5+ Best Stiga Table Tennis Blades (Rosewood, Infinity Blade)

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Whether you’re a defensive or offensive player, this guide will help you find the perfect Stiga table tennis blades for your needs.

Stiga has consistently been at the forefront of table tennis innovation and development for over 80 years!

In this blog post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at some of Stiga’s finest blades and why they may be ideal for some players over others.

So let’s get started with our review!

Best Stiga Table Tennis Blades Selected by The Author

Stiga Blade




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Best for Topspin Shots


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Best 7-ply Wood


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Best Lightweight


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Best Budget


Best Stiga Blade Price Comparison Chart

Best Stiga Blade Price Comparison Chart

1. Stiga Rosewood NCT VII

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The Stiga Rosewood NCT VII is worth considering if you’re looking for a table tennis blade that combines power, control, and trajectory.

The best Stiga offensive blade has a unique combination of 7 plies of high-quality Rosewood that maximizes the sweet spot and ensures a balanced playing experience. It is perfect for players who demand speed without compromising feelings or control.

The balance between speed and control makes this popular blade suitable for all types of play, from topspin to looping to counterlooping. It is one of the most flexible blades, allowing you to adjust your speed and strokes according to your needs.

In terms of performance, the Stiga Rosewood NCT VII does not disappoint. With its balanced blend of power and control, this very good blade allows you to play with precision and accuracy while generating maximum power when needed.

The advanced technology ensures that the ping pong ball trajectory remains consistent even when playing at higher speeds. Moreover, the unique construction increases the sweet spot’s size while providing an excellent feel and feedback during play.

Stiga Rosewood NCT VII Blade Features

  • Speed: 91
  • Control: 60
  • Thickness: 6.9mm
  • Weight: 97g
  • Construction: 7-ply

stiga rosewood nct vii handle type and horizontal view ping pong blade 3



The main advantage of using this table tennis blade is its ability to provide powerful strokes and excellent control over trajectories when playing at different speeds.

Furthermore, due to its balanced construction, it can be used by intermediate players with varying levels of skill without sacrificing any performance or feel. Its construction also adds durability so that it will last longer than other blades on the market today.

If you are looking for the right blade that combines power and control, look no further than Stiga’s Rosewood NCT VII Blade.

This advanced piece of equipment is designed specifically for players who demand both speed and accuracy in their game – making it an ideal choice for those seeking maximum results from their next match.

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With its unique combination of 7 plies of high-quality Rosewood, this distinctive blend offers superior trajectory, sweet spot size, and flexibility. On the other hand, it gives players an edge when executing tricky shots!


2. Stiga Infinity VPS V Diamond Touch

best stiga table tennis blades model Infinity VPS V Diamond Touch main image 3


This revolutionary table tennis blade combines two hand-selected middle veneers treated with a unique heating and cooling process. It is a medium-speed blade that has a superior touch and feel. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this blade so unique.

The Technology Behind It All

The Infinity VPS V Diamond Touch is equipped with the brand new Veneer Precision System (VPS) technology.

This technology consists of two hand-selected middle veneers that are treated with a precise heating and cooling process to create a unique combination of hardness and softness.

The Diamond Touch technology gives the outer veneers extra hardness while providing the surface with an incredibly smooth finish. This OFF blade allows players to control their shots more accurately while still being able to hit powerful, aggressive topspins.

What Does It Offer?

This incredible blade offers several features that make it stand out from other models on the market.

For starters, its lightweight design makes it easy for offensive players to maneuver around the court quickly and accurately. This allows them to stay one step ahead of their opponents. In addition, its solid touch and feel give players unparalleled control over their incoming shots for unmatched accuracy. However, it will be great even during fast-paced games.

Furthermore, its exceptional power allows top players to hit hard shots from any angle on the court without sacrificing control or accuracy.

Stiga Infinity VPS Blade Features

  • Playing style: OFF
  • Speed: 88
  • Good Control: 65
  • Weight: 83g
  • Plies: 5w
  • Thickness: 6.0mm

In conclusion, the Stiga Infinity VPS V Diamond Touch table tennis blade is an innovative piece of equipment designed for high-level play.

stiga infinity vps diamond touch ping pong blade 3



Its combination of lightweight design, solid touch and feel, and exceptional power offer players enhanced control over their shots while still being able to hit powerful aggressive topspins when needed.

With one of the most popular blades in your arsenal, you can rest assured that you will have all the tools needed to be successful on the court!

3. Stiga Clipper CR WRB

best stiga table tennis blades model Clipper CR WRB main image


Stiga Clipper is one of the best table tennis blades with a 7-ply structure. It is famous worldwide among professional players for its speed and has been used by many world-class players throughout the years. Let’s explore why this blade is so popular.

What Sets the Clipper Series Apart?

The Clipper series is one of the most popular STIGA blades ever made, and there are two versions available, the Clipper CR and Clipper CR WRB.

The only difference between these two wood blades is their thickness. In contrast, both blades offer increased speed compared to regular Clipper Wood. The WRB system gives faster returns, more power, and extra sensitivity to touch.

Compared to carbon blades, so special is that they offer an outstanding balance between power and control. The 7-ply construction adds additional speed to your shots without sacrificing any precision or accuracy in your strokes.

The WRB system also allows maximum ball spin, meaning you can move your opponents around quickly. Additionally, these blades have an excellent feel on contact with the ball, giving you plenty of feedback for attacking players.

Regarding durability, these wood types of blades are designed to last for years with proper care. They come with a protective cover to keep them safe from dust and moisture when not in use, ensuring that your new favorite paddle will stay in top condition for longer than competitors’ paddles.

Stiga Clipper Wood Blades Features

  • Blade Class: OFF
  • Fast Blade Speed: 90
  • Good Control: 63
  • Weight: 87
  • Plies: 7w
  • Thickness: 6.8
  • Handle Type: Straight handle, Flared handle.

You can always replace worn-out ping pong rubbers or upgrade other components on your paddle over time as needed!

All in all, if you’re looking for an offensive ping pong blade that offers plenty of power without compromising on control or accuracy, then the STIGA Clipper CR WRB ping pong blade might be just what you need!

best stiga table tennis blades model clipper cr wrb two types 3


With its 7-ply construction and unique WRB system offering increased speed compared to, for example, Stiga Allround Evolution, plus maximum ball spin potential. This paddle is perfect for competitive players who want to make an impact at their next match! Give it a try today!

4. Stiga Intensity NCT

stiga intensity ping pong blade main image 3


The Stiga Intensity NCT is a popular and highly recommended choice among players. With its great trajectory, speed, balance between trajectory and control, and long trajectory with a medium throw angle, this is the best table tennis blade with all the features that make it an ideal pick.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Stiga Intensity NCT (no carbon blade) can help you become a better player.

Veneer Structure and Application Range

The Stiga Intensity NCT has a veneer structure based on five plies. The combination of these layers creates an offensive and one of the best Allwood blades with a wide range of applications, making it suitable for different playing styles and levels of expertise.

Players who prefer controlled attacks with a ball forward push will benefit from its outstanding balance between trajectory and control. Also, an advanced player who favors looping will enjoy the flexibility provided by its slight flex.

stiga intensity nct ping pong blade second main image

The blade is also very light compared to, for example, Zhang Jike Super ZLC, which adds to its overall performance.

Stiga Intensity NCT Blade Features

  • Class: offensive blade – hard blade
  • Speed: 88
  • Control: 68
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Weight: 82
  • Plies: 5w
  • Thickness: 5.9

Famous Users

Many professional table tennis players have chosen to use the Stiga Intensity NCT as their preferred blade, one of them being Xu Xin – one of the world’s top-ranked players who currently dominate both men’s singles and doubles competitions across China and other countries.

Xu Xin’s impressive track record speaks volumes about his skills and the advantages of using this particular blade type. It is not recommended for all-round players because of the less control during fast attacks.

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In conclusion, the Stiga Intensity NCT blade is designed to be an ideal option for any level of player, with its balanced characteristics allowing for maximum power and a decent amount of control when playing table tennis matches.

Similar blades to Stiga Intensity NCT are Butterfly Primorac, Yasaka Sweden Classic, and Timo Boll Spirit. They are all wood ping pong blades with great control and power.

5. Stiga Allround Classic

best stiga table tennis blades model allround classic best image brown color 3


If you are looking for an excellent table tennis blade perfect for an offensive or defensive player, then the Stiga Allround Classic is a great choice.

It has been around since the early 2000s and has earned itself a reputation as one of the best table tennis blades on the market. With its good control, all-around offense, and the perfect balance between speed, weight, and feel, it is no wonder why so many competitive players have chosen this blade.

What Makes This Blade Special?

It is in the category of soft blades and features five veneers, which gives it a unique feel and responsiveness when playing. This blade weighs approximately 80g and is considered an all-around/def+ style blade.

The combination of these features makes it a bit slower for players who rely on feedback from their strokes and need precision with every hit. It provides excellent control without sacrificing power or speed. This makes it a perfect blade for those who want to develop an all-around game.

This blade also has a long-lasting tradition, having been around since the turn of the century. Over the years, it has become synonymous with quality table tennis blades thanks to its reliable performance in tournaments worldwide.

Stiga Allround Classic Blade Features

  • Playing style: Allround & DEF+
  • Speed: 73
  • Control: 77
  • Rating: ALL
  • Thickness: 5.1mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Construction: 5-ply

Not only that, but its price point makes it more affordable than many other blades on the market, so you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on one of these defensive-style blades.

best stiga table tennis blades model all round classic two images

Not Just For Competitive Players

While these following blades may be popular among competitive players, it is by no means only meant for them!

This blade can provide a great learning experience for beginner players and those looking to improve their game. Compared to, for example, Nittaku Acoustic Carbon, it is slower and has better control over that ball.

It provides excellent control while still delivering plenty of power when needed. That’s something that can be difficult to master as a novice player!

Plus, with is low cost compared to other blades on the market. Also, you won’t have to worry about spending too much money if you decide this isn’t the right fit for you after all.

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The Stiga Allround Classic is the best blade from the classics. This versatile and reliable blade offers excellent feedback with every stroke and long-lasting tradition. We don’t need to mention an unbeatable price point!

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting in table tennis, there is no doubt that these are the best blades for almost any player looking to up their game!

Best Stiga Table Tennis Blades – Conclusion

No matter your playing style, there’s sure to be a perfect Stiga table tennis blade available to match your needs.

Each blade offers its unique combination of speed, power, spin, and control, so take some time to compare them before making your final choice!

If you are a player who prefers a carbon blade, then you should try the Yasaka Ma lin soft carbon or Butterfly Timo Boll alc. From the Stiga brand, it is an option with Dynasty carbon blades. Here are the full reviews of these table tennis blades, plus a special Butterfly Viscaria with carbon fiber:

With quality craftsmanship and superior materials, you can rest assured that whichever Stiga blade you pick will provide you with hours of fun on the court!

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