Butterfly Glayzer Review (VS 09c New Table Tennis Rubber)

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In this Butterfly Glayzer Review and Glayzer 09C, we’ll look at the two high-performance rubber sheets designed to give your strokes that all-important boost.

Are you an avid table tennis player looking for a winning edge?

Glayzer and Glayzer 09C are two new Butterfly rubbers set to release this year and have already attained ITTF approval.

Both the rubbers from the Glayzer series feature an exclusive ‘Grey’ top sheet with Spring Sponge X technology for the first time!

But how do these new Butterfly rubbers compare in terms of performance and quality?

Most importantly, should it be worth upgrading to these rubbers?

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In this review of Glayzer VS Glayzer 09C table tennis rubber, I will share my first-hand experience evaluating the rubbers’ vital technical features and performance.

New Table Tennis Rubbers Glayzer & 09C Comparison Chart

New Table Tennis Rubbers Glayzer and 09C Comparison Chart

Butterfly Glayzer Review

butterfly glayzer rubber review table tennis red main image


As the name sounds, Glayzer’s top sheet is ‘glazed,’ as in a bit shiny with exclusive coating particles. The sponge is grey, similar to the color of carbon fiber.

It is engineered with Butterfly’s Grey Spring Sponge X top sheet to deliver power. Also, it allows players to generate stable ball trajectories with high spin and speed.

Glayzer is fast/speedy and mildly tacky compared to the Glayzer 09C rubber. The Gray Spring Sponge X surface is 38 degrees – moderately hard, and the hardness feels similar to Dignics 05, 80, and 64.

The strengthened abrasion resistance of the Glayzer’s top sheet makes it easier for all-round players to execute top spin strokes both forehand and backhand.

Here is a brief overview of the key features of Glayzer:

  • Rubber type: High Tension Pimples-In
  • Rubber technology: High Tension, Spring Sponge X
  • Speed: 81
  • Spin: 73
  • Arc: 82
  • Sponge hardness: 38
  • Sheet color: Red, black
  • Sponge thickness: 1.9 mm, 2.1 mm

It’s worth noting that the Spring Sponge X top sheet of Glayzer is smoothly inverted. It provides abrasive resistance twice that of conventional tacky rubbers.

It comes with a sponge thickness of 2.1 mm and 1.9 mm. Which sponge thickness should you choose?

butterfly glayzer rubber red sponge thickness image

If you tend to play offensive and need more speed, then you should select 2.1 mm but note that you will get less control compared to the 1.9 mm sponge. On the other hand, if you are an all-round player seeking more control and power, you should choose the 1.9 mm sponge as it puts balanced friction on the ball.

Like Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05, Glayzer adopts pimple code No. 05. This pimple code signifies the tacky surface of Glayzer. It is generally recognized as a high-spin performance rubber recommended for players who play offensive or generate a high-level attack.

However, unlike Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05, Glayzer bears a different pimple shape exclusively developed for the Glayzer series. It also has a harder sponge than Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05.

The unique pimple shape of Glazyer’s top sheet creates powerful balls with higher trajectories (that means you can swing higher with ease) to the incoming ball than Tenergy 05.

Who is Glayzer for?

Butterfly keeps comparing Glayzer with Tenergy 05, Dignics 05, and Rozena. They have also made it clear that Glayzer is a non-tacky but high-tension rubber (like Dignics 09C); it is for those thinking about transitioning from high-tension rubbers like Rozena to Tenergy 05, 64, 80, or Dignics 05.

One thing is clear to me. They are not trying to convince Dignics or Tenergy users to switch to Glayzer. Its friction high-tension rubber provides players a good pleasure when executing the strokes. It is a cheap Butterfly rubber with high control for intermediate players.

Instead, Glayzer is for beginners to intermediate players who want to experience the nearly same effect of Tenergy and Dignics but at a budget-friendly price.

ping pong rubber from butterfly brand spring sponge technology

It is also a reasonable choice for those who tend to play defensive seek a good amount of spin, and easily deploy over-the-table techniques. It doesn’t end here. Butterfly has already recommended three particular blades for Glayzer.

It should pair well with Fan Zhendong ALC, Innerforce ALC, and SK7 Classic.

Glayzer rubber with Fan Zhendong ALC blade is a very well-balanced combination for offensive players.

Glayzer delivers slightly less control compared to Glayzer 09C. But pairing it with Innerforce Layer ALC will provide a high reaction to the ball, better control, and a feeling of long dwell time. It is an ideal combination for those tending to play close to the table and to execute powerful topspins and counterattacks.

butterfly glayzer table tennis rubber combined with fan zhendong alc blade



Finally, Butterfly takes great pride in their unique Spring Sponge X technology. If you are serious about experiencing Glayzer’s amazing top sheet tech combined with the Spring Sponge X, Butterfly recommends pairing Glayzer with an all-wood blade like the Classic SK7.







Was $57.99


Was $48.71


Was $59.95


Was $56.95


Was $49.99

Butterfly Glayzer 09C Review

Butterfly Glayzer 09C Review table tennis rubber new red color main image


Butterfly has created Glayzer 09C to enable players to experience the same quality as Dignics 09C but at a reasonable price.

It is a high-tension rubber featuring an identical top sheet that is used in Dignics 09C. But, engineered with unique compounded ingredients delivering superior adhesive performance to the top sheet’s surface.

Players tending to execute decisive counterattacks and heavy spin will find the high friction quality of Glayzer 09c beneficial. You can easily execute rotation-oriented topspins close to the table.

Glayzer 09C has a Grey Spring Sponge X top sheet similar to the Glayzer. The bounce grey spring sponge of both rubbers is developed with the sponges used in the Dignics series. The sponge hardness of Glayzer 09C is 42 degrees, which is 4 degrees harder than the Glayzer.

Since it comes with a harder sponge than Glayzer, it delivers more spin performance and makes it easier for the rubber to hold the ball and make a stable trajectory when swinging it.

butterfly glayzer 09c table tennis rubber spring sponge and high tension technology

Players who are not confident in their swing speed will enjoy Glayzer 09C’s exceptional resistance to abrasion and perform better.

Here is a brief overview of key features of Glayzer 09C

  • Rubber type: High friction High Tension pimples-in
  • Rubber technology: High Tension, Spring Sponge X
  • Speed: 75
  • Spin: 87
  • Arc: 95
  • Sponge hardness: 42
  • Sheet color: Red, black
  • Sponge thickness: 1.9 mm, 2.1 mm

Glayzer 09C features a unique pimple shape and bears Butterfly’s exclusive development code, No. 209.

It is a thinner, lower pimple with a thicker base and delivers more tackiness than the Glayzer. The 09C is mainly for those who want to generate powerful strokes with heavy spin. Also, you can play with great ease when playing close to the table.

butterfly glayzer review new rubber sheet

With its high friction and high tension technology, rubber allows players of diverse skill levels can execute topspin strokes with heavy spin like never before. The unique Spring Sponge X technology adds to the overall experience by providing a decisive counter-attacking play and heavy rotations on the table.

Another notable distinction between the Glayzer and Galyzer 09c is the arc degree. Glayzer 09C generates higher trajectories compared to the Glayzer. Also, it generates powerful balls for all kinds of blocks or topspins.

Who is Glayzer 09C for?

Butterfly professionals recommend Glayzer 09C to players who are currently using high-tension rubbers. For example, like Rozena or planning to upgrade to Tenergy or Dignics series.

Glayzer 09C will serve as an excellent introductory rubber for those who are new to high-tension rubbers. However, if you are an advanced player using the Tenergy or Dignics series and are satisfied with the rubbers’ performance, there is no reason to switch to Glayzer 09C.

That being said, what are the recommended blades for Glazyer 09C?

Fan Zhendong Super ALC with Glayzer 09C is a well-balanced combination for players for all-round players. On the other hand, go for an Innerforce blade to unleash the ultimate spin of the Glayzer 09c.

fan zhendong super alc with butterfly rubber combination



Finally, if you are new to tacky rubbers with Spring Sponge X technology, then go for an all-wood blade like SK7 Classic or Falcima. This ping pong rubber enables stable balls for those who plan to keep more control.

Butterfly Glayzer VS Glayzer 09c Comparison In terms of performance

Here is a side-by-side comparison between Glayzer and Glayzer 09C:

Rubber features Glayzer Glayzer 09C
Category High-tension pimples in rubber High-tension pimples in rubber
Speed (1-15) 81 75
Spin (1-15) 73 spin 87 spin
Arc 82 95
Hardness (1-50) 38 42
Sponge Thickness 2.1, 1.9 2.1, 1.9

Glayzer is speedier and faster but slightly less spinny than the Glayzer 09C. It comes with a speed rating of 81 and a spin rating of 73 on a scale of 1 to 150. The exclusive Spring Sponge X technology of Glayzer is developed to allow players to take bigger swings and speed up their shots. You can do more advanced and better spin strokes.

On the other hand, the Glayzer 09C is spinnier but slightly less speedy. The 09C from the Glayzer series comes with a speed rating of 75 and a spin rating of 87 on a scale of 1 to 150. But note that the Glayzer 09C’s sponge is four degrees harder than Glayzer, and executing faster swings will maximize its speed performance.

High-Performance Rubber & Playing Style

The unique high friction top sheet of Glayzer 09C combined with the Spring Sponge X at 42 degrees hardness makes it possible for players to execute powerful heavy spins at stable trajectories and short touches that bounce to the net.

As you can see from the above comparison chart, the hardness density of Glayzer and Glayzer 09C varies by four degrees. Beginners will find it difficult to feel the difference in hardness between these two rubbers.

butterfly glayzer table tennis rubber hardness explanation compared to 09C

Glayzer carries a lower number which means it is a softer rubber compared to the Glayzer 09C and provides more spin at a lower speed. On the other hand, Glayzer 09 is a slightly harder rubber that provides more combined powerful heavy spin at higher speeds.

That said, those who tend to play the European style, as in bent elbow when looping, will notice a significant improvement in their performance by pairing their blade with Glayzer.

Players tending to play Chinese style, as in, with a straighter elbow, will feel comfortable pairing their blade with Glayzer 09C because it is topped with a harder sponge and requires very little wrist pressure.

Butterfly Glayzer Price

Now comes the most crucial part. How much will these rubbers cost, and from where can you place an order?

It is perfectly natural to assume that the new Glazer Rubber Butterfly will come with a high price tag.

But surprisingly, both the rubbers from the Glayzer series are super reasonably priced. They are nearly half the price compared to the Tenergy and Dignics series and are set to retail at $54.99.

The latest update is both of them are already available on Megaspin for backorder, and keep your eyes on it to read the table tennis rubber reviews on the Glayzer series.

Butterfly Glayzer VS Glayzer 09c Table Tennis Rubber: Summary

Let’s recap the primary differences between Glayzer and Glayzer 09C. Both of them are high-tension rubbers, but the main differences between them are the tackiness/stickiness and the degree of hardness of the sponges. Additionally, the pimple shape of the two rubber variations is different.

Butterfly categorizes Glayzer as a non-tacky high-tension rubber, and it is for those who want to upgrade from bestselling high-tension rubbers from Butterfly like Rozena to Tenergy or Dignics. It comes with a thicker pimple and thinner base, along with a softer sponge compared to the 09C.

This particular pimple shape and the softness of the sponge make it easier to increase dwell time. For example, landing the balls with a stable base.

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Thus, Glayzer is suitable for those seeking a non-tacky rubber that will allow swinging with a high trajectory with high spin but without comprising control over the ball. It is also a good option for those who want to progress to high-tension rubbers like the ones from the Tenergy and the Dignics series.

On the other hand, Glayzer 09C is a tacky rubber with high friction and suitable for those who want to execute more powerful shots with heavier rotation compared to the Glayzer.

It is harder than Glayzer, and this makes it easier to execute shots close to the net than that of the Glayzer.

The 09C is suitable for players of all levels who want to play heavy topspins. It is recommended also for beginners. Maybe, you want quality introductory rubber to make the transition to Dignics 09C in the future.

Butterfly Glayzer Table Tennis Rubbers – FAQs

Which Glayzer rubber is the best?

Both Glayzer and Glayzer 09C are high-tension pimples-in rubbers and suitable for beginners to intermediate all-around players as the rubbers can help improve skills.

The Glayzer series is super affordable and ideal for players who want to transition to high-tension rubbers from the Tenergy or the Dignics series.

But it is important to note that Glayzer is a non-tacky rubber that will help you play stable shots with high trajectories.

On the other hand, Glayzer 09C is a tacky rubber that will help generate heavy rotation and topspins close to the table. Glayzer 09C is slightly harder than the Glayzer; hence, it provides more speed and spin.

The relatively cheap Butterfly rubber can be found below on the Megaspin online store:

megaspin store banner


High-Performance Rubber Combining Friction and Bounce Grey Spring Sponge X is here to take their skills to the next level. This relatively cheap Butterfly rubber allows for stable and precise strokes that combine heavy spin and over-the-table techniques.

To achieve a stroke that combines powerful heavy spin with ease of over-the-table techniques at a high level requires more than just skill, it requires the right equipment. Thankfully, with advancements in technology, that kind of stroke is made possible.

new ping pong rubbers from butterfly glayzer and 09c models

Thanks to the combination of Glyazer top sheet, coupled with Spring Sponge X with hardness at 42 degrees, provides the High Tension effect necessary to allow for such a stroke. The result is a game that is more exciting and challenging than ever before.







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