Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade Review (Price & Comparison)

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How does the Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade compare to other table tennis blades?

What type of playstyle is most suitable for this Super ZLC, and is it worth it?

The Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade is a collaboration model between Japan’s top table tennis player, Jun Mizutani, and Butterfly. This blade evolved a new material, Butterfly, for the attacking style of modern players.

Butterfly has specially developed the Super ZL-Carbon material featured in the blade to improve the touch and feel of table tennis. Made using high technology, the Super ZL-Carbon is superior to the fiber materials you see on regular blade compositions.

There are so many essential questions that need to be answered, and in this Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade review, we aim to provide you with everything you need to know about it.


Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade’s Technology 

The Butterfly Brand has spent millions of dollars on its new carbon technology developed for Mizutani Jun Super ZLC and Zhang Jike Super ZLC blades. The Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is a blend of carbon and zl-fiber. Enhanced processing techniques allow for a strong and denser mixture, resulting in a large sweet spot on the blade and less energy input.

The acclaimed ZL-Fiber softens the impact on the ball, making it possible to play with speed. Combined with an outstanding design, the Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC offers excellent handling characteristics.

mizutani jun super zlc blade fl and st handle style ping pong


Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blades are ideal for highly skilled players who require an overall lighter touch in fast strokes. You can effortlessly dish out power shots with high stiffness and an excellent rubber handle.

The perfectly designed handle of the blade, along with its firm rubber, will help you grip it more firmly, allowing you to switch between different play styles. Now let’s get to know about the appearance and the material composition of the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC.

Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade Composition and Appearance

When you want to cut loose, you need a blade that can handle just as much power. That’s what the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade offers. It is constructed from the highest quality materials.

This Butterfly table tennis blade has high craftsmanship built into its construction for more extended durability and excellent performance. With Mizutani Jun Super, a new material Butterfly introduces. Super ZL carbon seems to be great for modern attacking players.

The Super ZLC blade is fantastic for powerful attacks and heavy spine production, so get it if you’re an advanced player who can use it well. The Jun Super ZLC blade has incredible reaction and control stats. This blade has an expanded high-reaction area, creating more significant racket movement at impact.

the material and composition of one of the best ping pong rackets

If you want to know more about the technology behind this powerhouse of the blade, its composition, specifications, features, and price, be sure to read the upcoming sections of this full Mizutani Jun Blade review.

  • The Material and composition:

Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade is built for a fast attacking play style. It is made from the best plywood in Japan. The hard nature of the wood protects the blade structure.

The manufacturer chooses the best quality wood so the blade can stay in top condition even after 20 years. Most blades use ordinary wood; that’s why they break down in a few months, but not Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blades.

This means you can reliably use this blade in tournaments even after ten years of service. Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade has a total of 5 plywood layers. The surface wood, the second layer, the wooden core, and another second layer that protects the last wooden surface layer.

Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade Composition and Appearance

Most blades have an artificial fiber layer, but Mizutani Jun Super Blade has a 2-ply Super ZLC carbon layer.

The idea of advancing performance with more carbon and speed with less weight came from the table tennis world. The result is the new Super ZL-Carbon, which delivers more speed and control to your game. The tungsten inserts on this blade are complemented by an innovative manufacturing technique for developing Formula One race car engines.

With the new ZL-Carbon, there’s more carbon and 50% less weight than conventional carbon blades, providing higher ball speed with lower effort. The Butterfly brand first manufactured this unique and light carbon.

They have implemented this robust carbon on their tournament-level blades Mizutani Jun Super ZLC.

The ZLC carbon layer increases the reaction and control stats of the blade. Expanded high reaction carbon area excels the power generation capabilities of the blade.

  • Weight and thickness:

The racket’s weight distribution and balance are greatly improved, making it a fast table tennis blade for a more powerful attack. It weighs about 90g [3.17oz] and allows players to generate more power during play, especially when returning serves.

Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade is perfect for tournament plays and has been endorsed by world champions from Japan, the U.S., and China. The total thickness of the entire blade is 5.8 mm. It is important to note that Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is not intended for new players. It is built for the pros and those who frequently participate in national and international tournaments.

two handle types of blade mizutani jun one of the most expensive blades

  • Rubber: The rubber type on the handle is pips-in(inverted). This type of rubber has pimples on the outer layer, and the smoother part of the rubber is stuck to the sponge. Pips and carbon layer combinations are excellent for offensive plays. It is also suitable for backhand plays.
  • Blade Handle: Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade has three handles: flared, anatomic, and straight. The flared blade handle is excellent for a looping play style. FL handle is specifically made for those who have a dominant forehand.

But if you want more control over the shots, go for the ST blade handle. You can also try out the anatomic handle for a better grip. The anatomic handle is an FL handle with an added widening area in the middle.

Super  ZL Carbon

YouTube video
The handle of the blade has a modern look to it. The color of the handle is a mix of red and black. In my opinion, the color perfectly suits the blade’s rough and aggressive playstyle.

The overall finishing design of the blade is quite beautiful. It looks and feels very smooth compared to old-generation blades. The Butterfly brand has outdone itself this time. The high-quality carbon fiber structure minimizes the weight of the racket.

Jun Mizutani Super ZLC VS. Viscaria

jun mizutani super zlc vs viscaria blade

Butterflys dominates the table tennis world with their remarkable reaction speed and new material technology. They introduced Jun Mizutani Super ZLC, which is a softer Limba outer ply.

The other option is the Viscaria table tennis blade with a harder Koto outer ply. The difference in speed is not remarkable because Limba is slower than Koto but ALC is slower than ZLC. So, the Limba with the ZLC gets about the same speed as the Koto with the ALC.

Butterfly gives you two great options to choose from, depending on your preference.

The Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade is a fast weapon with enough control provided. Viscaria is lighter and has better control over the blocks or pimples. Another difference is in the expanded high reaction area. So, with Mizutani Jun Super ZLC, you can better react to topspins and counterattacks.

Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Features & More Specifications

Here’s a breakdown of the specific features of the Mizutani Jun blade.

  • Class type – Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is designed for offensive shakehand style play.
  • Weight – The blade surface and handle weight are 60g, and the rubber weighs around 30g. So it has a total weight of 90g.
  • Reaction property – Mizutani Jun Super ZLC has a 12.5 reaction property, which is considerably high.
  • Vibration property – Mizutani Jun Super ZLC has an 11.6 vibration property, which gives the blade a decent enough hard-touch finish.
  • Structure of the blade – Butterfly brand used 5 plywood layers and 2 super ZLC carbon layers to build the design of the blade. In short: 5w 2szlc.
  • Size of the blade – 157×150 mm
  • Blade thickness – 5.8 mm
  • Flared handle size – 100x24x34 mm
  • Straight handle size – 100x22x27.5 mm
  • Anatomic handle size – 100x24x34 mm

Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Features & More Specifications combination with tenergy rubbers


The blade has a speed rating of 9.5, making Mizutani Jun Super ZLC one of the fastest tournament-grade blades in the market. It is Super Sonic Fast the speed of the blade might feel similar to another popular Butterfly blade called Timo Boll ALC.

The carbon fiber technology of Super ZLC helps generate tremendous speed during forehand and backhand shots. The blade’s stiff and thick nature also helps create more momentum behind every strike.

The Super ZL Carbon doesn’t have the present fibrous materials but made a pass to the next stage. It stepped forward in technology and manufacturing. So, Jun Mizutani is made in Japan and is ready for a new era in table tennis.


Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade has a high control rating of 9.0. Thanks to its carbon layout with a vast expanded sweet spot in the middle, the blade can control the ball at any pace. Yes, Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blades have excellent control and speed properties.

Usually, blades with high-speed strokes are difficult to control. Still, Mizutani Jun Super blades’ new Super ZLC carbon technology makes it possible to implement control and speed in the same blade. The carbon surface of the blade will give the ball a softer bounce, allowing you to control the game’s flow with incredible speed backing up your every shot.

Other Features

Stiffness – The blade gets a stiffness score of 6.1. It is pretty stiffer than regular fiber blades. More stiffness means more speed. Butterfly Mizutani Jun has a spin ridiculous and a blade for the next generation.

Power – The enormous sweet spot and 5.8 mm thick plywood and carbon surface will generate energy when you hit the ball. Mizutani Jun Super ZLC became famous for its power shots.

mj superzlc package of the racket

You can deliver burst shots at any range, but the blade is most effective at close range. Most players struggle to counter power shots coming from this blade. The big sweet spot in the middle will help you perform smash volley shots more comfortably and efficiently.

Spin – Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is a stiff blade with excellent handling properties. The top-quality pips-in rubber on the handle helps the blade bend enough to deliver powerful spin shots. Mizutani Jun Super blades are not too stiff. The blade is flexible enough to perform curved or spin trick shots.

Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade Pros and Cons 

Jun Mizutani ZLC is one of the Butterfly Super ZLC series’ best blades. It is designed for mid to advanced players who want to improve table tennis. This is a 5-ply all-wood blade with 2 layers of 5-ply wood and 3 layers of carbon.

The sword blade weighs around 88 grams, making it slightly heavier than other Butterfly blades, but the weight balance also contributes to its solid feeling when playing.

Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade Pros and Cons

Although Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is a one-of-a-kind blade and uses the first-ever Super ZLC carbon technology, it has its pros and cons. Before buying the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade, check out the pros and cons list to determine if the blade suits your playstyle.


  • The blade has a big sweet spot, which will allow you to hit shots more accurately.
  • The thick carbon fiber surface produces tons of power behind every shot.
  • The high-quality materials of the structure make the blade very durable.
  • Mizutani Jun Super ZLC has harsh weather-resistant properties.
  • This blade is excellent for speedy, and power plays making your opponent’s nightmare.
  • Mizutani Super ZLC can be devastating at close ranges. Many pro players struggle to counterplay against this blade at close-quarter duels.
  • Super ZL-Carbon is an evolved new material.
  • The blade has three different handles to switch between depending on your playstyle.
  • The stiff nature of the blade makes it ideal for attacking play style.
  • Thanks to the pips in inverted rubber, the blade’s handle has a decent grip.
  • The blade has good reaction and vibration properties.
  • With this blade, you don’t have to put in too much energy to perform volley shots. The blade’s expanded high-impact carbon middle point generates the power you need.
  • The International Table Tennis Federation ITTF approves Mizutani Jun Super ZLC. It has been used in many international tournaments, including the World Series.


  • Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is not suitable for beginners or amateur players.
  • Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blades are expensive compared to other Butterfly lineups.
  • It is not as light as Timo Boll ALC blades.
  • Intermediate players will struggle with this blade in long-range plays.

Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Table Tennis Blade Price

So, how much does the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade cost?

The Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade is not cheap. It is the only tournament-level blade that uses Super ZLC carbon technology. With its large sweet spot, thick plywood, and carbon surface, you can blast your way through tough competitors and quickly climb the ranks.

the only tournament-level blade that uses Super ZLC carbon technology

If you are a trickster, who likes to bend every shot, you will feel right at home with Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blades. The curved shape of the edge, the carbon padding, and the pips-in rubber make the blade very flexible. You can perform spin and power shots with Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade.

That said, Mizutani Jun Super ZLC costs $399.99. Yes, it’s expensive compared to standard blades. Standard table tennis blades will be adequately functioning for only 2-3 years; the high-quality materials will keep the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade in service for nearly a decade.

This blade outperforms all the regular and even other professional blades. Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is worth every penny. You need long adaptations, but after that, will improve the game significantly.

Where to Buy the Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade?

Authentic Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Carbon Blade is rated 9.3 out of 10 based on 9 reviews from Megaspin Table Tennis Forum. This Butterfly’s top-of-the-line blade is meant for use in professional matches. It’s got a fantastic texture. This blade is swift and feels very soft.


It’s an excellent blade for close-to-the-table attackers and defenders, adding power and touch to their already great play. That said, if you want to get the authentic Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade, then make sure that you buy your Butterfly blades from authorized retailers like Megaspin or Amazon to avoid getting scammed by selling counterfeit blades, which is a massive problem in the world of table tennis.

However, getting it from Megaspin.net ensures that you purchase Mizutani Jun Super ZLC from an authorized retailer and at the lowest price guaranteed. They also offer free shipping inside the U.S.A. and often same-day delivery!

Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade Reviews by users

Based on the reviews from users, this blade is comfortable, fast, light, and easy to handle. This is a great all-around blade. Here you can read some of the Mizutani Jun Blade reviews by users.

“I found the Mizutani blade suitable for experienced players, as it requires a lot of skill to handle. However, it can still provide great performance if you play slowly with just enough force and don’t overdo it. Unless your opponents use higher-quality blades, I think this blade will give you a good chance of winning. You could also use it to gain experience but make sure to take lots of notes so that you learn from your errors!” K.M.

YouTube video
“I’ve been using Super ZLC for about a month, and as I expected, it is a high-speed blade. It took me a few sessions to get used to the speed, but I found that it was still controllable once I did. The ball tends to fly off the table when you hit it hard, but if you use topspin or underspin, the ball will stay on the table and provide great counter-attacks.”

“I love playing with my Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC. And the looping on serves is just amazing with the speed and the spin of the blade art. I use this blade with Tenergy 05 on F.H. and Andro Hexer for B.H. It is a very comfortable combination; the speed of the rubber is perfect for this blade. I highly recommend it to anybody looking for a good blade with Tenergy or any other fast rubber.” Timothy.

Overview of The Butterfly Brand and The Mizutani Series

The Butterfly brand is well known as one of Japan’s first table tennis equipment manufacturers. They have always produced top-quality table tennis equipment endorsed by many international players, which is sold worldwide. So it’s no wonder that the Butterfly is considered one of the top table tennis brands in the world.

The Butterfly brand was founded by a pro table tennis player Hikosuke Tamasu in the 1950s. Since then, Butterfly has been producing top-of-the-line blades for all styles and levels of play. Some of Butterfly’s hallmarks are the craftsmanship and delicate precision of their blades and paddles, including the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade.

If you are a newcomer looking to learn the ropes of table tennis or a seasoned veteran who wants to apply his skills more effectively, Butterfly brand produces blades suiting both play styles. Viscaria, Mizutani Jun Super ZLC, Timo Boll ZLC, Zhang Jike Super ZLC, and Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC are the highest-rated blades of 2021 produced by the Butterfly Brand.

mizutani jun super zlc table tennis blade all three handle types


Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blades are excellent for offensive playstyle. It has a 5.8mm thick surface with a large sweet spot. The five layers of plywood backed up by two Super ZLC carbon layers will help smash down each shot with great power and precision. Thanks to the lightweight nature of the blade, you can make these shots without losing too much energy.

The blade has decent vibration and reaction ratings. You can easily pull down shots with hard hard-touch finish. With the carbon layer and a high reaction rate, you can deliver each shot with great speed. The expanded high area of the blade will help you control tough shots more comfortably.

Mizutani Jun Table Tennis Blade Review: The Final Verdict

The Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Blade is a performance-level blade for those seeking a softer feel, all-around attack, and excellent control. This blade is the official choice of many top players, including Su Ying and Kim Myunghee.

This blade provides excellent speed and touches from loops to drives to smashes. With more flex than the regular versions, this Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade enables advanced players to control the ball even with heavy spin. It can help counter-attack defensively from anywhere on the court.

The bottom line of this Mizutani Jun Blade review is that it is an excellent blade when you learn to control it. I’m a solid player who plays out of a 4.0-4.5 range, and I’ve played with the Mizuno Jun Super ZLC for a year and a half.

YouTube video


It’s one of the most challenging blades I’ve ever played with, but it’s also one of the best I’ve ever played with. The speed this blade generates is unlike any other blade I’ve used (I’ve tried over 20 different blades), and it gives you the ability to hit very hard.

Butterfly introduces to the world the Jun Super ZLC blade with confidence. Made by a great Japanese player Jun Mizutani.





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