Butterfly Easyplay 22 VS Cornilleau 500 Indoor Table Review

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Are you trying to decide between the Butterfly Easyplay 22 and Cornilleau 500 Indoor Table for your next table tennis purchase?

Look no further – our comprehensive review will help you make an informed decision. In this post, we’ll compare these two popular tables side-by-side to understand better how they stack up against each other.

You’ll be able to weigh their features, benefits, and drawbacks to see which one fits your preferences better. Whether you are a beginner or a professional player looking for options – this post has everything needed to find the perfect fit!

Butterfly Easyplay 22 VS Cornilleau 500 Indoor Comparison Chart

Butterfly Easyplay 22 VS Cornilleau 500 Indoor Comparison Chart

Butterfly Easyplay 22 Table Review

Butterfly Easyplay 22 VS Cornilleau 500 Indoor Table Review first table main image


The Butterfly Easyplay Blue table is designed for heavy-duty home use, institutions, or club use. It features a strong steel frame made from galvanized steel and a high-density chipboard playing surface almost an inch thick.

The 22mm top provides an excellent bounce for competitive play, and the adjustable feet beneath each leg ensure a level surface. Plus, its space-saving design allows multiple tables to be stored close.

Design and Construction Quality

The Butterfly Easyplay 22 table is a heavy-duty home indoor table that provides an excellent bounce. The top of the table is made from a thick 22mm chipboard, providing an excellent bounce for competitive play.

The black-painted legs are also heavy-duty, with adjustable feet beneath each leg, ensuring a level surface even on uneven ground. The space-saving design allows for multiple tables to be stored away when not in use, making it ideal for busy homes or schools with limited storage options.

butterfly easyplay 22 ping pong table Design and Construction Quality

Easyplay 22 table tennis table model also comes with two detachable halves, making it easy to move around or store away quickly and conveniently.

Butterfly Easyplay 22 Table Performance

One of the best features of this ping pong table is that Easyplay requires approximately 15 minutes to assemble after delivery – no complicated tools needed. Because of the rotating 5 locking rubber wheels’ weight, it can easily be transported to every location.

Once assembled, table tennis players will notice how solid and stable the structure feels as they go through their warm-ups before playing matches. Also, this Butterfly ping pong table contains a free net.

During games, players will appreciate how consistent the bounce quality is across all parts of the table, thanks to its sturdy construction and level feet system.

Butterfly Easyplay 22 Table Performance


Butterfly Easyplay 22 Specifications

  • Ping pong table color: Blue and green
  • Legs: Steel legs with dimensions of 1 & 1/8″
  • Net: Butterfly classic net set
  • Playback position: Included
  • Easyplay 22 table tennis table weight: 209 lbs.
  • This table ensures a level surface for every situation, indoor and outdoor.
  • ITTF approved: No
  • Accessory holder hassle-free net: No
  • Made in: Germany with a 3-year warranty

If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality ping pong table that can withstand heavy-duty usage in both homes and clubs alike, look no further than Butterfly Easyplay 22!

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It requires minimal assembly time after delivery while providing excellent stability during playtime due to its adjustable feet system below each leg. Butterfly Easyplay table is not an International Table Tennis Federation ITTF-approved table with a three-year warranty.

Cornilleau 500 Indoor Table Review

Cornilleau 500 Indoor Table Review main image


The Cornilleau 500 Indoor, manufactured by Cornilleau, is also one of the market’s top high-end table tennis tables.

Like the Butterfly Easyplay Blue Table, it too comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring it will stand up to years of continuous play. It has a solid metal frame with extra reinforcements and adjustable feet that ensure they are level on any surface—making it suitable even for outdoor use!

The 20mm top provides excellent bounce characteristics while still being able to fold up quickly when not in use and can easily fit into tight spaces like garages or storage sheds. Additionally, it features double-wheel brakes allowing users to lock in place during intense matches.

The Cornilleau 500 Indoor is designed with a safety feature in mind. Its corner protectors offer an added layer of protection. This way, you can play ping pong on any level playing surface.

Cornilleau 500 Indoor Table Features


The table also has rubber wheels and brakes that secure it in either play mode or storage mode. This ensures that your ping pong table won’t move around when you’re playing or storing it away.

Cornilleau 500 Indoor Table Features

In addition to its safety features, the Cornilleau 500 Indoor has plenty of other features, such as a release lock net, safety feature, and accessory holder hassle-free net.

Its 7/8″ high-density chipboard playing surface provides an excellent bounce for competitive play and quick response time. Like the Butterfly Easyplay 22 table, it has a 1 3/4″ galvanized steel frame that adds extra stability to prevent wobbling during play.

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Cornilleau 500 Indoor Specifications

  •  Ping-pong tables for institutions or clubs use
  • Shipping weight of the table: 238 lbs
  • Assembly time: 2 hours
  • Playback position: Yes
  • Holder hassle-free net: Yes
  • 2 Wheels 5 locking rubber wheels
  • A sturdy leg ensures a level surface
  • ITTF approved: No
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty on materials

Cornilleau 500 indoor table also has convenient ball and racket storage on each side and 6″ unique indoor double rubber wheels for easy movement around tight spaces or corners.

Its permanent weather-resistant polyester classic net set system offers both tension and height adjustment for customizability.

cornilleau 500 indoor ping pong table folded and net set


Finally, the Cornilleau 500 Indoor has a retractable net that automatically folds between the tops for protection and reduced storage space. Similar to the Butterfly Easyplay 22 table, it is not ITTF-approved.

Butterfly Easyplay 22 VS Cornilleau 500 Indoor Pros and Cons

Butterfly Easyplay 22 Pros:

  • It takes 15 minutes to assemble
  • The table is designed for playback position mode
  • Butterfly Easyplay regulation size provides great bounce
  • 5 locking rubber wheels
  • Safety feature release lock net
  • Space-saving design allows for multiple tables to store

Butterfly Easyplay 22 Cons:

Butterfly Easyplay 22 VS Cornilleau 500 Indoor pros and cons

Cornilleau 500 Indoor Table Pros:

  • With excellent bounce for competitive play and sturdy construction. It’s perfect for both recreational players and enthusiasts seeking an even match.
  • There are built-in ball and racket holders, plus its DSI folding/locking mechanism ensures maximum security with 16 locking points controlled by one central release handle.
  • The fold-up playback mode makes this a great choice for solo practice sessions.
  • Cornilleau 500 indoor is a top-of-the-range table backed by its 3-year warranty too!
  • Special indoor double steel wheels.

Cornilleau 500 Indoor Table Cons:

  • The Cornilleau 500 indoor ping pong table offers convenience with its fixed net system but provides limited replacement options.
  • Unfortunately, it is not approved by ITTF and only comes in blue – so if you’re looking to make a statement of style.
  • Requires 2 hours of assembly, so for a more effortless setup experience, consider the Butterfly Space Saver 22, which conveniently arrives assembled.

Butterfly Easyplay 22 VS Cornilleau 500 Indoor FAQs

  1. Which table is better for beginners?

The Butterfly Easyplay 22 features a sturdy build, minimal assembly required, large 5″ locking wheels, and fold-up playback mode.

Meanwhile, the 500 Indoor boasts permanent weather protection thanks to its polyester net system with tension & height adjustment, all secured by corner protectors. So, the answer is Easyplay 22 for beginners.

2. What are the dimensions of the Butterfly Easyplay 22 table tennis table?

Its dimensions make it perfect for even small spaces, measuring 108 x 72 x 30 inches.

Setting up this table tennis will only take about 10 minutes, and its item package measures 64 x 58 x 7 inches, ensuring that everything you need fits perfectly into its box.

3. What are the Cornilleau 500 Indoor table tennis table dimensions?

The Cornilleau 500 indoor ping pong table is a robust and reliable addition to any home or club.

With its striking blue finish, it stands out with a weight of 92 kg and can be easily assembled thanks to the included 105 kg packaging.

This quality product also minimizes storage space requirements by offering an impressive playing area at 274 cm x 167 cm x 76 cm (LxWxH).

4. How do the Butterfly Easyplay 22, and Cornilleau 500 Indoor table tennis tables compare in terms of price?

Consider the Butterfly Easyplay 22 or the Cornilleau 500 Indoor — two popular options on sale right now!

But, for competitive tournament players, there is another great table – Cornilleau 740 ITTF Indoor Reviewed here.

The Easyplay 22 table comes in blue and green colors and is discounted by 10%. So the price is $ 1,689.47, while there’s only one option available with the Cornilleau at $ 1,749.99. Both tables make great additions to your home gaming setup – invest wisely today!

Butterfly Easyplay 22 VS Cornilleau 500 Conclusion

Whether you’re looking for something suitable for competitive play or casual fun at home or in the club, both the Butterfly Easyplay 22 and the Cornilleau 500 Indoor table offer great value for money spent.

The Cornilleau Sport 500 Indoor Table Tennis Table is perfect for honing your skills. Full FFTT (French Table Tennis Association) approved, this model has an excellent rebound that’ll take your game to new heights.

Perfectly adjustable legs mean you won’t be held back by uneven surfaces, and there’s even a ball dispenser on each side of the table! Also, the best table tennis tables for this year are reviewed in detail!

the edge of the tables easyplay 22 and cornilleu 500 indoor

The extra-long transport handle allows you to move quickly without hassle or obstacles. With a three-year warranty included, this indoor ping pong table is sure to offer you years of reliable fun.

Both tables have solid frames and durable surfaces that will last through years of play without needing replacement parts or repairs. This makes them ideal investments that will bring many hours of enjoyment. So go ahead and pick one up today – you won’t regret it!





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