Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade

Published on October 26, 2021 Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Sorin Petroj

It’s hard to play a good game without a good paddle, and the Butterfly Viscaria blade surely makes a great difference to the hits your racket delivers.

The Viscaria ALC series from the Butterfly brand, used by World Champions as Zhang Jike, is one of the best in the market. It offers a very precise and crisp feeling and is relatively soft but still maintains a medium hardness.

The Viscaria ALC Carbon blade is one of the top 10 table tennis blades, so it is no wonder that many questions need to be answered.

Butterfly Viscaria table tennis blade two options flared and straight handle


How much does the Butterfly Viscaria blade weigh? How does the Viscaria ACL series compare with other Butterfly blades? Is the Viscaria blade right for you, or should you choose a different brand?

It is impossible to ever go wrong with a classic Viscaria. This Butterfly Viscaria table tennis blade review plus guide addresses all your concerns about this legendary model from Butterfly.

Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade Composition & Features

Type Offensive Shakehand
Weight 90 grams
Reaction property 11.8
Vibration property 10.3
Blade structure 5-ply wood + 2 Arylate-Carbon
Blade size 157 x 150 mm
Blade thickness 5.8 mm
Handle size FL: 100×25×34 mm

ST: 100×23×28 mm

Country of origin Japan

Viscaria Blade Weight: The weight of the blade is one of the most important factors that contribute to the speed. The Butterfly Viscaria weight is similar to Timo Boll ZLC and Timo Boll ALC, which are very lightweight.

The Classic Viscaria weighs around 84 grams making the racket very fast. The Arylate Carbon inside is one of the best features of the Viscaria is that it delivers enough spin and speed to the ball.

The Blade Materials: The Viscaria is an outstanding blade that combines the speed of carbon with the precision of Arylate. This kind of material is used for Viscaria’s blade because it doesn’t dissipate energy as fast as carbon fiber does.

The blade has a great carbon fill – one of the main attributes of the Viscaria that is most loved. This pings of the bat fast with the best accuracy. The medium hardness of the Viscaria blade gives good control and response when blocking back the shots.

While the Arylate fiber of the Viscaria blade is a high elasticity material providing great shock absorption, the unique design and structure provide the perfect balance. Viscaria’s blade design provides the player optimum balance of power and control.

The Viscaria ALC blade is very flexible and provides excellent shock absorption allowing for maximum power. Geared up for topspin attack, the blade provides optimum balance between speed and control and thereby the best choice for mid and advanced players.

Why Choose The Viscaria Blades From Butterfly?

Each player is different and has different strengths and weaknesses. However, when it comes to choosing the right blade, Butterfly Viscaria is always the top choice among players. It is a go-to blade that provides all the ease and an all-time classic blade delivering the power that you desire.

Butterfly Viscaria blades are the most recommended one for beginners to pro players. If you want to feel the speed in your hits and strokes, this blade delivers top-notch results. Viscaria offers a unique combination of lightness and flexibility that most players don’t experience in a blade.

Viscaria blade’s composition provides very smooth playing with very nice control. The blade is suitable for a heavy offensive setup, but the feeling is softer than a typical high throw blade. The ball lands and stays on the table and can be controlled well.

arylate carbon picture with original package of the blade

It’s an excellent blade that gives you an incredible feel for each hit. The compact head is ideal for quick counter-attacking.

But there’s another important factor that helps you to detect a particular property about a blade. Touch and feel are very subjective. A high-frequency vibration carries over into a faster and harder feel, and a low-frequency vibration can translate to a slower and softer feel. The vibration property of the Viscaria blade is 10.3.

The reaction property of a paddle shows how fast the ball will move after hitting the paddle. The higher it is, the faster the ball will move. The Viscaria Butterfly blade is the fastest, providing the right balance between speed and control.

Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade Pros and Cons

The Viscaria blade is almost similar to the Timo Boll ALC, but it is a soft and speedier version that is great for short-long combination play and topspin attack. Due to the softness and speed variation, this model is the most popular ALC Butterfly blade recommended by coaches and players.

We compared Viscaria with three of the most popular ALC Butterfly blades, such as Timo Boll ALC, Zhang Jike ALC, and Lin Gaoyuan ALC. Based on our comparisons, the Viscaria comes with certain sets of pros and cons attached.


  • Lightweight
  • Great shock absorption
  • Provides high flexibility and increased stability
  • Provides minimal dissipation of energy
  • Best suitable for versatile spin play and chopping


  • Slightly overpriced
  • Not always suitable for a defensive setup

Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade Reviews From Users

Here we share some of the reviews on Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade online.

“The Viscaria is what I reach for most of the time. It’s quick enough for any setup, generates lots of feels, and has a great balance between speed and control. I’ve tried many other blades, but none that satisfies like the Viscaria.” Andrew. D.

“If you’re a frequent player who can’t imagine life without table tennis, it’s a great choice. You may have tried many blades, but I can tell you that the Viscaria will be your favorite. For a long-time player, I can confidently recommend this blade. It’s a true work of art!” Timothy. X.

“I’m a big fan of Butterfly blades, and this particular model is very popular and frequently sold out. What’s great about Viscaria is that it’s very popular, frequently sold out, and the price is really good. It is a little heavy, but that just helps me get more powerful hits. It is a pain to switch rubbers, but once you find your ideal combo, this racket is exceptional.” Darek. M.

How To Assemble The Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade?

Here I explain how to assemble the Viscaria table tennis blade. You will need the rubbers, glue, scissor, sponge, a roll, and tape to assemble the Viscaria blade.

Clip the Sponge: It is best to use a bigger size sponge to distribute the glue equally all over the rubber. Use the sponge with a clipper for easy use.

Gluing both the rubbers: Put glue on the rubber. You can start by taking a small amount of the glue with a sponge and putting it on paper to use. Use the sponge to distribute the glue evenly on both rubbers. It is better to use at least two layers of glue on each of the rubbers, while big venue players use three layers of glue on the rubber.

Gluing one side of the blade: Take another layer of glue on the side of your blade. When applying the glue on the paddle, try to go from down to upward rather than left to right. Generally, players playing in small venues use at least one layer of glue on the blade.

Let the glue dry properly on the rubber and the blade: It usually takes 7 to 10 minutes for the rubber and the blade to dry. However, if the weather is very humid, it can take up to 40 minutes for the glue to dry. Don’t use a hair dryer or blower to speed up the drying process; rather, let the glue dry naturally.

A video where I show you how to glue a racket.

Firstly, if you are uncertain if the rubber is dry or needs more time, you can place your finger on it. If the rubber gets stuck to your finger, it means you need to give the rubber more time to dry. Secondly, if your finger gets easily loosed, it means the rubber is dry. Moreover, there will be no marks from your fingers on the rubber when it is properly dry.

Placing the rubber on the backside of the blade:  First, start fixing the rubber down where the mold is and then take a roller and roll it on with equal force. Rolling the rubber smoothly and without any stretch on the blade makes the rubber softer and provides more spin. If you stretch the rubber with your thumbnail and roll it with force, it will become harder and faster.

Cutting the rubber: Now, you can cut rubber according to the blade’s head with your scissor.

Gluing the second side of the blade: You should glue the next side of the blade only once you have attached one side of the rubber with the blade. Many players tend to glue the blade on both sides at the same time, but this may cause particles and dust stuck. Glue the blade just like before, place the rubber, and cut the rubber with a scissor.

Applying the side tape: This is the last step of assembling your Butterfly Viscaria blade. If you use tape all around the blade, it adds weight and makes the blade slower. So, you may consider using the tape just in one small area at one side of the blade.

Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade Price

These days, you can easily get the Butterfly Viscaria table tennis blade delivered to your doorstep. But don’t purchase 3rd Party Sellers selling it for more than $250. Get it cheaper either from an authorized dealer or directly from Butterfly.

So, how much do the Viscaria Butterfly blades cost? The official price of the Butterfly Viscaria FL handle blade from authorized dealers on Amazon is $184.99, while the Viscaria ST handle is $250.76. There is no shipping charge!

Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade Where To Buy

Given that the Viscaria model comes with hefty price tags, it is true that you can get clones of the Butterfly Viscaria table tennis blade at a very small price.

It is also a fact that there are a lot of fake Butterfly blades in the market. Plus, several of the Butterfly Viscaria blade reviews suggest avoiding getting ripped off by purchasing fake Viscaria blades.

So, we suggest you order it from the Megaspin website. The only problem is that the price from Butterfly’s official website is very high, and it takes many days to get the blades delivered. You can get it within 4-5 business days from an authorized Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Amazon dealer.

Bowmar Sports is the only authorized and official distributor of the Butterfly Viscaria table tennis blade in the United States. So, if you are purchasing it from Amazon, make sure to only purchase it from Bowmar Sports, the authorized US dealer of the Butterfly products.

Overview on the Butterfly Viscaria Brand

The Butterfly company was established over 50 years ago and is one of the most well-known brands of table tennis equipment worldwide. It is a Japanese company founded in 1950 by player Hikosuke Tamasu.

Butterfly produces quality table tennis equipment endorsed by many international players and is sold globally. Whether artificial fiber-based shakehand blade, all-wood shakehand, or penholder blade, or 1-ply Hinoki you are looking for, Butterfly is always the top table tennis brand in the world.

The Viscaria blades have been a popular choice for a long time. It became more famous after London 2012 Olympic champion Shinjuku started using it. It’s so precise that the ball always goes through the hoop. The ball never touches the ground when you swing the swords. Simply no one in the world can beat this legendary blade from Butterfly.

The Final Verdict

Many people have asked me what makes the Viscaria so special. My answer is that it’s a very balanced blade, combining speed, control, and vibration. My first impression of Viscaria is the great control touch that the blades provide.

If you’re looking for an exceptional blade, one with a great feel, then you will find it in this one. This blade has the perfect balance of speed and control. The incredible consistency of the Viscaria means you can do fast forehands and backhands all day long and definitely a top-notch blade that you’ll love.

arylate carbon world leading quality blade from butterfly


Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should use the Butterfly Viscaria Blades?

Whether you’re looking for the perfect backhand spin or more of an offense style of game, the Butterfly Viscaria blade is designed to fulfill your table tennis dreams.

Viscaria is one of the most popular Butterfly blades. The Viscaria ALC blade with a sturdy, dense feel and a neutral balance is suitable for powerful players. Due to its stable play feel, it’s also ideal for middle-game looping.

2. How much does the Butterly Viscaria table tennis blade weigh?

The Butterfly Viscaria table tennis blade is very lightweight. The Viscaria blade weighs approximately 87 grams when assembled.

3. What type of rubber goes well with the Butterfly Viscaria table tennis blade?

Tenergy 05 goes best for short trajectory and quick play, while you would choose Dignics 80 for a mid-distance and heavy spin setup. For power play and long-distance, Tenergy 64 FX goes well with the Viscaria FL handle.

4. What materials are used for the Butterfly Viscaria blades?

The Butterfly Viscaria blade is constructed of Koto, Limba, Kiri wood core, and 2-Arylate Carbon fiber. The Koto wood is used in the outer layer.

5. Does the Butterfly Viscaria blade has a lifespan?

A good blade will allow you to hit the ball with more force and accuracy and let you do it for a long period. The Viscaria blade doesn’t break easily, so it’s usable for a long time. Most Butterfly Viscaria blade reviews say that the blades can be used for five to six years.

However, the performance of a blade decreases gradually. For this reason, professional players change their blades a few times a year as it loses their elasticity and doesn’t absorb the shock from the ball and a new one. So players regularly change their equipment to ensure peak performance and also take daily care.

6. What is the vibration property of the Butterfly Viscaria Blade?

The vibration property of a blade is usually measured and quantified by the blade’s vibration speed. It quantifies the speed of the blade’s vibration after impact.

A low vibration property means that the ball will not bounce as much. A high vibration property means that the ball will bounce more. The vibration property of the Butterfly Viscaria table tennis blade is 10.3.

7. What is the reaction property of the Viscaria blade?

The reaction property of a blade determines how fast a ball will go after contact. The higher the reaction property, the faster the ball will go after impact with the blade. The reaction property of the Butterfly Viscaria blade is 11.8

8. What do the variations such as FL and ST of the Butterfly Viscaria blades mean?

Butterfly Viscaria blades come in two variations FL (Flare) and ST (Straight) and are also customizable. The main difference between the FL and ST variation is the structure of the handle.

The Butterfly Viscaria FL comes with a wide handle end that fits better in the palm. This shape is the most popular choice among players. On the other hand, the Butterfly Viscaria ST is a straight handle but with the same thickness as the FL shape. The ST variation is suitable for those who want easier and faster grip.

9. Where can I buy Butterfly Viscaria Blades?

You can purchase it from Butterfly US authorized dealers on Amazon or directly from Butterfly’s website.

10. How to verify if your Butterfly Viscaria blade is original or fake? 

The most important point is that you can verify the real Butterfly Viscaria blade with the serial number. The Butterfly Viscaria serial number is a series of 11 digits containing both letters and numbers and is different for each of the products.

The serial number is present on each of the Butterfly blades. You can send the serial number to Butterfly by emailing them at info@butterfly.tt or contact them at their official Facebook page.


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