Best Table Tennis Store Online (12 Shops Around The World)

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There are a few things to remember when choosing the best table tennis store online.

First, you’ll want to ensure that the store specializes in table tennis equipment.

Second, you’ll want to read customer reviews to understand what others think of the store’s products and services.

Third, you should compare prices between several stores to ensure you get the best deal possible on tables, robots, and other accessories.

List of the 12 best table tennis online stores

Do you have a favorite table tennis equipment online store? Yes, of course, you do. After all, there are several well-known and trusted TT online stores among table tennis players worldwide. I am a massive fan of Megaspin, Amazon, and more.

But then again, there are other excellent table tennis stores that you might need to check out if you are looking for something completely different. So here it’s time to introduce you to some of them.

1. Megaspin Table Tennis Store Online

best table tennis store online megaspin main image


The right table tennis equipment is crucial to your success as a player. While there are many things to consider when choosing a table tennis racket or table, MEGA SPIN is the best table tennis store online that will help you find the right product for your needs — whatever they may be. was created by a good team of successful pro table tennis players and coaches. It works as a superstore for all types of table tennis equipment and gear you can think about.

They truly offer the best quality product, and their excellent knowledge of the sport helps players make intelligent purchases. This is the place you want to buy your equipment, especially if you are a beginner (which means you need to buy a lot of table tennis rackets, ping pong balls, etc.).

Also, if you are looking for table tennis clothing reviews, Megaspin has a great offer.

Best Table Tennis Store Online in the USA with great support and free shipping

Mega Spin is the best place to buy table tennis equipment because its online store offers free shipping worldwide, excellent email communication, and competitive prices.

Not to forget – they offer free US shipping for orders over $50. Another of the best features is that Mega Spin offers a free liftgate service and premium add-on services like table tennis table installation.


They also assure the best lowest price guaranteed. That means you can notify them if you find any item with the lowest price online, and they will adjust the cost of your selected item accordingly! On their store, you also have the best reviews for most of the popular products.

Great All-in-One Packages – Table + Robot + Catch Net

great all in one packages robot ping pong table and catch netSEE THIS GREAT OFFER

Last but never least is their exceptional return policy. If you are unsatisfied after purchasing tables and robots, you can return them within 30 days and get your refund. Mega Spin also is located in the USA and has a wide range of ping pong tables, robots, ping pong paddles, and great support. There are many combo specials like the one above.

2. Amazon Online Table Tennis Shop

best table tennis store online amazon main image


When you think about buying table tennis equipment online, I will bet that Amazon should be your second option when you want to start looking.

From the best table tennis shoes to rubber sheets, Amazon has almost everything. But it’s understandable why folks may shy away from the online giant: many people associate Amazon with all things shady — shady deals, reviews, and refunds.

Even if you don’t like what Amazon has to offer, there’s no denying it has become one of the most dominant forces in e-commerce. With billions of products being sold and shipped daily (with even more being added daily), it’s hard to ignore when you compare its market share with other retailers like Walmart, eBay, or Zappos.

But it’s important to note that almost all brand of table tennis equipment, including Butterfly, Stiga, Tibhar, Nittaku, Andro, Victas, and Joola, have their official ship on Amazon.

So if you have decided to buy from Amazon, it’s best to order from the brand’s official Amazon store.

3. Powerpong Robot Online Store

power pong official site table tennis robots


Where to buy a ping pong robot?

We know that a table tennis robot is pretty expensive. After purchasing a Newgy, Butterfly, or Power Pong robot, the last thing you would want is to find missing pieces and poor customer support.

So if you are planning to buy a ping pong robot (Omega, Delta, Beta, or Alpha), is the best place. They have the lowest price guarantee when you choose to purchase a ping pong robot. Also, here is the frequent sale and many discounted prices on all the products.

They offer excellent customer service, a great shipping policy, and, not to forget, a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 1-year Power Pong warranty on any product purchased from their online store.

This great store is located in the US, precisely in Costa Mesa, California.

Now the critical question is: does Power Pong ship internationally? Yes! They ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and other countries, and it usually takes 3-5 days to receive the order.

4. Tabletennis11 Ping Pong Shop

tabletennis 11 online store main image

If you are on the hunt for the best table tennis deals and weekly specials, then should be your go-to place. Tabletennis11 offers fantastic discounts on table tennis equipment – the more you buy, the more you can save, and you can save as much as 30% on the regular price of rackets, rubbers, and clothing items.

The headquarters of Tabletennis11 is located in Estonia, Northern Europe. Their online store ( sells over 30 brands of table tennis and ships worldwide; in over 126 countries at the highest speed.

They also offer exclusive discounts to those who subscribe to their newsletter. But the best thing is their return policy.

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on any table tennis items purchased from their store except the items from the clearance category and specialty items such as assembled blades.

5. Paddle Palace Online Store

best table tennis store online paddle palace main image

Paddle Palace has been one of the best table tennis stores online since 1973. Its headquarters is in Portland, Oregon, USA, and they are the North American distributor for over 30 brands, including DHS, Newgy, Stiga, Tibhar, Butterfly, and more.

Inside the USA, they offer free shipping for orders over $60 and charge $5.95 for S&H for orders under $60.

The most important thing is Paddle Palace ships internationally and provides several payment options. This way, it is super easy to shop here and get the best sales prices.

It is a North American table tennis supplier that offers special offers and a wide selection of blades, rackets, and custom or specialty items from all the leading brands, so you’re sure to find the perfect equipment for your home or club. They also carry a full line of featured products like table tennis rackets, including nets, paddles, balls, and storage covers.

6. Ping Pong Depot (Best Table Tennis Store Online for Deals)

ping pong depot store main image

Ping Pong Depot is a Canadian company, and as of this writing, PPD ships to Canada and specific locations within North America. Their online store ( carries table tennis equipment from over 28 brands.

They offer weakly specials, gifts, pre-assembled paddles, and exclusive promo codes, using which you can get 10% – 20% discounts on several brands of table tennis gear.

They also offer a reward program that allows you to gain points. You can then redeem the points for free table tennis equipment and discounts. For example, with 38970 points, you can get a Newgy Robo Pong 2050 from Ping Pong Depot for free!

Best of all is their monthly installment plan (buy now and pay later). By choosing the option, you can partially pay for high-end table tennis equipment (items over $500) in 24 – 48 payments. Here, you have a lot of combo specials including ready-made rackets, or ping-pong tables with balls in a bundle.

But this option is only available for Visa cardholders and Canada only. Their refer-a-friend program is also a nice gesture. By referring a friend, you can get a $10 discount. Also, if you order over $89.90, they offer free shipping in the continental USA and Canada.

7. Best Table Tennis Store Online for Official Butterfly Equipment

shop butterflyonline table tennis store

If you want to buy Timo Boll ALC, Viscaria blade, Tenergy rubbers, or Amicus Prime robot, Butterfly’s online store ( should be your choice.

However, they only carry table tennis equipment from the Butterfly brand. But their online store ships to more than 35 European countries. They guarantee the lowest prices on Butterfly products and a full refund if you are not satisfied.

Their website offers a pleasant browsing experience but isn’t the best option if you are looking for a brand other than Butterfly. However, you can find here a wide range of featured products such as pre-assembled paddles, rubber sheets, and all other items at the best price.

8. Best Table Tennis Store Online in Australia (OOAK Table Tennis Shop)

Best Table Tennis Store Online in Australia main image

OOAK Table Tennis Shop is the best table tennis distributor in Australia.

Their online store ( carries brands like Butterfly, DHS, Donic, STIGA, Yasaka, Victas, Nittaku, Joola, and Xiom. But the only drawback is that they ship only to Australia and New Zealand and nowhere else.

However, they have great combo specials and all other featured products that people from that region may like.

This shop has a very good price on all sports equipment and volume discounts. You can find a very good ping pong blade, racket, or any combination from different manufacturers.

9. Walmart

best table tennis store online walmart homepage ping pong

If you’re looking for table tennis equipment online, Walmart’s website is one option. Their website is clean and certainly carries a friendly navigational system.

While other retailers may have a broader range of table tennis brands, Walmart gives you the advantage of purchasing table tennis equipment in-store or online.

This means you can get what you need, and no waiting is involved! However, Walmart isn’t the best place to buy table tennis equipment online.

That’s right, I said it. If you want to get your hands on the latest and the best in table tennis gear, you need to head to online stores, particularly for table tennis equipment like Megaspin or Tabletennis11.

They have a great selection of brands and can quickly help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Also, Walmart doesn’t ship most of the table tennis products internationally.

So if you are ordering table tennis equipment outside the USA, Walmart is a poor choice. Another factor is delayed shipping. Like Amazon, several customers complain about delayed shipping after ordering from them.

And let’s face it: there are only so many places you can go and meet your table tennis needs. When it comes to buying new equipment, Walmart might not be your first choice—but when you’re looking for an affordable place with a wide range of products, Walmart is about as good as it gets.

10. eBay Online Table Tennis Store

ebay online shop ping pong equipment


eBay is a good option if you are searching for places to buy pre-owned table tennis tables and other featured products. eBay iNorthorth American store that makes shopping for used and new ping pong equipment much easier.

You have to filter your search accordingly. However, finding your preferred item for sale near your area would be difficult.

Whether you’re looking for new ping pong tables for your home or club or need to replace an old one, eBay is the place to shop. You’ll find all the brands you trust, including Stiga, Joola, and Butterfly. And with eBay’s convenient shipping options, you can have your new table at the lowest prices delivered right to your door.

Other professional table tennis shops worldwide

dicks sporting goods shop

11. Dick’s Sporting Goods

A list of the best table tennis stores online is never a list without including Dicks’s Sporting Goods. It is an American sporting goods retail company with over 730 stores across the USA. One of the best features is that they provide in-store discounts, and you will get reward points for every purchase.

They also offer ‘Best Price Guaranteed’ but Dick’s Sporting Goods, free curbside or in-store one-hour pickup, and free shipping for selected products and orders over $65.

However, Dick’s Sporting Goods only ships to North America, and not all brands of table tennis equipment are available in their online store. They provide fast shipping and many special offers on all sports equipment.

12. Prott.VIP

Prott.VIP is an international professional table tennis online store. Their online store features all types of table tennis equipment from most brands, including Stiga, Yasaka, Victas, and others.

It has been a reputable online table tennis store since 2012 and is a good option if you shop globally.

Every table tennis player should visit this store for accessories, balls, or other discounted items. Prot VIPip is an online table tennis store that offers a wide range of table tennis items such as ping pong paddles, clothing, and other accessories.

The store features a variety of brands, including Stiga, Butterfly, and Donic, and offers competitive prices on all of its products. In addition to offering a wide selection of products, Prott. VIP also provides free shipping on all orders over $50.

Best Table Tennis Store Online – Conclusion

So what’s the final verdict?

What’s the best place to shop for table tennis products?

But of course, it all depends on your needs, location, and preferences. For example, if you’re interested in big brand names such as Victas, Butterfly, and STIGA, online stores like Megaspin and Tabletennis11 might be your best bet.

megaspin store banner

If you can’t afford the actual competition blades but want durability, some stores (such as Megaspin) offer multiple carbon fiber variations that might fit your needs better. Or, if you want to save money by purchasing a slightly older blade version, stores such as Walmart and Paddle Palace also offer clearance deals.

It’s always good to do your research and learn about the different features certain products have before making any decisions.

I hope the information in this article will help and provide the necessary knowledge to pick the best table tennis store suitable for your needs. Choosing a proper store could help you save more money and time. The Reviews are available on most of our pages, but you can start with the Homepage.

I would love to hear your feedback and comments; it will be very valuable for me to research this topic. Good luck with your shopping!

Best Table Tennis Store Online – FAQs

Why buy table tennis equipment online?

Buying table tennis equipment online is a good idea for many reasons.

You can find an online shop that supplies very easily. The quality of your game depends on great manufacturers from world suppliers.

First, there are a lot of excellent and reliable table tennis stores around the world that offer high-quality table tennis products online at reasonable prices.

Second, you can save time by searching for the item you are looking for and the most appropriate seller on their website. If you were to buy your equipment at a physical shop, it would take hours because you’d have to go from one location to another.

best table tennis store online equipment rackets and balls

Transferring from one place to another isn’t ideal, especially if you want to save on gas and buy online. Some of the other advantages of buying table tennis equipment online are:

  • You get the best prices online
  • Search for the equipment you need
  • Buy it, instantly
  • It’s fast and easy
  • You don’t have to drive all over town
  • You get service, selection, and advice from experts

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