5+ Best Women’s Tennis Rackets (Intermediate Female Player)

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In this blog post, we will explore the top five best women’s tennis rackets currently available in the market and provide an in-depth analysis of their pros and cons. Whether you’re a recreational player or a professional athlete, this guide will help you make an informed decision when selecting your next tennis racket.

When it comes to excelling on the tennis court, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Among the most crucial pieces of gear is the tennis racket. Women tennis players, in particular, require a racket that is tailored to their specific needs, ensuring maximum performance, power, and control.

Overall Best Women’s Tennis Racket

Racket & Features

Image & Price

  • FSI spin technology

  • Lighter racket for maneuverability

  • Best for Power and Spin

best women's tennis rackets our winner babolat pure aero team

The Babolat Pure Aero is a racket known for its power and spin capabilities. It is a popular choice among the world’s best tennis players, including professionals like Rafael Nadal and Caroline Wozniacki.

Pure Aero’s design incorporates advanced aerodynamics, making it ideal for players who rely on spin-heavy shots. Its lightweight frame allows for quick maneuverability, enabling players to react swiftly during fast-paced rallies.

However, some players may find the Pure Aero’s power overwhelming, particularly if they have a more finesse-oriented playing style.


  • Excellent spin potential, thanks to the AeroModular technology.
  • A lightweight frame enhances maneuverability.
  • Ideal for aggressive players who rely on power and spin.


  • The power may be excessive for players seeking more control and precision.
  • Requires some adjustment due to its unique feel.


Best Women’s Tennis Rackets Selected by The Author







Best Balance


Best Stability & Control


Aggressive play & maneuverable


Best Innovative technology


1. Babolat Pure Drive Team Wimbledon

Best Women's Tennis Rackets model babolat pure drive wimbledon main image


The Babolat Pure Drive has long been regarded as one of the best all-around tennis rackets available for women. Its versatility makes it suitable for players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

With a balance between power and control, Pure Drive offers an exceptional blend of both. The Cortex Pure Feel technology incorporated into its design helps dampen vibrations, providing a more comfortable feel during play.

However, Pure Drive’s power-oriented nature may require some players to adjust their technique to optimize control.


  • A versatile racket is suitable for players of all levels.
  • Combines power and control effectively.
  • Excellent vibration dampening for enhanced comfort.


  • Some players may need to adapt their technique to fully utilize their power potential.
  • Less suited for professional tennis players seeking extreme levels of power or spin.

Babolat Pure Drive Ladies Tennis Racket Features

Renowned as one of Babolat’s flagship tennis racquets since its introduction in 1994, Pure Drive has garnered immense popularity among professional women tennis players. Also, it is one of the world’s most versatile and sought-after women’s tennis racquets.

Babolat Pure Drive Ladies Tennis Racket Features two images

Continuously refined and adapted to meet the evolving demands of the tennis game, this model effortlessly blends contemporary design elements with a touch of vintage inspiration drawn from the illustrious British Grand Slam.

With its lighter weight of 285g compared to the original Babolat Pure Drive, the Pure Drive Team has become the go-to choice for professional women tennis players seeking a perfect harmony between maneuverability and explosive power on the court.

These women’s tennis rackets have an impeccable balance that ensures swift and agile movements, granting players an unmistakable edge.

babloat pure drive racket tennis for women two angles view


Dubbed an “unfair advantage” by adversaries, this exceptional tennis racket empowers women players to showcase their skills with utmost confidence, enabling them to conquer any tennis game that comes their way. There are more Babolat and Wilson Tennis rackets in 2023 reviewed here.


2. Yonex Ezone 98

best women's tennis rackets model Yonex Ezone 98 main image


The Yonex Ezone is renowned for its user-friendly characteristics, making it an excellent choice for women players seeking a balanced racket. It offers a combination of power, control, and comfort that caters to a wide range of playing styles.

The Ezone’s Isometric head shape expands the sweet spot, reducing the chances of mishits and improving consistency. Its innovative shock-absorbing technology also contributes to reduced vibration, minimizing the risk of arm fatigue.

However, some players might find the Ezone’s power output slightly lower than other rackets on this list.


  • A user-friendly racket is suitable for various playing styles.
  • It has an expanded sweet spot for enhanced consistency.
  • Advanced shock-absorbing technology minimizes vibration.


  • Slightly lower power output compared to some other rackets.
  • May not satisfy players seeking extreme power or spin potential.

Yonex Ezone 98 Tennis Racquet Features

Specifically designed as one of the top tennis racquets for women, the Yonex Ezone 98 incorporates advanced technologies. With its optimal head size and balanced weight distribution, this racquet is particularly suited for players who value control and precision in their game.

Yonex Ezone 98 Tennis Racquet Features and two tennis players using it

The Vibration Dampening Mesh technology wrapped around the graphite frame effectively filters out unwanted vibrations, providing a remarkable improvement in feel and overall comfort during play.

The 2G – Namd Speed technology employed in the Yonex Ezone 98 utilizes Carbon Nanotube binding to minimize energy loss and maximize snapback. This results in enhanced power and responsiveness, enabling players to unleash powerful shots with ease.

The flex in the shaft upon impact reduces vibrations, enhancing stability and offering a comfortable playing experience. This makes it an excellent choice for players who prioritize a stiff frame for better control while still seeking lightweight rackets for effortless maneuverability.

In conclusion, the Yonex Ezone 98 Tennis Racket is a remarkable option among tennis racquets for women, delivering exceptional control and precision.

With its optimal head size, Vibration Dampening Mesh technology, and 2G – Namd Speed, it provides a perfect blend of power and responsiveness.

YouTube video


Additionally, the racquet’s Oval Pressed Shaft design offers improved spin, control, and comfort. The Yonex Ezone 98 is the ideal choice for those seeking a lightweight racket that doesn’t compromise on control and performance.


3. Wilson Clash 100 V2 Tennis Racquet

best women's tennis rackets model Wilson Clash 100 V2 Tennis Racquet main image


The Wilson Clash 100 V2 Tennis Racquet stands out for its unique flexibility and arm-friendly feel.

With its innovative FreeFlex technology, the Clash 100 V2 provides impressive stability and control, while also being forgiving on the arm. This racket is well-suited for players who prioritize comfort and control over raw power.

However, the reduced stiffness of the frame might result in slightly lower power levels, which could be a drawback for players seeking a more aggressive game.


  • Exceptional flexibility and arm-friendly design.
  • Offers excellent stability and control.
  • Forgiving on the arm reduces the risk of injuries.


  • Power output may be slightly lower compared to stiffer rackets.
  • May not cater to players who rely heavily on power and spin.

Wilson Clash 100 V2 Control Racquets Features

The grommet construction of the Clash v2 ensures a consistent and forgiving string bed response, resulting in a significantly expanded sweet spot and the most powerful racquets.

Wilson tennis racket brand, known as one of the most reputable brands in the industry, consistently excels in incorporating cutting-edge technology into its products.

YouTube video
Today, Wilson has become an iconic and widely recognized name in the sport, thanks in no small part to their collaborations with revered tennis legends, including 20-time Slam champion Roger Federer and 23-time Major winner Serena Williams.

The Wilson Clash 100 v2 racket, specifically designed for a professional tennis player, places a strong emphasis on delivering more power. In comparing more power and control racquets, there is a middle name called tweener racquets.

Wilson Clash 100 V2 Control Racquets Features two angles of view


With their innovative technology and design, these women’s tennis racquets empower players to generate explosive shots. This allows them to take their game style to new heights.


4. Tecnifibre Tempo 298 IGA 2022 Tennis Racquet

best women's tennis rackets model Tecnifibre Tempo 298 IGA 2022 Tennis Racquet main image


The Tecnifibre Tempo 298 IGA 2022 Tennis Racquet is designed to deliver a unique blend of power, control, and maneuverability. It features an open string pattern, allowing players to generate considerable spin on their shots.

The racket’s lightweight nature enables quick swings, aiding players who prefer a more aggressive playing style.

However, the Tempo 298 IGA may not provide as much stability or control as some of the other rackets on this list.

The Iga’s Tempo 298 tennis racket, designed for intermediate players, features inserts of XTC fiber, polyester, and aluminum filaments. These inserts effectively disperse shock upon ball impact, resulting in improved feel and feedback.

Additionally, the same racquet has been meticulously customized, optimizing its technical characteristics such as weight (298g), head size (630 cm²), balance (320mm), and grip to achieve the perfect swing speed in any position.


  • Excellent power and spin potential due to open string pattern.
  • The lightweight design facilitates swift swings.
  • Great for an aggressive baseliner looking for more power.
  • Suitable for players with aggressive playing styles.


  • Stability and control might not match some other rackets.
  • May require adjustment for players seeking a more controlled game.

Tecnifibre Tempo 298 IGA 2022 Features

For intermediate and advanced players seeking the best tennis rackets on the market, the Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 Iga Swiatek racquet is a compelling choice.

With its ample 630 cm² head size, the T-Rebound 298 ensures precise shots and enhances overall accuracy as it needs to be an adult tennis racquets.

Its carefully balanced weight of 298 g, combined with a swing weight optimized for intermediate and advanced players, delivers exceptional stability. This allows players to unleash powerful shots with confidence while efficiently absorbing their opponent’s hits.

This contributes to an aggressive and strategic playing style, vital for players looking to elevate their tennis skills. You can be sure this is the right tennis racquet for your playing style.

Tecnifibre Tempo 298 IGA 2022 Features tennis racket for women


Additionally, the incorporation of XTC technology, a combination of carbon, polyester, and aluminum, ensures enhanced feel and comfort during play. The Horse Back Strip drilling pattern optimizes string movement, resulting in increased spin and power.

5. Babolat Pure Strike VS

best women's tennis rackets model Babolat Pure Strike VS main image


When it comes to finding the best tennis racket, the Babolat Pure Strike VS stands out as a top contender. With its lightweight design and advanced features, this racket is a game-changer for players of all levels, including WTA players and beginners looking to enhance their tennis skills.

If you thrive on the exhilarating experience of playing tennis and love unleashing powerful shots, the Babolat Pure Strike VS is your ideal companion. Weighing in as a lightweight tennis racket, it effortlessly maneuvers through the air, allowing you to generate incredible spin and power with each swing.

Not only is the Babolat Pure Strike VS favored by WTA players for its exceptional performance, but it is also an excellent choice for beginner tennis players.

Innovative Technology for Enhanced Performance

Compared to Babolat Pure Aero Team, the Strike VS showcases innovative technology, including its unique square cross-sectioned narrow frame racket. This cutting-edge design enhances stability upon impact, translating into increased control and precise shots.

Elevate Your Tennis Experience

With their combination of power, performance, and player-friendly features, the Babolat Pure Strike VS rackets are the ultimate adult racquet choice.

best women's tennis rackets model Babolat Pure Strike VS three angle sizes of view


If you are an advanced player, experience the difference for yourself and take your game to new heights with this exceptional racket that caters to the needs of WTA players and beginner tennis enthusiasts alike.

What to Consider When Choosing a Women’s Tennis Racket?

When it comes to choosing the best tennis racquets, several factors significantly impact power and control. Key considerations include head size, weight, and string pattern. Understanding how these elements affect your game is crucial for finding the ideal racquet that suits your needs.

What to Consider When Choosing a Women's Tennis Racket explaining the parts

Head size plays a vital role in power and control dynamics. Larger head sizes tend to generate more power, thanks to their increased sweet spot, while smaller head sizes offer enhanced control, enabling precise shot placement.

Weight is another crucial factor to consider. Lighter tennis rackets provide more power due to their maneuverability and ability to generate faster swing speeds.

On the other hand, heavier racquets offer greater control, stability, and reduced vibrations, making them a preferred choice for players looking for precise shot placement and reduced risk of tennis elbow.

Tips for Choosing the Best Racquet

String pattern also influences the power and control aspects of a racquet. An open string pattern, with wider spaces between strings, promotes more power by allowing the ball to sink into the strings and generate extra spin.

Different string materials, tensions, and gauges can affect the power, control, spin, and feel of your shots.

By carefully evaluating factors such as head size, weight, string pattern, and overall racquet weight, you can identify the best tennis racquet that perfectly suits your playing style and helps you achieve optimal power and control on the court.

When starting to play tennis, it’s recommended for beginners to use a lighter racquet with an oversized head. This combination helps beginners make consistent contact with the tennis ball and allows them to rally comfortably as they develop their skills on the court.

As intermediate players progress in their tennis journey, they can transition to a tweener racquet that offers a balance between power and control. This typically involves using a racquet with a slightly smaller head size and adding some weight to the frame.

Tennis Racquets Women FAQs

Q1: What factors should I consider when choosing a women’s tennis racket?

A1: When selecting a women’s tennis racket, several factors should be taken into account. First, consider your skill level and playing style. If you’re a beginner, a racket with a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness may be beneficial.

For advanced players, a racket that offers a balance of power and control can be ideal. Additionally, consider factors such as weight, balance, string pattern, and grip size, as these can impact the racket’s feel and performance.

Q2: How do I determine the correct grip size for my tennis racket?

A2: Choosing the right grip size is crucial for comfort and control. To determine the correct grip size, measure the distance between the tip of your ring finger and the second crease on your palm.

Use a sizing chart provided by tennis racket manufacturers to match your measurement with the appropriate grip size. Keep in mind that a grip that is too small can lead to a lack of control, while a grip that is too large may cause strain and discomfort.

Should I prioritize power or control when selecting the best women’s tennis rackets?

The answer depends on your playing style and personal preferences. If you rely on powerful shots and aggressive play, a racket that offers more power may be suitable.

On the other hand, if you prioritize control and precision in your game, a racket that provides better maneuverability and accuracy may be more beneficial. Consider your strengths and weaknesses as a player and choose a racket that aligns with your style of play.

best women's tennis rackets iga swiatek playing forehand

Remember that finding the right balance between power and control is often the key to optimal performance on the court. These are just a few of the many questions that tennis players often have when choosing a women’s tennis racket.

It’s important to explore and research different options, consult with experts or professionals, and even try out rackets before making a final decision.

Ultimately, selecting a racket that feels comfortable in your hands and complements your playing style can significantly enhance your performance and enjoyment of the game.

Best Women’s Tennis Rackets – Conclusion

Selecting the right tennis racket is vital for women players looking to optimize their performance on the court. Each of the rackets mentioned in this blog post has its unique strengths and weaknesses, catering to different playing styles and preferences.







Best Balance


Best Stability & Control


Aggressive play & maneuverable


Best Innovative technology


Whether you prioritize power, control, spin, or comfort, there is a racket on this list that will suit your needs. Remember to consider your skill level, playing style, and personal preferences when making your final decision.

Ultimately, the best women’s tennis racket is the one that helps you elevate your game and brings you joy as you strive for excellence.






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