Butterfly Timo Boll J VS TJ Blade Review (Best for Junior)

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If you’re shopping for junior players, then two table tennis blades that deserve special consideration are Butterfly’s Timo Boll J and TJ models.

Both highly rated blades provide excellent speed, spin, and control characteristics ideal for juniors looking to upgrade their game – but which one is best?

In this blog post we’ll compare these Junior Table Tennis Blades by side so that you can decide which one offers the features and qualities perfect for helping junior players reach new heights in their performance.

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This advanced technology and construction offer some of the best playing characteristics for young players aiming to perfect their technique, allowing them to reach the top of their game faster than ever before.

Timo Boll J VS TJ Junior Blades Comparison Chart

Timo Boll J VS TJ Junior Blades Comparison Chart

With its lightweight design, power-packed performance, and increased control capabilities over spin variations, this racket is set to be your junior champion’s ally on its way up the rankings! Read on for more information about why it could be just what you need.

Butterfly Timo Boll TJ – Best Blade for Juniors

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Are you looking to get your junior table tennis player the perfect blade?

Look no further than the Timo Boll TJ! This lightweight carbon blade is designed for junior players aged 10-13 who are looking to take their game to the next level. Let’s explore why this blade is ideal for junior players and what makes it stand out from other blades on the market.

The Butterfly Timo Boll TJ features a short, narrow grip that is easy for smaller hands to hold firmly. Its compact head size also makes it easy to swing quickly and with precision.

The Carbon fibers in the structure of the blade give it more power than traditional all-wood blades, making it an ideal choice for advanced junior players.

Butterfly Timo Boll TJ Specifications

  • Blade size 154x146mm
  • Blade thickness 5.2mm
  • Vibration 11.4
  • Reaction 10.5
  • FL handle size 95x21mm
  • Style Attack
  • Made in Japan

These features can provide juniors with both speed and accuracy while they play.

In addition, its Japanese production quality ensures this blade will last longer than some of its competitors. This means that junior players won’t have to worry about having to replace their blades frequently.

butterfly timo boll tj table tennis blade for juniors grip size

Choosing the Timo Boll TJ FL, not only helps with saving money in the long run but also guarantees a consistently high performance with every match.

All in all, if you are looking for an ideal table tennis blade for your junior player then look no further than the Timo Boll TJ.

Butterfly Timo Boll TJ Junior Blade Features

Athletic design

The Butterfly Timo Boll TJ was designed by world-renowned athlete and table tennis champion Timo Boll. This offensive racket has a sleek, modern look that gives you a competitive edge.

The Timo Boll TJ blade is ideal for beginners or teenagers aiming to up their ping pong game. With its compact blade face, there is more control over shots and spin, ensuring that every play is precise and accurate.

Additionally, the blade also incorporates a flared handle for advanced players to get a secure grip without compromising on maneuverability. This makes it perfect for learning how to master new techniques or beefing up one’s skill level in table tennis.

Boll TJ FL blade 3-ply construction

Made with superior quality materials, this table tennis blade offers a balanced and consistent playing experience. The 3-ply wood provides stiffness and stability, while the 2-ply TAMCA 5000 carbon ensures good power and speed.

Round shape

The round shape provides good control and a comfortable grip. You’ll be able to make quick, deft strokes with ease. The compact head size makes this ping pong paddle easy to swing and loop topspins.

Offensive type

If you’re looking for an aggressive racket that delivers plenty of power, then the Butterfly Timo Boll TJ is for you. This blade is perfect for advanced players who are ready to take good power in their style of table tennis play.

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With its lightweight carbon construction, compact head size, and excellent power due to its Carbon fibers, this blade offers the speed and accuracy that any advanced junior player needs while they compete.

So don’t wait – get your hands on a Timo Boll TJ FL blade today!

Butterfly Timo Boll J Table Tennis Blade Review

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Timo Boll J table tennis blade is great for developing juniors between the ages of 4 and 9.

With a smaller head and thinner, shorter handle, these wood blades offer more control and precision than other style attack rackets.

It also has a lightweight design that makes it easy to swing for younger players. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Timo Boll J an excellent choice for young table tennis players.

a young table tennis player plays international tournament

The Design of the Timo Boll J

The Timo Boll J has been designed specifically for younger players aged 4 to 9. It also has a short, thin handle which allows even small hands to grip the racket easily. These features make it perfect for beginners who don’t have much experience playing table tennis yet.

Reviews of the TIMO BOLL J

Players who have used the TIMO BOLL J have given rave reviews about how well it performs in terms of hardness, momentum, weight, and feel at impact.


“This blade is for 4~9 years old kids. It is well adapted for their hand. Weight is 67g. But the size of the blade is a little bit smaller than standard butterfly blades. Therefore, one needs to cut rubbers accordingly. This is a pity, because it demands to cut FOR this blade, and cannot use the cut rubber to another blade thence. Therefore 3 stars.”

Many agree that its lightweight design makes it much easier to swing than other blades on the market, while still offering high precision and moderate speed – two important features that will enable future development in their game.

In conclusion, the Timo Boll J is an ideal table tennis blade and a cheaper model than the Butterfly Timo Boll TJ. With its lightweight design and comfortable grip, this racket offers good control and precision – perfect for those just learning how to play table tennis or advancing their skillset further.

timo boll j table tennis blade grip size smaller explained


So if you’re looking for a great racket with a narrow grip to hold it firmly for your child, look no further than the Timo Boll J!

Butterfly Timo Boll J Features

  • A racket developed for young, aspiring players.
  • Grip and size designed for small hands – easy to grip and control.
  • The lightweight and compact head design makes it easy to swing.
  • Ideal for players starting in table tennis – gives a good reaction and vibration.
  • The J model has a smaller blade head than Timo Boll TJ FL.

A racket designed for players aged 4 to 9 – Developed with the help of Timo Boll, this racket is perfect for introducing young players to table tennis.

  • Short, thin grip – Makes it easier for small hands to grip the racket and swing it.
  • Lightweight and compact head design – Makes it easy for children to swing the racket.





Megaspin offers to return the blade within 30 days of the original packaging. However, they provide FREE shipping for orders over $ 50. That’s why you should choose this online store for your Timo Boll TJ fl and J blades.

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