5 Best Ping Pong Tables by Thickness (Donic, Butterfly)

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The Best Ping pong tables by thickness is an essential aspect to consider before buying a table tennis table.

Ping-pong tables can come in different thicknesses, and it’s essential to be aware of this before you make your purchase. Depending on the thickness of the table will affect how much bounce you get and how durable the table will be.

This guide will help explain the different thicknesses available and what one offers, be sure to read on whether you’re a beginner or an ad. This ping pong table thickness review will look at the top five ping pong tables that meet these competition standards and official rules

We also considered each ping pong table’s construction, price, and warranty. Here are our findings:





Best Budget


stiga optimum 30 ping pong table thumbnail image

Highest Thickness


Butterfly Club 25mm Ping Pong Table Rollaway

Best for Clubs


Ping Pong Table Thickness Price Chart

Ping Pong Table Thickness Price Chart 2


1. Stiga Optimum 30mm Thickness (Highest Thickness)

Best ping pong tables thickness Stiga Optimum 30 whole table with net


Whether looking for a ping pong table for home use or practice club twice, you will undoubtedly find all the information you need when choosing.

Firstly, Stiga Optimum 30 has the best technology for bouncing the ball with a ping pong table thickness of 30 mm.

Secondly, it is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation ITTF. Be careful, it is not an outdoor ping-pong table.

Above all, remember that the best tables at competitions have a tabletop thickness of 25 mm.

Our choice also has an additional reinforcement of a thick apron of 2 – 2/5 inches. Most importantly, the table is designed for modern table tennis equipment and made for the highest quality tournaments and training you will ever have the experience to try.

Stiga Optimum 30 Specifications

best ping pong tables thickness stiga optimum 30 bounce 2


  1. Weight: 310 lbs. A big table tennis table that, at the same time, guarantees stability and strength when set up for play. The table’s longevity is high when it is thicker and firmer.
  2. Optimum Bounce Technology. Perfect for getting the ball without slipping, which is the case with other thinner tables. If you often play table tennis, you know how strong the ball’s bounce is with each rotation. After all, that is why the price of this model is a little higher.
  3. 4-inch Machine grade casters and locks. You want to move it to a specific place. You will easily do with the wheels and later brake with the built-in brakes, and the table will stand hard in that particular place.
  4. Stiga VM net & Post set. The table tennis net is very high quality, and you get a plus set for installation. This was given as a gift. Remember that not all manufacturers provide a ping pong net with the table.
  5. Steel legs and levelers for them. This guarantees the Stiga Optimum’s safety, and you also have the height of the ta to be adjusted to your needs.

Stiga Optimum 30mm thickness – one of the ping pong tables for surface

The evenness and bounce of the ball are the best for competition in terms of quality. Even at the most significant rotations, the sound of the ideal bounce of the ball is felt. Why do you think that is so?

The tabletop of the ping pong table was treated several times. It was coated with a special varnish only after that, and thus the amount of shine was obtained. At the same time, the amount of friction or coefficient is precisely as it should be.

Best Ping Pong Tables by Thickness – Easy Folding Feature

You do not have to detach the net and later restore it. Lift one half and release the brakes on the wheels when the table is ready to move to another place. When raised to transfer the ball, you can use that other half while waiting for your partner or opponent.

The table also has Self-opening legs & levelers for a smooth game. We should also note that all Stiga ping pong tables have a one-year warranty on defects. Another great table from Stiga is the Compact Premium model.

Stiga Optimum 30mm dimensions


2.74 m (108")


1.525 m (60")


76.2 cm (30")

In conclusion, one of the best table tennis tables for competitions and individuals is genuinely dedicated to this sport. High quality certainly costs more, but in this case, our choice was to get the best possible for a given price.

Also, the goal is for the user to use the ping pong table for as long as possible because we all know that it is sometimes an investment that happens once in a lifetime. The cheap tables have smaller thicknesses and do not have such consistent bounce.

One of the best ping pong tables thickness – Pros and Cons

30mm Table top thickness

Profiled steel apron

4" Casters and locks

ITTF approved

Include Net and post set

Requires assembly

Table weight (310lbs)

Stiga Optimum 30 Video Review

YouTube video



2. Butterfly Club 25mm Ping Pong Table Rollaway

Best ping pong tables thickness Butterfly Club 25 whole table with the net


The latest design of table tennis tables from Butterfly. With a thickness of 25mm, it is one of the best tables for bouncing the ball. In short, it has a robust one-piece design and superior quality and durability.

It is the perfect table for table tennis clubs and tournaments. For example, some universities use Butterfly Club 25, which is satisfactory. It is also available in blue, which is a trend today.

Another good thing is the folding play mode to move from one place to another more accessible there. Besides, you do not have to worry about the net that comes with the table, and w stays on rich when the table is on it. It has separate halves.

Best Rated Ping Pong Table Specifications

  1. The cheapest Butterfly ping pong table has a tabletop thickness of 25 mm. You can always find tables with a smaller thickness and a worse effect of bouncing the ball, but this is the best choice when talking about top competition tables and the Butterfly brand.
  2. Weight: 265 lbs. It is quite a heavy ping pong table, but it will be firm on the ground and give you the best possible result when you place it in a specific place in the hall.
  3. 4-inch wheels with lock. This means that you will quickly transfer it from one place to another, and when you decide where to play table tennis, you lock the wheels with built-in brakes, and it will not move from that place.
  4. You get a free Primus II table tennis net that is easy to install on the table. With that, you have everything ready to start the game.
  5. The playback position means you can fold one part of the table. This is advantageous because of the storage and getting in the space and because you can practice on your own if you bought the table for home use.

Best ping pong tables Butterfly Club 25 blue table


Best ping pong table thickness – the quality of the surface

The Butterfly is a company that has been creating quality for years. The American championships were played on their tables, which shows how precisely and modernly they produce the best ping pong tables.

We should say that the table surface is made of 100% wood, and the thickness will allow you to get the perfect effect of the ball bouncing. However, the consistency and bounce of the ball are great.

You can see in the picture how precise and beautiful it all is. It is also installed next to a thick wooden board and a steel rail. For example, this gives stability and longevity to the table surface, and even if one of the players hits the table or hangs it, it will not be damaged.

Best ping pong tables Butterfly Club 25 surface of the table

Butterfly Club 25mm – Wheels and folding of  the table

Table rolling and 4-inch wheels provide handling. The legs of the table are 2-3/8 inches made of steel and give strength and stability. Folding makes it easy to save space when you don’t want to play in just a few seconds.

You should note that you can adjust the table’s height; you do not have to play on the standard. So, the table is perfect for children learning to play table tennis.

Complete quality is made in Germany. It takes a little more time to assemble, but you will only do it once later. Just move it wherever you want and enjoy the table tennis game.

The Butterfly Club 25mm Table Tennis Table is one of the best-rated ping pong tables on the market and for good reason.

The Butterfly is the best table tennis table brand and it stands behind this product with a three-year warranty. It has a one-piece design and sturdy construction that offers exceptional playability, making it ideal for clubs, schools, and even home use.

butterfly club 25 rollaway best rated ping pong table

The table also comes with fold-up playback mode so you can practice solo. One added convenience is that the fixed net can remain in place while folded up and stored away – what’s not to love?

Of course, there are cons too; this table does not have built-in ball or racket holders, there’s considerable assembly required, and it’s slightly heavy, so you have first to assemble it before playing ping pong.

Ping Pong Table Dimensions


2.74 m (108")


1.525 m (60")


76.2 cm (30")

Firstly, Butterfly’s most renowned table tennis equipment manufacturer was designed and built to the highest quality standards. The thickness of the table, strength, and folding are the essential characteristics.

Secondregardings to budget, we can say that it meets the needs for a given price, bearing in mind that you also get a 3-year warranty. This should be added to the table tennis net, which is obtained and compared with competitive prices when we calculate the thickness of 25mm. The thickness of outdoor tables like the new Butterfly Garden is approximately 6mm.

In conclusion, we recommend this table to organize tournaments and clubs with players of various profiles, from professionals to amateurs.

Best Ping Pong Table by Thickness – Pros and Cons

25mm Table top thickness

Switching playback mode

The net that is left on when assembling

Steel rail that strengthens the table

3-year warranty

Longer assembly is required

Only exists in blue color

Best ping pong tables Butterfly Club 25 blue half assembled



3. Joola Inside 25mm Thickness

Best ping pong tables Joola Inside 25 whole table with net



This is a perfect choice for people looking for a ping pong table to play at home and have a competitive quality. For instance, approved by USATT and by the Joola brand, producing table tennis equipment for over 60 years.

The Inside 25 model comes to your home address or club, mostly assembled. You only need to do a few things yourself, but it will take 15 minutes.

Since its inception, the Joola Inside 25 has been one of the best-selling ping pong tables. The primary reason is that it provides competitive quality, and the price is very affordable.

On the other hand, the ratings of all consumers are positive. Because of that, on Amazon, it received the most ratings, with five stars. It just says how satisfied people are with this beautiful ping-pong table.

Joola Inside 25mm Thickness – Specifications

  1. 25 mm thickness suitable for competitive conditions. Therefore, this means bouncing the ball at the highest rotation with the best effect without slipping. Joola sponsors the Olympic Games, US Open, and World Championships, and the Inside 25 model meets all the standards of those competitions.
  2. Quick assembly from the moment it arrives at your home address. This model is also recommended for playing at home because it is easy to assemble and set up wherever you are waiting; it is suitable for training and organizing tournaments if it is for clients. Generally, a ping pong table comes with 95% montage, which means you have very little to do before you start playing.
  3. Tournament net set and 72-inch post set. So, the package includes a net that can be tightened and easily attached to a table. The best ping pong tables are ITTF-approved over tables and have a table tennis net, which is logical.
  4. Solid steel legs with rubber brackets. Above all, you will not damage your floor wherever you place the ping pong table for the game, but at the same time, you get stability so that it does not move during the game.
  5. 4-inch wheels that are easy to move and move the table. It has eight wheels, which means four on each half of the table to make it easier to move if you want, even just one half. Also, there is a locking device at each whether a brake to stop it where you want.

Best ping pong tables Joola Inside 25 safety latch and locking casters

Ping Pong Table surface and assembly time

Firstly, the quality and durability of 1 inch thick should not be disputed.

Secondly, this is a multi-layered painted surface that professional players know how to use very well. Therefore, excellent durability is guaranteed, and the surface composition is 100% wood. Every serious table tennis player should be very satisfied with it.

Why did we say the table folds quickly?

Because Joola also thought about folding when they were producing the best-selling model. You have to unplug the anti-tilting device and unfold the automatic legs.

There is an angle brace that you have to lock. After that, slide the T-bar into brackets and place a bolt through the holes. In the end, flip the table halves side-up, and you have to put the net and start playing.

Joola Inside 25 – Safety and Compact storage

Playback mode allows you to fold the primary half without touching the net. This way, you will have more space if you store it near the wall in the house. So, you can also practice with the other half of the table while waiting for your partner to play table tennis.
Secondly, if ill ultimately store a ping pong table, you have a separate system to lock it automatically.

Moreover, this will raise both halves of the table to a vertical position and lock the wheels. It takes up very little space then and stands firmly on the gr, as in the following picture.

Best ping pong tables Joola Inside 25 assembled table

Some people might be surprised that the halves of the table are separated. But that is an advantage in this case, and that is why assembling and adjusting are feasible in such a short time.

Ping Pong Tables Thickness Dimensions


2.74 m (108")


1.525 m (60")


76.2 cm (30")

Firstly, the table tennis brand launched in the 1950s produced the best-selling table at an affordable price with competitive quality. As a result, we have the Joola Inside 25, with 25mm thick wood, quick assembly, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you have any questions or suggestions, the Joola team is always here to support oy help.

In conclusion, this is the best choice for players who want to play at home for family fun and feel the real competitive quality. We can also say that this choice is the best for the budget because the price is relatively modest when looking at any model from this category.

Pros and Cons

25mm Table top thickness

Easy to set up (15min)

Safe and mobile storage

ITTF approved

Best for budget

Indoor table only




4. Donic Persson 25mm Ping Pong Table

best ping pong tables thickness model Donic Persson 25mm Ping Pong Table


Donic table tennis tables are some of the market’s highest-quality. The Donic Persson 25 Table Tennis Table is no exception, with its 1″ (25 mm) thick top and all-steel frame construction.

This table is built to last, and its unique undercarriage allows easy storage and rolling. Whether you’re looking for a table to use at home or for your sports club, the Donic Persson 25 and Delhi 25 Tables are excellent.

The user can fold one side and use the table in playback. We’re casual players or severe competitors. The Donic Persson 25 Table Tennis Table is the perfect table for you.

Donic has been a German table tennis table manufacturer in business for over 50 years. The company is well-respected in the table tennis community, and its tables are used in competitions worldwide.

The Donic Persson 25mm is a top-of-the-line table tennis table that offers excellent playability and durability. The tabletop is made from 25mm thick MDF. It features a consistent and high-quality bounce. The table also comes with a two-piece design that makes it easy to transport and store.

Another great table from Donic is WALDNER CLASSIC compared to JOOLA MADEIRA INDOOR.

In addition, the Donic Persson 25mm is ITTF-approved, which means it meets all of the standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation. Lastly, the table features a fold-up playback mode that allows you to practice your table tennis skills.

5. Killerspin Revolution Classic SVR – New Ping Pong Table

Best ping pong tables thickness model Killerspin Revolution Classic SVR - New Ping Pong Table


The Killerspin Revolution Classic SVR Table Tennis Table is designed for serious tennis players who demand the highest quality. The one-inch thick tabletop provides excellent bounce, while the robust steel base ensures stability during high-intensity sessions.

The included Apex net post set offers professional-grade performance, and the table conforms to ITTF tournament rules. The Revolution Classic is the perfect choice for serious table tennis players with its superior construction and unmatched playability. Another great table from Killerspin is the model MyT 415.

The frame is made from quality materials and is designed to last, while the adjustable feet ensure that the table is level on any surface. The limited-edition silver post and glare-reducing coating give the table a sleek, professional look. The stationary with folding wheels setup style makes it easy to transport and store.

Killerspin Revolution Classic SVR – Features

  • Tabletop thickness: 25mm MDF
  • Adjustable feet: Yes
  • Movable frame type
  • Indoor Tables
  • Coating materials: Glare Reducing Coating
  • Limited edition Net Post Set included
  • Stationary setup style with folding wheels
  • Ping Pong Table Dimensions: 107.8″ x 60″ x 29.9″
  • Weight: 410 lbs
  • Warranty: Killerspin 1-year limited warranty.

Killerspin Revolution Classic SVR - Features


Whether you’re just beginning to learn the game or are a seasoned pro, the Killerspin Revolution Classic SVR Table Tennis Table is perfect for quality table tennis.

Best Ping Pong Tables by Thickness – FAQs

1. Why is Ping Pong Tables Thickness So Important?

Have you ever wondered why the thickness of a ping pong table is so important? It all has to do with the bounce of the ball. A thicker table tennis top (e.g., 18mm) will provide a better bounce than a thinner one (e.g., 12mm).

The thicker top is more rigid and less likely to deform when the ball hits it. As a result, the ball will bounce off the thick top with more energy, making for a more exciting game. Additionally, thick tops are less likely to be damaged than thin ones.

This is important because damaged tables can create uneven bounce and frustrate players. So if you’re looking for a good quality ping pong table, choose one with a thick top.

2. How does the thickness of the table matter?

Most people don’t think the thickness of a ping pong table matters, but it can make a big difference in the quality of your game. A table with a thicker top will have a more solid bounce, which can be easier to play with than a thinner table with a light bounce.

In addition, a thicker table is usually bitterly overall, meaning it will last longer and stand up to more wear and tear. If you’re serious about your ping pong game, investing in a thicker table is worth it.

Best Ping Pong Tables by Thickness – Conclusion

So, what is the best ping pong table thickness?

The answer depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a recreational table to use in your home, we recommend something around 20-22 mm thick. Outdoor tables have a smaller thickness. When buying an outdoor table, you cannot expect a higher viscosity than indoor tables.

  • The thicker indoor tables = better quality.
  • Thinner indoor tables = worse quality.

best ping pong tables by thickness olympics rio tournament

Table tennis tables with a medium thickness are considered 18-22 mm for family fun. An outdoor table has a medium thickness of around 7 mm. Most table tennis tables have a thickness of approximately 20 mm.

In our opinion, Butterfly table tennis tables are the best for tabletop thickness and serious practice. They have a higher price tag, but you will get the best quality table for the money.

However, if you plan to use your table more competitively or in tournaments, you’ll want us with a thicker model like the Killerspin Revolution Classic SVR – Silver1, which is 25mm wide.

Hopefully, this article has helped give you a better understanding of what to look for when choosing your ping pong table, and we wish you all the best of luck in future games!

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