Butterfly Revoldia CNF Review (Nanofiber Table Tennis Blade)

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The Butterfly Revoldia CNF table tennis blade is a classic weapon of choice for competitive players who want to optimize their game performance.

Designed with Nanofiber technology, this impressive carbon blade consists of curved wood and carbon fiber layers. They are combined to create an incredibly thin and lightweight structure.

Not only does this give the player utmost control during play but it also provides improved responsiveness when hitting the ball.

With its unique offensive profile, the Revoldia CNF performs well in both attacking and defensive players alike — allowing them to get the most out of every match! Read on for our complete review of this cutting-edge ping pong blade.

Butterfly Revoldia CNF Features Comparison Chart

Butterfly Revoldia CNF Features Comparison Chart

Butterfly Revoldia CNF Table Tennis Blade Review

Butterfly Revoldia CNF Table Tennis Blade Review main image


The Butterfly Revoldia CNF blade stands out from its predecessors because of its Cellulose NanoFiber technology. The CNF provides a unique combination of wood and carbon fibers.

Unlike other carbon-based blades, this one has an interwoven wood pulp structure that allows for a higher level of control when playing a soft or medium-effort shot.

In addition, the blade can produce a swift and precise attack shot, making it an all-around versatile blade. The cellulose nanofiber technology has elevated what was possible before. Also, it created an advanced blade that is unmatched in performance.

The Butterfly Revoldia CNF blade design is not only versatile but also durable. The CNF blade material is known to be extremely strong and lightweight. This makes the blade more robust and less prone to breakage. Its durability permits players to use it for extended periods without worrying about wear and tear, allowing for maximum performance output every time it is used.

The Butterfly Revoldia CNF blade handle types

The blade’s speed and spin performance are exceptional, thanks to the interwoven carbon fibers. Its blade construction can produce a high level of spin, making it ideal for topspin shots from a variable distance.

Additionally, its speed rate is high enough and goes beyond other blades in the range, which makes it easier to produce fast and consistent shots.

The Butterfly Revoldia CNF blade is made using quality materials and new technology, making it one of the best in the market.

The use of Cellulose NanoFiber blade technology has created a blade that is not just powerful in performance but lightweight and comfortable to handle. This blade is perfect for all players, whether they are new to the game or have been playing for years.

Who is Revoldia CNF intended for?

In conclusion, the Butterfly Revoldia CNF blade is a game-changing product that has harnessed the power and lightweight features of Cellulose NanoFiber technology.

Its versatility, speed, durability, and spin performance are exceptional and unmatched in the market. This blade is perfect for all players, whether they are amateurs or professionals.

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It is an excellent investment for any player or coach looking to improve their game, and it will undoubtedly take your game to the next level. The butterfly Revoldia CNF blade is a must-have for any table tennis enthusiast.

Nanofiber Table Tennis Blade Revoldia Features

The Butterfly Revoldia CNF Table Tennis blade boasts exceptional features that make it a force to reckon with on the court.

The Butterfly Revoldia CNF Table Tennis blade packs a powerful punch with the combination of 5 wood plies and 2 nanofiber plies. This unique blend of materials results in low vibration and high reaction. Also, it provides an excellent feel and high rebound when you strike the ball.

The result is that you can achieve high levels of control with ease, helping you to make rapid direction changes and quick movements on the court.

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While the blade is a perfect match for professionals, it’s also suitable for players of all skill levels. The Revoldia CNF is known for its exceptional trajectory that helps players hit sharp angles and extreme angles with ease.

Not only will this blade help you to achieve pinpoint precision with each stroke, but it will also help you to maintain consistency throughout the game.

Butterfly Revoldia CNF Rubber Recommendations

Choosing the right rubber for your blade is important to optimize your game. The Butterfly Revoldia CNF Table Tennis blade is no different.

The recommended rubber line for this blade is Tenergy’s. The Tenergy 05 is the rubber that has the highest arc, with the ball landing closer to the net. For an accurate net technique and a powerful countertopspin, this rubber best suits you.

The Tenergy 80 has the second-highest arc and the ball lands in the mid-distance region on the table. The Tenergy 64 has the longest travel path, and the ball lands closest to the table’s end. This is the recommendation rubber line that will provide you with the control you need to dominate the game.

rubber recommendations for ping pong blade with nanofiber technology

Adding the Soft Grip Tape to this blade is an excellent choice for those looking for extra grip and comfort on the racket handle. The racket care makes it comfortable to grip, especially during long gaming sessions.

Plus, it gives extra support to absorb perspiration so your new blade will have better characteristics and extra loop, backhand shots and quick blocking.

Further, consider adding the side tape to your blade, which will help protect it from damage and enhance your game. Also, the Tenergy FX version is better for a lightly deeper ball travel and a soft touch.

Additionally, it keeps the racket’s head looking clean and neat. It makes them look impressive during matches.

Butterfly Revoldia CNF Price

Get ready to take your table tennis game up a notch! The Revoldia CNF nanofiber blade from Butterfly is now on sale at Megaspin online store – grab it for only $332.99 and save 10%, that’s an amazing deal of $37 off the regular price of 369.99!

  • SPEED: 8.5
  • CONTROL: 8.75
  • PLY: 7
  • WEIGHT: Approx 88g
  • FL Handle Size: 100 x 24mm
  • Made in: JAPAN

You can purchase your first blade with new special material from other world table tennis stores.

Butterfly Revoldia Reviews From Users:

“CNF is softer than the SZLCs and faster than the Viscaria/ALC/TB Spirit. Very nice hold on the ball for spinning and some chopping. Quite manageable with long pips at the table. Loops are not as powerful as when using an SZLC and have a higher arc but a very snappy down hook after the bounce.

I use it as a nice alternative to my primary racket for when I want to play with more control while giving up on some of the speed. Serves are very short and deceptive.”

Butterfly Revoldia Reviews From Users the CNF explanation

“This is probably one of the most unique blades I have ever used because of how incredible its feeling and power is. It’s great if you are someone who wants to transition from all wood to carbon but is afraid that the carbon might be a little too fast.

My previous blade was a Kenta Matsudaira alc blade (essentially the same as a Timo Boll ALC but with a smaller handle) and it feels that this blade is a tad slower but has much more control and increased my confidence because of how good the feeling is. In the short game, it has an amazing feel like an all-wood blade and it is very easy to do flicks and open-ups right off the serve.”

Butterfly Revoldia CNF Review – Conclusion

Ping pong enthusiasts looking for a unique and high-performing blade with the same technology as other ZLC fibers can check out the Butterfly Revoldia CNF.

This table tennis equipment is a great option for those who are looking for something in between the sharpness of carbon blades and the softness of wooden paddles.

It offers the perfect balance of control and power while providing just the right amount of forgiveness needed to generate a great spin on slower returns on ball contact. The medium-long strokes are handled with ease, making it ideal for dynamic play.

new table tennis blade from butterfly with nanofiber technology weight and construction

Unlike classic carbon fibers, it can also be a great transition blade for those used to softer paddles, allowing them to retain some of those familiar characteristics while upgrading their game. All in all, it’s a high-performing attack shots blade that is worth a try!






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