3+ Best Table Tennis Return Board (2023 Reviews)

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Out of the many table tennis equipment in the market, a table tennis return board is not usually popular. People prefer using a table tennis robot more often than a return board because they work almost the same.

They are both ideally used when one lacks a playing partner or an opponent. You can also use them if you are more into solo play and practice. There are a lot of fun ping pong games you can play solo or with friends.

At a Glance – Best Ping Pong Rebound Board

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One advantage of the return boards is that they provide more random spins and the return trajectory provides feedback on striking.

Let us look at a more detailed explanation of a return board.

What is a Table Tennis Return Board?

A Return board is an equipment comprising a stand and a wooden board with table tennis rubbers attached to it. It is a rebounding board or surface, to be more specific.

Return boards are like half of some of the table tennis tables, which can be converted to a return playing surface. Some are placed on top of the table, while those with wheels are placed at an angle on the floor.

When it comes to size, a bigger return board is the best. It provides more surface where you will be able to play more shots as the board will rebound the ball depending on where the contact was.

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A bigger return board will also help you practice your footwork because you will be required to run around as you respond to ball rebounds from different directions.

What is the Purpose of a Return Board?

Return boards have been manufactured because of several reasons. Maybe you love practicing outside regular practice hours; finding someone to practice with, such as a training partner, can be hard. Maybe you are the type of person who prefers solo play as you work on improving your weak points and strive to elevate your strengths.

The table tennis return board comes in handy, whereby you will have very constructive practice sessions that you would never have imagined. They are usually cheaper than robots, so you can consider getting one if your budget is tight.

How Does a Table Tennis Return Board Work?

When the racket hits the ball, it bounces back from the Return board toward the player’s direction. Table tennis ball returns are usually fast or slow, depending on the intensity applied when hitting the ball. So the game goes on as you hit the ball. You receive feedback and reciprocate it.

Return boards react to the spin and speed that you put on your shot. You will receive the same amount of feedback from it.

With the table tennis return board, you can play table tennis whenever you want and all by yourself!

How Does a Table Tennis Return Board Work

First, you must set the board angle using the table tennis return board. If you’re a beginner, we suggest using a more open angle of around 80 to 90 degrees. If you are a more advanced player, close the angle to anywhere between 60 and 80 degrees.

You may need to adjust the board a few times before it becomes comfortable to play consistent rallies.

When playing after choosing the angle that works best for you, you just have to hit the first ball with enough speed and spin to make it come back to you, then play the rally out normally.

Table Tennis Return Boards Amazon

We checked some of the amazing return boards on Amazon. The good news is the prices are quite pocket-friendly. We bring you some of the best return boards that will give you an edge over your teammates and opponents.

Amazon offers international shipping to all countries, and you can choose all the models they offer. Here are different board sizes and also the best value for your budget.

1. Yuanclllp Portable Desktop Table Tennis Rebound Board

Yuanclllp Portable Desktop Table Tennis Rebound Board main image


You can get your desktop rebound board at $ 152.70. It comes with 8 red rubbers, an improved second-generation ping pong return board self-training equipment, and a strong steel frame.


  • Brand – Yuanclllp
  • Color – red
  • Sport type – table tennis
  • Material – wood/Alloy steel
  • Base material – plastic/ Alloy steel
  • Frame Material – Alloy steel
  • Top Material – Plastic/ Steel
  • Assembly required – yes

It is a portable ping-pong rebound board. It can be easily carried from one place to another and is usually placed on the ping pong table because it does not have wheels.

This beautiful table tennis return board presents features of a real opponent, like providing a surface where the ball hits back as it rebounds to the player. It highly promotes self-training or solo practice sessions and is easy and fun to use. The second-generation version of their return boards is developed by a professional team.

The surface of the board has eight rubbers arranged orderly horizontally (4) and vertically (2). The eight rubbers completely cover the whole surface of the board. They are also astringent, and the sponge is glue-free, which makes it better than adhesive rubbers. They are very durable too, and they can serve you for a long time. You wouldn’t even imagine.

Portable Desktop Table Tennis Rebound Bards Pros & Cons

This portable desktop return board is made up of high-quality material, as seen in the specifications, which are the same materials used to make professional ping pong tables. It is very beginner-friendly and easy to install too.

This would be ideal for any player with basic table tennis skills. However, it is important to note that it gives out a houttuynia odor which may not be pleasant to some people.

Pros Cons
Large 8-rubber coverage Bad odor
Has a solid frame It could be expensive for some
Has an easily adjustable board angle One cannot use deep loops
Best tool for practicing pushes (rates 8.3 out of 10) It has corner protectors that reduce the surface

2. Ping Pong Return Board with 8 Rubbers

best table tennis return board with 8 rubbers main image


It is available in the market at $ 119.49. Ping pong return board is the number one release in table tennis blades. High-quality materials are used in its manufacture, for example, a high-density board. Thus the board can serve you for the longest while.

The Return board has eight red ping pong rubbers instead of six because it provides a large surface for hitting. The rubber is anti-aging and thicker than other return boards, providing you with a stable rebounding surface and high performance.

The table tennis return board has an adjustable knob that lets you adjust it to the angle you are comfortable with. The knobs are bolts that you rotate on both sides easily until your reach your preferred angle.

Freestanding Return Boards Features

This table tennis rebounder is very portable because it comes with four omnidirectional wheels, making moving easy and time-saving.

It will provide you with a similar experience to playing with a real opponent. Ping pong return board is just the perfect self-training equipment.

This would be the best practice tool for you if you are an amateur with only basic table tennis skills. It can be used at home and also in the gym, both outdoors and indoors.

Amazon provides after-sales services for this product also. Most beginners like it.


  • Brand name – BLUSLM
  • Manufacturer – BLUSLM
  • Package weight – 8.23 kgs
  • Dimensions – LxWxH = 37’’x 17.2’’ x 2.8’’

3. Yuanclllp Freestanding Table Tennis Return Board

Yuanclllp Freestanding Table Tennis Return Board main image


You will get this return board for $165.70. This rebound board has similar features as the Yuanclllp portable desktop table tennis rebound board.

The only difference is that it has wheels, while the portable type does not. It also greatly encourages self-training, and it is a second-generation product.


  • Brand – Yuanclllp
  • Color – Red/Black
  • Material – Wood/ Alloy steel
  • Base material – Plastic/Alloy steel
  • Frame Material – Alloy Steel
  • Top material – wood
  • Dimensions – LxWxH= 27.5’’ x 4.5’’ x 4.5’’
  • Size – 44.5’’x27.5’’
  • Assembly required – yes

The astringent rubber and glue-free sponge ensure a prolonged period of service to you since it is a high-quality and long-lasting rubber.

The materials used are for a professional ping pong table which will give you the best experience. It is easy to install. Some of the complex parts, like wheels and adjustable fixtures, have been fixed in advance.

It is also a great choice for those who have basic table tennis skills. Just make sure that you set your angle at 80 to 82 degrees.

Pros Cons
It has 8 large rubbers Has a bad odor
The board angle is easily adjustable It cannot be placed on the table for touch play
It has a solid frame It might be costly to others
The wheels are lockable, and the board won’t move around as you play.
The wheels are also easy to move.

This return board rates at 8.6 out of 10.

Cheap Return Boards

As people would opt to use robots to return boards, return boards are always cheaper than equivalent robots. Among the return boards are cheaper options too.

Most return boards are half the price of a good table tennis robot or the equivalent of an average one.

All the above-mentioned return boards are part of the cheapest variations. Another good example of a cheap return board is the Wally rebounder which is unfortunately unavailable for now on Amazon. It costs $ 127.50. It offers several benefits to the user.

Also, the Zjmama return board is another good choice for intermediate players, so check if it’s available.

For example, it is great for practicing loops and many other attacking plays like topspins. The prices of good quality and cheap return boards range from $ 110 to $170.

Limitations of Return Boards

As much as return boards offer immense advantages, they also have their downsides.

First, you can’t learn footwork as you would when playing with a physical opponent or a robot. The experience would be quite different. Return boards are fixed in one direction and do not change their angles and placement in the middle of the game.

It usually depends on you to set the angle you want as you begin and maintain it until the game ends. You can do this by moderating the force you put in your topspin and sidespin shots. If you want to use many side spins on the Return board, reduce the intensity of the hooks and fades.

General benefits: General downsides:
Forces you to be rhythmic and consistent. If you are unable to keep up, the rally ends. It limits you to one angle and reduces the intensity applied when hitting the ball to get an accurate rebound.
It improves control and the feeling of the ball. The board can’t vary its returns. It can’t send you different spins.
You can opt to make your return board, which is cheaper. A great quality board is not that expensive too. You are also quite limited in your capabilities to do different drills.
Prioritizes slight adjustments since the ball comes back differently every time, working on your concentration and coordination.
You can carry it around, and it doesn’t require electricity.
It’s great to play with them as a warm-up before a session.


Table Tennis Return Board Price

As mentioned earlier, good quality return boards range from $100 to $170. When compared to robots, of course, table tennis robots surpass their performance. But as long as return boards can accomplish the purpose they were meant for, they are still efficient.

Therefore, feel free to select one or all from the above choices. You can also recommend one if you feel that it would suit and benefit someone you know. All these products will offer you good value for your money!

Best Table Tennis Return Board – Conclusion

Return boards are good for developing consistency and techniques. They help you acquire the basic skills necessary in every table tennis game.

This is advantageous to a person starting to play ping pong. If you are an experienced player, even better! It will heighten your skills, taking them to another level as you keep practicing to become that exceptional player you’ve always wanted to be.

They can help you perfect your consistency and control techniques. But you will have to understand that return boards are limited to only one angle when playing.

best table tennis return board a few options and price


Nevertheless, do not forget the importance of practicing with someone. Practicing with someone gives you the thrill and experience that a return board or a robot will never offer you. It is quite unmatched. Return boards are great at doing what they’re supposed to.

Buy one of the above return boards today to supplement your everyday training needs, and for sure, you will not be disappointed!






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