Butterfly Space Saver 22 Review (Blue, Green, Gray Table)

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The Butterfly Space Saver 22 series – blue, green, and Timo Boll gray- are among the best indoor ping pong tables you will buy in 2023.

Are you trying to improve your game by finding a top-class indoor table tennis table?

Do you desire a top-of-the-line table that can provide a lot of enjoyment while also having a really attractive appearance?

If so, you don’t need to worry because we have the ideal choice.

This full-size, high-end table tennis table will look great in your game room. Additionally, with the assistance of two people, you can quickly set up the table and slip it into a corner if you aren’t using it right away. Keep reading this Butterfly Space Saver 22 review if you want to learn more about the table.

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If you’re anything like me and dislike putting stuff together and keeping it undamaged, then the Butterfly Space Saver 22 might be right up your alley. So you can stop worrying about that too.

This table is already assembled and equipped with all the necessary gameplay accessories, so you can get right to play without waiting.

Even better, this indoor ping pong table is produced by one of the top brands on the market and is national league ITTF-approved. If you’re still not pleased, let me review some of the specifications and key features in greater detail.

Butterfly Space Saver 22 Table Specifications

Color Blue, green, and Timo Boll gray
Warranty Five years
Top Thickness 22mm
Assembly time No setup up required
Dimension 9×5 ft
Adjustable feet Yes
Safety options Release lock
Net system National league net
Playback option No
Locking rubber wheels weight 215 lbs
Price $ 1,732.49
Folding system Yes

The Butterfly Space Saver 22 ping pong table is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an ITTF-approved ping pong table that can be folded up and stored easily.

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It has locking rubber wheels weighing of 215lbs, so you can move it easily and still have it completely secure when in place. The 7/8″ thick wooden top ensures a consistent bounce, while the 2″ x 3/4″ steel rim helps provide a strong frame.

There is also a National League release lock net set, so the game will always be fair and safe.

Basic Overview of Butterfly Space Saver 22 Table Tennis Table

The Butterfly Space Saver 22 rollaway has a compact folding design and doesn’t require assembly. The top is 3 mm thinner, which meets all requirements set forth by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

The table is Perfect for corporations, schools, clubs, and individual game rooms. You can Enjoy excellent testing conditions throughout the years, worry-free, with a 5-year warranty. Thanks to its 22mm Perfect Grip top, you can get accurate bounces.

butterfly space saver 22 table review model green main image

The 1 1/8″ square steel legs give the structure sturdiness and durability. This ping pong table’s easy-fold construction and 3″ rubberized highly durable wheels make folding and moving a breeze.

With its protective locking system and locked wheels, you can rest easy. A hard PVC band and a sturdy 2-inch steel ring protect the scratch-resistant 22mm anti-skid surface.

Using the height adjustments on each side, you can balance the top. The National League Table Tennis Net Set included with the table will make your gameplay experience perfect. It is a standard 9′ long, 5′ broad, and 30″ high when unfolded, measuring 60″ wide, 63″ high, and 19″ deep when collapsed.

Key Features & Benefits of Butterfly Space Saver 22 Table Tennis Table


The Space Saver’s surface is 22 mm thick, giving it a remarkable and realistic bounce. A rigid PVC strap with a sturdy 2-inch steel ring protects this top, making it scratch-proof.

For all kinds of strokes, the anti-skid surface offers the ideal grip. A table with a 22mm thickness is a better standard since its bounce is comparable to that used on professional courts. Strong solid steel legs and a robust and long-lasting frame hold the tabletop.

butterfly table tennis table tabletop feature 22mm

You will always have a stable playing field thanks to this. Since there is 400mm between the steel legs and the table’s bottom, this table is also accessible by wheelchair. This implies that anyone can participate in this table.

Foldable feature

In my opinion, this table’s storage and placement capabilities are its key selling point. It is not particularly compact, which could be an issue if you have little room.

However, this table has a simple foldable mechanism that makes it possible to close it quickly and store it whenever needed. In other words, if you want to compress the place up for storage after you’ve finished playing it, it has a foldable feature that lets you do so simultaneously on both sides.

two ping pong tables from butterfly brand foldable feature

Therefore, it is much more straightforward to fold it, store it, and make room for other items with the assistance of two people.

Butterfly Space Saver 22 Storage

The Butterfly Space Saver 22 also uses the Centrefold 25’s thin folding style. The Centrefold 25’s significant popularity was mainly due to this innovation, making storing the table in compact locations simple.

With the two sides folded into one another, the storage width is reduced to just 51 cm. The safety mechanism prevents the table from unfolding while it is being placed.

Thanks to its practical storage feature, this professional quality table is excellent for any setting, whether a classroom, lounge, or tiny home.

Easy to move

You shouldn’t be concerned at all if you believe that using this table would be difficult due to its size because you can quickly move it using the three ′′ rubber extremely durable locking wheels.

butterfly space saver 22 table tennis table leg levelers and easy to move

Therefore, you may move this table quickly from the floorboards to the playroom or elsewhere. Additionally, these wheels make no noise when transporting the table from one place to another, making it simple to install anywhere as it requires little setup.

The wheels also have a lock system to stop the table from tilting or sliding, giving it an extra security layer.

Durable leg levers

A player would need the table to remain in place and create no noises or rattling during the game. Considering this table has leg levelers, you won’t have to be concerned about it.

Thanks to the leg levelers that come with it, you can concentrate more on your gameplay instead of worrying about the table shifting or sliding. Regardless of where you place your table, whether on a carpet or flooring, it will always be level, thanks to the fully adjustable levelers.

A smooth playing surface is ensured thanks to this feature.

ITTF approved

Butterfly Space Saver 22 table tennis table is among the most well-known ITTF-approved models constructed from high-quality components and long lifespans.

This attractive table has a sturdy construction composed of wood and alloy steel, and it also has adjustable leg levelers for added convenience.

It satisfies every requirement set forth by the International Table Tennis Federation, assuring that this table is exceptional in every way.

Space Saver 22 Warranty

As a customer, you want to get the most out of your purchase, and a warranty is crucial to ensuring that type of customer experience.

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This table’s 5-year warranty ensures you will get the most out of your investments. You can be sure that the Butterfly Space Saver 22 table tennis table is of extremely high quality If this table or any of its components sustain any damages, a defect, or an issue.

You can complain, and the manufacturer will immediately address the issue. As a result, your satisfaction is guaranteed in every area.

Butterfly Space Saver 22 Reviews & Customer Feedback

The Butterfly Space Saver 22 series comes with 5/5 star ratings on Megapsin and 4.9/5 global star ratings on Amazon. It is a popular choice and comes with loads of reviews both from independent reviewers and also from Megaspin and Amazon.

I am including some of the Butterfly Space Save 22 customer reviews and will give you a gist of their opinions.

“I am glad that I went with the gray one from the Space Saver 22 series. It is one of the nicest tables from Butterfly. It comes 99% assembled, and I am totally satisfied with its quality construction.”

In another Butterfly Space Saver 22 review, a delighted customer wrote:

“This is an absolute stunner. The finish of the table stands out. In my opinion, the real beauty of the table is the way it collapses into a small profile, making it a super convenient ping pong table and indeed a space saver!”

butterfly space saver 22 table review wheelchair friendly

Another reviewer shared on Megaspin.com: “I am glad I listened to the experts at Megaspin and ended up getting this incredible Butterfly table. It offers amazing bounce and comes almost assembled. It is also a very budget-friendly table, and a five-year extended warranty gives me a certain reassurance that I can describe with words.”

As you can already observe, the Butterfly Space Saver 22 ping pong table comes with an impressive amount of positive customer feedback and professional quality. It also happens to be available at a very reasonable price tag. So let’s get to know how much this ping pong table costs and where to buy this absolute beauty.

Butterfly Space Saver 22 Table Price And Where To Buy

Space Saver 22 ping pong table retails at $1,924. But the Butterfly Space Saver 22 Series – blue, green, and Timo boll gray are now on promotional sale at Megaspin.com, making the price tag a lot easier to swallow for us.

The economical option is the certified used model, and a more expensive table is Timo Boll Gray.

You can get at least a 10% to 30% discount on the blue and green Space Saver 22 from Megaspin. Here is the price list:

  • Butterfly Space Saver 22 – Blue: $1,732.49
  • Space Saver 22 Table – Blue (Butterfly North America Tournament Certified Used): $1,457.99
  • Butterfly Space Saver 22 – Green: $1,347.49

Shipping Process

Shipping services like R&L and Yellow Freight make deliveries of these highly compact tables from Butterfly.

Within the United States, all tables are transported free of charge and come with a complimentary liftgate option to the sidewalk at your delivery point.

Based on the table model and region, the shipping time is typically 3-6 business days for orders from Megaspin. Shipment outside of the contiguous US could be more expensive.

Finally, it’s time to end this Butterfly Space Saver 22 review, so I have detailed the pros and cons of this table in the following section.

Butterfly Space Saver 22 Table Tennis Table Pros and Cons


  • Tournament-grade indoor ping pong table
  • Comes with a 22 mm thick anti-skid tabletop
  • Easy to maneuver & slim folding design
  • Available in three colors
  • National League ITTF approved
  • No assembly required
  • Comes with a 5-year extended warranty
  • Made from highly robust components
  • Takes up little space on any playing conditions
  • Height adjustable


  • Not suitable for outdoor and solo practice
  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • Playback position – No

butterfly space saver 22 table tennis table pros and cons





About the Butterfly Company

In 1950, Hikosuke Tamasu established the Tamasu Co., Ltd. in Yanai City, Japan. Tamasu, a well-known international player representing Japan, realized his dream when he turned his pastime into a career.

Tamasu had no idea at the time that Butterfly would overtake all other global brands. Success requires innovation, tenacity, and a high level of technical understanding. He continuously searched for fresh ways to improve playing methods by employing cutting-edge equipment.

about the butterfly company table tennis website homepage

Tamasu understood that every player has unique advantages and disadvantages. Tamasu aimed to support players in highlighting their styles by providing customized equipment.

Since 1983, Butterfly has had a research and development facility in Tokyo where scientists and engineers collaborate with elite athletes and trainers to create cutting-edge equipment.

At the International and European Championships, over half of the competitors employ butterfly rubbers and blades.

Butterfly Space Saver 22 Review: Final Verdict

While some may find the Butterfly Space Saver 22 table tennis table to be pricier, I feel this table is still an excellent choice for serious players on a budget.

Firstly, you get a great tabletop with a surprisingly durable frame. The table is portable and comes with an innovative storage solution – all of these come at a price that’s hard to beat for sure!

Secondly, the Butterfly Space Saver 22 table tennis table is the perfect compact addition to any game room. Its high-quality compact storage serves as an excellent folding mechanism.

green table tennis table from butterfly half folded

It can fit easily into tight spaces such as basements or garages, while its built-in height levelers always guarantee a flat playing surface.

Even better, you can select a delivery method during checkout so your new table will arrive at your door exactly when needed. With all these features, the Butterfly Space Saver 22 is the ultimate size-friendly table for professional ping pong players.

Best of all, if you live in the contiguous US, you can get Space Saver 22 at a 30% discount right now from Megaspin, free liftgate delivery, and free curbside shipping! A significant win for savvy and picky folks.





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