Butterfly Balsa Carbo X7 Review VS X5 Table Tennis Blade

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The Butterfly Balsa Carbo X7 22 is a 5W+2C table tennis blade that utilizes a thick balsa wood center ply in conjunction with 2 carbon plies. As a result, players can maintain exceptional touch without sacrificing power.

Butterfly has launched the Balsa Carbo X7 recently. It is an updated version of the Balsa Carbo X5, released in 2016. Butterfly Balsa Carbo X7 and X5 are highly sought-after table tennis blades, but what is the difference?

In this article, we’ll list all the essential features of each of these paddles, compare Butterfly BalsaCarbo X7 22 blade VS Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5, and help you decide which one you can choose based on your gameplay.

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Comparison Between Butterfly Balsa Carbo X7 VS Balsa Carbo X5


Balsa Carbo X7

Balsa Carbo X5

Level of Play

Intermediate to Professionals

Intermediate to Professionals

No. of Plies

7 Plies

5 Plies




Blade Thickness



Handle Size

100 x 24 mm

100 x 24 mm



















The blade structure of Carbo X7 consists of 5 layers of Balsa wood and 2 layers of carbon fiber, whereas that of Carbo X5 consists of 3 layers of Balsa wood and 2 layers of carbon fiber.

In simple terms, the Carbo X5 is a 3W+2C blade, whereas the Carbo X7 is a 5W+2C blade with a thicker balsa wood center and is superior to the Carbo X5 blade.

The BalsaCarbo X7 22 blade has more reaction, speed, and vibration than the Balsa Carbo X5 blade. The weight of the blades varies by a small margin. The new table tennis blade Carbo X5 weighs 80 grams, while the Carbo X7 weighs 82 grams.

Another notable difference between these two blades is the thickness of their head. The Balsa Carbo X7 comes with a thicker head which is 1.3 mm thicker than the Balsa Carbo X5 blade. The thickness of the Balsa Carbo X7’s head is 7.55 mm, which is the thickest compared to all the Butterfly blades.

On the other hand, the Balsa Carbo X5 comes with a 6.2 mm head thickness. Both blades generate high swing speeds when attacking the opponent. You will not lose maneuverability during these types of strokes.

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Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 was launched in 2016 and came with a considerable fan base seeking superior touch and control.

The Carbo X7 was redesigned with 2 extra layers of balsa wood and was released after two years, particularly for those who want both touch and exceptional power from their blade.

Both Carbo X7 and X5 have the exact head dimensions. It is 158 mm in height and 152 mm in width. Also, both of them come with three types of handles: AN, FL, and ST. All the handles have the exact measurements. The blades are made from balsa wood and 2 carbon fibers providing a great feel and allowing you to control your shots well at high speeds.

Features of Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 Blade

The Carbo X5 is available in anatomic, flared, and straight handle types. Here are some of the essential features of this blade:

  • Butterfly has categorized the style of the Balsa Carbo X5 as suitable for offensive and attack play.
  • The Balsa Carbo X5 has a net weight of 80 g.
  • It has a head size of 158 x 152 mm
  • The blade thickness is 6.2 mm.
  • It has 3-ply wood and 2 carbon fiber plies.
  • AT Handle Size: 100 x 24 mm
  • FL Handle Size: 100 x 24 mm
  • ST Handle Size: 100 x 24 mm
  • Reaction = 105
  • Vibration = 98

balsa carbo x5 ping pong blade all the handle types


Features of Butterfly Balsa Carbo X7 Blade

There is not much difference between the Carbo X5 and the Carbo X7 blade except for the Balsa center ply. Below are the important features of the Balsa Carbo X7:

  • Butterfly has categorized the style of the Balsa Carbo X7 as suitable for both offensive attack and all-round defense.
  • The Balsa Carbo X7 has a net weight of 82 g.
  • It has a blade size of 158×152 mm (head)
  • The blade thickness is 7.5 mm.
  • It has 5-ply wood and 2 carbon fiber plies. Lightweight 7 ply balsa blade.
  • AT Handle Size: 100 x 24 mm
  • FL Handle Size: 100 x 24 mm
  • ST Handle Size: 100 x 24 mm
  • Reaction = 112
  • Vibration = 108

butterfly balsa carbo x7 blade review and all the handle types


Butterfly has categorized the Carbo X5 and Carbo X7 as offensive blades. Both are fantastic weapons of choice for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of the balsa wood on touch shots; the huge sweet spot and lightweight blade allow you to swing at your maximum effort.

But you can tell from the above features that the Balsa Carbo X7 has higher reaction and vibration compared to the Carbo X5. This means that the Balsa Carbo X7 is faster. Also, it has a harder feel than the Carbo X5 blade.

Also, the Carbo X7 offers higher speed to the ball after impact. It is part of why the Carbo X7 is more suitable for offensive and close-to-the-table play style. The carbon fibers lend stability and a great feel, especially when you play pushes or blocks from mid-distance.

Composition and Appearance of Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 and X7 Blade

If you see the images below, you will agree that the Carbo X5 and X7 look similar and even in feel. As for the appearance, the only significant difference is the color of the Butterfly wing on the handle.

The X5 comes with a Butterfly wing in a purplish hue, whereas the wing on the Carbo X7 is neon blue. Admittedly, both the Balsa blades allude to Butterfly’s fine craftsmanship and feel like a significant weapon in any hand.

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 and X7 contain a soft balsa center core, and the top ply is hard. They are the lightest blades designed for aggressive payers, loopers, and smashers. The blade utilizes a thick balsa wood, providing great rotation and vibration during a topspin.

Composition and Appearance of Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 and X7 Blade

It is a fact that the type of rubber you choose for the blade will make some significant difference to the performance.

Details on the technology used in the Balsa Carbo X5 and X7

The Carbo X5 is a 5-ply blade, whereas the BalsaCarbo X7 22 blade is a 7-ply blade containing balsa core veneer, outer horizontal plies, and 2 carbon fiber plies. The balsa core veneer combined with the carbon fiber gives unprecedented control and good speed.

Due to the balsa center, you will feel very soft when using the Carbo X5 to hit the ball. However, using the BalsaCarbo X7 22 blade will feel a little hard when hitting.

One of the independent reviews on Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 mentioned that you might have difficulty with the handle’s thickness. It should be fine after two to three practice matches.

Another issue is the durability of the balsa blades. Both are very light table tennis blades, and their reaction property will decrease gradually. But if you use them with daily care, they should last a year, and indeed both of them are very cost-effective.

Best Rubber for Butterfly Balsa Carbo X7 & X5 Blade

The rubber you put on your Balsa Carbo X5 or the X7 makes the difference in how the blades perform. Here I have recommended the heavier rubbers that go well with both blades and you can choose them accordingly:

For all-round set and defense play: Butterfly Tenergy 80 and Tenergy 05 

For all-around players who prefer playing close to the table, Tenergy 80 is best suitable for the forehand of the Balsa Carbo blade as it gives more speed and power. The Butterfly Tenergy 05 is best for the backhand of the X5 and X7 for better support for the top spins and for blocking and defense chops.

tenergy 80 and tenergy 05 rubber recommendations for ping pong blade balsacarbo

Also, almost 50% of professional players at the World Championship use Tenergy, and all models from Tenergy are suitable for modern offensive playing styles. Thus, if you want an exceptional playing experience, you can’t go wrong with Butterfly Tenergy 80 on FH and Tenergy 05 on BH of both the Butterfly Balsa Off blades.

For the highest level of speed, spin, and control: Dignics 05 and Tenergy 64FX

The Balsa Carbo X5 blade is the most recommended by coaches among mid to close players who focus on looping, counter-looping, and smashing. Since it is one of the lightest table tennis blades, players can improve their forehands.

But the catch is you might be tempted to enjoy the ping pong ball’s impact on the blade, and you would want to hit with full arm swings, which will require good maneuvering skills initially.

And, if you want to maintain control, it is best to pair the forehand of the Carbon X5 with Dignics 05, as it will allow you to open up your swings on the forehand.

dignics 05 and tenergy 64 fx rubber recommendations for ping pong blade balsacarbo

Equipping the backhand with Tenergy 64FX will also let you swing at your maximum effort like Zhang Jike and land the ball safely on the table. The same goes for the Balsa Carbo X7 – the paddle complements the Tenergy 64 FX and Butterfly Dignics 05.

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 Table Tennis Blade Reviews

Butterly Balsa Carbo X5 Pro-Line table tennis racket comes with 4.3/5 star ratings from 91 users on Amazon. One user, Timothy, mentioned that his favorite blade was Killerspin Jet 600 Spin N1 and the Carbo X5 was a step up for his style of play.

Another reviewer, Spinx, mentioned that the paddle was super fast paired with Tenergy 80 Fx rubbers on both sides. He was new to table tennis and said it is better suited for advanced and high-level players than beginners.

We also recommend the Balsa Carbo X5 Pro-Line only for aspiring professional players.

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X7 Table Tennis Blade Reviews

Balsa Carbo X7 is a new blade – an upgrade to the Balsa Carbo X5, launched this year. So yes, it is one of the newest blades from Butterfly as the year ends.

So people have been asking many questions about it, particularly on Reddit. Want the gist? Well, here we are sharing two independent reviews on Balsa Carbo X7 explaining their experience:

“One thing I must tell – loopers will find X7 amazing. I played with Yasaka Balsa and Stiga Evolution and had a chance to try the Viscaria even. And it’s just better in every way! It is lightweight – nothing remarkable, but it does produce good spin and speed. But I had put on a faster rubber like my Dignics 05 to get more speed if you play close to the table.” Mcelroy.

“I graduated from my Butterfly 603 racket to the Carbo X7, and it took me a few weeks to adjust to this racket. X7 is great for blocks near the table, and the speed and spin are good too. Overall, it is a great asset for high-level and intermediate players looking for a quality Balsa blade at a reasonable price.” Jeromy Wegner.

Butterfly Balsa Carbo Blade Price

Balsa Carbo X5 was on sale at $87, but the retail price is $69.99, and it’s not currently available on Amazon. The retail price of Balsa Carbo X7 is $73.64, and it’s still not available on Amazon, but you may order it from Walmart or Megaspin.

That said, here’s the current price list of both the Balsa Carbo blades:

If you are planning to order from Butterfly’s website, they will charge an additional $20 for shipping charge inside the US. But if you are purchasing from Megaspin, there is no shipping charge for Balsa Carbo X5 and X7 inside and outside the US.

That means the price will stay the same regardless of where you order any table tennis rackets from Megaspin.

Where to buy Butterfly Balsa Carbo X7 and X5 Ping Pong Blades

I love Megaspin, and the only place I recommend buying these two blades is Megapsin.

Balsa Carbo X5 and X7 are available anywhere besides the Butterfly’s website. Most importantly, their customer service agent is very proactive.

The Balsa Carbo X5 and Balsa Carbo X7 paddles are made in Japan, and Megaspin carries the Japanese variants of the blade.

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X7 VS X5 – Wrapping Up

So how do Balsa Carbo X7 and X5 blades compare?

Let’s recap: The main difference between the Butterfly Balsa Carbo blades is the number of plies used to construct each of these blades. Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 is built with 3 plies of balsam wood.

On the other hand, Butterfly Balsa Carbo X7 is constructed with 5 plies of balsam wood.

butterfly balsa carbo x7 review with the tenergy rubbers attached




Both the blades are constructed with 2 plies of carbon fibers and are extra lightweight, but the Carbo X7 is an extra-light 7-ply balsa blade. But when it comes to Balsa Carbo X7 VS X5 – which one should you choose?

Regardless of the blade you choose, you must know both are suitable for aspiring professionals who prefer offensive gameplay.

However, I recommend the Carbo X7 because it has a larger sweet spot and a thicker head. This gives better balance and control than the Carbo X5 and a better feel of the ball’s impact on the blade. It is suitable for both defensive and offensive play.


This blade excels at over-the-table play due to its soft feel and lightweight. Blocking is effortless with this blade, as the balsa provides good control while the carbon gives it enough stiffness to deflect powerful shots. Its relatively thick blade and lightweight also allow quick reactions when loops and counters are needed.

The BalsaCarbo X7 22 blade can also produce a flatter trajectory thanks to its stiffer construction. This makes it difficult for opponents to read your shots, as they will come off the blade at a lower angle than expected.

The Butterfly Balsa Carbo X7 22 is a versatile table tennis blade that produces both touches and added power shots. The lightweight and soft feel makes it perfect for over-the-table play. Also, the stiffer construction enables it to produce flat trajectories that are difficult for opponents to read.

If you are looking for an all-around setup, pairing this blade with Tenergy 64 FX rubbers is recommended. We also recommend using side tape to protect the blade and rubbers.

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