TOP 10 Best Table Tennis Gifts for 2023 (Christmas Ideas)

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From paddles to nets, practice robots, and scoreboards, we have put together some of the best table tennis gifts suitable for any age or level of experience.

There are cheap deals and affordable products that would form fantastic gift ideas and good gestures for your favorite person. Please don’t waste any second; rush to the Megaspin website today and check out the amazing offers and discounts before they are over.

This article brings you the best table tennis gift ideas for 2022. This includes personalized gifts, accessories, and funny table tennis gifts. Let us start by looking at some personalized table tennis rackets you might want to consider.

At a Glance – Best Table Tennis Gifts for 2023

Gift Ideas




best table tennis gifts omega strata racket thumbnail image

Best for Beginners


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Best for Training


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Best Gear Gift


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Best for Professionals


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Best Funny Gift


Table Tennis Gift Ideas – Rackets

It is yet another season of giving that we ought to welcome with grateful hearts and generous giving. Christmas is one of the best holiday seasons because it is time to wrap and unwrap many gifts.

Megaspin has you in mind as you plan to surprise your loved one or a table tennis fanatic with unique table tennis gifts and products.

1. JOOLA Omega Strata Racket

best table tennis gifts model JOOLA Omega Strata Racket main image


Do you have a beginner table tennis player in mind that would need the right racket for their use? Well, look no more because JOOLA Omega Strata would be their ideal racket. With just $ 29.95, you can get this perfect bat for your loved one.

JOOLA has made it available in multiple colors to suit users’ needs. Its color and design meet all the elements of a professional ping pong blade and rubber to elevate your skills.

It doesn’t matter if you want to get one for a child or an adult. Joola Omega Strata table tennis gift suits anyone in any age group.

This racket contains the Riff 34 table tennis rubber with a sponge thickness of 2.0 mm. It helps the rubber to provide steady control while in use. Combined with a fast and lightweight ping pong paddle, it enables a balanced game of offense and defense.

joola omega strata ping pong racket features and composition

The surface has a superior combination of Koto, Ayous, and Kiri that guarantees increased speed, spin, and control. It is also long-lasting because of its 5 plies of natural wood. The combination of these woods is perfect for offensive players who want to restrict the opponent’s playing style with quick counters and want the option to implement great topspins.

The flared hand option is the only one available. It offers a comfy grip, allowing better control when returning shots at opponents.

  • Speed – 90
  • Spin – 93
  • Control – 91
  • Handle – Flared

best table tennis gifts joola omega strata racket second image


It would be a thoughtful gift to someone who owns an indoor/outdoor table tennis table.


2. Butterfly Viscaria Proline with Tenergy 05 rubbers

best table tennis gifts model Butterfly Viscaria Proline and Tenergy 05


This bat would be a good choice for an advanced player or someone who wants to transition to a much faster rubber and blade. Many World-class and top table tennis players use this racket.

This great gift is one of the many products that Megaspin has placed a significant discount on for Christmas. It will give you good value for your money because it is made of highly durable materials.

Viscaria Proline has 5 plies of wood and 2 Arylate Carbon (ALC) layers. The rubber contained is the Tenergy 05, and it has a thickness of 2.1 mm. With this table tennis paddle, your friend will surely improve the table tennis game.

This racket works like magic because carbon’s power meets Arylate’s vibration-reducing properties. The ping pong rubber is powered to produce incredible topspins when playing at close distances or mid-distances at the table.

It has a unique sponge technology that adds additional speed and spin to each shot and offers a good feeling.

Another positive that comes with this racket is that it is International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF approved) and comes fully assembled. You can begin using it once you unbox it, a feature that all Proline rackets have, unlike other racket brands, which you will have to take some time to assemble before using them.

  • Reaction – 118
  • Vibration – 103
  • Speed – 130
  • Spin – 115
  • Hardness – 36
  • Handle – flared (concave at the center)

It is the right gift for your experienced colleague, niece, nephew, or friend. Viscaria Proline is recommended for intermediate players.

3. Butterfly RDJ 4 – Player set

best table tennis gifts model Butterfly RDJ 4 ping pong racket


This is the ideal set, especially for a family that practices table tennis. This gift idea would delight them all for sure. The set is quite affordable, and it goes for $ 51.54. It contains 4 table tennis rackets and 3 balls.

Alternatively, you can get a single unit: one bat and one ball at $ 12.89. It would be cheaper to purchase the whole set than buy a single unit rather.

This great gift set is the best because it offers maximum control for beginners. It will allow the members unfamiliar with the game to learn slowly and perfect their techniques.

  • Speed – 51
  • Spin – 51
  • Control – 100

They are also beautiful pieces that anyone can own. You can buy it for someone to add to their collection of rackets. Get at least even a single set for your folks and siblings. The table tennis balls are great for beginners.

Table Tennis Gear – Women’s Shirts

4. Andro Harris Women’s Shirt

andro harris women table tennis shirt main image two colors



Andro t-shirt is a fabulous women’s table tennis t-shirt that resembles a polo shirt. It has a collar and is manufactured in red and blue colors. It also has a slight v-neck shape at the neck section, giving it a different look with 2 slightly lower buttons.

You can put this Andro shirt on in any weather as it is moisture-regulating. The material used in its manufacture is the proven indoor dry functional fiber. This makes it very durable and able to serve you for the longest time possible.

It is plain on the backside and has a few different options regarding colors and models. Therefore, you can print anything, for example, your name, initials, or your favorite table tennis player’s name. You can also put a beautiful motivational message that would encourage people whenever they get the chance to read.

This ping pong gift (t-shirt) is available for everyone in medium, large, and small sizes! It is also quite affordable (costs $ 39.99). It is the most stylish gaming clothing you can ever gift to a table tennis enthusiast or anyone who loves trendy sportswear.

Table Tennis Gear – Men’s Shirt

5. JOOLA Trinity Shirt 20

joola trinity men t shirt two colors main image



A men’s table tennis t-shirt by the JOOLA brand. It is available in XXS and XS sizes. It also resembles a polo shirt. This shirt is printed using sublimation technology, which allows dyes to penetrate deep into the moisture-wicking material.

The Navy/Green colors of the modern ombre design are 100% sure to be long-lasting.

When you see this shirt, you will notice that it has different shades of Navy Blue and Light Green, giving it a luminous vibe. The color combinations are very appealing to the eye.

The shirt is made of polyester material. It has 3 buttons, and the first is placed at the top between the collars. The other buttons follow in the same line. They all are box stitched on the interior accent color.

It is a lightweight shirt, suitable to wear in cool weather when you do not sweat a lot. Surprise your dad, brother, best friend, or favorite uncle with these table tennis gifts.

Ping Pong Robot for the Budget

6. IPONG Trainer with 80 Balls included

IPONG Trainer with 80 Balls included ping pong robot



This collection includes the following:

The IPONG spin trainer robot was released in November 2018. It was a replacement for the IPONG V100. It has an adjustable frequency of 12-70 balls per minute, keeping you active as long as possible. The consistent topspin feed allows you to practice basic skills on your forehand and backhand, like how to hit the ball and the techniques to use.

The Ipong training robot is fully controlled by a remote. You can easily switch it on or off and change the ball frequency and the time using the remote. It, however, does not come with batteries.

The best table tennis robot overall on the market is Power Pong Omega.

You will not miss a manual when unboxing, a 3-step quick assembly guide that requires you to twist on the top and bottom funnel pieces and add the batteries. You will be set to play in approximately 2 minutes!

This is a friendly training robot to gift someone, especially an amateur, practicing without a partner. This spin trainer is a simple, affordable, fun table tennis robot that helps create a new perspective of recreational table tennis to one of competitive nature and excellence.

ipong trainer motion ping pong robot second image


You will experience the fun you are looking for with the IPONG table tennis robot. It has a standard cost of $ 99.95. Most ping pong lovers would like it for practicing alone.

Newest Modern Table Tennis Shoes

7. JOOLA Pro Blast Shoes

best table tennis gifts model JOOLA Pro Blast Shoes


This is a stylish white JOOLA gaming shoe. It is available from size 36 US to 46 US. JOOLA pro blast footwear will help you improve your footwork and give you the most comfort during your play.

It is also great for running, walking, or going to the gym. This table tennis shoe is unique; any gender can rock in it! It has a padded inner sole that provides the necessary support, while the outer sole is very flexible with a non-slip grip.

A mesh fabric at the front and sides of the shoe makes it breathable, allowing you to stay refreshed and comfortable for the longest while.

The attractive white color often gives the impression that it only suits ladies, but it will look perfect on guys too. Don’t be limited, therefore! Get a pair of table tennis shoes for your boyfriend, too, as you get your pair for the gym and morning runs!

JOOLA pro blast shoes are 100% high quality and durable.

Table Tennis Gifts – Other Accessories

8. Butterfly Water Bottle – Grey

best table tennis gifts model water bottle grey color ping pong


Water bottles are essential elements that an athlete should always consider, especially when they are out gaming. The truth is water bottles are crucial not only to athletes but to every other person.

It helps when you need to carry around water. It will form a wonderful gift for anyone and a thoughtful one for a table tennis player.

With this new 700 ml Butterfly water bottle, you can carry just enough water for a single match. It is made from good quality material called plant polymer, which is a biodegradable plastic material.

It has a clear side for accurate measurements. You will also see a measuring scale there. It has a grip top that has a big hinged lid cap. The water bottle from Butterfly goes for $ 9.99 only.

Funny Table Tennis Gifts

9. GEWO Trendy Mini Paddle Keychain

GEWO Trendy Mini Paddle Keychain ping pong gift


The keychain is such an attractive accessory that you can attach it to your essential collection, whether your home or car keys. The importance of keychains is that they reduce the likelihood of keys getting lost.

Imagine the scenario whereby you have a single key with no keychain/holder. Once you misplace it, you might find it very difficult to locate it.

But if you have an appealing keyholder, you can quickly identify the keys from just the colors.

GEWO mini paddle keychain is silver colored and has 5 small and cute table tennis bats with different colors like blue, green, red, black, and white. These table tennis gifts would be excellent for anyone, not just ping-pong players.

With just $ 4.39, you can own one or buy one for your family member.

10. Yasaka Mark V Carbon Racket

best table tennis gifts model Yasaka Mark V Carbon Racket


This racket is for promising players. It costs $ 98.95. It comes with Mark V 2.0 mm red and black rubber, a popular product in the table tennis market. Mark V has helped many players to win tournaments worldwide.

This bat’s rubber and the high-quality blade are produced in a Swedish factory that is known for having excellent table tennis products.

It forms the perfect gift because it responds to many user demands. This new paddle is only manufactured in flared-hand handle type. The handle is comfortable, and anyone can play with it well.

  • Speed – 105
  • Spin – 100
  • Control – 65

Yasaka Mark V Carbon racket’s surface has 3 wood plies and 2 carbon layers. The table tennis rubber, which is 2.0 mm, gives high speed and spin. On the other hand, the blade produces the right feeling for good ball control in an offensive game.

Best Table Tennis Gifts – Final Thoughts

The article has provided enough insight from which you can select the ideal Christmas gift for your loved one.

I hope you can now comfortably decide on the equipment you’d like to buy for your loved one. Remember to take advantage of the offers available because of the Christmas season.

best table tennis gift ideas ping pong table mini


Feel free to share some of these table tennis gifts with any other person who you think will be a great inspiration.

Give your ping pong lovers the perfect gift this year! Explore our selection of must-have equipment, from stylish table tennis tables to essential paddles. It’s time to celebrate their love for the sport with something special they’ll cherish forever.

Also, you can surprise them with 3-star balls or other different options. I recommend buying something for beginners, even if you know that they are serious players.






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