Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Review (Price & Comparison)

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The Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC blade is one of the most powerful and fastest table tennis blades in the Butterfly Blades series. This blade was named after Lin Yun-Ju – another World’s best Taiwanese table tennis player. It was explicitly designed according to his gaming requirements.

He is known for his famous banana flicks and ‘Chiquita’ shots technique.

The design of this blade enables him to generate an excellent vibration for sharp Chiquita shots and perfect counters. The high performance of this blade also caused him to defeat other great Chinese Table Tennis Players like Ma Long and Fan Zhendong, not forgetting the remarkable German Table Tennis player – Timo Boll.

This blade portrays many unique features and characteristics that not many blades have, thus making the table tennis brand among the best brands because of its high-end table tennis equipment.

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Lin Yun-Ju is a left-handed player who has a unique playing style. This blade served him well by attending to all his gaming needs.

This article will bring forth insight into the Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Blade (LYJ-SZLC), a complete review for 2022! Including its price, techniques that work best with it, rubber recommendations, composition, characteristics, and a brief comparison with Viscaria ALC blade.

Therefore, I hope you enjoy this read and gain enough knowledge about the blade to be able to determine if it would take your skills a notch higher. We will begin by looking at the features of the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju table tennis blade.

Features of Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Blade

  • Plies – 5 wood and 2 super ZLC carbon
  • Top Surface – KOTO wood
  • Weight – 88g
  • Thickness – 5.6 mm
  • Style of play – Attacking
  • Skill level required – professional
  • Speed- 9.2, Hardness- 6.5, Consistency- 9.5, Reaction- 12.3, Vibration- 11.1
  • Control- 9.5, Spin- 8.2, Stiffness- 6.0
  • Head Dimensions – 157×150 mm
  • Handle Dimensions – 100×25 mm
  • FL Handle Size: 100 x 25 x 34mm, ST Handle Size: 100 x 23 x 28mm, AN Handle Size: 100 x 24 x 32mm
  • Price- $ 359.99
  • Manufacturer – Butterfly             
  • Country of origin – Japan

Composition and Appearance of Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Blade

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju table tennis blade owes its exceptional composition to the Butterfly brand. The Butterfly is famous for combining the best technologies in the World for its table tennis equipment.

All of Butterfly’s innovations are uniquely defined as they continue to supply the market with high-value table tennis equipment.

Composition and Appearance of Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Blade


This blade is one of the latest and top-notch innovations that Butterfly has ever come up with. Lin Yun-Ju SZLC blade contains both ZL fiber and carbon.

The surface area has five plies of wood and two super ZL carbon fibers with a thickness of 5.6 mm. The Kiri core and Limba are intermediate plies. They come after the SZLC located below the outer Koto ply.

Structure = KOTO – SZLC – LIMBA – KIRI

Because of this structure, the blade has a very powerful impact on hitting the ball. It is also through its high-quality structure that it can give off high vibration.

When playing, you will not feel this high vibration because of the presence of a sweet spot. The sweet spot plays an essential role by ensuring that you don’t feel the powerful force of the blade when you hit the ball.

The blade also has a unique appearance, and the handle contains Lin Yun-Ju’s favorite color. There is also a custom wing mark on the handle with an acronym representing his name. The personalized logo gives the blade a vibrant look that, in turn, gives out a youthful vibe.

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Weight & A Very Large Sweet Spot

It has a net weight of 88g, which means it is not such a heavy blade. If you aim at precision and power, one can play comfortably with precision and strength, especially in offensive play (mainly attacking). Furthermore, the blade produces a high amount of spin and is always very stable, with great consistency and control levels.

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The carbon layer’s role is to ensure minimal energy is used while maximum speed is produced instantaneously. The ZL fibers increase flexibility and strength while maintaining a lower weight.

The SZLC fibers are almost twice as dense as the ZLC fibers in other Butterfly blades. It helps to ensure an increase in the sharp spot and speed of the blade while producing mid-hard to hard touches.

The Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju blade is a soft blade that will accelerate your performance.

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Review

The LYJ-SZLC blade is manufactured and available in Anatomic, Flared, and Straight handles. Butterfly states that Lin Yun-Ju is a blade with good momentum that draws out the power of hitting balls and stability due to a wide and high repulsion area.

Its characteristics enable it to produce sharp banana flicks and accurate counters. It’s not recommended to use soft rubber and other heavier rubbers.

When you purchase the blade, it comes well packaged for safety concerns. There is usually an inner box holding the blade beside the main/surface box.

The blade’s name and other technical information are listed on a sticker at the front of the main box. On the back of the box, you will find instructions on how to care for the blade.

The handle has a distinguishable appearance consisting of golden, green, orange, and light blue vertical lines against a dark grey base. There is no vibration due to the very large sweet spot.

On the forehand side of the handle, you will see a golden metallic lens, a Lin Yun-Ju and Butterfly logo, and the blade name written in English and Chinese. The standard silver Butterfly tag is placed on the handle butt.

Rubber Recommendations with the Blade

LYJ-SZLC works best with hard rubbers like the Butterfly Dignics 09C (D09C), which is excellent for the forehand. You can also consider using Dignics 05 for your backhand for great results. It, however, does not mean that it works well with all hard rubbers.

Rubber Recommendations with the Blade dignics 09c and dignic 05 from butterfly

You can also use it with Tenergy 19 for the backhand and Tenergy 05 for the forehand. They will give you an unexpected smooth play.

Lin Yun-Ju blade makes a good combination with some slow rubbers like Butterfly Spin Art if you do not want a fast game. Another option is the Hurricane 3 rubber, which maintains speed and spins to threaten your opponent.

Lin Yun-Ju Table Tennis Blade – Style of Play


A medium-low trajectory is produced when using the D09C rubber with this blade. It has a shorter dwell time compared to the Viscaria blade.

The forehand topspins are usually deeper and faster and are converted to become loop drives. The low spin levels require players with a quick reaction time. They will have an easier time returning forehand loops.

The Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju large sweet spot enables the forehand loop to loop rallies from far distances at the table. You will need to use a more open bat angle to generate the necessary trajectory and ensure enough clearance over the net.


The crisp sensation offered by the blade is excellent for over-the-table flicking. As a result, the flicks are fast and deep, giving you the perfect win.


The LYJ-SZLC blade produces a sharp feeling on the forehand and backhand when driving. It gives you just the balanced sensation for an outer ply blade. Not many carbon blades can offer this.

The drives produced have deep and relatively flat trajectories with enough clearance over the net to ensure good consistency.

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Smashes and flat hits

This blade ensures unreturnable smashes and flat hits from the back and forehand sides. You are therefore guaranteed the perfect finishing power.

Thanks to the super ZLC fiber, you can smash every table tennis ball with so much power that opponents can’t respond.


Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju is the best for long topspin, and side spin serves because it has good control. The ideal rubber for this kind of spin is the Hurricane 3 rubber for the forehand. The crispy sensation will help you pull off fast and angled serves that the opponent may find challenging to return.

It has great maneuverability when serving or pushing the balls close to the table. The DHS hurricane ping pong rubber is very popular among Chinese players.

Lin Yun-Ju blade has tremendous control during a serve return or blocking the opponent’s topspin.

Short games and pushes

It is easier for the blade to execute short pushes because of the crisp feeling produced. For instance, the stiffness and hardness of the blade, together with the bouncy nature of D09C rubber, make long forehand shots hard to make.

It is also important to use soft strokes when hitting the ball to prevent the push from going overboard, for example bouncing past the table. Much attention must be paid to the ball placement rather than spin generation.

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Even though blocking is not one of the strengths of this blade, Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju provides a stable, relatively rigid, and low-bounce platform for blocking.

Lin Yun-Ju blade is an all-around blade. The handle’s grip is very comfortable and gives a longer dwell time when playing a rally.

It is generally a fast blade with great speed and power. It will offer you both good speed and control simultaneously, which not many blades can do. You will feel the control better when playing mid-distance shots. It provides better control than some of the Butterfly ZLC blades.

The blade also has a medium stiffness. Its exterior has a full woody feeling, and the carbon gives it a good bounce. Furthermore, the long dwell time is excellent for attacking.

Viscaria ALC vs Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC

Viscaria ALC vs Lin table tennis blade offensive style

Both blades are from Butterfly, but their level of performance differ because they possess different features and capabilities.

The LYJ-SZLC blade lacks the softness present in the Viscaria ALC blade. Their reaction and vibration also vary, whereby Viscaria ALC has 11.8 and 10.3, respectively, and LYJ-SZLC has 12.3 and 11.1, respectively.

The reaction and vibration in Lin Yun-Ju table tennis blades are much higher than in Viscaria. This converts to the Lin Yun-Ju blade being slightly faster and stiffer than Viscaria ALC.

Also, LYJ has its center of gravity shifted slightly closer to the head, giving it a heavier feeling compared to the Viscaria ALC blade. However, they both encourage a relatively loose grip to enhance flicking and looping, and both have large sweet spots.

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju may have a good dwell time on the ball, but it is usually shorter than the Viscaria blade. It, therefore, does not generate as good topspins as Viscaria ALC.

But overall, it is still more powerful than the Viscaria blade because it is much harder.

Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Price

The Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC table tennis blade is a great option for advanced players with a very powerful forehand style. It is a fantastic blade with great performance and a very fast speed for attacking players.

Compared to the Zhang Jike Super ZLC, the Lin Yun-Ju is much more affordable, making it an excellent option for players on a budget. The blade is made of high-quality materials and is designed to withstand the rigors of professional play.

This paddle is made of the same material as the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade but is more affordable.

The best place to buy this blade is Megaspin, which is priced at $359.99. This blade is an excellent option for advanced players looking for a quality blade without breaking the bank.

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Blade – Verified Customer Reviews

Below are detailed customer reviews that are verified:

“I use this fantastic blade with 09c on FH (2.1mm) and t19 on BH (2.1mm). I can’t say that this blade goes well with all hard rubbers. But it goes well with rubbers like 09c but not Hurricane or Sanwei target. This blade is the first reason I chose to use t19 on BH.

It is light and fast, and when you block your opponent’s ball, it comes back right back at them immediately, and it’s pretty effortless for you to block well. Passive blocking to a short table is a bit hard when the ball speed is fast, but adding a kick on your block with a light flick is easy.

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Great maneuverability and this blade are more robust for backhand, so I see why it was named after Lin Yun Ju.”

“Amazing blade for flicking. Lower shot quality and lighter in weight compared to Zjk super ZLC. It grips the ball well and favors short to mid-distance game.”

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Blade – Conclusion

From the information above, we can say that this blade emphasizes speed and not spin. It is also more complex and heavier than other Butterfly blades. It is the ideal option for players who use over-the-table flicking mostly in their play.

If you also need to advance from Viscaria blades to a much faster one, do not miss trying out this one. You will love it! You will find it easier to use if you are an experienced/advanced-level player.

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Blade - Conclusion and package


Be sure to recommend the Lin Yun-Ju blade to other professional players looking to experiment with harder blade variations. If you are a player who likes mid-distance game, then the Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC ping pong blade will surely improve your strokes.

Timo Boll and Fan Zhendong, the TOP 10 players in the World according to ITTF World Rankings, had many problems when playing with Lin Yun-Ju. He is now a superstar in Chinese Taipei (Taiwan).

The ball speed will increase every time you make a stroke. Besides that, it produces tremendous amounts of spin and rotation.

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju blade will greatly favor them because once they can use this blade, there will be no other blade variation that will be too hard for them to use. If this review has also convinced you that this is the right blade, why don’t you purchase one today?






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