Butterfly Amicus Expert Review (Professional Table Tennis Robot)

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In this Butterfly Amicus Expert review, we will discuss this ping-pong robot in detail. But first, let’s find out what a table tennis robot is and how it can help improve your game.

There are a variety of automated table tennis robots out there. It can get quite overwhelming when purchasing one for yourself or a friend. There are several top-quality table tennis robots from different brands, but selecting the right one for the best price value can be tricky.

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But don’t worry because I am about to introduce the best bang for the buck advanced table tennis robot you can get your hands on this year. It is called Butterfly Amicus Expert.

Butterfly Amicus Professional Overview

A table tennis robot is an essential training aid for anyone wanting to play like a professional. It’s very easy to set up, and the ball frequency and amount of spin can be easily adjusted on the remote control. It comes with a collection net which means you can continue practicing for hours without manually picking up the balls.

The best part is that you will be able to switch between shots at any time, and it also allows you to select drill groups that automatically generate hundreds of different drills.

butterfly amicus expert review three wheel robot on the table

The more basic units will give you control over the speed and height of the ball, while the mid-range models allow you to add spin to the ball.

All ping pong robots come with a collection net as standard, allowing you to continue playing for as long as you want as the table tennis robot will pick up and place balls back into its supply.

Robots are invaluable equipment if you want to improve your table tennis game. Perfectly returning each shot no matter the speed, spin, or placement, they allow you to practice a particular shot as many times as you wish, meaning you can master a specific stroke quickly.

Butterfly Amicus Expert Robot Training Schedule

With fully customizable settings and attachment options for different balls and shots, all of our table tennis robots are easy to set up and use, making improvements to your table tennis simple. A robot is a great way to help you improve at table tennis.

Set the robot to produce balls at a specific speed and angle, and practice as much as you desire. Perfect for people of all ages, robots have helped improve the game of a variety of people over time – from professional players to beginners to children.

butterfly amicus expert table tennis robot installed on the table with player playing ping pong


The Butterfly Amicus Expert is a high-end robot modeled on the world’s leading table tennis robot. It is enjoyed by leading clubs and coaches alike. It can simulate every shot in the game and, most importantly, allow you to practice as though you were playing a real match.

You can control the robot via a wired controlled box to choose precisely what type of shots you want to practice or create your drills.

Why Do You Need a Table Tennis Robot

Do you have a passion for table tennis but struggle to find players at your level?

Table tennis robots for beginners are perfect for those who want to take their game to the next level but can’t find a partner or trainer to train regularly with. They can be used by anyone from beginners who are trying to realize their full potential or professional players and parents who want to practice with their kids without slowing down the pace of play.

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Table tennis robots can serve endless training opportunities with various robotic features such as serving balls randomly throughout a designated area of the table, simulating drills using defined sequences of randomness and placement, or playing games such as ghosting ping-pong and table tennis lotto. An interactive scorekeeper also helps you improve your game.

Butterfly Amicus Expert Coaching Sessions

The Amicus Expert ping pong robot is easy to use, intuitive, and offers a variety of game modes. With up to 120 balls per minute and 10 different spinning options, you can train any stroke.

The robot stores up to 99 programs with up to 7 balls each. The Quick Trajectory and Easy Spin functions quickly change the shot settings as you like. 20 pre-installed training programs by Butterfly coach Richard Prause provide variety and challenge to every training session.

Interval Training with Amicus Professional

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You can sample each ball within a program or use the cycle function for interval training. The Random function simulates real gameplay. The Amicus Expert is designed to provide players with the best training experience. The machine’s control panel is easy to read and simple to use when setting up shots, while 20 pre-installed drills are provided by the top coaching staff of Butterfly.

In addition, the Amicus Expert’s body style has been designed to resist tipping in high winds. Whether you are a club or an individual player, the Amicus Expert is the robot for you!

The most easy-to-use robot on the market, the Amicus Expert, is simply a pleasure to use. This lightweight and portable robot quickly adapts to set up and play virtually anywhere, anytime, easily attaching to and removed from any standard table tennis table.

butterfly amicus expert review control box attached to the ping pong table


The Amicus Professional comes with 120 Butterfly Easy Balls, a free high-quality Carry Bag, and one year of tech support from the Robot Guru.

The Amicus Expert is the most advanced table tennis robot available. Designed specifically for practice and training, it can produce any spin type with fantastic consistency, allowing players to focus on technique instead of picking themselves off the floor.

Its unique guide plate enables fine adjustments to shot placement and up/down trajectory, and its variety of serving options can produce a consistent pace or an unpredictable mix. Most importantly, it has enough balls for 2 hours of non-stop play at speeds over 90 miles per hour.

Different Ball Frequencies with Richard Prause

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The Amicus Expert has an entirely new, patented delivery system. The frame ensures proper ball position and can effortlessly deliver any spin you want: heavy topspin, backspin, underspin, sidespin, or a combo of spins. It’s a unique way of turning means it never needs adjusting. The ball placement is always perfect.

The Amicus’ 21 pre-saved drills make it easy for you to play table tennis alone or against a friend. Edit or replace the pre-saved drills with your custom drills, up to 99 of them.

Use Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) to make timing between shots more realistic. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that charges while plugged into AC power, giving you over 8 hours of cordless training fun.

This elite table tennis robot is made from the toughest materials and built with the most durable parts to ensure an extended life. Plan your shots as the advanced microprocessor randomizes each return.

control box of the robot ping pong butterfly model


Play in a focused environment by positioning at your table’s edge, plugging into a power outlet, and pushing a button. Combined with a strict training regime, the interval trainer significantly improves physical fitness and table tennis skills.

Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot Features

  • The ball frequency of this robot can go up to 120 balls per minute.
  • It has a key fob-shaped remote control, which is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Every ball can have a different speed, spin, placement, and trajectory.
  • The robot comes with an easy-to-use and durable thin cable.
  • Amicus Expert can hold up to 99 drills.
  • It can throw 7 balls on each customized drill.
  • The robot is equipped with automatic frequency control, delivering the most realistic shot timing between drills.
  • Amicus Expert comes with 20 pre-programmed drills created by Butterfly coach Richard Prause.
  • The cycle function feature of the robot will assist you in interval training during your practice drills.
  • You can also customize the pre-programmed drills to best suit your needs.
  • The robot’s sample function feature will allow you to test out each ball.

What is Included with the Amicus Expert Package

Carry bag – This table tennis robot comes with a functional carry bag. The carry bag has enough space to hold the robot if you want to take the robot with you when you are traveling. The carry bag is made from high-quality fabrics and leather, making it a valuable piece of equipment for taking on trips.

Robot control panel – You can set up drills or customize each shot with the control panel. You will also receive a manual that will guide you through the different functionalities of the control panel. The manual comes in English, German, and French.

120 Butterfly Balls – You will get 120 of Butterfly’s signature table tennis balls.

carry bag and three head assembled robot accessories in package


Remote control – You will also receive a handy remote control. If you want to change the speed or spin variation of the balls or want to pause the drill in mid-session to take a break but you don’t want to walk across the table to get to the control panel, then you can use the remote control to do all of that stuff. The remote is very small and lightweight. So you easily carry it around in your pocket.

Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot Accessories

20 pre-programmed drills – If you get overwhelmed with all the customization options and can’t figure out what to select, then you can use the 20 pre-programmed drills until you figure everything out. These drills were created by Richard Prause himself. He is a German table tennis coach who has trained countless professional players.

Ball collection net – Amicus Expert is Newgy’s flagship table tennis robot and is the perfect robot if you’re looking to take your training and practice to the next level. You can practice with up to nine different forehand and backhand combinations, saving you valuable time to practice all of your shots in a single workout.

Plus, its automatic ball recycling system provides maximum coverage and durability, so one hour of training can turn into four or five with this unique feature. The Amicus Expert includes a Catch Net for catching balls for easy recycling into the shooting tray.

butterfly amicus expert table tennis robot accessories balls and three wheel head robot

Adjustable wheels – You will get backup wheels for your robot. These wheels are easily replaceable. And you will get additional tools like wrenches and screwdrivers, which will come in handy when it comes to replacing the robot’s wheels.

Three-wheel robot head – The Amicus Expert Robot is a machine that will help you to practice and improve like never before. It features an intelligent ball launcher that can deliver a large variety of drills at various speeds and spin rates. The ball launcher has a 3-wheel drive system and can shoot 120 balls per minute. You can control it with the portable remote or the table control panel, and the Ball Bucket holds approximately 120 balls for convenience.

Comparison Between Butterfly Amicus Robots



Wired control box

Wired control box

Amicus App

Wireless remote

RF Remote - start, stop, freq. settings

RF Remote - start, stop, freq. settings

RF Remote - start, stop, freq. settings

Power PCB

Located in Base

Located in Base

Located in Base

Robot connection

3.5 mm cable

3.5 mm cable


Sampling button





6 shots

7 shots

10 shots

Memory capacity


99 drills


Drill sequencing




Pre-progr. drills


20 drills

20 drills

Drill videos




Drill ordering



User's choice

Mirror function




Serve delay




Random settings

3-types scatter

3-types scatter

7-types scatter

Ball frequency 

1-100 balls/min

1-100 balls/min

5-120 balls/min

Freq. Customization


Automatic freq. control

Individual freq. control

Interval training





3 years

3 years

3 years


Pros and Cons of Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot


  • The robot is sturdy and durable.
  • It has a user-friendly control panel that is easy to navigate.
  • Butterfly offers a 3-year warranty on their table tennis robots.
  • You can get a carry bag with your robot.
  • Butterfly will give you 120 table tennis balls with this robot.
  • The robot doesn’t make any noise.
  • Amicus Expert robot doesn’t weigh too much.
  • The wheels make the robot maneuverable.
  • The remote control will allow you to change the settings without having to do the session.
  • Amicus Expert robot has random function settings.
  • It can deliver realistic shots.
  • The robot can produce various spin variations.
  • Very good table tennis robot that comes with 20 pre-programmed drills.


  • It’s an expensive investment for new players.

Where to Buy Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot?

In an attempt to offer the best value for money, I checked out different retailers that sell the Amicus Expert table tennis robot. The retailer with the best prices for this product is by far Megaspin.

They not only manufacture and distribute their products under the brand name Killerspin, but they are also the distributors of the Butterfly brand in the USA and Canada. Another thing I like is that they often offer coupons to bring down the price even further.

This saves buyers a lot of money when buying high-quality table tennis equipment online. Another reason why I recommend them is that they’re a one-stop shop for all your table tennis needs, whether you prefer Butterfly or Killerspin products. They have a wide range of quality tables, rackets, shoes, and clothing compatible with Butterfly equipment.

How Much Does a Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot Cost?

The Amicus Expert is a good table tennis robot for developing your game. It is easy to install and simple to program, making it the perfect practice partner. The large memory capacity means that you can store all your favorite drills, giving you the flexibility to adapt and improve your game.

With its ability to program spin, speed, placement, and ball change at every point during a drill, your practice will feel more realistic. The $1847.99 price tag might seem too much at first, but the features and capabilities of the robot more than makeup for the price tag.

Other table tennis robots in the market have a similar price tag, but they fail to offer the functions and features of the Amicus Expert robot.

Amicus Table Tennis Robot Customer Reviews

“We’ve been using the Amicus Expert for several months now, and we enjoy it a lot. For training only, this robot has a simple user interface that makes settings easy to control. We especially like the spin and ball frequency feature. The robot is also very quiet, which is nice because we can play table tennis at the office without disturbing others.” – Dean. J


“I’m delighted with the Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot, and I am sure that you will be too. It’s durable and built to last, with an excellent price relative to its features. Its automatic system allows it to serve balls at different speeds and trajectories so that you can practice a wide variety of strokes and shots. The setup is simple, and the robot is perfect for beginners or international level players.” – Robert. B


“I have been using the Amicus Expert table tennis robot for a week now, and I could not be more pleased with it. The robot has many features that are perfect for a beginner. They include the ability to create your drills, adjust the ball frequency, and even change the head height. One thing is for sure, this product was designed with beginners in mind! It has a wide range of spins that you can select from, and it’s very accurate. I will certainly recommend this product to my students and others at our club looking for affordable tennis instruction.” – Lenore. K

About the Butterfly Brand

For over 60 years, Butterfly has manufactured the highest quality table tennis equipment for players of all levels. When Butterfly products are used by top players at major competitions, the Butterfly brand is supported, and the name spreads across the world.

The company name “Butterfly” expresses the founder’s wish to provide tabletop tennis players with the essential equipment so that they can bloom like butterflies flying around flowers in a garden.

Every player is different and blossoms with their style, so Butterfly keeps moving forward, developing, and progressing every step.

Butterfly Amicus Expert Review – Conclusion

We are almost at the end of this Butterfly Amicus Expert review. So the question is, does the Amicus table tennis robot help develop spin and consistency? Yes. But it is not an inexpensive machine, so before buying it, you need to ask yourself what your needs are.

Another and the most expensive Butterfly robot is the Amicus Prime.

Are you looking for a versatile table tennis robot with plenty of programmable options?

For that, the Butterfly Amicus Expert is worth the money. The Butterfly Amicus Expert table tennis robot is one of the most popular and widely used robots today. It is an excellent option for players looking for an all-around robot that offers outstanding value and many playing options.

megaspin sale equipment

The Amicus Expert offers advanced ball control with exceptional spin, speed, and feed rate capabilities. While it is our top-of-the-line table tennis robot, it is also straightforward to set up and can be managed by players of all skill levels. Whether you are looking to improve your game or want to entertain a group of friends, the Amicus Expert can do it all!

Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robots – FAQs

Does the Butterfly Amicus Expert come with pre-programmed drills?

The Butterfly Amicus Expert is a state-of-the-art practice partner that adds an element of fun to any table tennis training session.

The easy-to-use interface, programmable options, and ball frequency of up to 120 balls per minute make the Amicus Expert a versatile and challenging practice partner.

The machine includes 20 exercises created by Richard Prause and can store up to 120 drills of 7 balls each. Just add a table, net, and balls to make your training center at home. Be sure to wear good table tennis shoes to prevent injury.

Can I adjust the ball delivery?

The ball throwing speed is fully adjustable, between 1 and 40 balls per minute.

You can randomize shots (pong, left, right, and fast) or fixate on a specific setting (pong, left, and right). You can get a demanding table tennis interval training workout to improve your physical condition and table tennis skills.

To maximize your performance with the Amicus or any robot, incorporating coaching sessions into your training schedule ensures you master the correct technique while utilizing the robot.

Can I customize the drills?

Creating custom training drills is easy. Simply choose a shot combination, then adjust the speed, placement, and spin for each one. Change a few shots or change them all—the choice is yours.

The exercises can be as simple or challenging as you want, and saving your new drill to the robot’s memory is quick and easy.

Realistic Multi-ball Drills on the Amicus Robot allow you to practice the “banana flick” technique, as commonly seen in Chinese players. Start with a short backspin ball and transition into a fast backhand or forehand topspin rally.

The robot can simulate up to 8 shots, helping you perfect your skills. Additionally, the Amicus allows you to set a short pause between eight-ball drills for a more realistic training experience.

How can I purchase the Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot?

To buy table tennis robots like Butterfly Amicus Expert Robot, you can go to either Megaspin or Amazon. Both of these sites are trusted and have reasonable prices.

However, I found that Megaspin usually has the best deals. They offer free shipping for orders over $50, which means you can almost always get free shipping with your order.

megaspin store banner

Plus, they carry a good selection of all things table tennis, so it is easy to stock up on rackets, balls, robot parts, and more with one stop at their site. If you want to buy a Butterfly Amicus robot, you should check out the Megaspin store.






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