Butterfly Playback Outdoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review

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The Butterfly Playback Outdoor Rollaway table is a USA Table Tennis Association USATT-approved table for outdoor and indoor use. All thanks to the Butterfly brand that has constantly been producing valuable ping pong tables that can be subjected to multiple services.

It is quite a heavy table; for this reason, the manufacturers ensured that it is easily movable to prevent people from carrying it from one place to another.

This table easily adjusts to mobile mode, moving it to its storage area or another location. It is also very long-lasting because of the materials used in its manufacture. We will get to see these materials as we read on.

Butterfly Playback Outdoor Rollaway table main image


The Butterfly playback outdoor rollaway ping pong table is slightly upgraded to the Butterfly TW24 and TW23 outdoor playback rollaway tables. It has more added features and advantages than the TW24 and TW23 versions.

You can use this table anywhere, for any reason, and at any time. Whether it is in your garage, patio, dining room, or corridors for display, you name it! I’d choose this table over any other on any day and at any time because of its flexibility.

Let us now see some of its vital features and specifications, which will help you determine if the table is a perfect match for your table tennis needs and all your general needs.

Butterfly Playback Outdoor Rollaway VS Butterfly Personal 19

Butterfly Playback Rollaway VS Butterfly Personal 19 comparison



Comparison Features of the Butterfly Playback and Personal 19


  • The Butterfly Playback Rollaway requires less assembly and has a sturdier construction compared to the Butterfly Personal 19 table.
  • Butterfly Personal 19 is heavier than Butterfly playback rollaway
  • The Butterfly Personal 19’s legs are round-shaped, while Butterfly PlaybackRollaway’s legs are square-shaped.
  • Butterfly Playback Rollaway has an SLT top, while Butterfly Personal 19 does not.


  • Both have large 5″ double wheels, side beams, and 1.5″ steel rims.
  • Both have legs that are indented to enhance footwork during the game.
  • Butterfly Rollaway and Personal 19 have two safety levers on each side of the table to ensure security when playing. It makes them one of the safest table tennis tables for child/amateur play.
  • Both are easily convertible from play to playback to storage modes without having to remove the net and posts.
  • Both outdoor ping pong tables have a storage holder for ping pong paddles and balls.
  • These ping pong tables have a warranty.

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Butterfly Playback Outdoor Rollaway Table Specifications

Here are the table’s parts and specifications:

  • Tabletop Thickness: 1/4″ Synthetic Laminate Top (SLT)
  • Rail/Rim: 1 1/2″ Steel Rail
  • Legs: 1″ Square Steel
  • Wheels: 5″ Double Wheels
  • Weight: 140lbs
  • Safety Feature: Locking Lever
  • Net: Club
  • ITTF Approved: No
  • Playback Position: Yes
  • Adjustable Feet: No
  • Accessory Holder/Hassle Free Net: Yes (Racket & Balls not included)
  • Folded dimensions: 71″ x 73 1/2″ x 25″
  • Warranty: 10 years on the tabletop, 3 years on the frame
  • Material: wood, alloy steel

The outdoor table also has the latest design of the Butterfly logo, which is written in capital letters and is very visible. It is also made available in Green and Blue tabletop colors.

Butterfly Playback Outdoor Rollaway paddle and ball holders plus green and blue table

Wood and alloy steel are suitable quality materials that ensure the table’s durability. They also ensure that the table is all-weather resistant. Therefore, it cannot be affected by harsh climatic conditions like sunshine, rain, or wind.

The table also harbors no stains, even when liquids like tea or coffee get poured on it. It is easily cleaned and leaves no stains from hot beverages.

Butterfly Playback Outdoor Rollaway Parts and Features

Synthetic Laminate Top (SLT)

The top surface has a Synthetic Laminate Surface of 9×5 dimensions on a different frame. The frame is rust-proof, has rotating wheels, and can withstand harsh climatic conditions.

Safety levers

The presence of safety levers on each table half guarantees maximum control over the table during play, even when a young child is using the table or a beginner. Their function is to lock the outdoor table in the safety position and to put the table halves together. It prevents the table from falling apart.

The good thing about the levers is that they are adjustable. You can fine-tune them according to your safety requirements.

butterfly playback outdoor rollaway safety levelers

Net and Posts

The table has very convenient nets and posts that can either remain attached to the table in Play mode, playback mode, or storage mode.

The net is weatherproof. You can use it for play in any weather, sunny, windy, or rainy. It is also very easy to attach to the table. You simply need to connect it to the posts and adjust accordingly, and you are good to play!

Legs and wheels

The legs are made from steel (1 inch each) and are indented from the end and sides of the table. Usually, when moving the table, the sides of the legs are folded upright, giving room for the wheels to roll the table away.

The legs’ frames also have 1 ½ inch steel railings, making them very strong to hold the surface and generally the whole table.

The wheels are very stable, without a doubt. They are larger than other ping pong tables with 5-inch ball-bearing casters for easy transportation.

This Butterfly foldable ping pong table contains 5-piece fold and roll technology.

Racket and ball holder

It has two accessory holders on each side of the table, making storage of balls and racket easier. Each holder can carry up to 2 table tennis rackets and 4 balls.

In total, your table can store up to 4 pieces of ping pong paddles and 8 balls, which is also very convenient.

Other Distinguishable Features

Single player/playback mode

This outdoor table is unique in that it can avail you of 3 modes, and the one that is not often offered is playback or the single-player mode. This mode allows you to play by yourself.

Here is how it works; one half of the table is set upright (in storage mode) while the other half is put in play mode. The good half of the table will play your defense. Playback mode would come in handy when you want to practice/play and you do not have someone to practice with.

This Butterfly table tennis table ensures that your play goes on even when you are short of opponents.

Edge bandings

It is one of the essential features to include. They protect the table against wear and tear.

Extra Bracings

They provide the legs of the table with extra support and reinforcement.

Saves on space

We can all agree on this because once the table is folded up, it consumes very little space in the storage area. It allows you to use your space for many other purposes.

Butterfly Ping Pong Table Cover

You can consider this if you want your table to have a much longer shelf life. Kindly note that it is not advised to subject the table to harsh climatic conditions even though it is weather-resistant.

If you can avoid such, please do so. This can be done by putting the cover on the table to protect it.

butterfly ping pong table cover and solo play table


When it comes to putting all the parts together, you may need a hand. 2 to 3 people can help with its compilation and assemblage. It is not a big task when you have many hands on deck.

It is equally the same as folding the table to storage mode. 1 to 2 people can help, but you can quickly push the table on your own without much difficulty.


You can produce great bounce on this table. Top spins are also fantastic, especially for beginners who want fun! The table is great for indoor or outdoor use. Also, the table has an effective child safety feature. However, you can use it on uneven ground or in your garage.

Butterfly Playback Outdoor Rollaway – Pros and Cons

High-quality table and durable because it is made from quality materials This outdoor table is expensive
The table can be used for both outdoor and indoor play ITTF not approved
Offers solo play mode It requires assembly
It is lightweight when setting up (weights up to 140 lbs) The ping pong table does not have individual leg levers
It has two inbuilt rackets and a ball holder, one on each half of the table
Has large 5″ wheels for easy transportation
Does not consume a lot of space since it can be folded
Very durable outdoor table and weather-resistant
Availability of a 10-year warranty on the table frames and a 3-year warranty on the top surface
Presence of a safety feature that offers protection during play.


Butterfly Personal 19 Ping Pong Table

Butterfly Personal 19 Ping Pong Table main image


Specifications of Butterfly Personal 19 Table

Butterfly Personal 19 Table Tennis table is an indoor table unlike playback rollaway. Here are its specifications:

  • Top Thickness: 3/4″ Wood Top
  • Rail/Rim: 1 1/2″ Steel Rail
  • Legs: 1″ Round Steel
  • Wheels: 5″ Double Wheels
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Safety Feature: Locking Lever
  • Net: Perfect II
  • ITTF Approved: No
  • Playback Position: Yes
  • Adjustable Feet: No
  • Accessory Holder/Hassle Free Net: Yes (Ping pong paddles & Balls are not included)
  • Folded dimensions: 71″ x 73 1/2″ x 25″

Playing Surface

The table top surface is made from good quality wood with a thickness of 19 mm. It is only available in Green color. The top surface produces a great bounce suitable for a beginner player.

The surface is supported by 1.5″ steel railings around the table.

Steel Rim Apron

Their function is to protect the table edges from damage.

Nets and posts

The nets and posts come together with the table. You can opt not to remove the net while folding the table.

butterfly personal 19 ping pong table half assembled solo play mode


Playback / Solo Play Mode

The table comes in two halves. You can fold one half and play on the other half, thus activating the playback mode. The table has three ways, like the Butterfly playback rollaway table.


The legs are made of 1″ of steel each. They are also indented from the sides and ends of the table to prevent footwork hindrance during play.

Storage accessory for paddles and balls

It comes with two accessory holders on each half of the table. These are very convenient in that they help store paddles and table tennis balls.


The table has two pairs of 5-inch double wheels that are quite sturdy, allowing you to move the table from one place to another quickly and easily.


You will need a maximum of 2-3 people in its assembly. It is also very time-consuming. You can take up to 2 hours to put everything together. But the storage positions are great while not playing ping pong.


Pros and Cons of Butterfly Personal 19

It is light in weight This outdoor table is quite costly
The net remains non-removable even in storage mode The table doesn’t have individual leg levers
The table has a safety feature to ensure security while playing It requires considerable assembly
Contains two built-in holders to store paddles and balls Only available in Green colored table top surface
Has large 5-inch wheels for easy transportation It is not ITTF-approved
The outdoor table offers playback mode for solo play/practice.
3 years of warranty is offered on the table.


Butterfly Playback Outdoor Rollaway – Conclusion

Although ITTF disapproves of other tables, they are still great, and they come highly recommended to put at home if your family loves to play table tennis. You can use the tables for friendly matches or practice sessions.

They can also serve well in offices and board rooms. Just ensure that you remove the posts and the nets so that the table can remain relevant in their station. Nevertheless, your colleagues can play it ping pong during their free time or team bonding sessions.

If you have any table tennis lovers in mind, make sure you suggest the Butterfly playback outdoor rollaway or the personal 19 tables and their benefits. You could be their source of enlightenment; you never know! These tables can also form great gifts for them!

Butterfly Playback Outdoor Rollaway net and post set closer view


Do not forget to include a table cover while purchasing your table. It is essential to consider this because a cover enhances the table’s durability. It will protect the table from adverse weather conditions giving it a much longer lifespan.

The only thing that matters when it comes to table covers is the material used in their manufacture. Good quality and durable covers are made from nylon. This aspect makes them waterproof because they are non-absorbent. You might also want to consider those covers made of PVC materials to protect your table from UV light and sun rays.

The covers also function to protect the table from dust and dirt elements.

Buying a ping pong table is an investment in one’s health, well-being, happiness, and how you utilize your free space. Ensure that you are also considerate enough to maintain your source of good health, well-being, and joy so that it can serve you for the longest time.

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