will only cover these types of rubbers today. Rubber sponge: Underneath the top sheet, a sponge layer should stick to the blade. Depending on the rubber, you can get a custom bat with a thickness ranging from 1.2mm to 2.5mm. The thicker your paddle, the more explosive it will be. A good penhold paddle is resilient, flexible, and forgiving. What are the best ping pong blades for penhold made from? The most common material used in beginner-to-expert-level blades is wood. Wooden blades typically offer the best feeling when you hold them, but on the other hand, they are slower. Other materials can also be used to make ping-bong places but in small amounts. If you’re not comfortable playing with only wood-made blades because of your technique. Most ping pong blades are made of three, five, or even seven layers of wood, depending on your preference. Carbon fiber is usually added to create a ping pong blade to make it stronger and faster. It can also create a sweet spot for you to hit the ball better. The blade can be made from carbon fiber, glass fiber, or compressed paper, but the material must be less than 0.35mm. If you’re planning to buy a blade made from carbon fiber, then you should know that they are very expensive and are only made for professionals. Best Ping Pong Blades for Penhold – Summary This article has chosen five top ping pong blades for 2022. Finding the ideal blade for you among the many available choices can take time and effort. This is the main reason we wrote the article in the first place: to improve your ping pong skills and to promote the game.  We researched these best ping pong blades for penhold and reviewed them to bring you the top 5 table tennis blades of 2022. We can only hope that you found this article helpful and that you’ll go on to become the Ping pong superstar the world has been waiting for. All the penhold ping pong paddles are made for serious ping pong players who need good practice and continuous training.

5 Best Xiom Table Tennis Blades (Ice Cream, Novus 2023 Reviews)

This article will enlighten you on some of the best Xiom table tennis blades you probably did not know and need to focus on if you want to elevate your playing characteristics. We will be able to see some of the notable features that enable them to give an overall high performance. Best Xiom Table Tennis Blades Selected by The Author 1. Xiom Vivid Kiso Hinoki – Red CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Xiom has made it available in straight handle and flared handle types. It is the newest blade produced by the brand. It combines the feel of Kiso Hinoki with the power of energy carbon, giving it a great speed and feel that ensures you remain in control during the game. The blade utilizes Xiom’s latest blade manufacturing process, known as the 36.5 cold press. This technology entails the wood and composite layers bonded together without the use of heat (hence the name cold-press). This technology is the first-ever low-temperature drying technology used. It is effective in allowing the wood to reach its highest potential. Xiom Vivid Kiso Features Speed Rating: OFF+ Structure of the racket: 1 wood ply (Kiso Hinoki) + 2 carbon Blade Thickness: 6.9mm Head Size: 157mm x 150mm Grip Size: FL-100 x 25mm; ST-100 x 23mm Weight: 85g Made in Korea The manufacturers have availed it in various colors besides Red. If you like, Orange, Pink, light Purple, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Black, and Brown options are available to suit different customers’ needs. It has a semi-smooth surface and a Swarovski crystal embedded on the handle, giving it an elegant look. In terms of speed, it is a very fast blade. When the carbon is combined with the blade’s thickness, it results in an ultra-fast blade. However, this blade is not recommended for an amateur/beginner because it’s a fast carbon blade. It will not be user-friendly for them to use as they start. It is ranked second after the fastest Xiom blade in the series – Axelo. Kiso Hinoki is quite a stiff table tennis blade. The blade has some softness on the ball impact because of the hinoki layers. It also does not produce a lot of spins, but you can effectively spin the ball while looping, driving, or smashing. The most preferred distance to play with it is at mid-distances. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Because of its speed and power, you can produce nice powerful shots to slow, spinny loops. So if you have all it takes to deal with a fast blade, if you are an intermediate or advanced level player, make sure you own one of these. The best rubber you can combine with this blade is Vega Switch rubbers and Stigma 3, 4, and 5. 2. Xiom Ice Cream AZX PRO CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This hybrid construction blade has a flared hand that is comfortable and wide and a smooth straight handle. It combines two technologies, Zephylium Carbon (ZLC) on one side and Arylate Carbon (ALC) on the other. It has a Koto outer ply, a Limba inner ply, and a Kiri core. The ZLC outer carbon layer and outer ALC layer are sandwiched between the koto and limba plies on each side. Ice Cream is new, and one of the best Xiom table tennis blades that has a total of 7 plies, and the blade material structure looks like this: Koto-ZLC-Limba-Kiri-Limba-ALC-Koto This blade stands out because of its possibility of giving different playing characteristics on each side of the blade. The carbon plies are felt almost immediately on the more strokes you make. Xiom Ice Cream AZX Pro table tennis blade – Features Speed Rating: Hybrid OFF+/OFF Spin: 95 Good control: 91 Hardness: 75 Consistent blade: 90 Structure: Plies- 5wood + 1 ZLC+ 1 ALC Blade Thickness: 5.7mm Head Size: 157 x 100mm Grip Size: FL-100 x 25mm; ST-100 x 23mm Weight: 88g Made in Korea The ALC gives a softer and stiffer feel, whereas the ZLC is much harder and more elastic. The combination of these plies and carbon layers encourages aggressive play. This blade was made in partnership with a Korean table tennis star who used it too. He goes by the name Jung Youngsik. He is living proof that this blade can do wonders! Xiom Ice Cream is an averagely fast blade, slightly above the Viscaria blade. Xiom Ice Cream AZX Pro Composition It produces sharp drives, and there is a slight difference in speed between the ALC and ZLC. It is excellent with massive loops because of the speed. When looping, the ALC performs much better than ZLC. It produces higher arcs compared to ZLC. But the ZLC side is usually faster than the ALC side. The blade is medium stiff. This feature makes it good at blocks. It would be the perfect fit for highly mobile and dynamic players who attack at mid distances from the table. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It will form a powerful combination with Andro Rasanter R47 ultra max on both sides of the blade or Omega VII Pro. These rubbers will bring out the true nature of the blade and make a great table tennis racket. 3. Xiom Novus 19 Stradivarius CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Xiom Novus Stradivarius is described as a ”well-balanced weapon for the modern table tennis player.” It has been the best-selling blade in the Xiom Novus series ever since 2009, when the Novus blade series first boomed on the market. Stradivarius was produced in 2019. These Xiom blades contain the Aramid carbon technology that combines the vibration absorbing soft aramid and highly elastic carbon, giving it the top-most performance. It is also distinguishable through its red top handle (In most cases, you may find that all wood blades have Brown handles while pure carbon blades have Blue handles). Xiom Novus 19 Stradivarius – Features Speed Rating: OFF+/OFF Spin: 89 Control: 87 Structure: Plies- 5 Wood + Aramid Carbon Blade Thickness: 5.7 mm Head Size: 157mm x 150mm Weight: 85g Made in China It would be a good choice for professional offensive players as it gives them great control and balance, especially when playing ping pong at distances near the table. You can perform high-speed strokes and deliver high-quality pimples and block on the table. One of the best Xiom table tennis blades produces minimal vibration, which is reduced by high-technology materials. It is the ideal alternative to Timo Boll Spirit or Timo Boll ALC. The soft carbon-aramid composite layer gives it a balanced feeling of softness and hardness. Thus, it is a blade of medium hardness. The medium hardness enables it to produce fast speed while offering better control. It works best on looping and hitting. Novus Stradivarius performs well on topspin attacks that are made close to mid-distances of the table. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The best table tennis rubber to combine with this blade is Xiom Tau II which is suitable for the forehand. The combination produces nice loops, counter loops, and smashes. You can also pair it with new Hyper Elasto table tennis rubbers and the Vega rubber series for much better results. 4. Xiom Blades – Novus 19 Aigis CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Xiom Novus Aigis table tennis blade has only been manufactured in the flared hand option. This blade is an all-wood (has a brown handle). It is one of the best defensive blades that you can ever use. Novus Aigis is suitable for defenders and mid-distance choppers. It contains an outer veneer limba used for the top layer of the 5-ply construction. The limba is significant in increasing the blade’s speed. Its thickness is the same as traditional all-around blades. You can push or chop with your backhand and forehand so many times. Keeping the table tennis ball on the table is primary. The blade’s inner layers are adjusted to give it the right characteristics for a defensive blade. It has resulted in the blade’s ability to defend and maintain a high-speed level for all-around play equally. Xiom Novus Aigis Blade – Features Speed Rating: DEF/ALL+ Spin: 82 Speed: 70 Control: 90 Structure: Ply- 5 wood Blade Thickness: 5.0mm Head Size: 166mm x 157mm Weight: 85g Made in China Nowadays, if you are a defensive player who loves using counter topspins from the forehand, this blade will supply you with enough speed and spin that you might need. Its speed does not compromise your ability to have and remain in control. It chops very well, whether you are at far distances or nearer at the table. Overall, it will provide you with a good amount of power. The best table tennis rubbers for this blade are Hyper Elasto rubbers like Xiom Vega Asia on the forehand – if you want to perform better counter topspins from the forehand. And you will have a powerful weapon for all-around play. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! For the equipment for the backhand side and chopping style, you can choose one of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping from our article in detail. 5. Xiom Zeta Offensive CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Xiom Zeta Offensive is an all-wood blade available in flared handle option only. It has 7 koto plies whereby hardwood and softwood plies have been combined to offer accurate and complete control and fantastic attacking capabilities. The table tennis blade is carefully designed using a fast drying process to create a lighter wood weight. These Xiom blades would work for a modern-day offensive player because the 7 plies have 2 outer and 1 central hardwood plies combined with 2 thin softwood veneer wood sheets to enhance ball feel and rebounding. It is similar to the Primorac carbon blades, which have good speed and high control performance. The Zeta Offensive table tennis racket is a bit faster than our previous model. Xiom Zeta Offensive ping pong blade – Features & Performance Speed Rating: OFF Structure: Ply- 7 wood Blade Thickness: 6.0 mm Head Size: 158mm x 152 mm Grip Size: FL 100 x 25mm Weight: 90g Made in China The improved drying technology produces a lighter wood weight, which means that the blade is light too. It weighs a 5-ply wood blade. Its weight, however, does not compromise its offensive capabilities. It is easy to work with because of its lightweight feature. Xiom Zeta generates good spins and control, especially when blocking or driving. This blade could be the best choice for players who want to progress to a faster blade from a standard 5-ply one. It is more complex compared to Xiom Solo despite having a similar composition. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! A good rubber combination with the blade you need to try out is Xiom Omega 7 PRO, especially when playing far distances from the table and if you want to maintain control. Other great rubbers include El-S, Mantra, and Gewo FT 48. About Xiom Brand Xiom (pronounced as “axiom”), which was formerly known as Champion Limited Corporation, is a company famous for manufacturing high-tech table tennis products. It was formed in 1976 when they began making ping pong tables. The company gradually expanded to produce other table tennis products like rubbers and blades. They’ve been making fantastic products over the years for the Korean market. Xiom means new Paradigmas; the company has continued to supply table tennis fans with exceptional products, including blades, at a high trend. Xiom has the 4th largest market for table tennis products in the world after Japan, China, and Germany. Many ping pong enthusiasts love their products all over the world. They decided to expand their markets worldwide because Korea had a low market share. Their markets have emerged from the USA, Africa, and Asia. Their efforts have born fruits in return, and they have set up several factories not only in Korea but also in Japan and China. It competes with famous brands like Nittaku, Gewo, Andro, and Butterfly. The first successful high-quality blade series by Xiom was Novus, followed by the Feel Xiom blades series in 2017. They kept up with the trend and continued to meet their table tennis players’ expectations of manufacturing blades that addressed their needs. Xiom’s goal is to become a world leader in the manufacturing of table tennis products. Besides that, their ultimate goal is to create more value for the table tennis world. Best Xiom Table Tennis Blades – Conclusion These are but some of the Xiom blades that you should try. They are the best blades that you can experiment with and own. They will give meaning to your playing characteristics and take your skills a notch higher. You can recommend one to any table tennis lover you know, those who like experimenting with new products so that they figure out their absolute playing style. Remember to seal your new blade as a way of caring for it to ensure longevity. You can do this by adding a thin layer of lacquer or varnish to the blade’s playing surface. Varnish prevents the wood from coming into contact with the water. It also prevents wood splinters from coming off the playing surface when removing a used rubber from the racket. If you want your used blade to be sealed, ensure that you thoroughly clean it first. Xiom table tennis blades from Amazon You can opt to combine the blades with whichever rubbers you want as long as they work for you. Do not combine heavy blades and rubbers unless you are comfortable with them. Otherwise, you will strain your forearm and develop serious injuries. Check out these beautiful blades from this website. They will be a perfect gift for your coach, friend, brother, or nephew!

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5+ FASTEST Table Tennis Blades (OFF+ Offensive for Attackers)

If you are looking for a suitable and reliable blade to help you win more points and titles, it’s time to look at the seven best and fastest table tennis blades for offensive players. These blades are designed for attackers and offensive loopers who prefer playing fast and offensive strokes while requiring reasonable control and stability. Our Winner & Best Overall (Fastest Table Tennis Blade) Here’s the list of the seven new table tennis blades best suitable for attackers, aggressive loopers, and players who prefer the offensive style of play. These new ping pong blades will deliver the most spin and power to help you win the upcoming tournaments. Top Picks of New Table Tennis Blades for Offensive Players 1. JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The word “hybrid” is used a lot these days. Hybrid vehicles, hybrid phones, even hybrid fish! But it’s not often that a table tennis blade can be called a hybrid. It turns out that the Joola Vyzaryz Hybrid isn’t just any ordinary blade — it’s made of two very different layers; we’re talking face-melting speed and high ball lift control. You can bounce any ball off the court from the fast zowie PBO-C (carbon) layer on one side to the slower but more stable PBO-C layer on the other. With two unique sides, you need to see how this new table tennis blade will blow your mind like no other. If you wonder what makes the JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid blade stand out from the crowd, here’s everything you need to know about it. JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid Specifications Style: All+ and OFF+ Plies: 7 (koto outer – Super ZLC/Regular ZLC, Limba, and Kiri core) Blade Thickness: 5.86mm Handle Type: Straight/Flared/Chinese Penhold Weight: 85 grams JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid Performance Ratings Speed: 9.6/10 Control: 10/10 Hardness: Medium-Hard Stiffness: Stiff The JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid is a unique table tennis blade with two sides – one for the backhand and one for the forehand. Each side has its unique properties and can be used to complement your forehand or backhand, giving you more options in your game. The backhand side’s super ZLC or PBO-C (green) layer has a lower throw angle, giving you more spin on your shots. The forehand side’s standard ZLC or PBO-C (purple) layer enables you to hit with a higher arch, giving you more power on your forehand. The green side of this blade is made of a carbon composite that is perfect for low, fast shots when you need to get the ball over an opponent. The purple side of this blade is made of regular carbon composite and is lightweight and perfect for looping your backhand. This blade offers more choices when it comes time to choose sides during your next match. The blade uses Koto as an outer veneer, which means you can expect a direct touch and dynamic play style. It’s an exquisite choice for players who want to improve their game, whether by giving them more control over their shots or helping them find innovative new tactics that fit their play style. The JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid blade is a dual-threat table tennis blade that can be your go-to weapon if you want to experience the best of both worlds: power shots and spins. So, if you choose a regular rubber, the blade will produce a higher bounce, while the super pimpled rubber creates more spin making it perfect for aggressive players looking to win the point. JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid Pros & Cons Pros It is the best-value table tennis blade for attackers and aggressive loopers. Joola Vyzaryz Hybrid is an excellent option for the two-handed player who has trouble distinguishing between forehand and backhand shots. It is built for players looking for different play styles and those who want a blend of spin, accuracy, power, and consistency. Cons The performance of the blade dramatically varies depending on the rubber you choose. So choose accordingly! JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid Reviews By Users Here are some of the reviews on the Joola Vyzaryz Hybrid table tennis blade: “It is the ultimate dual-threat table tennis blade. The blade allows you to choose what feels best for your forehand or backhand, depending on the quality of your chop. I used the Rhyzer 45 and Battle 2 rubbers, but I must note that you’ll need to test the blade by switching the rubbers at the beginning. Overall, it is an exceptional attacking blade, and you can’t go wrong with it!” Marcel.   “The Vyzaryz Hybrid is one of the best blades from the Joola Premium Line. I highly recommend the JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid blade to anyone looking for a combination of ZJK SZLC and ZLC. It is a one-of-a-kind hybrid table tennis blade that bridges the gap between low-cost composite blades and expensive carbon blades.” Nick. JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid Price & Where to Buy A quality table tennis blade like the Joola Vyzaryz Hyrbid is not just a blade but an investment. It is priced at $249.95 and is available on Megaspin. They have the best service, and you can get your custom Joola Vyzaryz Hybrid blade within two weeks, which is fantastic! Other great online table tennis stores and shops are reviewed on this page. JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid: Verdict The Vyzarz Hybrian excellent choice for any offensive-minded table tennis player looking for a good quality blade with a reasonable price tag. That said, winning games isn’t easy. Neither is becoming a champion. You need the equipment that can keep up with you, serve you, and help you win – all of which are offered by the Vyzaryz Hybrid. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Finally, if you want to trade your way to the top by slaying your opponents with a double-edged blade – the JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid is just what you need! 2. Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC (Fastest Table Tennis Blade) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! READ OUR FULL REVIEW OF LIN YUN-JU BLADE! The Lin Yun-Ju Super ZL Carbon is a unique racket with interwoven carbon and ZL fiber. This is the fastest table tennis blade on the market and has high-speed-ball-hitting properties like high rigidity and viscosity and a wide sweet spot. This beautiful table tennis blade was named after the Chinese superstar Lin Yun-Ju and this high-performance blade can help you increase your competitiveness. Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Specifications Style: Attack, OFF+ Plies: 5 plywood + 2 Super ZL Carbon Head Thickness: 5.6mm Head Size: 157 x 150mm FL Handle Size: 100mm x 25mm x 34mm ST Handle Size: 100mm x 23mm x 28mm AN Handle Size: 100mm x 24mm x 3mm 2mm Weight: 91g Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Performance Ratings Speed: 9/10 Control: 9.7/10 Hardness: Moderate The racket was named after Lin Yun Ju, who transformed from a singles player to a doubles champion in just one year so that the Super ZLC could improve your table tennis skills. This blade provides a youthful and competitive feel by showcasing Lin Yun-Ju’s favorite color (black-based grip with pastel blue and orange edgings) on the grip and the wing mark, along with the elegant acronym. The Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC blade is much lighter than other carbon rackets, and the swing speed is faster. Also, it is made of high-strength carbon fiber, which ensures explosive hitting without affecting the stability of the racket. The Super ZL Carbon is a versatile blade featuring good bounce, power, and stability. The wide sweet spot and good momentum make the racket suitable for counter-attacking. Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Pros & Cons Pros This Butterfly blade comes with a wide sweet spot that gives an excellent touch to the ball. When paired with suitable rubbers, the blade produces powerful shots without fail. Cons It is a high-speed blade and may not be suitable for beginners. It is indeed an expensive blade but worth considering. Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Reviews By Users Here are some of the reviews on the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC blade: delighted with my purchase of the Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC racket. The control is amazing, both on serves and during rallies. The speed is the strongest point of sup. That lets me feel that I am close to the ball but still able to respond quickly. The weight is just right for me, not a harsh feeling. The good feeling you get from this racket is something that cannot be matched by other carbon blades, in my opinion.” Ben.   “The Super ZLC blade delivers well-balanced speed and control. The blade is light and makes me play aggressively with a simple saying against top players. I still have good control and precision. Also, I have used different brands’ fast and light blades before, but this one is good for me as a close-to-the-table player. I highly recommend it!!!” Vincent. Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Price & Where to Buy The official price of the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC blade is $399.99. But Megaspin offers a 5% discount on the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC. With the 5% discount, you can get it at $379.99 on as of this writing. Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC: Verdict The Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC is an exceptional power-oriented blade with high-vibration characteristics. And, although expensive, this blade is worth it! 3. Victas Koki Niwa CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Victas Koki Niwa blade is an excellent choice for a broader range of players and different styles. Named after Japanese player Koki Niwa, this table tennis blade is fast, consistent, and possesses qualities often sought after in advanced play. Victas Koki Niwa Specifications: Style: OFF+ Ply: 5 wood + 2 aramid carbon + 2 fleece carbon Blade Thickness: 5.7 mm Handle Type: Straight handle Weight: 84g Victas Koki Niwa Performance Ratings Speed: 9.2/10 Control: 8.5/10 Hardness: Medium-hard Firstly, the inner carbon fibers built into the blade optimize energy transfer to the ping pong ball, providing you with an aggressive trajectory and explosive spin in serve-and-return situations. Secondly, it is constructed with an outer layer of elastic Fleece Carbon which improves the spin capabilities, making it the perfect option for rallies from mid-distance. Moreover, the inner aramid carbon fiber reinforced with the core ply of the blade creates fast mid-distance topspin rallies that are stable even in extreme situations. The Victas Koki Niwa is a powerful weapon for modern attackers. This blade combines explosive power with creative play close to the table, making it ideal for today’s offensive players. Victas Koki Niwa Pros & Cons Pros It is a well-balanced blade suitable for attackers who want to play safely. It combines explosive power with touch, enabling players to unleash powerful shots close or mid-distance from the table. Cons The blade comes with a minimal option for handle type and style. It only comes with a straight handle. Victas Koki Niwa Reviews By Users Here we are sharing some of the reviews on Victas Koki Niwa table tennis blade: “You can’t go wrong with this looping machine. I am using DHS Goldfarc8 for FH and Victas for BH rubber with this blade – an amazing combo for this blade. But I must say, it also pairs well with Nittaku Flyatt on BH. The best thing about this blade is that the shots land exactly where you want!” Jim.   “There is no doubt that this blade is a great improvement over the old one I once used. My first impression of this blade was perfect is good. Control is what this blade excels at. It allows me to easily hit the ball from behind the table and place it wherever I want. It has helped me improve my strokes immensely.” Mickelson. Victas Koki Niwa Price & Where to Buy: The retail price of the Victas Koki Niwa blade is $159.99. But Megaspin offers a 19% discount on this Victas blade as of this w, writing so you can purchase Victas Koki Niwa at $129.99 from Victas Koki Niwa: Verdict This blade can help you play your best squash regardless of your skill level. It’s an excellent blade for modern attackers and suitable for offensive play. It offers adequate control and is fast and stable when hitting away from the table. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Thus, if you need a blade with power, control, stability, and comfort, put the Victas Koki Niwa on your list when looking for your next blade. 4. Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade is one of the new table tennis blades for offensive players from Butterfly’s Arylate-Carbon series and is also the recent best-seller since 2020. This table tennis blade is developed in collaboration with the German superstar Dimitrij Ovtcharov name Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC. It has a larger design than most of the ALC Innerforce blades. It also features a greater thickness. Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Specifications Style: Attack, OFF Plies: Innerfiber 5 plywood + 2 Arylate/Carbon Blade Thickness: 6.2mm Head Size: 158 x 152mm Flared Handle Size: (100 x 25 x 34) mm Straight Handle Size: (100 x 23 x 28) mm Anatomic Handle Size: (100 x 25 x 34) mm Weight: 91g Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Performance Ratings Speed: 9.5/10 Control: 9.7/10 After Butterfly’s Innerforce ALC series became a big success, Butterfly decided to develop a blade with greater thickness and a larger design. Finally, Butterfly developed the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade with the help of Dimitrij Ovtcharov, who has achieved astonishing results. It is a seven-layered blade made up of 5 plies of 6.2 mm thick wood and inner fiber (2 Arylate/Carbon) material, allowing it to have high resilience characteristics as well as power and control, bringing out the best of your game. In addition to the Innerfiber construction, the blade has the firmness necessary to provide power when hitting the ball, which is helpful for today’s super-powerful offensive players. The Innerfiber construction of this fastest table tennis blade allows it to produce powerful and more complex strokes while keeping the ball in play. The blade also synergizes with the grip lock on the forehand and backhand. The grip locks’ medium-soft sponge and grippy top sheet complement the Innerforce’s speed/stiffness by offering a high level of control. Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Pros & Cons Pros                           The blade is best suitable for modern attackers and loopers. The blade comes in all styles of handles: flared, straight, and anatomic. The craftsmanship of the blade shows elegance, alluding to endless possibilities and victory. Cons It would require sufficient skill and techniques to get the most out of it. Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Reviews By Users Butterfly’s Innerforce ALC blade is the absolute forum for a fast-looping game. I’m not the only one who takes that opinion. From other players’ blogs, who have switched from BLX (Carbo T-500) to Innerforce ALC, idea opinion is almost all the same – although there are slight differences in their personal experiences. Here we share some of the reviews on Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade: “I’ve been using the Butterfly Innerforce for a year and am extremely pleased. I am using the blade with  DHS H3 Neo on FH and BH. The blade provides a special feeling when topspinning the ball or looping close to the table.” Kol. Blade Material Structure “The blade gives perfect control over what you want to do with the ball. My forehand is one of my favorite aspects of this blade; I can achieve excellent control on all shots because it balances passive and more powerful strokes. My backhand receives more power than it should due to the rubber choice, but that’s only because I’m used to playing with faster rubbers on my FH (such as Sriver FX). If there were anything I would change about this blade, it would be switching my rubber choice on my BH (perhaps Dignics 05) because I would be more offensive backhand styleackhand. However, this is only by personal preference because overall, this blade does an exceptional job at what it does and feels great in hand!” Fin M. Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Price & Where to Buy The Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade is priced at $184.99, making it one of the best-value Arylate-Carbon blades. This blade comes with three handle choices: flared, straight, and anatomic and all of these are available on Megaspin. Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC: Verdict Butterfly’s Innerforce ALC is an all-around blade and a classic example of a model that offers numerous advantages to its users. It was designed by Butterfly that leveraged the records of German star Dimitrij Ovtcharov for inspiration. The high resilience characteristics of this blade will allow you to produce intricate strokes while keeping the ball in play. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Thus, the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade is most suitable for a power play. It is also an excellent blade for advanced beginner players who prefer to hit with spin. 5. Donic Original True Carbon (Donic’s Fastest Table Tennis Blade) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If you are looking for table tennis blades for offensive players that can do it all and can fit in different playing styles of attackers and defenders, then you should look closely at the Donic Original True Carbon blade. This blade, also known as Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon, is a top-end carbon blade from Donic. It is one of the most popular carbon blades in Europe and is used by several top players, such as Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Timo Boll, Jun Mizutani, and others. Let’s look at the specifications of this blade, performance ratings, and playing characteristics, and then decide if this is the blade for you. Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Specifications Style: OFF Ply: 7 plies made of Kiri (core ply), Ayous (3+5), Kevlar carbon (2+6), and Koto (1+7, outer ply) Blade Thickness: 5.5mm Handle Type: Flared Handle Weight: 90 grams Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Performance Ratings Speed: 9.5/10 Control: 7/10 Hardness: Medium-Hard Elasticity: Nearly stiff The Donic Original True Carbon combines perfectly engineered structures with many plies. Many agree that the Donic True Carbon blade performs similarly to Butterfly’s Viscaria ALC. This fastest table tennis blade from the Donic brand combines speed and a playing feel that can’t be beaten. Since the blade is made from high-quality wood, it offers a soft touch and precise ball control. The balance between control and power allows the carbon blade to excel in attacking strokes. But at the same time, the blade offers reasonable control, making it possible to play safe shots across the table. The blade is suitable for offensive players who prefer loops or fast topspins and defensive players who like to play blocks. Every player can try these skills with the ping pong robots on our list for beginners. Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Pros & Cons Pros It is suitable for both defensive and offensive players. The high-quality construction of the flared handle provides soft touch and reasonable ball control. It is a budget-friendly blade that delivers similar characteristics to high-end carbon blades. Cons The wood is stiffer and denser comparatively. It’s essential to master good topspin techniques to get the most out of this blade. Table Tennis Blades for Offensive Players – Reviews by Users Here are some of the reviews on the Donic Original True Carbon blade: “This blade makes me play like never before. With a stiffer touch, I get better consistency in my game and less effort because now I can count on a feel comparable to that of normal wood!” TB.   “I’ve tested several carbon blades, and I’ve recently started playing with Donic Original True Carbon blade paired with Hurrican 3 on FH and Dawei C1 on BH. The feel is better than Timo Boll ALC and Viscaria; it’s harder and faster. I started to feel confident with this blade after just one training session.” Klaus. Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Price & Where to Buy You can purchase the Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon blade at $106.95. As it is a very popular blade, it may not be available on Amazon. But the good news is that this blade is readily available on Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon: Verdict This blade allows you to play controlled topspin but also has enough control without sacrificing your offensive game. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If you’re looking to attack opponents aggressively and hit winners with many spins, then the Donic Original True Carbon blade is what you are looking for. 6. Victas Birmingham 77 – Japanese Penhold CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Victas Birmigmham 77 is a classic example of a quality Japanese Penhold blade and is very much appreciated by both the offensive and defensive-minded players. This fastest table tennis blade for penhold is named after the 1997’s ITTF World Championship in Birmingham, England. This blade has been around for many years yet has stood the test of time because of its good performance. Victas Birmingham 77 Specifications: Style: (Offensive and defensive level) Ply: 5-ply wood Blade thickness: 6.5mm Blade size: 148 mm x 141 mm Grip type: Japanese style Grip size: 90mm x 20mm Weight: 85g Victas Birmingham 77 Performance Ratings: Speed: 7.5/10 Spin: 7.5/10 Control: 8.5/10 Hardness: Medium Hardness The Victas Birmigmham 77 blade is built well with a solid feel on impact and has great attack and spin potential. It is made of cypress wood and is lightweight and thin. The handle is of medium hardness, and the penholder fits any player. This blade will last many years and perform great use to improve your game. The Victas Birmigmham blade is a good table tennis blade for people who prefer to play defense and counter-attack. It is also an excellent blade for aggressive, quick-attack players that like to loop. The Birmingham blade is slower than the ALC handle but offers more control. This is excellent for intermediate players who may be stepping up from using a Penhold-style paddle. Victas Birmingham 77 Pros & Cons Pros The blade is very reasonably priced. Being a Penhold-style blade, it offers better wrist flexibility, It is suitable both for offensive and defensive-minded players. It pairs well with almost types of rubber, so you can choose one that suits your requirements and improve your style of play. Cons It may not be suitable for players who prefer the Shakehand grip. Victas Birmingham 77 Japanese Penhold Reviews By Users: Here are some of the reviews on Victas Birmingham 77 Japanese Penholder table tennis blade from users: “It’s a good blade for penhold players. It is slightly overweight, so I suggest this blade to a mid-advanced player looking for a control-blade with looping capabilities. Plus, it’s a great choice for those who don’t want to shell out lots of cash but still want a quality blade.” Jeremy. “I have been using the Victas Birmigmham 77 for over a year. It is an excellent blade, comparable to Tibhar Precision M, Stiga Offensive Classic, and Donic Appelgren Allplay. Also, if you are looking for a penhold without spending too much money, the Victas Birmigmham 77 is one of the best penhold blades on the market.” Karen. Lee. Victas Birmingham 77 Price & Where to Buy The Victas Birmingham 77 Japanese Penhold is priced at $54.95 at Megaspin. It is readily available at Megaspin. Best of all, you will get 25% off any Victas rubber when ordering Victas Birmingham 77 from Megaspin. Victas Birmingham 77 Japanese Penhold: Verdict For an affordable table tennis blade that is good for practicing and playing match-ups, you’ll want to put the Victas Birmingham 77 on your list delivers reasonable control when used with a soling rubber such as Tenergy 05 or soft Sriver FX. Thus, the quality of the rubber you put on it will affect the overall feel and control. This is especially true if you are using a speedy or spinny rubber. If you are looking for maneuverability, you may want to look elsewhere. This is one of the best penhold table tennis blades for offensive players. 7. Yasaka Falck Carbon CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If you are a serious player, you should already have heard about the Yasaka Falck Carbon blade. It is one of the best blades for all-around professional play and practice. The Yaska Falck Carbon blade was developed by and for Mattias Falck, the Swedish table tennis player and World No. 17. This blade has a very high speed and was seen to be played by Mattias months before the WTTC 2019; the results were apparent when he won the silver medal in the World Championships. These days, it’s his blade of choice for practice and is popular among professional players yearning for a super balance between the speed and the feel. Yasaka Falck Carbon Specifications Style: OFF+ Blade Thickness: 5.9mm Plies: 7  (5 wooden veneers and two layers of Japanese Premium Carbon/JPC) Handles: Straight and Flared Handles Weight: 90g Yasaka Falck Carbon Performance Ratings: Speed: 9.6/10 Control: 9/10 Hardness: Medium Hard The Yasaka Falck Carbon blade is slightly faster than the Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon blade. However, the inner carbon construction and more excellent sweet spot of the Yasaka Falck make it perform very differently. Secondly, it was created for close-to-table offensive players with quick reaction times and strong agility who use bigger strokes with plenty of topspin on their forehand because that’s where this blade feels best. With a 5.9mm thickness, the blade provides enough control and performs well close to the table. The carbon construction of the blade and excellent balance between speed and feel makes this carbon blade a good choice for an all-around attacking player who likes to loop aggressively. Altogether, it is a fast yet very controllable blade that Yasaka designed for modern off-the-table play. Yasaka Falck Carbon Pros & Cons Pros It is an excellent option for all-around attacking players who want better control and stability. The greater sweet spot of the blade provides plenty of topspin. Cons It may not be ideal for the fastest players. The blade is not easily available. Table Tennis Blades for Offensive Players – Reviews By Users Here are some of the reviews on the Yasaka Falck Carbon blade: “I have been using the blade with Rakza 7 and Rakza X. The speed of the Yasaka Flack Carbon blade is almost the same asInner force ALC but comes with better control. One of the best aspects I liked is that the blade feels stable when blocking or looping.” Ferlin.   “In my opinion, the Falck is much faster but more rigid (less flexy) compared to carbon blades. It also has a unique feeling in contact with the ball compared to most other wood blades. Finally, I suggest using short pimpled rubbers with this blade, and you can’t go wrong with it!” Eli. JH. Yasaka Falck Carbon Price & Where to Buy The retail price of the Yasaka Flack Carbon blade is $149.73. But is offering an 18% discount on it. With the 18% discount, you can get the blade at $122.95 from Yasaka Falck Carbon: Verdict The Yasaka Falck Carbon is an all-style attacking blade and is a perfect choice if you want to enhance your skills. The blade is also forgiving enough for intermediate players. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The  Yasaka Falck Carbon blade is very special in many ways. For instance, if you’ve never played with a carbon blade of this kind before, you might be surprised by how close to the table you can play and still have excellent control over your shots. The 5+ Fastest Table Tennis Blades for Offensive Players: Summing Up JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid tops our list as the best-value table tennis blades for offensive players. It is one of the new table tennis blades from the Joola Premium Line. The Vyzaryz Hybrid blade offers similar characteristics to some of the most well-known and high-end ZLC and ALC blades, like the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC and the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC. The Victas Koki Niwa seconds our list as the ultimate well-balanced blade for offensive players who want to attack with aggression yet play safely. Also, with the Victas Koki Niwa, you can easily control strokes, flicks, and drive shots perfectly. It is also priced very reasonably. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can’t go wrong with the Victas Birmingham or the new table tennis blades for offensive players from Donic: The Original True Carbon, formerly known as the Ovtcharov True Carbon Donic. If you are an offensive player, try these super fast ping pong blades, and you will surely be satisfied. However, for defensive players, we prepared detailed reviews on modern defensive blades.  

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Most Expensive Table Tennis Blade (Top 8 Best for Value 2023 Reviews)

How much cost the most expensive table tennis blade? What is the fastest and most expensive table tennis racket? Are they worth buying? We have made this article with the best information for table tennis fans and professionals looking for the top, most expensive table tennis blades. If you are reading this, know that the article is dedicated to more advanced players and contains professional and especially understandable information for those who have been in table tennis for a long time. Before a more detailed analysis, look at our table and ratings of the most expensive table tennis blades below. What is the most expensive table tennis blade? There are many different table tennis blades on the market, ranging in price from around $20 to $400. The most expensive blade is the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC, currently priced at $400. The blade is made from a special type of carbon fiber that is 1.8 times more densely woven than other carbon fiber, giving it a larger sweet spot. The blade is also designed for offensive players, with a thinner-than-average ply structure. The Butterfly is the most popular table tennis brand globally, and its blades are some of the most expensive on the market. However, they are also some of the highest quality, and many professional players use Butterfly blades such as Lin Yun-Jun Blade. Expensive Ping Pong Paddle Price Comparison Chart Should You Try Premade Expensive Rackets? If you are looking for a new racket, you may be wondering whether to buy a premade model or assemble your own. There are advantages and disadvantages to both choices. Premade rackets are usually more expensive, but they come with a blade and rubbers that have been carefully chosen to work well together. This can save you time and effort if you don’t want to spend time researching and testing different combinations. However, premade rackets may not be the best choice if you have specific preferences, as you may not be able to change the rubbers. Premade Expensive Ping Pong Paddles Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Proline & Tenergy 05 rubbers ($ 559.97) Butterfly Franziska Innerforce ZLC Proline & Dignics 05 rubbers ($ 457.97) Killerspin Stilo7 SVR & Nitrx 4Z rubbers – Limited Edition ($ 349.99) If you are new to table tennis, you may be wondering whether you should invest in a premade, expensive racket. While it is true that high-quality equipment can improve your game, it is essential to remember that table tennis is a skill-based sport. In other words, the most expensive racket will not make up for a lack of practice or natural talent. However, for experienced players, a premade, expensive racket can be a worthwhile investment. It will improve your game and help you take your skills to the next level. You can reach your full potential as a table tennis player with practice and dedication. 1. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade CHECK OUR DETAILED REVIEW or PRICE ON: MEGASPIN The most powerful table tennis blade is made with Super ZL carbon. This means you have a better reaction to the ball and a more comprehensive range of responses. The large all-spot allows you to hit the shots exactly where you want. The highest table tennis blade price is because it gives great power and a good feeling. Spin and block shots are so effective with this blade that you will throw your opponent to his knees. You will feel the greatest virtues if you play at a medium distance from a ping pong table with counter-attacks. After that, speed and precision come to the fore. We should also mention the efficient entrances to flips and banana flips, which are modern in today’s table tennis. You can’t achieve such moves without an effective table tennis blade. On the other hand, with Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC, you will further amplify that shot, and it will be very embarrassing for any opponent to cope. Most Expensive Blade – Zhang Jike Super ZLC Features Class: OFF Style: Attack Plies: 5W+2SZLC Thickness: 5.6mm Made in: Japan Head Size: 157x150mm Anatomic Handle Size:102x24mm Flared Handle Size: 100x25mm Straight Handle Size: 100x23mm Weight: 90g Reaction: 123 Vibration: 111 Firstly, the blade is made in Japan according to the highest standards of workmanship. The weight of 90 grams is exactly how much it should not burden the hand without having powerful blows. We recommend it to attackers with extremely fast rubbers to bring their game to the highest level. Secondly, Super ZLC carbon allows the racket to have a large sweet spot. This means that you will have the same feeling when hitting and controlling the ball, no matter from which part of the racket you hit at that moment, as you can see in the picture. Moreover, this expensive ping pong paddle comes in all three handle variants, so everyone will adjust to what kind of handle they have used before. Further, if you want the best ping pong blade from the most successful brand Butterfly with the name of the Olympic champion Zhang Jike, then this is the choice that will delight you. Once you decide on this blade, you will never change it again because you will always feel the power and strength of the blows during training and matches. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN Is it worth the money invested? Of course, it is. Many players say it’s the best and most high-speed ping pong paddle they’ve ever tried during the time. So, as we have already said, attackers and experienced players who want to improve their speed and topspins will feel the magic of this most expensive table tennis blade. 2. Butterfly Amultart ZLC Table Tennis Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This is the leading hybrid of Butterfly’s table tennis blades with ZL fibers. High-speed blade with which you will get efficiency on topspins and ball blocks at any time. Due to the ZL fibers achieving longer ball retention in terms of control when hitting in any position. We also recommend the table tennis blade to players who prefer an attack from half distance, which means they play aggressively but not close to the table. At spin-to-spin points, you will feel the strength and power of this beautiful table tennis blade the most. Butterfly Amultart blade is 7.1mm thick and has three layers of wood plus two of ZL Carbon. This makes it very effective in topspins and, at the same time, exploited in attacks to increase the speed of the ball. We highly recommend combining it with Butterfly rubbers such as Tenergy 05 or Dignics. You will achieve good precision and amplification of blows from the table with them. Butterfly Amultart ZL Carbon comes in all handle shapes, so you can choose the one that suits you best. The vibration is also excellent, so whoever wants extra control and retention of the ball can feel it with this blade. Butterfly Amultart ZLC Blade Features Class: OFF+ Style: Attack Plies: 3W+2ZLC Thickness: 7.1mm Made in: Japan Head Size: 157x150mm Flared Handle Size: 100x25mm Weight: 84g Reaction: 122 Vibration: 137 However, superfast players who practice attacks in training and want to invest with topspins on both sides should take advantage of this beautiful table tennis blade. There are many reasons why it is the second most expensive table tennis blade. One of them is the quality of workmanship in Japan, which will last a very long time. In our opinion, you will never change it again when you try it. That is why it is worth the investment, and secondly, it provides speed and efficiency that you have never felt before. If you opt for this table tennis blade, we recommend that you put side tape to save the racket. There is a lot of money to set aside, so you must well keep it. But, you will love him during the first training, you may not have control immediately until you get used to it, but you will love his power and speed after a while. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! We must also say that it is a bit lighter than our first model, so younger players can also use it. It’s not a big difference, but it still means you are a junior or cadet looking for a place in your country’s national team. 3. Joola Vyzaryz Freeze Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Among the most expensive table tennis blades, this is the best when it comes to spins. This blade will provide an incredible sense of rotation due to its manufacturing technology, whether you prefer forehand spin, backhand spin, or playing from a distance. Namely, the innovation of 5 + 2 layers, Limba’s outer, provides superior contact with the ball and thus good contact when attacking with topspins. The quality of workmanship is such according to AL-C technology and thus gives a powerful feeling in the hand. Moreover, the expression freeze is not without reason in this beautiful Joola table tennis blade. The Freeze means that the innovative technique of hardening the layers at low temperatures has achieved an additional better feel and control of the ball. So, composite materials are produced in Japan and the handle in Italy. We have to mention that you get a lot of control but not speed with freeze technology. This is why this blade differs from the first two in our article. If you are a player who plays more often on the safety of switching balls on the table without suddenly boosting, then this is the right blade for you. If you want to get on the racket speed, we recommend that you create faster and harder rubbers, and then you will achieve that balance. Joola Vyzaryz Freeze Blade Features Class: OFF Style: Attack Plies: 7 (limba outer, limba, al – c, kiri core) Thickness: 5.89mm Dimensions: Head (Thickness: 5.8mm, Length: 157mm, Width: 151mm) Dimensions: Flared Handle (Length: 100mm, Width: 34mm), Straight Handle (Length: 100mm, Width: 28mm) Made in: Japan + Italy Stiffness: Medium Stiff Handle types: Flared, Straight, Chinese Penhold Weight: 85g Speed: 90, Control: 80, Hardness: 70 According to the analysis of the sponsored Joola coach, Matt Hetherington, this table tennis blade has a perfect touch, safety, spin control, and a high arc. However, according to him, it is suitable for players who play with high rotations. On the other hand, strength and power come when your opponent attacks and you reinforce the balls with strong blocks or counter spins. In our opinion, if you are a player who trains less but plays on the feeling of the ball, you can also use Joola Vyzaryz Freeze. What is certain is that the blade is made to be easier to handle for defense and attack. We recommend slower table tennis rubbers for intermediate players like Joola Energy X-tra, Gewo Neoflex, and Andro Hexer. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Is it worth the money? Of course, you are if you are the type of player we have described. It would not be suitable to expect a game with quick attacks from the table, and then Joola Vyzaryz Freeze does not give you enough speed. But if you are a player who likes rotations and balls with a high arc, this is a great table tennis paddle. 4. Stiga Rosewood NCT VII Ping Pong Paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! One of the fastest table tennis blades on the market. It contains Rosewood veneers, and thanks to that, you get maximum stability and a feeling of strength when attacking. This is a very offensive blade with seven layers. This manufacturing technology has enabled the blade to have a large sweet spot while maximizing the impact force. On the other hand, you don’t lose control of the ball either, but it is more intended for aggressive attacks with topspins. Firstly, the weight is 97 grams which means it is enough to feel and hold the racket firmly in your hand during an attack. It doesn’t have carbon fiber construction like other expensive paddles on our list. Secondly, Stiga Rosewood is a high-speed table tennis blade to play near the table where you can make bets with topspins or even flips on short balls. It belongs to the best quality wooden blades globally. Thirdly, you can control the ball by taking softer rubbers but fast enough. It will not be worth combining hard ping pong rubbers or too slow ones. For attacking style, it has better control and explosive power. Moreover, the price justifies the quality because Stiga is a well-known brand that directs production to equipment for modern players playing atomic table tennis. Stiga Rosewood NCT VII Blade Features Class: OFF+ Style: Attack Plies: 7 (Wood + NCT) (2 * Rosewood 0.3mm, 2 * Ayous 0.8mm, 2 * Ayous 1.5mm, Ayous 1.6mm) Speed: 91 Control: 60 Hardness: 100 Thickness: 6.9mm Weight: 97g Stiffness: 57 Width: 158mm Height: 151mm Made in: Sweden Overall, the Stiga Rosewood NCT 7 is speedy and powerful. You should pay attention to short balls and pimps. You can only feel that precision with training. Is Stiga Rosewood worth the money invested? In any case, for players who train a lot and like aggressive modern table tennis, it is. We do not recommend this blade for more passive or defensive players. But that’s why, with attacks, counter-spins, backhand blocks, or spin-offs from a distance from the table, with Rosewood, it’s absolute magic. You do not need any additional power or load. All you have to do is technically make the right move and not stiffen your hand, and the ball will go full force. We recommend sticking table tennis rubbers such as the Butterfly Tenergy 64, Stiga Calibra LT Spin, and Yasaka Mark V xs. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! In the end, the composition is made of wood, but you have the impression that you are using a carbon blade. This is due to the superior Rosewood technology we have described. Players who used to or now play with a carbon blade know the difference. 5. Victas Liam Pitchford Expensive Table Tennis Paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Victas Liam Pitchford is the most expensive table tennis blade made by an English superstar player. The energy and strength of this beautiful blade are provided by Zexion carbon fibers that are placed directly under the outer layer. For table tennis players who didn’t hear about Liam Pitchford, he is a top player who prefers attacks from near the table. So, this blade is made for you who like entrances with topspins near the table and do not wait for the opponent to take the initiative. However, speed ​​is excellent, but you must achieve control with better and more frequent workouts. It feels good to touch the ball, which means you can do nice blocks and spins near the table. The weight of the blade is 90 grams, which is well above average to have the effect of solid attacks. Firstly, carbon is lightweight and stable material often used in aircraft design. Develops great speed for direct attacks. It’s great for an aggressive playing style and faster than, for example, the Viscaria blade. Secondly, the combination of Zexion and carbon enhances repulsive force, allowing both playstyles: rigid and flexible. Zexion is high elasticity and excellent fiber. However, we recommend it to the most experienced players or professionals who want to increase the speed of their game. On the other hand, when you are in good training, you will feel that the control of the ball is on your side. Above all, Zexion carbon fibers give the racket superior reliability and safety of the ball on the short points. The blade comes with flared and straight handles so you can adjust to how you’ve played before. Victas Liam Pitchford Blade Features Class: OFF Style: Attack Plies: 7 (5 wood + 2 Zexion carbon) Speed: 87 Control: 80 Hardness: 90 Thickness: 5.9mm Weight: 86g Stiffness: 70 Width: 157mm Height: 150mm Made in: Japan Firstly, the blade is very hard, and it is recommended to put soft table tennis rubbers to achieve balance. Of course, they need fast and attacking rubbers, but to be soft like Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX, Yasaka Rakza X Soft, and Tibhar Evolution MX-P 50. Secondly, look at Liam Pitchford and the way he plays, and then you will see how the blade is made, which suits his style more. His top matches are on the following YouTube address. Moreover, one should consider the seven-layer blade, which allows for excellent speed and reasonable control thanks to Zexion fibers. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Liam Pitchford’s blade will surely suit you if you are a striker with topspins that contain rotations or faster balls near the table. With short balls and pimps, you need to adjust a little, but even that won’t be a problem after a week or two of training. 6. Gewo Aruna Hinoki Carbon Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Very offensive and one of the most expensive table tennis blades which the legendary Mr. Quadri Aruna makes. However, we can say that the blend of dualism, on the one hand, is made for strong punches and touches, and on the other hand, it is perfectly balanced and provides gentle feedback. Firstly, it is made of the finest and carefully selected Hinoki veneers, which brings the player’s feeling to perfection. Secondly, it features a slightly softer inner core with extra carbon fiber for better ball control. Moreover, Gewo Aruna Hinoki Carbon is a high-quality and the most expensive table tennis blade from Gewo. With slightly larger dimensions and is manufactured to the highest quality standards. In any case, the blade is not too stiff, so it belongs to the category of players who prefer ball control without having a specific strength in attack. Unlike other expensive paddles, we recommend using harder rubbers with a thick sponge to achieve balance. We can say that it belongs to the OFF category of premium table tennis rackets. That’s because it’s not too fast table tennis blade and has a specific dose of vibration when in contact with the ball. That’s why it is perfect for blocks and a more precise division of balls all over the table to make the opponent move more. It is recommended for players who prefer an attack but not so much with topspins. So, with precise shots closer to the table tennis table. Gewo Aruna Hinoki Carbon Blade Features Class: OFF to OFF+ Style: Attack Plies: 7 (5 wood + 2 carbon) Speed: 101 Control: 88 Hardness: 85 Thickness: 5.75mm Weight: 89g Stiffness: 85 Made in: Germany How often have you just watched a video about the most spectacular points starring Aruna Quadri? If not, see below. The most trophy-winning African table tennis player of all time is known for his powerful forehand shots, which led him to the Top 20 players in the world. To maintain the level of a world table tennis star, Aruna must be on the best path, “The Better Way To Play,” which is why he chose GEWO. The close cooperation of German wood specialists and the practical experience of a top table tennis player has produced the Aruna table tennis blade series, which is of top quality and sophisticated design. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! That’s why you get 100% Aruna for your money! The edge of the racket is made of ABS technology, which gives it strength and reduces the likelihood that the wood will be damaged when hitting a table or slipping. 7. Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan ALC New Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan ALC New Table Tennis Blade is excellent for players who want a powerful and consistent paddle. The blade has high resilience and a perfect balance of speed and control. The handle is very comfortable and makes it easy to switch from the forehand to the backhand side. It is a good blade with high control and consistency. The speed is not high but decent. The only downside is the price, as it is one of the more expensive paddles on the market. However, the quality of the paddle makes it worth the investment for serious and advanced players. The ball almost seems to pick up speed after touching the opponent’s side. Blocking has the same control as before. However, the punch block seems to be easier for me to perform. Service and short receive also perform well. The spin is still present even though the Lin Gaoyuan seems faster than the Viscaria. Also, it has a longer dwell time. Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan Blade Features Playing style: Attack (OFF) Composition: Arylate Carbon Blade Thickness: 5.7 Flared handle size: 101 x 24 mm Straight handle size: 100 x 22 mm Ping pong paddle Plies: 5 wood + 2 arylate carbon Vibration: 103 Reaction: 118 Weight: 87 grams The thick blade gives the table tennis racket good stability, while the depth of the blade provides excellent power and spin potential. The large sweet spot also makes it a great choice for players who want to be able to hit the ball with precision and power. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Also, it may be too light for some players, but overall it is an excellent option for anyone looking for high-performance and expensive ping pong paddles. This blade is made from the highest quality materials, and it’s designed to provide a fantastic shot feeling and performance. It’s also compatible with Stiga DNA Platinum rubber, making it an ideal choice for players who want to get the most out of their game. 8. Nittaku Violin Table Tennis Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Nittaku Violin table tennis blade is a superb choice for advanced players who demand the very best. The Violin blade uses a unique binding method generally reserved for crafting high-end stringed instruments. As a result, it offers exceptional speed and an unparalleled feeling of control. In addition, this expensive ping pong paddle is made with only the finest quality materials, making it a truly outstanding option for competitive players. The Nittaku Violin is an expensive blade, but it is worth it. The blade is made from quality materials, and it is such a blade that it provides all the speed you need without losing control or feeling. The blade is also fast, but it doesn’t lose control. This makes the Violin an excellent choice for those who want a high-quality and expensive table tennis racket. Nittaku Violin Blade Features Playing style: Attack (OFF) Composition: 5-ply all-wood blade Blade Thickness: 5.3 Flared handle size: 102 x 23 mm Straight handle size: 100 x 23 mm Control: 65 Speed: 88 Weight: 88 grams With its all-around playing style, the Nittaku Violin is a great choice for those who want to deliver quick loops with plenty of spins. The blade’s longer dwell time and increased flexibility make it easy to generate much power, while the high control ensures that your shots will stay on target. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Expensive Ping Pong Paddles on Amazon If you’re looking for a ping pong paddle that will help you play an attacking style of game, then you’ll want to check out these picks from Amazon. There’s a wide range of table tennis equipment on the market, so choosing a paddle that suits your playing style is essential. These models are all designed for players who prefer to attack, and they offer great control and power. Most Expensive Table Tennis Rubber The Butterfly Dingics models 80, 64, 09c, and 05 are some of the most expensive table tennis rubbers. They all retail for 93.99. While this may seem like a lot of money, these rubbers are designed for professional players and offer a significant advantage over cheaper models. The Dingics models have a softer sponge, making them more responsive and providing more spin. They also have a tacky surface which helps to grip the ball. As a result, they are much better suited for competitive play. If you are serious about table tennis, investing in a good quality rubber is essential. While the Butterfly Dingics models may be pricey, they will give you an edge over your opponents. Why Are Butterfly Blades So Expensive? First, Butterfly is one of the most popular manufacturers in the sport. Their products are preferred by many pro players for their quality and consistency. Second, Butterfly blades are made with high-end materials that provide exceptional performance. The most expensive table tennis blade is from the Butterfly brand, and the second and third ones are also. And finally, Butterfly invests heavily in research and development to ensure that its products are always at the forefront of technology. As a result, Butterfly table tennis blades offer superior quality and performance, making them worth the price tag. Worth buying the most expensive table tennis blade? Many friends often ask me if they should buy their children the most expensive table tennis blade, hoping they will achieve a top result. It can be a double-edged sword. So, remember that you should not immediately take the most expensive and fastest rackets, especially for children. They need to get used to learning the technique of playing and moving, so they can slowly replace their table tennis rackets. If you are an experienced player, it is worth taking and changing the blade because you already have enough experience, and you will quickly get used to it. Please pay attention to the analyzes we talked about in this article to find the one that suits you. Whenever you want to change a racket, blade, or rubber, remember what Liu Guoliang said: There is no best table tennis paddle in the world; there is only a paddle that suits your style of play. In conclusion, carefully choose and inform yourself about table tennis blades’ characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages and then decide. Of course, the most expensive blades provide top quality. But, if you hit your style with the qualities of wood, then you are on the right path. So, you will surely be happy and delighted with your new table tennis racket. Most Expensive Table Tennis Blade – Conclusion Any blade you choose from our list will surely speed up and improve your game. The only question is how ready you are to train to feel a table tennis blade fully? Each has a different composition, thickness, speed, control, and other characteristics. They are very high quality, durable, and give incredible momentum in the game. Above all, we would like to mention that you shouldn’t try a blade from this list as your first one. Firstly, you need to learn to play table tennis. Once you have learned the primary skills and have good footwork, it is time to move on to a faster or the most expensive table tennis blade. The most expensive table tennis blade is designed for players’ fast and attacking style. This means that you will achieve maximum effect combined with natural table tennis rubbers. Also, you will have a racket that you can use for the rest of your life. This means that you will only change the rubbers when worn out. So, this investment is such that you use it all your life once you have invested. Therefore, in conclusion, we can freely say that choosing the right table tennis blade will please you and improve the game of this beautiful sport for years.  

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11+ Best Table Tennis Blades Under $ 100 (2023 Updated Reviews)

Finding the best table tennis blades under 100 dollars can be challenging. It can be tough to know which one is right for you, with so many to choose from. This post will look at some of the best blades available for under 100 dollars and help you decide which one is suitable for your game style. We have analyzed the Top 11 blades that suit beginners and more advanced players.  Our Winner for 2023   Table Tennis Blades Under $ 100 Selected by The Author 1. JOOLA Xylo 7 All Wood Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Joola Xylo 7 blade is one of the best table tennis blades under $ 100. It is a perfect choice for offensive players that prefer the touch of an all-wood blade. It can also be adapted for keeping the ball on the table with controlled pimples and blocks. But what’s important is that Joola made the handle in all options. In addition, this is the best choice from Joola in the category of table tennis blades under $ 100. It is shake hand style paddle. JOOLA Xylo 7 Blade Specifications Class: OFF to OFF+ Style: Attack Plies: 7 Wood Blade Thickness: 6.6 mm Handle Type: Straight, Flared, and Anatomic Weight: 90 grams JOOLA Xylo 7 Performance Ratings Speed: 9.6/10 Control: 8.7/10 Hardness: Medium. Generally, 7-layer blades are intended for offensive players, but we should point out the technology used and what makes Xylo 7 special. It is a technology that has been perfected for 10 years in the Joola company, and now they have produced a precisely constructed model. Besides that, Xylo 7 is our favorite professional blade in this list of best table tennis blades under $100. Here’s why. Table tennis players who prefer the touch of wood would fall in love with this all-wood blade. In a market dominated by carbon blades, it is refreshing to be able to use an all-wood table tennis blade. If you are considering an all-wood blade but want to stick with one of the best brands in table tennis equipment, the JOOLA Xylo 7 makes an excellent choice. It’s fast, dynamic, and very easy to handle. The top layer of the blade is constructed with Limba to enhance the topspin game and give tremendous ball speed. Since there are a total of 7 layers, you get the speed and, at the same time, superb control of the ball. All the inner layers consist of a softer Ayous that provides a sense of security and precision when returning slower balls to the table. Ayous is a tree that grows in the tropical regions of West Africa. It is a light and strong wood, and when used in table tennis rackets, it provides exceptional feedback and feels. Table Tennis Blades Under $ 100 (Best for Control & Spin) The wing part of each side of the blade’s handle is polished, which gives it a better grip and balance. The handle is smooth and fits every hand. It’s a little thicker blade than the Xylo 5, but that gives it an advantage in the power of topspins and finishing strokes at the table. This 100% all-wood blade provides an incredible ‘feel’ when playing long pips on it. It offers a lot of control but still plenty of speed! It’s excellent for high-rotation loops and quick topspin shots. The JOOLA Xylo 7 is also one of the best choices for all male and female table tennis players who prefer to keep the ball on the table. By “keep the ball on the table,” I mean controlled pimples and blocks. We recommend pairing the Xylo 7 with fast table tennis rubbers to combine with this blade for professional players who train 5 to 6 times a week. On the other hand, you can take softer rubbers but max thicker if you are a player who plays for fun or several times a week. Joola Xylo 7 Pros & Cons Pros This blade is perfect for direct powerful topspin play and close-to-the-table. It comes in all styles of handles: flared, straight, and anatomic. This 100% all-wood blade is super lightweight. The handle is of medium hardness, smooth, and sanded on each side. It is one of the most affordable all-wood blades. Cons Players who prefer carbon blades will need time to adjust to the Xylo-7 all-wood blade. Beginners may find the blade very fast. We recommend pairing it with rubber having a ‘Balance Sponge’ like Joola Rhyzen ZGR for more control and precision. For the Rhyzen ZGR review, click here. JOOLA Xylo 7 Review: Verdict The JOOLA Xylo 7 combines everything you can wish for: speed, spin, counter topspin, and ball feeling on the table tennis paddle. Because it’s labeled as an offensive blade doesn’t mean defensive players can’t use it, either. By pairing it up with a suitable rubber, this all-wood blade is adaptable for different playstyles. New players should try slower blades first. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!  And last but not least, this is our favorite table tennis blade under $ 100 and comes with all handle options! 2. Victas ZX-Gear Fiber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Victas ZX Gear blades are constructed of 3 different types, producing the ideal blade for any player: the Inner, Outer, and Fiber. The Victas ZX Gear series are popular among aspiring new players because the table tennis blade is very flexible. The innovative construction and the Victas’ newest materials provide the right amount of feel without sacrificing power. Victas ZX-Gear Fiber Specifications Style: Offensive to Offensive Minus Ply: 5 wood + 2 carbon Blade Thickness: 5.9 mm Handle Type: 2 options (Flared and straight) Weight: 85g Victas ZX-Gear Fiber Performance Ratings Speed: 8.7/10 Control: 8/10 Hardness: Medium hard. The Victas ZX Gear Inner, Outer, and Fiber are all made with high-quality wood and ZEXION fiber to give players control, balance, and power. This reduces vibrations allowing players to feel where they are hitting their blade. The ZEXION fiber increases energy rebound resulting in a more powerful stroke with more consistency. You can feel the ZX-Gear Fiber’s stability and extremely pinpoint precision when playing against the most expensive table tennis robots, providing an unequaled experience for your game. Its advanced design gives it incredible power and control so that you can make every shot with accuracy. The blade will let you play with a full feeling while enjoying the action and fun of table tennis. It is achieved through a combination of weight distribution and high-quality material. High rigidity gives you outstanding control, while a large sweet spot gives precise ball control. The ball can be hit flat or with slight spin variation, achieving various effects depending on your intent. Victas ZX-Gear Fiber Pros & Cons Pros The blade is suitable for both offensive and defensive players. The unique combination of materials and thickness of the blade will let you play competitively and have fun. The ZX-Gear blade will increase your ability to win more games and advance your rank. The large sweet spot and high rigidity will let you play with control and precision. Cons The blade is suitable for modern attackers who require lightning-fast power and precision, but it is not ideal for beginners. You’ll need to use skills and techniques to fully reap the benefits of these fiber blades from Victas. Victas ZX-Gear Fiber Review: Verdict Overall, the Victas ZX Gear fiber is constructed uniquely to provide the right amount of power and control at your fingertips to hit shots with more confidence. So the blade allows you to feel the ball and offers good spins. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It is a very flexible blade that will help players propel their game to new heights. 3. Victas Koji Matsushita Defensive Table Tennis Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Victas Koji Matsushita Defensive FULL REVIEW! This blade is designed by a 4-time Olympic competitor and ferocious defender, Koji Matsushita. It is composed of 5 carefully selected stiff mahogany veneers, allowing you to balance defense and offense in mind. With 5-plies of stiff mahogany veneers, you’ll have the control you need to make those critical returns. Victas Koji Matsushita Defensive table tennis blade is perfect for beginner and intermediate defensive players. With a balance of defense and offense in mind, this blade will give you the confidence to fight against any opponent! This blade is perfect for players looking for excellent control and balance combined with offensive power. With a price tag of under $100, this blade is an excellent value for any table tennis player. This top-quality blade is perfect for players who want superb defensive capabilities without sacrificing offensive potential. It is made with only the finest material. The Victas Koji Matsushita blade provides excellent control and feel. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! With a focus on balance, this blade is perfect for players who want to be able to defend and attack with equal skill. Whether you’re playing at close or long range, you’ll be able to place your shots with pinpoint accuracy. 4. Butterfly Primorac Offensive Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! One of the best-selling Butterfly blades has a wood composition without carbon or additional materials. A similar blade for attackers is the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade, but it’s pretty expensive. It is highly versatile and supports all play styles, from defensive to attacking. Depending on the rubbers you choose for your table tennis racket, you will achieve this. In any case, it is suitable and recommended for loopers. Primorac blade has excellent ball control and ideal weight. It’s not too light to take stronger punches, and it’s not too heavy to be able to make turns and reactions to changes in the game’s rhythm. You can cut balls and short services very well when it comes to service and pimpling. It’s harder to report counter-spins from the table or faster attacks on the first ball. However, with rotating balls or blocks with precise ball orientation, Primorac proved to be suitable. Control is in the foreground, but you simultaneously have a certain level of speed. We recommend softer rubbers with max thickness for players who play with rotating balls. Butterfly Primorac Offensive Specifications Firstly, Butterfly’s blades are generally made to the highest quality standards for competitions and top players. Longevity and durability are out of the question. Secondly, this version is produced in Japan and Europe. The first is a little more complex, and the second softer, but the durability is undoubtedly significant in both cases. Thirdly, a balance between control and speed has been achieved, so knowing that 80% of the control comes from the blade and 20% from the rubbers is very important when choosing. Fourthly and most importantly, if you are a mid-level player in terms of speed, you will significantly improve your game by purchasing the Butterfly Primorac blade. You will get the effect of power, control, and switching more precise ping pong balls on the table. 5. Butterfly Kong Linghui CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Kong Linghui blade is a Champion’s model from Butterfly, and surprisingly enough, it comes under $100! The table tennis blade was named after the Chinese superstar Kong Linghui. He was also seen using this high-performance blade in several tournaments and competitions. From 1995 World Champion, World Cup 1995, to 2000 Gold Medal in Sydney, he has won several titles with this blade of choice. Hence, a Champion’s model can give you a competitive edge for your next tournament. Butterfly Kong Linghui Blade Specifications Style: Attack Class: OFF+ Plies: 5W Head Thickness: 5.6mm Head Size: 154 x 148mm FL Handle Size: 100mm x 25mm Weight: 90g Butterfly Kong Linghui Performance Ratings Speed: 8.5/10; Control: 8.5/10; Hardness: Moderate Even a world champion like Kong Linghui needs the right tools to give him an edge. And that’s why he requested Butterfly to develop this professional blade to his specifications. But you don’t have to be a world-class athlete or are on your way to gold, just like Kong Linghui. Owning this blade from the Butterfly Kong Linghui line of table tennis rackets also means you have access to the same technology and design as one of China’s most skilled players. When opponents go for “kill shots,” the Kong Linghui blade might take them down like flies! So, how does the Kong Linghui blade compare to other table tennis blades, and is it suited to which type of play style? First, the King Linghui blade almost corresponds to Butterfly Primorac OFF- and Viscaria. However, it provides a better feel than that of Primorac. The spin and control are incredible. This blade is perfect for tournament play. Table Tennis Blades Under $ 100 (Best Speed) The Kong Linghui FL Blade offers excellent speed without sacrificing much ball control. Also, this highly responsive blade comes with a big sweet spot which is beneficial for counterattacks. Thus, the Kong Linghui blade would be most suitable for an aggressive player who puts more effort into maintaining ball control instead of relying on pure speed and power. While it can produce powerful shots close to the table, it will sacrifice some pace, particularly in loops just out of the forehand side – especially against advanced players. This does not mean that the Kong Linghui is a slow blade, as it has excellent speed properties close to the table – far superior to those offered by defensive blades. So, this blade is for you if you play more offense than defense. Overall, the Kong Linghui blade is an excellent choice for ping pong players who want an aggressive game style. It’s a robust blade with incredible speed and a premium design but it has enough flex and feels to play close to the table. Butterfly Kong Linghui Pros and Cons Pros The blade comes with a wide sweet spot, a huge bonus when playing close to the table. It is a highly responsive blade and pairs well with most types of table tennis rubbers. This is an excellent choice if you focus your game on looping and ‘drive or block’ with powerful topspin. Cons This blade only comes in a flared handle, which might not suit all. Butterfly Kong Linghui Blade Review: Verdict Finally, Butterfly is well known for its craftsmanship of some of the best table tennis blades and rubbers, and this blade is no exception. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If you’re looking for an all-around performing blade that can take your game to the next level, you can’t go wrong with this Champion’s model from Butterfly! 6. Gewo Sensus Powerfeeling High-Control Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The best table tennis blade from Gewo for ball control. It is primarily for attacking players, but it is also perfect for blocks and players who play from a slightly more distant part of the table. It absorbs the opponent’s balls faster, and you can slow down the game’s rhythm. This blade is made in Europe, but it is specific because it uses Japanese glue technology, which automatically affects speed and hardness. However, Gewo Sensus Powerfeeling is an offensive blade with 5 layers of wood. We recommend it to offensive players who play in the style of topspins from a distance of half a meter from the table. Table tennis blades under 100 specifications We must not forget that this beautiful table tennis blade comes in all types of handles. This option gives players the ability to adjust the handle as they see fit. Gewo is a company that has been producing table tennis equipment for decades. However, in 1991, Frank Koschnick and Wolfgang Sohns took over the company and made one of the largest table tennis brands in Europe. Until today, Gewo has made more and more progress and growth in terms of the quality of services and products of table tennis equipment. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!Therefore, you can be sure that by choosing one of the best table tennis blades under $ 100, you will not go wrong with Gewo Sensus Powerfeeling.   7. Donic Ovtcharov Senso Carbon V1 8-Layers Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The most popular table tennis blade among Europeans. The best choice of price and quality from the top 7. The technology consists of 8 layers which are the basis of the previously mentioned Ayous and others like Carbon, Anegre, and Limba. The blade chewed with unique layers of elasticity and sweet spots. Donic made it after the top world player Dimitrij Ovtcharov, for whom the precision of returning the balls is a priority. High speed when playing offensively and reasonable ball control when passive make this ping pong blade one of the best. Ovtcharov won one silver and three bronze medals at the Olympic Games from 2008 to 2016. He is currently 7th in the world rankings, updated in April 2022. Source: ITTF World Ranking   By the way, Donic Ovtcharov’s Senso Carbon blade is quite challenging and is recommended to top players who are primarily focused on attack and fastballs from near the table. Table tennis blades under 100 specifications Firstly, this excellent blade special is the double core made of two different layers. This means that it is glued at high temperatures and under high pressure. Because of that, Donic Ovtharov Senso Carbon V1 has a large sweet spot, and thus you get in control of returning the ball. Secondly, the contact with the ball is concise, so this blade is not for players with high topspins. We recommend it more for attackers who play with fastballs and short blocks near the table. Moreover, the precision is perfect. As Dimitrij Ovtcharov once said: “This blade was a huge help to me on my way to the world’s elite. Donic’s know-how and the Swedish blade technicians have created a blade precisely to suit my game.” CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! So, his play and style come down to the precision of placing the ball. All in all, we recommend it to players who train regularly and want to improve the quality and safety of the game. Also, players who care about their budget and are looking to find table tennis blades under $ 100. 8. Butterfly Petr Korbel All-Wood Ping Pong Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! REVIEW OF THE KORBEL SK7 BEST-SELLING BLADE! If you want to speed up your game, this blade will definitely help. It is produced in factories in Europe and Japan, so it comes in two variants. We recommend it to players who play from a medium distance from the table tennis table and, above all, to those who prefer topspins. Also, rubbers that are adequate for this blade are harder and thicker to improve attack and aggression in the game. It is very solid and requires a few workouts to get used to. However, if we compare him with Primorac or Grubba blade, then Petr Korbel is, in any case, faster and more efficient with many moves in the game. It is an absolute pleasure for loopers to play with this blade because it provides exceptional ball rotations and, at the same time, absorbs the ball enough if you are not in such a great training process. Table tennis blades under 100 specifications From the world-renowned company Butterfly, one of the most popular table tennis blades. Firstly, it suits all players except beginners due to their adaptability to the ball during an attack and blocks. However, you can choose two handle styles, straight or flared. Secondly, you can achieve delicious and precise balls all over the table with suitable rubbers. You can also perform pimpling and service with high speed or a short-cutting ball. The blade is not too fast for the ball to escape longer than the table, but it is certainly fast enough if you decide to attack with topspins. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Moreover, the players who use this blade and are sponsored by Butterfly are: –Gionis Panagiotis, a Greek national team player who combined with rubbers Tenergy 05 Hard and Feint Long. –Kim Donghyun, a Korean national team player who combined it with rubbers Tenergy 05 Hard on both sides. 9. Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon Penhold Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! One of the best Penhold blades in our selection of top 7 table tennis blades under $ 100. Players who want an increased feeling of the ball and use the Penhold style of play will surely appreciate this beautiful blade from Yasaka. It has a thicker medium veneer that gives strength and quality to the wood. On the other hand, softer outer veneer affects game control. For all moves in the game, forehand spin, backhand spin, pimples, blocks the ball. It is not too heavy, and the middle part that contains carbon is suitable for controlling the ball just enough not to lose speed. It’s not recommended for a defensive game. Recreational players shouldn’t try this ping pong blade. Otherwise, very thin special carbon fibers are used. We recommend rubbers like Yasaka Rakza Soft or Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX because of their softness to have the perfect combination of speed and control. Table tennis blade under 100 specifications Firstly, Yasaka made the ideal combination from a part of strength and control, carbon and thicker middle veneer, and softer outer veneer to give Ma Lin Soft Carbon overall power and security to table tennis players. Secondly, the quality and longevity of the blade, along with medium flexibility and hardness at an affordable price, make it very good for all players. Moreover, the surface is smooth and soft, so it perfectly combines one racket combination with the natural rubbers we recommended. 10. Stiga Allround Classic Carbon Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Very adjustable table tennis blade for playing close to the table and keeping as many balls on the table as possible. For children and beginners, the perfect blade is combined with softer rubbers. The Stiga Allround Classic Carbon is in second place on our list of the 7 best table tennis blades under $ 100 because it is intended for a wide range of players. The all round paddle with great control. Two layers of carbon give you extra stability in attacking play and excellent control in passive style. The design is as classic as Stiga can do, but the stiffness and hardness are average. However, it is compatible with players who do not often train as professionals. Table tennis blades under 100 specifications This will transition the game to the next better level for table tennis players accustomed to Allround blades. Therefore, Stiga has upgraded the version with 2 layers of carbon, which affects the game by at least 30% for the better. This is most noticeable when you play short balls and make a block on the opponent’s topspin. All in all, great feeling, small vibrations, and perfect looping are the main characteristics that separate this blade from the others. For example, let’s say you’re a beginner or recreational player who knows many moves in table tennis but can’t apply them effectively in a match. Then the Stiga Allround blade affects the accuracy, control, and better guessing a specific point on the table. This, of course, will happen after a few workouts when you get used to the blade. Best Budget Table Tennis Blade – Offensive Classic Carbon & Allround Classic CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! However, it is not for aggressive and faster players ready for top competition. On the other hand, it is excellent for spin and chop, which will suit those who have such a style of play. Other Table Tennis Blades Under $ 100 You Should Consider Here are some other blades under $ 100 that you should consider. These blades are all well-made and provide excellent value. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, a blade here will meet your needs. 11. Butterfly Maze Advance CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This lightweight, all-wood racket is perfect for athletes who prefer a medium-speed blade. With its easy handling and balanced offense and defense, you’ll be able to take your skills to the next level in no time. The Butterfly Maze Advance blade is made from fast, all-wood construction and features Limba outer plies for a lightweight and comfortable feel. With its soft feel, this blade is perfect for those who appreciate the traditional style of table tennis. This racket is designed for players who want to add a little power to their game without sacrificing control. This racket’s board thickness and unique plywood construction make it perfect for players looking to refine their basic table tennis skills. So if you’re ready to take your game to the next level, the Butterfly Maze Advance table tennis blade is the perfect racket. The Butterfly Maze Advance table tennis blade is the perfect choice for beginners. It is difficult to put a little power, but I felt that there was no choice but to compensate for muscle training. If you combine it with hard rubber, you can put out the power that can be misplaced. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! While refining basic technology with this racket, I think it is good to go to the special plywood and 7 plywood to win. I recommend it to beginners. Best Budget Blade for Beginners If we consider the budget an important factor and beginners who learn the basics of table tennis, you should choose the right ping pong blade. Ball control is crucial for beginners. To understand the basics of table tennis, you need to have a blade that absorbs the ball well to learn all the movements correctly. The following table tennis blade is the best for beginners and intermediate players who want good ball control and play all the strokes correctly. This blade also has a bigger sweet spot than other more expensive options, making them more forgiving for beginners. Donic Crisan Titanium CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Donic Crisan Titanium is a great blade that is perfect for beginners. It has a relatively dynamic and softer feel, perfect for players of all abilities. The Adrian Crisan is an excellent choice for beginners because it is easy to use and provides more control. Adrian Crisan is one of the world’s top table tennis players, and he relies on a quick, stiff blade in combination with relatively soft yet dynamic rubbers. The high-tech product is made of titanium, a lightweight and robust metal. The outer hard Limba ply protects the inner softer Ayous ply, making this blade durable and sturdy. Titanium is also known for its corrosion resistance, so the blade will not rust or corrode over time. Donic Crisan Titanium Features Speed: 91 Control: 78 Weight: 85 grams Ply: 5 + 2 The titanium alloy grid gives the blade a solid and resilient feel, making it easy to control your shots. And because it’s lighter weight, it’s also easier to maneuver around the table. The players will easily produce good control and speed on the ball without putting in too much effort. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This is certainly the right blade for you if you are a beginner. FAQs for the table tennis blades under $ 100 1. How do I choose the handle that suits me best? Choose the handle you have played with so far, or if you are the type of player who often changes sides from forehand to backhand, then the Straight handle is the best. If you are playing 70% forehand, it is best to take the Flared handle. If you have a bigger handful, choose the Anatomic handle because you will adjust better, and it will not slip out of your hand. Penhold is a short handle for players who play from the table and attack quickly with the style most commonly used in China and Japan. 2. Which types of table tennis blades under 100 suits me best? There are three most important categories of blades to choose from. The most important thing is to know what type of player you are, and we will help you choose adequately. 1. The Defensive blade is for players who pimp more and wait for the opponent’s mistake. Usually, such blades are slow and heavier than others. 2. Beginners and players who combine attack and defense, intending to transfer as many balls as possible to the table. Such types of players should choose Allround blades. The Xiom Blades are also great for the budget. 3. The third type of table tennis blade is the most popular, and this is the Offensive blade. They are speedy, and their weight varies depending on the material. Still, they are intended for more experienced and professional players who improve their control through training and want to get the ball at speed. Best Table Tennis Blades Under $ 100 – Conclusion So, what is the best table tennis blade for under $100? It depends on your playing style and preferences. Hopefully, this article has helped you narrow down the choices when playing table tennis. Also, to better understand what to look for when making your purchase. There are many blades for experienced players to essential skill level players. The Butterfly Primorac Offensive Blade is our top pick. It has an outstanding all-around performance and can be used by both beginner and intermediate players. If you’re looking for a carbon blade with more speed and power, check out the other blades: Stiga Allround Classic Carbon Blade. And if you want an affordable wooden blade that still provides reasonable control, try the Joola Xylo 7 All Wood Blade or Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon Penhold Blade. We hope this gives you a good starting point when looking to purchase your next blade. Consider your playing style and preferences when deciding; each blade has its unique strengths and weaknesses.  

best ping pong blades in 2022 featured image three blades with handle types

TOP 13 Best Ping Pong Blades in 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Choosing the best ping pong blades for your play style will significantly affect your further table tennis progress. Have you progressed, or are you already an experienced player, so it’s time to move on to a new blade and a better racket? See the table below before we analyze our top picks for 2023 in detail. Our Winner for 2023   Best Ping Pong Blades in 2023 Selected by The Author Best Ping Pong Blade Price & Speed Chart 1. Timo Boll ALC Blade (Best Choice of 2023) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Timo ALC blade is a beautiful and premium product that feels soft in your hand. It’s rated at 85 of 100 by the company, making it perfect for any player looking to improve their game with increased speed while still maintaining feeling on serve. A similar table tennis blade and comparison is the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade. The moment you pick up the Timo Boll Blade, it is clear that this product offers superb control. It’s light and relatively soft to the touch, with an eye-catching design on its surface. It has three handle styles, flared, anatomic and straight. These blades are fast enough when h.ot spinning and are recommended for an offensive player. It also has a good ball feel in defensive situations because they’re more complex than other types of rackets used by players who prefer more powerful strokes. Timo Boll’s ALC blade is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and useful items on today’s market. Its large sweet spot, great dwell time (which makes it perfect for looping), and medium-high throw angle allows players to generate steep curves from anywhere. In fact, after trying faster and more popular blades with lower looping capabilities but not being able to use their potential fully, it was then realized what made him come back again.   Timo Boll ALC Blade Features Blade class: Offensive Playing styles: Attack Blade composition: 5 Wood + 2 ALC Thickness: 5.8mm Made in: Japan More Spin: 89 More Control: 87 Consistency: 93 Huge sweet spot Size Head Size: 157 x 150mm Anatomic Handle Size:100 x 24mm Flared Handle Size: 100 x 24mm Straight Handle Size: 100 x 22mm CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Butterfly Timo Boll weighs 86 grams, and the reaction property is 118, and the vibration of 103. If you are looking for the best table tennis blades that can provide the modern-day attacker with versatility and power, look no further than Timo Boll ALC. 2. Butterfly Viscaria Arylate-Carbon Blade   READ OUR FULL REVIEW or CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Extremely offensive table tennis blade for players who want speed and high-quality shots. What separates this blade from the other ping pong blades is the hand’s feeling when in contact with the ball. It is fast enough among attacking blades. So, you can play strong balls, and at the same time, it has control over softer shots and blocks. With Butterfly Viscaria blade, it’s a little harder to play cut balls, but that balance is achieved with more training. World champion Zhang Jike uses this blade. It is made of arylate-carbon composition, which means that arylate fibers give you flexibility and shock absorption. On the other hand, carbon blade fibers allow elasticity and minimal energy dissipation. For example, the Butterfly Viscaria blade is perfect for counter-spin shots from the table and, at the same time, provides control if you move away from the table and want to have solid but controlled strokes from a distance. Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade Composition It consists of 7 layers, 5 of wood + 2 arylate-carbon. The blade weighs 87 grams and comes with two types of handles. FL, which is rounded, and ST is entirely flat. All in all, you will choose how you are used to it. Also, the compact head is made to help a lot when playing counter or fastballs from the table. I do not recommend this blade to beginners. So, all the good sides and benefits of these faster ping pong blades come to the fore if you are an experienced player or a professional. When you choose Viscaria, I recommend Butterfly Tenergy rubbers, 05 or 64 models. It will also fit with slower rubbers. To feel the total quality, faster and harder rubbers are needed. Of course, a lot of training, which experienced players know how important it is. Why is Butterfly Viscaria still the most popular ping pong blade among attackers? Firstly, the Balsa technology provides incredible power and speed when playing fastballs. Perfect for the new plastic ball. Secondly, the middle layers of Koto and carbon fiber give you an excellent feeling of holding the racket, especially with the Flared handle type. Moreover, not to mention shock absorption is excellent with this table tennis blade as soon as you have additional control over the ball blocks and pimping on the corners of the table to throw the opponent off balance. You are wrong if you think you can’t feel the difference by going to Viscaria. Players who are not professionals but tend to control more are always delighted with this blade because it shows significantly better characteristics, even with slower balls. According to previous experiences, we can say that the Viscaria Arylate Carbon blade provides 20% to 25% easier play and more effortless playing of exercises and elements in training. The bottom line is that you need less effort and energy to achieve the same volume and pace of play. Similar is the Butterfly Zhang Jike blade.   3. Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon Ping Pong Blade CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON The perfect table tennis blade for players who want better ball control. It has very thin carbon fibers, so it has more control than the others. Overall, the blade’s composition has a softer outer layer and a harder inner layer and contains carbon. The blade’s weight is 89 grams, enough to simultaneously achieve ball rotation and speed. I recommend Yasaka Ma Lin blade to players who have used ready-made rackets so far, and now is the time to improve their game by a degree more. They will adapt very quickly because the table tennis blade is not too fast and is also suitable for cutting balls and blocks. A great blade with handle types in all four options. Flared, Anatomic, Straight handle, and even the Penhold option for Asian players. Another important thing is that this blade has a high “sweet spot.” This means that the vibration of the ball is not felt in 90% of cases. One of the best blades among carbon blades. Penhold table tennis blade (Chinese version) The opposite is the absorption and the feeling that the ball is on the racket. So, when you return the serve or block the opponent’s topspin, you will have a fantastic sense of controlling the ball’s accuracy and direction. This penhold table tennis blade would be pretty slow for more advanced players and professionals. But if you are a penhold player on an intermediate level, you can even play balls from a distance from the table strong enough. It also depends a lot on your partner or opponent. If they are much better players, you will feel that you are playing slower, but if they are of similar quality as you and you play tournaments at your level of play, Yasaka Ma Lin will be one of the best ping pong blades for you. All in all, Yasaka has always been known for producing quality and long-lasting rackets. So it is with ping pong blades. Quality, accuracy, control, and longevity are the most important benefits. So with the characteristics, the weight of 89 grams, speed of 92, control 83, and seven-layer wood, we can say that it is quite a correct blade for medium-advanced players. In terms of overall quality, it is justifiably in our selection of Top 12.   4. Butterfly Timo Boll Allround Table Teninis Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! In our opinion, the best table tennis blade for a budget. Exceptional control of the ball with lower speed for attacking players makes this blade perfect, even for children who plan to play table tennis professionally later. This ping pong blade was named after the two-time World Cup champion, Timo Boll. Firstly, it weighs only 85 grams, making it easier to handle and play near the table. Secondly, that means cutting balls with a lot of feeling, blocking the opponent’s topspins, and even the first entry after the service with rotating balls. You will have superior control and ball placement. Finally, you will do all this perfectly with Timo Boll’s all-around blade and suitable table tennis rubbers. The best ping pong blade for beginners. The handle comes in 3 shapes, Flared, Anatomic and Straight, to choose according to your habits. The blade’s total composition is five layers, with a reaction of 96 and a control of 83. It is also suitable for more passive players waiting for the opponent’s mistake by keeping as many balls on the table as possible. Rotation of the topspin on a fast and slow racket As you can see, it doesn’t mean a slower blade is a worse table tennis blade right away. It all depends on the style of play. You can see the hitting with more rotation concerning hitting with more speed in the picture. You already know how you are currently playing, so you will decide accordingly. Timo Boll is a very offensive blade. If you are a sparring partner to a professional player, I recommend this ping pong blade because the service and block ball return is ideally achieved. Another great thing to remember is the precision of dividing the balls across the table. I recommend combining a little faster rubbers if you opt for this blade. This will achieve a balance between speed and ball control. Butterfly recommends mixing it with Rozena rubbers, but in my experience, you won’t go wrong with Teneregy 05 FX either. You will achieve the maximum rotated balls in topspins and the maximum cut balls in pimples. As we said, the best table tennis blade for the budget. Quality, long-lasting and versatile table tennis blade for beginners to slightly more advanced players is highly affordable, from all-round blades to not-so-fast blades. To sum up, you get it all with Timo Boll Allround blade.   5. Gewo Sensus Carbo-Speed Ping Pong Blade   CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Another high-speed blade on our shortlist. The reason for this is its composition material of manufacture. The blade comes with seven layers, two of which are top-quality Aramid carbon. This carbon gives exceptional wood control and a very high speed with suitable rubbers. I recommend this table tennis blade for players who play an attacking game with many top spins and counter spins. Indeed, it is not too heavy to produce good and faster shots, even from a table distance. When you read the features and see their weight of 99 grams, you think it may be too heavy compared to the others from our shortlist. Believe me, it’s not like that. It’s a little heavier, but you don’t feel much difference. On the contrary, it’s an advantage in strengthening the game and attacking. The recommendation is as follows:  1. For advanced and professional players. Use table tennis blades combined with harder rubbers to practice a minimum of 5 training sessions per week + leagues and tournaments. You will have a perfect feeling of the strength of the ball’s impact. Spin on the spin from a distance will also give you the power and strength that the Gewo blade gives.  2. For players who are experienced but do not practice as much. Combined with softer and slower rubbers, you can create an excellent racket. You will have control of the ball, and when you attack and take the initiative in the game, you will feel the strength and power of the shot thanks to this ping pong blade. The power of the Carbon-Aramid combination Gewo Sensus Carbo-Speed is the new ping pong blade with the latest technology. Due to the use of the new carbon aramid, the wood gained stiffness, and at the same time, Aramid improved and regulated the feeling. Hat combination is the future of fast rackets, so the current price is a bit higher, but it is worthwhile. Carbon fiber contains 95% carbon, while Aramid is a new synthetic fiber technology that provides perfect effects of speed and control of your ping pong racket. A similar blade is Butterfly Petr Korbel. Let us remind you the speed is 102, the control is 84, and the composition is seven layers, 5 wooden + 2 carbon from Aramid carbon. Secondly, you can choose a handle in 3 flared, anatomical and straight shapes. All in all, excellent offensive blade with all the characteristics. The only thing left for you is training and playing matches. 6. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Ping Pong Blade CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Even though Butterfly is the world’s leading manufacturer of table tennis equipment, this Japanese table tennis blade had to be on our shortlist. Nittaku is exceptionally famous for its top quality ping pong blade making. The technology used here for manufacturing is exceptional and used in string instruments. This means a unique FE-carbon material. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon gives you the feeling of complete control of the ball and the high speed of the racket. Similarly, what sets it apart is the hand’s feeling. No other offensive blade gives you that feeling that you have complete control over the ball’s trajectory and intensity when hitting. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade and Andro rubbers You need to pay attention to the table tennis rubbers that connect to the blade to choose the racket. Since the blade is a little heavier, 92 grams, you should take softer rubbers, and you will achieve a complete balance between control and speed. Nittaku Acoustic features a speed of 92 and a control of 65. Therefore, it is clear that the focus is on speed, and players who practice more will quickly adjust and feel the blade’s power and strength. Consequently, I should immediately mention that the Nittaku Acoustic Blade is not recommended for beginners. The construction material is wood (5 layers) and composite (2 layers). Currently, there is only one flared handle option. Another great table tennis blade from Nittaku is the Violin. Nittaku acoustic carbon inner Recommendation for the type of players who should use this table tennis blade: 1. Attackers with short spins from the table play in the style of the most modern players in the world. Also, players who invest in short balls often flip than pimples and wait for the opponent to enter. 2. Attackers with a style of play at a middle distance from the table. The table tennis blade is perfect for a spin on spin shots or taking the game’s initiative after one block. However, I do not recommend this blade to defensive players and players who are more suited to waiting for an opponent to make a mistake. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!   7. XIOM Allround S Table Tennis Blades CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Introducing the XIOM Allround S, a classic all-round blade of European-style construction. Lower and controlled speed allows you to manage the game against your opponent. A slightly more significant and thinner face combines well with soft /max sponges. A solid and clear feel connects the ball with the player’s senses. Perfect for the traditional all-round player. This quality blade is perfect for players who want significant control over their game. The large sweet spot and thin face make it ideal for backhand shots, while the lower speed provides plenty of opportunities to put your opponent off their ping pong game. It is a classic blade with wooden layers that give you a perfect balance. We have reviewed other great Xiom table tennis blades in detail for players who like this brand. Xiom Allround S Features Speed: 73 Control: 77 Thickness: 5.4 mm Weight: 85 grams Plies: 5 With this blade, you can control the ball close to the ping pong table. It is best suited for beginner players. Xiom Allround S is a perfect blade among table tennis wood blades. You can improve your table tennis game by choosing softer rubbers in this combination. It’s not a defensive blade, but not like the Butterfly’s fastest blade.   8. Stiga Clipper Classic CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Stiga Clipper Classic is perfect for players who want additional power behind their strokes. This world-renowned blade is made from seven different types of wood for a solid feel and has been used by many top-level players from Asia. Its sturdy construction allows for complex loops and strokes, while its comfortable grip provides a firm hold. The FL handle design offers a better grip and allows you to perform your best shots. If you’re looking for a stiff, all-wood table tennis blade known for its speed and consistent performance, the Stiga Clipper Classic is perfect. This Stiga blade won’t flex when you hit the table tennis ball hard, providing a little more vibration than carbon blades for a more responsive feel. The Stiga Defense Pro blade is a great option for the defensive style of play. Stiga Clipper Classic Features Speed: 88 Control: 62 Weight: 95 grams Thickness: 6.6 mm Construction: 7-ply Stiga Clipper table tennis blade is a flexible blade that provides excellent control and ball handling. Handle styles are flared and straight. It’s unsuitable for aggressive players who want to improve their power when playing table tennis. Anatomic handles are out of stock currently on Megaspin. Among cheap blades, Stiga Clipper Classic is the best table tennis blade. It is a perfect blade if you prefer to use versatile spin play during the ping pong game. From the new Stiga blades, here is the Cybershape Carbon. 9. Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special – Chinese Penhold CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special is a wood blade with a 7-ply construction. It is designed for aggressive, close-to-the-table players. The blade features harder inner veneers for power and a slightly softer middle veneer to reduce vibration. This combination provides the perfect balance of power and control for offensive players. The Ma Lin Extra is also extremely lightweight, making it easy to maneuver around the table. This high-quality blade is the perfect choice for serious ping pong players with its high-quality construction and excellent performance. The Ma Lin Extra Offensive is the best penhold among Allwood blades. You can quickly execute quick counter looping returns, hit good blocking shots, and nice looping. If you play penhold style of table tennis, the Yasaka Ma Lin Extra will surely satisfy your needs. Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special Offensive Blade Features Playing style: Penhold Construction: 7-ply wood blade Control: 74 Speed: 90 Weight: 88 grams The table tennis player who wants to improve the paddle’s speed should pair this offensive blade with Tenergy 05 rubbers or Rakza 7 from the Yasaka brand. The speed and control are balanced, so you don’t need a softer rubber. Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Ping Pong Blade Handle Types CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! All wood blade Yasaka combined harder inner veneers with a softer middle veneer. The result is high power without vibration. 10. Butterfly Primorac Carbon CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Butterfly Primorac Carbon is one of the Butterfly blades with Carbon Fiber and Cypress layers. The cypress wood gives the blade more control than other Butterfly blades on the market. The speed of this blade is incredible, making it one of their best-selling products. The name “Butterfly Primorac” was given to this product to honor the Croatian legend, Zoran Primorac. It has exceptional control and power, making it ideal for players who want to win their game. Butterfly Primorac Carbon Features Playing styles: Attack Class: Offensive style Thickness: 7 mm Plies: 3 wood plies + 2 Carbon Weight: 88 grams Reaction: 125 Vibration: 133 Speed: 95 Primorac Carbon Handle Types CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! While the carbon blade may not offer as much contact time with the ball as other options on the market, it more than makes up for it in terms of speed and performance. Overall, the Butterfly Primorac Carbon is the fastest table tennis blade and an excellent option for anyone looking for a durable and consistent racket.   12. Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Zhang Jike ALC blade is one of the best table tennis blades for an offensive player who wants speed and control. This carbon blade has a high reaction and control, making it easy to use while attacking. This blade is made with Arylate-Carbon, making the high reaction and control possible. This table tennis blade is made according to World champion Zhang Jike. The Zhang Jike ALC ping pong blade is designed for offensive players who want to maximize their power with effortless control. Compared to Viscaria Blade, it is faster and has both speed and spin higher. This is a powerful table tennis monster if you prefer a backhand topspin attack. The perfect choice for player-looking lefties or right-handed models – this one will get you where it’s going fast without sacrificing too much precision when hitting your opponent up close. Best Ping Pong Blades – Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC Features Class: Offensive blade Speed and Control: 89 & 93 Blade composition: 5 Wood + 2 ALC Thickness: 5.8mm Size Head Size: 157 x 150mm Anatomic Handle Size: 102 x 24mm Flared Handle Size: 100 x 25mm Straight Handle Size: 100 x 23mm CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Zhang Jike ALC weighs 88 grams, while the reaction is 118, and the vibration of 103. Zhang Jike has made the best table tennis technology among all offensive blades. 13. Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC is a table tennis blade with improve Power and Precision All-in-one. Are you looking for a table tennis blade that perfectly balances additional power and control? Look no further than the Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC. This high-performance model has a unique performance perfect for those who want to take their game to the next level. Let’s take a closer look at what this blade offers. The Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC table tennis blade is a good option with both ZLC Carbon technology and Innerfiber construction, making it one of the most powerful and precise blades on the market. The good balance and Carbon layers are placed close to the core, providing an overall soft feel without losing out on the amazing characteristics of ZL Carbon—namely lightness, flexibility, and speed. Compared to Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC, it has an OFF rating, making it perfect for aggressive players who want more power in their shots. It weighs 87g, has a reaction rate of 105, and a vibration rate of 95. It comes with an anatomic handle size of 100x24mm, flared handle size of 100x24mm, or a straight handle of 100x23mm so you can find your ideal fit.  When playing with this blade, you can expect great stability across all aspects of your game as it can do everything well, from blocks to smashes to serving. One of The Best Table Tennis Blades for Offensive Players You’ll be able to play close to the table while still having enough power to hit powerful shots that will surprise your opponents. In conclusion, one of the most aggressive table tennis blades provides you with both power and control. However, it is a fast blade for intermediate players who need their own paddle to have great speed and spin. REGULAR BLADE PRICE! CHINESE PENHOLD PRICE! This high-performance model is designed to provide players with exactly what they need to take their game up a notch while maintaining great stability across all aspects of play. With its combination of lightweight design and flexible construction, there is no doubt that this table tennis blade will help elevate your game! Type of ping pong blades by handle style There are 4 types of racket handles: Flared – The flat is the beginning of the handle closer to the rubber, and at the end, it slowly expands to one side to ensure your safety when holding the racket. Straight is flat from start to finish, giving you a little flexibility to how you hold it during the game, which is not recommended. But many players are used to choosing such a handle and have a better racket feeling in this case. Anatomic – At the beginning, closer to the rubber is a thinner handle, and as it extends towards the palm, it becomes more comprehensive. In this case, you get complete confidence that the racket will not fall out of your hand. Penhold – The handle is shorter and adaptable for Asian players because they hold the racket like a pencil. Type of ping pong blades by speed There are 3 types of ping pong blades looking at speed, and this is very important to keep in mind when choosing: Defensive table tennis blades – There are essential control and lower ball speed. Mainly, it does not include carbon wood but with as few layers as possible. In our analysis, the Timo Boll blade is the closest to this category, although it is not wholly defensive. Allround table tennis blades – They are primarily medium speed, focusing on ball control. This is ideal for beginners and players who practice several times a week. In our analysis, I would single out Timo Boll blade and Yasaka Ma Lin for this category. Offensive blades – High-speed and strong blades, primarily used by top players and players who practice more often. Their playstyle comes down to attacking as early as possible with topspins without a lot of pimping the ball. Certainly, Butterfly Viscaria, Gewo Sensus carbon blade, and Nittaku Acoustic, other wooden blades are in our analysis. What else to pay attention to when choosing ping pong blades? Firstly, you should pay attention to the serial number when buying and the tag located at the bottom of the racket handle. This will protect you from fake wood that may be on the market. Best Budget Ping Pong Blades are suitable for controlled-style players. Secondly, construction material and the handle’s shape handle are essential when choosing because you will be sure that the blade suits you. The defensive-style blades are not listed here. Moreover, all these things should not worry you when buying through our partner Megaspin, but we say this as a precaution if you plan to buy from other unverified sources. In any case, beginners should choose lighter table tennis blades by weight and without additives such as carbon and others. Then you progress or are already a more advanced player, and you can experiment with many combinations. We recommend that you take the heavier blades and softer rubbers so that you will find the style and feel you need in many wood and rubbers are rubbers on the market today, and it is not a crucial price to achieve success. The most important thing is to make the best combination for yourself from everything that exists. Only in time will you know if you need a heavier or lighter racket, faster or slower rubbers, and their thickness and hardness. How to protect your table tennis blade? Firstly, put side tape around the racket when you stick rubbers on it because it will protect your blade when you play short balls or accidentally hit a ping pong table through the game. It happens to everyone. Even the most experienced players can accidentally hit the table and damage the wood. This is why side tape provides perfect protection, and the racket will last you a very long time. Secondly, when gluing the racket, I recommend that you first rub your blade with a light and not too sharp sandpaper and then wipe the wood with a dry cloth. Put table tennis glue on the blade, and you can start gluing rubbers. The next time you re-glue the racket, keep in mind that part of the glue is left on the table tennis blade, and you should repeat this procedure with sandpaper and cloth. Moreover, every time you don’t play table tennis, use and put your blade together with the rubbers in the racket case because you will be in a safe place. It will not wear out like if you just put it in a bag. And the last thing we don’t have to mention, but we will still say for those who don’t know. Watch out for high or too low temperatures. The racket that stays in the strong sun can be damaged. This will not happen immediately, but it will lose its characteristics. Special Ping Pong Blades Some blades have unique surface treatments. They have special chemicals in addition to the layers on the wood and are thus produced into small crystal structures. These are the Yinhe M and Nano Series blades and have certain key advantages. Firstly, the surface becomes much harder, which allows for more excellent impact resistance. Secondly, the surface gets a stronger sealant, which means it will not be damaged when you remove the rubbers. The following special ping pong blades are Hinoki. They have a much denser construction and a slightly heavier feel. They provide excellent turning and a much longer retention time. In any case, Hinoki blades are not great; they are just different from the others. They are usually 10 mm thick, and the material is from the inside of a younger tree, which is why they are lighter than the others. However, what kind of tree the layers are cut from and what the blades are made the difference. The younger the tree, the softer and weaker the blade. The older they are, the heavier and more solid the blade will be. Best … Read more