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Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Review (Price & Comparison)

The Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC blade is one of the most powerful and fastest table tennis blades in the Butterfly blades series. This blade was named after Lin Yun-Ju – another World’s best Taiwanese table tennis player. It was explicitly designed according to his gaming requirements. He is known for his famous banana flicks and ‘Chiquita’ shots technique. The design of this blade enables him to generate an excellent vibration for sharp Chiquita shots and perfect counters. The high performance of this blade also caused him to defeat other great Chinese Table Tennis Players like Ma Long and Fan Zhendong, not forgetting the remarkable German Table Tennis player – Timo Boll. This blade portrays many unique features and characteristics that not many blades have, thus making the table tennis brand among the best brands because of its high-end table tennis equipment. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Lin Yun-Ju is a left-handed player who has a unique playing style. This blade served him well by attending to all his gaming needs. This article will bring forth insight into the Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Blade (LYJ-SZLC), a complete review for 2022! Including its price, techniques that work best with it, rubber recommendations, composition, characteristics, and a brief comparison with Viscaria ALC blade. Therefore, I hope you enjoy this read and gain enough knowledge about the blade to be able to determine if it would take your skills a notch higher. We will begin by looking at the features of the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju table tennis blade. Features of Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Blade Plies – 5 wood and 2 super ZLC carbon Top Surface – KOTO wood Weight – 88g Thickness – 5.6 mm Style of play – Attacking Skill level required – professional Speed- 9.2, Hardness- 6.5, Consistency- 9.5, Reaction- 12.3, Vibration- 11.1 Control- 9.5, Spin- 8.2, Stiffness- 6.0 Head Dimensions – 157×150 mm Handle Dimensions – 100×25 mm FL Handle Size: 100 x 25 x 34mm, ST Handle Size: 100 x 23 x 28mm, AN Handle Size: 100 x 24 x 32mm Price- $ 359.99 Manufacturer – Butterfly              Country of origin – Japan Composition and Appearance of Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Blade Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju table tennis blade owes its exceptional composition to the Butterfly brand. The Butterfly is famous for combining the best technologies in the World for its table tennis equipment. All of Butterfly’s innovations are uniquely defined as they continue to supply the market with high-value table tennis equipment. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This blade is one of the latest and top-notch innovations that Butterfly has ever come up with. Lin Yun-Ju SZLC blade contains both ZL fiber and carbon. The surface area has five plies of wood and two super ZL carbon fibers with a thickness of 5.6 mm. The Kiri core and Limba are intermediate plies. They come after the SZLC located below the outer Koto ply. Structure = KOTO – SZLC – LIMBA – KIRI Because of this structure, the blade has a very powerful impact on hitting the ball. It is also through its high-quality structure that it can give off high vibration. When playing, you will not feel this high vibration because of the presence of a sweet spot. The sweet spot plays an essential role by ensuring that you don’t feel the powerful force of the blade when you hit the ball. The blade also has a unique appearance, and the handle contains Lin Yun-Ju’s favorite color. There is also a custom wing mark on the handle with an acronym representing his name. The personalized logo gives the blade a vibrant look that, in turn, gives out a youthful vibe. Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Weight & A Very Large Sweet Spot It has a net weight of 88g, which means it is not such a heavy blade. If you aim at precision and power, one can play comfortably with precision and strength, especially in offensive play (mainly attacking). Furthermore, the blade produces a high amount of spin and is always very stable, with great consistency and control levels. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The carbon layer’s role is to ensure minimal energy is used while maximum speed is produced instantaneously. The ZL fibers increase flexibility and strength while maintaining a lower weight. The SZLC fibers are almost twice as dense as the ZLC fibers in other Butterfly blades. It helps to ensure an increase in the sharp spot and speed of the blade while producing mid-hard to hard touches. The Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju blade is a soft blade that will accelerate your performance. Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Review The LYJ-SZLC blade is manufactured and available in Anatomic, Flared, and Straight handles. Butterfly states that Lin Yun-Ju is a blade with good momentum that draws out the power of hitting balls and stability due to a wide and high repulsion area. Its characteristics enable it to produce sharp banana flicks and accurate counters. It’s not recommended to use soft rubber and other heavier rubbers. When you purchase the blade, it comes well packaged for safety concerns. There is usually an inner box holding the blade beside the main/surface box. The blade’s name and other technical information are listed on a sticker at the front of the main box. On the back of the box, you will find instructions on how to care for the blade. The handle has a distinguishable appearance consisting of golden, green, orange, and light blue vertical lines against a dark-grey base. There is no vibration due to the very large sweet spot. On the forehand side of the handle, you will see a golden metallic lens, a Lin Yun-Ju and Butterfly logo, and the blade name written in English and Chinese. The standard silver Butterfly tag is placed on the handle butt. Rubber Recommendations with the Blade LYJ-SZLC works best with hard rubbers like the Butterfly Dignics 09C (D09C), which is excellent for the forehand. You can also consider using Dignics 05 for your backhand for great results. It, however, does not mean that it works well with all hard rubbers. You can also use it with Tenergy 19 for the backhand and Tenergy 05 for the forehand. They will give you an unexpected smooth play. Lin Yun-Ju blade makes a good combination also with some slow rubbers like Butterfly Spin Art if you do not want a fast game. Another option is the Hurricane 3 rubber, which maintains speed and spins to threaten your opponent. Lin Yun-Ju Table Tennis Blade – Style of Play Loops A medium-low trajectory is produced when using the D09C rubber with this blade. It has a shorter dwell time compared to the Viscaria blade. The forehand topspins are usually deeper and faster and are converted to become loop drives. The low spin levels require players with a quick reaction time. They will have an easier time returning forehand loops. The Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju large sweet spot enables the forehand loop to loop rallies from far distances at the table. You will need to use a more open bat angle to generate the necessary trajectory and ensure enough clearance over the net. Flicks The crisp sensation offered by the blade is excellent for over-the-table flicking. As a result, the flicks are fast and deep, giving you the perfect win. Drives The LYJ-SZLC blade produces a sharp feeling on the forehand and backhand when driving. It gives you just the balanced sensation for an outer ply blade. Not many carbon blades can offer this. The drives produced have deep and relatively flat trajectories with enough clearance over the net to ensure good consistency.   Smashes and flat hits This blade ensures unreturnable smashes and flat hits from the back and forehand sides. You are therefore guaranteed the perfect finishing power. Thanks to the super ZLC fiber, you can smash every table tennis ball with so much power that opponents can’t respond. Serves Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju is the best for long topspin and side spin serves because it has good control. The ideal rubber for this kind of spin is the Hurricane 3 rubber for the forehand. The crispy sensation will help you pull off fast and angled serves that the opponent may find challenging to return. It has great maneuverability when serving or pushing the balls close to the table. The DHS hurricane ping pong rubber is very popular among Chinese players. Lin Yun-Ju blade has tremendous control during a serve return or blocking the opponent’s topspin. Short games and pushes It is easier for the blade to execute short pushes because of the crisp feeling produced. For instance, the stiffness and hardness of the blade, together with the bouncy nature of D09C rubber, make long forehand shots hard to make. It is also important to use soft strokes when hitting the ball to prevent the push from going overboard, for example bouncing past the table. Much attention must be paid to the ball placement rather than spin generation. VISIT MEGASPIN FOR THE BEST PRICE! Blocks Even though blocking is not one of the strengths of this blade, Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju provides a stable, relatively rigid, and low-bounce platform for blocking. Lin Yun-Ju blade is an all-around blade. The handle’s grip is very comfortable and gives a longer dwell time when playing a rally. It is generally a fast blade with great speed and power. It will offer you both good speed and control simultaneously, which not many blades can do. You will feel the control better when playing mid-distance shots. It provides better control than some of the Butterfly ZLC blades. The blade also has a medium stiffness. Its exterior has a full woody feeling, and the carbon gives it a good bounce. Furthermore, the long dwell time is excellent for attacking. Viscaria ALC vs Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Both blades are from Butterfly, but their level of performance differ because they possess different features and capabilities. The LYJ-SZLC blade lacks the softness present in the Viscaria ALC blade. Their reaction and vibration also vary, whereby Viscaria ALC has 11.8 and 10.3, respectively, and LYJ-SZLC has 12.3 and 11.1, respectively. The reaction and vibration in Lin Yun-Ju table tennis blades are much higher than in Viscaria. This converts to the Lin Yun-Ju blade being slightly faster and stiffer than Viscaria ALC. Also, LYJ has its center of gravity shifted slightly closer to the head, giving it a heavier feeling compared to the Viscaria ALC blade. However, they both encourage a relatively loose grip to enhance flicking and looping, and both have large sweet spots. Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju may have a good dwell time on the ball, but it is usually shorter than the Viscaria blade. It, therefore, does not generate as good topspins as Viscaria ALC. But overall, it is still more powerful than the Viscaria blade because it is much harder. Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Price The Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC table tennis blade is a great option for advanced players with a very powerful forehands style. It is a fantastic blade with great performance and a very fast speed for attacking players. Compared to the Zhang Jike Super ZLC, the Lin Yun-Ju is much more affordable, making it an excellent option for players on a budget. The blade is made of high-quality materials and is designed to withstand the rigors of professional play. This paddle is made of the same material as the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade but is more affordable. The best place to buy this blade is Megaspin, which is priced at $359.99. This blade is an excellent option for advanced players looking for a quality blade without breaking the bank. Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Blade – Verified Customer Reviews Below are detailed customer reviews that are verified: “I use this fantastic blade with 09c on FH (2.1mm) and t19 on BH (2.1mm). I can’t say that this blade goes well with all hard rubbers. But it goes well with rubbers like 09c but not Hurricane or Sanwei target. This blade is the first reason I chose to use t19 on BH. It is light and fast, and when you block your opponent’s ball, it comes back right back at them immediately, and it’s pretty effortless for you to block well. Passive blocking to a short table is a bit hard when the ball speed is fast, but adding a kick on your block with a light flick is easy. Great maneuverability and this blade are more robust for backhand, so I see why it was named after Lin Yun Ju.” “Amazing blade for flicking. Lower shot quality and lighter in weight compare to Zjk super ZLC. It grips the ball well and favors short to mid-distance game.” Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Blade – Conclusion From the information above, we can say that this blade emphasizes speed and not spin. It is also more complex and heavier than other Butterfly blades. It is the ideal option for players who use over-the-table flicking mostly in their play. If you also need to advance from Viscaria blades to a much faster one, do not miss trying out this one. You will absolutely love it! You will find it easier to use if you are an experienced/advanced-level player. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Be sure to recommend the Lin Yun-Ju blade to other professional players looking to experiment with harder blade variations. If you are a player who likes the mid-distance game, then the Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC ping pong blade will surely improve your strokes. Timo Boll and Fan Zhendong, the TOP 10 players in the World according to ITTF World Rankings, had many problems when playing with Lin Yun-Ju. He is now a superstar in Chinese Taipei (Taiwan). The ball speed will increase every time you make a stroke. Besides that, producing tremendous amounts of spin and rotation. Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju blade will greatly favor them because once they can use this blade, there will be no other blade variation that will be too hard for them to use. If this review has also convinced you that this is the right blade, why don’t you purchase one today?

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Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Blade Review

The Ovtcharov ALC Innerforce Blade is among the recent trends by Butterfly. It was developed in honor and collaboration with Dimitrij Ovtcharov – a famous athlete and professional table tennis player. Dimitrij plays for the German table tennis team. The german star Dimitrij Ovtcharov is one of the table tennis players who won an Olympic medal in men’s singles (He emerged in the third position in the London Olympic games in 1996, taking home a bronze medal). Butterfly manufactured a typical blade used by the pros to help you become a pro. Let us begin by looking at the features of the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Features of Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Blade This Butterfly blade has many features that make it perform wonderfully. They include: Type of play: Offensive shakehand Blade weight: 91g Blade structure: 5 inner fiber plywood +2 arylate carbon Reaction property: 11.7 Vibration property: 10.5 Blade size: 158 x 152 mm Blade thickness: 6.2 mm Handle sizes: FL handle size: 100 x 35 x 34 mm ST handle size: 100 x 23 x 28 mm AN handle size: 100 x 25 x 34 mm Hardness: 6.0 Consistency: 7.5 Speed: 8.5 More Control: 9.0 Spin: 7.5 Stiffness: 8.5 Made in Japan Composition of the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade Butterfly has made it available in anatomic (AN), flared (FL), and straight (ST) shakehand types. It has a slightly thicker and larger blade compared to the original Innerforce ALC. It has a high reaction property which supports powerful shots. Reaction emerges from the inner fibers that are resilient to hold on to such pressure. Regardless of the pressure, you will still feel like you’re ‘holding the ball.’ The presence of the inner fiber causes it to be highly resistant and very powerful. Dimitrij Ovtcharov’s initials (D and O) are on the blade. Thus, you will be able to know that it is an original piece. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC has the best dwell time when making slower strokes because of its flexibility on the outer layers. Dwell time is the length of time that the ball stays on the paddle. Since the dwell time is longer, the blade can produce a good amount of spin. The dwell time will enable you to attack your opponents in the best way possible and remain with a balance of control and power. Butterfly designed this blade with a more wooden component than other arylate blades. The wooden texture will give the blade better control while maintaining its high-speed carbon properties. The arylate carbon layer is located close to the inner core offering the rubber better control. It consists of 7 plies of wood and two layers made out of limbs. The wooden outer layer is made from limba wood. These limbs make the blade tender by suppressing the carbon hardness. It is not only the dwell time but also the structure of this blade that enables it to give a higher spin. It has a thinner handle, unlike other blades, for example, the Timo Boll series ping pong blade. Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Layers The two soft limba layers contribute to its softness. If you like blades with moderate or low hardness, this one is for you. The feedback you get on the hand will be tiny because of the less vibration property. This blade also feels a little bouncy when you are playing with it. Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC doesn’t have any variation. The carbon dampens the vibrations producing an effect of balance delivery. It is not as fast as other blades but has a better attack reaction. The reduction of speed has availed more space for control. The inner carbon layers reduce the speed to provide you with more accuracy. With this blade, you can make accurate topspins, drives, loops, and pushes. If you feel like the table tennis blade is too slow, you can increase speed by exerting more power on your arm (hitting the ball much harder). The structure of the Innerforce layer ALC makes it better for defending than attacking. Its properties like softness and flexibility make it quite hard to use as an attacking blade. Rubber Recommendations for This Blade One of the positive things about this Butterfly blade is that it gives a balanced delivery. It doesn’t matter which rubber you use with the Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce alc. As long as you can work well with the combination, that matters. But some professionals have aired out ping pong rubber suggestions that they think can work well with Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC. Some believe this blade makes a good combination with super spin rubbers like the Dignics 05 or Tenergy 05. There is no need to doubt their views because they have tested these rubbers with the blade and have ended up performing well together. The Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce alc table tennis blade is a gorgeous blade with black based grip. It has endless possibilities and top-end speed. The black-based grip gives the player more control over the ball, while the gorgeous blade provides speed and power. The endless possibilities of this blade allow the player to create their style of play. With the top-end speed, the player can hit the ball with extreme power. This blade is perfect for those who want to take their game to the next level. You can use any other rubber, as long as you are comfortable with how well they work together. Pair it with high super spin rubbers if you enjoy playing loops. Style of Play with the Blade This blade puts you in total control during your playtime. You can easily control it for a passive or even aggressive playing style. It is the best choice of a blade if you are transitioning from a fast wooden blade to a carbon blade. It is so user-friendly, and you can adapt to it very fast. This blade is for every all-around player, from amateurs to experienced and advanced players. The Ovtcharov ALC pays attention to details. It mainly focuses on accuracy, balance, and control. When a blade can uphold these three attributes, it is seen as a trustworthy blade, ready to take your game a level higher. This is the type of blade that simplifies your shot and is consistent enough ensuring good performance. It is made so you won’t feel buoyancy effects, primarily when serving during a game. It will enable you to serve accurately with no struggle. With its little speed, it is excellent at driving. You can perform well with this blade when it comes to drives. Its performance defeats some faster blades like Timo Boll ALC or the Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC when it comes to drives. Its wooden layer facilitates its good performance for drives. So feel free to play with this blade however you like, but remember to use it for loops and drives for much better results. German star Dimitrij Ovtcharov’s initial D and O The Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade is a high-quality piece of equipment that combines the best of both: it brings power and embodies elegance. The initial D and O marks on the blade show endless possibilities, and the black-based grip combines blue for ALC and gold for victory. The blade itself is slightly larger than other models on the market, making it ideal for those who need a little extra power behind their shots. However, the increased size does not sacrifice any of the speed or control that Butterfly is known for. This makes the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade the perfect choice for an attack reaction and good skills for management. Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC vs. Harimoto ALC The new Harimoto Tomokazu ALC was developed in close cooperation with a well-known Japanese table tennis player – Tomokazu Harimoto. It features five plies of natural wood and 2 ALC fibers directly above the core veneer (Inner Technology). OVTCHAROV ALC PRICE – HARIMOTO ALC PRICE There is not much difference between Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC and Harimoto ALC blades. Both have two layers of arylate carbon, and they also have the same blade size. The handle sizes are almost identical, with slight variation in size (Harimoto is sometimes more significant). Harimoto ALC specializes in attacking, which is different from Ovtcharov ALC. It best suits playing close to the table. They are, however, similar in that they have low to moderate speed and a good sense of dwell time. You can feel as if you are touching the ball as you play. Harimoto ALC’s slightly larger blade head allows for a softer touch and increases ball dwell time during topspin play. These are the main distinguishing features between these two superior blades. Pros and Cons of Ovtcharov ALC Below is a table that highlights the advantages and disadvantages of the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade: Advantages Disadvantages Very easy to control An expensive blade Works well with blocking It is a slow blade Makes good return shots because of its consistency and balance It dissolves the ball for a long while because of the dwell time and does not give the desired result Well structured, thus able to perform all its functions harmoniously Slightly larger blade compared to Timo Boll ALC Other advantages of Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC are: Alc’s blue color means for handle type. Gold color means victory’s gold signifies elegance. This blade supports powerful shots due to its high reaction property among the Innerfiber blades while still providing the feeling of “holding the ball”. Thanks to these features, Alc has become one of the most popular choices among top players. Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC is an excellent choice for players looking for a balance of power and control. Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Blade Price You can get this equipment for as little as $ 184.99 from Megaspin. This price is quite pocket friendly considering the advantages that the blade comes with. This blade will be worth any little cent you put in for its purchase because it will surely put you at a competitive edge against your opponents. You can trounce them by using excellent quality and high-value blades. Ovtcharov Innerfotce ALC – Verified Customer Review Here are some reviews from customers who bought Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blades. From them, you’ll be able to see their experiences with the blade, rubber, and play style recommendations. “Currently running it with DHS Hurricane 3 NEO Provincial (39 deg Blue Sponge – Unboosted) and DHS Hurricane 3 NEO (37 deg Orange Sponge – Unboosted). Has exceptional feeling when looping / top-spinning the ball. Good at looping close to mid-table distance. Backhand requires more power, which could be because of the rubber choice; however, it is good when you’re actively defending. I am considering switching to Dignics 05 for a more offensive backhand.” “I played with this blade with 09c FH and 05 BH very reliable, and my strokes improved in the game. One thing is that the blade developed a curved shape. I’m not sure if they tested that or not, and it cracks from the side.” “I have owned so many blades previously, and this blade is the ultimate best for the current ball and current game blocking control. Looping it is simply flawless.” Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC – FAQs How Do I Prevent My Blade From Wearing Out Due to Friction and Constant Use? Put table tennis accessories as side tapes on your racket that will protect the blade from hitting the table when playing. You can also add a soft grip tape that will protect the blade and enhances comfortability. You can also use plastic wraps (thin plastic protectors) which protect the rubber and blade and prolongs their lifespan. How Can I Care For My Blade? Ensure that the blade does not come into contact with moisture. The blade is made of wood, and water reduces the effectiveness of the blade. It would be best to look into how you store your Ovtcharov Innerforce alc blade. Ensure that you keep it in a cool and dry area. You can use silica gel which will absorb any moisture on the racket preventing it from being damaged. It is also essential to avoid temperature extremes in this gorgeous blade. Do not expose it to too hot temperatures like outside in the sun or cold temperatures like out at night. It is also essential to avoid temperature extremes in this gorgeous blade. Do not expose it to too hot temperatures like outside in the sun or cold temperatures like out at night. Carbon blades have endless possibilities, so you need to be careful when storing them. However, you can achieve good skills and fast shots with this Innerforce alc blade. Why choose the Ovtcharov Innerforce Butterfly blade? Butterfly produces some of the highest quality table tennis blades on the market. The Butterfly Innerforce ALC blade is a thicker blade that supports powerful shots while maintaining excellent control. Compared to other wooden blades, it has a high reaction property and infinite possibilities, allowing for quick changes in direction. This makes it an ideal choice for competitive players looking for a modern game of ping pong. Additionally, these Innerfiber Blades have high resilience characteristics, allowing for quick changes in direction during a rally. For these reasons, the Butterfly is one of the most popular blades among professional players. However, its quality comes at a price, and many amateur players may find it out of their budget. Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Blade – Review by Dimitrij The Butterfly brand has continued to develop fantastic table tennis products. If you have tried their rubbers, you will most likely love their blades too! His gaming style has inspired many people to step up in their play and use high-quality blades like the Innerforce ALC. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! With this blade, Dimitrij Ovtcharov could address all his gaming needs to Butterfly, who in turn came up with the perfect blade to help him perform better. Dimitrij recently commented on how to use the blade for much better results. This is what he had to say: “I use the blade on my forehand side with the Dignics 09C and on my backhand side with the Dignics 05. Anyhow, I believe the Tenergy series will also match the blade.” Due to the Innerfiber technology, I believe for players who set the game on the control, and the blade will fit well, but also for power players, maybe as I am, I would like to stroke hard, the thicker core layer will help a lot.” Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Blade – Conclusion This article has given you enough reasons to use this Butterfly blade in your table tennis games if you are still in doubt. As we have seen earlier, many players sampled various types of blades first before settling with Ovtcharov Innerforce. It calls for a careful selection of blades during the buying process before finalizing your decision. Many have used this blade and have testified that it has made them perform better than they have ever done before. So far, Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC is one of the best blades one can ever use and will guarantee you the victory you’re looking for. We have also seen some of the rubber pairing suggestions for this blade which should be a must-try for any serious athlete. Visit the Megaspin site today to buy yourself or gift your loved one this super blade for the top results.

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Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Blade Review (Inner & Outer Comparison)

This article brings you a complete review of the powerful Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade. Nittaku has constantly competed with the Butterfly brand. They have produced high-quality equipment like rubbers, balls, accessories, and table tennis blades. Ma Long, a professional Chinese table tennis player, regarded as the greatest table tennis player of all time, used this blade. Ma Long has won several world table tennis competitions using this table tennis blade. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Are you looking for the perfect blade for your offensive play? You will see the main parts of the blade (inner vs. outer), its features, similarities, differences, pros, and cons. At the end of this review, we will enlighten you on why you need to have such a blade for your gaming needs. Here are the features of the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Blade: Nitttaku Acoustic Carbon Features The standout features of this blade are: Style of play: Attack (defensive) Weight: 85 g Thickness: 5.5 mm Hardness: 6.4 Consistency: 8.0 Reaction: 10.8 Vibration: 10 Speed: 9.5 Control: 8.5 Spin: 7.5 Stiffness: 6.0 Nittaku Acoustic Carbon has 5-ply wood and 2 FE carbon. Head dimension: 157 x 150 FL handle dimension: 157 x 150 Feel: hard Made in Japan Nittaku Acoustic Blade Composition The Carbon blade is an improved version of the Nittaku Original Acoustic blade. There was a need for improvement because the acoustic blade did not fulfill many customers’ needs on some features like speed. You will experience an increased speed and power with the new carbon acoustic blade. This blade is made from premium wood. It uses the Japanese FE carbon material technology that raises its performance (details of the technology will be discussed below). Although Nittaku acoustic carbon blade is an improvement of an acoustic blade, their structures are slightly different. The carbon blade has an additional carbon layer which makes it distinct. It has a different handle design, a light yellow shade, and a larger grip. The blade has excellent defensive stability when it comes to blocking or attacking. It also carries the characteristics of a traditional carbon blade. This special wood lamination technology makes a solid feeling during playing attacks. Details of the Technology Used The blade is built with string instrument manufacturing technology known as the Feel carbon (The new FE carbon material). This technology gives the blade a perfect soft touch, just like the ALC carbon blade. FE carbon improves the overall rigidity and supporting force of the blade. Believe it or not, It is the first-ever Nittaku blade to be incorporated with such technology. Nittaku was careful enough to ensure the production of a high-standard blade, thus addressing the needs of various players. The blade has features of the traditional carbon blades that give it a good sense of stability when defending and tackling. The technology provides every player with balanced delivery enhancing their ping pong skills and passion for the game. It is one of the recent trends in the Nittaku series and contains carbon features. It emerges as one of the powerful carbon blades in the Nittaku series. The Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade is an improvement of the Nittaku Acoustic blade. Their structure and materials are somewhat similar; the significant difference is the new FE carbon material in the Acoustic carbon blade. Rubber Recommendations for This Blade There is not much information on rubber pairings with this blade. Some users believe this blade works best with Nittaku Fastarc G1 and Fastarc C1 (generally, the Fastarc series). Fastarc G-1 priced $ 48 + Fastarc C-1 priced $ 48 + Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Blade priced $ 180 = $ 276 AMAZING TABLE TENNIS RACKET! The truth is, it is alright to pair the blade with any rubber you have, as long as you master the skill of using it. It is compatible with most rubbers. You can use the hybrid tacky rubber for a good spin and control the ping pong balls on the table. With the Butterfly series of rubbers, you will have excellent control and high speed on attacks. To play better loops, pair this blade with Ternergy 05 or Ternergy 64 rubbers for exceptional results. You can also use a medium to hard rubber such as Andro Hexer Power Grip and Donic Blue Fire M1 table tennis rubbers. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Inner vs. Outer Nittaku Acoustic Carbon mainly distinguishes itself from other Nittaku blades in that it has a thicker layer. Inside this thicker layer is a carbon outer layer, a slimmer inner layer, and a third layer. The function of the inner layer is to hold the FE Carbon, while the outer layer serves as a thicker layer that causes a buffer every time the ball comes in contact with the blade. This ensures enough control and prevents the ball from bouncing forcefully. The Nittaku Blade’s inner layer is slimmer to compensate for the rigid carbon layer. The buffering in the outer layer is essential because it increases the ball control ability and prevents fast and forceful bouncing of the ball caused by the carbon layer’s rigidity. This way, you will have a good feeling and a low throw angle during the topspins. With an original acoustic blade, you didn’t have such a performance. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon vs. Viscaria Super ALC Acoustic Price: $ 180 – Viscaria Price: $ 270 The Butterfly Viscaria blade has several similar characteristics to the Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade. They are both made with wood material. Both have various handle options to suit the various needs of the users. Butterfly and Nittaku blades both have a good amount of control and moderate speed, making them the best table tennis blades for beginners. Both the table tennis blades are also used to playing offensively and work well with Tenergy rubbers, especially when looping. They also differ in some factors; the Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade contains two Feel Carbon layers while Viscaria has two Arylate Carbon layers. The acoustic carbon blade is also less tender than Viscaria ALC. Viscaria blades are more flexible and have a super elastic feel, unlike Nittaku acoustic carbon blade, which is less flexible and stiff. Nittaku blade has wood lamination technology originally used in stringed instrument production incorporated. This construction creates a solid feeling and excellent control over the ball. Compared to Viscaria or Jun Mizutani ZLC, the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon has a medium bounce and power. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Pros and Cons This table shows a list of the pros and cons of the Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade: Pros Cons It has good control elements It is heavyweight It is not a fast blade but has two layers of carbon It is expensive You can use it together with many rubbers Has a crisp sound when hitting the ball It is a consistent blade that offers excellent performance. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Blade Price It is sold at a pocket-friendly price considering all its features. The blade goes for $ 179.95, from which a 5% discount is included. It is also a long-lasting piece of equipment because it is made of high-quality material. Therefore, the blade will give you good value for your money. This amazing blade is worth buying with this nice combination of wood and carbon, especially compared to other expensive Butterfly ZLC blades. Rush to the Megaspin website and grab a racket with this blade before the discount deal is over! Customer Reviews Here is a highlight of some verified customer reviews from Megaspin. “I have used Gergely Classic black tag, Amultart, Innerforce ZLC, Photino, Jun Mizutani ZLC (OLD), Jun Mizutani ZLC (NEW) and Timo Boll ZLC. I Thought Butterfly blades were the best, but I was wrong when I used Nittaku Acoustic Carbon (NAC) blade. “Used by the sponsored Nittaku players, this is among the best. Fast as hell, the carbon lies close to the outer ply. This doesn’t bother me, but maybe more people would have bought it if the carbon had laid further down the blade. But a world-class blade it is!” I have finally found the feel, control, and speed I have been looking for in NAC for a very long time. The only thing I don’t like is the WEIGHT of this blade, but you can put lightweight rubbers to compensate for it. I loved this blade the 1st time I used it, and I immediately sold my Timo Boll ZLC because I finally found the blade I was looking for. I used Tibhar MXS FH and MXP BH. Must try blade for keeps. And it’s way cheaper than any Butterfly ZLC blades.” Product Features Breakdown Nittaku brand has made the blade available in Flared handles, straight handle, and large-sized flared handle that is a little bit thicker and wider than the regular flared handle. The blade has a comfortable grip. You will play accurate topspins with your backhand and forehand and suffer no injuries while playing. It is very smooth, making it easy to handle. It has some aspect of stiffness that simplifies driving and making smashes. This beautiful ping pong blade offers good ball retention, whereby you can feel the ball’s impact when it hits the racket. Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade is very fast, but not as quickly as other blades like the Hinoki series. Nonetheless, we can say that overall, its speed is better than some carbon blades. Since it is a moderate-speed blade, it is excellent at the control and offers smooth play. Faster blades usually have a problem with control. They have a high vibration level and thus cannot focus on control. The acoustic carbon blade experiences little to no vibration upon hitting a ball. This blade doesn’t offer much flexibility but is slightly more flexible than the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC blade. It is one of the stiffest blades in the Nittaku series. Thanks to the wooden layer, the blade produces a high amount of spin. You will need to strike the ball with low to medium power to get a good and consistent amount of spin. Style of Play with the Blade The best playing style for this blade is spin shots. You will feel more incredible feedback on the hand when the racket receives a hard shot. The acoustic carbon blade spins well like the original Nittaku Acoustic blade. It is the ideal option when you want to do return backspin serves. The blade will help you gain control, achieve equality and attack tactfully. It also performs powerfully when blocking shots when playing with both backhand and forehand. Preferable position to play with this blade is close to the table with topspins. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon – Frequently Asked Questions Which Blades Give Much Better Results, Heavy or Lightweight? They all give great results. It usually narrows down to the player’s skill and how they combine the blade with a rubber. Heavyweight blades give more power to the ball, while lightweight blades enable easy switching from forehand to backhand. Which is the Best Racket Handle Size for a Beginner? It always depends on the player. When buying, you should feel the handle size that is comfortable on your hand. But many professionals would recommend flared handles for beginners. Your choice may change with time as you gain more skills and experience. The straight handle is used mainly by players who occasionally change their grip while playing. What Table Tennis Blades do Professionals use? Many professional table tennis players these days use carbon blades. Carbon blades have the right balance of speed, stability, precision, and flexibility. They are also faster than wooden blades. Other athletes, especially those who have been playing this game for a long time, prefer wooden blades that give better spin and control. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon – Conclusion From the information above, you can understand that Nittaku acoustic carbon blade is an improved version of the Nittaku acoustic blade. It has proven to be better because it has a better texture and control. With it, you will have a better balance and produce more powerful shots. It is the best blade that any all-around player can have. Nittaku Acoustic carbon table tennis blade is also the perfect choice for any beginner because it is not so fast and produces just the right amount of spin. It is important to note that a blade predicts the trajectory of the table tennis ball. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! However, it also has its downsides. It is a heavy blade. It may be hard for a beginner to use. You can use other lighter rubbers with the blade for it to provide you with enough comfort and control. But if you can perform well even with this blade and a heavier rubber, you are at an advantage. Remember to care for your blade by storing it correctly and subjecting it to proper use. You can add a soft grip tape to enhance comfortability and side tapes to protect the blade from damage. Ensure you research thoroughly on the right blade that would otherwise work for you. Do not rush into selecting blades because while some would work for you, others will not. If you feel this is the perfect blade, visit this online store to buy one. You can become a top-notch and professional table tennis player by using the Nittaku acoustic carbon blade.

nittaku violin table tennis blade featured image

Nittaku Violin Blade Review (2022 Price, Comparisons & Carbon)

The Nittaku Violin has been around for a long time and is one of the best all-wood blades in table tennis. Many players were excited about this blade even before I got my hands on it. After testing it out and comparing notes with other hobbyists worldwide, I agree. The Nittaku Violin carbon inner handle is highly dependable, and the blade consistently delivers impressive power and spin. The Nittaku Violin blade is a skillfully crafted tool for the attacking player! Nittaku used a unique binding technique initially created for the best-stringed instruments to produce table tennis blades. The natural suppleness of the wood is successfully preserved through this particular procedure. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The same level of skill and craft used to create the highest caliber stringed instruments in the world is applied to every ply and step of manufacturing with special handling and inspection. Extremely quick with the most heightened sense of mastery. You will cherish and never forget the unique hitting sensation. This series promises unmatched performance and is considered the world’s best-balanced blade and one of the most versatile blade choices. The Violin is made using an advanced plastic composite material that provides superior speed and power while still being lightweight and thin. It is slightly slower than other blades in its class and has more control. It was made in Japan with a 30mm waist and THINNER, LIGHTER blade HEAD. Overview of The Nittaku Violin Blade The world’s first table tennis blade constructed using the wood board joint technique used in stringed instruments is called the Nittaku Violin. Similar to how violins are made, the production process uses layers of top and side varnished plywood, a composite core material, and a finishing CNC laser resurfacing. The end product is a high overall string reaction with a sharp, vibrant playing feel.  With such technology, the Nittaku Violin table tennis blade gives the player more speed while maintaining a decent grip and stability. The player’s ability to always experience the authentic feel of a blade made entirely of wood is essential. Pure wood is used in the construction of the Nittaku Violin. Nittaku has not made details about its use of the wood public. However, the particular face material is chosen by hand. The wood of the Violin blade has a broader center and a narrower edge. The table tennis blade is of very excellent quality. The handle’s sole drawback is that it will enlarge if sweat gets inside. However, this is not a significant problem, as you can use sandpaper to grind this down. It has the wood’s natural elasticity and a special binding method. Compared to carbon blades, you also don’t lose much speed, which is a significant bonus. All-wood blades are frequently a little heavier and notably slower than carbon blades. This table tennis blade is well-balanced at 85g and remarkably quick for a 5-ply all-wood blade. Only offensive players of the highest caliber would criticize its speed. Control and Looping However, you can readily change your setup to attack the mid-range style if velocity away from the table is a priority. Any speedy rubber with a built-in catapult action will make your paddle launch off the table like a rocket. Allowing you to play far from the table while still feeling the great experience of the Nittaku Violin. The Nittaku Violin’s control is one of its biggest strengths, as it is shared among all blades. You can feel it in every element of your game, which helps you handle pressure. Looping is simple, and because of the modest dwell, you can generate a great deal of spin with your loops. I am confident that players who appreciate utilizing slow whirly loop openers will adore using the instrument. It has a good feel even for a new player. Additional Information Surface: Soft Type: Offensive, All-round Dimensions: 256 x 149mm Control: 65 Speed: 88 Plies: 5 Weight: 85g Head size: 156 x 140 mm Thickness: 5.50mm Handle size: 89 x 16 mm Available grip: Flared handle grip The NittakuViolin blade is unique in its composition, with the blade feeling harder than your average Limba 5 Plywood. However, it is also very flexible, which gives it an advantage over other blades. The small handle size makes it easier to control, and the faster speed means it is less likely to be damaged by beginners. The blade is also head-heavy, which makes it more stable and less likely to be affected by the wind. Overall, the NittakuViolin is a superior blade that is ideal for beginners. Nittaku Violin Composition The Nittaku Violin is a high-quality table tennis blade, the 5-ply blade that I would classify as All+/Off-. It has nice texture and regulation for all your fast spinning and close-to-the-table play needs, making it the ideal blade for developing players. Its Ply composition is unique, with the blade feeling more formidable yet adaptable than standard Limba 5 Plywood. It’s great for looping and playing near the table but has much more control and pace. As a beginner, I used this and the Yasaka Sweden Extra as my primary blade, along with Mark V rubbers, which explains why I performed so well through regular practice sessions. Every ply and stage of production receives special handling and scrutiny, the same quality craftsmanship used for the best-stringed instruments in the world. This special process succeeds in preserving the wood’s natural elasticity. All in all, the blade has a very high quality of production. Consequently, it can be used with excellent results by amateurs and professionals. The quality of this table tennis blade is unmatched in today’s market. It is a great investment for any tennis lover. The Violin blade has a unique hitting feeling to the ping pong ball and ultra-fast speed on longer points. It is a fairly unique composition to this Nittaku Violin composition. Nittaku Violin Table Tennis Blade Package The Nittaku Violin is packaged in a simple, large white box with red text. The blade is smaller than usual (156×149 mm) and extremely thin (5.3 mm). The material weighed in at a manageable 85 g. The rigid outer core is made of Kiri, while the adjacent plies are made of white ash. When bouncing a ball, the blade makes a rather low-pitched noise (1157 Hz), indicating that it is smooth and slow. The name and characteristics are labeled in front of the blades, but there is no text on the back. The playing surfaces are exceptionally soft and gorgeous with a sloped wood grain. The grips have three red vertical lines, a curved lens on the FH side, and a golden Nittaku label at the bottom of the blades. The Violin’s Large FL handle measures 102 mm in length, 27-33 mm in width, and 23-24 mm in height. The grips are smooth and comfortable, almost like ST grips. For comfort, the blade wings are lightly sanded. It has original packaging from Japan and an ultimate feeling of mastery of the game. Megaspin can ship worldwide this beautiful table tennis blade. In short, an amazing blade that is used for the finest stringed instruments. Characteristics of Nittaku Violin Blade Speed  Because of the Nittaku Violin Blade’s elastic vibration, it is great for speed and control. It is an excellent forehand blade if you are trying to generate monstrous speed and spins. Or, if you are using a hard rubber, such as DHS Hurricane or Butterfly Ternergy series, this blade will provide excellent control and feel similar to your favorite hard rubbers. Spin The Nittaku Violin blade is famous for its perfect speed, flexibility, and control. It is preferred for fast topspin drives, flicks, and loops. The Violin table tennis blade can quickly generate high-speed topspin from the top of the table to the front wall. It is perfect for various players, including players used to set down their shots. Loop The topspin loop on the Nittaku violin blade is its most noticeable characteristic. A powerful yet precise loop can execute with comparatively little effort. Additionally, it allows you to push a low ball with a simple yet effective backspin. Blocking  The Nittaku Violin blade has a decisive counter block with good precision for advanced players. Intermediate players, on the other hand, may struggle because the blade is quite flexible. When creating blocking loops, have reasonable control. This blade is generally suitable for looping when playing close to the table. Nittaku Violin VS Violin Carbon The new Violin Carbon series offers the exact powerful and fast hits made possible by the classic Nittaku Violin blades in an improved and more durable material. Also available in Carbon, but with a different weight balance, the Violin Carbon stringers are stiffer than Nittaku Violin wooden stringers, giving them more speed yet offering greater control to players. The Violin carbon blade is available. The Violin is a high-quality instrument with an elegant design. The name and characteristics of both instruments are written on the front, while there’s no text for packages to see – it’s completely smooth in the finish! With its dark grey handles kept into very light yet strong-looking wood tones (with some red vertical stripes) paired with golden tags that hang down below them like eyesore lamps from above), you’ll be able to make any music come alive through these beautiful blades. The dimensions of the Violin’s large FL handle are: length: 102 mm width: 27-33 mm height: 23 to 24 millimeters Nittaku Violin Inner Carbon The normal carbon fiber long handles a slightly different profile with similar measurements but smaller proportions that make it a more compact feeling in your hand while playing or holding onto for dear life during those high notes! Thanks to Premiere Pro CS6 video editing software, both blades feel amazing. You can enjoy an artfully crafted sound from every note played on either instrument without worrying about comfort level because these handles were made just right by sensitivity. You also know that there are countless options on the market, so finding the perfect paddle can be daunting. However, if you are looking for a fast paddle with the ultimate hitting feeling, you need to look no further than the Nittaku Violin Carbon. This table tennis blade is made in Japan for players who crave speed without sacrificing control. The two elastic and stable carbon layers result in a noticeably faster blade. At the same time, the unique flexibility of the Violin Carbon provides exceptional hitting feeling and never-ending production of spin. With its sleek design and superior performance in original packaging, the Nittaku Violin Carbon will improve your hitting feeling and never forget special handling and scrutiny. It is a finely tuned instrument, and japan approved blade. Nittaku Violin VS Acoustic  The Acoustic blade is a better blade for a spin, control, and grip is the Nittaku Violin. It offers a wide range of motion for consistent ball trajectory and good ball spin. Compared to the Nittaku Acoustic blade, the Violin is slower. It is also more flexible. However, unlike an acoustic blade, the Violin has a shorter dwell time. Nittaku acoustic table tennis blade is highly recommended for players with a solid feeling for close-to-table topspin play. The Nittaku Violin excels in the short game, as the moderate speed of the blade allows you to take the pace off the ball in a very controlled fashion. With appropriately soft hands, I could land very low arching, spinny, multi-bounce serve returns and drop-shots at an above-average frequency. The feeling on flips, in contrast, was a little muddled. I prefer blades that are stiffer and more linear for this particular stroke. The overall ultimate feeling of the blade is quite good – it’s not overly springy like some all-wood blades can be, yet it still has adequate dwell time for a satisfying touch game. This particular model is approved by the Japan Table Tennis Association (JTTA), and production receives special handling to ensure quality control. Nittaku is a well-respected brand in the table tennis world, and this blade is an excellent example. If you’re looking for a solid all-around blade with excellent short-game performance, the Nittaku Violin should be on your radar. Nittaku Table Tennis Blade Customer Reviews  “The Nittaku Violin is the perfect carbon blade for novices and experts alike. The sweet spot is large enough for looping, and the feeling is beautiful. I recommend this blade to anyone who likes a fast OFF- a blade that feels great on contact.” “I have tried many carbon blades, including Butterfly Timo Boll ALC, Nittaku Violin Carbon, DHS Skyline 3 NEO, and others. The quality is top-notch; it’s an excellent blade with good speed and feeling. The control is good with medium hardness. “I had a chance to test the blade for two weeks. I can say it was a perfect feeling. The speed was enough for hard smashes but not too fast for smashing around and hitting short balls. The sweet spot was huge, so it was possible to play close to the table with this blade and still feel the solid rally. I also liked the weight of the blade, which made looping much more pleasant than other blades.” My Personal Experience With the Nittaku Violin Blade  For me, the Nittaku Violin is my favorite type of blade. It has a massive sweet spot that produces very high amounts of spin (and power) when you hit an off-angle, but because it is slow to recover and has a very long dwell time on your opponent’s ball, it also has extreme control. The impact can feel deep and solid, ringing with a deep tone. FH drives feel stable and consistent compared to my other blades like the Pata. I have more success with BH looping due to the blade’s longer dwell time and general stability. This blade has a deep and vibrational feeling that provides high feedback. In addition, it helped me determine the bat angle when looping against heavy backspin. Consequently, my loops were effortless to produce a high arc over an eccentrically or slow-spinning table. However, I found I had to work harder at times because of the moderate speed of the blade. This was particularly evident with power loops, where I sometimes overshot. Nittaku Violin Reviews for different playstyles The Nittaku Violin shines in the short game because you can controllably remove pace from the ball because of the blade’s medium speed. I was able to strike drop shots and set returns with soft hands that were very low curving, whirly, and multi-bounced at a rate that was above average. I also tried performing BH chops against loops while standing far away, which worked well. The returns were steady, smooth, and spinny. Due to the slightly extended dwell time, which enables the development of high spin levels with excellent control of ball placement, the Nittaku Violin also performs well for serves. The Nittaku Violin is a blade that I have always felt intrigued by, as it can play well with soft and hard rubbers. I had a pleasant time playing with this setup and could perform many looping shots (mostly power loops) with medium force and excellent control while maintaining spinny at high levels. The blade is relatively short, making it easy to use even on small scales. Overview On The Nittaku Brand  Nittaku was founded in 1920 and has been making table tennis equipment ever since. They are commemorating more than a century of accomplishments! Making high-grade balls (Nittaku PLS 3 Star Premium) that received authorization from the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was one of the business’s first successes. The Nittaku PLS 3 Star Premium is now utilized in all major tournaments, including the Olympic Games and World Championships, and throughout Japan! Nittaku made it with the best quality stringed instruments, and the unique process succeeds under all the conditions. It is flexible compared to other blades from different table tennis brands. Nittaku has applied a special binding method originally used for crafting the finest stringed instruments to produce the table tennis blade. The Nittaku Violin blade is an instrument for the offensive player that is finely tuned! Nittaku has applied this fast blade and used it for the best offensive players. With this unique construction, Nittaku’s craftsman has succeeded in making a blade with great feeling and power. The shell of the blade is made from cherry wood, which has excellent durability, while the inner ply is made from spruce wood, which gives the blade its wonderful share qualities. Nittaku’s use of traditional superior materials and modern construction methods results in a high-quality, well-balanced table tennis racket that is perfect for the serious player. Thanks to its impressive track record, Nittaku is one of the most respected names in table tennis. This distinguished company produces only a limited number of blades each year, making each an actual work of art. The Nittaku Violin can please even the most discerning table, tennis player. Order yours today and feel the difference! Nittaku Violin Blade – FAQs How much does Nittaku Violin cost with import taxes? Nittaku Violin blades cost $165 in the Megaspin store. How much does the Violin blade weigh? The table tennis blade weighs around 85 grams. What is the unique process of the Violin? The special process succeeds in preserving the wood’s natural elasticity. It is a finely tuned instrument with the ultimate feeling of game mastery. The production of the table tennis blade is with quality stringed instruments. Is Nittaku Violin worth buying? Overall, the Nittaku Violin is a superb blade made entirely of wood. It considers both the impact of the 7-ply wood and the feel of the 5-ply wood. You could certainly argue that it lacks the speed of 7-ply wood and the spin of 5-ply wood. I have nothing against such a viewpoint. However, compared to other 5-ply blades, the speed of the Violin blade is outstanding, and its feel is noticeable. This blade offers stability and control that other blades do not. Table tennis players who have mastered the fundamental technique of table tennis should use this blade. It is most suitable for usage when playing at a mid or close-table. You may easily make a continuous strike by adequately managing the blade. The Violin is a good weapon if you want to play with a precise drop point! Is the Nittaku Violin built for long-range plays? The Nittaku Violin is, first and foremost, a wood blade. The Violin features a very comfortable balance point, which makes it perfect for middle-distance games with reasonable control. The slick surface of this blade catches a ball faster and allows you to hit harder than other blades. As with all Nittaku blades, Nittaku Violin is designed for a precise touch and feel as your opponent comes from any position. This blade is ideal for mid or close-table play but works equally well on both sides! The table tennis blade production is a special binding method originally used for crafting the finest stringed and high control. Can I deliver decent forehand drives with the Nittaku Violin blade? The Nittaku Violin Blade has excellent control during the forehand drives. This is because of the small amount of torsion and its elastic vibration, which allows maximum feedback information to be transferred to the player’s fingers – an excellent blade for players who prefer flexible play. Can the blade generate a good spin? For all you players who love the feel of a wide sweet spot mid-Victorinox, this blade is for you. This blade has a wide sweet spot to make generating spin and acrobatic handling easier. It’s flexible and produces incredibly consistent ball speeds during play. Compared to Yasaka Sweden Extra, it has flat hits and is ultra fast with a unique hitting feeling. Every ply and stage of production appreciates the unique hitting of an offensive player. The main blades of the Nittaku brand are not suitable for short pips rubbers. Nittaku Violin Review: The Conclusion The Violin is a pure wood blade that combines the advantages of two materials, 5-ply and 7-ply. It has an excellent balance of speed and control, allowing you to play various shots easily. Its high, accurate trajectory makes it suitable for players who want to attack quickly. The Violin is a versatile weapon you can use to play any style of table tennis game. Nittaku has applied the same quality craftsmanship to the production of their table tennis blade that is typically used for crafting the finest stringed instruments. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This results in a great blade that is perfect for developing players. It has a great feel and control while still being light and consistent. Additionally, it is not too fast, giving players the perfect amount of speed without sacrificing control. Overall, it is a beautiful blade many people would benefit from using. Consequently, Nittaku’s attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in this blade, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality table tennis blade. Its extreme durability will help you play for a long time, so why not try out the Nittaku Violin today?  

Stiga Cybershape Carbon Blade featured image

Stiga Cybershape Carbon Blade (2022 Review & Price)

Stiga Cybershape Carbon Blade is one of the most popular offensive table tennis blades and, not to forget – the speediest and the second most expensive of the Stiga blades after the Dynasty Carbon. This blade was seen in the 2021 World Team Table Tennis Championship played by the Swedish Contender Truls Moregard. But how does the Cybershape Carbon blade compares to Viscaria and other Stiga blades from the Carbonado series? How much does the Stiga blade cost, and how to get it? This review on the Stiga Cybershape carbon blade will help you decide if it’s worth the hype, how it performs, and what others say. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! A Brief Overview of Stiga Cybershape Carbon It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Stiga Cybershape Carbon has an unusual and unique shape and an optimized hitting area. The optimized design lets you hit more shots better. The Cybershape is an entirely new type of blade. Moreover, it is International Table Tennis Federation ITTF approved and offers exceptional value in a high-performance blade. With a sensitive touch and quick response, this blade allows you to hit the ball at any angle and increase your winning chances against the more offensive competition. The Cybershape is a table tennis blade that allows players optimal hitting. The six corners and different angles are more significant to play compared to a round blade. The carbon layer sits directly on the wood core, which means you have just the right amount of spin and speed during play compared to a traditional blade. Stiga Cybershape Carbon Blade Composition Here is a breakdown regarding the material and the composition of the table tennis blade: 5 + 2 – ply blade: The Cybershape carbon blade is composed of 5 plies of wood and 2 layers of German-made carbon fiber composite. The blade is constructed of Koto wood in the outer layer and Kiri in the middle beside the carbon fiber layer. It is constructed in Sweden utilizing CCF (STIGA’s Close Core Fibre technology). This technology means the carbon composite directly sits on top of the wood core, resulting in more speed and control. It is made in collaboration with the KTH Institute of Technology. Thickness: The blade is 6.1 mm to 6.2 mm thicker than most table tennis blades providing an excellent pitching sound. The flared/concave Cybershape blade has an 11% larger area compared to a traditional blade. That means a more prominent sweet spot and greater control. Most importantly, the blade is unique and has a striking design that will make you stand out from the crowd. VIEW DETAILS ON MEGASPIN! Stiga Cybershape Review – Weight & Handle Weight: Stiga blades weigh around 80 to 97 grams. But the Cybershape Carbon table tennis blade weighs only 83 grams. Thus it is lightweight, and with the Stiga Cybershape Carbon, you will have a decisive advantage. This is the best option for both offensive and defensive players. Handle and Grips: How does the blade feel in hand? The racket’s handle is made of varnished wood, and the flared handle feels very comfortable. The Cybershape is a table tennis blade available in three types of grips: 1. Flared, Concave, Master, and Shakehand grip. 2. Straight and Classic. 3. Pen and Penhold. The difference between the Classic and Master grip is the type of handle. The classic one is a straight handle, while the master grip is a concave/flared and slim handle. If you are a shakehand player, you should go for the penhold grip. The penhold grip is a conical, short, and wider handle suitable for shakehand players. Stiga’s new Cybershape carbon blade is designed for optimal hitting area and provides an 11 percent increase in the shakehand grip and 9 more significant for the penhold. This means that during a game closer to the table has some unique features. The design protected the shape of the hitting area on the table compared to a traditional blade that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Stiga Cybershape Carbon Test Performance Stiga Cybershape Carbon comes with high-performance characteristics. The fast response of this blade is excellent for quick attacking skills, while the soft flex makes it safe on all types of rubber. The Cybershape Carbon blade is Truls Moregard’s table tennis equipment of choice. He used it in the finals of the world championship last year. Dan Ives from Table Tennis Daily says it is a well-balanced blade. Truls says it is a quick blade but with perfect control. As for speed, the blade is suitable for fast play but not as speedy as the Stiga Legacy Carbon blade. The two outer plies of the Stiga Cybershape Carbon blade made from a Koto and Kiri wood give off nice flex and produce enough spin. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! You won’t need to accelerate the racket too much to produce spin when serving. The dwell is neither too stiff nor direct – it’s decent. That’s why you feel good when generating spin against backspin with this Stiga blade. The best thing is that this blade performs very well in free backspins. The defined heptagonal corners of the Stiga Cybershape Carbon blade also help guide the backhand adjustments. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced table tennis player, the Stiga Cybershape Carbon blade is suitable for all levels of play. Its unique shape and larger hitting area give you a new depth to your game and will help you play better than ever! Stiga Cybershape Carbon Blade Pros and Cons Here, I am sharing the pros and cons attached to the Cybershape Carbon compared to similar Stiga blades. Pros It is an International Table Tennis Federation ITTF-approved table tennis blade. You can play with this blade in official tournaments. The hitting area is 11 percent larger for the shakehand grip and 9 percent larger for the penhold grip than traditional blades. It is a fast and offensive table tennis blade, and due to the two outer plies of wood right after the carbon layer, it is well controllable. It is more like a direct blade, great for blocking and punch shots. The blade is very lightweight compared to a regular blade. The Cybershape’s unique shape is technologically advanced and responds better than a traditional blade. Cons It might take some adjustment time to get used to this ping pong blade. The blade does not come with an anatomic handle. It is indeed an expensive blade and harder to control on short serves.   Stiga Cybershape Carbon Blade Reviews by Users Based on 27 reviews from Stiga Sports’ official site, this blade comes with 5 out of 5-star ratings. There are 2 user ratings on Stiga Cybershape Carbon Revspin. Penhold left-handed players also review the Stiga Cybershape Carbon blade as a well-controllable racket. Real users who tasted this blade give it a performance rating as the following: Speed: 8.5/10 Flexibility: 8.2/10 Control: 8/10 Topspins: 8.5/10 Blocks: 9.2/10 Smashes: 9.5/10 Serve and receive: 7/10 The only thing people are afraid of is the unique hexagonal shape of this new blade. But that’s where the blade excels. The hexagonal shape of the blade guides the backhand’s adjustments. It also comes with more significant sweet spots. It’s simple. If you are looking for fast attacking skills, this blade is the one for you. Here are some of the Stiga Cybershape Carbon blade reviews by users: “Cybershape carbon blade is very different from those I played with, for example, Viscaria and Butterfly ZLC. This Stiga blade is a lot faster. The backhand of this blade is incredible – I have never seen it similar to this one, and it has improved my backhand a lot. This blade also blocks very well both on the forehand and the backhand. It also looks very cool. Finally, this is the blade you want if you want a stronger backhand and a faster blade.” “It is a beautiful blade. The new shape optimizes the shots. The larger area of the top half and the increased sweet spot provide more stability and guide the player to angle the racket effectively. It comes with a high price tag – that’s true, but it’s perhaps because this is a new shape, and they are the first to come up with this idea. “ Stiga Cybershape Carbon Price and Where to Buy If you want to buy the Stiga Cybershape Carbon blade, you can quickly get it delivered to your doorstep. However, some sellers are selling the product for more than $245. If you are looking for a cheaper option, buying from an authorized dealer such as Megaspin or directly from Stiga is best. In this case, the official price of the Stiga Cybershape Carbon blade from authorized dealers is $244.00. But unfortunately, Stiga’s official online store only ships to the EU. So how can you get this offensive table tennis blade in the USA or Asian countries? Don’t worry. Currently, you can get Stiga Cybershape carbon for sale on Megaspin at $244.00. It’s best to get it from Megaspin as they offer the lowest price guaranteed in the US, and also, at just $2.50, you can get your Stiga Cybershape blade sealed. You would want to get your table tennis blade sealed because it prevents the wood from splintering and makes removing the rubber sheets easier. It’s worth mentioning that the Stiga Cybershape Carbon blade does not come with fitted rubbers, a.k.a; it is not pre-assembled. But you can get it pre-assembled with a rubber you choose from Megaspin. You can select this option from the order and shipping status on the checkout page. Stiga Cybershape Carbon Review: Final Verdict Overall, it is a friendly and well-balanced blade. The price of Stiga blades ranges from $44 to $300. And the Cybershape Carbon blade costs around $244.00. Is this blade worth it? Definitely, yes, because compared to a standard blade, the Cybershape comes with a larger hitting surface area and is also wider. Moreover, the blade is designed to provide the ultimate control and consistency of performance. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Stiga Cybershape Carbon blade is an exceptionally reliable and competitive spinner. Thanks to an innovative design incorporating carbon fiber composite with Close Core Fibre technology, it offers maximum power and speed for players of all skill levels. With this, the overall speed transfer is more significant, which makes it easier to hit hard and fast. The carbon construction also ensures better control of your strokes due to increased stiffness. Stiga Cybershape Penhold VIEW DETAILS ON PADDLE PALACE! The optimised hitting area on the Stiga Cybershape Penhold ping pong blade makes it a completely new type of blade with a unique shape and larger hitting area! The optimal hitting area is 11% larger for the shakehand grip and 9% larger for the penhold grip compared to a traditional blade. One of the special features of Cybershape is that, during returns, the hitting area is as much as 6.5 cm closer to the table compared with 2.5 cm for a round blade. This makes it optimal for players who want to make the most of their performance. The position where that happens is on top half of the blade. Stiga Cybershape Carbon Blade Frequently Asked Questions 1. What type of rubber goes well with this blade? Stiga Cybershape Carbon blade pairs well with: Tenergy 05 or Dignics 80 for forehand and Dignics 80 for backhand Stiga Mantra H on both sides or Stiga DNA Platinum XH 2.3 on both sides, as recommended by the Stiga Team If you are a beginner or intermediate TT player, you may want to get the Tibhar evolution on the back and Hurricane neo on the front of this blade. 2. How can I buy Stiga Cybershape Carbon from Canada? You can buy the Cybershape Carbon blade from Megaspin by paying only a $20 shipping charge. While the Stiga Cybershape USA shipping takes only 2 – 3 business days, it may take 5 – 10 days to get it shipped to Canada from Megaspin. Megaspin also ships the Cybershape Carbon blade to Asia, the EU, the UK, and the USA. 3. What rubbers does Truls use with the Stiga Cybershape Carbon blade? Truls use DNA Platinum XH 2.3 on both sides of the Cybershape Carbon blade. 4. What kind of grip does Truls Moregard use? Truls Moregard uses the Stiga Cybershape Carbon blade with the classic/flared handle. 5. What about the vibration properties and a penhold grip? Because of the larger sweet spot, the Cybershape blade works correctly. It has better contact with the ball. The sweet spot is more significant for the penhold. It is a six corners blade penhold grip and 9 larger percent. A regular-shaped blade responds better on short serves, but it’s not so fast on playing closer to the table. Cybershape’s unique shape has a more linear frequency response than a traditional blade response.   Stiga Cybershape VS Butterfly If you’re trying to decide between a Stiga Cybershape table tennis blade and a Butterfly blade, it’s essential to understand their key differences. The Cybershape has an optimal hitting area thanks to its unique shape. This gives it a larger sweet spot and a more oversized head, making it easier to hit the ball. The regular Butterfly blade is easier to perform service with. Because of the smaller head, you need less acceleration with the wrist. However, the round Butterfly blade is more responsive and has more control close to the table. Stiga Cybershape, compared with 2.5 cm less head space from Butterfly and other shakehand grip rackets, means that you increased the hitting area. This blade creates an entirely new experience and an optimized hitting area when playing ping pong. Ultimately, your best choice will depend on your personal preferences and playing style. Conclusion If you are looking for a blade that gives you more power and a larger hitting area, the Stiga Cybershape Carbon is a perfect choice. With its unique shape and construction, this blade will help you take your table tennis game to the next level. It provides the player with a completely new and unique feel during play. It has many benefits and special features, according to many users. It’s excellent for both the backhand and forehand sides. Firstly, the tests showed that the Stiga Cybershape racket has a larger sweet spot that lies further out on the blade than a regular-shaped blade. The frequency response is also more linear, meaning the vibrations are transported differently to the handle and hand. Secondly, the result is a racket with improved feel and control. The Cybershape also provides more power and spin potential, making it an ideal choice for competitive players. If you want more control, to adjust the angle, and other special features, then the Cybershape is just a blade suitable for you. View Details on Megaspin! View Details on Amazon! Moreover, whether you’re looking for an edge in your game or want a racket that provides exceptional performance, the Stiga Cybershape will meet your needs. It has a unique and impressive shape for the future of table tennis.  

butterfly viscaria super alc table tennis blade featured image

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade (2022 Review & Price)

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC blade is the latest advancement among its fantastic products. It is an updated version of the Viscaria ALC Blade. Butterfly released this table tennis blade into the market on 1st March 2022. It is the first blade equipped with super Arylate-Carbon (ALC) technology. Viscaria means ‘sticky’ in Latin. Viscaria blades are loved because of their feeling and clear vibration. The ALC layer is put near the outer layer, making it highly responsive and fast. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Butterfly brand is a renowned Japanese company worldwide for manufacturing table tennis equipment. It came into existence in 1950. This brand has sponsored many professional table tennis players who fancy Viscaria blades. An example is Fan Zhendong, a World Number 1 table tennis player. Fan Zhendong uses a Viscaria blade with a Golden tag as his main blade. Another famous player with a Butterfly Viscaria blade is Zhang Jike, a Chinese athlete. He secured the fastest Grand Slam winner title with assistance from this blade. In the females’ category, Chen Meng led the ranking for the women’s singles by winning a Gold medal in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games using a Viscaria blade with the Forehand DHS Hurricane 3 NEO Rubber. The Super ALC blade is a faster version that is more rigid and has reduced vibration than the original Viscaria blade. This blade will give you numerous options from anywhere around the table. Let’s now glimpse at some of this blade’s exceptional features. Comparison Between Viscaria ALC and Viscaria Super ALC Blade Differences The blade structure of Viscaria ALC consists of 5 layers of plywood and 2 layers of arylate carbon, whereas that of super ALC consists of 5 layers of plywood and 2 layers of super arylate carbon. The difference here is that the ALC layer is superior to the Super ALC blade. Super ALC has more reaction and speed compared to the original blade. Compared to the Viscaria ALC blade, it also has reduced vibration, which has high vibration levels, just like its speed and reaction. Their blade thicknesses vary by a small margin. The Super ALC blade has a thickness of 5.7 mm, while the Viscaria ALC blade’s thickness is 5.8 mm. Similarities Both have blade sizes of 157×150 mm and handles of similar sizes. They also have the exact Chinese Penhold blade measurements. Viscaria vs. Timo Boll ALC vs. Primorac Carbon vs. Harimoto ALC Price Comparison Chart Viscaria is a super arylate carbon blade compared to other blades from the chart. It is the first blade prototype after 10 years. Viscaria normal version has similar features as Timo Boll ALC, Primorac Carbon, and Harimoto ALC. All these are new blades, but the Super ALC has more power and reaction properties. Also, it provides more speed and more fibers. This blade enables players to perform quick attacks and to have good flexibility. Timo Boll has been popular for many years, but Viscaria Super ALC is a brand-new blade and is the latest innovation from Butterfly’s famed R&D department. Features of Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade Butterfly has made it available in Flared handle and Straight handle types. Some of the outstanding features of this blade include: Viscaria Super ALC has a net weight of 89 grams It has a blade size of 157×150 mm Viscaria Super ALC Blade has a blade thickness of 5.7 mm It has 5-ply wood and 2-super ALC compounds FL Handle Size: 100×25 mm ST Handle Size: 100×23 mm Reaction = 121 Vibration = 101 It is made in Japan   Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade – Chinese Penhold There is not much difference between the Super ALC blade and the Chinese Penhold. Chinese Penhold is just the Chinese version of the Super ALC blade. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Chinese Penhold consists of Butterfly’s traditional Viscaria, ideal blade size, koto outer ply, and balsa center ply. Below are the features of the Chinese Penhold: Viscaria Super ALC Chinese Penhold has a net weight of 86 grams It has a blade thickness of 5.7mm Viscaria Super ALC Blade has a blade size of 158x150mm It has 5-ply wood and 2-super ALC compounds CS Handle Size: 82x22mm Reaction: 121 Vibration: 104 Made in Japan You can tell that there are no significant differences in their features other than the Chinese Penhold is lighter than the Super ALC blade. It has a higher vibration. The handle sizes also vary in these two blades. Composition and Appearance of Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade If you look at the original Viscaria blade and Super ALC, you will find that they are somewhat similar, even in feel. The reality is that there are a few things that differ. You may note them when playing with the blades. Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC table tennis blade has a more gentle touch and a softer feeling on the hands than the original version. It is not so heavy and offers players absolute control during the game. This blade is designed for players who want to attack fast using high spins. The paddle’s grip makes it easy to swing quickly and comfortably, improving your performance. The blade also has five layers of plywood and two layers of super arylate carbon, making its speed more effective and efficient. Its characteristic long (flared) handle gives it the best control. Details on the Technology (Arylate-Carbon) Used Super Arylate-Carbon is an artificial fiber material that provides higher bounce while maintaining excellent flexibility for the blade. It consists of more woven fibers that give it this ideal bouncy feature. These are the main features of arylate carbon. The Super ALC blade is a harder variant of the original Viscaria ALC blade. Something similar about this upgraded Viscaria blade and the original one is the essential components of the blade, such as the wood veneer structure, do not change. This blade that features a double super arylate-carbon has a notably increased blade reaction that does not increase the vibration compared to the Viscaria ALC blade. This super blade has characteristics that suit many players, from intermediate to advanced/ professional table tennis players. It is especially recommended for Viscaria ALC or Timo Boll ALC players. These blades are fast, like super ALC, and require more speed on the ball. EVOLUTION OF ARYLATE-CARBON The reason behind the development of an artificial fiber material emerging from arylate carbon was many table tennis players had been asking for a blade with increased power that prevents losing the grip of the ALC blade. This could only be possible if the reaction property increased without increasing the vibration property of the blade. Usually, it isn’t easy to maintain this factor because the higher the blade’s reaction, the higher the vibration is. Therefore, extensive research was conducted by Butterfly’s R&D department to try to disapprove of this property for several years. Finally, Butterfly was able to come up with the perfect solution by developing an artificial fiber material for super arylate carbon. They ensured that they adjusted the ratio of arylate to carbon to maintain the blade’s flexibility and user-friendliness. Viscaria super ALC blade was formed by combining the artificial fiber material with the wooden veneer structure. Although this blade has a high reaction, it has a lower vibration. Best Rubber for Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade For a player to skillfully perform well with a blade, they have to use it with the right rubber combinations. Not all rubbers can work well on a particular blade. For example, many top-notch table tennis players who use Viscaria blades and Timo Boll ALC blades combine them with Tenergy 05 and Dignic 05 rubbers. Butterfly Tenergy and Dignics rubbers allow them to swiftly attack their opponents at near distances at the table. Without a doubt, these rubbers would form a powerful combination with the Viscaria Super ALC blade, giving you high-performance levels. You will generate more powerful shots as the blade utilizes the rubbers’ quality characteristics. Viscaria Super ALC blade equipped with Tenergy 05 Rubbers priced at $ 344.97 You can also use the Butterfly Rozena, a backhand rubber. However, it does not have the speed level as the Tenergy and Dignics series but will give you more control of the racket. If you are a player who values high spin and rotation, you can go for Butterfly Dignics 09C rubber. This rubber’s tacky top sheet eases the generation of heavy top spins while the blade creates balls with higher speed due to its increased reaction. We’re often asked if our rackets are assembled and ready to play. The answer is yes! When buying on Megaspin, you get VOC-free glue to assemble the racket, and they cut the rubber sheets using professional tools. They also add free side tape that matches the blade. You will get the package for your racket with padded material to avoid delivery damage. So you can unbox and start playing! We recommend Viscaria super ALC with Dignics and Tenergy series rubbers if you’re looking for a specific setup. But ultimately, it’s up to you – experiment and finds what works best. How to Care for the super arylate carbon blade? Every athlete values the durability factor of their equipment. We all would like to purchase something that will serve us for the longest while. It calls for everyone to take responsive measures in taking care of their equipment so that it may last longer. For the Viscaria super ALC blade, you can add soft grip tape to the blade to increase its grip. The function of the grip tape is to provide more grip and comfort to the player. And yes, it increases the racket’s lifespan.  You can also enhance the durability of your racket by adding side tapes to the blade so that the wood is protected whenever the racket is hit on the table. The Viscaria Super ALC is made of an artificial fiber material that provides higher bounce while maintaining good flexibility. You can add side tape to the blade to extend the longevity of the racket. The ratio of Arylate and carbon has been adjusted to maintain flexibility and ease of use. Weaving in more fibers enables a higher bounce than in conventional Arylate-Carbon rackets. Pros and Cons of Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade Here is a highlight of some of the advantages and disadvantages of this super blade: Advantages It is a very high on speed Viscaria Super ALC can generate unbelievable spin It is very durable and has a softer touch Viscaria Super ALC portrays a good balance between speed, spin, and control. It can perform well during short play Butterfly improved the reaction property It’s an all-around blade. It can be subjected to a variety of play types, such as attacking (looping, smashing, flicking) Has a good feel on the hand/feedback It is suitable for playing at any distance from the table Disadvantages It is costly The Super ALC is slightly head-heavy Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade Price With as much as $269.99, you can be an owner of the Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC blade. This price can be expensive for some, while others might find it pocket-friendly. If you feel this blade tends to your gaming needs, go ahead and purchase it. Its high-quality features and characteristics will give you good value for your money. Rest assured that you won’t regret buying this blade. This blade will increase your skill set and technique for all types of play. You can get Viscaria Super ALC and the Chinese Penhold from Megaspin. Ensure you visit their online store to purchase one for yourself. You can also recommend these blades to your friends and family members who want to improve their skills. Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade – Verified Customer Review “A very nice blade. I use inverted (I have tried Dignics 05, Xiom Omega V Asia, MXP 50) on one side and long pips on the other. I did not like the original Viscaria because I feel it’s slow, and I’ve hit with the Viscaria Golden, which I think is fast, but it’s not spinny enough (or my technique isn’t good enough) and way too expensive for the way it plays). The Viscaria SALC feels perfect in the middle between the LYJ SZLC and Viscaria. I like the JZK SZLC (used for 4 years – a little too fast/hard) and LYJ SZLC (used this last 12 months). It has spin as well as speed, and I feel I can drive shots with good variation selectively and with good control. Chopping is better with the LYJ SZLC (it keeps the ball flat), but long pips play better with the Viscaria SALC (I think mainly because the throw is higher, so the ball is more disruptive). Blocks and chop blocks are also quite good against drives from US 2000-2300 level players. Just ordered a second one as a backup.” Top Players using Viscaria Super ALC Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade – FAQs 1. How do I know if the blade I’ve purchased is original? To distinguish between the real Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC blade and a fake one, you need to look at its serial number, usually written on the product. It should be a series of 11 digits containing a mixture of letters and numbers. Each Butterfly product’s serial number is unique. Also, it’s good for you to note that the first letter of the serial number includes the year of fabrication. It would help if you looked for the product’s tag because the original Butterfly products made before 2009 come in black tags, while products made afterward come with a silver tag. Send the serial number to Butterfly by emailing them here or contacting them on their official social media pages. 2. Why is Viscaria super alc so popular? The Viscaria table tennis blade is widely popular because it meets the initial demands for a blade. The normal Viscaria feels it is there, but with even more power. This makes the blade extremely fast and provides good control over the ball. Zhang Jike, who won the Grand Slam in only 445 days, became famous because of this Record. He used Viscaria, then. Today, the most expensive table tennis blade is Zhang Jike Super ZLC. The new Viscaria Super ALC took about ten years, from the first prototype to the launch of this new product, but these players’ impressions indicate that the blade has been successful. 3. Is Viscaria Super ALC too fast? For intermediate to advanced-level players, the answer is no. But for beginners, it might be too fast. When combined with dignics and energy series rubbers, the blade is fast. However, you can maintain flexibility with this blade and produce even more power. The arylate carbon butterfly offers better control for blocks and counter spins. So, if you’re an intermediate or advanced player looking for a powerful but flexible blade, the Viscaria Super ALC might be the right choice for you. 4. Which alc blade has the most control? If you’re looking for the blade with the most control, it’s tough to beat the Timo Boll ALC. This blade is used by many top players for a good reason. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of shots. It’s also relatively light, making it easy to maneuver. If you’re looking for even more power, you might want to try the Viscaria Super ALC. This blade is a bit heavier, but it’s also significantly faster. As a result, it’s ideal for players looking to hit the ball with more speed and spin. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which blade is right for your game. Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade – Final Thoughts This article provides an overview of the Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC blade and Chinese Penhold, listing their features and more insight. You can also comfortably tell the difference between the original Viscaria blade and the upgraded version. All thanks to Butterfly for hearing the plea of many players and supplying them with a blade that fulfills and surpasses all their expectations. The blade is equipped with super arylate carbon and is recommended for intermediate to advanced level players. This brand-new blade is intended for dynamic spin play and more power during the table tennis game. The Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC table tennis blade quickly gains a following among top players. This new model has better features than the original Viscaria and promises to give you an edge over your competition. If you’re looking for a new blade that can take your game to the next level, try this blade and leave the impressions below.  

butterfly tomokazu harimoto innerforce alc table tennis blade featured image

Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade (Composition & Price 2022)

The most popular brand develops the Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade. The Harimoto Innerforce Blade is one of their newest additions to the ALC branch. Butterfly implemented the innerforce layer ALC technology, making the blade easy to maintain. The Harimoto Tomokazu Innerforce ALC was designed in cooperation with Japanese table tennis champion Tomokazu Harimoto. The blade is made of 5 plies of wood and 2 layers of ALC (ALC stands for arylate-carbon, a popular material for table tennis blades). In addition to providing a softer touch and producing more spin on the ball, this blade is light and easy to maneuver but maintains stability and precision. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This is the blade for you if you are a fast attacking/counter-attacking player and desire excellent touch and control. I saw many excellent reviews on Harimoto Innerforce when I started looking for a BTY blade, but I wanted to know if they were legit. Trust me, they are! The build quality is impeccable, and the feel of the ball once it contacts the blade is something else. If you like hearing that hard crack of the ball leaving the face of your ping pong paddle, this is your blade. Using a rubber with a good grip on this blade will skyrocket the speed and control statistics of the blade. Overview of the Harimoto Innerforce Blade’s Arylate Carbon Technology Arylate-Carbon is a Butterfly innovation that combines the hardness of carbon with the vibration control of Arylate fibers. The result is an innerforce layer alc blade that provides increased speed and ball control. In essence, it is the best of both worlds, combining the large sweet spot and power of carbon with the improved touch due to the vibration control that Arylate provides. The ideal for backhand play and to improve a proper technique. Difference Between ALC and ZLC Speed – Blades using ZLC tech are noticeably faster, but it is not game-changing. ALC blades have a moderate speed and are in a league of their own. These blades can hit the ball with tremendous speed. ALC blades are at least three times faster than super ZLC blades. Control – I would say that both ALC and ZLC are very controllable. What’s to note here is how easy/hard it is to adjust to the playing properties of both carbons. ZLC is harder to get used to due to the flex, which engages quite easily, but once you get the hang of the ALC blade, it becomes more controllable in both the short and loop playstyles. ALC blades are overall compatible with all kinds of playstyles. You will get used to ALC blades more easily than ZLC blades, plus ALC blades have better control. As usual, it depends on your preferred style of play. Stroke quality – Innerforce layer alc blades have a soft but rigid surface. That is why you won’t feel any resistance when you hit the ball with the center of the blade. Make your every stroke fluid and consistent. On the other hand, ZLC blades have a hard sweet spot. So, every time you hit the ball, you will feel resistance. You won’t hit the ball efficiently unless you are a professional player. New or intermediate players might get put off by the characteristics of ZLC. Ball feedback Rigid (ZLC) vs. flexible (ALC). The ALC, no question, IMO. I couldn’t get used to the ZLC and felt I could never play on feel or backhand flicks. Too rigid and elastic launched the ball, which killed spin and power. The ALC blade is much more forgiving, and you can feel the ball much better. Looping – If you are an all-around aggressive player who needs both speeds and spins with good feeling and control, ALC is better, in my opinion. As the carbon will flex during a counter loop/loop, it can negate some spin, while ZLC has a higher margin of error, making it more challenging to loop these shots. Sweet Spot – In my experience, the sweet spot in this blade doesn’t feel any more prominent than its wood counterpart. I can say that even though the sweet spot is not more comprehensive, it FEELS bigger because you really can’t tell when you don’t hit the ideal place with a composite blade. With a regular wood blade, you can feel when you hit a “dead spot,” but with this carbon-infused blade, it has an almost dead spot. You will still get excellent ball speed and travel. The dead zones are very challenging to notice until you play long sets regularly. Touch When it comes to ball touch, ALC is the clear winner here. ALC’s softer mid spot provides extra balance when the ball makes contact with the blade. The soft-touch feel will allow you to hit the ball at more incredible speeds accurately. But the same cannot be said about the ZLC blades. ZLC blades will only flex when you hit the ball hard enough. If you don’t hit the ball with enough power, the ball will go long and high, which can be very bad performance-wise. So, you will have to practice with ZLC blades quite a lot to balance your shots. But, ALC blades are newbie-friendly. The carbon and the honeycomb shape of the blade will handle each shot’s stroke, speed, and delivery. Spin When it comes to ball spin, ALC blades take the cake. The double carbon layer of ALC can generate more ball spin than ZLC blades. Serve – There is nothing better than ALC for a player with a decisive offensive game and an evenly balanced topspin attack. This is an excellent blade for intermediate players to use. Their serves will be the most accurate and robust with this blade. The forehand will also be accurate and powerful. You can practice serves without any vibrations, unlike the other rubbers that produce spin with the vibrations. This is a tremendous advantage since I could focus solely on my techniques and learn them much faster than my previous rubber. ZLC is a little hard to master. The player needs to practice more to get the correct flex on serve. Playstyles – ZLC blade is a must-buy for every player who plays a Chinese/ Japanese loop-oriented attacking style. But if you are looking for a powerhouse European style of play, go for ALC blades. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade Specifications  Playstyle: Attack reaction Vibration: 9.2 Reaction: 10.7 Blade thickness: 6.0mm Anatomic handle blade size: 100 x 25 mm Flared handle blade size: 100 x 25 mm Straight handle blade size: 100 x 23 mm Manufactured: Made in Japan Blade Weight: 88g Innerforce layer alc Blade size:158 x 152mm Piles: 5 wooden layers + 2 ALC layers Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade Composition  Harimoto Innerforce Blades are made with high-quality materials designed to give you the perfect balance between power and feel. With lightweight materials, these blades will not slow your game down while providing you with unmatched grip by other blades on the market. If you’re looking for a competitive blade that will give you an edge in all aspects of the game, Harimoto Innerforce Blades are the perfect option! The composition of the blade consists of seven layers. Five of them are KOTO wood layers. KOTO wood is a unique type of hardwood. This material makes the Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade very durable and water-resistant. The wood is not too heavy, giving the blade a lighter feeling. A light and flexible blade will consistently outperform the heavy ones. The KOTO wood’s crisp texture increases the ball’s dwell time. It also helps with spin shots. The second layer of the Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC blade is two layers of arylate carbon back to back. The Innerforce ALC makes the blade stable. These two layers help to generate power behind every shot. You don’t have to put too much pressure or force behind your shots. The Innerforce technology will determine the required energy every time you go for a shot. This unique feature makes the blade very accurate and easy to use. The arylate carbon gives the blade a soft touch, excellent vibrations, and outstanding speed and power. Harimoto’s Innerforce Blade is designed to be stronger than ever before. The blade is made of AL-6061, a lightweight yet durable alloy, and the outer shape of the blade has been enhanced. The Harimoto team has also calculated the best weight distribution to maximize speed. Arylate-Carbon Blade Structure With these improvements, your game will never be the same! Compared to the previous entries in the ALC series, the size of the current flagship ALC blade Harimoto Innerforce has seen a slight increase in its overall all-blade size. 3 mm, to be exact. Harimoto Innerforce ALC is the ultimate blade for achieving a high level of control, feel of the ball, and spin. Made of high-quality arylate carbon, it has a longer blade that better controls the ball. The wider blade surface increases the proportion of the longitudinal fibers lying on both sides of the blade. This creates more stability when playing with a top speed. The color of the blade’s handle is blue. The color blue was selected because it’s Harimoto’s favorite. The blade logo was designed using a bow sign resembling Harimoto’s signature. Since the blade was created with Harimoto’s collaboration, Butterfly decided to put his name as a logo. For forehand playstyle, Butterfly created the DIGNICS 05 rubber. Butterfly made this new rubber surface that maximizes speed, spin, and spin reversal. The Innerforce Blade has precision-engineered blades to deliver the ultimate feel and control. The DIGNICS 05 rubber only increases those statistics. For the backhand playstyle, Butterfly introduced the TENERGY 05 FX rubber. This new and evolved lightweight table tennis rubber is a game-changer. The Harimoto Innerforce Blade’s latest innovation in rubber surface performance is designed for durability and spin power. The surface not only maintains its high level of control, but it also lasts 25% longer! The Innerforce arylate carbon Blade always provides the perfect balance between speed and a very good control that you want to win with. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade Pros and Cons  Pros The Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade can give you enough force behind every shot to pull off a topspin. With this blade, you don’t have to be an expert to perform power shots or trick shots. This blade is forgiving. You can quickly capitalize on your mistakes, thanks to the large carbon sweet spot. Harimoto blade is excellent for backhand and looping playstyle. The Butterfly rubber improves the grip. Harimoto Innerforce ALC blades are ITTF approved. These blades are still used in many international tournaments. Cons Harimoto Innerforce ALC blades are not great at mid-table plays. It is expensive compared to other blades. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade Price  There are many benefits to the Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade. Which is cheaper, the cost of a new blade or the cost of going out to practice? You may be saving a few bucks by buying a more inexpensive blade, but you’re losing money if you consider your time and effort as an investment. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE FOR: PENHOLD or SHAKEHAND STYLE This is especially so if you’re serious about your game and work every day to become better. The Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade costs $179.90, but with it, you will fly through your competition and make short work of your next few opponents. This beauty will be worth its weight in gold once you see how much time and money you save for years to come. Tomokazu Harimoto vs. Hugo Calderano (Singapore final 2021) You can deliver high-powered backhand and forehand shots with ease. Your opponents won’t even have enough time to react to your plays. Harimoto Innerforce ALC blades are lighter and have a more prominent sweet spot than ZLC super blades. This innerforce layer alc blade is produced after close instrumentation with Tomokazu Harimoto, based on his competitive playing style and family value. The blade is made with limba outer supported by InnerLayer ALC for control and looping, on a larger footprint for close-to-the-table blocking and counter-attack. For best performance, pair the forehand rubber with a harder sponge (i.e., MX-P 50) for power-looping attack and the backhand rubber with spin-oriented features (i.e., EL-S) for controlled placement. To enhance the Harimoto family value, the blade is used by Tomokazu Harimoto marked by his mother’s handwritten signature, which is usually written in Japanese calligraphy at the end of her letter emitted from Japan during World War II to her husband in the US when it was difficult for a Japanese woman to write such letter in English than a man could do in Japanese calligraphy. Where Can I Buy the Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade? The Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC blade is Butterfly’s top-of-the-line blade that is meant for both casual and professional matches. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC blade has a fantastic texture; The blade is swift and has a soft sweet spot. It’s an excellent blade for close-to-the-table attackers and defenders, adding power and touch to their already-great play. If you want to purchase the authentic Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade, I recommend purchasing the blade from an authorized dealer’s point like Megaspin. You might be able to buy the Harimoto Innerforce ALC for a good discount from there. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade Reviews By Users I am sharing some of the reviews on the Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC blade here. “The Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC blade is very nice. It has a soft touch and is pretty good for looping, but if you want to attack with this blade, you need to do it fast because the ball will fly off the top sometimes. I recommend this blade to anyone who likes to loop and block but attacks only if you can do it fast.” Max “This is one of the best blades that I’ve tried out. The Innerforce ALC blade combines speed and control; it has a very nice touch and excellent spin capabilities. In addition, the Innerforce ALC blade is durable, which is a major plus for me. Overall, I highly recommend this blade to players transitioning from beginner to intermediate-level play.” Tim. R. “I love this blade. I used to play with an off+ blade, but after playing with this blade, I have more control over my shots. Would recommend this blade to anyone close to the table, attacker/defender. The only downside is that it has difficulty looping against fast loopers, so you need to know how to brush loop and serve.” Dan. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade Final Verdict  The Harimoto Innerforce ALC table tennis Blade is a quality carbon blade with the latest technology in the industry. Designed for speed and to maximize your contact time, Innerforce is an excellent option for ambitious players. The Innerforce Blade is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and lightweight. The Combination of these three things provides one of the best loopings and blocking blades in the market today. This is the blade for champions. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Many table tennis superstars have won significant tournaments with this blade. This is the right blade for you if you want to get into the sport and go beyond the amateur level. You can quickly get past the learning curve with the help of the Butterfly Harimoto blade. The Innerforce ALC technology will give you every possible advantage to get ahead of the competition. The price might be a bit too high, but this isn’t an ordinary blade. This is a high-quality blade that capitalizes on the best technology available. So, it is worth every penny. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade FAQs 1. How much does Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade cost? The Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade cost 179 euros. It Is pretty expensive, but you will get an excellent high-performance blade. 2. How thick is the Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade? The Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade is 6.0 mm thick. 3. How many layers does the blade have? The blade has 7 layers – 5 wooden layers and 2 ALC layers. 4. How many handles does the Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade come with? You will get three handle choices with the Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade. Anatomic handle for good grip and focused power shots. Flared handle for mid-range power strokes and forehand playstyle. Straight handle for speed and backhand playstyle. 5. What is the color of the Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade handle? The handle looks elegant. The butterfly brand selected three distinct colors for this blade. The primary colors are black and blue, with a white and light blue stripe going down the middle of the handle. 6. What is the Butterfly Innerforce technology? The Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLF’s blend of carbon and glass fiber layers and its ALC core produces the perfect combination of speed, touch, and control. Firstly, carbon layers in the forehand for increased spin and softer touch on impact. Secondly, a wooden blade with a glass layer is sandwiched between two carbon layers for faster speed and better control. Moreover, Butterfly’s most advanced blade only reaches its potential when matched with a high-tech rubber. 7. What type of playstyle does the Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC blade support? The Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC blades are famous for their aggressive forehand and backhand plays. Overview of the Butterfly Brand and the Innerforce Series In the spring of 1950, a young table tennis player opened up a small woodworking shop near the bustling market town of Yanai in Japan’s Yamaguchi prefecture. Within 3 years, the workshop made hand-crafted table tennis bats, and by 1953, it had turned this passion into a full-time occupation. By 1960, Butterfly had already become one of the world’s largest table tennis equipment manufacturers and, to this day, is still Japan’s largest manufacturer and one of the world’s biggest three brands with 1000 employees worldwide. The blades sponsored by the Butterfly corporation are used by top players in many countries such as Korea, the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, and Poland. The Butterfly is known for its products and sponsors tournaments and training camps in the United States.   Players using Butterfly products have access to different materials such as carbon layers consisting of TamCa5000 or Uniaxial Light Carbon, thick fiber like Arylate or Zylon, and combination layers such as Arylate + TamCa5000 or Zylon + ULC. Some molarity materials, such as the Super ZLC (SZLC), are used in composite materials. Tomokazu Harimoto is one of the immense talents of our time. His new “Innerforce” Blade Harimoto Tomokazu ALC will show off all his skills. His favorite combination: Topspin with high rotation and a soft touch. The latest Innerforce blade supports aggressive forehand. With a handle size of 100×24mm (S) and 100×23,5mm (FL), the blade is also very comfortable to hold for my international colleagues who use more extensive hands. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce AlC – Conclusion I wouldn’t consider ZLC to be for everyone. The rubber is more suited for one-wing loopers with full arm swing. The other ones may be better suited for two-wing looper players due to their higher consistency. ALC is the “jack of all trades” within the product line and a good choice for players at any skill level. It would be best if you didn’t go for ZLC unless you want it. I find that there’s only a slight difference if you play at a high level (as in the top 10 best table tennis players in the world). The Butterfly brand has produced a long line of ALC blades. In 2022, their Harimoto Innerforce ALC blades seem to be the most well-rounded, perfectly designed blades in the market.  

butterfly mizutani jun super zlc table tennis blade featured image

Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade (Price Comparison 2022 Review)

How does the Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade compare to other table tennis blades? What type of playstyle is most suitable for this Super ZLC, and is it worth it? The Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade is a collaboration model between Japan’s top table tennis player, Jun Mizutani, and Butterfly. This blade evolved new material Butterfly for the attacking style of modern players. Butterfly has specially developed the Super ZL-Carbon material featured in the blade to improve the touch and feel of table tennis. Made using high technology, the Super ZL-Carbon is superior to the fiber materials you see on regular blade compositions. There are so many essential questions that need to be answered, and in this Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade review, we aim to provide you with everything you need to know about it. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade’s Technology  The Butterfly Brand has spent millions of dollars on their new carbon technology developed for Mizutani Jun Super ZLC and Zhang Jike Super ZLC blades. The Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is a blend of carbon and zl-fiber. Enhanced processing techniques allow for a strong and denser mixture, resulting in a large sweet spot on the blade and less energy input. The acclaimed ZL-Fiber softens the impact on the ball, making it possible to play with speed. Combined with an outstanding design, the Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC offers excellent handling characteristics. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blades are ideal for highly skilled players who require an overall lighter touch in fast strokes. You can effortlessly dish out power shots with high stiffness and an excellent rubber handle. The perfectly designed handle of the blade, along with its firm rubber, will help you grip it more firmly, allowing you to switch between different play styles. Now let’s get to know about the appearance and the material composition of the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC. Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade Composition and Appearance When you want to cut loose, you need a blade that can handle just as much power. That’s what the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade offers. It is constructed from the highest quality materials. This Butterfly table tennis blade has high craftsmanship built into its construction for more extended durability and excellent performance. With Mizutani Jun Super, a new material Butterfly introduces. Super ZL carbon seems to be great for modern attacking players. The Super ZLC blade is fantastic for powerful attacks and heavy spine production, so get it if you’re an advanced player who can use it well. The Jun Super ZLC blade has incredible reaction and control stats. This blade has an expanded high-reaction area, creating more significant racket movement at impact. If you want to know more about the technology behind this powerhouse of the blade, its composition, specifications, features, and price, be sure to read the upcoming sections of this full Mizutani Jun Blade review. The Material and composition: Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade is built for a fast attacking play style. It is made from the best plywood in Japan. The hard nature of the wood protects the blade structure. The manufacturer chooses the best quality wood so the blade can stay in top condition even after 20 years. Most blades use ordinary woods; that’s why they break down in a few months, but not Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blades. This means you can reliably use this blade in tournaments even after ten years of service. Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade has a total of 5 plywood layers. The surface wood, the second layer, wooden core, another second layer that protects the last wooden surface layer. Most blades have an artificial fiber layer, but Mizutani Jun Super Blade has a 2-ply Super ZLC carbon layer. The idea of advancing performance with more carbon and speed with less weight came from the table tennis world. The result is the new Super ZL-Carbon, which delivers more speed and control to your game. The tungsten inserts on this blade are complemented by an innovative manufacturing technique for developing Formula One race car engines. And with the new ZL-Carbon, there’s more carbon and 50% less weight than conventional carbon blades, providing higher ball speed with lower effort. The Butterfly brand first manufactured this unique and light carbon. They have implemented this robust carbon on their tournament-level blades Mizutani Jun Super ZLC. The ZLC carbon layer increases the reaction and control stats of the blade. Expanded high reaction carbon area excels the power generation capabilities of the blade. Weight and thickness: The racket’s weight distribution and balance are greatly improved, making it a fast table tennis blade for a more powerful attack. It weighs about 90g [3.17oz] and allows players to generate more power during play, especially when returning serves. Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade is perfect for tournament plays and has been endorsed by world champions from Japan, U.S., and China. The total thickness of the entire blade is 5.8 mm. It is important to note that Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is not intended for new players. It is built for the pros and those who frequently participate in national and international tournaments. Rubber: The rubber type on the handle is pips-in(inverted). This type of rubber has pimples on the outer layer, and the smoother part of the rubber is stuck to the sponge. Pips and carbon layer combinations are excellent for offensive plays. It is also suitable for backhand plays. Blade Handle: Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade has three handles: flared, anatomic, and straight. Flared blade handle is excellent for a looping play style. FL handle is specifically made for those who have a dominant forehand. But if you want more control over the shots, go for the ST blade handle. You can also try out the anatomic handle for better grip. The anatomic handle is an FL handle with an added widening area in the middle. Super  ZL Carbon The handle of the blade has a modern look to it. The color of the handle is a mix of red and black. In my opinion, the color suits perfectly the blade’s rough and aggressive playstyle. The overall finishing design of the blade is quite beautiful. It looks and feels very smooth compared to old generation blades. The Butterfly brand has outdone themselves this time. The high-quality carbon fiber structure minimizes the weight of the racket. Jun Mizutani Super ZLC VS. Viscaria Butterfly dominates the table tennis world with their remarkable reaction speed and new material technology. They introduced Jun Mizutani Super ZLC, which is a softer Limba outer ply. The other option is the Viscaria table tennis blade with a harder Koto outer ply. The difference in speed is not remarkable because Limba is slower than Koto but ALC is slower than ZLC. So, the Limba with the ZLC gets about the same speed as the Koto with the ALC. Butterfly gives you two great options to choose from depending on your preference. The Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade is a fast weapon with enough control provided. Viscaria is lighter and has better control over the blocks or pimples. Another difference is in the expanded high reaction area. So, with Mizutani Jun Super ZLC you can better react to topspins and counterattacks. Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Features & More Specifications Here’s a breakdown of the specific features of the Mizutani Jun blade. Class type – Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is designed for offensive shakehand style play. Weight – The blade surface and handle weight is 60g, and the rubber weighs around 30g. So it has a total weight of 90g. Reaction property – Mizutani Jun Super ZLC has a 12.5 reaction property, which is considerably high. Vibration property – Mizutani Jun Super ZLC has an 11.6 vibration property, which gives the blade a decent enough hard touch finish. Structure of the blade – Butterfly brand used 5 plywood layers and 2 super ZLC carbon layers to build the design of the blade. In short: 5w 2szlc. Size of the blade – 157×150 mm Blade thickness – 5.8 mm Flared handle size – 100x24x34 mm Straight handle size – 100x22x27.5 mm Anatomic handle size – 100x24x34 mm Speed The blade has a speed rating of 9.5, making Mizutani Jun Super ZLC one of the fastest tournament-grade blades in the market. It is Super Sonic Fast with the speed of the blade might feel similar to another popular Butterfly blade called Timo Boll ALC. The carbon fiber technology of Super ZLC helps generate tremendous speed during forehand and backhand shots. The blade’s stiff and thick nature also helps create more momentum behind every strike. The Super ZL Carbon doesn’t have the present fibrous materials but made a pass to the next stage. It stepped forward in technology and manufacturing. So, Jun Mizutani is made in Japan and ready for new era in table tennis. Control Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade has a high control rating of 9.0. Thanks to its carbon layout with a vast expanded sweet spot in the middle, the blade can control the ball at any pace. Yes, Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blades have excellent control and speed properties. Usually, blades with high-speed strokes are difficult to control. Still, Mizutani Jun Super blades’ new Super ZLC carbon technology makes it possible to implement control and speed in the same blade. The carbon surface of the blade will give the ball a softer bounce, allowing you to control the game’s flow with incredible speed backing up your every shot. Other Features Stiffness – The blade gets a stiffness score of 6.1. It is pretty stiffer than regular fiber blades. More stiffness means more speed. Butterfly Mizutani Jun has a spin ridiculous and a blade for the next generation. Power – The enormous sweet spot and 5.8 mm thick plywood and carbon surface will generate energy when you hit the ball. Mizutani Jun Super ZLC became famous for its power shots. You can deliver burst shots at any range, but the blade is most effective at close range. Most players struggle to counter power shots coming from this blade. The big sweet spot in the middle will help you perform smash volley shots more comfortably and efficiently. Spin – Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is a stiff blade with excellent handling properties. The top-quality pips-in rubber on the handle helps the blade bend enough to deliver powerful spin shots. Mizutani Jun Super blades are not too stiff. The blade is flexible enough to perform curved or spin trick shots. Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade Pros and Cons  Jun Mizutani ZLC is one of the Butterfly Super ZLC series best blades. It is designed for mid to advanced players who want to improve table tennis. This is a 5-ply all-wood blade with 2 layers of 5-ply wood and 3 layers of carbon. The sword blade weighs around 88 grams, making it slightly heavier than other Butterfly blades, but the weight balance also contributes to its solid feeling when playing. Although Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is a one-of-a-kind blade and uses the first-ever Super ZLC carbon technology, it has its pros and cons. Before buying the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade, check out the pros and cons list to determine if the blade suits your playstyle. Pros The blade has a big sweet spot, which will allow you to hit shots more accurately. The thick carbon fiber surface produces tons of power behind every shot. The high-quality materials of the structure make the blade very durable. Mizutani Jun Super ZLC has harsh weather-resistant properties. This blade is excellent for speedy and power plays making your opponent’s nightmare. Mizutani Super ZLC can be devastating at close ranges. Many pro players struggle to counterplay against this blade at close-quarter duels. Super ZL-Carbon is an evolved new material. The blade has three different handles to switch between depending on your playstyle. The stiff nature of the blade makes it ideal for attacking play style. Thanks to the pips in inverted rubber, the blade’s handle has a decent grip. The blade has a good reaction and vibration properties. With this blade, you don’t have to put in too much energy to perform volley shots. The blade’s expanded high-impact carbon middle point generates the power you need. The International Table Tennis Federation ITTF approves Mizutani Jun Super ZLC. And it has been used in many international tournaments, including the world series. Cons Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is not suitable for beginners or amateur players. Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blades are expensive compared to other Butterfly lineups. It is not as light as Timo Boll ALC blades. Intermediate players will struggle with this blade in long-range plays. Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade Price So, how much does the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade cost? The Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade is not cheap. It is the only tournament-level blade that uses Super ZLC carbon technology. With its large sweet spot, thick plywood, and carbon surface, you can blast your way through tough competitors and quickly climb the ranks. If you are a trickster, who likes to bend every shot, you will feel right at home with Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blades. The curved shape of the edge, the carbon padding, and the pips-in rubber make the blade very flexible. You can perform spin and power shots with Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade. That said, Mizutani Jun Super ZLC costs $399.99. Yes, it’s expensive compared to standard blades. Standard table tennis blades will be adequately functioning for only 2-3 years; the high-quality materials will keep the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade in service for nearly a decade. This blade outperforms all the regular and even other professional blades. Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is worth every penny. You need really long adaptations, but after that, will improve the game significantly. Where to Buy the Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade? Authentic Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Carbon Blade is rated 9.3 out of 10 based on 9 reviews from Megaspin Table Tennis Forum. This Butterfly’s top-of-the-line blade is meant for use in professional matches. It’s got a fantastic texture. This blade is swift and feels very soft. It’s an excellent blade for close-to-the-table attackers and defenders, adding power and touch to their already-great play. That said, if you want to get the authentic Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade, then make sure that you buy your Butterfly blades from authorized retailers like Megaspin or Amazon to avoid getting scammed by selling counterfeit blades, which is a massive problem in the world of table tennis. However, getting it from ensures that you purchase Mizutani Jun Super ZLC from an authorized retailer and at the lowest price guaranteed. They also offer free shipping inside the U.S.A. and often same-day delivery! Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade Reviews by users Based on the reviews from users, this blade is comfortable, fast, light, and easy to handle. This is a great all-around blade. Here you can read some of the Mizutani Jun Blade reviews by users. “I found the Mizutani blade suitable for experienced players, as it requires a lot of skill to handle. However, it can still provide great performance if you play slowly with just enough force and don’t overdo it. Unless your opponents use higher-quality blades, I think this blade will give you a good chance of winning. You could also use it to gain experience but make sure to take lots of notes so that you learn from your errors!” K.M.  “I’ve been using Super ZLC for about a month, and as I expected, it is a high-speed blade. It took me a few sessions to get used to the speed, but I found that it was still controllable once I did. The ball tends to fly off the table when you hit it hard, but if you use topspin or underspin, the ball will stay on the table and provide great counter-attacks.” “I love playing with my Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC. And the looping on serves is just amazing with the speed and the spin of the blade art. I use this blade with Tenergy 05 on F.H. and Andro Hexer for B.H. It is a very comfortable combination; the speed of the rubber is perfect for this blade. I highly recommend it to anybody looking for a good blade with Tenergy or any other fast rubber.” Timothy. Overview of The Butterfly Brand and The Mizutani Series The Butterfly brand is well known as one of Japan’s first table tennis equipment manufacturers. They have always produced top-quality table tennis equipment endorsed by many international players, which is sold worldwide. So it’s no wonder that the Butterfly is considered one of the top table tennis brands in the world. The Butterfly brand was founded by a pro table tennis player Hikosuke Tamasu in the 1950s. Since then, Butterfly has been producing top-of-the-line blades for all styles and levels of play. Some of Butterfly’s hallmarks are the craftsmanship and delicate precision of their blades and paddles, including the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade. If you are a newcomer looking to learn the ropes of table tennis or a seasoned veteran who wants to apply his skills more effectively, Butterfly brand produces blades suiting both play styles. Viscaria, Mizutani Jun Super ZLC, Timo Boll ZLC, Zhang Jike Super ZLC, and Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC are the highest-rated blades of 2021 produced by the Butterfly Brand. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blades are excellent for offensive playstyle. It has a 5.8mm thick surface with a large sweet spot. The five layers of plywood backed up by two Super ZLC carbon layers will help smash down each shot with great power and precision. Thanks to the lightweight nature of the blade, you can make these shots without losing too much energy. The blade has decent vibration and reaction ratings. You can easily pull down shots with hard touch finish. With the carbon layer and a high reaction rate, you can deliver each shot with great speed. The expanded high area of the blade will help you control tough shots more comfortably. Mizutani Jun Table Tennis Blade Review: The Final Verdict The Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade is a performance-level blade for those seeking a softer feel, all-around attack, and excellent control. This blade is the official choice of many top players, including Su Ying and Kim Myunghee. This blade provides excellent speed and touches from loops to drives to smashes. With more flex than the regular versions, this Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade enables advanced players to control the ball even with heavy spin. It can help counter-attack defensively from anywhere on the court. The bottom line of this Mizutani Jun Blade review is that it is an excellent blade when you learn to control it. I’m a solid player who plays out of a 4.0-4.5 range, and I’ve played with the Mizuno Jun Super ZLC for a year and a half. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It’s one of the most challenging blades I’ve ever played with, but it’s also one of the best I’ve ever played with. The speed this blade generates is unlike any other blade I’ve used (I’ve tried over 20 different blades), and it gives you the ability to hit very hard. Butterfly introduces to the world the Jun Super ZLC blade with confidence. Made with Japanese great player Jun Mizutani.  

butterfly timo boll spirit table tennis blade featured image all three handle types

Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Table Tennis Blade (2022 Review & Comparison)

The Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit table tennis blade is considered a tremendous all-around flexible blade that helps bring out the best game and improve performance. It is a tournament-grade blade that has been used by many pro players and has been reviewed by many players from different countries, and all agree on one thing: it makes your offensive play explosive. But is Butterfly Spirit Table Tennis Blade suitable for all types of playstyle, particularly for short distances and looping? Plus, how does it compare with the Timo Boll ALC? CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! In this Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade review, we will discuss the blade’s composition, specification, and features, plus answer essential questions and address all your concerns regarding the Spirit blade from the Butterfly Timo Boll series. Overview of the Butterfly Timo Boll Blade Series Butterfly is a Japanese company established in 1950 and is best regarded as the official manufacturer of professional table tennis equipment for elite athletes. Butterfly table tennis blades are also seen at the Olympics. The Japanese manufacturer is most relied upon because of their craftsmanship and high-quality materials construction of their blades, including their Timo Boll series. The Butterfly Timo Boll Blade series was designed for professional-level plays, but it’s always beginner-friendly. It is a signature lineup of the German professional table tennis player, Timo Boll, currently ranked as the World No 10 globally. The Butterfly Timo Boll series has an incredible lineup of blades, and these are as follows: Timo Boll Spark TB T5000 Tamca Timo Boll ZLC Timo Boll ZLF TB W7 Timo Boll ALC Timo Boll Spirit It is important to note that not all the Timo Boll blades are constructed with the Arylate-Carbon. Currently, there are only 2 Timo Boll blades constructed with the Arylate-Carbon technology: Timo Boll AlC and the Spirit. Apart from the Timo Boll blade series, there are only a few other Butterfly ALC blade options for you, like: Garaydia ALC, Viscaria, InnerforceLayer ALC, and the Harimoto Tomokazu ALC. Needless to say, the Timo Boll Spirit by Butterfly is one of the most popular table tennis blades used in Europe. Butterfly’s Spirit blade from the Timo Boll series features a crisp and soft feel due to its arylate-carbon composition. Arylate-Carbon is medium in stiffness rating and is also very light, which is why it’s so popular for looping. The carbon content is 1.7%, enhancing the blade’s durability while still keeping it lightweight. Timo Boll explains how to glue a ping pong racket The Timo Boll series is excellent for spinning and looping plays. It has great vibration control, a big sweet spot, and super effective control that allows players to hit any shot confidently. These blades have a large sweet spot, which helps the new players hit the ball down the middle with great force and efficiency. A lot of pro players are big fans of the Timo Boll series. The unique structure and construction of the Timo Boll blade make it easy to hit tough, tricky shots. The Timo Boll series has an average speed rating of 8.8 and a control rating of 8.7. Each blade is made from Arylate carbon and smooth, light wood. This composition makes the Butterfly table tennis blade capable of withstanding harsh environments, while the unique Japanese craftsmanship makes the blade stands out both in terms of performance and appearance. Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade Composition & Appearance The Timo Boll Spirit is the blade of choice for offensive-style players who prefers speed and spin. The Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit blade is made with 7 ply layers featuring 5 wood plies along with 2 layers of Arylate-Carbons. The result of the Timo Boll Spirit blade is achieved with the mastery, technology, and experience of Butterfly’s craftsmanship put together in one blade. The 5 wood plies of the Spirit blade are composed of Koto, Limba, and Kiri that are selected from some of the best tree species in China. The 2 ply Arylate carbon and 5 plywood composition contains 300 LBF of Kiri, 670 LBF of Limba, and 940 LBF of Koto with a thickness of 157 x 155 mm dimension. A mix of only 50% carbon with Arylate makes the blade very soft than full carbon blades. The delicate frame of the blade makes it easier to hit power shots without using too much energy. Timo Boll Spirit is a no-frills blade combining high-grade Japanese Hinoki with Butterfly’s acclaimed Air Tec technology, wrapped in a glossy blue limba handle. Easily identified by its no-bull mounting system, this model has quickly become the budget choice for many players looking for that controlled feel. The unique Japanese craftsmanship complements the blade’s smooth and beautiful design. It comes in three different variations for handles: flared, straight, and anatomic. Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade Features & Specifications Class Offensive Type Attack and All-round Weight 87g Reaction property 11.8 Vibration property 10.3 Blade structure 5-ply wood + 2 Arylate-Carbon Thickness 5.8mm Blade head size 157 x 150 mm Handle size FL: 100×24 mm ST: 100×22 mm AL: 100×24 mm Manufacturer Butterfly Country of origin Japan Weight: How much does the Timo Boll Spirit blade weigh? This blade from the Timo Boll series weighs 89g approximately, which is lightweight. As a matter of fact, Viscaria, which is regarded as one of the lightest Butterfly blades, weighs 87g approximately. So compared to the Viscaria blade, the Spirit blade feels proportionally lightweight, providing a neutral balance between weight and stability. Hardness & Stiffness: How does the Timo Boll Spirit blade feel? Timo Boll Spirt provides a stable play feel. As for hardness factors, the Arylate interwoven into the carbon softens the blade. Still, many of the Timo Boll Spirit reviews by users state that the Timo Boll Spirit has a seemingly harder feel to the ball compared to the Timo Boll ALC. But it’s worth noting that the handle of this Timo Boll blade feels much lighter compared to the ALC. The choice of your rubber also has an impact on the feel of the ball and the dwell time. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Balance & Control Timo Boll Spirit provides excellent ball control, especially against looping or spinning shots. It has a fantastic control rating of 9.5. The Arylate and the Carbon combination provides good control, making it suitable for all-around players who can serve, loop, and attack aggressively and play an excellent short game to make sure that their opponent is kept under pressure. Speed – Timo Boll Spirit is a very speedy blade, and the ball comes off the blade very fast, giving you enough dwell time. The carbon frame of the blade allows you to deliver quick spin and loop shots and mid to long distances. Timo Boll Spirit has a decent speed rate of 9.0. Spin – Timo Boll Spirit is an ideal blade for delivering spin shots, so it is recommended for spin-oriented play. The extra plywood layers and the rubber handle allow the players to hit difficult spin shots with next to no effort. What delivers the spinny touch to the blade is the Arylate interwoven into the carbon. Power – The Timo Boll blade allows generating power to your strokes without sacrificing any control. The 5 wooden layers of the Spirit’s 7 ply with a big sweet spot let the players deliver heavy power shots without spending too much energy. Smashes & Volleys – You can play smash and successive volley shots with the help of Timo Boll Spirit’s Arylate-carbon composition. This Timo Boll blade provides plenty of control which is also great for blockers and loppers. Now the question is: who should use the Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit blade and what playing style goes with it? Keep reading to learn what type of playstyle is suitable with the Spirit blade and who should use it. Why Choose the Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Table Tennis Blade? Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit blade is best suitable for players playing offensive style and versatile play. But it’s a fact that every player has a different play style. You will find lots of blades that serve different playstyles, but the Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade stands out from the rest because this blade can support all types of playstyles. Several reviews on Timo Boll Spirt Blade suggest that it is perfect for advanced players; however, it is also suitable for intermediate players who want to advance their skills. If you’re a beginner looking to get into the sport or a pro who wants to hone your skills, even more, Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit might be the right choice for you. Although it is an offensive-style blade, you can easily transform your Timo Boll Spirt into an all-around blade by pairing it with the right rubber. By using slower rubber, you can balance its speediness and spin of it. This blade offers excellent ball control, so new players won’t struggle to keep up their pace in a match with little practice and technique. If you are an experienced player who often pulls out trick shots, you will feel right at home with Timo Boll Spirit Blade. Its unique composition with high-quality materials will aid you in pulling off great spin and loop shots. The high control rating of the blade is the best in the market. You can easily defend against tough shots and counterattacks instantly, catching your opponent completely off guard. Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Table Tennis Blade Pros And Cons The blade material and composition of the Timo Boll Spirit are almost similar to the Viscaria. On the other hand, the blade’s speediness, hardness, and softness are almost similar to the Timo Boll ALC. That said, you should consider checking out the pros and cons before purchasing Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade. It will help you better understand if the blade fulfills all your requirements. Pros The large sweet spot of the blade increases shot accuracy and consistency. The high-quality materials of the blade make it durable. The blade is one of the best spinny blades on the market. You can hit effective loop shots with Timo Boll Spirit blades. Skillful players can go on big winning streaks with this blade. Timo Boll Spirit Blades can hit the ball with tremendous speed. Offensive players will enjoy this blade very much. The blade has high reaction and vibration ratings. Cons If you’re looking for heavy blades, then Timo Boll Spirit Blade isn’t the right choice for you. It is comparatively lighter than most blades in the market. New players might struggle to play short-range shots with this blade. It might feel a little bit expensive compared to other Butterfly blades. It is not suitable for defensive style play as it is designed to deliver spinny attacks and speed, but pairing it with slower rubber will neutralize the spin and speed. Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade Price So how much does the Timo Boll Spirit blade cost? Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade costs $134.99. The price is the same for all three Timo Boll Blade handle styles/variations: AL, ST, and FL. It’s a durable blade that will serve you for years and hold true to its value. That said, Timo Blade is pretty affordable compared to other tournament-grade blades. Most of the tournament-quality blades come with a price range of $250 – $550. On the other hand, Timo Boll Spirt is a better-performing and long-lasting blade just for $134.99. Is Timo Boll Spirit worth it at this price range? Apparently yes. At this price range, TimoBoll Spirit is the best budget-friendly option for those who prefer the Arylate-Carbon technology. Plus, Timo Boll Spirit is definitely worth considering if you want a blade that delivers heavy spin and speed. Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade Where to Buy? If you want to buy a top-of-the-line tournament blade that offers excellent performance and longevity, then look no further than the official Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade. But from where can you buy the Timo Boll Spirit blade? If you have done your part of the research, you would know that 99% of counterfeit table tennis blades are copies of Butterfly blades. The price is too good to be true, and the product’s quality is just plain bad. There is no point in wasting your hard-earned money on cheap counterfeit blades that won’t even last a month. So from where can you order Timo Boll Spirit? Only authorized retailers like Megaspin and Amazon can sell the original Butterfly blades. It’s a fact that getting it from Amazon might be difficult because the stock always runs out. In that case, you can easily get it from Megaspin. Megaspin offers day-one delivery, free shipping, and huge discount deals on every purchase. Buying Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade from the authorized retailer as from Megaspin guarantees you peace of mind. You are also entitled to get a 6% discount on Timo Boll Spirit from Megaspin as of this writing. Plus, there are more than 250 active users of this Timo Boll blade on Megaspin, sharing reviews on their Boll Spirit. Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade Reviews from Users With a 4.5/5 stars rating from Megaspin and 9.3/10 stars rating from Revspin, there are almost 350+ reviews on Timo Boll Spirit. Here, users can read some of the Timo Boll Spirit reviews that explain how the blade performs and feels. “Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade has decent control and balance. I had no issue controlling the flow of the strikes with his blade. The grip is also spot on, which makes the handling of the blade very easy. Overall it’s a well-rounded blade with great precision and power.” Jeremy.   “I love the offensive playstyle. I’ve used a lot of blades, but none of them suited my play style that well. But Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade perfectly matched my rhythm and play style. The big sweet spot in the middle and the thick wooden and semi-carbon surface substantially increased the power of every shot. The smooth surface of the blade effortlessly blocked incoming shots, which helped me to play counterattack shots more efficiently. I’d easily give this blade a 9.5/10.” John. H    “I’m currently using Timo Boll FL with T64 on FH and T25 on BH. But I have used Timo Boll ST before, and I must note that the flared handle feels much lighter than the straight handle. Overall, TBS is a very well-balanced racket, and you can perform all kinds of strokes with it both close to the table as well as mid-distance. It provides balanced speed, spin, and control and is best suitable for topspin and smash, but at the end of the day, it also depends on your techniques.” Clan.   The Spirit Table Tennis Blade – Final Thoughts Here’s the bottom line of this Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit review: Offensive or defensive, it is a well-balanced blade suitable for ambitious players looking to up their game. This blade is for you if you are an offensive player and want to improve your looping skills. TBS has exceptional spin and control characteristics, making it great for attackers, but defenders will also enjoy using this blade. Plus, this high-end blade is designed specifically for competitive table tennis players who require a balance between power and control. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This blade is utilized by numerous World Champions and National Champions, yet it’s also a popular choice among recreational players who don’t mind dedicating the time to improve their game. So rest assured, there’s no chance to get disappointed with the Boll Spirit. Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Frequently Asked Questions Answered Which rubber works best with the Timo Boll Spirit blade? Timo Boll Spirit paired with Tenergy 05 is best for lopping as the rubber provides more control and spin. On the other hand, choose Dignics 05 if you want your TBS to be support-fast and spinnier than it is already. Also, Xiom Omega V Europe and Vega Pro rubbers work well with the Timo boll Spirit Blade. It is important to note that your choice of rubber has an impact on the blade’s performance and weight. Some rubbers can disrupt the balance of weight and performance. So pair your Boll Spirit blade with the right choice of rubber to maximize its performance. Is the Timo Boll Spirit Blade suitable for beginners? Beginners can easily learn the ropes of table tennis using this blade. The good control and large sweet spot will allow new players to the ball with great accuracy. Consider pairing with a slower rubber if you find the Timo Boll blade speedy, and in that way, you’ll be able to control it. Name the players using TBS Blade. Since the launch of the Timo Boll Spirit, it has been used by many renowned table tennis players. Best singles table tennis stars like Xu Xin, Hugo Calderano, MA Long, and Tim Boll himself have used this Tim Boll Blade in multiple international competitions. Timo Boll FH was also the blade of choice of the Mexican Champion Yadira Silva. Even Michael Maze, one of the best defensive lobbers, was seen using the Timo Boll Spirit. Timo Boll Spirit FL VS ST & AN: What is the difference? There are three types of handle shapes for you to choose from in the Timo Boll Spirit blade series: Spirit FL: The Fl stands for the flared handle. Spirit ST: The ST stands for the straight handle. Timo Boll AN: The AN stands for Anatomic handle. This beautiful table tennis blade FL (Flared) is the most popular choice as this handle shape is suitable for regular palm-size and a smaller hand. On the other hand, Timo Boll ST (Straight) handle and Timo Boll Spirit An (Anatomic) handle is suitable for bigger palm size.  

zhang jike super zlc blade featured image three types of handle

Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade (2022 Review & Comparison)

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade certainly applies to the conditions. Every player has their playing style, but what matters most is to have a racket that you can feel confident with on the table tennis court. This is a blade designed for the professional player; to give you an edge in all competitions with a larger sweet spot, meaning greater control over your strokes and killer shots. Zhang Jike Super ZlC is one of the best blades to stroll with power, confidence, and control in the court but comes with a hefty price tag. Is Super ZLC worth the money? How does the Zhang Jike Super ZLC compare with other Super ZLCs from Butterfly like Viscaria? Is the Super ZLC blade suitable for you, or should you choose a budget-friendly option? There are many questions to answer, but here’s an all-inclusive Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade review plus a guide for you to make an informed decision. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Overview of the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Technology Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade is the culmination of Butterfly’s latest carbon technology and expertise development. It’s the first model with a Super ZL-Carbon blade that has achieved an explosive level and makes power and control. The exclusive ZL-Carbon material and new manufacturing technology deliver a stiffness and strength increase five times greater than the regular blade series, bringing a higher level of power and control never before seen in racket sports history. Endorsed by Zhang Jike, one of the top pros in the tennis game, this blade is highly versatile. By using Super ZL-Carbon, Butterfly has achieved high performance with more tensile strength and vibration absorption than existing ping pong blades and made it even more powerful and better controlled by using the latest developments in Super ZL carbon fiber arrangement. This blade has ZL fiber for more elasticity and strength than existing blades. The table tennis blades with ZL fiber are twice dense as regular ones. Butterfly blades succeeded in achieving a better reaction. Thanks to this, the blade gives more power and control simultaneously. You’ll also find that the Super ZLC blade is heavier than the regular ZLC, so keep that in mind when choosing a blade. If you’re looking for extra power without sacrificing control, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC is an excellent option. The best power and control possible from Butterfly succeeded in achieving the high reaction area. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Composition & Appearance I came across one or two Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade reviews suggesting that the weight is a particular drawback. But here are the facts. The Zhang Jike Super ZLC series is lighter than other carbon blades and offers more control for touch shots. Zhang Jike Super ZLC is the only blade globally with a high-strength fiber composition of carbon and Zylon. Zhang Jike Super SZLC blade shows a much larger leaf-like motif around the center of the blade face, which signifies a larger sweet spot creating quick contact on the ball. The Zylon weave fiber is twice denser than ALC and ZLC series enhancing the overall performance. The average weight of the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade is 90 grams, with a blade thickness of 5.6 mm. and it comes with five wood plies and two layers of super ZL Carbon material. The flared handle is very comfortable to hand and feels easy to release the wrist into the ball. Another option is the Zhang Jike ping pong blade for penhold, which is reviewed here. The color scheme of the Super ZLC blade is golden, with the Olympic Champion Zhang Jike’s signature inscribed on the surface and the green bean on the back, which represents the refined craftsmanship of Japanese artisans. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade Features & Specifications Class style type Offensive Shakehand Play type Cross punch/ Attack Weight 88-89 grams (without rubber). 90-91 grams (with rubber) Reaction property 12.3 Vibration property 11.1 Number of plies 5W 2SZLC Outer surface Koto wood Head dimension 157×150 mm Blade thickness 5.6 mm Handle Size Flared handle: 100×25×34 mm Straight handle: 100×23×28 mm Anatomic handle: 100×24×32 mm Manufacturer Butterfly Country of Origin Japan Balance & Control: Zhang Jike Super ZLC offers a speedy and hard-hitting feeling. At the same time, you feel it’s sturdy and solid, making it easy for you to hit at short distances on the table and far away from the table. Short-distance control is okay, but added friction makes it hard to get a feel for the ball. Dominant players will be able to compensate for this. In addition, it is a hard carbon-fiber structure but still has a certain degree of softness on the surface. This will provide a softer bounce when hitting the ball and, at the same time, will give you a stronger wood feeling. Speed: The speed of Butterfly Zhang Super ZLC table tennis blade feels similar to Timo Boll ALC; however, it provides greater control during backhand and forehand combinations. Regarding spin, the stiffness of the Super ZLC blade from the Zhang Jike series produces fast and powerful flying flicks to the ball. Timo Boll blades don’t have a large sweet spot and a high reaction area like the Super ZL blades. With a soft touch, this is a fast and bouncy premium blade in terms of blocking. The speed comes from the core when it passes through the surface. In case of attack, the speed is fast enough to finish a point. The Super ZL has the koto wood outer layer making looping and countering faster. It has the expansion of the high reaction area. Spin And Power Spin: Zhang Jike Super ZLC is the very first model from Butterfly blades with a solid, stiff blade with a partial arc that provides strong support and relies on rubbers and bend of the blade to create spin. The blade isn’t so stiff that it can give a better feel. When it comes to Zhang Jike Super ZLC VS Mizutani Jun Super ZL Carbon, the ZL-SLC drives backspin with stronger rotation. Power: In addition to the bigger head and the 5.6 mm thickness, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC spin is also extremely powerful. It has plenty of power to use in close range when you are far away from the table. The power of Zhang Jike Super ZLC comes from both high-quality materials and superior technology. That means the speed is fast, and the topspin capability is really good, giving you better control and spinny topspin drives. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade Pros and Cons The Zhang Jike Super ZLC’s composition is similar to the ZLC series and Viscaria FL but with advanced fiber compositions. On the other hand, the feel, touch, and control are similar to Mizutani Jun SZLC. What’s different is the brand-new composition. Because of the flexibility and the lightness of the “Super” ZL woven fiber, this blade is the most popular model in the ZLC series, and every player would want it in their collection. Based on Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Vs. Mizutani Jun SZLC, here are the pros and cons that you’ll want to consider. Pros  It comes with a huge sweet spot providing greater control when hitting the ball with precision and consistency. Woven with a high-quality carbon fiber arrangement known for superior tenacity, durability, and remarkable stability. Provides good control near the table, most effective for middle and near table shots. It comes with three variations of grips. The shakehand grip is firm and most suitable for powerful topspin attacks. Also available are flared handle and straight handle. Fast, speedy, and provides more explosive power. The dwell time is longer. Made for players who seek more powerful attacks. Cons The Zhang Jike Super ZLC is heavier than usual for those who prefer a slightly lighter racket. But, it is a very flexible racket and will suit someone who wants to add some “oomph” to their shots. The blade performs too fast from close range, meaning you’ll need to master a good topspin stroke away from the table. Expensive. Zhang Jike Super ZLC vs. Mizutani Super ZLC The Zhang Jike Blade is known for its crispness and elasticity, while the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC provides excellent dwell time and ball control. The Jike Super ZLC features incredible power and compatibility with multiple technologies, making it easy to drive. Also, its speed is fast, and it has a strong topspin ability. If you’re looking for a racket with average power but great rotation and shape change, the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is a perfect choice. This super ZLC Butterfly blade is softer than the Zhang Jike Super ZLC, making it easier to push and block. Additionally, the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is more challenging to generate backspin, meaning that you’ll have an easier time controlling the game. On a short ball, both blades have average control. The reaction is better than all other existing blades from Butterfly. Zhang Jike Super ZLC vs. Lin Yun Ju Super ZLC The Lin Yun Ju beats the Zhang Jike in speed, stability, and control. It also has a better and larger sweet spot. As a result, it is easier to generate power and spin with Lin’s Super ZLC Butterfly blade. But this blade is lighter than Zhang Jike Super ZLC. It’s a fast and premium blade from Butterfly. These two table tennis blades are very similar in spin and reaction. Both have the same price of $ 399.99. The Zhang Jike Super ZLC and the Lin Yun Ju blade have handle types: straight handle flared and anatomic. The main difference between these two table tennis blades is the spin and reaction. The Zhang Jike Super ZLC has more spin and is more reactive than Lin’s Butterfly blade. This makes it a better choice for players who want more control over their game. However, the Lin Yun table tennis blade is more forgiving, especially on a short ball. Why Would You Need The Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade? First of all, if you prefer an ultra-responsive blade to gear your racket, nothing comes close to Zhang Jike Super ZLC. The superb control and spin capability make these rackets ideal for close to mid-distance drives. With a large sweet spot and a lot of power on tap, the Super ZLC is ideal for close-to-the-table players with fast playing styles. The blades are usually considered ideal for people with fast, attacking styles for table tennis. This can be derived from the historical performance of players using this type of racket.   CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade is the top choice for professional players seeking a competitive weapon. It features Super ZL carbon material, which provides superior speed and power while maintaining a steady level of control. It gives you both power and control over your loops, drives, and soft-touch pushes. Perfect for all styles of table tennis. So, who is it most suitable for? The Super ZLC blade from the Zhang Jike is most suitable for attacking players who like to play mid-distance and strong-close to the table. It has been created to respond to the needs of the new generations of fast-attack players who value lightness. The blade features an outstanding balance between speed and control, allowing players to dominate the points and creating winning opportunities. However, a good technique and mastery to handle the blade serve maximum attacking shots at closer range and short ball. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade Price Zhang Jike ZLC table tennis blade is deemed a super expensive one, but there are reasons you want to consider this one. For years, most quality spin-oriented blades had higher throws than the popular power blades. Now, this high-tech blade has higher power than any other similar blade. With the more significant sweet spot and a combination of high topspin with high speed on power shots, you can effortlessly blast your way past your opponents with this one. So, how much does the SZLC cost? The cost of Super ZLC is not cheap, but it will suit your needs perfectly. Currently, Zhang Zike Super ZLC is priced at $399.00 approximately at online table tennis store – that’s a lot of money, but for many of us who buys a new blade and a couple of Tenergy rubbers every three years, this one is durable and built to withstand years. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade Where To Buy A Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade will cost you a lot. But, I reckon, Butterfly players are always on the hunt to get the year’s bargain by opting for second-hand or knock-offs. But is it even worth it to try to save money by buying a fake Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade? We’ve teamed up with trusted retail partners (Megaspin and the only authorized Amazon retail partner) to provide you with the best pricing, free gear, and advice from experts. Purchasing it from Amazon inside the US means same-day delivery, while Megaspin provides free shipping and the best discounts with each purchase, which allows you to save even more money. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade Reviews From Users Deemed as the most expensive table tennis blades, you’ll find many reviews on Zhang Jike Super ZLC online, sharing user opinions. Here I’m sharing three Zhang Jike Super ZLC reviews explaining it all. “Zhang Jike SZLC is a decent blade with good control. It is better than Timo Boll ZLC, but it’s too expensive. If you lack power in your game, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC is definitely a good option as the large sweet spot is bound to give you the precision.” Jesse. D. “The performance was amazing against all types of spin, but there’s a catch. I had a lot of missed loops against my opponent’s fast loops with the Super ZLC carbon fiber blade, but when I slowed down, I could play a great attack game. But I would say the Super ZLC is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a great looping blade and an extra bit of spin.” Liam. M. Pros “Indeed, it is powerfully made. A friend had this blade, and I played with it for an hour. It has excellent power from all distances and a smooth feeling FL grip, but it needs sanding to smooth out the sharp edges. I’ve been using ZJ SZLC for over a month now, and I enjoy it very much. I like how it’s not too fast or too slow. Everything feels good on this blade (at least for my taste). Cons The only problem with the blade is that since I’m using it in a defensive style, this blade doesn’t come with power. But with proper technique, this still works for me. I would recommend this blade to anyone who likes to play an offensive defense or counter-attack. Even when I put heavy topspin on shots, it didn’t feel like I had lost any control. The feeling you get from this blade is finesse, which I haven’t had for a long time.” Brian. F. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade – Play Test Match It’s important to remember that not every table tennis blade is suitable for every player. Because different players have different preferences, we test BTY blades with various testers. For the Zhang Jike Super ZLC review, we have two different testers; Joe, a defense-style player, and Walt, who plays as a baseline grinder. Here’s their feedback on how Butterfly SZLC works with their style. Forehand & Backhand: Walt found that his Super ZL Carbon Blade was easy to hit. He didn’t have to work all that hard, and he was able to get good timing. He said, “I enjoy the feel of this blade for groundstrokes, and it’s easy to hit with a lot of power. Joe stepped up, saying that he feels like he can generate a lot of spin with the Super ZLC. He feels like the ball is heavy, but he doesn’t feel this will affect his shots. He adds, “The ball felt light when I struck it, and it felt like it was going to fly into the air, but I knew that I would control it with a bit of a maneuver.”   Smashes & Volleys: Walt appreciated the power generating from the sweet spot. “I felt very comfortable with the SZLC,” Walt said, “especially, I felt easy power I could generate on my smashes and volleys.” Joe then says, “It had a perfect feel, crisp and clean. The weight is distributed so well that I can generate more power. As for overhead smashes, it felt like the weight is giving some extra power.” Serves: Joe found that the blade had more heft than the ones he was used to, which helped him hit harder and more accurately. He said, “I was surprised with SZLC. The Super ZLC blade is heavier than many other blades when it comes to spin. I’m accustomed to heavier spin, which makes my follow-throughs more powerful.” Walt notes, “This racket is good for serving because it was easier to focus on ar movements when making contact with the ball. I can make a lot of spin with the natural movement of my wrist and arm.” Back to baseline, We asked Walt and Joe if the Zhang Jike Super ZlC suited their style. Zhang Jikes Super ZLC Blade & Xiom Hayabusa ZXI Compared to Xiom Hayabusa, the Jike Super ZLC blade has a high reaction area when putting the same rubbers on both blades. The Xiom Hayabusa ZXI has 7-ply Zephylium X Carbon, and that’s why we compared our Super ZL Carbon blade to it. It is made with a powerful synergy of wood and composite material. This blade provides exceptional control and feel. The carbon in the third layer gives the Xiom ZXI a sensibly sharp. But, an unbelievably softer feel than most other composite blades, making it the perfect choice for players who demand the best of both worlds. This blade is also ideal for players who want accessible and continuous top spins with extra power with its flexible design. Walt concluded by saying: “I feel the blade is nice for counterpunch attack. I was able to get a lot of topspin and to get fairly deep shots, which fit my game well. I prefer a defensive style, so this was effortless for me.” Joe said that he found it difficult to adjust at first but then got used to it. He says: “I think I was just getting used to the slightly heavier weight because it did feel a little more effort, but I think it’s just a matter of getting used to it. The Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade is expensive, but it’s worth the money well spent if you have the cash. It’s a high-quality racket that you can rely on.” Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade – The Final Verdict Some people will say that the Super ZLC blade is a spin monster, but every player has different opinions. Given the hefty price tag, would I recommend Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC? Here’s my personal experience. For a long time, finding a blade with high spin and great away-from-the-table power has been a struggle for me, and this is the blade combining both these characteristics. The larger sweet spot and premium feel can make this blade your winning weapon in your next dwell. It is overpriced, but the final peace of mind is that with the Zhang Jike Super ZLC, you never have to worry if there’s a better one out there that your opponent may be using. Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade – FAQs 1. What type of blade is the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC? The Super ZLC is a high-reaction blade with a completely new shape and the best balance between attack and defense. It’ll help you produce more power from each stroke, but unlike the existing blades, it’ll also enable accurate placement of those shots. This guarantees more fantastic spin and control. It is also known for its greater sweet spot, which is greater than existing blades. It is a shakehand blade with a high-strength ZL fiber (carbon and Zylon) arrangement, most suitable for offensive players. 2. What type of rubber pairs well with the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade? The Tenergy or Dignics rubbers would pair nicely with the Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade. But, Chris Burner from Bowmar Sports recommends the following options: Zhang Jike Super ZlC Rubber For more spin – Tenergy 05 & Dignics 05 Tenergy 64 & Dignics 64 – for more speed Tenergy 80 & Dignics 80 – for a balance of speed and spin For play close to the table – Tenergy 25 is better suited Butterfly Tenergy 19 is the newest rubber in the Tenergy series. It offers a little more speed and spin than Tenergy 05. 3. What makes the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade different from other carbon blades? The new carbon blades from Butterfly are equipped with Zylon and carbon-dense fiber arrangement resulting in super high-quality protection, excellent power, and incredible control. The larger sweet spot and the premium feel let you play close to the table with confidence. The ZLC blades also ensure better precision and a consistent return (not to mention more incredible spin and speed) than previous models. 4. How to assemble the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade? Assembling the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC table tennis blade is pretty straightforward. You should be gluing the blade just as you would with the other Butterfly models as Viscaria. Start by applying an even and thin glue on the blade, and then place the rubber on the blade. Use a roller to distribute the glue evenly. Repeat the process with the second blade and trim the excess rubber accordingly. 5. How much does the Zhang Super ZLC blade weigh? The weight of the Zhang Super ZLC blade is similar to the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC, which is approximately 90 grams. 6. What is the vibration property of Zhang Jike Super ZLC? The vibration speed of this Zhang Jike Super ZL Carbon is 12.3. This means that the ball will bounce less after bouncing off the blade, allowing more control. 7. What is the reaction property of the Zhang Zike Super ZLC blade? The reaction property of this blade is 11.1, and most players (including most professional players) agree that it is the best reaction among most stiff and large-sized blades. 8. What are the drawbacks of Zhang Jike Super ZLC? Zhang Jike Super ZL Carbon is a one-of-a-kind high-end table tennis blade with undesirable aspects. For one, players at their developing stage might find the speed and the agility challenging to maneuver. Secondly, the outer layer is Koto wood, not Limba, which may not be preferable to many. 9. Is the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade worth the money? There’s no denying that the Super ZL Carbon from the Butterfly Zhang Jike series is superior because of the advanced carbon fiber and the larger sweet spot. With the Zhang Jike Super ZLC, you can get a better response and more power for a killer game in league matches and divisions. 10. How is the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade different from Innerforce ZLC? The Zhang Jike Super ZL Carbon blade is entirely different from the Innerforce ZLC in speed, control, feel, and power. Zhang Jike Super ZLC has a greater reaction and vibration properties than Innerforce ZLC, meaning higher impact, a harder feel, and a high reaction area of the blade on contact with the ball. Also, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade comes with Koto top layer, while the Innerforce ZLC features Limba. The most crucial difference is the greater sweeter spot, which gives more control and confidence in dwell matches. Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade – Conclusion Finally, if you are looking for a Super ZL Carbon blade with great speed and control, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC ($399.99) would be great. It is composed of top-quality materials and offers many features that will improve your table tennis game. However, it is also one of the more expensive blades on the market. If you are looking for a similar option for existing blades, consider the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC ($399.99) or Lin Jun Yu ($399.99). Both Super ZLC blades offer good speed and control at a fraction of the cost. The cheaper model is Super ZL Carbon Xiom Hayabusa ZXI ($139.00). When testing, we chose the same rubbers for all the Butterfly blades. The overall performance is impressive for all of them. The model with super ZL makes power and control and has a better reaction than existing Butterfly blades. Whichever blade you choose, we hope this article provides you with enough information to make an informed decision.